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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 5pm  FOX  September 10, 2018 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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witnesses saw. julie and frank, the video is nd by the muni bus. you can see the window cracked from the damage left behind from that bus. meanwhile, the driver at last report is in serious condition at an area hospital. a handful of passengers on board are recovering from what we hear are minor injuries. this dash cam video captured the early morning crash. it's quick, but you can see the 28 bus heading eastbound on lombard street, slam over the median, crash into a tree and then dry-cleaning business. the driver who captured it on video saw it unfold before his eyes. >> i saw the bus jump over the divider. and then somehow, it was a slow >> reporter:
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the bus, bystanders were already working to get the driver and passengers cleared. witnesses say the driver was the worst, pinned inside of the bus. witnesses tell me a guest at the hotel helped free him. muni says the 66-year-old operator had been driving with muni for a long time. was still not clear at this time is whether the driver is in serious condition for the crash, or if he had some kind of medical emergency that led to the crash. >> not only to have access to the surveillance video that has been posted online but we do have cameras aboard the bus that has angles inside the bus, outside the bus, and video footage of the operator as well. >> reporter: once the driver and handful of passengers were cleared from the wreckage, crews worked fast, removing the bus, clearing the street and repairing the sidewalk, trying to get lombard street ready for the evening commute. >> public works has been instrumental in helping to remove materials that have been blocking the street including the tree that was here.
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>> reporter: one more look at that dramatic video. guys, you can imagine the devastation of the bus careening out of control and damage it could have done if there had been more traffic at that time were more people walking on the sidewalk. meanwhile, muni telling us the bus was outfitted with a dozen cameras, including one aimed directly at the driver. sfpd and muni are going to be looking at the footage, trying to piece together what happened in the moments leading up to the crash. trying to figure out what happened and what caused all of this. for now, live in san francisco, christien kafton, ktvu fox 2 news. >> that video is something. thank you. authorities say a man whose body was found along the railroad tracks in east bay was the victim of a homicide. hikers were in niles canyon when they spotted the body yesterday afternoon. we are told the victim was a man in his 20s. the alameda county sheriff's office is withholding details on how they think he was killed but say they don't believe he
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was there long and may have been killed at the scene. the coroner's office is working to identify the man. nearly 3 dozen people with ties to gangs have been indicted, but not for street crimes. investigators say they broke into medical officers to steal credit card terminals. crime reporter henry lee is at the walnut creek police department with more on what they allegedly did after those burglaries. henry? >> reporter: the gang members weren't going to the dentist to get their teeth cleaned. instead, they were yanking credit card machines in order to get illegal refunds. >> the machines were sitting right here. they were in and out in 10 seconds. >> reporter: this dentist runs oak boat dental in concord. back in 2015, someone broke into his office in the middle of the night. >> we came over here. the front door was smashed. we thought we got lucky and they did not steal anything. then we realized that our credit card processing machine was gone. >> reporter: his office made many calls and got record, showing someone had repeatedly charged just under $500, the
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max at the time. the money was placed under debit cards pocketed by the gangs. >> they took out $3000 from my account. >> reporter: for him, it was like pulling teeth to extract any answers from his bank and credit card processor. >> all of them were pointing fingers at each other. >> reporter: no one seemed to be getting the blame until now. had a news conference, xavier becerra announced a 32 count indictment against people in pittsburgh, antioch, and they .. this was the result of operation can stripe. >> last day was a proud day for northern california law enforcement but dozens of people will now be answering for their crimes, and we can only imagine how many new crimes have been prevented. >> reporter: he said many defendants face enhancements from major financial losses. >> we found that the stolen terminals have been used to process over $1 million in fraudulent returns. now, that's what we found. we know there is more out there. >> reporter: dental and medical offices were hit hard, as were
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other businesses with devices that were not password- protected. the attorney general issued this morning. >> if your credit card terminals allow you to set up a password, do it. don't wait. if they don't allow you to set up a password, then take those terminals, and lock them up. >> reporter: eric eidbo says he's glad the burglars who were locked in his office are locked up, too. >> it might seem that they don't hurt anyone, because they don't see all of that money, and, it adds up. and, it impacts a lot of different people. >> reporter: the dentist that we spoke to has never gotten his money back, but what he has done is installed a password on his credit card machine which he now keeps under lock and key. frank? >> what do we know about these 32 people. young, old? are they expecting anymore arrest? >> reporter: the criminal complaint blacked out the dates of birth of the 32 defendants.
