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september 7, i'm pam cook. >> good morning. i'm dave clark. let's talk about that weather. for yesterday peninsula south bay were really struggling with north bay and east bay warmed up. near 94 some inland today near concorde, livermore, st. helena . some fog, but not as much as we have seen the last couple of days. high pressure building in others not much delta breeze. it will warm up and the fog will burn off. that's the signature of the high building in. that will take us and give us a couple of days. a pacific northwest system will eventually cool us down. this is hurricane norman.
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some of that moisture may below over us. 50s on the temperatures. santa rhoda -- santa rosa says 47. rebounding fast and temperatures will be warming up. look for 90s to the interior for a couple of days. 60s and 70s coast and bay. this is it. she has filled in admirably for sal. here she is. >> this is it for the week. sal is back next week. thank you. hopefully, i can bring you all a good easy commute today. we will keep our fingers crossed. right now things look good starting with the super commuters coming in from tracy. no problems on 584 205 yet. some of that overnight roadwork is clearing. 880 in oakland north and southbound past oracle arena no problems at all. there are some cars on the road , same with the san mateo bridge and people making their way westbound and the commute
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direction. a lot of open space on the lanes . highway four in bay point is probably the lightest i have seen this morning this week. hopefully, that's a sign of an easy commute. the bay bridge toll plaza will have no problems getting onto the span. let's go back to the desk. today embrittlement city opening statements began in the trial of a man accused of being the gypsy hill killer. 69-year-old rodney how bauer is killed -- is charged with two murders. he authorities believe he raped and killed six young women between northern california and reno in 1976. he was connected to the killings through dna that was founded cigarette butts in reno saved from the crime scene . his dna was taken in 1989 when he went to prison in oregon to serve 90 years for rape and attempted murder. the gypsy hill nickname comes
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from the gypsy hills section of pacifica where the body of one of the victims was found. we could know as soon as this morning went ghost ship warehouse fire defendants they are coming up and max harris will stand trial. they are doing in and alameda county quarter -- court at 9:00 this morning. a plea deal was tossed out last month after determining that almena was not remorseful enough when he spoke at a hearing about the fire. the defense attorneys have filed motions to move the trial out of alameda county. the family of a san jose man who was stabbed to death outside his home will take part in a march against violence tonight 28-year-old frankie santos junior had just come home about 1:30 a.m. from a fantasy football party last sunday when he saw someone sitting in a truck with the lights turned off and santos walked towards that truck. >> he saw that the guy was wearing a raiders hat and he said, hi,know it's all about the niners. the guy said, no, it's all about the raiders. that's when
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he -- >> santos was rushed hospital but died in our later. sheriff's deputies are looking for at least two people associated with a dark full- sized gmc or chevrolet truck. the motive is still not clear santos was married and had two invoice . the group mothers against murder will be marching to the home of santos as part of tonight's rally. the $5000 reward will also be announced. this weekend's urban shield program and alameda county will be the last of its kind under the format. the sheriff launched in 2007 training first responders around the world to handle emergencies ranging from natural disasters to terror attacks . the program has been criticized for offering military style training to police departments. the alameda county board of supervisors voted in march 2 into the training exercise after this year. a coalition of community groups called stop urban shield will rally outside the sheriff's office this evening.
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supporters of urban shield say that type of training is just part of the program. they say it is more about disaster preparedness such as a big earthquake or large wildfire. more than 1000 local, state, and federal authorities are taking part this year. yesterday they learned about the care and sheltering operations needed after a 7.9 earthquake. first responders set up a mock shelter to run disaster drills and practice how to accommodate people with special medical needs. >> dit -- it's affable to almost any disaster area. some issues might be different. >> the program organizers are holding a community preparedness fair at three cross-ice church in castro valley tomorrow. the public will be taught how to make a personal safety kit. police in san francisco arrested a 14-year-old girl accused of stabbing another teenager outside of a nordstrom rack store. investigators say it was not provoked attack.
