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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 5pm  FOX  September 7, 2018 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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stretch of construction south of the warm springs station. the components cost about $1.2 million and are part of the communications equipment that controls lighting, public intercom and fire alarms. the spokeswoman said they discovered a subcontractor installed used instead of new parts. >> it's not in a there could be problems. it's just the parts were not per specifications. >> reporter: she says officials didn't discover the problem until june, after the oversight board had gone on summer break. the subcontractor it replacing the used parts with new parts. >> then we retest. >> reporter: in an email statement, san jose mayor sam liccardo, who chairs vta's board which is overseeing this phase of construction says in part: our top priority is ensuring that we have a safe and secure system which is why we're working to replace the improper equipment as soon as possible. some passengers agree.
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safety should be the top consideration. >> i think passengers can take a bit of inconvenience rather than end up outside the tracks with the carriages rolling down some ravine. >> reporter: officials say switching out these parts will cause a delay of up to three months. right now the earliest they could complete this next phase is the fall of 2019. they have complete confidence in the main contractor to take corrective steps against the subcontractor. in fremont, jesse gary, ktvu fox 2 news. a wildfire in shasta county will keep 5 closed through the weekend. the delta fire is burning on both sides of i-5 north of reddings. the fire is threatening numerous structures. so far there is no word that any homes have burned. officials say the fire was human-caused but aren't giving any more details beyond that. more than 1500 firefighters are battling the fire with the goal of preserving lives and property. the fire started wednesday and there's no containment this afternoon. it's now burned more than 24,000 acres. the closure of i-5 has forced
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truck drivers to take a due tour adding hours to the drive -- forced truck drivers to take a detour adding hours to the drive. >> like my wife said, you're going to have plenty of company. >> chp says the i-5 closure stems from safety concerns that include the condition of the pavement and the possibility of huge burnt trees falling on the highway. now to human trafficking and weapons bust involving a chain of child and senior care facilities. today the state attorney general announced four members of a family are under arrest. ktvu's henry lee is live in the newsroom with the investigation. henry. >> reporter: this family ran facilities called rainbow bright. but according to the attorney general, light for the workers was drab and dreary. >> these weapons coming from the operators of adult daycare facilities and child care facilities. >> reporter: investigators say 14 illegal assault weapons
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were found at rainbow bright facilities along the peninsula. four members of a family operated four adult care homes and two daycares including this home in daly city across from westmoor high school. >> i'm concerned. you know, what kind of people do that? >> reporter: three were rifles without serial numbers. >> why you need this type of fire power to take care of the elderly or children, i don't know. >> reporter: the state attorney general said the family and workers were cheated. >> while employees were providing by all accounts loving care, they were doing so under egregious circumstances. >> reporter: their bosses allegedly threatened to turn them over to immigration if they complained. they stayed and were miserable. >> they were forced to work up to 24 hours a day.
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they slept on the floors and in garages. they were locked outside sometimes in the rain when the owners were not home. >> reporter: arrested thursday were joshua gamos, his brother and his brother's wife and the brothers' mother. joshua was charged with rape. this woman took her children there until it was shut down. the staff seemed nice but what happened inside she never knew. >> they never let me in. >> reporter: the unpaid wages and overtime total $8.5 million. as part of the investigation, luxury cars were also seized including a lamborghini. live in the newsroom, henry lee, ktvu fox 2 news. >> aside from that strange behave, do you know if the daycare facility or senior center had any violations
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outstanding with the state? >> they have been looked in that but there are six facilities. it was interesting to see if they ever raised the attention of the state regulators. >> thank you. police in mill valley say a convicted sex offender has been booked into marin county jail for violating his parole. authorities say they arrested 55-year-old bobby lucca in downtown mill valley yesterday afternoon. investigators say he was wanted by state prison officials for allegedly violating the terms of his parole and by failing to register as a sex offender. new information in the killing of a san jose man. the santa clara county sheriff's office has released a surveillance photo of a truck connected to the death of frankie santos, jr. investigators say the 28-year- old man was stabbed to death early sunday morning outside his home on raymond avenue in san jose. deputies say he had just come home from a fantasy football party. they are now looking for the two people sitting in a parked truck outside his home believed responsible for the
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killing. there's still no word of any possible motive. drug injection sites were the focus of a protest today in san francisco. demonstrators with the california coalition against drug and marijuana rallied in front of the federal building on golden gate avenue this morning. they say the injection sites violate federal law and will trigger an increase in drug trafficking and use. opponents say the centers don't in any way make using drugs safer. >> in this type of center does not reduce overdose deaths. >> opponents are asking the governor to veto assembly bill 185 which authorizes san francisco to operate the safe injection site. demonstrators also dropped off letters urging the department of justice and the attorney to block any attempt to open drug injection sites in san francisco. hundreds of needles every inch of this house used as a bathroom. really troubling here.
