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tv   The Eleven O Clock News on KTVU FOX 2  FOX  September 6, 2018 11:00pm-11:30pm PDT

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their search for answers after a man is stabbed to death in the bay. the victim was killed right outside his home with his wife and two young boys inside. hello again, everyone. i'm julie haener. >> i'm frank somerville. the stabbing happened on sunday in an incorporated part of san jose. police are now looking for two men in connection with the killing. they say that it may have been started by raider and 49er affiliations. ktvu's azenith smith is at the sheriff's department tonight after talking with the victim's family today. >> the motive for this killing is unclear but what is clear, the family is calling it a senseless murder to a man who was devoted to his wife and their children. they're now demanding justice. >> reporter: a family overcome with sadness. wife frankie, a constant question as they grapual the loss of a man who lit up their lives -- grapple with the loss of the man who lit up their
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lives. >> i was just planning pictures for the first week of october. and his big smile just would have lit up the pictures. >> reporter: candles marked the very spot where frankie santos, jr.'s life was abruptly taken away. it was on sunday the 28-year-old came home after a fantasy football party around 1:30 in the morning, his wife sky said frankie noticed a truck on their street, raymond avenue, with its lights turned off and approached the vehicle. >> he saw the guy was wearing a raider hat. and he goes, hey. he goes, hey, you know it's all about the 9ers. and the guy said, no, it's all about the raiders. and that's when he. >> reporter: that's when he said a friend who was with frankie started screaming. sky ran outside to find her husband struggling to breathe. she held him while a friend performed cpr rushed to the hospital where the sheriff's office says he died an hour later. deputies are now looking for at
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least two suspects associated with a dark full sized gmc or chevrolet truck. a motive unclear. and that's what's confusing and frustrating for the family. >> he wasn't involved in anything. we were such home bodies. we were always home. >> couldn't ask for a better son. no way. took care of his family. all he ever would talk to me about was, dad, i just want to do good for my family. >> reporter: the family was looking to move out of the neighborhood, considered a rough part of san jose. now his young sons are concerned about the bad people who took their dad's life away. his family says if anyone deserves justice, it's frankie. >> i want resolutio.t justice, . >> the family, along with mothers against murder will be marching against violence tomorrow night to the home. they'll also be announcing a
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$5,000 reward for information leading to their son's killer. >> just listening to the family talk, so heartbreaking. now to developing news in shast acounty where a wildfire is burning out of control. the delta fire has burned 22,000 acres north of redding. there are mandatory evacuations in the area. officials say the fire was human caused. it started on wednesday afternoon but it's unclear if it was arson or an accident. the fire sent up towering flames as high as 300 feet. the chp says truck drivers abandoned more than a dozen rigs on i-5 and several trucks were destroyed. a 45-mile stretch of i-5 remains shut down tonight. that's causing gridlock on the only detour around the closure. tonight officials say there's no estimated time for reopening the interstate. cal fire says it's nearly
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exhausted the firefighting budget for the year. cal fire's director tells lawmakers it only has about $11 million left and is requesting another $234 million because the peak of the fire season is still to come. california regularly sees ferocious wildfires in september and october as brush dries out and temperatures remain high. the state is moving to revoke the licenses of two senior care facilities in santa rosa, saying staffers abandoned seniors there during the deadly tubs fire last october. the investigation found more than 20 people would have died if family members and firefighters hadn't gotten the seniors to safety. executives at the oakmont management group that managed the senior homes did not respond to requests for comment. homeowners in the oakland hills are receiving surprising letters notifying them their fire insurance is not being renewed. the insurance companies say the homes are considered high risk.
