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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 430am  FOX  July 27, 2018 4:30am-4:59am PDT

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happy friday, i'm pam cook, it's 4:30. steve paulsen a lot to cover. >> there is. actually there's three forecasts. >> three? ? >> yes, one for the coast and bay and inland. major differences. some areas can't get out of 61 or 62. ocean beach yesterday, that was a cooler pattern for walnut creek. kund of a big cool do roaring delta win and that's still the to
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activity over the mountains. if you're going to tahoe, be advised. it's close enough in reno so be advised things are popping up. available moisture for sure. 50s on the temperatures and 60s, quite cool here. santa rosa at 51. napa airport at 53. they did drop to 50 yesterday. that's cool. other locations can't get out of the low 60s. almost ten at vacaville. i just know forecast models are overshooting some of the highs when the breeze is that strong. 53 the water temperature at san francisco. makes a major difference. there's a correlation. fog up and down the coast in the 50s and 60s. inland is 80s, 90s and 100. a huge difference because of
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the fog bank. 4:31 on a friday. looks like road work there, there's a lot of symbols. >> they are pretty good about leaving enough room so it doesn't cause traffic jams. someone is thinking out there no they're not but they do leave room for you. not a lot of slow traffic but a lot of road work. as a matter of fact, we saw the highway four picture, some of it there in the eastbound direction wasn't causing any slow traffic. this is 80 westbound from the cartinez bridge to the richmond area and continuing out to the mcarthur maze, 60-minute drive. no major problems and bay bridge has a bit of a back up in some lanes but for the most part, off to a nice start. 4:32 let's go back to the desk. thank you sal, we're following the developing story r in shasta county. this is time lapse video of the fire entering the city.
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the fire has grown to nearly 29,000 acres and only 6% contained. mandatory evacuations have been issued in redding and now the entire city of shasta lake with a population of 10,000 is under a mandatory evacuation order. cal fire announced last night that a bulldozer operator hired to fight the fires was also killed. a family in oakland is searching for answers after two men were killed last weekend sin side of a west oakland home. the family of one man called ktvu asking for help in finding out what happened. >> relatives of shawn fort senior created a memorial for him in his front yard on add line street across from defem write park. they're struggling to find out who killed the loving pay tree yashg of their family -- --
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patriarch. they learned the 49-year old died from gunshot wounds. a relative found their bodies in the front dining room it was gruesome and he didn't deserve to leave this earth that way. >> the family shared with us this video of ford doing something he loved, dancing and being with his grandchildren. they say he worked as a handy man, a long time fixture in the area. >> he's always had a wonderful outgoing personality. >> relatives say a friend reportre he i'm perplexed it and it hurts >> family memb did not own a gun and don't know why anyone would want to hurt him or his friend. >> this is something you see in when you see it in reality, it's hard for me to process.
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shawn's family says there was an anti violence rally being held with many people in attendance. they're asking if anyone saw or heard anything to contact police. in oakland, amber lee, ktvu news. the chp says an anonymous tip led to an arrest in a deadly hit-and-run in crockett. a man was hit and killed while riding his bike near the dead fish restaurant. officers arrested a 28-year old woman now facing felony manslaughter and hit-and-run charges. this morning authorities are almost hit a police officer. that happened at about 8:00 wednesday morning on altaloma.
