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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 6am  FOX  August 22, 2018 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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we start with breaking news in los angeles. you can see they have pulled back a bit so we can see a wider picture of this fire. this is right near, right in downtown los angeles. not far from the staples center. you can see on the right-hand side a huge response from the la fire department. they are telling us the fire started just about 20 minutes ago or so . they are saying that to the one-story building. you say you know the building a little bit as margaux street. >> you can see how dense that area is. a lot of buildings are really close together. also you are to -- near two major freeways. you can see power lines around that area. the main thing is really densely put together and there are a lot of industrial buildings there as well. >> certainly, a big story there in los angeles. you can see they are attacking that fire. we will bring you updates as
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soon as they come into our newsroom. thank you for joining us on this wednesday morning august 22. i'm pam cook >> i'm dave clark. we are going to steve paulson. you have a lot to talk about. >> a category five, the strongest ever to get this close to the hawaiian islands. when that 160 miles an hour and moving west northwest at nine. most of the tracks take it northwest of the islands. there is the potential for heavy rain and storm surge. this will be late tonight into thursday and early friday. for us temperatures are very cool at 5 - 14 degrees below average. you can think that system dipping to the north. that has really ramped up the fog. the lows are up to the upper 50s and low 60s. i would think we will jump up a little bit, but still below average.
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we had an issue on the bay bridge. that is better? i'm just looking around to see if i can show you the macarthur maze picture. the macarthur maze picture, you are going to wish you hadn't seen it. this is 80 westbound. if you're driving down to this spot it is taking you 20 minutes . when you get here it will take you 40 minutes to get through because of the bay bridge ended earlier problem we had on the span near treasure island. if you're using the bay bridge give yourself plenty of extra time and you will see traffic is backed up and not moving very well. it is improving quite a bit. accident is gone and if you have a little time to wait you can delay the trip and it might get a little better later on. right now it is very slow. if you're using 880 you will see the traffic here is okay. 580 is getting busier. let's go back to the desk. today the man accused of kidnapping and killing iowa college student molly tibbetts is due in court. leigh martinez is in our newsroom this morning with more on the
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suspect and how authorities tracked him down. i what authorities say 24 your christian rivera confessed to killing tibbetts after bringing him in for questioning and that he was the one who led them to her body. 20 rolled molly tibbetts went missing on july 18. she had been staying at the brooklyn iowa home of her boyfriend and his brother watching their dog while the brothers were away. brothers were cleared as suspects early in the investigation. neighbors saw tibbetts on a run that evening. her family reported her missing the next day when she failed to show up to work. surveillance video of tibbetts jogging and rivera's black chevy malibu helped authorities tracked down rivera as one of the last people to see her >> we were able to track his pattern and the routes in which he took. we are also able to find molly running on this video that we are able to determine he was one of the last ones to have seen molly running
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>> they say that rivera, an undocumented immigrant from mexico, followed tibbetts and abducted her after she threatened to call police. rivera told police he blacked out and found tibbetts headphones in his lab and her body in the trunk of his car. result of an autopsy are still pending, but is believed the remains are those of tibbetts found in a cornfield hidden under corn stock leaves. authorities did not reveal a cause of death that an autopsy is set to begin today. no motive was given for tibbetts murder. tibbetts was to start her junior year of college this week . in the newsroom with ktvu fox2 news. president trump at a rally in west virginia referred to the killing of molly tibbetts and he blames the nation's immigration laws for the tragedy. >> you heard about today with the illegal alien coming in.
