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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 7am  FOX  August 21, 2018 7:00am-9:01am PDT

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college student mollie tibbetts has been found dead. we're working to bring the latest information as authorities are investigating her disappearance and now her death. secret recordings and new concerns about the almeda sheriff's office. thank you very much for joining us this tuesday, august 21. >> a busy morning. good morning. i'm dave clark. we're checking your weather with steve paulson. mr. drizzle, you know him. he is back. below normal highs even inland, the hawaiian island, category 4 hurricane lane. these are 150 miles an hour. and it should weaken considerably to a category one. but it looks like it will go around the big island late
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thursday so another day to see how this develops. but that is a little more of a jog closer to the islands than the models were forecasting yesterday. you get a dip in the jet stream. 80s yesterday for santa rosa and concord. 70s as the temperatures go below average. coast and bear way below average. a big fog bank out there and you combine that with the delta wind, and it will equal more in the valley. upper 50s in the peninsula. 58 in fremont. belmont is in there. temperatures will be slow to recover for m and if you like today, you'll like tomorrow and probably rest of the week. but it looks like inland 60s and 70s. there will be drizzle as well. not yet but drizzle defendant to bay in this pattern. 60s and 70s.
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alley has been busy from the hop. and now she'll tell us this. we're going to talk about the south bay. we have a couple issues that we want to alert you about this is quite a backup of a two vehicle crash was blocking the far left lane this is an injury crash. they are calling an ambulance out to the sceen so be aware of that. that will slow things down just before 2:38. 280, 880 in san hose looks pretty good. it looks like it is clear up right now. and 880 in oakland. it is good by the oakland coliseum. and there was a crash that they were in the process of towing away.
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if you're heading south on 880, hayward area, it will be sluggish this is a look at the east shore freeway. the drive is 35 minutes from the bridge to mcarthur maze. this is improving from a half hour ago because of a dlaition happened -- a collision that happened earlier to give yourself a little extra time. but it looks like things are improve thing. and this is the sam te'o bridge, it is very slow as you make your way to the peninsula. this is a live picture of the toll plaza really quick. we have a camera on the ground there. this is a live view because our overhead camera is down this morning. we get a sense of the unusual slowdowns. it will take about you 20 minutes to get past the toll plaza and on to the span. 7:03. back to the desk. we have breaking news into the newsroom. 20-year-old mollie tibbetts has been fund dead in iowa.
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mollie tibbetts spent part her childhood in oakland. she attend the university of iowa. the last time she was seen was last month before she went out for a jog one evening in brooklyn, iowa. her family said that the disappearance was not consistent with her past. as recently as sunday, mollie tibbetts's father believed that she was alive. the body of university of iowa student mollie tibbetts has been found. we'll continue to keep an eye on this story and bring you updates on new developments as we get them into our newsroom. the almeda county sheriff's accident accused of secretly recording juvenile. a juvenile and his attorney were talking in a room and a sergeant was recording their entire conversation. public defenders filed a motion yesterday asking a judge to order the sheriff's department
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to bar illegal recording and eavesdropping of minors. recording violates the attorney client relationship and it is a felony in the state of california. the chronicle obtained body camera video and it shows a private conversation involving an attempted robbery case. that case has been thrown out. and the public defend responded. there appears to be an epidemic of recording the attorney and clients. it must be protected. this lawsuit said that a woman was locked into the isolation cell because the staff thought she was exaggerating her complaints of pain and cramping. the sheriff's said that the birth was in an isolation cell,
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nobody wanted that. and we're not denying it happened. and the lawsuit said the cell where the mother gave birth had not been cleaned and had metal furniture and no blankets or towels. we may learn where the first trial in the golden state killer case will be held. a news conference at 11:00 a.m. is scheduled in orange county. the prosecutors from six counties will be there, including contra county district attorney. 66-year-old -- accused in 13 murder across the state. >> majority of the murder took place in southern california. orange county has the resources to handle a big case like this in all likelihood we'll learn that orange county will be going first or they'll all be
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in merged together. >> he is suspected of nine sexual assaulted in the county between october 1978 and july 1979. since the da is head to orange county for today's news conference it could mean that d'angelo may be charged with some of the crimes. the san francisco agency in charges of muny is holding a public hearing to consider street changes as part of the major transit project. it involves a 38 gear, meaning busiest bus line and removing or consolidate something bus stops. other proposals include improving pedestrian safety by adding crosswalks and updating traffic signals. some community groups said they were misled by the city. and the examiner confirmed that red transit only lanes will not be just for muny.
