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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  September 11, 2018 12:00pm-12:58pm PDT

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know where he was. the update we've now received from oakland police. more than one pill -- more than 1 million are evacuating ahead of hurricane florence as it takes aim at the carolinas. remembering the victims of 9/11, 17 years later. the moving memorials held across the country. ktvu fox2 news at noon starts now. happening now, former vice president al gore's and friends -- is in san francisco talking about climate solutions speaking at the fort mason center. it is about searching for changes to build a sustainable future. >> there are more than 300 affiliated events and conferences happening around the city in the days leading up to the summit. >> we are at one of those
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events were governor jerry brown talked about climate change. strong words for the president? >> reporter: you will hear in just a minute that governor jerry brown gave the keynote address for climate change- related conference happening at the palace hotel throughout the day. that conference is one of hundreds of climate change related events taking place in san francisco this week. >> the climate change and global warming waits for no one. it's happening. it's happening right now. we see many places moving backwards. president donald trump just is about to issue regulations to encourage more methane emissions. well, that is insane. it borders on criminality. >> reporter: striking a defiant tone seems to be one of the things at this summit and the satellite events leading up to it that will bring leaders to san francisco to brainstorm, share and discuss how to fight
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climate change at a time when the trump administration has not made it a priority. >> cities and states have businesses are stepping up because they don't agree with the rollbacks of trump administration has promoted and they see that this is the way of the future. clean energy is the way the future. >> reporter: there are 300 other climate change events taking place leading up to the summit and this discussion is on something called cap and trade, one of them. >> it sets a limit and a price on omissions to cause climate change. >> reporter: it has metric tons of greenhouse gas emissions being traded instead of shares. california has done this since 2013 and the model was called a success. >> it doesn't come easy. there are always fights but when it gets into place, it begins to move carbon emissions down, reducing carbon
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emissions. very important and it generates money. california has generated $8 billion and that is directed to help people by electric cars, directed to low income communities that are hard hit by pollution. >> reporter: some of the people in the audience were leaders from other countries and other states hoping to learn from the example on this program and other strategies to fight climate change. >> the ball is in california's court and we intend to run with it. >> reporter: the global climate action summit officially starts in marin county, there is good news from the front lines of the fire that burned 113 acres. containment is 25%. >> the fire started last night
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near samuel p jackson state park in west marin. there are still a evacuation orders in place. >> reporter: this community center is being used as the evacuation shelter and the red cross and salvation army are here to provide assistance with more than 150 homes being threatened by this fire. this video shows the remote location where the fire is burning. it was first spotted from the dixon lookout with flames shooting up near samuel p taylor state park along sir francis drake boulevard. one of the first on scene said that it was steep and rugged terrain. >> it's off the road and we had to hike in and lay in the hosing with timber and brush. tough to get to. >> reporter: firefighters plan to launch an air attack to battle the flames burning through the trees and brush. it forced the evacuation of neighborhoods along mountain king road and alamo way to arroyo road.
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the lagunitas school school district is close but not because campuses are threatened. >> some families were evacuated and some staff were up all night and some of them were evacuated and just getting enough adults made it hard to open the school. >> reporter: getting in touch with family has been difficult. >> getting the word out can be hard, especially when one of the cell phone towers was out of service. we typically can use our cell phones, but we couldn't. word-of-mouth helps a lot. >> reporter: the superintendent anticipates schools to be back open tomorrow. alyssa harrington, ktvo fox news. remembering ceremonies are being held in the bay area and around the country marking 17 years since the september 11 attacks. >> as reported in new york, the ceremony began with the annual reading of the nearly 3000 names of people killed in the attacks.