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very sadly from mexico. you saw what happened to that incredible, beautiful young woman. it should have never happened. illegally in our country. we have had a huge impact, but the laws are so bad. the immigration laws are such a disgrace. >> authorities in i was a the suspect, christian rivera, has been in the area 44 - 7 years. local media in iowa is reporting that rivera worked on a dairy farm owned by craig lange, a prominent iowa republican who this summer in for secretary of agriculture. >> this was sent from the official white house twitter account, the loss of molly tibbetts is a devastating reminder that we must urgently fix our broken immigration laws. vice president mike pence tweeted this, heartbroken by the news about molly tibbetts molly was an amazing young woman and we are praying for her parents, brothers, and friends at this time of unimaginable grief. we commend
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the swift action by local, state, and federal investigators working in iowa in apprehending an illegal immigrant was now charged with first-degree murder. now justice will be served. we will never forget molly tibbetts. that from vice president penn. -- vice president mike pence. paul manafort found guilty on eight counts of financial crimes. he was convicted on five counts of tax fraud, two counts of bank fraud, and one count of hiding foreign bank accounts. the jury deadlocked well -- onto another counts. michael cohen, president trump former longtime attorney, admitted in court that he was directed to arrange payments to two women during the 2016 election to keep them from talking about alleged affairs they had with mister trump years before he ran for office. cohen acknowledged these payments while pleading guilty to campaign finance charges. justin 20 minutes ago president
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trump tweeted this, if anyone is looking for a good lawyer i would strongly suggest you don't retain the services of michael cohen. joining us now is doug luzader from washington. you have been covering this story. what did the verdicts against michael manafort and michael cohen mean for president trump? >> reporter: the manafort case is different. the white house will no doubt point out the fact that none of these charges have anything to do with the reason why the special counsel was graded in the first place, to investigate possible election collusion or even obstruction of justice. this was an effort to get paul manafort to cooperate. he refused and the prosecutors really went after him. he will ultimately face prison time. the other case, the one involving trump's personal attorney, michael cohen, is different because of those specific charges involving campaign-finance violations. those could entangle the president. he could, in
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theory, face charges that seems unlikely. what is more likely that if democrats win control of the house of representatives they may very well use this as a basis for impeachment expect there's a lot going on. going back to paul manafort, whether the conviction -- what does the conviction in that case made in the mueller investigation? >> reporter: it is the first row convictions they have one taking someone to court. it is a significant win for mueller. it doesn't necessarily move the ball forward in terms of approving either election collusion or obstruction of justice. will they be able to build pressure on manafort to cooperate with investigators while his sentencing hangs over him? maybe so. manafort is resisting that pressure up to now and may really be holding out for a presidential pardon. >> one more quick question. these guilty verdicts, could they hurt republicans in the midterm elections?
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>> these are always possible to cut both ways. on the one hand it democrats will use this to point to what they see as corruption at the white house. on the other hand, the president may use this to try to motivate turnout amongst his most vocal supporters saying they are out to get me and we need to have you show up at the polls. >> always get information. doug luzader is live in from washington. the man accused of stabbing and killing 18-year-old nia wilson on an oakland park platform last month is expected to enter a plea this morning. john lee cowell has been charged with killing nia wilson and the attempted murder of her sister who survived the attack -- attack july 22 at the macarthur bart station in oakland. cowell was on parole at the time of the killing. this morning at 9:00 cowell will be at the alameda county superior court house. stanford university police
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investigating an alleged rape on the campus. a woman reported she was sexually assaulted on the main campus sometime between sunday night and monday morning. so far no suspects have been identified. even though school hasn't started at stanford yet a warning has been sent to student . undergrad students will start their class at stanford in late september. a former student at cal state monterey bay is headed to prison for sexually assaulting a woman in a dorm. 22-year-old ruben rodriguez was given a 14 year sentence for assaulting a female student two years ago. he slipped into her apartment, removed a screen door. she fought him off but then he went back an hour later. he fled the campus the next day, but was captured by u.s marshall's in chico. along with a prison sentence rodriguez has to stay away from that woman for the next 10 years and also register as a sex offender for the rest of his life. 10 minutes after 6:00 right now. fire crews battling the