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the officer was responding to a call about a suspicious vehicle when the driver sped away. officers could not get a good look at the driver because a black piece of clothing was actually covering the person's head. there was also a red substance splashed all over the car. police say the license plate had been reported stolen. this morning new numbers will be released showing how the u.s. economy is doing. president trump predicts they will be terrific as doug luzader reports from washington d.c. this morning, most economistists also expect good news but still potential stumbling blocks ahead. >> reporter: good morning, the white housese numbers pretty g in a swing through the midwest yesterday complete with hard hats now gdp numbers due out today;. >> i don't know what thel be te
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roughic. >> he may not be wrong. gdp measures the overall size of the economy and if it grows, that's good news. for 2017 the number was 2.3%. what we learn this morning about the second quarter of 2018 could be much more encouraging. >> somebody predicted today 5.3. i don't think that's going to happen. if it has a four in front of it we're happy. >> many analysts are in that ball park. >> i'm going with 444.3%. >> if the number is that good how long can it last? -- -- 4.3%. the markets have been reacting to facebook's free fall and trade talks. one thing is almost certain though if you think the president has bragged about the economy before, just wait until there is 4% growth in the economy. >> yeah, we'll see whether it's
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4%. even if it falls short of that at the lower end of expectations, it's still expectd to be better than last quarters 2%. in washington, doug luzader for ktvu news. new this morning, 55 flag draped boxes of the remains of u.s. servicemen retrieved from north korea have been received in a somber ceremony at an air base in south korea. u.s. troops and a military honor guard lined up on the tarmac to receive the remains covered in the blue united nations flag. the return of the soldiers following through on a promise, kim jong-un made to president trump during their summit last month, a u.s. military plane flew to north korea and the remains will be transferred to a base in hawaii for testing. a $40 million yacht owned by secretary of education betsy
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devos will need thousands of dollars in repairs. it was moored sunday at an ohio marina and someone untied it from its dock and set it adrift. it caused about $5,000 in damage and authorities hope to find the surveillance video showing who might be behind the vandalism. betsy devos is one of the wealthiest members of the trump administration, records show her family owned ten boats. roseanne barr is speaking ing out about her cancelled tv show. >> i was so sad people thought it was racist. then i went into the discussion of racism and that blew my mind. it's so much a part of the show. >> last night roseanne talked to shawn hanty on fox news and apologized for the tweet where
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she compared a former top advisory of obama to an ape. after that roseanne's hit show was cancelled. she always talked about her struggle with mental illness. tmz has obtained the 911 call from demi lovato's apartment. the caller asked for the paramedics not to use sirens on their way to her house in the hollywood hills on tuesday. >> no sirens, please right? >> no, this is a medical emergency. i don't have control over that. sorry about that. . >> demi lovato has battled substance abuse for years and she a song called "sober" she will head straight to rehab soon carry narcan to help treat opioid overdoses. the police department says within the next few weeks narcan kits will be issued to all oifrs. those officers will be trained
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first. narcan works by reversing the depression of the central nervous system and the breathing system caused by opioids. it can also be used as a nasal spray or administered by injection. it's 4:41. coming up a boy buried alive at the beach. facebook's stock tanks just how much market value was lost. good morning, we could see traffic is moving alon you're driving on 80 westbound heading out to the mcarthur maze. for some it's been a warm to hot week. for others, they have been below normal. san francisco and oakland and san jose yesterday was below average for this time of year.
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the founder of papa john's pizza is now suing the company after he admitted dwruzing a racist slur. he's accusing the company board of directors in being hasty in calling for him to resign. he wants access to books and other records. he claims he was falsely accused says and his resignation was a mistake oofrnlt a lot of people
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watching facebook stock this morning after a 19% drop wiped out 120 $120 billion of market value. it was among the biggest one day losses in wall street history. a look at facebook's stock charts for the week. on wednesday shares were at an all-time high and yesterday a 41 $41 drop. what caused the sell off and what it means for facebook going forward. >> facebook stock got torpedoed the second the market reacted to bad news. a retired dean of the golden gate university school of business says it was way too big of a drop. >> the market is having an episode of facebook derangement. >> it boils down to two words -- expenses verses income. on the expense side, the need to hire thousands of people to better protect user privacy and
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to bolster its own image. >> facebook takes a hit when it reveals that it's investing seriously in its business in terms of best interest going forward. >> the dean of bay area tech analysts. >> growth is slowing down and income is possibly going to slow down and their expenses have gone up so they're worried about a revenue hit. >> many observers worry that way too many users spending way too much time on facebook to the detriment of their personal lives, careers and family so many are reassessing their own use as well as the on lied ran ker of rudeness of the flat form but there's -- -- plot form but there's more to facebook. >> it's still growing slightly attracting young people globally. >> at this new low price, he expects cooler heads to be looking for a bargain.
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>> while facebook is facing many challenges at the moment, many analysts think that facebook's future is still thumbs up. . all right, keeping an eye on that. a lot going on with facebook. 4:47 is the time now. hopefully not a lot going on in traffic. yesterday was a rough one from beginning to end. >> it sure was. we have had a lot of things going on in the morning and as you saw in the afternoon, right now it's quiet and we do see traffic on the tracy triangle that is slow which it normally is. there's road work on eastbound 580 as you head out towards the 205 interchange. that traffic is slow as well. if you're driving to dublin, it looks good no major issues here as you drive to castro valley. this is a lack at interstate 880, both directions looking good there and it's also a very nice looking drive so far at the bay bridge. no major issues there.
