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tv   The Eleven O Clock News on KTVU FOX 2  FOX  August 21, 2018 11:00pm-11:30pm PDT

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extend period of time. >> president trump's personal attorney and fixer pleads guilty to fraud and in the process implicate this president himself in a program crime. crime. in a totally separate case the jury found the president's former campaign chairman, paul manafort guilty including tax evasion and bank fraud, by coincidence, in michael cohen pleaded guilty. they included violations of campaign finance laws. what does this mean for
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president trump? we will see what comes next.>> reporter: michael cohen's attorney suggested there may be something more to come, he believes cohen has information that will be of interest to special prosecutor robert mueller, into the 2016 trump camping. within one hour, two takedowns in court tuesday. present trumps campaign manager paul manafort and personal lawyer michael cohen. michael cohen testified that under the 2016 election, the candidate ordered him to pay stormy daniels $150,000 for their silence about affairs with mr. trump heard after court, the attorney says donald trump directed him to commit a crime by making payments to if in west virginia, president
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trump made no mention of the two cases. on his way earlier to the rally, he dismissed any suggestion that that verdict would impact him. the president attacked robert mueller's investigation saying it has failed to prove that trump campaign was tied to russian meddling. >> this is my shin to do with russian collusion. it has resting -- has nothing to do with it. >> reporter: the former team but mike dean of the law department. >> this is a very serious situation, now both paul manafort and michael cohen are in control the deferment of justice.>> reporter: there are greater pressures on those who are facing possible prison sentences.
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of not getting acquittals all the way through. he is evaluating all of his options at this point.>> reporter: options which could include cooperating with their mueller investigation or hope for a presidential pardon. manafort faces up to 80 years in prison, and he has another trial next month. our political analyst tells us these developments don't bode bo well for the president, looking ahead to the midterm elections.>> impeachment would be of the table potentially although a lot of democrats say that would be a distraction. ahead of the 2020 presidential election. but, what it does signal is that there will be a continual upheaval in washington, dc as these things continue to emerge.>> stay with ktvu for
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continuing coverage as as we learn more about the implications. we will bring you the very latest as we get it. orchard supply hardware stores will be no more by the end of the year. they're reporting that lowe's which owns orchards, has decided to close all of the 98 stores including 40 here in the bay area. orchard was a san jose based chain that was sold to lowe's in 2013. no word on a reason for the closing but the announcement comes just before an earnings call to [ indiscernible- multiple speakers ] santa clara fire says verizon seriously hampered their efforts to battle the mendocino complex fire, accusing them of throttling down their internet speeds after they use too much data. we went to the what the department is doing to fight back.>> reporter: when firefighters were called to the mendocino complex fire, their priority to save lives and property, they say it their
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mission watheir units used to track and rat firefighter services was significantly reduced to slower than dial-up speeds. it made it difficult for them to send an email or transfer files over the internet.>> if the speeds are impacted to the point of which the simple functions are impacted, that is certainly frustrating. >> reporter: the premises verizon throttled their data 21 200 of normal speed. verizon suggested a more expensive plan, they resolved the issue by using a different router. the department worries how'd data throttling could expect residence in a fire zone. >> we are sending time sensitive critical information, evacuate this area now. at th can't receive those notices, in a timely cod impact their ability to get out of an are've determined is dangerous. >> reporter: their concerns are aired in this court document,
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part of a lawsuit filed by the county along with 22 other states against the sec's repeal of net neutrality rules. >> we've lost our protections, and instead handed the keys to the internet service providers. the internet service providers now, they get to decide how they want to prioritize content. they get to decide how they want to determine speed and access. >> reporter: verizon issued a response that said in part, this situation has nothing to do with net neutrality or the current proceeding in courts but we made a mistake in how we communicated with our customer about the terms of its plan, in this situation. we should have listed this deed restriction when our customer reached out to us. verizon is very adamant that it was a customer service issue, they say they are reviewing the situation and will fix any issues moving forward. as for the a decision in the case isn't expected until early next year.