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most of them are tied to these two gangs in antioch and pittsburgh bay point. they do have ties. the gang members are associates of these two gangs. >> henry lee live for us tonight, thank you. an 8-year-old girl is in critical condition after nearly drowning in a swimming pool at an east bay country club. first responders from alameda county fire and the sheriff's office were called to castlewood country club near pleasanton at 2:30 yesterday afternoon. that's where a lifeguard saw the little girl in the pool and realized she was in distress. she received cpr and was taken to ucsf benioff oakland children's hospital for treatment. investigators say it was a busy day at the pool. >> the pool was pretty crowded yesterday here. and as a result, somewhere along the way, this child went under, and we all know that that takes mere seconds for a child to go into distress. >> reporter: investigators say the lifeguards are trained and did the job they were expected
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to do. right now, officials say this appears to be a tragic accident. there is some positive news tonight from the fires in napa county where containment is growing in the snell fire. cal fire says it is 30% contained. the fire has burned 2500 acres since saturday afternoon. the cause is still under investigation. evacuations in the area of snell valley road, southeast of middletown, have been lifted. ktvu's tom vacar is in napa. hundreds of firefighters are still on the scene. >> reporter: that's exactly right. at the moment, the winds are very, very small. very light winds and all of that stuff. because of that, this thing won't blow up into another mega fire, but that's totally dependent on what those winds do. evacuations ordered on saturday here in napa county estates, a mountainside of homes, were rescinded as firefighters continue to battle the flames
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which have moved on. >> we just looked at the evacuations at 11:00 this morning which is very good news. we've got the fire pretty well inside a box. we are quite comfortable. we are in a good, safe place for population. there is still a lot of firefighting going on within the permit, of course. >> reporter: the evacuation glad to be back unscathed. >> i was hoping it would not get over the water. and all the trucks we saw come in when we were going out. i was pretty comfortable. >> reporter: excellent firefighting and the natural break of the stream down there kept the fire from coming up here into the estates. but, had the winds been howling, it would have been quite a different story. because, there is plenty to burn on this side of the stream. >> this is the third time evacuated. we are the only spot left to burn. me and my neighbor spent quite a bit of time weeding and mowing out here for that reason. >> reporter: occasionally, we saw small flareups on the surrounding mountains. but, no towering columns of smoke.
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>> no structures were lost, either homes, or other structures. a very good outcome at this point but the forecast is looking fairly good. fairly tame winds which is what we had yesterday. >> reporter: all of these fires have come at a cost to many. >> a lot of people here, the insurance rates are up. a few people have canceled. that is a consideration. it's different living out here. i like it. but, the fire, it kind of puts a negative spin on it. >> reporter: 1241 firefighters on the lines, 132 fire engines. there are a total of 34 fire crews, seven helicopters, 24 dozers, and about 20 water tenders. all of those are absolutely essential to make sure that this does not blow up into some sort of a really, really large kind of fire. so far, so good. tom vacar, ktvu fox 2 news. >> tom, this has been a really rough fire season. we still have to get through september and the next month, october. how many acres have burned so
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far across california? >> reporter: at the moment, as of new year's day to now, 1,325,000 acres of land have burned. that is about what happened in all of last year. the record is 1.6 million acres, just under that. we will easily reach that, if we just have the normal array of fires. if we have any other big ones, we will exceed it by far. >> tom vacar, thank you. speaking of fires, a major highway that connects northern california reopened this morning. the delta fire roared along i- 5, forcing it to be closed for six days. one lane in each direction near the oregon border has now reopened, but with restrictions and warnings of slow traffic. all of this comes as firefighters are still having a tough time getting the delta fire under control. the huge wildfire north of reading has now grown to more than 40,000 acres, and as of tonight, it's only 5% contained.