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mendocino complex fire. >> if the speeds are impacted to the point at which those simple functions are impacted that is frustrating for crews. >> the problems that one bay area fire department faced after its internet was slowed down after hitting data limits. which bay area city is now banning the use of a popular herbicide on city property. we do see traffic is a little bit slow getting onto the bay bridge because of an earlier problem. we do also have some other commutes to talk about. we will let you know when the morning commute comes back. plenty of low clouds in place. the lows are up. a lot near 60 degrees. after being cool yesterday we will keep it cool today, but a little bit warmer. ♪ flintstones! meet the flintstones. ♪
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welcome back. happening today, san francisco mayor and former mayor gavin newsom will tour a new affordable housing complex in san francisco mayor breed and gavin newsom, newsom is running for governor, will visit the latest phase of the alice griffith apartment . the is a five story ñconsidered the next step in creating a new community of homes and parks and retail businesses on the land where the 49ers and the giants used to play. house minority leader nancy pelosi joined mayor breed at some tenderloin affordable housing that has had a makeover. this halliburton manner is
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designated for older and disabled people at the rededication ceremony the mayor reminded people she grew up in public housing and knows how important it is to those homes -- for this homes to be well- maintained and safe. she called us halliburton manner a national model for revitalizing public housing. us department of labor says san jose-based cisco systems discriminated against american workers by securing visas for foreign workers instead of hiring u.s workers for certain jobs according to a report on the legal news website bloomberg law federal investigators say cisco secured visas for foreign workers and paid them at a lower rate than american workers doing the same job for government records show the company employed nearly 1600 visa holders last year with an average salary of $128,000. we santa rosa is banning the use of synthetic weed killers like roundup on the city properties the weed killers
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will no longer be used at parks, city buildings, and medians around santa rosa. the manufacture of roundup earlier this month a jury awarded a former phoenicia school district gardner who had terminal cancer $289 million the city of phoenicia and novato have also banned the use of synthetic weed killers at city owned properties. tonight is the third and last night that the posey tube's between alameda and oakland will be closed for safety inspections. it will be close between 9:30 tonight and 4:30 tomorrow morning. those inspections, which started on monday, happened every other year. the webster tube which takes traffic from oakland to alameda will under go the same inspections next week. the webster tube will shut down monday, tuesday, and wednesday nights also between the hours of 9:30 at night and 4:30 in the morning.
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some of san francisco's new transit only bus lanes will be open to private transportation vehicles like shuttle buses and casino buses. the san francisco mda board voted yesterday to let those private buses use the red transit only lanes that will be painted on gary boulevard from market street to stanton street. there is strong opposition to this from community groups. they argue that the private shuttles may slow down muni service. checking in on traffic. what are you watching? >> we are looking at the east bay and trying to figure out how this bridge slowdown is affecting other commutes. we will start with interstate 880. so far northbound 880 is okay. when you get to the bay bridge toll plaza there's a big backup because of an earlier crash that was on the bridge for about 20 minutes or so that caused a huge backup on 80 coming out for the area. 27 minute drive from the carquinez bridge to the mac maze
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. when you get there you will see slow traffic this morning as you drive through. please give yourself extra time driving to this area of richmond . you can see traffic is backed way up to the top. it is sold out once you get to the toll plaza. let's bring in steve with today's weather. >> let's get out there. 27.43 inches of mercury. wind is 160 miles an hour. gusts are one 195. category five. the closest any category five has come to the hawaiian islands. the sixth in the central pacific . it is moving west northwest. it looks like most of the tracks take it to the west of the islands. most of them. a couple take it pretty far to the west. it
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will weaken as it goes north, but is still a very powerful and dangerous hurricane and the wind may not be the only factor. you can also get tornadoes or waterspouts. there's a lot of a factors in play. weakening by the time it gets to oahu. late tonight into thursday will be the main time that it starts to move towards them five months 14 degrees cooler for us on tuesday seasonal averages. yesterday it was very cool. 77, 75, 73 livermore concorde 72. santa rosa at 71. san francisco's forecast high today is 65. tuesday 64. monday 61. sunday 64. the last temperature above average on the high side was on the ninth when it was 72. below has come up so the average will probably come in toward average the high has come in below average.