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a hazmat crew needed to clean it up. truly a house of horrors that was rented on airbnb. coming up at 5:30, the smell and the conditions. back in court and a date set for trial. when the two suspects charged in the deadly ghost ship warehouse fire are expected to face a jury. >> plus they arrive the same ways, now they are going to receive the same paycheck. a decision that forces equal pay for women and men for professional surfers. >> and in weather lots of sunshine. you probably saw that advertised warmup with temperatures back to the 80s and 90s in the bay area. a few changes into the weekend. we'll have that full welcome to the xfinity store. thanks, janet. it's my happy place. you can learn how to switch to xfinity mobile, a new wireless network that saves you cash. and you can get 5 lines of talk and text included with your internet. and over here i'm having my birthday party. dj fluffernutter, hit ♪ dj fluffernutter simple. easy. awesome. ask how to get $300 back when you sign up for xfinity mobile,
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and purchase a new samsung phone. visit your local xfinity store today. (music throughout)
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an investigation details shocking allegations of staff members abandoning patients as as the tubbs fire grew and burned down a building. elissa harrington reports. >> reporter: the department of social services accuses staff of violating safety codes and failing to be prepared for this type of emergency and says that the company has since made false and misleading claims to the public in an effort to defend itself. reporter: would body camera video from the -- >> reporter: body camera video shows first responders evacuating people during the tubbs fire. a report says staff at two
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assisted living facilities oakland monday of varenna and villa capri abandoned patients. the company failed to protect the health and safety of residents at varenna and villa capri. the state is now moving to revoke the licenses and ban the administrators for life. the investigation details confusion among the staff the night of october8th -- the night of october 8th and early hours of the 9th. they didn't know the evacuation plan, couldn't find vehicle keys, couldn't find flashlights and batteries and some were unable to lift more than 10 pounds which prevented them from performing standard duties. one of the more disturbing findings says the director ordered staff to put patients back to bed at 2:30 a.m. the report says respondent nathan conde directed them to return the residents to their rooms instead of continuing with the evacuation. the place says he and other staff members left knowing elderly patients were still asleep in their rooms. family, friends and emergency
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responders eventually arrived, banged on doors and evacuated terrified patients. the company has since launched a website defending itself. oakmont management said they didn't abandon management but were denied re-entry by emergency officials. the website also says staff tried to call 911 several times but the line was busy and that they do have an emergency plan consistent with fema requirements. there were no fatalities at the senior centers. oakmont senior living has 15 days to file an appeal. live in sonoma county, elissa harrington, ktvu fox 2 news. >> thank you. opening statements began today in the trial of 69-year- old rodney halbower. prosecutors say they believe he is the gypsy hill killer. he faces murder and rape charges for the killing of two san mateo county teens back in 1976. cameras were not permitted inside the courtroom. but the defendant interrupted the proceedings over 30 times
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while the prosecution detailed the two rapes and how the defendant's dna was linked to the two young victims over 40 years later. at one time the jury was excused because of the outbursts. authorities think he is linked to six murders in northern california and nevada. a trial date is set for the two defendants in the ghost ship warehouse. henry lee says the trial will start in the spring at the earliest. >> reporter: derick almena and max marks, whose plea deals on the ghost ship fire were rejected by a judge, will be going to trial on april 2nd at least for now. the defense is considering a motion to have the trial moved out of alameda county. they are each charged with 36 counts of involuntary manslaughter, one for each victim. last month, judge james cramer rejected plea deals for both defendants, saying almena hadn't shown enough remorse. the judge also threw out harris' plea agreement because it was part of a package deal. almena gave ktvu the letter he says he was blocked from reading at his would-be sentencing hearing.