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>> i just did not want any of our kids to be hurt. that was the primary objective. >> the former police officer accused of driving a stolen car and attempting to drive into a stadiumn packed with youth football players. coming up at 5:30, we talked with a man who jumped into the backseat of that stolen car, and helped end the situation. also, tech expansion is having a real-life impact on city services. still to come tonight, a bay area police officers association writes a letter to the city, worried about a rapid increase in traffic gridlock and 911 calls. the raiders are set to kickoff their new season here at oakland coliseum. coming up, what john gruden had to say about his much- anticipated return to the sidelines. >> good news for firefighting efforts in the weather forecast. we will talk about what we can expect in the upcoming weeks. california phones offers free specialized phones... like cordless phones,
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monday night football kicks off the season in oakland tonight. the raiders take on the l.a. rams this evening and the pregame show, "monday night countdown," is broadcasting live from jack london square. this was afternoon as randy moss, charles wilson and others got fans ready for two monday night games tonight. the raiders are the second game of a doubleheader. and it has been an off-season, culminating in the trade of khalil mack last week. >> boy, did he play well for the chicago bears yesterday. tonight, the team gets to put that behind them in front of a national audience. ktvu's scott reese is at the national coliseum. take it away, scott. >> yeah, frank. building the drama toward this monday night football opener. the raiders and the rams are just starting to stream and at
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the coliseum. a lot of excitement about the team, which should look considerably different from last year's team. you mentioned khalil mack and what he did last night. of course, raiders fans don't want to think about that because they are looking forward, not backward. that means the debut of players like jordy nelson who comes over here from the green bay packers. doug martin, new running back for the raiders. we will see him tonight. and, oh, yeah. there is that john gruden thing. his return to the sidelines for the first time in 17 years. we have been talking about it since january and tonight, it finally happens. of course, gruden, hopefully much wiser, certainly 17 years older. certainly that much wiser than when he first coached a raider game. he went 38-26 during his first stint including a couple of playoff appearances. then it was tampa bay and then of course, media time with espn. we know gruden still has fire and passion for the game but does he still get the pregame jitters? >> i'm just as excited. you know, you get the
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butterflies. it's the same way every year. especially opening day. this is really special for me. i know there has been a lot of news with what happened. i want to do everything i can to bring the raiders back that i like the effort that our team has put forth. our coaching staff. that will be special going out there monday night, that's for sure. >> of course, there's plenty of history between the two head coaches tonight. back in 1970, john mcveigh, hired jim gruden, jon's father as an assistant coach at the university of dayton and families have been tight ever since. in 2008, jon gruden returned the favor, hiring sean mcveigh as an assistant to his team and tampa bay. mcveigh, the rams' head coach and rainy nfl coach of the year. back here live at the coliseum, derek carr has made his way on field for some pregame warm- ups. we are still close to two hours from kickoff.
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a lot of hurry up and wait until then. you can really feel the buzz in the parking lot. tailgate central. going to be a packed house. and , too, former l.a. area rivals, raiders and rams. >> i remember when joe gibbs was the coach of the washington redskins. he left football and became a race car owner. and, he came back, i'm guessing, 10 days later. it just wasn't the same. the coach for the raiders now, jon gruden, has been gone for 17 seasons. has football passed him by or no? >> remember, he has been gone from here for 17 seasons. he has only been out of coaching about 10. he spent that time as an analyst on espn. he has been constantly watching film and tape. you know the cornerback camp, which had jared goff and derek carr participating in. so, it's not like he was on pluto, far removed from football. he did not get any dumber. i think he is the same coach that he was.