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>> reporter: it has been 17 years and it as if not one day has gone by. [ bell tolling ] >> to my mom and all of you and your loved ones, never forget. >> reporter: there was a solemn and somber gathering of people honoring those who lost their lives on 9/11. ceremonies at the world trade center, shanksville, pennsylvania and the pentagon remembering the nearly 3000 that lost their lives. the memories are overpowering to some. response remains inspiring to others. >> on september 11, 2001, a band of brave patriots turned the tide on our nation's enemies and joined the immortal ranks of american heroes. at this memorial on this sacred earth, in the field beyond this wall and in the skies above our heads, we remember the moment
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when america fought back. >> reporter: the effect of the terrorist attacks are still ess gotten many first responders and others sick. so far, they say 1700 have died of 9/11 related sicknesses. at the world trade center, i'm eric shawn, ktvu fox2 news. in the bay area, hundreds of flights are being shown by the menlo park fire protection district to remember the lives lost on september 11. the task force responded to the terror attacks 17 years ago and spent the first few days after the attacks looking for survivors. the mission then became a recovery effort and they also helped new york city develop a backup rescue system to prepare for future terror ered to honor
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responders who ed at firehouse seven in san francisco, they took turns reading the names of the new york firefighters who died trying to save others at the world trade center. 343 firefighters were killed in new york that day. the san francisco fire chief said it is about remembering their selfless sacrifices. >> we don't want to forget the sacrifices made by first responders and the lives that were affected. families were affected by the tragedies of the world trade center, the pentagon and shanksville, pennsylvania. >> san francisco sent firefighters to a search in the search and rescue efforts and many came back with incredible stories of heroism. the san francisco parks and recreation department tweeted this.
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a graduate from washington high fligtified and betty stayed on the phone to relay vital information to officials. 1000 together in san francisco for a day of service on this september 11. they gathered at pier 35 to pack some 300,000 meals to be delivered by the san francisco food bank to those in need. the event was started a couple of years ago in new york and washington, d.c. by family members of victims of september 11 who wanted to turn this into a day of service. oakland police said a one- year-old boy missing since yesterday has been found and he is okay. besides hasani chandler's age, they were concerned and arrested his mother in a separate case. she told officers she did not know where her son was. investigators said the
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babysitter handed him off to an unidentified person in hayward and around 9:30, he was dropped off at police headquarters. >> in looked perfectly fine. he was smiling and happy and running around the lobby. investigators are interviewing the group that brought him in and we know that one of them is a family member and we don't have all of the details of where he has been and who he has been with. the investigators will certainly find out. >> investigators took hasani chandler to the hospital to be checked out as a precaution. still ahead, living in a tiny home for two days. the message a city councilmember hopes to send for the homeless crisis. mild temperatures across the bay area as we are we are also tracking hurricane florence, heading toward the carolinas. event... ...and get the brands you want... check this out. "oh, yeah" prices. from the latest trends to your favorite brands, it feels even better when you find them for less.
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you know when you're at ross and you ...for how much?.. yes. that's yes for less. fall's best accessories are even better when you find them for less. at ross. yes for less. we are tracking hurricane florence as it takes aim at the carolinas. right now, a category 4 hurricane with sustained winds of close to 130 miles-an-hour and the experts said could be the most damaging hurricane to make a direct hit on the it is expected to make years. landfall as a category 3 hurricane. we have more be the calm before the storm? >> reporter: yes. it is a beautiful hot and sunny day but it won't be like this for long. we are just off the atlantic
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ocean and people are enjoying this day at wrightsville beach. there is a mandatory evacuation order for much of the carolina coast line. 1million in south carolina have been told to get out. the traffic is westbound from charleston through columbia to get people out of the coastal area. mandatory evacuation order's in the outer banks and in wrightsville beach, the bridge will be closed tomorrow at 8:00 p.m. people all have to get out by 8:00 tomorrow night. i want to show you this development right off the beach. 26 unit condo, to give you an idea of what is being done to prepare for the storm, you see piles of wood and there were tree -- there was lumber just carted out of here because all the stuff they were going to use to build these condos to the left, it was going to fly around in the storm. anything not tied down will likely fly and they don't want