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the pacific northwest dipped into us and brought in the fog bank. a lot of lows are warmer than 24 hours ago. temperatures will bump up a little bit. 50s on the temperatures santa cruz mountains 60s. look for temperatures warm up a little bit today. i think we will be below average, but not as cool as yesterday. coming and in the upper 70s to low 80s. sacramento executive airport yesterday was at 76 cool degrees day three of the cooler pattern will go for a while. 60s, 70s on the temperatures. upper 70s to low 80s. i really can't change much. just subtle changes. new charges in the golden state killer case. coming up, a look at those charges and which california city will hold the trial. safe injection sites are one step closer to reality in san francisco . the effect that could have on health care costs.
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today immigration rights that gets hold a rally in san francisco after several immigrants in the east bay were transferred to jail outside the state. the move came after i.c.e
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terminated its contract with the contra costa county sheriff's office last month. the sheriffs department warned inmates could be moved from the richmond facility to as far away as hawaii. this morning a rally will be held at 11:00 at the u.s. citizens and immigration services in san francisco. they want to raise awareness about the impact it has on families. a bill that will make california the first state to eliminate bail for criminal defendants is now on governor brown's desk. the state senate passed senate bill 10 yesterday under the belt the cash bail system would end. each county would be responsible for creating its own pre-tile service agency that would assess the risk of each defendant for people charged with nonviolent misdemeanors would be released within 12 hours of being arrested. defendants charged with violent felonies will not be eligible for release. the bill faced strong opposition from the bail industry. >> we need to lower the bell schedules. we have been trying to do that. instead of fixing that they want to eliminate the industry. >> costing the government millions of dollars and running
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people families and their opportunities for jobs. >> the bill, which is co- authored by a sibling man rob bonta of alameda is expected to face legal challenges from the bail industry and other opponents. the governor is expected to sign it. san francisco mayor london breed is one step closer to opening a safe injection site in the city for addicts and live on the streets. the state senate passed a bill yesterday that would allow free to move forward for a plan to open the side under a three- year pilot program. the legislation still needs the approval of the assembly and the governor. critics question the effectiveness of safe injection sites, but the mayor says they prevent overdoses, connect addicts to lifesaving services and keep needles off the streets the safe injection sites could save the city more than $3 million a year in additional medical costs. in seattle a federal judge heard arguments on whether to
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block a settlement in the u.s. state department reached with a company that wants to post blueprints for 3-d printed guns . yesterday a judge said he will rule on the legal issue involving the settlement between the company and the trump administration by monday. the judge added, however, that a solution to the greater problem is so much better suited to the president or congress. that from the judge. the judge previously issued a restraining order blocking the online release of the plans. 19 states and the district of columbia one the judge to make that permanent. a crackdown on misleading political post. efforts by facebook and twitter to try to prevent election meddling. reducing deadly gun violence in oakland. the new numbers and the program that police say is helping to stop those violent crimes. good morning. you can see traffic is doing pretty well if you're driving
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on the roads. you can see traffic on 92 is all right i would recommend this route instead of the bay bridge. we will tell you why coming up. temperatures are cool and there's a lot of low clouds. we will look and if it doesn't stay cool to the end of the month you can turn to your tv and say --
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welcome back. we want to take you live to new york for the opening bell on wall street. there it is. we are following some big retail news this morning. orchard supply closing all of its stores. there is also an important meeting between the u.s. and china to talk about tariffs. target with good news. all of that coming up in our dollars and since reports. right now the numbers are headed slightly lower. >> we will say good morning to you and thank you for joining us. the middle of the week, wednesday, august 22. i'm dave clark. >> i'm pam cook. steve is tracking the biggest hurricane to head toward the island expect a category five. that is correct. the strongest ever to move towards the hawaiian islands. category five with wind at 160 miles an hour and gusts two 195 it is tracking a little bit to the west. 300 mal -- 300 miles from the south point of the big
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island. it depends on if the track takes it part of to the west, wind may not be a factor. could be storm surge, wind, rain. it will weaken as it moves northward off of maui and oahu. nevertheless, a very powerful hurricane on its way over the next 36 hours. we were 5 - 14 degrees below average on the high side yesterday. san francisco as well. 65 today. that's still below average. 64, 61, 60 for the last three days. more below average temperatures that little system dipping in caused the fog bank to ramp up and temperatures to stay on the cool side. they are really not warming up that much. just subtle changes day today. a little warmer today. hazy sunshine in day three of the cooler pattern. don't be surprised if it lasts most of the week or month. upper 70s to low 80s.