5:18 pm
i think he is up to speed on how the game has evolved during that stretch. one example from the college game, herman edwards, who similarly left coaching, was an espn analyst for a lot of years and now comes back to be the head coach at arizona state, people asking the same thing. arizona state has been two good teams and opened a lot of fights in the college season. going to espn and being a media member does not make you forget how to coach. >> and you have to expect a lot out of the rams, too. son mcveigh, the youngest coach in the nfl, and also the whole connection like you said between these two, the mcveigh family, sean mcveigh. tim mcveigh will be watching tonight. such an exciting night for the family. but, he took the rams to the playoffs last year so they are going to be a good team this year, don't you think? >> well like i mentioned, his the reigning nfl coach of the year. so, sean mcvay really opened eyes last yeaand jared goff took the big step forward between year one and year two. much like derek carr did when he
5:19 pm
led the raiders to the 12-4 season. to answer your question, the raiders should be really good again. they are coming off a playoff season, they've got donald, unlike career -- khalil mack. he held out, but he signed and will play tonight against the raiders. no question, coach has his work cut out for him in his first time back on the sidelines. >> we will find out in about two hours. >> a lot of fun to watch, scott, thank you. well, this is something we don't talk about much here, but, tim mcvay was our old boss. sean mcvay, he was tim's boy. we used to see him around here all the time when he was just out of high school. >> and he went to play for miami of ohio. i believe he was a wide receiver with miami of ohio. >> i will think he went to work with john gruden. >> isn't that crazy? he was running backs coach for the washington redskins. he could not have been more than 21 and he had a playbook. he was running the offensive
5:20 pm
running backs. >> and there is always comparisons between son mcvay and john gruden. their mannerisms. they kind of look alike, they are short, have blonde hair, and the way they talk. it is fun to watch the video on both of them. >> it's going to be a fun night because like you said, team is in town. i remember that little guy. it looks like a phonebook. in high school, we had 10 plays. okay. we are looking at hurricane florence. it is a big deal. it upgraded last night. it was a category 2 and then, bang, bang, bang. it wants the whole category 4 status as it moves along the atlantic. you can see her wednesday, it could bump up to a 5 because we are moving into pretty warm water. we are not seeing a lot of upper level shear which is what tears these things apart. when you start to see the clouds drifting off, pulling things away, that is upper level shear. typically, you will break down a hurricane. as you watch, this thing is
5:21 pm
going to come on shore. potentially category 4. anywhere with this in that area. it could be anywhere between here and here. that is a 300 mile spread. so, that's the big weather story. the fog along the coast for us is the weather story. and, it's not that big. i mean, we've got just a little bit of it out there. there will be more tonight, but it really is starting to feel a lot like fall out here with temperatures generally about where they were yesterday. so, we are seeing upper 80s, low 90s. the general trend if you were with us last night is for temperatures to really cool off. that will happen toward the middle of the week with numbers in the inland valley just in the upper 70s and low 80s. so for firefighting concerns, it is huge. there is also an air quality advisory. the air quality, it's not a spare the air day. so, it's a lesser deal but basically, from all of the smoke and higher elevation. you will see the sunset. you may smell it if you are up
5:22 pm
and higher elevation, like stay up around the mountains or somewhere like that. there it is. temperatures tomorrow and beyond are going to start to cool down. firefighters on all northern california fires are getting a big, big, big break for this week. i'll be back with the specifics. governor brown, trying to make sure california leads the way on climate change. coming up next tonight, the new goal for the state to become carbon neutral. (music throughout)
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it's the only way to know for sure. california is set to take
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major steps over the next 25 years to drastically reduce carbon emissions. it sets a goal of producing 60% renewable energy by 2030, and 100% by 2045. there was also an order signed, directing the state to achieve carbon neutrality by 2045, removing as much carbon emissions as it produces. the governor said it's not an easy goal but is necessary for the survival of the planet. >> california is committed to doing whatever is necessary, to meet the existential threat of climate change. and yes, it is an existential threat. no matter what the naysayers may say, it is a real and present danger to california and people of the world. >> this comes as the governor prepares to host the global climate actions summit in san francisco starting wednesday. more than 4500 delegates from all over the world are expected to attend.
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explosive growth fueled by the tech center has punted the sunnyvale police unit to take an unprecedented step. >> they have taken a step, writing letters to see leaders, expressing concern over how continued growth will impact services like 911 calls. our south a reporter has the letter and city's response. >> reporter: google's already sizable footprint in sunnyvale is poised for expansion. the company is primed to purchase upwards of 200,000 feet of office space in the city's moffat park section. that's the tip of the iceberg of piecemeal growth, if a proposed 1 million square foot campus comes to fruition. >> police officers and firefighters in sunnyvale have watce thming to town. they've dealt with impacts of increased call volumes, longer response times, increased traffic. >> reporter: in of the publsa his president penned a letter to city leaders a few days ago, stating google's proposals will result in an explosion of daytime population, increasing traffic
5:27 pm
gridlock and increased 911 calls. >> wanting to make sure that the city is looking at what the problems are going to be as it relates to public safety and making sure that they get addressed. >> reporter: san jose state and urban regional planning professor kelly snyder says the blessing and curse of bay area living is the allure that brings companies here. followed in short order by the hassles of overcrowding. snyder says all the municipalities need to plan for business development and all that comes with it. >> better transit, more bus lanes, more bike lanes, less parking restrictions. or, rather, less parking options, so that people are encouraged to take the bus, or take the bike, or take the train to work. we also have to figure out how to build housing for all those employees. >> reporter: public safety union leaders say sunnyvale's mayor has already extended an olive branch. the city issued an emailed statement reading in part, we continue to evaluate our service levels and work for the city council during the budget process, to balance resources
