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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 6am  FOX  September 4, 2018 6:00am-6:58am PDT

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court has his first nomination hearing this morning on capitol hill. the reaction from the president 's pick for the supreme court. when there is a storm in the gulf. >> tropical storm gordon is barreling toward the coast and preparations as the storm could hit new orleans and alabama. this is ktvu mornings on 2. we take you live to washington, d.c. this morning. we are there at the kavanaugh hearings starting at 6:30, one half hour from now. senators will question the supreme court nominee today and right now, many senate democrats are holding news conferences in opposition to the president's nominee but we expect big issues. abortion rights, gun rights, immigration. >> expanded presidential power. >> it will brought up today and that is the big story.
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good morning and thank you for joining us. tuesday, september 4th and i'm pam cook. >> good morning. i'm dave clark. let's talk about the weather with steve paulson. looks similar to monday night, 60s on the temps, low clouds and not much change from what we've had including just about everybody. 60s, 70s and 80s foremost unless you are well away from fog influence. temperatures below average and over the sierra, we will keep an eye on things. we are in between high pressure and low pressure. low pressure in the four corners and high pressure to the west. hurricane norman will not impact the hawaiian islands and you don't have to worry about that. 50s on the temps, a west wind gusting almost 230. 60s, 70s and 80s. and allie rasmus is talking about the traffic. pretty good except for the south bay.
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starting with the maps, if you are driving up 101 northbound, you will hit a problem in the morgan hill area. we are trying to get more information about what is going on. be aware of that traffic in morgan hills. northbound 101, there is a report of a collision with both vehicles causing a backup and the san jose area. 280 in san jose looks good. the san mateo bridge, busier with brake lights and you can see the bay bridge toll plaza is congested. the carpool lanes have no problem onto the span. happening right now, democrats on the senate judiciary committee held a news conference ahead of the
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confirmation hearing on supreme court nominee brett kavanaugh. both california senators, dianne feinstein and kemal harris are on that committee and moments ago, we watched as senator feinstein said the democrats will hold a silent protest to show opposition to the process and she said republicans are using this to jam the nominee through, and we will monitor these events. >> reporter: both california senators are on the judiciary committee with a prominent role to play. judge brett kavanaugh is expected to make opening statements in washington, d.c. was senators on the committee expected to make statements, as well. with that, there will be questions for judge kavanaugh. a vote on the nominee as possible later this month. republicans hold a 50-49 majority leader in the senate and need every republican senator to hold the line to get
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the nominee through and the focus is on two women gop senators, susan collins of maine and lisa murkowski of alaska as the positions on abortion for judge kavanaugh are expected to be scrutinized. he had believed it was settled law but hadn't said publicly if he believes it was correctly settled. democrats, as you said earlier, said they are participating in the process under protest after the president said the white house would be withholding more than 100,000 pages of judge kavanaugh's record. >> the trump white house is withholding thousands of pages of brett kavanaugh's record from congress and admits it is doing so without actually asserting a legal privilege. rather, taking advantage of the unprecedented process used by republicans to rush this nomination through the senate with just a fraction of the nominee records.
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>> reporter: other major issues likely to be raised our executive power and in particular, if a sitting president should be shielded from prosecution. it the affordable care act, and campaign finance reform and esare expected to play prominent roles. a lot of senators are under intense pressure to do what they can to block from supreme court appointments for democrats. merrick garland was denied a hearing by the republican-led senate and those hearings, as we said, can be expected to get under way at 9:30, less than one half hour and we will monitor those proceedings and bring you the latest from lawmakers and the nominee, himself, as the morning progresses. >> thank you, christien kafton. we will check in with you. if you'd like to watch the brett kavanaugh confirmation
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hearing in its entirety, we will stream it live on our facebook page. you. officials from three of the biggest social media companies will go to capitol hill tomorrow to testify at a hearing on interference in the midterm elections. the senate intelligence committee will hear from twitter ceo, jack dorsey and facebook executive, sheryll . page, the head of google's parent company, alphabet, may also testify. google was criticized when it declined to send the ceo, sundar pichai. president donald trump is accusing the companies of discriminating against republican and conservative views. democrats are concerned about privacy and meddling in the november election by foreign companies. >> is google protecting privacy of the average american? what are they doing with vast reams of data they get on us day in and day out. i don't think they should race to regulate based on the president's experience.