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in a new statement to ktvu, he said of his plea deal rejection, it was a set-up, a one-sided mini-trial and a morbid publicity stunt organized by the d.a. my fate was already decided. his attorney says he is fighting to get his client's plea deal reinstated and if that fails, he says he is ready to take it to a jury. >> they want a trial? they're going to get a trial. you know, we're eager to show our clients' innocence. we're eager to show that there is going to be, you know, large reasonable doubt in terms of their culpability. >> reporter: harris' attorney says he plans to turn the blame on the landlord who wasn't criminally charged and other entities like pg&e and the city of oakland, who they say turned a blind eye to conditions in the warehouse. >> we want to humiliate and ba official who didn't do their job. we want to expose
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>> reporter: harris' attorney says he wants this to be the, quote, most painful trial that alameda county and the city of oakland have ever endured. at the alameda county courthouse in oakland, henry lee, ktvu fox 2 news. a wave of change is rolling in for female surfers. the world surf league has announced it will now pay women the same prize money as men in all their pro surfing competitions including mavericks. cristina rendon is live at san francisco's ocean beach tonight with more. >> reporter: ocean beach is one of the sites where one of the top female as at least trains in professional big wave surfing and she was behind this push for equal port wave to catch. the world surf league has decided equal shreds deserve equal pay. >> i'm so thrilled because i wanted equal pay all along. >> reporter: for bianca, this
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is a huge milestone. in june, she won a surfing competition in mexico that paid her $1,850. her male counterpart won $7,000. >> just doing other events and getting paid differently is -- starts to hit you in the face, like, wow, i just did the same thing and got paid less. and you know, at the end of the day, you just need, like, we're trying to make a living. >> reporter: in 2016, she and a group of women formed a committee for equity in women's surfing. the group was successful in lobbying the world surf league for a women's division in the mavericks competition. this past year, they focused on the fight for equal pay at mavericks 2 and founded a challenge. >> we were basically being told that if the women continued to push for equal prize money, that the mavericks surf competition would be canceled. and that they weren't going to hold the event. >> reporter: san mateo county harbor commissioner sabrina says they had support from the coastal and lands commissions. perseverance paid off. >> i did not know how much
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progress we were going to make with that this year. and we really stuck to our guns and we, um, definitely had to deal with a lot of pushback and we just kept at it. we're very thankful to the world surf league for, um, for making it possible. >> reporter: the world surf league released a statement saying in part, wsl's commitment to equality is always top of mind and this announcement simply builds upon this. moving to equality was always in the wsl plan. >> i think it's great. and i did hear that it wasn't taking any money away from the men, which i think is the best way to do it. >> it's like feeling every emotion at once. >> reporter: she is excited knowing the first prize will be equal at all wsl competitions globally and hopes this sets a precedent for other sports. >> we're really hoping that mavericks will happen before the end of 2018 and that it will be the first event where women and men get paid equally. >> reporter: the first prize
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hasn't been announced for the upcoming mavericks competition. all they know right now is that it will be the same as the men. and they still say that, yes, this equal pay is a step in the right direction. but they still want more. they want equal representation in terms of media exposure and invitations to my profile events and competition. >> thank you. let's send things over to meteorologist mark tamayo. >> that's a nice development. they are surfing the same waves. we're all out there trying to figure it out. i see her out there and i try to paddle away from the big waves and she is paddling toward it. a huge amount of skill so that's a great story. as far as the fire, we have been hearing about the delta fire burning up to the north of redding and, of course, the heat has been -- there's been
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a warpup in the bay area and in -- there's been a warmup in the bay area and in this area, as well. we talk about the fires and terrain. it's always a challenge and that's what's happening with this fire. current conditions, we have the temperatures ranging from the upper 70s and mainly to the higher peaks to the 80s to the 90s. we have a few spots in the drainage basins closer to the mid-90s or maybe approaching 100 degrees. a bit of a breeze in this area. it has been warming up. take a look at the satellite. most of the bay area cleared out nicely. the exception, coastside. at least near portions of the coast. right now, though, we have mostly clear skies well inland. current numbers, livermore checking in 91. san jose 79. san francisco 64. so we have been advertising this warmup for your friday. and that indeed happened for most of the bay area. here's our live camera towards san francisco. you can see a patch or two of some fog out there in the distance and bit of haze.