5:28 pm
and needs for our entire community. the statement goes on to say sunnyvale is expanding new studies including fiscal impact analysis of the moffat park site. leaders hope to have a sit down with the mayor sometime this week. in the san jose studio, i'm jesse gary, ktvu fox 2 news. a former police officer accused of stealing a car and trying to drive it right into a stadium filled with hundreds of young football players. >> the gravity of this situation is, he was able to come onto the field, or to come into the crowd. it could have been devastating. >> coming up next, we talked to the person who risked their life to jump into the backseat of the car to help bring the situation to an end. plus -- >> yet another book about the inner workings of the trump white house is set to hit the shelves, and it has the administration doing damage control. i'm lauren blanchard in washington with more coming up. (male speaker) as people who love the outdoors,
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a former police officer is in custody tonight, accused of
5:32 pm
stealing an suv and trying to drive onto the field during a youth football game in gilroy. we spoke with the man who jumped into the man to get car to keep him from hitting any of the kids. >> reporter: authorities say chad browning, a former hollister police officer, stole a vehicle, went to gilroy, and attempted to drive into a stadium, full of hundreds of fifth and sixth grade football players. you might have succeeded if not for this man, willie, one of the pop warner board members. >> i opened up the back door and got in. >> reporter: you try to reason with him but says browning appeared to be under the influence. authorities later found meth in the car. >> he was claiming to be a undercover officer, that, i can't have as evidence. >> reporter: in the meantime, the game's announcer told parents and kids to hide under the bleachers. >> i was just like, calm down.
5:33 pm
we are going to be okay. you've got to stay low, hide. we will stay here until we know it's okay to. >> reporter: adding to the confusion, chad browning apparently stole a cell phone and used it to call gilroy police to announce his intentions. an officer arrived as browning went barreling toward the athletic field. >> he had nowhere to move to get out of the way. and, mr. browning was accelerated at a high speed of -- rate of speed. forcing the officer to defend himself. >> he saw the officer forcing d all i could think was, get low. >> reporter: the shots struck the vehicle but not either man inside. >> i jumped up, grabbed the steering wheel and spun it around. >> reporter: browning was taken into the -- into custody on the spot. and, willie is being hailed a hero. he says he is just happy no one got hurt. >> i did not have time to think about myself. i was trying to protect those kids. >> reporter: browning faces charges for auto theft, possession of meth, an assault
5:34 pm
with a deadly weapon on a peace officer. he is expected to be arraigned sometime this week. in gilroy, ann rubin, ktvu fox 2 news. a walk in support of rape survivors kicked off today in san francisco. the 100 women walk to sacramento is in support of janitors who are survivors of rape. participants are asking governor jerry brown to sign legislation that would affect janitors' contract, pay, and create greater protection against sexual assault. in recent years, workers take the janitorial industry has experienced an epidemic in sexual violence. night shift workers are especially at risk. >> your courage, your sacrifice is not only standing up for your colleagues and members but again, for women everywhere. >> reporter: many victims say they are afraid to come forward to report rape or dangerous working conditions because of abuse that employees use, threats, or deportation to keep
5:35 pm
them silent. if governor brown signs the bill, employers would have to prove they have been through sexual harassment training, and a committee would be created to oversee the process.. training would also be used so that women could be educated about the risks involved with working night shifts. investigators in oakland are trying to figure out the cause of a two alarm fire that broke out in an apartment building in the rockridge neighborhood. the fire was first reported shortly after 1:00 this afternoon on keith avenue, not far from highway 24 in the rockridge bar station. oakland fire crews were on the scene in just minutes before the fire broke out. >> 35 fire responders responded, contain the fire to the second floor of the unit. it isntained it to the second floor, to two units in the top floor. >> it took fire crews 15 e no r injuries, and the flames did not appear to cause any major damage. in the south bay, power has been restored after a widespread outage. pg&e says more than 19,000 customers in san jose lost
5:36 pm
power around 8:30 this morning. the outage was centered in the willow glen neighborhood, south of highway 280. we are told the cause was an equipment failure. power was fully restored by about 9:40 this morning. the white house top economist says president trump's latest tweets about the u.s. economy were wrong. this morning, mr. trump used a pair of statistics to support what he called strong growth due to his economic policies. however, an economic advisor said later today, he doesn't know how the president came up with this false information. but at the same time, kevin hassett strongly defended the trump administration's economic accomplishments. >> let me say, the history of thought of how errors happen is not something that i can engage in. because, like from the initial fact,to what the president said, i don't know the whole chain of command. but what is true is that it's the highest in 10 years. >> earlier today, president trump tweeted that the gross domestic product rate is higher
5:37 pm
than the unemployment rate for the first time in over 100 years. several news organizations immediately reported that was simply not true. it was a mixed day on wall street as investors reset their focus on the ongoing trade dispute between the united states and shall not. the dow average fell 59, the nasdaq was up 21, s&p 500 up five. president trump today called the white house a smooth running machine. this comes one day before the release of bob woodward's new book on his administration. fox news' lauren blanchard tells us the news comes as the white house is trying to figure out which senior official wrote last week's scathing op-ed in "the new york times." >> reporter: president trump on twitter this morning, touting the economy, slamming democrats, and calling his white house quote, a smooth running machine. this series of posts coming as the president faces increasing pressure ahead of the release of bob woodward's book. "fear: trump in the white house."