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that to happen. it is being put -- picked up and put away. they will put furniture in a safe place. they are boarding up stores and businesses and there are runs on the stores. there are runs on water, generators and batteries. some folks will want to ride this out i don't believe it will be as bad as they say it is. if it is 130 miles plus, places like this will be on the edge of trouble. this is rated 130 plus and will be tested when florence comes to town. >> you talked about the deadline of 8:00 tomorrow night for people that decide to get out. where you are, how many people do you think will try to ride this out and how many will pack up and go? >> our sense is that most of the people in wrightsville
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beach will leave town because it's likely the power will be out in the bridges will be closed and no one knows how long the power will be out. i talked to a spokesperson from duke energy and they have 3 million customers and expect hundreds of thousands, if not more, to be without power and some without power for weeks. these are the most fragile and vulnerable low-lying areas and it will likely be underwater with a storm surge of 12 feet or more. we don't know if that will actually happen but it very well could. most of the people in the low- lying areas will heed the orders and get out and others will try to ride out the storm. >> talk about people who don't live along the beach. this will impact people that live in the as well? >> reporter: 100% it could be worse. this is a massive storm of staggering size according to the national hurricane center and moving very slowly. they fully expect when it
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reaches the coast, it will move inland and hover for two or three days. it will dump 10-30 inches of rain in some areas and parts of the carolinas are already saturated on the ground is already wet with trees coming down and power lines coming down. the worst danger from a hurricane is after the storm passes when people go to clean up and cut down tree limbs and tidy up their yards and they don't realize the power lines are still hot and trees could fall down on their vehicles. that is what officials are worried about and they tell people to get out now, get your plans together while you can because by tomorrow night, it might be too late. >> rick leventhal live for us at wrightsville beach. stay safe in the coming days. and emergency response team from the bay area is heading to the coast. 60 members of the california task force left at midnight on orders from fema.
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one of the main responsibilities will be rescuing people trapped by fast- moving waters. >> we will look for people that were left behind that didn't evacuate and anyone stuck in their homes or with injuries or the incapability of getting out of the area. we will move them to shelters. >> the local team travels and four vehicles with two trailers and they hope to arrive thursday. that is when florence is expected to make landfall. the crew was driving to raleigh, north carolina and that could change, depending on the path of the hurricane. let's check in with rosemary to get a look at the hurricane. we are looking at major devastation in the days to come. here is a look at florence. 130miles per hour and the track expected to take a right at the carolinas. it looks like it will be early thursday morning eastern time and you heard the reporter talking about the life- threatening and catastrophic
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outcome expected, perhaps, with this system. we will track it for you. as it moves inland, it will impact millions of americans along the east coast. here at home, we will cool it down and that is the result of this weather element you see right in here. in addition to cooling things down, the wind could come through the later part of today and into the evening and through the next couple of days, we may have more for that. with the clear skies this afternoon, we are looking at temperatures coming down slightly and we are beginning the cooling trend today. in the next couple of days will you -- we will feel it. 74 in berkeley, upper 70s in santa rosa and along the coastline, 65 in san francisco and south bay, 75. 80 in livermore and another gorgeous day around the bay area. some of us will be down by a degree or two and some of us will be warmer. oakland, up by two in san
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carlos, down by two. mostly sunny skies in the second part of your day with variable wind from the northwest from nevada and the southwest through oakland. the flow remains from the north and that will bring the possibility of smoke and haze through the area. in fact, we are seeing it out there there. air quality will remain moderate and we will check in on that in just a moment. talking more about the wind, looking through the afternoon and evening, you notice along the coastline it is all lit up. 20-30 mile-per-hour winds especially for the coast and especially over the hills. not everybody will get the wind. in the east bay, covered in blue and going with this forecast, the area right around 7:00, 23 miles per hour with areas over calistoga 17 and sonoma valley and into the evening will become stronger and it's hard to tell because there are
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darker shades of orange and red that our hills. the r coast willair quality today and 80s and into the extended forecast, here is where we see the drop in temperatures. wednesday and thursday, could be breezy and then into the weekend, temperatures come up slightly. 70s and the forecast for the inland communities and upper 60s to near 70s in the bay. firefighters are mopping up a fire at a home in east oakland that was reported at about 2:40 a.m. on east 12th street near 22nd avenue and 880. the fire damaged half of an encampment including tents. the oakland city council member abel guillen plans to draw attention to the homeless crisis in the city by moving into a tiny home for two days.