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they'll be used by shuttle buses for hospitals and high tech companies and other private transit services. the red lanes will be painted from market to stan i don't know. they were under the -- stanon. they were under the impression that only the muny buses would be allowed in the red lanes. in a sharply worded letter, the mayor outline several concerns about muny, including the reduced bus service on some bus lines and the lack of dependablability and the lack of background check on contractors working on the muny projects. this comes after a contractor was killed working on the twin peaks tunnel project. the contractor had been cited 39 times for safety violations. muny director respond to the mayor's later. i appreciate the mayor's attention and focus and
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redouble our efforts to hoff the -- and move the needle on the indicators. family members and friends are passing out flyer and showing posters of a woman who is missing. her husband last saw her on friday morning. and there is surveillance of her at the country time market taken at 10:00 that day. family members said they believe they drove her mercedes with a disabled license plate. and they worry that she is confused and lost. >> there is perhaps a person that may take advantage of someone who is disabled. she may be hurt. she may be hungry. she has not received her medication which she may die if she does not receive in the
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next 48 hours. >> they do not believe that she is a victim of foul play. but they have issued a silver alert cross the state. -- alert across the state. her family said that she is still on the peninsula because she most familiar with that area. family members and friends of a missing woman are asking for help to find her. she was last seen wednesday leaving her home on 149th avenue. she is 54 years old and 5'3" and weighs about 110 pounds. she was driving a white dodge caravan. if you have any information, call the police. more attempts by russian hackers to influence the u.s. politics. the hacks and the company that discovered them. looking to recover and rebuild after the wildfires in lake county coming up in three minutes. details about resources that will be available today. we have new problems to tell you about on 880
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southbound in the hayward area. we'll show you a live picture of that 880 north and southbound in oakland. we'll show you the details of the other crashs that we're following south of here. the temperatures are cool, even inland. you have a pretty good push. we'll see what is in store for the tuesday cool high temperatures. ♪
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alto. and information st. charles be open for people affected by the mendocino complex fire. this destroyed 157 homes and
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damaged is hundred other buildings. containment stands at 79% for the fewer son fire. and mandatory evacations are still in effect. in utah, a firefighter died while fighting the mendocino complex fire is, remembered for his service. thousands of emergency responds and loved ones were in utah to remember 42-year-old --, part of a group of firefighters that came to california to battle the mendocino complex fire. he leaves behind his wife and a 7-year-old son. he was praised for his determination and his bravery. and we're finding out more about how he died. a report by cal fire said that a tree fell on him as thousands of gallons of fire retardant was being drop in the and the first report did not say if the tree was weakened from the fire
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or from the retardant drop. three other firefighters suffered minor injuries. danger from fallen trees does not just affect fire crews. pest infestation leave trees weak even after the fires are out. and the smaller fire tank carrying more than 5 tons of fire extinguishing chemicals. it can put down 810 fire retardant in a single pass. and that can cause the weakened trees to fall right away. but they can also fall days later. >> it is not safe yet to let the public back into those areas. the fire was so intense and it moved so rapidly, that we are still experiencing trees falling. >> cal fire said it understands people that have been evacuated are eager to get home. but we want to make sure that all the danger it over before they allow people back into the
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burn zones. alley is busy for sal. the morning continues to get busy on the roadways, particularly in the hayward area this is 880. they have had a few problems in the last hour or so this is north 238 to southbound 880. there was a collision involving a couple vehicles. today bring in a tow truck to move everything out of way. you can see it is caused a big backup on 580. and southbound 80, north of 92, a report of a hit-and-run. no injuries. but be aware that could slow things down as you make your way towards the sam te'o bridge. and north of here, recovering from an earlier incident this morning, westbound 80 and valley road, the three vehicles involved in a collision moved off to the side. but there is a lingering backup there. you can see that is because of that. and that is making your drive
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time to the mcarthur maze at about 38 minutes. but once you get to the mcarthur maze it should get easier from there. and east barracks highway 24 and lafayette, things just crawling along. i'm not sure if there was a stalled vehicle along here as with you make your way across the tunnel. highway 24 very slow this morning. and the same story for the sam te'o bridge, the traffic barely inching along there. people head towards the peninsula in that popular commute direction. 7:17. i will send it over to steve. a see a lot of gray clouds and fog. >> i see regular sun, only a tiny bit. we have a cool pattern here. chris henry is in morgan hill.
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southeast wind all day yesterday. that is something that has been mostly absence since mid-july. a northwest wind will leave us with warm to hot conditions. this cools them down big time. and that happened yesterday. and we're looking at 57 and 55 in gilroy. they went from the 90s, 80s to the 70s in two days. 59 in saratoga, san jose 59 degrees. mr. drizzle coast and bay there. and the focus is on the hawaiian islands. hurricane lane, category 4, 150- mile-an-hour wind showing a little jog to the northwest. the projected path does take this toward hawaiian islands to the west of big island late thursday friday. any good news? it will weak tone a category 1.
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it is not just the wind. it can be the slow movement of this and it can produce heavy ran and mudslides and storm surge and a possibility of tornadoes or waterspouts. this will be in line for showers if you're heading there. just stay tuned for the latest forecast. the forecast models take the track direction. for us, look at that dip in the jet stream. if you like cool weather, you can thank that dip right. san francisco is hard pressed to get anywhere near average which is 70. today 60. yesterday 61 saturday 66. and the temperatures inland continue that today. they are in the 70s. that is not something that we have said much of since july. we have a big fog bank and drizzle and onshore wind for some. it's been screaming out at
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fairfield all day long. tracy is 58. look at this. a little rain, in southern oregon border. i had to show it because that's what i want to look for. we'll get some drizzle out of that. and the low clouds will keep the temperatures very cool into tomorrow. you have to go far to find 90s out in the valley. no rain here yet. but there will be drizzle. we had some this morning and think that the continue the next couple of days. i cannot do better than this for the end of august. 60s, 70s, 80s, if you want warmer weather, i cannot find any right now. we stay cool till the next five, seven days. maybe a slight bump up for a few inland temperatures. and they come back down for the weekend. plans for a total remodel of bart and cutting down on the people that don't pay to ride.
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>> proposal to make it harder to enter without paying. a major endorsement for john cox who throwing their support behind the republican candidate in the california governor's race. welcome to the xfinity store.
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. microsoft anti-hacking group found tieses of russian into the -- found ties of russian into the state's website. microsoft said they disabled the fake sites. president trump is throwing his support behind republican john cox for governorof california. he said that he'll make california great again. total endorsement. he trails his rival in polls. the public policy incident statute california, 55% of likely voters said they favor -- compared to 31% that favor cox. supreme court justice brett can have is expected to
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continue meeting with members of the senate. he is nominated to replace retiring justice anthony kennedy democrats have been trying delay the hearing till they get more documents from the time he worked from president george w burn. and the confirmation hearing is set to start september 4th. a number of local officials from california are calling on governor brown it phase out oil and gas production in the state. councilmembers are expected to join the mayor to call on governor brown to take the first stoop halt permits for new fossil fuel projects. president trump will roll back the clean power plant. it was an effort by president obama to slow global warming. president trump said that he vowed to help the coal industry during a stop in west virginia today. under president trump's plan, states could relax the
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pollution rules and rules for power plants in need of upgrades. a bill approved by the state legislature will likely cause an increase to your electric bill. pg and e said there will be a short-term rate increase of about .2%. it will expire in the year 2026. the canyon part of it is set to close by the year 2025. it is california's last nuclear power plant. and now it those governor brown's desk for his signature. we're staying on top of the breaking news of the search of mollie tibbettsst authorities in iowa said they believe she was found dead this morning. and we have new video of the deadly bridge collapse that happened in italy. the investigation into what may have caused the bridge to fail. to fail.
