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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 6am  FOX  September 11, 2018 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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it is just the european forecast projection, 31 inches of rain at wilmington. the gfs is about one third of that. still, very heavy rain and storm surge and that looks to be the focus around new bern and wilmington and myrtle beach. we will keep an eye on that. our first cold front is on the way and moving into the northern part of the state and beginning to pick up a little bit in the fog category. as it does, it will ramp up breeze and the wind later on through the night. 40s and 50s for most of the temperatures and today will be a cooler day. we have a low cloud deck with temperatures tomorrow feeling very fall-like. 60s and 70s. 70s south of the sacramento valley with a big cool down. 60s, 70s and 80s. 6:00 and sell would like to tell us about traffic. in the east bay, lot of
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traffic on highway 4 from antioch through concord. we will start they are and look at the commute. traffic is moving relatively well with no major issues, by the way if you are driving into the 680 corridor coming through walnut creek. also, if you are driving to the bay bridge toll plaza, you will sea traffic is moving along okay. no major issues. westbound bay bridge, 10 minutes delay before you get to the span. talking about the south bay commute, first call of an accident south on 101 in palo alto off the embarcadero offramp and that is the location. we are trying to pin it down. looks like a minor accident. northbound 280 looking good. let's go back to the desk. today, governor jerry brown will deliver the keynote address in san francisco at an event leading up to the global climate action summit which begins tomorrow. ktvu has allie rasmus in san
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francisco where the governor will speak later this morning. >> reporter: that global summit is an international conference on the issue of climate change that starts tomorrow. this morning, governor jerry brown will address a group of environmental leaders, government and business leaders at the palace hotel for the kick off of the event to the summit. the governor is expected to talk about a couple of bills, environmentally related, signed into law last night. it because in california to get 100% of its sources from renewable energy by 2045 including solar and wind power and controversial sources like hydroelectric dams and nuclear power. california utilities now get 30% from renewable sources, most of its solar. the other would require california to be carbon neutral by 2045 in the state would have to greatly reduce emissions from cars and other sources and
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take steps to restore forests and wetlands. environmental experts said utilities and businesses will have to adapt. >> the real challenge for california in 2045, how do we balance all of these intermittent kinds of technologies? the sun isn't always shining and the wind isn't always blowing and there are droughts, so we don't have hydropower. >> reporter: some environmentalists said governor brown has not done enough on environmental issues pointing out he approved 20,000 oil drilling permits during his tenure. brown said the shift away from fossil fuels must be gradual and in the meantime, the chamber of commerce and other business groups opposed these two bills signed into law last night. governor jerry brown is expected to address this meeting at the palace hotel in a couple of hours from now, a 30:00 and we will bring it to you. live in san francisco, allie rasmus, ktvu fox2 news. howard street between third and 4th street is closed to
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traffic ahead of the climate change summit and after the summit is over, howard street will stay closed so muni crews can make road repairs and it will stay closed after the repairs are finished because of the annual dream force conference. the roads reopen october 1. there are events in the bay area and around the country to mark 17 years since the 9/11 attacks. we will take you live to new york city where the memorial is being hosted this morning. as you can see, they are reading the names honoring the 2983 people killed in the attack. they are remembering the victims of the 1993 bombing of the world trade center. on this day, every year, the museum at the site is also open for the families only of the
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victims of the 9/11 attacks. we will bring you live coverage as this continues, all morning long. hours ago, the american flag was unfurled over the side of the pentagon, one of the places targeted in 2001. vice president mike pence will join defense secretary james mattis at a ceremony at the pentagon memorial. the president and first lady will visit the new tower of roses and shanksville, pennsylvania and they will observe where flight 93 crashed. the flight was bound for san francisco from boston. the passenger and flight crew fought with the hijackers and they did not reach the intended target. everyone on board lost their lives in the attack. the menlo park fire district is flying hundreds of american flags today to remember the lives lost a 911. the california urban search and rescue task force responded to the terror attacks 17 years ago