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overnight lows partly cloudy skies, and areas of fog coastside and possibly right around the bay. temperatures start out tomorrow morning most areas in the 50s. satellite shows you this. in fact, here's the overall weather pattern. we have this area of high pressure to our south. we're warming up nicely today and this area of low pressure to the north will be in charge of our weather pattern next week with another significant drop-off in our temperatures. this high though as we head toward the weekend, it will actually weaken a little bit. so as a result, a little bit of a drop-off on saturday, not much change into sunday. overall on the weekend 60s to 80s. i'm thinking tomorrow we could have a few spots inland right around 90, 92 degrees. but for most areas it will be cooler than today. this forecast model not producing much in the way of fog but we'll have fog coastside and at the bay and then into the afternoon hours. once again, partly to mostly sunny skies. we still are fairly warm to start off the weekend with 90s in antioch and brentwood.
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santa rosa 87. san francisco 67 degrees. san jose will go with 80 and gilroy right around 90. here's a look ahead at your five-day forecast. not too much change into sunday. still keeping it cool coastside. warm inland. no major heat. cooling off next week. so it looks like this cool to mild weather pattern has been relentless in the bay area and another dose of that heading into next week. one hit is all it took to cost tesla stock's price to evaporate. coming up next our tech expert tells us about the fallout of elon musk who smoked a joint during a podcast interview. >> rapper mac miller died of an apparent drug overdose at the age of 26. how he is being remembered and what tmz is telling us about his struggles with addiction. >> he has songs that he does talk about things like this and even talks about dying young in this one song. ♪
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for millions of baby boomers there's a virus out there. a virus that's serious, like hiv, but it hasn't been talked about much. a virus that's been almost forgotten. it's hepatitis c. one in 30 boomers has hep c, yet most don't even know it. that's because hep c can hide in your body silently for years, and it's not tested for evenin routine blood work.toms e liver damage, even liver cancer.
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but there's important information for us: the cdc recommends all baby boomers get tested for hep c. all it takes is a simple one-time blood test. and if you have hep c, it can be cured. ask your healthcare provider for the simple blood test. for us it's time to get tested. it's the only way to know for sure. we're back with a puff, pass and stock plunge. tesla shares fell more than 6% after elon musk smoked marijuana on a podcast. at one pollen count, he puffed on what joe rogan called a marijuana tobacco cigarette. you see it there in the video. the company also announced today that it's chief accounting officer has resigned after just a month on the job and details are unclear at this point but all
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of this comes weeks after musk tweeted he was taking the company private and decided against it later and then that moody interview with the "new york times" describing the toll the job has taken on him. >> it's been a lot of talk about how he needs a number two in there to alleviate the pressure on him. one of those promotions today a president of automotive really somebody that kind of will handle the manufacturing day to day. >> tesla has struggled with reduction goals of its model three sedans but production and deliveries of the cars have surged in the final days of the quarter. the senate hearing for judge brett kavanaugh wrapped up today closing on a quiet note after an explosive week. but as ray bogan reports from washington, not much was done to change any votes. today agenda is mostly witnesses from both sides presenting opinions on the judge who is not slated to attend. it's been a contentious
5:26 pm
hearing all week with political fireworks on full display thursday. senator cory booker risking his career releasing confidential documents. >> about the closest i'll probably ever have in my life to i am spartacus moment. >> reporter: but the document had been previously cleared for release by president bush's team. a representative said we have said yes to every request by senate democrats to make documents public. >> if you are willing to get kicked out of the senate, make sure the documents have not been already produced. >> reporter: senator kamala harris asked whether kavanaugh would recuse himself from any cases involving the president referring to previous comments made by judge kavanaugh about whether a president should have to answer to criminal charges while in office. >> will you commit to recusing in any case involving the civil or criminal liability of the president who appointed you? >> the independence of the
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judicially requires that i know the commit to how i would decide a particular case. >> reporter: legal experts say it's unlikely the senate will deviate from party lines on this vote and kavanaugh will probably be confirmed later this month. in washington, ray bogan, fox news. >> the fbi is offering a $10,000 reward for information leading to an arrest in an arson at a planned parenthood in watsonville. the fire smoldered until about 7 a.m. when someone saw it and then called 911. watsonville police detectives are working it cal fire as well as the atf and fbi to try to track down the arsonist. they are hoping someone may recognize this person based on their manners. an airbnb nightmare! human waste, garbage, needles, a renter destroys a multi- coming up next, a look inside this house of horrors. >> and this 10-year-old boy
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needs a new heart. he is living in a bay area hospital hoping to get a new heart soon. coming up, how police departments from all over the country are playing a role in this. >> shot doing his job while taking out the garbage. coming up neighbors are shocked about a crime in a neighborhood they considered safe. safe.