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california is one big step closer to eliminating bail for criminal defendants. the state said they passed senate bill 10, by 26-12, it had to the governor's desk and he is expected to sign it. the bill is co-authored by a senator in alameda. the cash bail system would be done away with, each county would be available and responsible for the pretrial assistance agency. people with non-violent misdemeanors would be released within 12 hours of the defendants charged with violent felonies would not be eligible for release. the bill faced strong opposition from the bail industry. >> we need to lower the bail schedule and cost, we've been trying to do that but instead of fixing that they want to eliminate the industry.>> it pe. >> the bill is expected to face
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a number of legal challenges from the bail industry and other opponents. new developments in the month-long search for young woman missing in iowa. a body presumed to be that of mollie tibbetts, has been found. police say that murder suspect 24-year-old cristhian bahena rivera has confessed , and  led them to her body. she was last seen july 18, going out for a run in the small town in iowa. cristhian bahena rivera said he saw mollie tibbetts running and he followed her. it was video from a neighbor security camera that helped the police find him.>> we were able to track his pattern and the route in which he took, we were able to find mollie tibbetts running on this video. we were able to determine that he is one of the last ones to have seen her running.>> cristhian bahena rivera is from mexico and has been living in the united states illegally. an autopsy has been set
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for robert mollie tibbetts was raised in oakland and went to school in piedmont. we spoke with her former principal who says, mollie tibbetts was well-liked and got along with everybody. >> reporter: it is a tough first day of school for kids and staff at corpus christie school in piedmont. former student, mollie tibbetts was found dead, one month after vanishing near her boyfriend's house. >> i have all the children here on the first day of school and i have to be strong for them. it is not the outcome that i had been praying for or hoping for. this is her brother jacob and her brother scott.>> reporter: the principal remembers when mollie tibbetts roamed the hallways as a student from kindergarten to third grade. >> she was a sweet little girl, she liked everybody. everybody liked her. she was easy to be around. >> reporter: mollie tibbetts moved to iowa with her mom and
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siblings when her mom and dad divorced. she has their pictures in her office with old friends and members of the community has been holding candlelight vigils at the church, praying for her safe return. they say her remains were found today in iowa. investigators found the body in a field. it was about 15 minute drive from where she was last seen jogging in the small town. murphy told students the sad news during a morning assembly. she says they will remember mollie tibbetts in prayer. >> we will celebrate the day as she would have celebrated the day. excited about being here and remember her spirit, and the goodness that she had. that's how we will be with each other today. the sheriff the permit is about getting by a private conversation between a 15-year- old boy and his attorney was recorded in a police substation.
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the public defender's office says they got the recording from a district attorneys office, as the case was being prepared. a recording device in the interrogation room was apparently left on, a separate body camera video also suggests that a sheriff's sergeant made other recordings. in alameda county public defender says attorney client privilege was troubled. >> looking at everything, the district attorneys office is reviewing dozens of other juvenile cases. a safe place to inject legal -- illegal drugs, new legislation clears the way for san francisco to move ahead with his controversial injection site. three veterans are injured when a truck slams into their highway cleanup
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police in campbell are looking for a suspect involved in a violent attack. about 9:45 am officers arrived to the area of hamilton avenue and creekside way, they found a man in his 20s who had been stabbed a number of times for police say it looks like someone tried to rob the man and he bought back. >> the victim was walking alone when this occurred. and during the altercation, the victim attempted to protect himself. he was dragged by the car as it was driving away. >> the family has told police the victim is out of surgery, doing well and is going to make a full recovery. the suspect was in a newer model black toyota four runner. there were two men and one woman inside will likely in their teens or 20s.
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we backed stamford police are investigating an alleged rape on campus but a woman reported that she was attacked and sexually assaulted on the main campus sometime between sunday night and monday morning. no suspects have been identified, even though school hasn't started yet. of warning has been sent out to students. sexual assault on campus have been in the spotlight in recent years, following the controversial brock turner case. school is ol i scheduled to start next week. three veterans working for caltrans was hurt when it pick up cloud into them in fairfield. the crash happened about 11:30 am on the westbound lanes. we found that this is the same stretch of highway that a chp officer was just killed. >> reporter: at three veterans were hospitalized after they were hit by an out-of-control vehicle e in fairfield. the crews was working to remove trash and debris in this truck veered off the highway,
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and slammed into their r work vehicles. this trailer was hit first, like a chain reaction is slammed into this passenger van causing it to flip over. one veteran inside the van had to be extricated from the vehicle. another veteran may have a broken pelvis and if female navy veteran suffered a major compound fracture.>> what i heard from the other guys, is that her ankle was broken in the bone was sticking out. it's got to be painful. >> reporter: robert sanchez is her roommate and colleague, both of them work for the construction training. he was working on this busy stretch of freeway just monday, and says despite signage gn of construction markers, drivers have little regards for the workers.>> the people around here drive so fast, they don't care. they are not looking out for us. i have seen people on their cell phones while we are working. >> reporter:'s accident was just 200 yards from where it motorcycle officer were killed a week ago.