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today and spent the first few days after the attacks looking for survivors. that mission then became a recovery effort. while the crew members were there, the menlo fire park district help new york city develop a backup rescue system in case of future terror attacks. here are a few of the 9/11 observances. the livermore pleasanton fire department will hold ceremonies at the 10 fire stations at 6:40 this morning and in san francisco, the fire department will hold ceremonies at its stations at 6:45 this morning and firefighters will ring a ceremonial bell three times for the last alarm at 6:59, when the first of the twin towers collapsed. september 11 has become a day of service with more than 1000 volunteers packing one quarter million meals for the needy in san francisco at pier 35 to
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include alice hoagland, the mother of mark bingham. mark was on the hijacked flight 93 that crashed in shanksville, pennsylvania. firefighters are mopping up a fire at a homeless encampment in east oakland that was reported at 2:40 this morning on east 12th street near 22nd avenue and the nimitz freeway. the damage included 15 tents and as many as 60 people living in those tents scrambled to safety. >> we take extreme caution and we maintain the same level of aggressiveness, for lack of better terms, to extinguish the fire and minimize damage and protect the occupants. >> no one was hurt in the fire and investigators will try to figure out what caused that fire. the city is attempting to help
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the victims and they will clear out the burned debris from the encampment. the time is 6:07 and we are closely watching a wildfire in west marin that is forcing mandatory evacuations. it's burning near the mount barnaby lookout at samuel p. taylor state park and it grew overnight from 40 acres to at least 100 acres and is only 10% contained. firefighters are battling the flames in steep and rough terrain. power lines are down and 25 homes are in danger. mandatory evacuations were ordered in the forest knolls area next to the park and evacuees can go to lagunitas school to get help and we will bring you a live report from west marin later in the newscast. happening today, the fremont city council will consider putting a moratorium on two story homes. some people who live in fremont complained that allowing new, two story homes or large second
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story editions, takes away the character of single-family neighborhoods. tonight at the meeting, the city council will vote on the proposal to put a moratorium on building two story homes and second story additions to addition -- to existing homes. we will tell you how much san francisco is spending and why some people say the streets are filthy. a massive hurricane headed to the east coast. we will get a look at the preparations hours before the hurricane is expected to make landfall. good morning. slow traffic on every commute this morning. near the macarthur maze, not too bad around the corner to the bay bridge. it's not officially fall, that will be on the to tond. more on that.
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-- it will be on the 22nd. more on that.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. our time is 6:12 and we are at the pentagon right now. the pentagon's 911 ceremony is just beginning. look for just a moment. >> dr. paul w ambrose. craig anderson, united states army.
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>> we are at the pentagon and the ceremony is marking 17 years after the 9/11 attacks. and 9:37, hijackers crashed flight 77 into the west side of the pentagon building and 59 people on the plane were killed. 125 people inside the pentagon lost their lives. vice president mike pence is expected to speak at this event later this hour and we will bring that to you live, here on mornings on 2. hurricane florence is roaring toward the eastern seaboard and is intensifying as it inches closer and the potential impact from this category 4 storm is just a few
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days away. mass evacuation orders are under way for millions. >> it could still turn or break down and i'm waiting to see what happens. >> better safe than sorry. getting everything ready and bringing it inside. >> we have team coverage this morning as florence looks to be going to the east coast. meteorologist steve paulson is tracking the storm's movement. we start with doug luzader, live in virginia. talk about the preparations as it gets closer to landfall. >> reporter: at last check, the storm actually weakened a little bit, according to the national hurricane center. it could strengthen before it makes sure and some parts of virginia are so saturated with rain already that the flooding could be horrendous. squeezing in every last moment, looking at this beach, it's hard to imagine what is on the way. from space, it's frighteningly clear as florence grows and goes west.
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>> we decided we would leave sometime wednesday to be safe. >> reporter: for many in the path of the storm, the race is on to save what they can and officials are pleading with residents in coastal areas to get out now. >> we know that this evacuation order that i'm issuing will be inconvenient for some people. it's going to be inconvenient but we do not want to risk one south carolina life in this hurricane. >> this triggers a federal response as well was president donald trump tweeting out pictures of an overall office breece that -- overall full -- oval office briefing. warships are going out to sea to stay one step ahead of florence. the question is, will millions follow suit to escape the storm?