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a property manager shock to discover what a renter did to a house in san francisco's marine that district. garbage, needles, human waste around the home. paul chambers reports from the marina district. reporter: these pictures cannot begin to show or describe the horror that was hidden inside a home in san francisco's marina district. >> a foul odor. you couldn't even stay more than 10 seconds in there without having to gag. >> reporter: he took this video of his friend's trashed house. for the last 3 1/2 months, a man rented this space on airbnb and this is how he left
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it, trash and fecal matter on the floor, a bathroom that no longer worked, and a major health hazard, used needles. >> it was hard to discover where the needles were because it was just a tip of the needles that were everywhere and blood stains on the bed. >> reporter: for the time the man stayed in the home he never used trash cans, instead littered on the floor. >> unfortunately, the owner didn't know about it. >> reporter: neighbors never reported any issues about the renter and there were no signs from the outside that there was a problem. however, that all changed last week when the man left at the end of his contract. >> after the gentleman checked out, a cleaner was scheduled to clean it. he said immediately they are not going to clean it. >> reporter: liam says the owner normally pays $100 to clean this 225-square-foot room but with this, it was a lot more.
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he wouldn't say how much the owner paid but did say he had to hire a three-member hazmat crew that usually worked to clean up crime scenes. it took six hours to get the place almost back to normal. and there's still a lot needed to be done. the facade has to be removed outside, a new toilet also. but airbnb will probably foot that portion. in a statement from the company, it says, we have a zero tolerance for this type of behavior and have removed this individual from our community. we are in touch with our host and are fully supporting them under our $1 million host guarantee program. liam says his friend will still rent the space but is left with questions. >> what drives a person to that point where they are locking themselves up and shooting up? >> reporter: rea.m. doesn't know who the renter -- liam doesn't know who the renter was. and the man paid all the money in front. so we don't know how much it was. i went on airbnb's website and looked for a place in the marina. i saw the cheapest you guys out here, the cheapest is $5,000 a month on airbnb. tomorrow morning in san
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francisco from 9 a.m. to noon the city is asking everyone to love our city. they want people to take part in a citywide clean-up. there will be 40 sites throughout san francisco where folks can get what they need to pitch in and pick up. they can go to work on their own blocks or anywhere else they choose. >> come out and love our city. taking care of your neighborhood where you live, pick up litter, sweep your sidewalk. come and be part of taking care of san francisco. >> if you don't have your own broom or dustpan or bags, come and get them. we'll give you the supplies. >> the long-term goal is to get folks to help clean their own neighborhoods while the city does the constant major cleanups citywide. san francisco police say a restaurant worker is recovering in the hospital after he was shot while taking out trash this morning during a robbery. a suspect is custody. rob roth spoke with people in
5:35 pm
the area. people say the area is safe. reporter: marina pizza and cafe on san francisco's lombard street was unexpectedly but not surprisingly closed today because a worker was shot early friday morning while taking out the trash behind the restaurant, police say. >> this employee must have done this dozens and dozens of times without any incident until last night. >> reporter: it happened around 3:00 friday morning. police say the 31-year-old worker was emptying the trash in an alley behind the restaurant when a man approached him. >> as he was throwing out the trash, he was approached by the suspect. the suspect demanded the victim for money and the suspect then shot the victim. >> reporter: shot him for reasons that are unclear. authorities say the worker's wounds are nonlife-threatening injuries. the gunman ran away. a short time after the shooting, police arrested a man here on greenwich street about three blocks away. he is now in custody facing a robbery charge and possibly more.