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>> reporter: a prowler is truss traiting people in one oakland neighborhood. and neighbors are thinking about taking action into their own hands. if yyou need to stay downeaway from it. call 911. let our first responders come out and handle it. police and fire will respond as well as pg&e. pg&e will make the scene safe. ♪
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to keep our community safe. before you do any project big or small, pg&e will come out and mark your gas and electric lines so you don't hit them when you dig. call 811 before you dig, and make sure that you and your neighbors are safe. welcome. welcome back to ktvu news. this is the narcotic a look at steve and say is everything cool? yes, sir. it is very cool for us. this is a pattern we have been cool. sebrina says i loved the chill in the air on the dog walk.
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let's take a look. i see 53 now that is cool here. but mid-50s for m and brentwood is at 59. we have drizzle to boot and the flight delays for arrivals due to low cloud ceiling fog. and the thunderstorm activity was mostly widespread through the great lakes so that is where there would probably be some later today. take a little dip over us. that has opened the door to a cooler pattern. low clouds for most, almost every reporting session says cloudy. when that hatches earlier that is a -- happens earlier. that is a breeze. i think they will change much here. we'll have more 70s than 80s.
7:31 am
7:30. we have been talking about a lot of things in the south bay. where are you going to go this time? east bay. things are cooling down for you weather-wise but it is just heating up in the traffic center this is southbound 880, there is a slow vehicle crash involving an suv and big truck and car. an ambulance has been requested. you can see a lot of orange red tie-ups on your screen about because of that collision. heading up north, westbound 80. there was an earlier crash there in st. clair. but the east shore freeway, it has not recovered because of that and another problem to tell you about coming in highway 4, westbound highway 4. there is a two car crash. no injuries reported. but as you can see. it is making thens very slow on bay point. and taking a live picture of
7:32 am
the same highway this is pretty much the pace that the traffic has been going for most of the morning. it's been sluggish and congested. a left cars on the roads. but be aware that westbound highway 4, a two car collision. 880 getting slower now because of the collisions that we've been telling you about in southbound 880 in the hayward area. something to be aware of. and let's go to the bay bridge and show you a live picture from the ground of the toll plaza. the overahead camera has been down for much of the morning. so we'll show you right here on the ground. is about a 20 minute delay getting to the toll plaza and the span. no issue to tell you about. more the on the breaking news that we're following. authorities believe they found the body of mollie tibbetts. she had been missing for more
7:33 am
than a movement and we're waiting for more -- than a month. and we're waiting for more information. >> reporter: that's right. this is molly's former church. they remembered her as a girl that loved school and always smiling. she attended corpus christy till second grade and her parents divorced and she moved to iowa with her mother and siblings. the worst fears appear to have come true. sources close to the investigation said that a body has been found. the rise is president of crimestoppers in central iowa said it appears it is mollie tibbetts. it was made tuesday in iowa. she was last seen on july 18th going on a jog near her
7:34 am
boyfriend's house in a small farming town. they plan to hold a press conference this afternoon to provide more details. i called the school and spoke with the second. and she told me that today is the first day of school and we're not sure yet if we're going to get a chance to speak with the principal. people in oakland that live near mills college are frustrated and frightened about a man seeing peeking in the windows of homes. and two women say he's been watching them. lee is in the maxwell park neighborhood now. they know what he looks like but not who he is. >> reporter: that's right this man has been caught on camera four times in the last two weeks. but he doesn't seem deterred by being cut on camera. peeping-toms are looking in their windows.
7:35 am
this is the man a few weeks ago at the home of julie -- he scaled a six foot fence and her screams scared him away. she called the police. but the man disappeared. >> unless they were able to catch him, there wassing in they could real will -- there was nothing that they could really do. and we started connecting the dots ourselvess that we realized -- ourselves that we realizeds that -- realized that we're all having the same visitor. >> reporter: dozens of outrageous neighbors responded. appears to be white, middlages, stocky and balding. neighbors say that the next time they catch him creeping on property, they hope to capture
7:36 am
him and then do a citizen's arrest. there is an effort to crackdown and fare evaders. they are going have big changes to the bart changes. they plan to replace 600 entry and exit gates. it will run about $2 million. a dozen people slipped through the fare gates in full view of our camera. that carries a possibility of a $75 fine. fare evasion costs the transition agency more than $25 million every year. >> we're all trying to get at the same place. and we all have to pay our fair
7:37 am
share. they need to do something. did she do it too? it is not okay. >> bart officials said they will study many plans of fare evasion. we know now that bart ridership has dropped. it is down 6% in the last three years. it is still strong in the commute hours but it took a hit nights own weekends. it represents 25,000 fewer riders on saturday, 17,000 fewer on sunday and a loss of 42 million-dollar in annual revenue. the growing popularity is ride share services and increased crime on bart are the reasons for the decrease. today you can have your picture taken with the larry owe bryant nba championship trophy and get a free keepsake. it will start at the warriors'
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star on market street from 2:00 this afternoon till 8:00 tonight. tree frees will -- trophies will be on display. they will be displayed thursday at the warriors' store at the arena. allegations against will almeda county sheriff's department. we're learning more about the charges that they were secretly recording lawyers and juveniles. and south bay traffic in recovery mode. we're following a couple of crashes that popped up there. and we're looking live at the traffic. plenty of low clouds and it will be cooler inland. how much cooler below average? we'll show you that coming up.
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♪ a 100 yearly monument on the campus on the university of north carolina chapel hill is no more. protesters toppled a statute known as silent sam. 300 people were involved in the march. it was put up to honor students that died fighting for the south in the civil war. some of the students, faculty and alumni called the state constitute racist. andand -- and they called on the officials to remove it.
7:42 am
>> protesters clashed with the police. and the police used smoke canisters on the protesters of the one person was arrested. the silent sam statue is more than 110 symbols of the confederate war. chris watts admitted to killing his wife. but watts told authorities he did it because she strangled their two young daughters after he asked for a separation. investigators said they learned that watts was involved in an affair with a coworker, which he previously denied in interviews. they found shannon watts' body in a shallow grave and the bodies of the two girls were found later nearby. . a judge ruled that the
7:43 am
technologies of two men were caused by the switch from the detroit water system to water from the flint river without appropriate notice to the public. and there were dangerously high level led in the flint river and low chlorine level in the river led to legionnaire's decide that affected 900 people. and the people were not notified till a year after the officials knew about it. a trail date has not been set yesterday. this is a moment that the span on the bridge in italy that filed and it gives way. 43 people were killed in this collapse last tuesday. and the part of the bridge that broke off measured 650 feet. vehicles dropped 150 feet to the ground below.