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i just asked kevin, our camera operator and our good friend kevin, here we are westbound 80 coming out to the macarthur maze with a 30 minute drive to get there. let me lose the banner to show you what's going on. this is 80 westbound coming out . you can see it is better than last time. still a little bit slower than i would like to see for the morning commute. we got lucky. sometimes when there is a crash on the bay bridge, even though the crash is gone, we get big backups. now it is becoming more normalized. this is a 30 - 35 minute delay. at one point up to 45 minutes. now we are in the 30 minute department. he still might want to use the richmond bridge at the golden gate if you are adverse to slow traffic. were using the san mateo bridge to get across the bay. we will let you know when things are more normalized.
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exit pretty good on 101. burlingame, san mateo, palo alto traffic is low in hayward on southbound 880 beginning at 238 and a san lorenzo area. let's go back to the desk. the city of oakland has seen a drop in violent crime during the past six years. community leaders and oakland police give a lot of the credit to a problem called cease-fire. allie rasmus joins us from the oakland police department to explain what it is. >> reporter: that cease-fire program started in oakland back in 2012. the way it works is oakland police along with community members, clergy members will house regular meetings with people who live in areas considered to be at risk. areas that have had problems with gang violence in the past. in some cases even meeting one- on-one with known and former gang members. in addition to those meetings it helps connect
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people with social services, ged programs, drug and alcohol addiction programs. six years after starting it oakland police have a report that shows the program has brought down filing crime rates in oakland. in 2012 oakland had more than 700 shootings, 93 of them deadly. this year the rate has been cut in half with about 300 shootings and 63 deaths. proponents of the cease-fire program say there is still a lot of work to do to the make the committee safer, oakland is now getting national recognition for the progress that has been made with police representatives from cities like new york and chicago coming here to learn about the oakland cease-fire program. >> they have flown their executive staff and other members of the community to oakland to sit in on meetings. here we are in little oakland and we are talked about in major gang conferences as the leading agency in regards to reducing violent crime.
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>> as part of the study about the cease-fire program researchers compared the violent crime -- rate in oakland to 12 other northern california cities, including sacramento, san francisco, east palo alto from 2012 to 2018 only two of those cities saw a significant decline in the violent crime rate like oakland. advocates of the cease-fire program say it is further proof that their strategy is working in the city should continue it. happening today, the man arrested for kidnapping and killing molly tibbetts will be in court today. molly tibbetts vanished july 18 while out jogging in brooklyn i will. a month later police say a 24- year-old man can test to murdering molly tibbetts and led investigators to a field where tibbetts body reportedly was found buried under corn stocks for christian rivera told investigators he saw molly tibbetts jogging and started following her. police say video from a neighbors security camera helped them track down rivera.
