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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 430am  FOX  August 23, 2018 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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good morning and thank you for joining us. welcome back. it is august 23. >> we are returning to developing news on the hawaiian hurricane. hurricane lane is now less than 300 miles south of hawaii and hurricane warnings are in effect for maui, oahu, and the big island of hawaii. the storm is expected to weaken as it turns toward hawaii. the wind is still blowing more than 130 miles an hour. heavy rain from the front of the storm continues to fall on the island of hawaii. emergency workers have opened shelters for people in the flood zone. people are being asked to shelter in place until the storm passes. while most people are trying to get away from the storm some scientists flew directly into it. look at this. this is video from a plane outfitted with storm research equipment the crew flew close to the eye of the storm to take a wind, pressure, and temperature measurements. that information is now being used to help figure out where hurricane lane might be headed next and that could help save
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lives and protect property. 36 first responders from amanda park are in oahu. they packed up their supplies and headed to sfo yesterday. they are in place to help with rescue and recovery efforts. they took about 40,000 pounds of search and rescue equipment. all this leads to steve paulson who is looking at the weather and what is happening in hawaii. we are. it is we're getting a little bit, but still category four and it's moving away from the big island. it is heading northward and already the outer bands are producing some good rainfall. that will continue all day today. the track takes it towards a while. that looks to be the main focus and just to the west of maui you are wahoo it takes a sharp left and heads south of kawai and becomes category one. rain looks to be the main focus. there could be some isolated 20 inch amount and 10 - 15 for
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others. some of the outer bands hitting the big island. the focus looks to be a wahoo with some heavy duty rain. we have a fog bank in chase -- in place. it will stick around for a while. 60s online. even east bay temperatures upper 50s and low 60s. everyone is close even by the bay. 60 elsa brontk. 60 brentwood. temperatures really are stuck for gusts at 25, a little stronger than yesterday. fog up and down the coast. lows are held up and we will see a continuation of this cooler pattern even to the valley over the next few days. look for highs in the 60s and 70s. there were probably be a little coastal drizzle in the mix all the way into the weekend. let's go over to sell. super commute time? that's right. we are looking at the super commute and the traffic is going to be okay for most of these drives early in the morning. 80 westbound, vacaville, fairfield, vallejo, traffic
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will be affected by roadwork between vallejo and richmond. they are beginning to pick it up. i did notice some slow traffic on 80. you can see it right there coming up toward golden t they had going on. this is an early slow down and it will take a lot of people by surprise. give yourself extra time. there is stop and go traffic through richmond because of the roadwork. they are picking it up. we are also looking at 680. that looks all right. double what we normally see driving between those two points. because of the roadwork. also looking at the bay bridge, this looks more normal with a small delay at the toll plaza. we want to update you on breaking news. one man is in the hospital after being stabbed just outside the warm springs bart station in fremont. this happened about 2:30 this morning. officers are investigating. we
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don't know the condition of the victim or whether police have any information about a possible suspect. bart trains although coming up -- we have a crew on the scene and we will bring you an update coming up. president trump says he did not commit any campaign finance crimes. doug luzader has more. >> reporter: there are legal implications here and there are political ones as well. there is talk about indictments, even impeachment. the white house may have been largely dark at 1 am this morning, but out came this five word tweet from the president no collusion. rigged witchhunt. clearly, the mueller probe is weighing on the presidents mind after he saw his former two
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campaign-finance violations. payments to keep two women quite during the 2016 campaign. some things the president says wasn't a crime. >> they weren't taken out of campaign-finance. that's a much bigger thing. they didn't come out of it came from me. >> reporter: while experts may not agree what constitutes it campaign violation the political fallout maybe a little more clear. with democrats looking for consequences. >> every single remedy, including indictment of the president, should be on the table. >> reporter: some democrats say the senate should no longer even consider the presidents nominee to the supreme court, brett cavanaugh. and beyond possible indictments there is the other were to think about, impeachment. >> we already have between 50 and 60 house democrats on the record saying they want to impeach this president. it won't ta m>> reporter: that alln what this place looks like after the midterm elections whether democrats take control of the house. the president