7:44 am
they stay design flaws or improper maintenance may have caused the disaster. 7:43. let's check our commute again. it has been busy. yes. it continues to be busy, especially on 880. we want to let you know about a sig alert. we'll show you a live picture of that area. it is close to where the coliseum is. this is because of a collision that is blocking the three right lanes. southbound 880. an ambulance has been called to the scene. so if you can get around this or take 580 instead or a little bit of traffic taking the access road, parallel to 880 on the left-hand side of the screen. 880 through oakland southbound into hayward is going to be very backed up. there were earlier problems on
7:45 am
80 southbound in the hayward area. it is a bad commute all the way around this is a look at the sam te'o bridge. things are crawling along there as people make their way over to the peninsula. no specific problems to talk about. but there is a lot of congestion just on the other side of the bridge. and take a look at 280 in san hose, things look good here. but we're following some earlier incidents that are recovering in the south bay. northbound 101 and the expressway, there was an earlier crash that was cleared but it is still slow in that area. and 880 before 237, traffic is still recovering from an earlier crash there. we'll get to. our good friend marty, better known as bobby bumper there. good morning t is overcast and 57. this is larksberg and today's
7:46 am
forecast too cool for the pool. it is a little chilly out there. 57 in american canyon and brooks in there. travel delays sfo due arriving flights and low clouds. otherwise oakland and san hose are good. there were big boomers in chicago and detroit and cleveland. mr. drizzle is back. normal high 60s and 70s. hawaiian islands, category 4 hurricane lane. it is take a jog to the northwest. it was west. the storm track, the cone, takes it just to the west of the big island.
7:47 am
and it should weaken to a category 2 this week. but remember. it is not just the wind. it could be a slow move and get torrential rain and mudslides and storm surge and they can produce waterspouts and tornadoes. we'll update all of this tomorrow. and the little dip in the jet stream has ushered in a cold pattern for some in the city. average, nine below. 1891 the record high. august 21st high, santa rosa average, and san jose 84 degrees. today 74, 79, 78, 77. that is way below in livermore there. is too much fog in place and drizzle, low clouds. it is a turbo charge attach delta wind all the way to vacaville.
7:48 am
that means even sacramento valley will cool down. 36 in truckee. a little rain an echo up in the northeast. 60s on the temperatures, 70s and 80s for some. but this is very cool for this time of year. the temperatures take a plunge and i don't think they'll go anywhere anytime soon. the trend is to keep the temperatures in place up with are 70s and 80s all the way into the weekend. time 7:48. the latest and greatest from apple that we don't know what the new iphone will look like. and we'll tell when you you can buy it. let's check in with mike to see what is coming up on mornings on 2. animal crackers are unlocking the cages that we've
7:49 am
seen for so many decades. and why the iconic snack box is getting a new look after 116 years. we are live with two people behind a book i am home. we'll be back after the break. xfinity mobile is a new wireless network designed to save you money. even when you've got serious binging to do. wherever your phone takes you, your wireless bill is about to cost a whole lot less. use less data with a network that has the most wifi hotspots where you need them and the best 4g lte everywhere else. saving you hundreds of dollars a year. and ask how you get xfinity mobile included with your internet. plus, get $300 back when you buy a new smartphone. xfinity mobile. it's simple. easy. awesome. click, call or visit a store today.
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is researchers in canada discovered bacteria why in
7:52 am
people's stomachs and can be used to turn type a and b blood into the universally accepted type o blood. the author of the report said it will help stretch out blood supplies. there are things in type a and b that prevents them from being used by everybody. about news for charge lover -- carb lovers, the big bowl of pasta may the not be such a bad thing at all. cutting carbs could cut your life span up to four years. researchers found that people that replaced cashes with protein and fat from animals had a higher risk of early death compared to those that replaced it with plant based foods. a new lawsuit said that
7:53 am
google is tracking android and iphone users even when the settings say otherwise. last week the associated press reported that users of google's app are still being tracked even when the location history setting is turned off. google has not responded. senator war convenient tackling anti-corruption and public integrity. pam cook joins us way look into today's dollars and cents. >> reporter: senator warren's bill will prevent white house staff and members of congress from owning individual stocks. it is an end to put an end to conflict of interest in washington and place severe restrictions on lobbyists. it comes along with speculation that she may run for president in 2020. checking in on the market.
7:54 am
the bull market continues on wall street as stocks headed higher again when the opening bell rang this morning. checking in on the market, netflix will lead the nasdaq higher. it is now 7865. it is you have 45 points. and there is a look at the dow jones industrial average t is up a quarter of percent. the s&p 500 is up about a third of a percent. a group of 22 state attorneys general and the district of columbia ask the u.s. appeals court to reinstate the obama administrations 2015 net neutrality rules. the lawsuit calls for the court to reject the trump administration efforts putt asking -- asking for states to impose their own rules. it barred internet providers
7:55 am
from block or offering paid policies. apple will release a new low cost laptop. the new mack book will continue to have the 13-inch screen with higher resolution. it will be geared towards consumers and sold to schools, many of which use google chrome books. and bloomberg reports that apple is working on a mack mini desk top for release soon. we know when the preorders will start for the new lineup iphones. the tech company will unveil not one but three new models of the iphone next month. they are expected to be revealed at an event on september 12th. preorders are expected to start on september 14th. a marking company is offering paid leave to must pet parents. staff members that just added a
7:56 am
new pet to the family can work from hope. minnesota public radio news said that the company introduced the model as the benefits package. it was inspired by a senior accounts manager in may and wanted to be with the pup as it adjusted to its new home so you may see this in other benefits packages at companies here. and now back to dave. 7:56. people in one oakland neighborhood is fed up with a peeping-tom. and why they decided to take matters into their own hands when it comes to catching him. a month long search comes to a tragic end in iowa after the body of missing iowa student mollie tibbetts has been found. the latest on the investigation. we have a new problem to tell you about on westbound highway 24. more on that and also we're keeping an eye on 880 southbound. there was a sig alert issued
7:57 am
with some lanes blocked. we'll have the latest on that coming up. lots of low clouds and it will be a cooler day inland.