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rivera is from mexico and has been leaving illegally in the united states. an autopsy will be performed today to determine how molly tibbetts died. it has been a tough first day of school for students and staff in piedmont yesterday where molly tibbetts was a student. >> i have all of my children here for the first day of school and i have to be strong for them. it is not the outcome that i have been praying for or hoping for. >> tibbetts attended the piedmont school from kindergarten through third grade. she moved to iowa with her mother and brothers when her parents divorced. principal murphy kept in touch with them and she even has their pictures in her office murphy says she remembers tibbetts as a sweet girl who was loved by everyone. joseph d'angelo, the accused golden state killer, will be formally charged tomorrow in court in sacramento for crimes in six california
6:37 am
counties that include contra costa county. six district attorneys announced yesterday they will be working as one team on the case and the combined a trial will take place in sacramento. d'angelo is facing 13 counts of murder with 18 special circumstances and more than two dozen weapons charges. yesterday prosecutors added an additional 13 counts of kidnapping in the course of a robbery. four of those cases involved rapes in concorde, san ramon, and dansville back in 1978 and 1979. -- >> d'angelo could face four licenses +10 years for the alleged crimes of kidnapping during the course of robbery. thankfully, we can now hold someone accountable for these crimes and seek justice for our victims. >> the prosecutors could not file rape charges because the statute of limitations has expired for sexual assault, but not for kidnapping during robbery. the san mateo sheriffs office is looking into a string
6:38 am
of burglaries right now. at least three homes were burglarized in the portola valley area in the past few days. they happened on westridge drive, on westridge dr., diaz road, and ashley. investigators say the suspects would knock on doors to make sure no one was home before breaking in. two of the crimes happened during the evening. deputies are still trying to get some home surveillance video of the area to try to spot the suspects were a vehicle. a stabbing victim in campbell is recovering. the police are still looking for his attacker. police rushed to allison avenue in creekside way yesterday morning and found a man in his 20s who had been stabbed several times. policing someone tried to rob him and he fought back. >> the victim was walking alone when this occurred. during the altercation the victim attempted to protect himself and was actually dragged by the car as it was driving away.
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>> the victims family told police the victim is out of surgery and doing well and should make a full recovery. the suspect is in a newer model lack toyota four runner. police believe there were two men and one female inside probably in their teens or early 20s. it has been a month since the car fire started in shasta and trinity counties. it is still just 91% contained. it has raised across 359 mi.2 and destroyed nearly 1100 homes. firefighters still cannot say when they have that fire only controlled the mendocino complex fire is now 74% contained with only the northern section, the ranch fire, still growing. the ranch and river fires have burned 635 mi.2 firefighters do expect to have both of those fires fully contained by september 1. the santa clara county fire department sent fire crews to battle the mendocino complex fire, but their jobs were made
6:40 am
harder when verizon significantly reduced their internet speed. crews were spending those were sending back information about firefighting services and crew locations and say they were using more bandwidth than usual. the fire department told verizon about the issue and said bryson suggested a more expensive plan. instead, the fire crews used a different service provider. now they have an filed a net neutrality federal complaint because they worry that data throttling could affect residence in a fire zone. garage door openers sold in california may soon need a battery backup. that move is to make sure people don't get trapped inside their garage. it would be required under a proposed bill passed overwhelmingly by the state assembly for that bill comes up to the north bay wildfires that triggered widespread power outages and many people could not open their garage doors to leave their homes . the at least five people were found dead in their garages.
6:41 am
many who were able to get out say they struggled to open their doors. >> i first tried to lift the store and i couldn't get it open. i immediately felt very old and very vulnerable. i think that we have to account for panic, shock. >> the bill now goes back to the senate next week for approval before being sent to governor brown for his signature. still had, a sexual assault on the campus of stanford when it happened as the please continue to search for the alleged attacker. orchard hardware stores across the country are closing. the number of storage right here in the bay area that will shut down. traffic is moving along okay if you're driving on some of these roads. the san mateo bridge is all right. we will tell you mail us more about the bay bridge and a couple of new problems -- we
6:42 am
will tell you more about the bay bridge and a couple of new problems. coming up, more about the category five hurricane approaching the hawaiian islands. ♪ ♪
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welcome back. all of the orchard supply hardware stores will close by the end of the year. lowe's owns orchard supply and decided to close all of the stores. there are 40 here in the bay area. orchard was a san jose based chain that was sold to lowe's in 2013 after declaring bankruptcy. lowe's released a statement this morning that says, we are working hard to make this transition as smooth as possible for our associates and our customers. we will be retaining our associates through the foreclosure process and are encouraging them to apply for open roles at lowe's stores where they will see will receive priority status. they will see job placement assistance and we will be providing eligibility for severance. that coming from lowe's >> we wish them well. when you check social media today you may notice there are fewer misleading political posts facebook removed more than 600