5:36 pm
police did not release the names of either the man they arrested or the restaurant employee. some people who work near the pizzeria say they were surprised something so violent would happen in the marina. >> this neighborhood used to be safe. i have been here almost 23 years. i can't believe this happened. >> reporter: workers at a nearby restaurant disagree saying they don't believe the area is safe. >> it can happen to any one of us, too. so yeah, that's something that we really need to take precautions of and something we need to talk to our workers and how to be safe. >> reporter: police say they are canvassing the area looking to see if any surveillance cameras caught what happened. and they are asking if anyone saw or heard anything to call them. in san francisco, rob roth, ktvu fox 2 news. there has been another heist at a bay area apple store. the latest crime happened at the apple store on north santa cruz avenue in los gatos. officers responded to a report of three men stealing merchandise that was on display inside the store on
5:37 pm
wednesday at 1:40 p.m. investigators are asking anyone with information to contact them. the latest developments aboun about the trump administration in the "new york times." coming up next, the suggestion from the president in an effort to find out who wrote that op-ed. >> plus, the latest good news about the job market and the american economy. don't call it a comeback. i've been here for years. rockin' my peers. puttin' suckas in fear. don't you dare stare. you better move. listen to the bass go boom. i'm gonna knock you out. mama said knock you out.
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don't call it a comeback. i've been here for years.
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president trump is calling on attorney general jeff sessions to investigate the identity of the author of an anonymous "new york times" opinion piece critical of the president. the newspaper said only that it was written by a senior administration official. the president said on air force one that he believes the opinion piece is a national security threat. >> i would think jeff should be investigating who the author of that piece was because i really believe it's national security. >> however, a white house official tells the "associated press" that the president's comments about wanting an investigation did not amount to an order to federal prosecutors. former trump campaign adviser george papadopoulos was sentenced today for lying to the fbi about his contacts with russia. the sentenced gave him 14 days in prison because ked for six
5:41 pm
months. papadopoulos is the first sentenced in special counsel robert mueller's investigation. it shows his contacts with russians triggered the fbi probe into potential coordination between russia and the trump campaign. >> former president obama publicly criticized president trump by name the first time since the election. this comes as party leaders are looking to the midterms. >> reporter: the last two presidents are campaigning for their parties both of which hope to control congress in january and neither is afraid to be blunt. >> if you thought elections don't matter, i hope these last two years have corrected that impression! >> reporter: president obama holding nothing back while speaking to students at the university of illinois this afternoon urging them to vote in november. >> what happened to the republican party?! >> reporter: mr. obama knocking the gop and president trump on a smorgasbord of issues including the national debt, healthcare and pulling out of the paris climate accord. >> i'm proud to be an american ♪[ music ] >> reporter: but president
5:42 pm
trump hit back an hour later in north dakota. >> he said, um, what did you think of president obama's speech? i said, i'm sorry, i watched it but i fell asleep. >> reporter: both presidents taking credit for a strong economy. >> the numbers were great. the job numbers were great. the numbers have been incredible. >> let's just remember when this recovery started. >> reporter: they also agreed the "new york times" anonymous op-ed bashing the current commander-in-chief did not help the country. >> they're not doing us a service by actively promoting 90% of the crazy stuff that's coming out of this white house! >> reporter: aboard air force one today, president trump said attorney general jeff sessions should investigate the paper. >> i think it's a disgrace that somebody can do that. >> reporter: president trump has a break neck campaign schedule over the next couple of months. in addition to his two rallies in north and south dakota today, next week the president is in missouri and mississippi. in washington, ray bogan, fox news.
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president trump threatened china with more tariffs. he was prepared to tax essentially all chinese goods imported to the u.s. if beijing didn't change its trade practices. it comes as the administration is moving forward with another round of tariffs on $200 billion worth of chinese imports including many everyday consumer products like electronics and hardware. there is some good news about the current job market here in the u.s. the labor department announced today u.s. employers added 201,000 jobs last month. that's 10,000 more than expected. the nation's unemployment remains at 3.9% which is near an 18-year low. and u.s. stock markets closed lower today despite the strong job report. the dow was down 79. nasdaq down 20. the s&p down 6. it's the one thing to lift
5:44 pm
a young boy's spirits as he waits in hospital for a transplant. that one thing is coming from all over the u.s. coming up next we're there as the latest delivery arrives. >> to make this a little more enjoyable than just sitting here wondering when i get to go home. >> and in weather, lots of sunshine today across most of the bay area with warming temperatures. in fact, finally some 90s to report this afternoon. a bit of a change as we head towards your weekend. we'll shave off a few degrees on the temperatures. we'll have that forecast coming up.