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>> this will be the second time the committee calls on these silicon valley giants to testify and the first time the executives took part together. google issued this response last week. we look forward to sharing with the senate intelligence committee the work we are doing to prevent bad actors from abusing our service. the u.s. is among five countries calling on silicon valley to create a back door to the user's encrypted information. several tech industry news sites report the u.s., united kingdom, canada, australia and new zealand met last night and drafted a letter urging companies to build the way to encrypted messaging systems. these countries are nicknamed five letter i and return to this with tech companies voluntarily creating a back door to allow them to see encrypted color message status. they refused to enact legislation forcing them to help.
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one person is in jail after a high-speed chase in the east bay. the police tried to pull over a ford focus about 11:00 last night for speeding on the car did not stop and instead, sped away with speeds up to 115 miles-an-hour. the chase went north on interstate 80, across the cartagena's bridge and through vallejo and ended north of fairfield after the car got off at cherry glen road and the driver and the passenger ran away. the driver was arrested. today, we hope to find out the names of the two involved in that chase. we are learning more about a woman who died after jumping out of a moving ambulance in dublin. police said the woman fought with officers yesterday when they tried to arrest her for driving into several cars and hitting a pedestrian. as they took her into custody, she reached for the gun of an
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officer and they tased her. later, as they were taking her to the psychiatric hospital by ambulance, she began to struggle with the attendance. she broke free of her restraints at a stop sign and broke through the ambulance on to the connector westbound 580 and was hit and killed by two cars. >> it's not normal for somebody to break out of an ambulance while it is moving. we have to figure out how that unfolded. >> the drivers of the two cars that hit the woman stopped and were interviewed by chp and the connector ramp was closed for about three hours while the highway patrol investigated. later today, chp will release a final holiday traffic enforcement number. the labor day maximum enforcement period officially ended at midnight. police focused on drivers that were high on drugs or alcohol, as well as distracted drivers
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focused on cell phones, not the road. the labor day enforcement period officially ended at midnight and they were watching for drivers who should have been pulled off the road, particularly those distracted and watching their phones. >> people looking on their phones or using their phones, or people not being courteous to each other like not letting somebody merge when they need to merge. >> we are waiting for the totals with the chp and they said between last friday and monday morning, 969 arrests were made. that is 10 more than the same time last year and so far, 17 people died in weekend crashes including one motorcyclist and two pedestrians. a man from sunnyvale drowned in the reservoir near stockton yesterday at the woodward reservoir and investigators said the 26-year- old was swimming with his
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family when he disappeared. a dive team found his body five years -- five hours later and they think alcohol may have played a role in his death. the time is just about 6:11. a bay area man is back home after spending months in jail in nepal. the reason he was there in the first place and why he never lost hope of being freed. firefighters battling a new fire in placer county with evacuations now under way. there's a problem on southbound 88 he involving a stalled coach bus. we will have more details. here's a look at your commute on the eastshore freeway with traffic going through emeryville looking pretty good. are pattern seems stuck and it may be a little bit cooler. we have some delays at
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welcome back to mornings on 2. one man is dead and a 12- year-old boy is in critical condition after a light airplane crash in southern california. it had just taken off from the airport in the northern san fernando valley and the 60-year- old pilot radioed that he had some unknown problems and needed to return to the airport. as he turned back, the airplane hit a building, crashed and flipped upside down. the two people inside the airplane, their names have not been released and no one on the
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ground was heard. the airplane was registered to an address in wyoming. the time is 6:14 and we are finding out about a shooting outside an apartment complex in san bernardino early yesterday. eight were hurt and sent to the hospital after someone started shooting during a game of dice. two, including a 17-year-old, are in critical condition and six others are expected to survive. investigators are trying to figure out what led up to the shooting and no arrest has been made. officials said the shooters used both rifles and handguns. people had their long holiday weekend cut short when a wild fire broke out in the tonto national forest. the north fire started close to the north fork campground at emigrant gap south of interstate 80 in placer county and west of lake tahoe. the north fork, onion valley and tunnel mills campgrounds have been evacuated as well ared valley reservoir where there are several homes.