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4:48, let's go to steve with today's weather. >> thank you sir, on this friday we have similar to what we had yesterday even though i know it's hot for some but hotter on wednesday. more of a delta win yesterday and instead of being 99 or 100 degrees, walnut creek was only 93. upper 80s in lafayette. ocean beach, 58. cool to hot, you don't have to go far to find big differences. there's another sold out fog bank making an earlier push over the bay and parts of inland areas today. thunderstorms popping up over the sierra again. watch out for that. 50s and 60s on the temperatures. low 50s in san rafael and santa rosa, 51 cool degrees. a lot m temperature change shows running 1-3 degrees cooler than we were 24 hours ago. our fore a hard time latching on to the delta wind. gusts up to 33. that's a screaming breeds and
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vacaville in the southwest, napa airport with a west wind playing into a cooler pattern. the water temperatures have gone down the entire week. now 53 half moon bay and monterey at 58 playing into the coastal temperatures and the city temperatures big time. they're sitting at 54 degrees, the water temperature at 53. so if you're north, east and don't get any fog, it's going to be hot. 60s and 70s on the temperatures to 80s and then 90s and it looks like this pattern is stuck with a slight cooling trend going into the weekend. >> thank you, steve. time is 4:49 for the third time in a couple of weeks vandals hit san francisco's mission district. >> we need to educate people on what the murals mean and stand for we're going to tell you what was damaged this time.
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for the third time in a upl of the legendary farm workers leader. rob roth talked to an artist who helped create the mural and frustrated neighbors as well. >> reporter: for more than 20 years this mural featuring
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labor leader cesar chavez has been in san francisco's mission district but street gang members defaced it. >> my first reaction is anger because art is there for everybody. >> car loss spent many years as a juvenile probation officer working to get young people away from gangs. the mural is meant to show people who made a difference in their communities: a mirror on the community as well as a spotlight for revolutionary heroes. to inspire the people that see it. >> gonzalez says the eagle in the mural is a symbol of the united farm workers but it's been adopted by a street gang when they see that and cross it out. is this is the third mural in the neighborhood that's been defaced this month.
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about two weeks ago vandals used white paint to damage a mural featuring carlos santana and just before that they struck an iety gentry fy occasion mural. . >> it's definitely disappointing that icons like cha vez and carlos santana is getting disrespected like that. >> i'm a teacher so it makes me wonder if the kids noah they're doing. >> gonzalez would like to find those responsible for the damage. >> we need to educate those ana >> the artist says he and others are out here next week to repair it with the hopes that next time time is 4:54. napa county voters who mail in their ballots for the november
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election you won't have the to worry about stamps. the county board of supervisors approved a plan to pay the postage that will cost about 25 $25,000. for years napa county has been phasing out the traditional polling places. voting day last month was the first time the county held an election that was all vote by mail. the number of people who become sick from eating mcdonald's salads is growing accord to go the latest numbers, the number of illnesses linked to tainted salads has reached 286 people in 15 states. mostly in the midwest. this mo stopped selling the contaminated salads at locations in several states. a couple days ago all affected restaurants have been fully replenished with a new supply of salads. so far no reported cases here in california. time is 4:55. happening today, the 40th
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annual gilroy garlic festival kicks off. there's a lot happening at that festival. can you smell it? three stages of musical entertainment and cooking demonstrations in the children's area performances and you can also buy food from several different vendors and of course you can eat a meal filled with garlic. today the gates open at 10:00. the event is at christmas hill park in gilroy and it continues through sunday. those oakland a's beat the texas rangers 7-6 last night and completed a four game sweep. it was 101 degrees out there when the game started. that couldn't stop the hottest team in baseball. matt chapman hit a homer to put the a's up in the second. oakland had some solid at backs now they travel to denver to play the rockies tonight.
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the milwaukee brewers beat the giants last night, 7-5. eva longor ia played for the first time since june. evan scored in the second and things got out of control for the giants when the bull pen came in. the brewers scored five runs off giants relievers and they won. they're going to play again today at at&t park. time is 4:57 coming up at 5:00, pg we'll tell you how much they lost from the clean up to repairs and the legal costs. the car fire raging out of control killed at least one firefighter. we'll tell you how many acres have burned in shasta county and an update on the firefighter's progress, in just a few minutes.
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one firefighter is dead, others have been hurt. another fire in contra costa county fully contained. what we know about the family who lived in the home that the fire destroyed.
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good morning, thank you for joining us here on mornings on two, friday morning july 27th i'm pam cook. >> good morning, i'm dave clark. can i ask steve how hot it will get? >> yes, i would like to know for some. san francisco has not had a temperature above average this entire week. >> wow, all week? >> yes, all week. >> high was 61 yesterday. >> 61? sounds lovely. >> wow. >> getting lost in all of this, not everyone gets on this heat. san francisco and much of the bay, oakland airport below normal yesterday. san jose was two degrees below yesterday. really? >> yes, really. >> thunderstorm activity over the sierra popping up big time and the fog is t


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