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spins gton, ktvu fox2 news president trump latest round of tariffs on chinese goods kick in this morning. united states imposed a 25% tariff on another $16 billion of chinese goods just after midnight. that affects about 279 chinese products, including motorcycles and chemical products. china has already responded with a 25% tariff on american goods including diesel fuel excel for both united states and china have imposed tariffs on $50 billion of each other's goods. the chinese congressman east -- ministry says it will file a complaint with the world trade organization. the death of 20-year-old molly tibbetts now igniting a national conversation about immigration. authorities said the man accused of killing molly tibbetts 24eachristian rivera, and has lived in iowa for several years working under an assumed name
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at a farm. prosecutors say rivera followed to molly was in his trunk. rivera appeared in court for the first time yesterday . his bond is set at $5 million. his next court hearing is on august 31. >> hundreds of people came together last night for this very emotional candlelight vigil in memory of molly tibbetts it was held at the university of iowa where molly tibbetts was pursuing a degree in psychology. >> she was bubbly and instantaneously happy when you met her. >> i have this memory of her smiling and holding hands with my one friend. that was just pure happiness right there. >> molly tibbetts grew up in oakland. she went to corpus christi school at piedmont from kindergarten through the third grade. the molly tibbetts killin illegal immigration.
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democratic candidate in former san franscnewsom says president other republican leaders are politicizing a tragedy. >> this is a tragedy. my heart goes out to the family of the victim. it is not a tragedy that should be exploited. that is what they are consistently doing. i think it's a real outrage. >> republican candidate for governor john cox says tibbetts death is just the latest reminder that the u.s. needs to do a better job detecting its borders. >> we need a conference of solution. verified border security, including the border wall for sure. it is because of the drugs, guns, and human trafficking that's going on across the border that it is needed. >> has made illegal immigration one of themain issues ople are fed up with the u.s. postal service and a
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lot more. amber lee went to a town hall meeting people said the local postmaster should be fired. >> if i don't get something i don't know what i'm not getting because of not getting it. -- >> reporter: residents attended the town hall meeting to complain about problems they have been having with u.s. postal service. >> we had some amazon packages that did not get delivered. the same thing with their neighbors. they were put into the system as having been delivered. >> reporter: from missing mail to poor service at the post office. >> for the last few years there have been significant levels of decline in available personnel. >> we had whole neighborhoods who didn't get -- who didn't get mail for a week at a time. >> reporter: democratsst the town hall meeting. >> we have an ongoing relationship with the constituents and an ongoing
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relationship with the postal folks as well. we are going to try to mitigate this. >> reporter: residents demanded answers from the postmaster the postmaster tells us there is a shortage of staff and attracting and retaining new workers is a challenge with the low unemployment rate. she has been on the job for 15 years and she is constantly working to make improvements. >> i will be going to work and talking to my staff my talking to the carriers and the clerks and sharing some of the information and letting them know we all have to work together to actually improve the operation. >> reporter: the postmaster took questions from residents. some are demanding a leadership change. >> if i was your boss you would be fired. >> reporter: the congressman plans to work with postal officials here and it washington d.c. >> it is getting their attention and staying on it and letting good managers manage. >> reporter: other cities in the bay area and across the country have experienced similar problems with u.s.
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postal service and they have been resolved. he says he is confident the same will happen here in martinez and soon.amber lee, ktvu fox2 news coming up, in court today the man accused of being the golden state killer. at 5:00 we will tell you where joseph d'angelo is being arraigned later today. a health warning for people in the east bay. the potential risk involving measles and the public places and infected person visited that may put you at risk as well. good morning. right now we have traffic that is moving along okay on the bridge getting into san francisco. we will let you know more about that coming up. no changes. we are in what we call stratis quote. plenty of low clouds and temperatures not changing much.