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ali on a goes -- gomez reports the suspect and the victim did not know each other. >> it was just after 5 pm wednesday, the height of rush- hour traffic on san francisco's market street. at the corner of one of the city's busiest shopping districts sits nordstrom rack, now the scene of a stabbing. >> the suspect was also a female juvenile, 14 from concord, walked up to the victim and stabbed her without warning and an unprovoked attack. stabbed her once in the chest with a pair of scissors. >> reporter: the victim, 17, didn't know her attacker. she is okay things to witnesses on the street. >> they assisted the victim by putting direct pressure on her wound and pointing out the suspect with the backup officers that were responding to the scene caught. >> reporter: the suspect walked half a block before she was arrested. people nearby were warned about what happened and told be vigilant. >> we have a communication channel where the news is posted. it is a neighborhood watch to make sure that everyone is very
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careful and very aware. even to walk by yourself. >> reporter: police are not releasing surveillance video at this time. ktvu fox2 news. we continue to monitor shasta county where wildfires continue to burn out of control. 45 miles of interstate 5 remain shut down because of that fire. the delta fire has now burned 22,000 acres north of reading. it is still 0% contained. there are mandatory evacuations in the area. the fire started on wednesday afternoon and authorities say it was human caused. it is unclear if it was arson or an accident. have not said the fires in flames as high as 300 feet and chp says truck drivers abandoned more than a dozen big rigs on interstate 5 and several of those trucks were destroyed. with i-5 shut down in the area it is causing gridlock on the only dij were around that closure. authorities say there is no estimated time for reopening
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the freeway. as firefighters battled those intense wildfires all over the state calfire says it's almost out of money. calfire's director told lawmakers it only has about $11 million left. it is requesting $234 million more with the. fire season still to come. california regularly sees major wildfires in september and october as brush dries out and the temperatures are still high. the state is moving to revoke the licenses of two senior care facilities in santa rosa saying that staffers abandoned seniors there during the deadly tubs fire investigation found more than 20 people would have died if family members and firefighters had not been there executives at the oakmont management group that manages the villa capri and brenna senior homes did not respond to
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requests for comment. a man in jail after authorities say he crashed a stolen car into an oakland church. alameda county ships to please were chasing that suspect when the driver of that dodge durango cloud into the church at 61st and international. deputies say the suspect tried to run away afterwards and then fought with them. they used a taser to subdue him and then made the arrest. no one was hurt. a long time metal factory in berkeley is closing after 84 years. pacific steel had been one of the largest steel fabricators in the country. the complex stretches two city blocks on both sides of second street in west berkeley i in building ships during world war ii. in peacetime they made parts for buses and trucks. the companyin 2008 and a homeland security audit that exposed 600 undocumented
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immigrant workers.fic steel has challeng by cheaper overseas competitors. >> yeah. i'm very disappointed. it puts me out of work. that's my thing as far as the trade, manufacturing trades and stuff disappearing. >> the company has been bought by an equity firm. it is unclear how the land will be used. some local teachers here in the bay area emphasizing the importance of the midterm elections to push for tougher gun control laws. coming up, some students and what they say about the response by schools to violence in the classroom. tributes to burt reynolds are pouring in. how hollywood stars are remembering the iconic actor. we are watching a traffic hazard. a tirbay. here is a look at highway four
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through bay point. you can see traffic moving with no problems. three -- north bay and east bay warmed up yesterday a little bit. it looks like everyone will today a little bit. not as much fog. we will have an update on your friday forecast. with pg&e in the sierras. and i'm an arborist since the onset of the drought, more than 129 million trees have died in california. pg&e prunes and removes over a million trees every year to ensure that hazardous trees can't impact power lines. and since the onset of the drought we've doubled our efforts. i grew up in the forests out in this area and honestly it's heartbreaking to see all these trees dying. what guides me is ensuring that the public is going to be safer and that these forests can be sustained
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welcome back. burt reynolds. people around the world remembering the famed actor who died yesterday at the age of 82. fans are leaving flowers and tributes at his tar on the hollywood walk of fame. many hollywood stars are remembering bird as well. fellow actor in the movie boogie nights mark wahlberg, tweeted rest in peace, a legend and a friend. sally field, longtime girlfriend, said in a statement, my years in verse never leave my mind. he will be in my history and my heart for as long as i live. rob lowe said simply, a legend. >> tell me about yourself. >> what you want to know rico my sign? >> no. i mean, what you want to do besides drive fast? was 200 films and . he also wo
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>> you hope when you start out as an actor that you are going to go old gracefully and to all of these things that will be around for a while. nothing ever turns out the way you wanted to. it does turn out good. >> burt reynolds died yesterday at the age of 82 at a hospital in florida. the new york city fire department just added the names of 18 fallen firefighters to a 9/11 mch year the city adds the names of first responders who have died from 9/11 related illnesses. last night a ceremony was held at the fire department's headquarters in brooklyn. >> the loss of life for our department on september 11 was staggering. so to is sing this list of heroes grow each year with no
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end in sight. >> new york's fire commissioner says it's conceivable that his department will actually lose more firefighters from 9/11 related illnesses that on the day of the attack. the city of martinez being tribute to a police officer killed in the line of duty 10 years ago. this memorial was held outside of police has -- headquarters yesterday. the 10th anniversary of sergeant paul starr six death . the 47- year-old officer rushed to help when a man with a gun terrorize customers of a hair salon and then sought out his estranged wife at a nearby apartment with the gun man killed officer stars sick and wounded another officer while they were trying to save six people inside that apartment. in her first interview since that day the widow told heather holmes about getting that phone