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a tragic end to a missing student from iowa. they believe they found the body of mollie tibbetts. >> alameda county accused of secretly recording juvenile crime suspects. >> reporter: a prowler is frustrating one oakland neighborhood. he's been caught on camera several times but still will not quit and neighbors are thinking about taking action into their own hands. good morning. welcome to mornings on 2. let's get you out the door. you need a windbreaker today. it is a cold one and reports of drizzle as well this is our good friend jake. drizzle on the deck. thick fog bank on the northern frontier. and a good friend mike, first
8:01 am
morning of overcast skies in a month and a half. 58 and southwest gusts to 22, weaker than travis. travis had 32 to 39. so the wind kicked this for many and american canyon. and also out to travis. and look at that napa 56, berkley in there and the city is in there. a lot of upper 50s and low 60s. a little rain in northeast california. the jet stream decided to settle in over us. the low pressure will stick and stay here for a while. 60 cool degrees in san francisco. 9 below average. they have not had a high above average since the ninth, when it was 72. i don't see one above average for the rest of the week. low clouds an onshore wind and that equals cool temperatures today. thing that changes wednesday with the 80s for m and 60s near
8:02 am
the water. 8:01. alley will start with this. i'll start with some advice. if you can avoid 880 southbound to hayward, i would. three lanes blocked. a solid red line from oakland into the caster valley area. there is a crash southbound 880 in hayward. we have the traffic cameras zooming out to get a better view of the backup. you can see the backup extends all the way into downtown oakland. and the traffic just inching along there, southbound 880. a sig alert and three right lanes blocked. they have been called in to clean up a fuel spill. it is a mess there. if you can take 580 and get
8:03 am
around this, that is my advice. highway 24 in lafayette also bad because of a crash that has been reported westbound 24. a report of a collision there. we don't have a lot of information about it we don't know if there are any injuries reported. but highway 24 has been slow all morning long. also, highway 4, bay point area because of an earlier collision as westbound 4 and leverage. i think there is a report of a crash on highway 4 and 680 meet as well. taking a look at this live picture of highway 4 things look like there is less traffic on the roads now compared to a couple of hours ago. but be aware of that earlier collision in the westbound direction. i want to show you a live picture. i think we have it of the bay bridge toll plaza. it might be from the ground. the carpool lanes, the folks having no problems. but it is about a 15 to 20 minute delay to get to the toll
8:04 am
plaza and the maze. i think the big problem this morning, if you're traveling in oakland will be 880 in the southbound direction. a little slowdown there in the northbound as well as people stop to look at the collision. time is 8:04. authorities believe they found the body of 20-year-old mollie tibbetts. >> reporter: mollie tibbetts attended kindergarten through second grade at corpus christy catholic school in piedmont. it is the first day at school. and we heard from a parent that told me that everybody has been praying for her safe return. but now it appears that the worst fears have come true. a body has been found in iowa
8:05 am
where she was last scene. the community had been holding out hope for mollie tibbetts's safe return. she had been missing since july 18th when she went on a jog near her boyfriend's house the principal here shared old yearbook pictures of mollie and remembers her as a girl that loved school and all smiling. she was here till second grade when her parents divorced and she moved to iowa. officials said that a body has been found and they believe it is monthly yi. we don't know -- mollie. a president conference is scheduled for -- a press conference is scheduled for later this afternoon. residents of a oakland neighborhood is fed up with a peeping top that has been seen looking through windows.
8:06 am
we talked to the people in the maxwell park neighborhood about the plans to catch the man. >> reporter: the prowl letter has been caught on camera -- prowler that be caught on camera four times in the last two weeks and doesn't seem to be deterred. women said that the peeping-tom has climb their fences to look in their windows. he scaled this six foot fence and the lights come own and her screams scared him away. she called the police, but the man disappeared. >> unless they were able to catch him, there was nothing they could do. it was the first time that they heard of situation. it wasn't till we posted to next door and started connect the dots ourselves that we realized that we were having the same advice tonight. >> reporter: after he did it again saturday, she posted on
8:07 am
the social next work next door and dozens of outrages neighbors responded. some strung up chicken wire and no peeping sign but he climbed over that the next night. he is white, middle aged, socky and bald -- aged, stocky and balding. they hope that the next time he creeps, they hope this capture him. alameda county is accused of eavesdropping on juveniles and secretly recording at least one private conversation the juvenile and his attorney were talking in a room and a sergeant was really recording their entire private conversation. and now the public defender's office is asking that a judge hard to they not record any conversations. the chronicle obtained body
8:08 am
camera video. they recorded a conversation of an attempted robbery case and now the case has been thrown out. the county public defender has respond on his facebook page staying appears to be an epidemic of recording attorney general client conversations. it must be protected. this statement said that the district attorney's office was not aware that a sergeant with the alameda county sheriff's office had recorded a conversation between a minor and the assistant public defender. when we learned that, which is privileged communication, we immediately dismissed the case. you can read entire statement on our website at we may learn where the first trial will be held in the golden state killer case. prosecutors from six counties will be there, including the
8:09 am
contra costa county attorney. the man believed to be the killer is 72-year-old joseph deangelo. a law professor said that they expect the prosecutors to lay out their strategy. >> the majority of the murders took place in southern california, orange county has the resources to handle a big case like this in all likelihood, we'll learn that, that orange county will go first or all the prosecutions will be in orange county in a coordinated way. >> he is suspected of nine sexual assaults between 1978 and july of 1979. it appears that joseph deangelo will be charged with some of those crimes. bart wants to crackdown and fare evaders and considering making changes to the fare gates to stop the cheating.
8:10 am
it will run about 150 and 200 million-dollar. we saw close to a dozen people slip right through the gates without paying, oblivious to our camera and the possibility of the $75 fine. they cost the agency 25 million- dollar a year. bart ridership has dropped. it is down more than 6% in the last three years. ridership is still strong during commute ours but taken a hit on night and weekend. weekend down 12% from two years ago. and that represents 25,000 fewer riders on friday and 17 -- on saturday and 17,000 on sunday. and the growing popularity of ride share services and the increased crime on the bart system are cited for the reason in the decrease. they are calling out the muny director. the mayor outlined several concerns about muny, including the reduced service on some bus lines and the overall lack of
8:11 am
dependability. the criticism comes after a contractor was killed while work on the twin peaks tunnel project. the contractor was cited 39 times for the safety violations. the muny responded to the mayor with this comment. we will improve muny it was so our riders can feel the difference. coming up, 8:11, the family of a teenager killed by a drunk driver is speaking out. and their message to others to prevent the same thing from happening to them. a man is arrested and charged in the murder of his pregnant wife and two young daughters. what is being revealed about his possible motive in the crime.