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the wind is one thing and the rain is something else. there is potential for 30 inches of rain on top of what some areas are already dealing with. doug luzader for ktvu fox2 news. we will go to steve paulson. tell us more. >> a category 4 but what is happening, high wall replacement and it should ramp up to a stronger category 4 and might get close to category 5. it won't be until about two days, thursday into friday. the track is 150 miles per hour and it looks like wilmington has a strong category 4 with some projections on the european model showing 30 inches of rain and that is what we will show. it might slow down and stalled out because of that's the case
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you look at wilmington with the projection of 31 inches of rain. it will move so slowly that back home, the system is under way to move into the north to allow low cloud decks to come in. patchy right now and this is the first decent dip in the jet stream and it will feel fall like as the breeze picks up. maybe not so much early, but 40s and 50s on the temps and in menlo park and half moon bay, fremont, 62 and low clouds will come in as the system gets closer end by tomorrow, 60s and 70s. this will be a big drop in the temps. 60s, 70s and 80s. and emergency response team from the bay area is going to the east coast. 16 members of the task force left on orders from fema. they come from santa rosa,
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fremont and oakland and one of the main responsibilities will be to rescue people trapped by fast-moving waters. >> we will look for people left behind that didn't evacuate and anyone stuck in their homes or with injuries or the incapability to get out of the area to move into shelters. >> they will travel in four vehicles with two trailers and hope to arrive on thursday, when florence will make landfall. they are driving to raleigh, north carolina and that could change, depending on the path of the hurricane. airlines are making adjustments and travel policies to help flyers who may be affected by hurricane florence. american airlines, jetblue and southwest are giving customers who had tickets for flights going into the path of hurricane florence the chance to rebook without any extra fees. most airlines are making the exception for customers traveling september 13 through the 16th.
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the time is 6:18. let's go to sal castaneda for check of the roads. traffic is moving well solve from the golden gate bridge into san francisco and yesterday we had a bus crash the complicated the commute and we don't have any problems doing that same drive. it looks good with not a lot of fog and you can see all the way across the bridge. for the bay bridge, traffic is backed up for a 10-15 minute wait and looking their own -- very normal into san francisco. you can see the freeways are off to a nice start with the window of opportunity before this gets heavy. let's bring this back to the desk. the banning of flavored tobacco products?
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those products may be made illegal. another possible meeting between donald trump and kim jong-un.
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here's to you all that see every day as an opportunity to thrive your way. the new tell-all book about the inner workings of the trump white house by investigative reporter, bob woodward, is on
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store shelves. the book entitled fear went on sale at midnight and bob woodward stands behind his explosive claim that defense secretary jim mattis and chief of staff john kelly made disparaging remarks about the president. they have denied that. >> they aren't telling the truth. ben bradlee used to say the truth emerges. sometimes it takes time. >> president donald trump has taken to twitter to bless the book calling it a joke and a scam, among other things. the white house said it is looking at scheduling a second summit north korean leader, kim jong-un. the leaders met in june and tensions have risen since then, and a second meeting was called into question. the top economic adviser for the president said the president's tweet about the economy were
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wrong. he used statistics to support what he called strong growth because of his economic policies. however, his economic advisor, kevin hassett, said he doesn't know how president trump came by that false information. eek defended the strong economic accomplishments at the same time. >> the history of thought of how errors happen is not something i can engage in because from the initial fact to what the president said, i don't know the whole chain of command. what is true, it is the highest in 10 years. president donald trump tweeted the gross domestic product rate is higher than the unemployment rate for the first time in over 100 years. several news organizations have reported that is simply not true. and attorney to the family of an african-american man shot
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by a dallas police officer disputes her account of what happened. amber guyger told investigators she got home on thursday after working a 15 hour shift, parked on the fourth floor instead of the third floor and went to the apartment of the victim, botham jean, who lives right above her. amber guyger said the door was slightly ajar and when it opened, she saw a figure and believed it was an intruder. she said she gave a verbal warning before firing two shots. lawyers for the family new not believe her story. >> we have independent witnesses who heard knocking in the hallway followed by a woman's voice they believed to be officer amber guyger saying let me in, let me in. >> last night, protesters marched to the dallas police headquarters and they had to fire pepper balls into the crowd to control it. a grand juries hearing the case and the officer could be indicted on additional charges.