5:38 pm
president trump calling it a joke, and says he will write his own book on his presidency. >> the accomplishments of this president in the first 21 months would be impressive by any measure. but under the constant assault on attack that we all absorb, they are that much more remarkable. >> reporter: all this coming as fallout continues over the anonymous op-ed published by "the new york times." in it, a senior white house official slams the president and his decision-making. >> to have an individual who took that oath, literally say that they work every day to frustrate the president, advancing the agenda he was elected to advance, is not democratic. >> the honorable thing to do is to resign and go public with the author's concerns about the fitness to serve. >> reporter: the president, not just facing pressure from the inside, his predecessor, president obama, now hitting the campaign trail, ahead of the november midterm elections. >> if we don't step up, things
5:39 pm
can get worse. >> reporter: the upcoming midterms have the potential to change the balance of power in washington. right now, republicans control congress. but many analysts say democrats have a good chance at taking the house in november. in washington, lauren blanchard, ktvu fox 2 news. fighting back against an oil and gas pipeline. up next tonight, details about the lawsuit taking on the trump administration and keystone pipeline. plus, preparing for the worst. people in several states along the east coast, packing up several sandbags, buying up supplies and boarding up their homes, as a very dangerous category 4 hurricane takes aim. in 2011, california passed a law requiring carbon monoxide alarms in single-fami... (beeping) single-family homes. that was seven years ago. (beeping) carbon monoxide alarms...
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two native american tribes are the latest to file a lawsuit over the controversial keystone oil pipeline. tribe members are accusing the trump administration of unlawfully approving the a billion dollar pipeline without considering potential damage to cultural sites. the line would stretch nearly 1200 miles, from canada to nebraska, and passed through the ancestral homelands of tribes in south dakota and montana. last month, a judge ordered the state department to conduct a more thorough review of the path after state regulators in the breast changed the route, prompting environmentalists to take legal action. the trump administration has threatened the international criminal court with sanctions if the court pursues the investigation of
5:43 pm
american troops in afghanistan. national security advisor john bolton about the u.s. will use, quoting here, any means necessary to defend the united states and its allies, if the icc perceives with an investigation into alleged war crimes. bolton also called the court illegitimate. the icc has been looking into alleged war crimes by both u.s. troops and american spy agencies during the long war in afghanistan. cbs reached a deal to have ceo les moonves leave the company. cbs announced plans to pay les moonves $120 million if the company's ongoing investigation fails to find any evidence of sexual misconduct. he resigned yesterday, just hours after six more women claim that he sexually harassed, or assaulted them. six other women had previously accused him of sexual misconduct. cbs has hired two law firms to investigate the claims. late celebrity chef and tv hose anthony bourdain was honored with six emmy awards
5:44 pm
during last night two emmy awards. he was found dead in june of an apparent suicide. he received the awards for his show, "anthony bourdain: parts unknown," and his digital series, "anthony bourdain: explore parts unknown." he was working on an episode for "parts unknown" when he hanged himself in the bathroom of his hotel room in france. still to come here, a life- threatening storm, gaining strength in the alive tech -- atlantic ocean. taking him on the east coast. people are boarding up their homes before the category 4 hurricane hits. >> when weather forecasters tell us life-threatening, we know that is serious. and, calm at the coast right now, but there should be fog returning tonight. we'll talk about a cooler weather pattern heading our way.