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california insurance commission records show a 15% increase in cancellations in the oakland hills between 2015 and 2016. the insurance commissioner says in some cases it doesn't make a difference if home owners make changes to prevent fires. >> we've discovered these models don't include the sorts of things homeowners are doing to reduce the risk of fire to their home. so they don't include, for example, the fact that you're using roof materials to make your roof impervious to embers. >> homeowners who have lost their insurance can check with other carriers or use the state's fair program which provides insurance as a last resort. it was another tense day on capitol hill for day 3 of judge brett kavanaugh's senate confirmation hearing. they grilled the supreme court nominee on a number of topics. lauren blanchard tells us one senator, cory booker of new jersey, caused a commotion when he released confidential e-mails
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about judge kavanaugh. >> another long day in front of the senate judiciary committee for the supreme court nominee with senators given the chance to ask a second and third round of questions. >> i'll give it my all. >> reporter: judge brett kavanaugh facing questions on past conversations about special counsel robert mueller, his opinion on roe versus wade and his position on racial profiling after 9/11, but largely pressed on judicial independence. >> my only loyalty is to the constitution. i've made that clear. >> reporter: earlier drama in the committee room after new jersey senator cory booke said he was knowingly violating rules and releasing confidential documents about kavanaugh. >> i know what i did. i accept responsibility for what i have done. >> reporter: he questioned whether roe v. wade was settled law. during questions thursday, the judge saying he believes it is settled precedent. it was later announced some of
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the confidential documents had already been declassified and released, leading some senators to accuse booker, a potential 2020 candidate, of grandstanding. >> running for president is no excuse for violating the rules of the senate. >> reporter: kavanaugh has largely stayed on message throughout questioning, even as senators have included over documents. >> we simply cannot hide these documents from the american public. it is the highest court of the land. >> republicans hold a slight majority in the judiciary committee which means kavanaugh is likely to successfully make it to the full senate for a vote where republicans also hold a narrow majority. in washington, lauren blanchard, fox news. more than 30 top white house officials went on record today to deny being the author of a scathing op ed published in the new york times. the essay claimed administration officials are quietly working against part of the president's agenda, resulting from his, quote, worst inclinations.
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those denying involvement included vice president mike pence, secretary of state mike pompeo and defense secretary james mattis. president trump has called for the times to reveal the name of the author and the vice president called on the author to resign. >> anyone who would write an anonymous editorial smearing this president who's provided extraordinary leadership to this country should not be working for this administration. they ought to do the honorable thing and resign. >> one outside advisor told the times the white house has narrowed its search for the author and now has a list of 12 suspects. today is day 1 of alameda county's controversial urban shield training exercise for police and first responders. the focus today was on emergency response training. paul chambers tells us those taking part say that training is needed now more than ever. >> if you look around, you have the special medical needs cots. >> reporter: day one of the
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alameda county sheriff's department urban shield exercises different feel. this year the focus was on mass care and sheltering operations after a 7.9 earthquake hit the bay area. >> in our scenario, we're opening up a disaster shelter to accommodate citizens. >> reporter: they went with a scaled back model of what a true setup would look like. volunteers from social service agencies, red cross staffed the mock shelter in order to prepare people for the real deal. one room was set up for a general shelter and the other used to accommodate people with medical needs. it's best to have shelters inside a school. a california law mandates that to happen because what the facility can offer. >> they have showers that are ada compliant. that's a really big factor. and they have cafeteria facilities. those type of things that you really need in order to accommodate a large number of people. >> reporter: in all, there are
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roughly 1,000 volunteers from state, local, and national levels working together in these exercises. a rare occurrence, but an important one. given different agencies a chance to run a real world disaster drill in conjunction with other first responders. although this drill was designed for an earthquake, the need for an emergency shelter has become an all too common occurrence, especially in the wake of the wildfires. >> some of the issues you might encounter might be different. >> given all the fire devastation that we've had in california, mass care shelter is at the forefront of urban shield. >> urban shield exercises will run through next week. there will be a special free preparedness fair for the community in castro valley. paul chambers, ktvu fox 2 news. ahead tonight, a teenager stabbed with scissors in a busy san francisco shopping area. police say the attack was
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unprovoked and the suspect is a girl just 14 years old. first, a police chase ends with a stolen suv crashing right into a church in oakland. the weekend is right around the corner. i'll have the specifics on what you can expect. ♪ ♪ ♪ i put a spell on you ♪ yeah, because you're mine ♪ with chase atms serena can now grab cash on the go, all with the tap of her phone. ♪ stop the things you do no card? no problem. life, lived serena's way. chase, make more of what's yours.