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we have new details about the mass shooting in las vegas. and arizona men who admitted to selling bullets to the gunmen will go on trial next month. he faces charges and his lawyer entered a not guilty plea in court. is accused of illegally making these bullets like those found in the hotel room where stephen paddock shot into the outdoor crowd. 58 people died and hundreds of others were injured before the shooter killed himself. free adoptions at two pet adoptions centers. they are working to find homes for hundreds of pets. a fire burning and marin county threatens 150 homes and i will have the latest numbers, coming up. good morning. traffic is getting busier by the moment. here is a look at highway 24. it's moderately heavy to the high-rise. ♪ flintstones! meet the flintstones. ♪
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this is ktvu mornings on 2. happening now in new york city, you can hear they are reading the names of the victims from the september 11 terror attacks. thousands were killed when the
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airplanes hit the trade center towers and the towers collapsed. in washington, d.c. at the pentagon, the names of victims were just read aloud with bells wrong in their memory. 59 were on an airplane that crashed into the side of the pentagon and those 59 were killed. 125 people were inside the pentagon and they lost their lives on that plane crash. pin is laying a wreath right now and expected to speak at the pentagon in about 15 minutes from now. it is tuesday, september 11 and i'm dave clark. i am claudine wong and pam cook has the morning off. we will look at some of the observations. humidity is very low. northwest winds at 24 and 55 degrees, 54% relative humidity
6:31 am
and barnaby at 8400. and northwest breeze with the wind picking up. fairfax, 52. the key is the wind will pick up and could easily be 30 on the mendocino coast and west marin county later today. a blustery pattern will give us a fall-like pattern. the system is moving in and as it does, it might dip and even swing in some high and mid- level clouds. 50s with the lot of the temps. 40s for some around the bay. 55 around the city. el cerrito and oakland, 54 and consistent with low clouds making the move.
6:32 am
60s, 70s and 80s. cell, 6:31? i'd like to start with highway 4. as you drive through concord and walnut creek, there were big delays because a lot of people are on the road. it's nothing causing an accident or causing slow traffic other than volume. 80 westbound, the cartagena's bridge, the commute will be moderate. 28 minutes is not out of the ordinary. traffic on the golden gate bridge looks good and traffic at the bay bridge, 28 minutes delay and onto the span it looks okay. silicon valley feeling in. 6:32 and let's go back to the desk. right now, president donald trump and first lady melania trump are in shanksville, pennsylvania at the podium to
6:33 am
take flight in the flight 93 memorial service. president trump will speak during the flight 93 national memorial. at 7:03 our time, the moment the flight crashed, flight 93, the names of the passengers and crew members will be read aloud. bells will be wrong in their memory and ktvu will show you more of these events all morning long. in the bay area, the developing story is a fire in west marin that prompted evacuations overnight and so far, the fire has scorched 100 acres and containment is only 10%. we have alyssa harrington at the evacuation center. the smoke is pretty thick and people are wondering if there is new evacuations. firefighters said everything is the same since yesterday and they say the fire is burning in
6:34 am
an area behind homes on arroyo avenue. 150 structures are threatened and none have been destroyed. evacuations are in effect for mountain king road, and to arroyo road and the fire started near samuel p. taylor state park, long sir francis drake boulevard. there are several road closures if you are driving in that area. firefighters are dealing with challenges. they say this is very steep terrain and they've had to bring in bulldozers and water tenders. the fire has scorched 100 acres and is 10% contained. 150 structures are threatened and there is an evacuation center at lagunitas school and for students attending that school, school will be open and there is a road closure going in there but a police officer will escort students to the school. the school is open this morning. keep in mind all of these
6:35 am
closures and firefighters are working hard to contain this fire. alyssa harrington, ktvu fox2 news. and eight-year-old girl is in critical condition. she almost drowned in a swimming pool at an east bay country club on sunday afternoon. first responders from alameda county and the sheriff's department rushed to the castlewood country club near pleasanton. they saw the little girl in the pool. she was given cpr and later rushed to ucsf benioff children's hospital oakland in oakland. investigators said it was very busy at the pool. >> the pool was pretty crowded. this child went under somewhere along the way and we know that takes mere seconds for a child to go into distress. >> lifeguards did what they were trained to do and officials say it appears to be an accident right now. the san francisco district
6:36 am