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a 10-year-old is on the heart transplant list holding out hope that he will be able to get a new heart soon. but in the meantime, he has a project to pass the time. it's now gone viral. as ann rubin explains, he is getting patches from police and fire departments around the country sent to him at lucille packard children's hospital. >> reporter: some have been delivered in person, others by mail. >> we would get a lot a day. >> reporter: braden estimates he has received more than 560 police and fire patches so far. his mother challenged him to collect one from every state while he waits at the hospital for a heart transplant. >> what's it like to be hear waiting? >> awful. >> reporter: 10-year-old braden was born with a heart defect. there were surgeries and treatments that helped for a while. >> he was able to be home with
5:48 pm
us for additional five years before we got to this point unfortunately a few months ago to where he is now having to stay here until we get the call. >> reporter: for 1659 days, the family from bakersfield has been waiting for a heart. the last 83 of them have been spent living at the hospital. >> we have waited for so long. sometimes it's hard to believe that call is coming. >> reporter: they say that is why the patch challenge has proved to be so important. it's a happy distraction. >> he wanted to collect patches and it's something we can do to make his stay a little easier. >> reporter: chp came today armed with patches and gifts. >> like braden, jr., is what i'm calling him. >> reporter: san jose police came last week bringing this guy. he didn't mention it publicly before but there is a special reason why braden loves first responders. he has two in the family. >> because of my dad and my grandpa. >> reporter: and this week, he
5:49 pm
finally met his goal collecting a patch from every state. he is thinking maybe he should try for a world record next. >> make this a little more enjoyable than just sitting here wondering when i get to go home. so that's the biggest question is when do i get to go home? >> reporter: the plan now is to take all these patches and put his grandmother to work turning them all into quilts. in palo alto, ann rubin, ktvu fox 2 news. one more weekend of demolition on the old span of the bay bridge. tomorrow caltrans will implode two marine foundations as the final phase of the demolition process. as with previous implosions, caltrans will conduct environmental monitoring before, each blast. the chp will also have rolling traffic closures up to 30 minutes on the approach to the bridge. the bay bridge bicycle and pedestrian path will be closed during the work. the weekend is almost here and looks like we'll be
5:50 pm
talking about warm temperatures inland but today the hottest day of the week. we have been advertising that all week long. taking a look at the numbers this afternoon, we have some 90s. a lot of 90s to report for a change toward concord, fairfield, antioch and livermore. morgan hill 9 4. oakland 73 degrees. and some 80s up towards san rafael and santa rosa, only 58 in pacifica. quick update. a tropical update on the east coast. this is now a tropical storm. tropical storm florence packing winds 65 miles an hour so this is weakened. but this will strengthen into next week. the spaghetti plot shows you the different forecast models. look what could be happening into next week. possibly approaching the carolinas, but, of course, that far out things could change a lot between now and then. this is what the hurricane center is going with.
5:51 pm
this will strengthen this weekend. wednesday, possibly a major hurricane category 4. this track could be changing quite a bit. but this could be potentially a big concern for the east coast into next week with tropical storm florence eventually becoming a major hurricane. back here in the bay area, we still have this, haze in the sky. and still some patchy fog near the coast this afternoon. showing up nicely on the satellite, especially south of the golden gate bridge. looks like maybe a few patches though pushing back into san francisco bay. we talked about the hot numbers inland. showing you some 90s once again out toward concord, walnut creek. san jose 79. san francisco downtown 61. santa rosa 84. tomorrow morning 50s across the board here. starting to feel like fall with a chill in the air. and here's the satellite. we are starting to see more storms develop to the north. no rainfall for us. but this will definitely cool us off into next week. that will be the developing weather story into next week. and the short term the high
5:52 pm
that warmed us up will begin to weaken so as a result 60s to the 80s. i'm thinking tomorrow for saturday, we could still have a few spots close to 90. this forecast model not too generous with the cloud cover tomorrow morning. we could still have areas of fog coastside and a few patches right around the bay. and then into the afternoon hours, partly to mostly sunny skies. temperatures ranging from the 60s coastside and still some 90s well inland. maybe around 90 to 92. maybe 93 in brentwood. most areas will be a little cooler than today. santa rosa 87. there's that 67 in san francisco. down towards san jose it will go 80 and gilroy 90 degrees. looking ahead to the five-day forecast, still fairly nice for the weekend, not too much change into sunday but look what happens into next week. definitely cooling things off so no triple digits. no 90s. just some 70s and 80s into monday and tuesday of next week. but the weekend, guys, looking good. thank you.