8:12 am
pg&e will make the scene safe. ♪
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8:14 am
and you smell gas, your first step is to get out, travel to a safe distance until you can't smell the gas anymore, and then call 911. the first responders will come out, and they'll make it safe for you and your community. ♪ the family of a missing palo alto woman are desperate. they are passing out flyers for wamaitha kaboga-miller. there are surveillance video her at the country time market. they say they believe she drove her silver 2002 mercedes with a disabled person license plate to the market. she recently had surgery but did not take her pain medication with her or other cell phone. and now they are worried that
8:15 am
she may be confused or lost. >> there may be a person that may take advantage of someone disabled. she may be hurt, thirsty, hungry and she has not received her medication which she may die if she doesn't receive in the next 48 hours. >> the palo alto police do not believe she has a victim of foul play. but they have issued a silver alert across the state. her family said that she is probably some are along the peninsula since she is most familiar with that area. we'll hear from the family after a young man hit and killed by an accused drunk driver. 19-year-old's family is so sad about his death. he was driving two friends in oakland when he was involved in an accident. he got out of his car and hit and killed by another car.
8:16 am
the chp identifyed that driver as 56-year-old rory but letter that was convicted of three duis in the past ten years. he was driving on a suspend license. >> i hope this guy never sees the light of day again. they need stricter laws with people with duis. they need more highway patrols on the week. i don't want any other family to go through there. our family is shattered, completely shattered now. >> he received a full scholarship to study. and the police are trying to determine how a man was killed and dragged by a truck for nearly a mile. it happened about 2:00 yesterday morning near agnus court. it is possible that the man had been hit by another vehicle when the truck hit him. the police said that the driver of the truck, a 28-year-old woman, thought she ran over
8:17 am
something. when she got home, she saw the victim under her truck. he has been identified as 47- year-old bill -- and the driver had a suspended license and cooperating with them. they do not suspect drugs or alcohol are factors in what happened. tuesday morning commute is underway. things are recovering a little bit. this had been tying up traffic for the last hour. at one point there were street lanes blocked. but now there was one lane blocked. we'll show you a live picture of what wear talking about. -- we're talking about you see they are standing guard there in the middle of your screen there is a report of another collision north of here and also near -- due to a fender bender. so we'll keep an eye on that but if you can avoid 880
8:18 am
through oakland, that would be a good idea. take 580. but 580 westbound also looks backed up this morning. and this is highway 24 and laugh yet. this is slow because of a -- lafayette this is slow because of a collision in the clearing stages. but at fish ranch road in the westbound direction just before the tunnel there, say report of a stalled van blocking one of the right lanes that is making things a challenging drive if you're headed west on 24 towards the tunnel. this drive, it will take you about 48 minutes. this is highway 80. no specific issues happened recently here. but there were earlier problems with collisions. and it looks like it has never really recovered since then. so be aware of that highway 4 bay point there, is a report -- of westbound 4 west of
8:19 am
hillcrest, some sort of debris near the center divide. and it may be caused people to take it more slow than usual. 8:18. thick fog out there. we'll talk about a hurricane this is a category 4 going west. and now it is taking a move to the northwest. it will skirt along the hawaiian islands. it will weaken considering blame is the good news. but it still looks like it will track. some of the forecast models are here. it depend on which one you want to buy into but they take it close to the big island. because of the nature of this the slow moving of it, it would produce heavy rain. if it all comes together, it may go to the west. so we'll have big updates
8:20 am
tomorrow. a robust wind is in place. big fog deck. fairfield 59. 58 in lake port. there were cool conditions here even inland. a little light rain in northeast, california. that fog enhancement brought the coast inland down. san francisco 60. that is 9 below average. 16 yesterday. the last time they had above average temperature was on the ninth when it was 72. i don't think they'll see within the rest of the month. san jose 74. it isen seasonably cool here. we're below for almost every here. seen some of the lower
8:21 am
destinations are cooler. low clouds here and the temperatures are cooling. they will not be warming up anytime soon. the places that were in the 90s are cooler. drizzle will be in the forecast for the rest of the week on the coast and the bay. 60s and 70s and low 80s for some but a lot of 70s there. we're hotter for a while. but not now. cool all the way into weekend. animal crackers are breaking out of their cages. why the iconic snack box is getting a new look after 116 years. you know when you're at ross and you'rhello.... ...and then the price is like, helllooo! that's yes for less. find the latest trends and styles at prices that are a perfect fit. it feels even better when you find it for less. at ross. yes for less.
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california has in of the worst drivers in the country. mississippi was at the time top of the list. and tennessee came in second. california tide with missouri for third in the rankings of bad drivers. the ratings were who had insurance and how many duis the drivers had and the average number of deaths per miles driven. and it was how they did a web search for a speeding ticket are ratings tick. massachusetts -- ticket. massachusetts has the best
8:25 am
record. let's know what you think about going to our facebook page. a new survey that 30% of teenagers in california text and drive. and of the 35 states in the study, south dakota had the highest rates of teens testing and driverring with 64% of high school students admitting that they engaged in the risky driving behavior at least one in the past movement california ranked 30 -- in the past month. california ranked 30th. for more than a century, children have been reaching for animal crackers, the one that come in the small red and yellow box where you see the animals in a cage on the front. they are redesigning the animal cracker box. this is the old box. it will no longer show the animals in the cages. take a look at the new images. they were facing pressure from
8:26 am
peta. they urged them to show the animals roaming free and the company agreed. the mtv video awards was last night. they honored the queen of soul and special ward for general -- a special award for jennifer lopez. >> lopez wowed the audience she then received the michael jack von vanguard award for lifetime achievement. they focused on migrant families and they blast the
8:27 am
president president immigration policy t included vulgar language on the shirts. >> none of this would have happened, could have happened without our lady of soul. >> madonna is getting a lot of criticism for the tribute to the the late aretha franklin. she said that her career was influenced by franklin. a lot of people thought she talked too much about herself and not about the legend she was to be honoring. newly unsealed court documents shed light on the case of a colorado man accused of killing his family. he admitted to killing his wife but not his children. there was an earlier crash. and we'll have a look at some other issues that we're following with the commute coming up. a lot of gray out there.