attorney, george gascsn, plans to launch a safety campaign for ride-share passengers. there is no word on what it will include but there have been calls for background checks and fingerprinting of drivers. uber is also adding a feature to allow passengers to report trouble during a ride. san francisco reportedly agreed to pay $60,000 to settle a lawsuit with a former inmate who claims a group of sheriff's deputies forced him to fight other county jail inmates. according to the examiner, a former inmate, quincy lewis, filed a civil rights lawsuit saying three deputies forced him and other inmates to fight each other for food. they placed bets on who would win. this is the second settlement reached with inmates who sued over the so-called fight club. san francisco spends more money to clean up streets than any other major city in the country. that is according to a recent
6:37 am
budget and legislative analysis that found they spent $35 million between 2015 and 2017. this year, it jumped to $53 million. it has a cleanup staff of almost 300 compared to 40 in other cities. last night, there was a review ordered. >> we are spending a lot of money and we can spend money time and time again. the less we deal with the root causes of the dirty streets we won't solve the issues. >> the supervisor agrees with lt. governor gavin newsome that it is a regional problem that needs regional solutions. san francisco spent four times the amount of chicago to clean city streets and chicago has a population of more than 2 million people compared to san francisco's 864,000. a teenager who tried to climb a 100-foot cliff at bodega bay beach had to be
6:38 am
rescued by firefighters. he is 17 and was stuck on sunday night 30 feet from the top. the firefighters posted these photos of the rescue on facebook and they said firefighters and rangers set up a rope rescue from the top of the cliff to get the teenager into a harness and then hauled him up. he was a little embarrassed but grateful that he was not hurt. the sunnyvale public safety union is worried about how google's expansion plans could impact services like 911. google plans to buy up to 2000 feet of office space in the area. the president of the sunnyvale public safety association sent a letter that said the proposal would result in the explosion of a daytime population, increasing traffic gridlock and increased 911 calls. >> police officers in firefighters and sunnyvale have watch these massive corporate developments come in and
6:39 am
they've dealt with the impact of increased call volumes, longer response times and increased traffic. >> a statement said we continue will evaluate service levels and we will balance the resources and needs for the entire community. the public union leaders hope to talk to the mayor sometime this week. the time is 6:39. if you've been thinking about adopting a pet, this week, shelters in contra costa county are waving adoption fees. the shelter is full and three -- free adoptions will be available on friday and also at the shelter in martinez. still ahead, we view the cities that are having memorial celebrations taking place regarding the 9/11 attack.
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we have a crash in oakland that caused a sig alert. that means they think it will be there for a while. it's southbound 880 before 16th with an injury crash affecting both sections of 880. we will give alternate routes, coming up. the nature of a virus is to change. move. mutate. today, life-changing technology from abbott is helping hunt them down at their source. because the faster we can identify new viruses, the faster we can get to stopping them. the most personal technology, is technology with the power to change your life. life. to the fullest. hebreakfast makers, takers, step counters, outdoor explorers, faith restorers,
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welcome back to mornings on 2. the marin county board of supervisors is considering banning the sale of flavored tobacco products. it would also ban the sale of e- cigarette devices in that county. according to a report by the marin county health department, flavored tobacco products promote underage smoking by masking how harsh the debate -- how harsh the taste of tobacco smoke is. officials have confirmed the first death of 2018 due to the west nile virus. yesterday, the california department of public health said one fatal case was an blaine county in the sacramento valley and the second fatal case was in yuba county including yuba city and marysville. this year, 56 people have been sickened by the virus, statewide. it is transmitted to humans often by the bite of an infected
6:44 am
mosquito. we will learn whether high school district students will face punishment for edibles. we learned they had eaten rice crispy treats and then got sick. emts were called to the school but they weren't taken to the hospital. a year ago we launched a series of reports on what is being done in the bay area to end homelessness and we've heard from bay area leaders about the progress made since then and we've spoken with the mayor of berkeley. he told us more than 1000 homeless people still live on the streets in berkeley but he said the new navigation center opened in late june has helped dozens. >> we provide benefits advocacy, mental health and employment services and we connect people to housing. the goal is to get people into long-term shelters.