5:53 pm
dallas police are seek a manslaughter charge against one of their own officers. a deadly case of a mistaken address when an off-duty police officer walks into the wrong house and kills her neighbor. >> mac miller rapper dead of a drug overdose at the age of 26. how he is being remembered and what tmz is saying about his struggles with addiction. >> it was a friend that found him and who alert and called 911. (music throughout)
5:54 pm
5:55 pm
online sales of nike apparel and shoes surged after former 49er quarterback turned activist colin kaepernick became the face of the company's new aign. nike's kaepernick ad debuted monday afternoon labor day. sales figures released today
5:56 pm
show orders jumped 27% during the next four days from its unusual sales figures around labor day. it's an early look at how the company may fare after deliberately wading into controversial political topics. investigators say a gunman fired randomly. police say they don't know why 29-year-old omar enrique santa perez decided to open fire in the building. he never worked there and an apartment search has no answers. investigators in cincinnati hope new security footage today will help them get some answers here. that 64-year-old contractor and 48-year-old bank employee and 25-year-old contractor all died in the attack. two people remain hospitalized this evening. dallas police are seeking a manslaughter warrant against an off-duty police officer who says she shot a man in the apartment she thought was hers. fox's david lee miller reports
5:57 pm
on the investigation into the bizarre shooting. >> reporter: they are investigating the fatal shooting of a man in dallas by an off-duty police officer. >> right now, there are more questions than answers. >> reporter: the officer unusually said she killed her neighbor after mistaking his apartment for her own. >> the officer was in full uniform and just finished working a full shift. and she reported to responding officers that when she came home, she entered into the victim's apartment believing it was her own apartment and that at some point she pulled her weapon and shot the victim. >> reporter: the 26-year-old person was pronounced dead at the hospital. the st. lucia native worked at an accounting firm in dallas. now dallas police are seeking a manslaughter charge against the officer. the texas rangers are conducting an independent
5:58 pm
investigation to determine what led up to the shooting. >> i have spoken with the family, the sister specifically. my condolences have been given to them and we have reassured them that we are working diligently and that we have invited an outside agency to investigate this. >> police haven't released the name of the officer. she is white, the victim is black. officials are not saying whether race was a factor. in new york, david lee miller, fox news. president trump has agreed to a new aggressive military policy in syria reserving his early pledge to bring u.s. troops home from the war-torn country. the new policy extends the u.s. military campaign against the "islamic state" in syria indefinitely. u.n. ambassador haley is bluntly telling the syrian government and its allies the u.s. will not look the other way as civilians are killed. >> if assad, russia and iran
5:59 pm
continue, the consequences will be dire. >> leaders from russia, iran and turkey met in tehran today to discuss the crisis in syria. those nations are all pushing back at what they call america's interference in a regional conflict. a chain of family-run care facilities in the bay area now the center of a human trafficking and weapons investigation. tonight four people are under arrest. >> while the employees were providing by all accounts loving care, they were doing so under egregious circumstances. >> the state attorney general there. the victims in this case he says immigrants from the philippines who worked long days and during inhumane conditions. thank you for joining us. i'm andre senior. >> and i'm alyana gomez. xavier becerra claims the victims were told they would be turned over to immigration
6:00 pm
officials if they complained. the four suspects were identified. one is accused of raping an employee. new details from henry lee live in the newsroom with more. >> reporter: alyana, this family operated six rainbow bright facilities in south san francisco, daly city and pacifica. the workers took care of children and the elderly while their bosses allegedly trafficked them and stockpiled guns. >> these weapons come from the operators of adult daycare facilities and child care facilities. >> reporter: investigators say 14 illegal assault weapons were found at rainbow bright facilities along the peninsula. four members of a family operated four adult care homes and two-day cares including this home in daly city right across westmoor high school. >> concerned, because, you know, what kind of people do that? >> reporter: authorities say three of the weapons were ghost gun rifles without serial numbers. >> why you need this


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