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it is one of two tiny homes located in a parking lot of up baptist church on willow street. the congressman secured $80,000 in city grants to fund these tiny homes. the two tiny homes were built by carpentry students. councilman abel guillen hopes to get more funding to build more of those homes. the number of tech workers moving in continues to grow and they may not be ready for this growing population.
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take a look at the market. retailers rebound from recent losses and apple is up about 2%, a day ahead of the latest iphone update expected tomorrow and the dow jones is up 124 points. the sunnyvale safety union is worried about how services like 911 will be impacted when google buys to hundreds -- 200,000 square feet of office space in the area. they sent a letter saying the proposal will result in an explosion of daytime population increasing traffic gridlock and increased 911 calls. >> police officers and firefighters in sunnyvale have watch these massive corporate developments come in and they've dealt with the ll volum longer response times traffic. they continually evaluate service levels and work with
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the city council during the budget process to balance resources and needs for the community. union leaders hope to talk with the mayor sometime this week. and if you are a san francisco district attorney george gascsn will announce it campaign to enhance public safety for ride-share passengers. there is no word on what the campaign will include. however, there have been calls for stricter background checks and fingerprinting of drivers. uber is adding a feature to the app to allow passengers to report trouble during rides. we reported concerns after a photo was taken that shows a muni driver using a rubber band to drive the train. we will hear more about why drivers might do that even though it violates the rules. in palo alto, funeral home being turned into a private
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to find more ways to guard your card, go to don't let your guard down. ♪ breaking news in los angeles. sheriff's deputies are in downey at the scene of the kaiser medical center. there is a tweet that said law enforcement is on the scene with officers detaining a suspect. they are going through a
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methodical room by room and floor by floor search of the kaiser medical center in downey. we originally were following this for a possible active shooter situation. we know our fox station in los angeles reported one person in custody and there were reports of shots fired but we haven't confirmed if anyone has been injured by gunfire. we brought you a picture above the medical center and more police vehicles. some cars are passing by and for the most part, the intersections are blocked by emergency vehicles. they are doing a methodical room by room search at the kaiser building and people have exited the building to watch or maybe were told to exit. the latest tweet was from the los angeles county sheriff's department and they said people inside should stay there and shelter in place. clearly, developing situation. one person detained and we will have more throughout the afternoon. investigation is under way into the photo of a muni train
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operator scene using a rubber band to hold the throttle of the train in place. >> we first reported this yesterday and we had amber lee that talked with an operator to explain my coworkers might use rubber bans even though it violates rules. posted on social media shows a muni train operator at the controls with his left hand over the throttle. look closely and you see a rubber band attached under the microphone. on the right hand there is at least one rubber band around his wrist and we showed the photo to several muni passengers who ride the light rail vehicles yesterday. >> probably not how it is supposed to be. >> is this a one-time offense or doesn't happen all the time? >> it automatically would stop the train or slow it down. that's a big safety risk. >> reporter: a muni spokesperson said the driver has been identified in the incident is under investigation >> if it a case e
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somebody is tying a rubber band around the throttle, that is a rule violation and not acceptable. >> reporter: a muni operator spoke with us on the condition that we don't identify him and he was not the driver in the photo but set a handful of operators use rubber bands on the throttle to avoid fatigue. >> i understand that some drivers do this. it is to the fact that their hand gets tired. i definitely don't condone it because it puts everyone at risk. it puts me at risk if i'm on the line driving. >> reporter: the operator raised concerns that muni now uses drivers to train other operators how to pilot the new trains. >> it isn't a matter of existing operators that already know how to operate the new vehicle teaching their colleagues how to use the train. >> that is a problem. it's being done by someone new to this equipment, themselves. >> reporter: as for the the rub