8:28 am
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good morning. we have a lot of gray out there and cool. and even cooler in lake county. and our good friend chloe, partly cloudy. high of 90, 92. only 61 yesterday in afternoon with windy and gusts in the mid- 20s and no sun.
8:31 am
low 53 and now 55. i'm warn down from the fog. george, hang in there. 56 in lafayette. pittsburgh 60. but it cool. no warmup there. and 06 up in lake port -- 60 in lake port. and the onshore wind has no problem kicking up this is helped along by the dip in the jet stream. this equal below average temperatures on the high side. 60s and mainly 70s. alley will tell us that the traffic is busy. busy and not good on 880. we have been tracking the earlier crashes on southbound
8:32 am
880. all lanes are back opened. but the traffic has not really covered because of that. as that one was cleared out of the way, there was another fender bender. and 880 880 southbound oakland. and highway 24 is also pretty bad. enthis is because of a commission -- and that is because of a collision. and that say disabled van. you can see the traffic just kind inching along there. and the same story on the sam te'o bridge bridge this is as you get off the highway on the peninsula. so on the other side of the bridge. we'll show you a live picture from the bay bridge toll camera on the ground there. the overahead camera is not work. but this has been biggest, most
8:33 am
uneventful part of the commute. 8:32. we're staying on top of the breaking news this morning. a little more than two hours ago investigators in iowa said they found the body believed to be 20-year-old mollie tibbetts. the university of iowa student has been missing for a month and has bay area ties. she tanned elementary school -- she attend elementary school in piedmont for a couple of years. there will be a media briefing for 2:00 specific time this afternoon. a colorado man accused of killing his pregnant wife and two young daughters returns to court. the court documents, 33-year- old chris watts admitted to killing his wives shan none, but he told the authorities he did it because she had strangled their two young daughters after he asked for a separation. investigators said they learned that watts was involved in an affair with a coworker that he previously denied in
8:34 am
interviews. they found shannon watts' body thursday buried in a shallow grave where her husband once worked. and the bodies of the two girls were found nearby. the school district is working with police department how to best respond to report add abuse. and we go live in our studios to explain. >> reporter: good morning. the district looking to address gaston communication and coordination when responding to allegations of sexual misconduct on campus by students and by employees. take a look at our video. this came to light after a series of fox 2 investigate reports back in 2016 that found that the district did not follow mandatory guidelines of alleged cases of alleged sexual misconduct. a student athlete sexually
8:35 am
assaulted a freshman girl inside the boy's bathroom and when she told the authorities, they did not follow proper reporting and procedures. the district said, quote, it is important for the psaud to clarify its working relationship with the police to ensure a coordinated and fair response to sexual misconduct the board meeting take place at 6:30 tonight in the district. they have a retreat the following day on wednesday. back to you. in the next hour, disaster recovery center is going to open in lake county for victims of the mendocino complex fire. it will be open every day from 7:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. people's homes destroyed or damages can get information about the federal resources available to them. and the fire destroyed 157 home and more than 100 other buildings, including many
8:36 am
businesses. new numbers to share on the complex fire. it grew by 4,000 acres overnight and now burned 405,000 acres or an area 632 square miles. containment is 74%. mandatory vac aces. -- evacuations. a utah firefighter that died in the mendocino complex fire is being remembered this morning for his service. thousand of emergency responders and loved ones were in utah to remember 42-year-old battalion chief matthew burchett. he was part of a group of utah firefighters that came to help battle the mendocino complex fire. and we're learning more how battalion chief matthew burchett died. a cal report said that a tree fell on him as thousands of gallons of fire retardant was
8:37 am
being dumped in the area. and the initial report did not say if the tree was weakened from the fire or the retardant that was dropped. three other firefighters suffered minor injuries. danger from fallen trees does not just endanger fire crews. they are weakened from the fire or retardant or pests. the biggest 747 super tanker can put down 8 tons of fire retard didn't and it can cause weakened trees to fall right away. but they can always fall days later. >> it is not safe yet to let the public back into the areas. the fire was so intense and it moved to rapidly, that we are still experiencing trees falling. >> cal fire said it understand that's the people are eager to get home.
8:38 am
but they want to make sure that all the danger is over before they allow people back into burn zones. a san jose man missing since last month has been found dead in yo yosemite national park. he was an experienced hiker. he planned for a 12 day backpack trip in the park. they have not said how he died. democrats have been trying delay the hearing for the new supreme court till they got more documents when he worked for former president george w burn. people that live near the
8:39 am
sam te'o airport next week. there were concerns from the residents that more airplanes means more noise. they are working with company behind the flights to mitigate possible noise impacts. and the company is called burner express. they are flying out of four airports, including oakland and san carlos. the tickets cost about $900 a person. it begins sunday and runs through labor day. a scary moment for a family in santa rosa. what happened to a man that toll -- that stole a car with a baby inside. traffic is very slow here. at one point it was barely moving at all on the sam te'o bridge. we'll check on this and other hotspots for your commute. just a big fog bank and
8:40 am
cooler pattern no doubt about it and it includes inland areas. we'll take a look at the your tuesday forecast highs coming up. ♪ ♪
8:41 am
8:42 am
a close circuit video those the moment that the span gives
8:43 am
way in italy of the bridge. huge chunks of concrete crash to the ground. 43 people were killed in the collapse. it measured 650 feet that broke and the vehicles dropped 150 feet below. the alameda county decided not to file charges against a community activist that was killed during a bike ride to honor a victim. he was lead a weekly bike ride in oakland. this particular ride honored bart's stack victim nia wilson. he said that an oakland police officer approached him and arrested him on the noise ordinance and resisting arrest. >> there was no discussion. there was no discussion.
