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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 4am  FOX  August 22, 2018 4:00am-4:29am PDT

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guilty verdict and michael cohen's plea deal could affect the president. good morning and thank you for joining us on this wednesday morning august 22. i'm pam cook. >> good morning. i'm dave clark. steve paulson knows everything you need to know and he's right here. >> i know we have a category five hurricane we will focus on. 157 miles an hour. 160 that developed overnight with big- time intensification. it is now lifting north and it looks like it will go along the islands. not so much the wind all the time, it can be the torrential rain and flooding in the storm surge. 160 miles an hour moving west northwest at nine. category five. the last two really made an impact, these look like it will be very close.
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temperatures in the 70s and 80s. in some areas 15 degrees below average. we do have a system that developed and it looks like it might be a slight bump up today. remaining cool and overcast for many. these and 60s. close up due to the low cloud deck. not as much of a delta breeze, but temperatures will still drug -- temperatures will still drug old today. 60s and 70s around the bay. this pattern is on hold for a while with just subtle changes. not much of a warm-up. 60s, 70s, and 80s. is sal back? >> here he is. >> thank you very much. here i am. i have to press, i pressed the wrong button alreadyearly this some roadwork to watch out for.
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will be busy on eastbound 580 driving towards the 205 if you're driving onto a five you might see some roadwork other than that looks good driving toward 238. no major issues driving on interstate 80. looks good getting to downtown. if you're getting to the bay bridge traffic is light. let's go back to the desk. today the man arrested for kidnapping and killing molly tibbetts will be in court today. molly tibbetts vanished july 18 while out jogging in brooklyn iowa. a month later police say 24- year-old man confessed to murdering tibbetts and led investigators to a cornfield where anybody believed it to be molly tibbetts was buried under corn stocks.started following
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her. ind rivera. >> we were able to track his pattern and the routes he took. we were also able to find molly running on this video. we were able to determine that he was one of the last ones to have seen molly running. >> rivera is from mexico and has been living illegally in the united states. he is now facing charges of first-degree murder. his bail is set at $1 million. an autopsy will be performed today to determine how molly tibbetts died. a tough first day of school for kids and staff at corpus christi catholic school yesterday in piedmont where molly tibbetts was a student. >> i have all my children here the first day of school and i have to be strong for them. it is not the outcome that i
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have been praying for or hoping for. >> tibbetts atteedgs when her parents divorced. visible murphy kept in touch with them. even has their pictures in her office. murphy says she remembers tibbetts as a sweet girl who was loved by everyone. president trump referred to the killing of molly tibbetts during a speech at a rally in west virginia. the president blames the nation's immigration laws for that tragedy. >> you heard about today with the illegal alien coming in. very sadly, from mexico. you saw what happened to that incredible, beautiful young woman. should have never happened. illegally in our country. we have had a huge impact but the laws are so bad . the immigration laws are such a disgrace. >>for 4 - 7 years.
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the local media is reporting rivera worked on a dairy farm owned by . a prominent iowa republican who ran for secretary of agriculture this summer. this was sent from the official white house twitter account. the loss of molly tibbetts is a devastating reminder that we must urgently fix our broken immigration laws. the -- vice president mike pence tweeted this, heartbroken by the news about molly tibbetts. molly was an amazing young woman and we are praying for her parents, brothers, and friends in this time of unimaginable grief. we commend the swift action by investigators working in iowa in apprehending an illegal immigrant who is now charged with first-degree murder. now justice will be served. we will never forget raleigh tibbetts. former trump campaign manager paul manafort en found gu fraud, two counts of bank
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fraud, and one count of hiding foreign bank accounts.locked on counts. this was the first trial linked to the robert mueller investigation. even those these particular criminal charges were not directly tied to russian efforts to influence the 2016 election mannafor's faces up to five years in prison but could get a more lenient turn if he cooperates with the mueller investigation. president trump longtime former attorney michael cohen, admitted in court he was directed to arrange payments to two women during the 2016 elections to keep them from speaking about alleged affairs with mister trump years before he ran for office., and acknowledged these payments while pleading guilty to campaign finance charges yesterday in new york. those eight counts include two counts of breaking campaign finance laws by making and five counts of tax evasion and one count of making false statements to a bank. in that plea deal michael cohen said the payments were made at the direction of a, quote, candidate for federal office fo
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the election. the plea deal does not mention president trump by name. the dates and the dollar amounts lineup with hush money payments made to adult film star stormy demo stormy daniels playboy model karen mcdougal before the 2016 election. the big question now is how will these cases affect president trump? michael cohen's attorney suggests his client may have information that would interest special prosecutor robert mueller and his investigation into the 2016 trump campaign. more about the impact on the present. >> reporter: within one hour two takedowns in court tuesday. president trump former campaigm presence former personal lawyer, michael cohen. cohen testified under oath in a new york cohen testified under w york court that during the 2016 electi candid $150,000 each for
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their silence about affairs with mister trump. after court him to commit a crime by making payments to two women for the l those payments were a crime for michael cohen then why wouldn't they be a crime for donald trump? at a republican campaign rally in west virginia tuesday night president trump made no mention of the two cases on his way earlier to the rally he dismissed any suggestion that the manafort verdict would impact him. the president attacked special prosecutor robert mueller's investigation saying it has failed to prove the trump campaign was connected to russian meddling in the 2016 election. >> this has nothing to do with russian collusion. this started as russian collusion and has absolutely nothing to do . this is a witchhunt and a disgrace. a former dean at the university of san francisco law school worked in the justice department. >> taken together this is a very serious situation for president trump. now both paul
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manafort and michael cohen, in effect, or under the control of the department of justice. >> reporter: he says there is more pressure on the trump associates who are facing possible prison sentences. >> it give this them great leverage to use -- it gives them great leverage to use both cohen and manafort in prosecution against mister trump. >> mister manafort, disappointed of not getting acquittals all the way through. he is evaluating all of his options. >> ktvu fox 2 news. >> our political analyst told us these developers don't bode well for the president heading into the midterm elections expect impeachment would be on the table. potentially. although a lot of democrats say that would be a distraction ahead of the 2020 presidential election. what it does signal is that there is going to -- emerge.