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a man is behind bars tonight after authorities say he crashed a stolen car into an oakland church. alameda county sheriff's deputies were chasing the suspect when the driver of the dodge durango plowed into the church at 61st and international. deputies say the suspect tried to run away after the crash and then fight them. they used a taser to subdue him and then arrested him. no one was hurt. police in san francisco arrested a 14-year-old girl for allegedly stabbing another teen outside of a nordstrom rack store. investigators say it was an unprovoked attack and the suspect and the victim didn't
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even know each other. >> reporter: it was just5: a00 . wednesday. th hour traffic on s market street. at the corner of one of the city's busiest shopping districts sits nordstrom rack, now the scene of a stabbing between two teenage girls. >> the suspect, also a female juvenile, she's age 14 from the city of concord, walked up to the victim and stabbed her without warning, unprovoked attack. stabbed her once in the chest with a pair of season. >> reporter: the victim didn't know her attacker. she's okay, thanks to witnesses on the street who stopped to help. >> they assisted the victim by putting direct pressure on her wound and also pointing out the suspect to the backup officers that were responding to the scene. >> reporter: the suspect walked half a block with the weapon still in hand before she was arrested with police. people who worked nearby were warned about what happened and told to be vigilant. >> at work we have a communication channel where the news got posted and it was a neighborhood watch to make sure everyone is very careful, very aware, even to walk without your
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cell phone on your hand. >> reporter: police obtained surveillance video but are not releasing it at this time. the suspect, again just 14 years old, is being held in the juvenile justice center in san francisco, awaiting arraignment on friday. we're told she's been charged with attempted murder and assault with a deadly weapon. the woman found guilty of throwing a little dog from a parking garage in san francisco was sentenced today. the incident happened back in february when she broke into a car in the sutter stockton garage in union square. after breaking in, she threw the 5-year-old chihuahua from the seventh floor of the garage. an israeli teenager has died after falling hundreds of feet near the top of nevada falls at of 18-year-oldal park. frankford tells an israeli newspaper he slipped and fell while trying to take a selfie
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near the top of falls yesterday. it wasn't clear how far he fell but nevada falls is about 8 00 feet tall. an oakland teen is the only student on the state of california's board of education. the 17-year-old was sworn in today. she will represent california's 6.2 million public school students. she currently attends a small public high school called the life academy of health and bioscience. she's worked with the oakland school district now for the past few years and has been involved in a number of community activities. a new study says more baby boomers and even older seniors are using marijuana. the study was published today in the journal of drug and alcohol dependence. federal data shows 9% of adults ages 50 to 64 and nearly 3% of those 65 or older have used marijuana within the last year. experts say those numbers are still much lower than other age groups but that they've been steadily going up. some of the seniors are turning
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to marijuana for its medicinal benefits. let's get you set up for the weekend. it's friday for all intents and purposes. friday is going to be a warmer day than today. we're looking at temperatures generally tomorrow in the low 90s in the inland valleys. these are highs from today. it's going to be warmer tomorrow. tomorrow will be the warmest day of the week. no air quality issues. fire danger always high in the summer but nothing extreme. after that temperatures will start to trend down a little bit. it's a bip and then it's this. no major changes. the fog is not going very far inland. the marine layer pinch down. that's always an indication of a warmup as well. it's also an indication of compromise in air quality too. since friday and saturday you don't have as much commute activity. the temperatures generally in the 50s. running inland, 7 degrees warmer. so that's indication. you can see the fog is getting
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pinched halfway across the bay. it's making its way to oakland. last few weeks at this time of night the fog has been well into the livermore valley and out toward concord and it's not there. you're already seeing it stunted. the model says it's not getting very far by the morning hours. quick burn-off. lots of sunshine. warm day. even clearing out the coast. you can see temperatures, generally the reds are 90s. oranges are 80s. yellows are 70s. saturday will be a little bit cooler. sunday will be a little bit schooler still. fire zones, a good school start for the morning. 55% humidity. talking about the delta fire now. tomorrow afternoon will be the warmest day in the fire zone. 98 degrees. that's kind of a drag for firefighters with 13% humidity. after that, saturday and sunday temperatures come off down a little bit. 87 in napa. 91 in fairfield. 93 in brentwood. more forecast highs, it will be generally about the average or just a little above average. warmest day of the week and then temperatures take a little bit of a cool-down from there.