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he had the driver pulled over on the side of the freeway when a pickup truck slammed into them. investigators say distracted driving seems to be the cause of both accidents. >> this is another example of why we have to have the work zone alert program. we have to remind people constantly that there are people who work on the sides of the roads. the sides of roads are dangerous places. >> reporter: the veterans were taken to the north bay medical center with non-life- threatening injuries for the driver of that solar truck was taken to kaiser, he has been discharged and cleared d to return to work. no charges have been filed es have been filed so far. oakland police say a donation fund has been set up for the rookie officer who was seriously hurt in a crash last week jordan wingate was responding to reports people , a rt when he crashed into a car stopped big rig.
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he remains in intensive care tonight in critical condition. officer jordan wingate started his career as a cadet back in 2013. last year, he graduated from the academy at the top of his class. if you would like to donate we have posted more information at san francisco mayor is one step closer to opening a safe injection site for drug addicts who live on the streets. the state senate passed a bill that would allow the mayor to move forward with a plan to open such sites, under a three- year pilot program. the legislation still needs the approval of the assembly and the governor. critics question the effectiveness of safe injection sites, but the mayor says they prevent overdoses and connect addicts ad to life-saving services. if ng ser we've got a lot of fog out there now, as you know. there has been fog this morning quite a bit of it. it will be there again tomorrow morning. it is widely spread across the bay area. we start off cloudy,
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we end up like today, temperatures in the 60s and 70s. there will be some low 80s but it won't be a typical august day. here is the footprint of the frog -- fog right now. it is everywhere. it is great for the firefighters, good for the air quality and this is the seabreeze. it doesn't have to be fog but it is higher humidity. it is doing wonders for the fire zones. the reason we are seeing this is it got up to 3000 feet yesterday. it will stay around 1800 feet which is well over the coastal hills and enough to really cool things off it will keep it foggy for the morning hours. a little drizzle in san francisco. the sunshine tries to come out around noon, it doesn't succeed around -- until around 3 pm. the high tomorrow is 64 degrees this is another model showing the entire area, it shows fog
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all over. it will pinch off in fairfield. it is cool not just here but in sacramento as well. you've got lots of 70s around the bay area. 81 fairfield, these will be the warm spot, 81 brentwood. a little warmer than today but not much. temperatures will stay relatively cool. here we go, wednesday, thursday looks like it will follow suit. this whole week has been about allowing us to have a good opportunity to fight fires i get the air quality back to where you like it. no big changes this week. it keeps it cool right through the weekend. we have an update tonight on a homeless man who took to handing out resumes on a street corner in silicon valley in hopes of finding someone he
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tweeted today that he has found a job. he moved to silicon alley from texas to look for work as a web developer. he went through his savings and wound up living in his car. last month, woman who saw him handing out resumes instead of panhandling, shared his story on social media, and it went viral. office of job interviews started to pour in, now he says he has accepted a position as a software engineer. re eer. still to come, the oakland a's art making it look seriously easy. they are now tied with the third-best record in all of his will. we are up next with highlights from tonight's shutouts. live picture from new york city, this is fifth avenue. for joining us tonight. ght.
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the giants continued to struggle but the oakland a's are on a serious role. mark has the highlights on the low lights.
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they are making it look easy right now. the biggest concern they had was starting pitching right now you have to look at the roster and say, that his -- is the strong point as they continue to roll on first place at jerry garcia look at -- look-alike night. back to back shutouts, brett anderson, nice double play here he went seven innings gave up only one hit. only two runs. the usual offense supply from khris davis, he knocked in three, that was his 38 homer. houston beat seattle tonight, oakland remains tied on top in the west. posey, multiple reports saying the giants all store -- all- star catcher out for the year. he will be going under surgery. the offense, a 2-0 lead, come
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the latter evenings that would disappear but we do have to show you hunter with the beautiful over the shoulder grab, the hat comes off and everything in new york city, harkening back to 1954 and the rolled series for the great say hey kid. very similar but different circumstances. michael with a two run shot, three run homer, tony 6-3, the finals the meds beat the giants. it seems like it's been a while since we've had a little off- season report regarding the golden state warriors. how about the come back of the cousins? the ruptured achilles tendon is not affecting his outside shots. this is him working out today. he could ld be the third brother after all. as you see this video from
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today's workout, he hit 19 of 20 from beyond the stripes before finally missing his very last shot. i would say it is coming along pretty nice for him. it is time now to check this out. back to the oakland a's game, this is a nice catch by one of the fans, but what transpires after's is the interesting part. i don't claim that i understand it but the fan gives it to the youngster to his left. they slap five and then the other fan on his right gives him money. forgiving him the ball. so whatever works man, it's a ballgame. you get a ball, you get some money. it is all good. the indians beat the red sox again, greg allen with the defense of catch of the night. that is the sporty line. back to you guys. see
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