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call and then arriving at the hospital. >> when the doctor told me they did everything that they could do i couldn't believe it. my world changed forever. >> shannon starts at told us after 10 years she felt just finally felt ready to talk about the death of her husband. how she has coped and raised their children the ages of 11 and 15. let's check in with allie who is doing a fabulous job in force out this it's just getting started so start -- so let's take a look at the super commute. it looks
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like there is some sort of crash on 101 northbound near morgan hill. we don't have any details on that. . usual row construction overnight. 280 in san jose looks good in both directions. just as we were talking about how good highway 412 looked this morning we did hear about a minor crash westbound highway four at leverage. it looks like the vehicle is off to the side of the road. it is out overview of the camera. westbound highway four at leverage. looking at 24 in lafayette it is nice and r. same story for the bay bridge toll plaza, the cash lanes have a little slowing but no time at all to get onto the span. i will send it over to steve. a little warmer today? >> don't worry.. all clear her everything looks good. there continues to be a lot of rain from chicago to st. louis, parts of the gulf coast as
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remains of gordon fire up thunderstorm activity. so far sfo in san jose look good. fog suit -- fog burns off sooner today. warmer for most, 80s and 90s inland. looks cooler sunday into wednesday. the european model will be significantly cooler by wednesday. something to look forward to or not, depending on how you look at it. today away from the coast some upper 80s. near nine -- near 90 inland. coming back down on sunday. the fog is not making the push inland that it did a couple of days ago. west southwest, i expected to decrease. it started that trend yesterday. that's the rich building in. it took a while. we have been talking about it and there is to the west southwest. a couple of hurricanes. norman olivia bears watching next week. look at the system digging down the gulf of alaska. it looks like that might play
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into the weather early next week. now it's letting north and keeping an eye on the moisture. 50s and 40s for some. 60s brothers. tracy is in there. warmer than yesterday at this time. and all is 49. that tells me they probably don't have any low clouds yet. 50s brother temperatures. 55 el cerrito. 37 truckee. ukiah 38 . the fog burns off in temperatures will begin in march up for the next couple of days. 60s and 70s. probably a little bit delayed toward the coast because there is still the fog. inland temperatures will continue to be on the warm side. hot for a day or two and then cooling down early next week. the rio vista bridge that was damaged last month, crews have been working on repairs ever since. we will tell you when that bridgeand tomorrow care. -- and more. you might be surprised to learn who is using recreational
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marijuana here in california.
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welcome back. not just teenagers leading up marijuana. a new study is that this is more baby boomers and even senior citizens are using marijuana. a new study in the journal of drug and alcohol dependence includes federal data that says9% of adults 51 to 64of people 65 or older have used marijuana within the past year.
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the experts say those numbers are still a lot other age group been steadily going up. some of the senior citizens are turning to marijuana for its additional benefit. today contra costa county is offering a chance for two couples who want to get married in a scenic venue with historic elements the county clerk's office will hold wedding ceremonies at the rosie the riveter world war ii home front national historic park in richmond. the facility has a view of the bay as well as the san francisco and oakland skylights. the golden gate and bay bridges are also visible on a clear day. appointment are available from 11:00 this morning until 7:00 tonight. we will post a link on our web link section of to sign up had their. it is friday. yeah.semary watch. >> reporter: heading into the weekend here are some things happening in san francisco. i
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jet the 2018 your deli chocolate festival where you can experience chocolate school, chef demonstrations, chocolate vendors, and the popular your deli chocolate lounge with over 50 sample sized products to try. in the east bay enjoy the pittsburgh seafood and music festival where you can feast on tasty food, arts and crafts, amusement rides for the kids, and live music including headliner sheila e. or head to the 46th annual castro valley fall festival. the event features arts and crafts, community, and nonprofit booths, food, beer, and wine. in the south bay bring your pets to the 2018 bay area pets con where you will find pet friendly exhibits, rescue groups, demos in obedience training and pet care. a costume contiveaways, and more on saturday at the sa
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art lovers can gather at the 47th mountain view art and wine festival being held on cactus street cat home and giants and niners are on the road. that's your weekend watch. next week is the deadline for many san francisco property owners to apply for a permit to seismically retrofit the building . the san francisco examiner reports hundreds of property owners have yet to file their permits. the usgs and san francisco city leaders emphasize the urgency of earthquake preparedness with a reminder that seismic retrofitting can save lives. historical data shows a 33% chance of a big quake on the hayward vault in the next 25 years. if you consider all of the bay area faults it's a 72% chance. >> for buildings th >> the program requires retrofitting of san francisco's older wooden framed multifamily buildings that lack certain
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seismic stability elements. day four of the senate confirmation hearings for president trump's supreme court nominee. coming up next, find out when republicans hope to have judge brett kavanaugh confirmed. the president is desperate to find out who wrote that scathing opinion piece about his administration in the new york times. why one senator says this is enough for the president to be removed from office. iday mornin
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sooner so temperatures will bump up for most.
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looking cooler sunday into early next week. to the upper 80s to 90s for some and sunday it should start to ease up a little bit. some fog, but not as much of the week -- as we've seen. 40s, 50s, it is 60s on the temperatures. menlo park says 49 yet stanford 56. mid-50s on the san mateo coast. foster city at 62. low clouds in place but burning off sooner. allie tells us, let's hope she has a friday light herself. >> yeah. that would be nice for everyone. it is too early to sell -- to tell. there are people on the road, especially tak 580 westbound


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