6:45 am
>> berkeley residents will vote on the bond measure in november that would create more low income housing. over the next two weeks we will speak with other bay area leaders how -- about how they help people living on the streets. oakland city councilman, abel guillen, will move into a tiny home for two days to try to draw attention to the crisis. he will move into the home on willow street. he had secured grants to fund the tiny houses. the two tiny homes at the church were built by students and they hope to get additional funding to build more homes. the time is 6:45 and organizers of a new tent village in san jose plan to hold a rally to save the encampment. seven homeless people are staying there and the chp has given them until thursday morning to leave. it's called san jose hope
6:46 am
village and was set up on ruff drive and hedding near the employment development building with a portable toilet, security fencing and even garbage service. it was paid for with $10,000 in private donations and is sitting on property owned by the state. >> this is an alternative we can afford and it makes sense and doesn't bother anybody and offers a much better quality of life. >> it doesn't matter if it is nice and orderly and clean, it is breaking the law. >> organizers of the tent village admit they set up shop without permission and say they are working with state senator jim beall. his office said the property is not zoned for residential use. a san jose councilmember went on a tour of the buildings yesterday and said he is open to the idea. happening now, a live look at the 9/11 ceremonies at the pentagon.
6:47 am
vice president mike pence is peaking. let's listen in. >> terrorists struck this great citadel of american strength. the attacks on september 11 shattered the piece of that quiet september morning. the claimed the lives of 2983 men, women and children. 184 of them fell here. 59 aboard flight 77 and 125 dedicated americans serving in the hallways of the pentagon and our department of defense. as the families here no, they were mothers and fathers and fathers to be. husbands and wives, brothers and sisters, sons and daughters.
6:48 am
they were family. they were senior citizens and first generation citizens. doctors and engineers. sunday school teachers. >> you were listening live to mike pence speaking at the pentagon was ceremonies happening at the sight of the world trade center and of course, and pennsylvania. >> 17 >> 17 years ago today, the 9/11 attacks. >> we remember it so very well. >> we are covering it all over the bay area. it's 6:48. let's go to sal. a big crash near downtown oakland? a crash southbound 880 near 16th. several lanes are blocked and
6:49 am
they're making some progress. let's go to the picture. you can see the traffic will be slow as you drive on southbound 880. there was more of a lane blocked. there is a huge line of traffic going to the scene. it is backed up almost to the post office driving that stretch. your alternate route is 580 and it looks a lot better. you can use 580 around this problem as you drive through. give yourself plenty of time for that sig alert. 580 is your best bet. 880 south, also slow through union city and the south bay commute is filling in. at the bay bridge, a 10-15 minute wait. 6:49 on let's bring steve in with the weather. let's look at the category 4 hurricane florence marching toward north carolina. it looks like wilmington. it has weakened a little bit and is expected to strengthen
6:50 am
again, maybe even a strong category for tomorrow and by thursday night, near wilmington, north carolina. that seems to be the track. of course, that could change. you can zig instead of zag. things are pretty quiet at wilmington and some areas toward south carolina. that will be the focus along the coast for north carolina. the european forecast is just going bonkers on the rainfall, 31 inches for wilmington. others are not as wet as that. usually is pretty good on that. it will be a couple of days away but there are signs of a storm surge. a weak system is coming in and that will make for a big change here as it dips in and sends in high mid-level clouds and will crank up the breeze. 40s and 50s on your temps and even in the santa clara valley, 47 and boulder creek boulder creek, 49. a little dip and also a strong
6:51 am
west wind on the coast. water temps are down in bodega bay, 52 with a north wind at 36. 55 out of monterey. low clouds moving. tomorrow, 60s and 70s, even into the valley. the wind will pick up today and into this afternoon, we will see the increased high-level clouds later into wednesday. pretty cool over the next couple of days. 6:51 and nasa needs more money for the state programs. we tell you how they want to generate millions of dollars. let's check in for the next hour with mornings on 2. coming up, london breed's latest move to increase affordable housing in the city and why she said module housing units constructed off-site at a factory are part of the answer
6:52 am
to the current housing crisis. how much money they can save and how the mayor wants to be home to a modular housing factory, as well. i hope you've been saving your coins. how soon you will have special extras on the team's home opener on october 16. we'll be right back.