6:46 am
accounts linked to russia and iran in what facebook says was a coordinated, inauthentic behavior by the users. this comes about a month after facebook removed dozens of accounts linked to russia. they were generally involved in u.s political activity. twitter also revealed yesterday has suspended almost 300 accounts for what it calls coordinated manipulation. many of the accounts are from iran. united airlines is adding fees for economy seats near the front of its plains . the the preferred seats do not have more legroom or other perks except that passengers don't have to walk down the long crowded aisles to get to their seats. they are regular seats just near the front of the main cabin. the fees go into effect later this year. united did not announce how much more customers will have to pay. american and delta started charging these fees first. air b&b, the short-term
6:47 am
rental website, is teaming up with businesses in the oakland chinatown to try to increase tourism to that area. last night the chamber of commerce hosted this tour for about 40 air b&b host. the merchant walk took the hosts to chinatown shops and restaurants . they sampled food. the goal is to get the air b&b hosts to recommend this area to their guests. >> certainly it is giving me a lot exposure as far as where to send people. we have, we are building a guidebook expect normally, when we see people using air b&b mostly they are families and they want to have it the local experience. >> the oakland chinatown chamber of commerce is excited about this partnership with air b&b. air b&b hosts who went on the walk last night say in addition to recommending the businesses to their guests they also plan to go back and shop and dine themselves. an update on a homeless man who took to handing out resumes
6:48 am
on a street corner in silicon valley in hopes of finding work. david chris harris tweeted out that he has found a job. he moved to silicon valley from texas to look for work as a web developer, but went through his savings and wound up living in his car. last month you might remember a woman saw him handing out resumes instead of panhandling so she shared his story on social media and it went viral. offers and job interviews started pouring in. now he says he has accepted a position as a software engineer at white fox defense. congratulations. a lot of people like him. >> not looking for a handout, but a hand up it's not congratulations. >> sal has had his hands full. a lot of stuff is happening. >> we do have a lot of slow traffic already. from earlier problems. let's look at 80 westbound. is a 35
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minutes to drive from the carquinez bridge to the macarthur maze. there was an earlier crash on the bay bridge that cleared up. traffic is still pretty slow at the bay bridge toll plaza. it is better than it was. at least we are seeing some improvement. westbound 92, some people are using the san mateo bridge instead to get across the bay. when you get there it is not bad on northbound 101. a little slowing into burlingame. i want to talk about a new crash on northbound 85 at winchester. traffic is backed up time on 85. i would suggest using 280 or 101. i want to go to napa, northbound 221 has a crash near kiser lane. traffic is going to be slow. most people, this is kind of a tricky area because people are going both directions in napa. if you take 221 and extra time. let's visit steve. a category five hurricane with wind at 160 miles an hour and gusts to 195 . the the strongest ever to approach the
6:50 am
hawaiian islands. there are some hints of positive news that it will weaken as it moves north. most of the tracks take it to the west of the island. it will approach the south point of the big island late tonight into tomorrow morning. a category five. even though some of the outer bands might be hurricane strength at the core of it might stay off it could be the rain, the storm surge, you can get waterspouts, tornadoes there's a lot that has to develop it will move northward. it looks to be staying west in the current tracks. it will weaken off of a wahoo and maui. eventually a category one by friday morning. the next 36 hours will be critical there. we will keep an eye on those things that i would talk to your carrier if you are flying out there. 5 - 14 degrees cooler for us on tuesday. way below average. santa rosa the average highs for this time of year,
6:51 am
yesterday they came in way below. temperatures in morgan hill 77. san jose 75. livermore a cool 73. concord 72. santa rosa was 71. all well below. san francisco is still well below. they were 64. average high is 69. today we will go 65. the last time they were above was on the night when it was 72. most locations sitting at 60. that system that dropped and really picked up the fog bank yesterday and brought in a strong onshore wind. there isn't as much of a delta breeze. with lows about 60 degrees i think we will see warmer weather today. hazy and nice. still below average. not near seasonal average, below. day three of a cooler pattern and it looks like this won't change anytime soon. if anything, we will see settle changes inland. even out to the sacramento valley sacramento was 79 and sacramento executive wasn't 76 that's 15 below average for this time of year. a big change anywhere cool day
6:52 am
for many in august. 60s and 70s on the temperatures. some low 80s. even though temperatures warm- up they are not above average but i don't think they will go there anytime soon. a big hurricane is barreling towards hawaii. how they are preparing on the island in case this storm makes landfall. let's check in with what is coming up in the next hour of mornings on 2. coming up in the next hour, we continue to follow the balance in the case of molly tibbetts as police have arrested one man for her killing . we are also learning from those who knew tibbetts best. one of her family members and what they have to say about evil and her message to all of those following this case. you know not to share your email, banking, or social media passwords but one group doesn't see much of a problem sharing passwords and freely do so.