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on the throttle, a muni spokesperson said he wouldn't comment on the specifics but did say with this type of investigation, the operator would be placed on nondriving status with pay pending the outcome. in san francisco, amber lee, ktvu fox2 news. san francisco has agreed to pay $60,000 to settle a lawsuit with the former inmate that said a group of sheriff's deputies forced him to fight other county jail inmates. according to the san francisco examiner, a former inmate, quincy lewis, filed a civil rights lawsuit saying three deputies forced him and other inmates to fight each other for food and place bets on who would win. it's the second settlement for inmates that sued over the so- calledclub. we are waiting to learn if several high school students in the east bay will face disciplinary actions for eating edibles at school and then becoming sick. about 2:30 yesterday afternoon, five students reported feeling ill and admitted they had eaten
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rice krispies treats laced with an unknown substance. no students had to be taken to the hospital but emts were called to the school. and apple store has been targeted twice in 24 hours. it was a similar to a robbery we have seen in the bay area -- it was similar to robberies we have seen in the bay area. according to investigators, it's the fourth time in the past month that store has been robbed. >> the pattern is very consistent and well calculated and organized. they collect the phones by cutting the security cables and gathering them up and they exit the store with a waiting vehicle outside. >> apple has not commented. police are working to find the robbers who've hit six apple weeks. the stores are in berkeley, burlingame, emeryville, santa rosa and walnut creek. this is surveillance video that shows they are not yet sure if it is the same people
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committing all the crimes. off. the main building of the hotel on columbus will close by the end of october. the property owner, westbrook properties, chose not to renew the lease for that building and there are two at the holiday inn fisherman's wharf location and the others expected to remain open. san francisco wants to bring a factory to build modular homes to the city to ease the housing crisis. they will be shipped to construction sites to be assembled and according to the chronicle, mayor london breed said this would cut about $50,000 off the price and building each unit and that money could be reinvested to build more affordable housing. in palo alto, there are plans to convert a private funeral home into a club and some don't see a problem but others say it will bring unwanted traffic to an already congested neighborhood. >> we have more on the
12:36 pm
proposal. d change. >> there is less neighborliness on the street. >> reporter: as the tech industry has grown, people moved in. >> a lot more people driving through and parking issues and traffic issues and a lot more noise. >> reporter: there is a building at the corner that was purchased by former yahoo ceo melissa myers, several years ago and there are plans to turn it into a private club that would offer networking events and workspaces capable of accounting 150 people daily and 400 during special events. >> we've already had problems with parking in palo alto and they've insisted we get parking stickers to park in front of our own houses and parking is limited and difficult. >> reporter: in addition to the stickers, richard boyce said
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nonresidents are limited to two hours of parking from 8:00 until 6:00. currently, the parking lot has only a few if the facility opened the doors, club members and guests and those attending special events would park on the streets. we caught up with a 3-year resident who doesn't mind the extra crowd. >> palo alto is crowded and i've gotten used to it. >> reporter: this building was a public use facility before. it was a funeral home and one longtime resident said it never brought the type of crowds that the new facility could bring and he said the funeral home has been closed for many years but the parking problems are getting worse. >> at least once a week, so many parks across my driveway because they can't find parking while they drop off their kids at school. >> reporter: the developer said it would have less of an impact on the surrounding community than the funeral home did. this is zoned residential but an exception was made for the
12:38 pm
mortuary decades ago and the developers hoping the exception will be made for them when they open this private club. in palo alto, ktvu fox news. one year ago, katv launched a series of reports for ending homelessness. we heard from bay area leaders about progress made since then and we spoke with the mayor of berkeley yesterday and he said more than 1000 homeless people are still on the streets in berkeley but he said the new navigation center opened in late june has helped dozens. >> we provide benefits advocacy, mental health services and we connect people to housing. the goal is to get people into long-term shelters. >> berkeley residents will vote on the $130 million bond measure to create more low income housing over the next two weeks. we will speak with other bay area leaders about efforts to help people living on the streets and today, tune in to hear from san jose mayor, sam
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mcardle about the issue. the mid-atlantic states are braced for storms and people in the hawaiian islands are bracing for tropical storm olivia. we will check in with our meteorologists, rosemary orozco for details on your forecast in the bay area with cooler temperatures down the road, possibly.