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coming up, doug luzader will be live from washington d.c. joseph d'angelo, the accused golden state killer, will be charged in court in sacramento tomorrow for crimes in six california counties including contra costa county. six district attorneys announced yesterday they will be working as one team on the case and the combined trial will take place in sacramento. d'angelo places for -- 13 counts of murder with 18 special circumstances and more than two dozen weapons charges. yesterday prosecutors added an additional 13 counts of kidnapping in the course of robbery. four of those cases involve rapes for the alleged crimes of ourse of rob hinckley, we cannot hold someone accountable for these crimes and to seek justice for our victims.
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>> the prosecutors could not violate charges because the statute of limitations had expired for sexual assault but not for kidnapping during robbery. the former student at cal state monterey bay is headed to prison for sexually assaulting a woman in a dorm. 22-year-old ruben rodriguez was given a 14 sentence for assaulting the woman who was a female student two years ago. he slipped into her apartment, removed a screen door, she fought him off, but he went back an hour later. he fled the campus the next day but was captured by he was marshall's in chico. along with a prison sentence rodriguez has to stay away from the woman for the next 10 years and also register as a sex offender for the rest of his alleged rape on the campus. police say a woman reported she was attacked and sexually assaulted on the main campus sometime between sunday night and monday morning. so far no suspects have been
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identified. even though school has not started there yet a warning has been sent out to students. undergrad students begin classes at stanford in late september. today marks one month since nia wilson was murdered at an oakland bart station. coming up, what is expected to happen today when a man accused of killing her goes to court. residents of hawaii stocking up on their supplies. a category five hurricane is on track to hit the big island. we will tell you and it is expected to make landfall. we are off to a decent start on westbound and eastbound 92 san mateo bridge. we will tell you more coming up. temperatures about 15 degrees below average. it looks slightly warmer today, but still cool.
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welcome back. happening today, immigration rights advocates will hold a rally in san francisco after several immigrant detainees were transferred to jails outside of the state this move came after i.c.e terminated its contract with the contra costa county sheriff's office last month. the sheriffs department warned inmates could be moved from the richmond facility to as far away as hawaii. this morning that rally will be held at 11 am
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at the u.s. citizens and immigration services in san francisco between immigration hearings of two bay area men. they want to bring awareness about these cases and the impact the transfer of the inmates will have on their families. a magnitude 6.2 earthquake off the oregon coast that hit just after 1:30 this morning off the south-central coast of oregon so far there are no reports of damage or injuries. people living up and down the state and onto the border with washington say they did yield the shaking. it appears a powerful magnitude 7.3 quake that hit venezuela caused very little damage. it was center just off venezuela's northeastern coast and was felt as far away as bogota columbia. 900 miles away.