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the west for service calledand help from air tankers and helicopters and the fire had already burned one square mile and it was difficult to get ground crews into the area because of holiday travelers on interstate 80 heading home from the sierra and everyone was asked to stay off i-80, if possible. 6:16 with another warning about bad air from the bay area air quality management district. it's a smoke advisory that has been extended through today and we expect offshore wind, pushing smoke from wired fires, to come into the bay area. if you smell smoke, try to stay indoors, close air -- close windows and doors if you can. lake tahoe is preserve it. people spent the past few days at the lake and they worked clean up the beaches, picked up cigarette butts, bottle caps
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and other trash. >> people don't understand that when they come here, it will impact all of theour group pick cigarette butts. >> the cleanup operation was part of the annual labor day holiday event called, save lake tahoe. the time is 6:17 and people from florida through louisiana are getting ready for tropical storm gordon. it is expected to make landfall later today and forecasters said it could be a hurricane by then. right now, it has 65-mile per hour wind, just under hurricane status. this storm is moving quickly across the gulf and picking up power. some volunteers who call themselves the louisiana cajun navy say they are prepared to help one that storm hits. >> we are preparing for the worst and praying for the best, at this point. we are prepared for everything. we've got safety supplies, food and water and drinks and boats
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ready to go out in the case of the emergencare here to help. >> forecasters say in the case of gordon, timing is critical. they hope the hardest rain comes before or after high tide so there is not as much storm surge with the possibility of flooding. 6:18 and we will go to steve. you've been tracking this? i have, indeed. yesterday, 45 miles per hour at the upper keys in miami and then south florida into the gulf. the water is very warm and there's not much upper level shear, stronger wind to tear it apart. it's very light and has intensified. it's 65 miles per hour and west- northwest at 15 moving fast. late tonight into wednesday, it will make landfall around mississippi, that is the track and some of the effects are already being felt in florida,
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panama city and the panhandle. it's moving toward mobile and gulfport and new orleans looks to be on the western edge of it. it might intensify, but moving rather rapidly and that is the good news. it moved up to 65 miles per houring delta wind with temperatures 70s, 80s and a little bit below average. livermore, 86 and where it should be, on the high side. morning fog is cool for some. san francisco, 65 and they cannot get over 70, the average high this time of year. they've been stuck at 65 and 57 is average. even below and on the high side, they are above on the low back couple of degrees. temperatures have gone up a little bit. bodega bay, 53. i've asked if that.
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south of lake tahoe, some isolated showers and a deep blow in the four corners. 50s on a lot of these temps. we are stuck. in the santa clara valley and around santa cruz and cupertino, all checking in at 57. a roaring delta wind and temps might cool down a bit and into tomorrow, really no change. if there is a change, it would be on the weekend with one forecast model going very warm. today, 60s, 70s and a lot of mid-and upper 80s and maybe some 90s. most locations near average or below. warmer into the weekend. going out the door and getting in their cars, they should bring a light sweater. let's show you the traffic maps. tuesday, after a three day weekend, people are back on the roads.
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westbound 80 at columbus parkway, a crash involving a motorcycle and things are clearing. no major injuries reported and your drive across the cartagena's bridge is picking up. 27 minutes and not bad on the eastshore freeway. 880 in both directions and oakland looks good but southbound eight a to he at thornton in fremont, report of a coach mus blocking one of the left lanes. southbound 880, and taking a look at the bay bridge toll plaza, tuesday morning, it looks like people are getting back to work after the labor day holiday. if you are in the carpool lanes, it is backing up a little bit. a 20 minute delay on to the span in the time is 6:21. 's 21:00 is the time and expanding the smart train up in the north bay is coming up and
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we will talk about some of the concerns before it makes that expansion. former vice president joe biden is hinting about a possible run for president.