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millions are preparing for hurricane florence as it takes aim at the eastern seaboard. it is expected to be one of the strongest hurricanes in a decade and could make landfall thursday. is currently 130-mile per hour wind and a category 4 storm and could strengthen to category 5 as it gets closer to shore. the president has already declared states of emergency for north and south carolina, and that frees up help from federal agencies. the president plans to meet with officials from fema today and people in virginia have been told to pack up and go as
12:43 pm
officials anticipate record rainfall. the mid-atlantic states are bracing for hurricane florence and the hawaiian islands are getting ready for another storm. tropical storm olivia spending in the pacific. here's a photo showing the path. >> it's expected to dump several inches of rain on hawaii, as the recover from massive flooding from hurricane lane weeks ago. cole miller has a look at how people are preparing. >> reporter: it's all the buzz at baggage claim. what will hurricane olivia do? travelers are touching down from the golden state in the aloha state ahead of that storm. >> i came with my family. >> reporter: this family is from los angeles and they admit they hadn't even heard of olivia until today. >> when you said hurricane, i said, we are good, that is
12:44 pm
passed, right? >> reporter: other flyers are determined not to let the forecast boil their visit. >> it will be interesting. >> we are looking forward to it. a tropical storm. >> totally! >> reporter: bags at hand, a trip to the supermarket is in order for some. >> we are going to cosco to get a few things. >> reporter: no matter what mother nature throws their way, the family of four has a new model for whatever lies ahead. in california, firefighters are having a tough time getting the delta fire under control. it has burned through 78 square miles of land north of reading and his 5% contai in napa and lake counties, the smell fire is 50% contained and that's up slightly from 45% containment. 2500 acres have burned, about
12:45 pm
four square miles and evacuation orders have been lifted for the area with winds picking up a bit and firefighters are confident they are getting the upper hand on this fire. >> i hoped it wouldn't come over the water. i was pretty comfortable with the fact that we could keep our house. >> reporter: homes have been damaged or destroyed but this was the third weekend of evacuations for the area. insurance rates are up and some have had policies canceled because of the constant threat of fire. >> there was the need for the effective way to warn people about a potentially deadly wildfire and yesterday, officials in sonoma county began the first test of the emergency warning system. they are sending text messages and phone calls to everyo signed up for the emergency warning alerts. this comes following widespread criticism about how emergency alerts did not work last year. >> many people have signed up
12:46 pm
for the alert system for email, text messages and voice messages. they ti we will call people that have land lines, hooked up via at&t or their cable company and they will get that same message. >> there will be an emergency test between 10:00 tomorrow morning and noon. officials hope to learn more about the effectiveness of the testing. state health officials confirmed the first death in 2018 from west nile virus. yesterday, one fatal case was reported in glenn county in the sacramento valley and a second fatal case was reported in yuba county. that includes yuba and marysville. so far, 56 have been sickened by the virus and this is a peak perifor west nile, often transmitted through the bite of an infected mosquito. back to rosemary for a peak
12:47 pm
outside on this tuesday afternoon. good morning or good afternoon as we cross over into the lunch hour with temperatures similar tomostly c and inland. we will get a cool down, a minor one in the days ahead, temperatures will fall off a bit more. the system bringing the cool down will bring a bit of wind. let's look at the current conditions as we peek at sfo was 61 on the west side of san francisco. 80 in livermore and in the north bay, santa rosa at 78 and san jose, a nice 75. the system will impact our weather through the next few days to bring temperatures down and it will remain that way as we go into the weekend. will have a look at that in the extended forecast. let's look at those clear skies. we have an advisory for the posstoday is
12:48 pm
moderate. for the possibility with a little bit of smoke, especially over the north bay and the east bay and him -- and the peninsula, as well. the winds are gusting on shore with sustained winds at 10 in fairfield and the second part of the day and early evening, the wind is expected to pick up. for higher elevations and mendocino county and the sierra, there is a red flag warning in place for the gusty conditions that will make it dry, as well. by the evening, the wind will pick up along the coastline with a darker shade of orange and red over the north bay, san francisco and over portions of the peninsula. not everybody will see the wind but along the coast and the hills, we are likely to see it. no advisories and that is something to be aware of. it is coming tonight into tomorrow morning. for air quality, we will stick
12:49 pm