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two sticks quake caused shape -- shoppers here to scream and run for the exit at this supermarket. no word of any deaths, but a woman fell on an escalator and was hurt during a mass panic at a shopping center. venezuelan government which is already dealing with an economic crisis says buildings across the country are damaged, including a skyscraper that was under construction that is now leaning. hurricane lane is still 500 miles from hawaii but the governor has already signed an emergency declaration because the instrument the size is expected to cause catastrophic damage. the storm has already been classified as a category five the highest level possible, with wind there is also a forecast for storm surge, flooding, possibly tornadoes and landslides when the storm hits any of the hawaiian islands. if the storm continues on its current path is expected to make
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a hit right alongside the big island of hawaii. a wahoo and maui could also be affected people in hawaii say they are stocking up on food, water, and batteries. different judge of the storm is expected to make landfall today. steve is following that. we get to check in with sal right now. there was a crash on the bay bridge. what is the latest? >> that is gone, but it was pretty serious. i want to look at the toll plaza first the for we go to the gilroy commute westbound and eastbound. all good now. in this area there was a crash just as you got off the bridge that was blocking lanes. it was pretty serious. it happened at 3:00 so it cleared up right before we went on the air and things are doing well. i want to know it is gone. let's talk about the gilroy super commute. northbound 101, san jose, gilroy you can see northbound 101 traffic is doing
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very well driving through here. no problems through send martin and morgan hill on the way to the silicon valley commute, which is light, although there is a lot of road work out there. no major delays. a live look at 280 northbound getting off at highway 17. also looking at interstate 880 traffic is moving along well. let's say hello to my good friend mister steve paulson. >> thank you, sir. category five hurricane let's say hello to my good friend mister steve paulson. >> thank you, sir. category 5 hurricane lane. is moving west northwest and it looks like it wants to go to the west of the big island. when they start to move, even if it encounters some of the higher ballot -- higher elevations it will take some of the inner edge out of it but is not so much the wind, it can be the storm surge and torrential rain that can cause the mudslides. a lot over factors in play. this will move north as a category five. has a category
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five ever hit the hawaiian islands? to my knowledge, no. two category four storms have. it also didn't hit the big island or a wahoo. this will probably impact all the islands on his current track. wind is 160 miles an hour it with the rapid intensification overnight. category five. this will be late tonight in some of the outer bands making an impact on the big island to, but i'm telling se 75 yesterday livermo and 73. concorde 72. santa rosa at 71. some of these locations should be about 86 or 87. this system that dropped in yesterday enhanced the fog bank
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. the adultery it down a little bit. it is still onshore, but it was a little more robust yesterday. fellows are up so if we get a little break cloud cover that should bump the highs up a little bit, but still below average. 60s on the temperatures. a few 50s, but a lot of 60s. 34 in truckee. there is plenty of low clouds in place in the forecast model keeps this week, it looks like most of the rest of the month looks to be on the cool side. this is for tomorrow. 60s and 70s for some to very low 80s. even to the t of valley . sacramento yesterday was at 79. this is a cooler pattern for us and for everybody. hazy and kind inland. there's a big fog bank and i don't see much change in day three of the cooler pattern. probably going out even further . >>. it looks like cooler again
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by the weekend. facebook and twitter working to cut down on misleading political posts. coming up, the number of accounts the social media companies have already taken down. a partnership between the oakland chinatown chamber of commerce and air b&b. how local businesses could benefit from this.
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no silicones. no weigh down. just super silky, soft, shiny hair. super fast. fructis treats 1 minute hair masks. super fruit. super hair. find yours. garnier. welcome back. happening today students at uc berkeley are headed back to
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class the school is welcoming -- welcoming 6100 first-year students this semester. last week and coming students moved into dorm rooms. on monday uc berkeley chancellor carol chris said 81% of this year's freshman come from public high schools, 93% of the transfers are from community colleges for chris says that she will be devoting a lot of attention to the issue of diversity among all the new students on campus. air b&b, the short-term rental website, is teaming up with businesses in chinatown to increase businesses. last night the oakland chinatown can't chamber of commerce hosted this to her. the goal is to get the air b&b host to recommend this area to their guests. >> certainly given me a lot of exposure as far as where to send people. we have a, we're building a
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guidebook. >> normally when we see people using air b&b mostly their families and they want to have the local experience. >> the oakland chinatown chamber of commerce is excited about this new partnership with air b&b. air b&b hosts who went on the walk last night send along with recommending the businesses to their guests they also plan to go back themselves to shop and dine. the a shut out the rangers again this time 6 - 0 at the coliseum. oakland jumped out early with a single. chris davis continued his hot streak with an rbi single in the fifth followed by a major league-leading 30th home run of the season. just a few innings later the a's remained tied with the astros for first place in the al west after the astros beat the mariners. the a's going for a swbook. th your phone, computer, tablet, or streaming device.
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first pitch at the giants los meds. the giants playoff hopes are fading after losing five of the last six games . the the giants scored first things to a two run homer right here. evan longoria. the mets tied up the game in the seventh before scoring four more runs off the giants. the giants are now three games under 500. the giants and mets play again tonight. santa clara county firefighters say a phone company severely impacted their ability to fight the biggest fire in state history. up next -- allegedly after firefighters used too much bandwidth. we will have more what happened coming up.
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good morning and thank you for joining us. welcome back. we are right in the middle of the week. it is wednesday, august 22. on dave clark expect good morning. i'm pam cook. it feels like we are right in the middle of summer and fall. i was wearing shorts and a tank top and then yesterday went to a longsleeved shirt and it was chilly. >> it was 15 degrees below average for many yesterday picked the focus will be on hurricane lane which is category five. 160 miles an hourwind and now jogging to the north northwest which will put it parallel to the islands, just to the west southwest in his current track. it will we can but some of the outer bands will approach the big islands tonight. tomorrow will be the main day. by the time it arrives to


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