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welcome back welcome back to mornings on 2. after we could mourning the death of senator john mccain, attention
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is now shifting to who might replace him in the senate. arizona governor doug ducey will appoint someone to fill the seat until 2020. some names have surfaced including cindy mccain, and john kyle, a former arizona senator. the decision could influence voter sentiment ahead of the midterms. democrats optimistic about support from latinos, turned off by president donald trump's stance on immigration. >> it could shape the way that state looks in political campaigns. not just the midterms, but the 2020 presidential election, as well. >> the florida governor's race is another one being closely watched in the midterms. republican ron desantis, supported by president donald trump will face off against the democratic mayor of tallahassee, andrew gillum, who scored a surprise win in the primaries. former vice president joe biden is apparently still considering a run for the presidency in 2020. he attended a labor day parade in pittsburgh yesterday and
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said he would make up his mind about this by january. some parade goers encouraged joe biden to get in the race. >> is the first time to come to the labor day parade and joe biden was coming and i want to see the s. >> for now, joe biden is focused on helping democrats ba elections. good news about employment, especially in california. california's unemployment rate is now 4.2%, the lowest it has been in more than 40 years. in several bay area counties, unemployment rates are less than 3% and almost 3 million payroll jobs have been added in the last eight years. the biggest problem for california is finding enough qualified people to fill millions of unfilled jobs. one of our big stories today is the confirmation hearing for supreme court nominee, brett kavanaugh. it gets under way and minutes and we are watching the hearing room on capitol hill right now
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and we are hearing from senator feinstein ahead of her opening statements. former 49ers quarterback, colin kaepernick, he has a new multimillion dollar contract with nike. coming up, reaction on the new ad campaign. we are following reports of a crash on west onhighway 4 at bailey road and assault -- in a stalled vehicle on 880. this is a look at the southbound directions, looking pretty good. the weather is pretty good if you like a big fog bank and cool temperatures. certainly below average on your tuesday forecast.
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this is ktvu mornings on 2. good morning and thank you for joining us on mornings and 2. tuesday morning, september 4th and i'm dave clark. good morning. i'm pam cook. thank you for joining us this morning. we have steve paulson covering the bay area weather? gordon might be coming late tonight. let's get a look at the 80s forecast, similar to last night with some low clouds making a push. if you have a night game, nothing you haven't seen before and no great difference on the forecast. a big time fog bank and we have the central area toward your we
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coming out of the rockies and we are caught in between. 49 in lakeport and 50s for others and even toward pope valley. if you don't have that fog, it is cooler for some. 54 in bodega bay and gusting up to 33. that is riproaring for the delta. low clouds peel back and then 60s, 70s and 80s. we are following some things on highway 4 in the east bay. looking at the map, there are two issues. it two car collision westbound on highway 4 east of baile an e westbound for at leverage. you can see this view of the traffic cameras. as you go toward 680 through
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concord, it looks like things are sluggish. looking at highway 24 in lafayette, much busier than it was about one hour ago and no specific issues on 24 but a lot of traffic and people going through the called a cot tunnel. traffic is moving a little bit better than it was one half hour ago when cars were barely moving. the bay bridge toll plaza, your typical weekday morning commute with carpool lanes looking good. it will be about 20 minutes to get on to the span with the time 6:32 let's go back to the desk. the senate confirmation hearing for supreme court nominee brett kavanaugh is beginning. we are inside the roomanaugh will be questioned in by the senate judiciary committee and both california senators, dianne feinstein and kamala harris are on the committee. these are live pictures and they joined the eight other
6:33 am
democratic senators on the committee outside the supreme court to complain about what they said is tens of thousands of documents about brett kavanaugh that have not been turned over to be examined. >> the stakes in these cases that the court hears with abortion and with gay marriage, with climate change, bunch of other issues, they are really high and it's hard to expect politicians, what senators are, to ignore those issues. >> they are concerned about brett kavanaugh's position on abortion and they fear he will side with other conservatives on the supreme court to restrict abortion rights and there are questions about articles kavanaugh wrote in support of expanded presidential powers. continued coverage of the senate confirmation hearings throughout our newscast this morning. >> if you want to watch the
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brett kavanaugh hearings in its entirety, we will stream it live on our ktvo facebook page at a seven-year-old boy on a scooter was hit and killed in santa cruz county along newell creek road northeast with the chp saving -- saying the seb was leaving when it hit the child. they said neither drugs or alcohol were a factor in the crash. >> yes. san jose police want to find the driver of a car that rolled through a stop sign and hit two children riding bikes. in surveillance video you can see the cyclists approaching cottle road and el molina way. they are in san jose and the white honda civic goes through and hits them both. the driver didn't stop. the 12-year-old was knocked to the ground and a 13-year-old boy was knocked onto the hood of the car. the driver paused for a moment