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it's all subtle stuff. it really is. i think the nice thing tomorrow, pacifica, you're going to see some sun. couple of beach areas will break out. other than that, just get ready for the warmest day of the week with cooler weather, milder weather toward the beginning of next week. the weekend is almost here. if you're looking for something to do, there are plenty of events happening around the bay area. rosemary orozco as your weekend watch. >> heading into the weekend, and here are some things happening in san francisco. indulge at the 2018 ghirardelli chocolate festival where you can experience chocolate school, chef demonstrations, chocolate vendors, and the ghirardelli chocolate lounge with over 50 sample size products to try. in the east bay, enjoy the pittsbur seafood and on tasty food, arts and crafts, amusement rides for the kids, and live music. head to the 46th annual caster
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valley fall festival. the two-day event features arts and crafts, community, and nonprofit booths. a vast assortment of food, beer, and wine. in the south bay, bring your pets to the 2018 bay area petcon. rescue groups, live demoes, obedience training and more. saturday at the fairgrounds. art lovers can gather at the 47th mountain view art and wine festival. in sports, as are at home. giants and 9ers are on the road. i'm road rosemary orozco and that's your weekend watch. still to come here, opening night in the with the the last play.
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speaking of football, the nfl officially kicked off the season tonight. it started off kind of boring but it really picked up at the
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end. mark is in the newsroom now to give us the highlights. >> a little dull to begin with. so many times you see it over the years. you win a super bowl, then you open up the season. kind of have that super bowl hangover. not the case for philly. they finally ramped it up late after a delay in this thing of some 45 minutes. it was not going to deter that gentleman from sticking it out for his philadelphia eagles. it's a great trick play here. 3rd quarter after a touchdown in his first half. fleaflicker nelson aguilar to the cornerback nick foles. 1st down. it set up the first touchdown of the game. 10-6 philly 4th quarter. after an interception, kevin coleman in for the falcons. p. a.t.ake the lead. eagles, 2:19 left. jay ajayi, his second touchdown of the night. they hit the 2-point conversion. 18-12. it was worth hanging in there
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all that time. the eagles still super bowl champs until proven otherwise. just ask that guy right there. football is back. and i think we can say it officially. so is tiger. third straight week he's playing. looking good. five years since he last won on the tour. this was his best round in five years. won at the bmw championship. beautiful par 4 seventh. set himself up with a beauty. he was rolling on the par 5 ninth. he will birdie to cap his 8 under 62 and he's tied with this young man, rory mcilroy. here at the par 4 fourth. stick it to the green right there. bam. lands with a thud. he hit five straight birds at one point. even up after round 1 back in pennsylvania of the bmw championship. country club to country club. golf to tennis. serena in the near court taking
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care of things. moving on with momentum to the final of the u.s. open. she takes care of anastasia. shelves her easily, 6-3. 6-love. ninth time she will go to the finals at the u.s. open and looking for her seventh title there, 24th big time event overall. we have the crime of the year in baseball. we've been following it all week. it happened earlier in the week to begin with and that's todd frairsh of the -- frazier of the mets coming over making a nice backhanded catch apparently. look at that ball under his armpit. he actually dropped the ball. the umpire thought he'd catch it. the real ball, the guy with the justin turner jersey has it. frazier takes the fake ball, throws it into the stands. the umpire is none the wiser and today true confessions from todd frazier. >> as i came down, the ball came out. as you see on the replay,
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there's another ball there. i just basically picked up and raised my hand up and called him out. just one of those things. it is hollywood. sometimes you've got to act out a little bit. >> you heard him there. it is hollywood. sometimes you got to act out a little bit. bottom line, he got away with it. at least for the moment. mlb hasn't fined him yet. what do you guys think? fair or foul? >> i hope they don't. it's the charm of the sport. yeah, he cheated. got away with it. >> but as i recall, when tom brady had those inflated footballs, he threw a tantrum. a lit see the video. >> you're nailed, frank. [ laughter ] see you later. >> goodnight.
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