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contra costa county is reporting its first case of measles in three years. the patient is not being identified, the public health officials say that person was a contra costa county and went to town mayor medical center on august 11. they also spent time at charlie -- how restaurant on august 14. so far no customers have called to report a problem. health officials want people to know what watch for in case they have been exposed. >> it's can start with cold- like symptoms. fever, sore throat, cough, red eyes, and then a rash will appear. that rash may last for a few
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days. usually starts on the head and moves down your body. you are contagious four days before the rash appears and four days after. >> public-health officials say the measles virus is spread through the air. most people were vaccinated against measles as children. anyone concerned about whether they have the symptoms should call a doctor. the fda says epipens the lifesaving injection for allergic reactions, can now be used past their expiration dates. the fda said that because there is a shortage of epipens. deborah be alone explains what this means for patients. elizabeth gets a checkup before returning to college. >> do you carry epinephrine with you? >> i do. >> reporter: diagnosed with many allergie a baby she has outgrown most but an epipen has always been part of her life. the autoinjector's deliver a dose of epinephrine that stops anaphylaxis shock that can bring on hives, troubled
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breathing, swollen lips and tongue, loss of consciousness, even death. >> the needle is decided to go through clothing. >> reporter: epipen maker mylan already under fire for raising the price and then recalling injectors that didn't work is now suffering shortages due to manufacturing issues expect it's not a good situation that we don't have enough to go around. >> reporter: showing how the epipen works, allergist stephen mack agrees with health officials and it shows its shelf life can be stretched four months beyond its expiration date. the dose might be less potent if expired, but so beneficial. patients usually have a second pin as backup. >> i wouldn't want to use an epinephrine device that was two years old, but if i was in a tight situation i would use something that had expired a few mo living with an allergy y already feel kind of different. >> reporter: she carried epipens until high school. >> i felt embarrassed i had to carry around these things
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everywhere i went. >> reporter: and then found a competing project -- product. >> this can discreetly fitti your product goes in your pocket . it's also more sensible than the epipen because it talks to you. >> if you are ready to use pull-up red safety guard. >> that would be this thing here. we when she is glad she shopped around. epipen prices and expiration dates already had her skeptical. >> creating a short deadline is part of the plan to get as much money out of patients. >> reporter: she has never had to inject herself. her last peanut episode was as a toddler. >> i tell my patients that epinephrine is the most expensive medicine you will never use. so many of them are not used by the time they expire. >> reporter: the fda has a roster of specific epipen lots that are just expired or are about to. e a link to that list on re under web links. with school starting demand is way up and the doctor advises
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parents to not stockpile them. just two in adot -- in a backpack or diaper bag will help ease the shortage. in san mateo, ktvu fox2 news. we should check in with sal to see how the roads are doing. the roadwork cleared out and now it's just a lot of cars on the road. >> they are clearing a lot of the roadwork, but right now we still have some slow traffic where the roadwork was and some lingering roadwork getting closer to 5:00. we have a lot of slowing over the altamont pass, on the tracy super commute, and onto a five heading to the tracy triangle. you can see right here traffic is very slow on 205 and the 580. it has improved a little on 580 approaching the triangle, but slows as you approach the altamont pass. traffic will be okay. there was a stalled vehicle 580 westbound. southbound 880 from hayward to union city they had some roadwork. and hasn't
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caused a huge backup yet. this is a look at the bridge and a look at the toll plaza approaching the bridge. that traffic is light. let's bring steve in. let's look at some of the wind around the island. not bad on the big island. generally north east breeze. 81 honolulu. a bigger pressure to the top of the screen and lower pressure on the bottom of the screen. rain looks to be the main bogus as the core stays mostly to the west of the big island and then tracks towards oahu. that is where it looks like it will take the turn. it will we can considerably, but because of the slow nature there could be some heavy rainfall totals. still a category four. 145 miles an hour. needs to get under 130 to get to category three. that may happen. happening rapidly as it moves towards maui and oahu and then takes a sharp turn to the south of kawai and heads out into the
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pacific. rainfall is the big story. some of the mountainous areas could pickup 20 inches. 10 - 15 would not be impossible with the slow-moving nature of that possible -- of that system. for us no change. low clouds will give way. temperatures in the 60s to start. the water temperatures have come up and there is no cold air infection. low 60s on the peninsula. west southwest with gusts of 25. a stronger delta breeze. as long as that holds we are really changing that much. this is day four of the cooler pattern . the forecast today calls for the bog to linger for some at the coast and bay. day four of a cooler pattern goes for a while. there is no significant signs of changing day today. temperatures staying below seasonal averages, even inland over the next 48 one is 72 hours. maybe even cooler by sunday into monday.