6:35 am
and then drove away and the girl, who we are not identifying, told us what she was going through her mind in those first few seconds. >> i looked and said, is this how i'm going to die? i'm not dead. >> she said she had a concussion and her friend has a broken wrist. she said a passenger in the car that hit them said, sorry, as they drove away. they said there were three people in the honda and they could face felony charges if found. san jose police want information if you have it. home in san francisco caught fire and firefighters quickly put it out. it started about 4:00 yesterday afternoon at a house near 34th avenue. d smoke were shooting through the floors of the house and it took about 30 minutes to get it under control. three people and a dog were
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displaced and the red cross is helping them. no one was hurt and the causes under investigation. today is the quarterfinals in the u.s. open but a marin county woman will watch with a heavy heart. her husband, ken flach, was ranked as the number one men's doubles player in the world in october 1985. he won titles in the u.s. open, wimbledon and gold in the 1988 of olympics but last march he died of sepsis after one week with an upper respiratory infection and about half of all sepsis cases start with a lung infection. he was diagnosed with pneumonia but was put on the ventilator and died several days later. >> we kissed goodbye and i said i would see you when this was over but i really thought he would be okay. i cry every day because i miss him so much. >> his widow now wears both of their wedding rings and handles grief by volunteering with an
6:37 am
organization to raise awareness about the folk tech -- potentially fatal condition. it is survivable but needs to be detected and treated early. a man in palo alto said he was wrongfully imprisoned in nepal four months and is now back home. the filmmaker, wolf price, is also an ordained monk and was in nepal since 2012 doing documentary work and talked about the oppression of women and children. in april, he said he was wrongfully accused of beating a young man with him and accused of a drug charge. his mother went to nepal to fight for his freedom and he was eventually released and allowed to leave. >> it's hard. it's scary and dangerous. but, i did feel like i knew that it would work out eventually. >> now that he is back home, he
6:38 am
wants to continue doing film and advocacy work here in the u.s. in east san jose, a beloved mural that shows chicano heritage was painted over. the mural on the side of the payless shoe store on surrey road was painted over. there was graffiti and the original mural went up in 1985, painted by several local artists. people are angry and they want to know why. >> it country, you know? that was what i wanted and i like to see that heritage. the >> still not entirely clear why the mural was painted over but we are told the property was recently sold and a representative said that the
6:39 am
city will continue new protections for historic murals to prevent something like this from happening again. it's 6:39 and shares of nike are down about 2% this morning. the company. former 49ers quarterback, colin kaepernick, is one of the faces of the new, just do it, 30th anniversary campaign. kaepernick will be featured on billboards, tv commercials and online ads. leigh martinez is at the nike store in downtown san francisco with more. >> reporter: kaepernick will have his own apparel line at nike, as well. he tweeted out a photo of himself yesterday in this nike ad with powerful words. it has been retweeted 150,000 times times. some are supporting it and some calling for boycotts. the saying, it means sacrificing everything is what kaepernick
6:40 am
knows all too well. he protested racial injustice in 2016 by kneeling during the national anthem and his activism and essentially cost him his career. he is suing the nfl for colluding to keep him out of the league. he won his first legal battle last week. his claim was not thrown out. we are at the sports basement in sunnyvale. >> it does not make me want to buy nike. i'm not a fan of his. >> i would be much more open to nike because they are open to him. >> reporter: nike signed kaepernick in 2011 but hasn't used him for ads in recent years. nike now says, quote, we believe he's one of the most inspirational athletes of his generation was leverage the of the sport to help move the world forward. only time will tell if nike will boost or sacrifice sales. nike also has a deal with nfl
6:41 am
leagues and they provide the game day uniforms and the sideline apparel. in san francisco, leigh martinez, ktvu fox news. we have a question of the day. do you support nike's decision to make colin kaepernick the face of the 30th annual just do it campaign? so far, 77% of you say yes that you support the decision. 23% say you are against it. let us know what do you think. vote on the ktvu twitter page or comment on the ktvu facebook page. >> it will be interesting. 6:41. tragedy during a labor day celebration. coming up, more on a bay area men who drowned while spending time in stockton. a deadly typhoon hits. it hit japan with a massive storm continuing to batter that
6:42 am
country. the first weekday morning after the labor day holiday and traffic is picking up. i leave you with a live picture of 880 in oakland. north and south buncombe a looking good. further south, some problems and i will tell you about it, coming up. another solid fog bank for many, not all. how long? we will take a look.