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good morning. the raiders last to the rams last night and getting ready to play the broncos in denver on sunday. it was a capacity crowd. they watched the raid dears play the la rams, a nationally televised game and raiders' fans have high hopes for the team with the city of oakland planning a lawsuit against the team and the nfl, they will be leaving this season. and fans said they will cheer for the raiders nowhere they play. >> it is about pride and dedication that most fans don't understand. we're a family out here. >> some fans told us that they live outside of the bay area and travel to oakland for every home game. we did meet some folks that came from bakersfield and
6:56 am
season -- even atlanta, georgia. he gets the push right through. >> you cannot stop lynch. the raiders jumped to an early lead. lynch had that rushing touchdown on the opening drive. and the game stayed close in the first half and that started happening. interception. raider turnovers, derrick car had interception. we're used to eating ice cream in a cone or a bowl, maybe right out of the carton. how about eating ice cream from a can? i'm not kidding. students at brigham created can ice cream. there are three flavors, root
6:57 am
beer float, orange cream and cherry cola. >> it is creamy and smooth and has that awesome texture that you expect in ice cream. but it has that zing of bonnization that would you carbonation that would you get from a soda. >> the student received a 10,000 cash prize. it is not in the stores. last year they won for a culture ice cream that contained probiotics. nasa is considering selling naming rights to rockets and spacecraft that would allow astronauts to appear in commercials and on cereal boxes. nasa is looking into if the
6:58 am
branding is the best way to generate money for nasa. 6:57. the contra costa county is one of the agencies around the state that issued a phone scam alert to you. investigators said that scammers are presending to be from costco. they are calling people offering cash vouchers and cash cards if they take a survey. it asks for your personal information that can be used to steal your identity. the da's office warns that the callers do not work for costco. and they will the want to hear from you if have been a target of this scam. as the -- travel season winds down, the airlines are very happy. 253million passengers traveled between memorial day and labor
6:59 am
day that was 6% more than last year. and many passengers were able to get good deals on flights because of competition among the airlines. san francisco plays host to and international summit and climate change. we'll look at the event that will welcome leaders from around the world and the new state law that the governor signed last night that has to do with the climate change. and we're following ceremony across the east coast and the country. america remembers lives lost 17 years ago on september 11th. we'll take you to many of the memorials being held right now. 7:00 seattle. tuesday, september 11th. i'm dave clark. >> but our weather is the big story and so is hurricane florence. we're folk you using on the
7:00 am
higher elevations and the upper peaks 2800 feet. very dry and you find this observation a little better. there is a northwest breeze this place and it is going to pick up. the temperatures in 40s, 50s and 49 in the valley. so cool temperatures that helps and 51, but the wind even though it will not be northwest, it is really going to crank up 30 plus along the marine coast. that will take us into tonight and decrease and pick up again on wednesday as this system moves in. and we'll have the first cold front of the season and it will feel fall like and breezy to blustery most of the week. take a look at the tropical storm heading to the hawaiian islands. down to 65 miles an hour. is it going to be over maui rain that will be late tonight and tomorrow. for us, there is the system beginning to


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