8:44 am
it was only me being handcuffed and put in the police car. >> richmond mayor heard about this arrest and sent letters to the ac -- the alameda county district attorney and demanded that all charged dropped. he said that he arrestd when he refused to provide identification. we're learning more about a sideshow that brought traffic to a stop saturday morning it shows three cars spinning out of control in the westbound direction of the bay bridge. one driver was arrested at the scene after his car broke down. he has been booked into the san francisco joint jail on charges which include reckless driving. two other drivers in the side showed drove away before the
8:45 am
police arrived. a santa rosa man is accused of stealing a car with a baby inside. he stole i from outside a home on orchard street. the father said when he came out the car and the baby were gone. he immediately called the police that called in and helicopter to search for the car. ten minutes later, he returned the car and the baby to the house and he was arrested. the police tell us that the baby was unharmed. col you go on the 9:00 hour, -- coming up on the 9:00 hour. let's take a peek at the roadways. if you have to take at sam te'o bridge, be prepared for a very slow across the bay. there were two incidents that happened earlier. southbound 101 in hillsdale and northbound 101. that has traffic very slow on
8:46 am
the sam te'o bridge. this is actually and improvement. at one point, traffic was not moving in the westbound direction at all so if you have to get over to the east bay, try to take the dunbar bridge and you go to 280. highway 24 in the east bay has been bad for the last hour and a half so and this may be because of two earlier incidents and fish ranch road. things have been cleared out of the way. but the traffic still recovering or maybe not recovering as you can seep from the picture. slow going towards the tunnel. 880 oakland in the southbound direction, recovering from earlier crashes that happened at the hagenburrer exit. they had to clean up the spill from and earlier. east way freeway having problems this morning because of an earlier incident.
8:47 am
but the drive is pretty long. 48 minutes to get from the bridge to the mcarthur maze. once get closer to the toll place saturday and the toll bridge, -- plaza and the toll bridge, things are looking good. you've been busy today. the weather is busy new like cool weather. it kicked in big time. the dip in the jet stream is all it took. it fired up the fog bank if you will and ramp toping and send in and john -- ramping up and sending in the offshore wind. mid-50s an upper 50s. everyone is very close. but no warming taking place, especially when you get 21 gusts. and they had gusts up to 40 overnight west southwest in davis. and the water temperatures i think they're going down. i think we'll see a little more of a northwest wind. you can find 50s all the way
8:48 am
down to just about santa barbara. after that you get to 60s and then 70s again. the warm water has not taken the turn yet. we stayed in the 50s to near 60s. a robust fog bank and smoke and haze and a few high clouds. and look at this. northeast california, some radar return that is not tropical that is from the north. there is not much there. but just a little hint of the system digging in. and i don't see much change here going forward and some of the forecast models maintain this the rest of the week if not beyond. so no rain, just drizzle. but it is in the forecast all the way out till friday. 60s and 70s on the coast. you're in the upper 70s that were near 100 on saturday. a little change in our forecast pattern. it could be a little cooler as
8:49 am
we head towards the weekend. the new helmet rule for the nfl is stirring up controversy. they will meet tomorrow morning and discuss the new regulations. there will be a new way to pay costco stores nationwide and you don't even need to bring your wallet. stay with us. you know when you're at ross and you'rhello.... ...and then the price is like, helllooo! that's yes for less. find the latest trends and styles at prices that are a perfect fit. it feels even better when you find it for less. at ross. yes for less.
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russian hackers and trade talks. >> reporter: the marks will react to the new trade talk for china and the market continues when the opening bell rang this morning. and a lot of covered there. in the bay area stocks. right now, the s&p 500 is just about 1% away from its all-time high it hit in january. and the s&p 500 where a lot of retirement acts are, 2868 is where it is. 2872 is the record. and the nasdaq, a lot of tech stocks doing well there. and it is up three quarters of a percent to 7876. microsoft said it discovered new russian hacking attempts targeting u.s. political groups heading into the mid-term election. the company said that the digital crimes unit discovered
8:53 am
a hacking group. and the two conservative think tanks criticize the russian government and senators investigating the russian hacking said they were not surprised. >> russian had more activity on line trying to divide the mornings after 2016 than leading up to 2016. so they've not stopped. the apparent goal was to hack into the computers of people that visited the fake websites. microsoft said it disabled the fake websites. uber is making changes. it will improve the experience of getting to airport. customers using the ride hailing app will be asked to select their airline to make sure they get dropped to have at the best curb side location and to get more accurate pricing and estimated time of arrival. the upgrade is being launched
8:54 am
at law -- la guardiaa and jfk. leave your wallet home when you head to costco. you can use your apple pay. costco has been testing the system near its headquarters in seattle, washington. it seems to be weighing the automatic payment battle. telling the story immigrant students coming up, we're behind the people of the book, i am home. it tellses story of one high school. and you may think you're doing the right thing cutting carbs. but it could be actually
8:55 am
cutting your life span. ♪ flintstones! meet the flintstones. ♪ ♪ they're the modern stone age family. ♪ ♪ from the town of bedrock. ♪ meet george jetson. ♪ ♪ his boy elroy. with instant acceleration, electric cars are more fun to drive and more affordable than ever. electric cars are here. plug into the present.
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8:57 am
a judge is going to listen to a lawsuit to you of 3-d presented guns t would allow a company to post on line 3-d prints of guns. the state's won a restrain order and want to make the injunction permanent. students at san hose university will be heading to class this morning to start a new school year. it will begin with 35,000 students. there are 65 in faculty members. the school's president said there will be an emphasis on student success, research, innovation and graduate programs. is it orientation week at uc
8:58 am
berkley. and students settle in, within organization wants to make sure they don't go hungry there is a food pain try where students can go twice a movement the basic -- twice a month. the basic foods will be there. a new medical study find that carbs may cut your life by four years. in the sports, the texas rangers will move into a tie for first place.
8:59 am
chris davis strikes in a monster home run in the upper home deck. davis was wearing a jersey signed by a young pan from the make-a-wish found days. -- fan from the make-a-wish foundation. a popup so shallow left. it is in there. base hit. >> san francisco's first run came in the 7th. the game would remain tide and extra innings. the giants will try to slip over a run in the infield but did not make it happen. and they hit this popup to shallow left. the giants take the lead and eventually get the win. the two teams go at it again tonight. royal fans, you could have your picture taken with the larry o'brien championship trophy and get a free keepsake
9:00 am
for the 2017, 2018 trophies will be there. and the fans will receive a free warrior cars flag while supplies last. today at 9:00, sad developments as the body of missing college student mollie tibbetts is found. and telling the story of immigrant students in the area behind the book, i am home. and officials are catching many people jumping the fare gate at bart. they say they know about the problem but lack the found fix it. foggy. good morning across san francisco bay. this is a live look at treasure island. this is the city of oakland. how do you like me now. that is what the oakland a's are


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