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welcome back. right now, we take you live to capitol hill. brett kavanaugh's confirmation hearing is under way. in the first few minutes, there were some hecklers protesting the nomination. also, senator kamala harris called for the hearings to be postponed with dianne feinstein. it is getting loud and we're streaming this on our facebook page. go to our facebook page at ktvu a u.s. service member was killed in anistan and another wounded and what the military calls and apparent insider attack. is the second time in two months a member of the u.s.
6:46 am
military was killed by someone in the afghan military. so far, six american troops have been killed in afghanistan. the pentagon won't release the name of the soldier until his family is notified. the attack happened one day after a new general took command of the u.s. and allied forces. >> we recognize afghanistan cannot be a safe terrorism and the world recognizes this. i know this has been a long fight and it has been generational. i know why we are here and i know terrorists seek safe haven. >> 15,000 american troops are deployed in afghanistan. brazilians accuser government for not doing more to prevent the devastating fire in rio de janeiro. hundreds of demonstrators clashed with police yesterday outside the national museum of brazil. the fire destroyed many
6:47 am
priceless artifacts and protesters said officials were warned about the fire risk and could have spent money up front to prevent it. >> i feel more anger than sadness. it could have been avoided with a minimum cost by spending on fire prevention. there was not even water. are there guilty people? of course and they have to be punished. >> the cause of the fire is anc artifacts were completely destroyed. and japan was hit by a massive typhoon with at least six dead. typhoon jebi is one of thtanker into a bridge. the storm is sweeping across
6:48 am
japan and is expected to go toward russia. typhoon jebi will bring several inches of rain and wind up to 100 miles per hour. a bill sitting on the governor's desk calls for an extension of the smart train operating in sonoma and marin county. under legislation, smart trains would run north to willis in mendocino county. the proposal has sparked a number of concerns and many involve the popularity during the first year of operation. >> if you look at the ridership, it's paltry, a little over 2000 per day on a typical weekday. >> it will become more and more recognized for what it can provide. >> the legislature approved the plan last week and right now, the focus ting the initial 70-mile run from cloverdale all the way to the larkspur ferry.
6:49 am
6:48 and let's get you moving. we have allie rasmus in for sale. we are keeping an eye on southbound 88 he with a couple of problems. the most recent is southbound 880 just before the san mateo bridge. a report of a pick up truck hitting the center divide with possibly swerving to avoid another vehicle. further south, it is slow going on southbound 880 with traffic recovering because of an earlier stalled coach mus at thorton in the fremont area. the san mateo bridge, when you get on, slow going but it is moving. san jose, it is getting busier but no major problems. taking a look at the toll plaza, check this often enough, the time is 6:49
6:50 am
and i will send it to steve. travel delays, sfo has some for arriving flights and no issues. denver, hot and you did. the gulf coast will have issues. maybe later today or tonight. tropical storm gordon, the water is warm enough and conditions are right for this. 65 miles per hour moving north- northwest and heading toward gulfport mississippi and mobile. some of the outer bands are approaching panama city and wrapping toward new orleans. plenty of rain with some hefty totals coming in, 5-10 inches of rain. gusting up to 70 miles-an-hour. in san jose and livermore, not
6:51 am
conquered, though. 60s, 70s and 80s with a roaring delta wind that leads me to believe it will be a little bit cooler. the city cannot get over 70, at least not this month. 64, 65 again and 65 on the high side. cities are getting more sunshine and warmer temps. not happening, yet. thunderstorm activity south of tahoe. a deep track of this in the four corners with a ridge of high pressure moving far to the west with a couple of category hurricanes. it will not affect the hawaiian islands. it is moving north and is coming out of the gulf of alaska that could fire up a ridge of highof that yet, but something to watch for. upper 40s with some travels
6:52 am
gusting up to 37 overnight and with low clouds, it will be 60s and 70s by the water and 80s inland unless you are firing up inland where you don't get the fog. then, upper 80s to skin near 90s. temperatures will struggle with a brief warm up and then warmer weather by the weekend. the time is 6:52. a new benefit for some bay area employees. the reason some workplaces offer in office dr. visits. let's check in to see what is coming on the next hour. is it too early to get a flu shot? you probably seen some time where this has flu season a long way off but we are talking to a medical reporter about timing of the flu shot and my children, in particular, should be protected. these are the only way some people can live in the city and avoid living on the streets.