with moderate and that is what we expect foa look at the after highs. upper 60s in san francisco and 70s around the bay. warmer locations, 86 in livermore, 83 for napa and the south bay, 86 in morgan hill's. the extended forecast shows in the next couple of days, we will be cooler and then continue with that into the weekend. looking at olivia, we were talking about it, it's expected to move across the hawaiian islands late tonight into tomorrow with 65 mile-per-hour winds and expected to weaken a little more and we will track that for you. here's a view of the extended forecast into the bay area weekend. mid-to upper 70s expected. upper 60s to near 70s along the bay and at the coastline, mid- 60s. a fall like pattern is coming in and will last through weekend. the looking to bounce back after the season
12:50 pm
opening loss to the l.a. rams. 55,000 fans came to see the game at the coliseum. it started out great for the raiders. they got on the board first when marshawn lynch scored on a run. then, a score by the rams. 23-zip in the second half and jon gruden debuted on his return. >> a good offensive team. they got the opening drive and went on the field and they were impressive with balance and they could run and throw. they proved their stuff, i think, in the second half. offensively, we just couldn't get anything going. we turned the ball over and failed to pick up a blitz one time. very disappointing. >> jon gruden added that the raiders have work to do but he's proud of the way they completed the game. the unday against the broncos in denver. tickets go on sale tomorrow and thursday for the nba champs,
12:51 pm
the final season for the golden state warriors at oracle arena before they move into the new center in san francisco. season ticket holders will have first crack at those tickets starting at 10:00 tomorrow morning. those on the season ticket waitlist will have a chance one hour later. members of the inside his club can buy tickets thursday 10:00 a.m. followed by the general public and the opening day will be october 16 against the oklahoma city thunder. up next, a couple who opened their home to animals in need and the daily sacrifices that requires.
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the inner workings of the trump lantos by investigative reporter bob woodward is now on store shand fear. it went on sale at midnight and
12:54 pm
claims that defense secretary james mattis and white house chief of staff john kelly made disparaging remarks about the president. the officials have denied that and president donald trump has taken to twitter blasting woodward's book calling it, among other things, a joke and a scam. a new report shows 13% of homeowners in california actually have earthquake insurance. >> coming up, we explore what experts call the largest uninsured exposure from a natural disaster in the country. what you need to know today. a few minutes away from the closing bell. the dow jones started down and bounce back and you it is up more than 100 points and the nasdaq and s&p 500 are both in positive territory. imagine living in your home with more than 80 dogs who have uth run of the house? carolina company. >> it's all for a good cause. >> tell them what yoname is and where you came from.
12:55 pm
>> reporter: for 13 years, 11,000 plus dogs have escaped euthanasia and are resting their paws peacefully at this rescue. danny and his partner of nearly 30 years turned their 4400 square-foot south carolina home into a sanctuary for abused and abandoned animals. their personal sacrifice and unique approach is featured in the new documentary, life in the doghouse. >> it tells how we started with katrina and rescued 600 dogs from hurricane katrina and most of our friends thought that we would be done and they wouldn't be bugged to take more dogs. unfortunately, that was the catalyst that got us started doing it more and more. >> reporter: their guests have full run of the house and are well taken care of until they are adopted. >> we get puppy mill dogs that
12:56 pm
are so frightened by human touch and therea lot of what we that we have to spend a lot of time on and it takes up to a couple of years can -- before they can be adopted. >> some dogs are never ready and they stay with them. running the nonprofit is taxing for the couple and they have to raise $1 million a year to stay afloat. it is a lot of work. eight staffers help run the doghouse. >> they vacuum, mop and dust twice a day. they take all the bedding out because we feed them in their crate. we do 19 loads in a commercial washer and drier every day. every dog is bathed every week. we are very meticulous about our house smelling like a human house. >> reporter: in hollywood, fox news. that's it for us. thank you for watching. don't forget we are always here
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>> the murder of jonbenet ramsey. new revelations that my expose the truth. >> she is the center. she is the star. >> was the crime covered up? the couple who say they can prove it. >> there was a secret. she didn't want us to know that little detail. >> plus. >> is the way you have been using coconut oil secretly making you fat? >> a brand new development in our feet to the fire vesks. >> coming up next. ♪ dr. oz: america will never forget the name and face of jonbenet ramy. for more than been more than 20


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