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welcome back.
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police in mountain view what your help. if you were at -- were at the charlie. concert last night. police arrested jordan williams of union city for inappropriately touching a 17-year-old girl who was in the lawn seating area. the teenager said she had never seen williams before that concert. now police are looking for other possible victims and any witnesses williams is being charged with sexual battery. he is still at the santa clara county jail. in san mateo police need help to track down a man who posed as a rideshare driver and sexually assaulted a woman last week they are asking for any video from highway 92 between highway 101 and half moon bay on august 14 between 5:45 and 7 pm. the victim called and uber and ended up getting in the wrong car. police say the driver took the woman to a secluded area and then assaulted her. ohio state head football coach urban meyer has been
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suspended just before the beginning of the season. university's board of trustees announced meyer is out for the buckeyes first three games the punishment stems from an investigation into how meyer handled allegations of domestic violence against former assistant coach zach smith. yesterday at a news conference the coach was apologetic. >> i followed my heart, not my head. i fell short in pursuing full information because at each juncture i gave zach smith the benefit of the doubt. >> ohio state fired zach smith last month. along with that three-game suspension coach myers won't be paid for six weeks. the giants lost to the new york mets last night 5 - 3. the giants fell even further out of the playoff competition. the mets were up in the third. the giants hits back to singles runs. however, the giants couldn't get on the board again until the seventh. they couldn't finish the comeback.
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the giants will try to avoid being swept with the giants and the mets play get this morning. the oakland a's lost to the texas rangers 4 - 2 yesterday afternoon. the rangers scored on the first pitch of the game. that's a home one. a solo home run, but a home run. texas would add to the lead a couple of innings later. the 80s came within two runs. lowry hit a pinch-hit double . the a's loaded up the bases with two outs in the ninth. the game is over. texas stays in the bay areas to play the giants this weekend. the oakland a's will be in minnesota to play the twins tonight. without even doing any acting in 2018 george clooney has been crowned the wealthiest actor of the year. george clooney earned about $239 million since june of last year. the moomes from the sale of his tequila company.
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it hurt him more than $200 million. the rock, dwayne johnson, robert downey junior, chris hemsworth and jackie chan round out the top five. we are watching hurricane lane for people in hawaii are getting ready for a big storm. what you need to know if you have travel plans to hawaii anytime soon. there has been yet another case of a violence at a bart station. we will tell you where there was a stabbing early this morning. if you are on the bridge getting into san francisco it should be a pretty decent drive into the city. we will let you know more about it coming up. if you're a fan of this whether you will like not only today, but probably the rest of the week. cool temperatures. hurricane lane still a category four.
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there has been another stabbing at a bart station overnight. this time a man was stabbed waiting at a bus terminal at the warm springs station. we will have the latest coming up. get to shelters now. that is the warning for people in hawaii as hurricane lane closes in, bringing heavy rain and wind. steve paulson is tracking the storm and new information about flight delays out of the bay
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area. good morning and welcome to mornings on two. it is thursday, august 23. i'm allie rasmus in for pam cook. >> i'm dave clark. i'm glad you're with us. steve paulson is here talking about a lot of things expect outer bands producing big rain over the big island and heading toward maui and oahu looks to be the focus. hurricane force winds are too far to the west southwest. it doesn't mean they can't get some tropical forest wind, but this looks like a rain producer as a more serious threat and even a storm searches on the south bay -- south facing beaches. there could be's 20+ inches at the higher out -- higher elevations. it will weekend and also slow down being toward the island over the next 24 hours. we have a low cloud deck that is large and in charge. the system has carved itself out of the california area and is allowing this cool pattern


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