6:53 am
one city supervisor wants to ban rvs from a part of the district. what is happening in a push and pull about a stretch off ellen meny boulevard and we will be right back.
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♪ ♪
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♪ i put a spell on you ♪ yeah, because you're mine ♪ with chase atms serena can now grab cash on the go, all with the tap of her phone. ♪ stop the things you do no card? no problem. life, lived serena's way. chase, make more of what's yours. health care workers marched
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sending a message to kaiser permanete vallejo medical center case. they claim that caser plans to cut -- kaiser plans to cut job. >> they want to outsource 260 of our classifications here and shuttle drivers out in san francisco and we're here to support them. >> the demonstrators said that kaiser plans to more job to the other part of the state and workers will be paid less. kaiser did issue a statement, saying that the protesters quote, mischaracterized kaiser permanete vallejo medical center case strong commitment to labor. fine continues between marriott hotels and their workers. the union unite here local 2
6:57 am
said that marriott's profits have risen by 200% and the pay has only gone up by 2%. they say that a strike vote is planned for next week. you may not need a college degree to land your dream job according to a new report from glass door, companies like google, apple and ibm no longer require applicants to have a college degree. it is welcome news to a lot of people that said they just cannot afford to go to college. some tech companies are bringing doctors right into the facility for their employees so they do not have to take time off work to go to an appointment. the organization heal supplies
6:58 am
doctors that can handle nonemergencies like physicals and other things and employees can get that information from a variety of sources. time is 6:58. united airlines races prices on the baggage fees. the fee for the first checked bag is now $30, up from 25. the increase applies to tickets purchased on or after this past friday august 31st. and the price for a second jet bag went up. it is now $40. this follows the increase last week by jetblue. if you've been having trouble with your facebook account, you're not alone. social media also experience facebook outages late monday afternoon. the facebook acknowledged in a statement saying that a technical glitch caused the huge outage they since restored the access and apologize for
6:59 am
then convenience. a judge must be independent and keep an open mind in every case. >> president trump's latest pick for supreme just started his first nomination hearings on capitol hill today. the reaction coming in from president trump's pick for the supreme court. you always have a concern when there is a hurricane in the gulf. >> tropical storm gordon barreling to the gulf coast. the presentations and alabama. these are live pictures in washington right inside the senate confirmation hearingsof judge brett kavanaugh. desk right in the middle of your pictures. ng the judge, judge brett kavanaugh the supreme court nominee. and democrats want a delay. they want more information about judge brett kavanaugh. some of his writings and some
7:00 am
of his opinions. there are there are some concerns if he'll be too conservative or trying to change the abortion rights rules and also move into other areas like expanding presidential powers. when the hearing started this morning, protesters were yelling and opposing judge brett kavanaugh. some have been escorted out of the room. but these are live pictures. we'll keep an eye on the confirmation hearings for brett kavanaugh in washington. thank you for joining us. it is busy in the weather. steve paulson is here with the latest when that is happening with gulf. still a tropical storm. but i would not be surprised if it makes it to you're strength. the out are bands


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