5:45 pm
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one year ago, we launched a series of reports on what's being done across the bay area to end homeless. starting today, we are hearing from bay area leaders about the progress they've made since then. today, we spoke with the mayor of berkeley on "the four on 2." he says that a new navigation center that opened in late june has helped dozens of people. >> we provide benefits advocacy, mental health services, employment services, connecting people to housing. the goal is to get people into
5:48 pm
>> berkeley residents will vote on a $130 million bond measure in november to create more low income housing over the next two weeks. we will talk with other bay area leaders about their efforts to help people living on the streets. state health officials announced today california's first death of 2018 due to the west nile virus. the california department of public health says one fatal case was in glenn county, in the sacramento valley. the second was in yuma county which includes the cities of yuba city and marysville. there have been a total of 56 human cases in 21 california counties this year. this is a peak period for west nile, which is often transmitted to humans by the bite of an infected mosquito. a major category 4 hurricane is inching toward the east coast. it can have winds of up to 156 miles an hour and is capable of causing catastrophic damage. this is a live look at hurricane florence, as it spins in the atlantic ocean.
5:49 pm
the storm rapidly increased in strength and now appears ready to hit the east coast later on this week. hurricane florence rapidly intensified today. as we said, it's now a category 5 storm with the worst storm, being a category 5. officials in north and south carolina are already telling many coastal residents to evacuate. here is more from west columbia, south carolina. >> reporter: an incredible view of hurricane florence, taken from outer space. in just a few hours, it is strengthened to a potentially catastrophic hurricane. >> when weather forecasters tell us life-threatening, we know that it is serious. >> reporter: the storm is set to hit the carolinas late this week. it's expected to bring power outages, storm surge, and flooding. residents in some coastal communities are already being told to evacuate. >> north carolina is taking hurricane florence seriously. and you should, too. get ready now.
5:50 pm
>> we know that this evacuation order that i'm issuing is going to be inconvenient for some people. it's going to be inconvenient. but, we do not want to risk one south carolina life in this hurricane. so, we are willing to suffer some inconvenience. >> reporter: many are heeding the warnings. go shopping for supplies like generators, loading sandbags, and boarding up windows. >> taping up the windows, throwing boards over them, making sure that the top side seals are nice and caulked, so we don't have to worry about water dripping in through the top. >> reporter: north carolina, south carolina and virginia have declared state of emergency. the national weather service says parts of the carolinas can experience up to 40 inches of rain, causing major flooding that could last days and even weeks. in west columbia, south carolina, terace garnier. this is the thing with hurricanes. it's rainfall but also storm
5:51 pm
surge. the way the system is coming in, it's going to create a significant storm surge to the north of the storm. that category 4 can produce 10, 12 storm surge, that's above the mean high tide. if you think about tybee island and savanna and all of these cities, savannah is right on the river there. with a storm surge like that you'll see a lot of flooding. right now, it appears that this storm does not have -- this track is being verified by all of the models. based on the atmosphere around it, that is pretty much how it's going to grow. this is going to move 10, 20, 50 miles, one way or the other. warmer water, less year. and, the potential for a major category 4 hurricane. the strongest to hit this region in three decades. we'll watch that on thursday. wednesday into thursday. so, the fog along the coast. this system up here is what's trending us into a cooler pattern that is really going to be helpful for firefighters which i talked about the last
5:52 pm
time. that's the idea that we are going to be in a cooler, almost fall like, not fire fall like but more fall like weather, just through this entire week. it's outstanding. actually, this is fire season, september, october, even part of november. in my mind because of the diablo winds. we are looking at a situation where there is no fog at the coast but it's not hot. we've got temperatures outside that are where they should be for this time of year. and, cooler weather coming as the low settles in. that's the trend. today was pretty one like yesterday. and then temperatures trend down after that. that's the plan, and that's good. and it stays cool after thursday. you come up with those inland spots. we remain in the low 80s. there is the forecast. no fog, still. i think there would be patches of it but very minimal. the temperature footprint, that is not very aggressive at all. seasonable, low 80s, and cooler as we head into wednesday. 85 in brentwood, 84 in
5:53 pm