6:53 am
what new research shows about who is sharing the most and how that sharing could be affecting the company's bottom line. there is one small silver lining to this sharing. we will share it with you when we come back.
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6:55 am
. welcome back. new this morning, a couple of aftershocks after a magnitude 6.2 quake off the oregon coast. the main quake hit just after
6:56 am
1:30 this morning. both the south central coast of oregon. within the last couple of hours there, were two aftershocks. a magnitude 2.2 and 3.5. there is no word of damage or injuries from any of the quakes but people living up and down the state and along the border with washington state say oh, yeah, they felt the shaking. a magnitude 7.3 quake hit off coast of venezuela. it was centered just off the northeastern coast felt as far away as columbia 900 miles away. the quake on tuesday caused shoppers heading for the exits. a woman did fall on an escalator and was hurt during a mass panic at a shopping center. the government, which is already dealing with an economic crisis
6:57 am
says buildings across venezuela are damaged, including a skyscraper, that is under construction that is now leaning. back here at home, a group of parents plan to confront the mount diablo at the school district next monday. they're angry the school district didn't tell them they have a 13-year-old student who was suspended back in june from valley view middle school on charges of threatening to kill 30 students in a mass shooting on the anniversary of the columbine massacre. one parent is so concerned, she pulled her son out of classes. >> i would not be able to live with myself if something did happen and i sent him. the parents who lost their kids in the school shootings, they didn't know. they didn't have a warning. >> prosecutors decided not to press charges against the young teen but rather than returning to valley view, he enrolled at sequoia middle school. more than 400 people have signed a petition to remove him in the
6:58 am
school district. mequoia's principal sent -- sequoia's principal sent a letter home saying privacy laws limited him on what he could release. time is now 6:58. the alameda county sheriff's office is investigating the recording of a private conversation between a 15-year-old boy and his lawyer in a police substation in san leandro. a recording device in the interrogation room was apparently left turned on. also, a separate body cam video suggests a sergeant made other recordings. an alameda public attorney says the attorney/client privilege was violated. >> he says there is a problem with the tape, we can iddit it. he says we can do it -- edit it. he says we have done it before.
6:59 am
it is troubling and concerning. >> the alameda county district attorney's office dismissed at tempted robbery case against that teen. the d. a.'s office is reviewing a few dozen juvenile cases that date back to january to determine if there are other recordings. the investigation continues today into the death of mollie tibbetts. safe injection sites may be coming to san francisco. how much money the sites could save the city and when they could be built. two big outcomes in two big legal cases yesterday that the white house is watching very closely. i'm in washington with more on what happened coming up. 7:00 this wednesday morning, i'm gasia. >> i'm dave clark. here is a live picture in
7:00 am
hawaii. hurricane lane is now a category five storm. people who live in hawaii are rushing and stocking up on bottled water, food and other supplies. they're also making sure their gas tanks are filled up. we're also keeping an eye on bay area flights to the island. right now it appears hawaiian airlines and alaskan airlines are all on time but it is always good to check on your specific flight to make sure. >> let's bring in meteorologist steve paulson for a look at the path of hurricane lane. >> almost every forecast model takes it to the west of the track of the big island. the european forecast model takes it to the west. remember, it is sometimes not always the wind. it could be the heavy rain which can cause mudslides or flooding or storm surge, waves,


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