fairfield. that is tuesday's forecast for wednesdays will be cooler, still. if i show you the five-day forecast which i will, right here, right now, you will see why this top tier of numbers feels so good. temperatures really coming off. staying mild. that's exactly what you want to see this time of year. it's also very helpful for air quality as well. although there is an air- quality alert for what it was yesterday. that is for smoke at higher levels of the atmosphere. most likely, you will not smell it. mainly noticing the lights as airplanes are turning slightly red. so, this five-day forecast, i think it's good news from the weather department. u.s. news and world report released its yearly rankings today of its best colleges. and four bay area schools made the list. princeton university was ranked number one in national universities. closer to home, stanford made the list at number seven. ucla ranked 19, followed by
5:54 pm
usc, and uc berkeley, both tied at 22. several factors play into how a school is rent including the diversity of undergraduate programs offered and tuition costs. words of gratitude during a touching reunion in southern california, where a deputy held a baby he helped save. last month, an l.a. county deputy, tyler milton, pulled over the parents of 9- month-old stephen hanna after they were seen running red lights and driving erratically. the couple got out of the car crying. that's when officer milton noticed the baby was not breathing. he called for an escort to the hospital and on the way there, performed cpr on the child. >> it's amazing. i did not know if you would make it or not. and, i'm just glad to see that he is here and help. >> the only thing that i wanted to do was to give my son -- keep my son alive. not dead. >> their son spent four days in hospital and is now doing well. it's unclear what caused him to
5:55 pm
stop breathing. the fate of a dallas police officer, charged with shooting her unarmed neighbor, could soon be in the hands of a grand jury. the latest from dallas is coming up. distance relationship. this is long distance with the best wifi experience, plus the most free shows to stream. and with savings on wireless, this is a relationship with more money to spend on the important things. this is how xfinity makes life...
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a dallas police officer who shot her neighbor to death in his own apartment told investigators he ignored her verbal commands. the officer is booked on a charge of manslaughter, but a grand jury hearing the case could recommend different charges including homicide. fox news' casey siegel reports now from dallas. >> reporter: she says it's a mixup, and now she is charged with manslaughter. 30-year-old dallas police officer amber guyger allegedly entered the apartment of her
5:58 pm
neighbor by mistaktally shot hi she says, accidentally. she was arrested sunday night and is now out on $300,000 bond. the dallas county district attorney, opening her own investigation into the shooting. >> we are doing a thorough investigation. we will continue our investigation, and the grand jury will be that entity that will make the final decision. >> reporter: but, so many questions remain. what happened in the moments leading up to the point she drew her service weapon, shooting and killing 26-year- old botham jean? a recent college graduate. his family claims that there could have been a different outcome, if he had been white. and they are asking for swift action from the d.a. >> the number one answer that i want is, what happened? i have asked too many questions and i have been told that there are no answers yet. >> reporter: officials say they
5:59 pm
will not be rushed and are calling for calm until the investigation is complete. >> justice is a relay race. it is not a 40 yard dash. and, we have some great baton passes. >> reporter: the dallas county medical examiner ruled monday the victim died from a gunshot wound to the chest. so, the death has been officially classified as a homicide. that's the latest from dallas, casey siegel, fox news. ktvu fox 2 news at 6:00 starts now. a major gang bust, involving a lot more than street crimes. now, 32 people are accused of credit card fraud across several northern california counties. >> dozens of people will be answering for their crimes and we can only imagine how many new crimes have been prevented. >> investigators say the suspects broke into medical and dental offices to steal credit card terminals. good evening, everyone, i'm
6:00 pm
frank somerville. >> i'm julie haener. we get the latest from crime reporter henry lee. they say the crimes were connected to gangs in contra costa county. >> the gangs are based in pittsburgh they point and, the accused did not go to dental offices to get teeth cleaned, instead, they and credit card terminals to get illegal refunds. >> we were an easy mark because the machines are sitting right here. >> reporter: dentist eric eidbo runs oak grove dental. back in 2015, someone broke into his office in the middle of the night. >> we went to the office and thought we got lucky and they did not steal anything. then we realized our credit card processing machine was done. >> reporter: his office made many cause and got records, showing someone had repeatedly authorized chargebacks of just under $500. the max at the time. the money was placed on credit cards, pocketed by the gangs. >> they took out $3000 from my account. >> reporter: for


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