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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 430am  FOX  September 14, 2018 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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good morning. we are live at myrtle beach, south carolina with a live picture. look at the wind whipping those trees. this is major this morning. we are in myrtle beach, south carolina. steve is going to bring us the very latest. hurricane florence has made landfall. welcome back. it is friday morning, september 14. i'm dave clark. >> i'm pam cook. thank you for joining us. let's go to steve. >> at wrightsville beach and just east of wilmington it has made landfall. category one. when a hurricane is out to see the winsare sustained. that's emphasized. once a moves inland gusts are emphasized. this is based on the wind and i decreasing but they are still
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getting gusts to 83 and 91 miles an hour at wilmington as the eye moves on shore. this is moving so slow but the problem is it flows around a high pressure so it is stuck. it is crawling along now and there lies the problem for torrential rain and storm surge coming in and also some of the wind gusts. the wind is field is massive. it goes up to hundred miles. this could, not only sustained, the gust, but some of these can go well into today and probably into tonight it looks like it goes in south carolina and moves over columbia south carolina by tomorrow. in the next 24 hours it will move very slowly. our weather pattern is on the cool side. low clouds are back. we will see mostly sunny skies today after the low clouds. 40s again. cool for some. 47 by the concorde pavilion 53 blackhawk.
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danville 52. lafayette 52. the onshore breeze still in place. another nice day. what about tomorrow? a little cool down. maybe about two - 4 degrees. 50s, 60s, and 70s continue today and into the weekend. my good friend sal is here and tells us? so far so good. sometimes on fridays we have people who maybe worked the first four days and they work the last day from home and that helps with the morning commute. let's start with the solano county commute this traffic is moving along well. there have been no major issues driving on 80 westbound from fairfield, vacaville, vallejo, and on highway 37. there is some fog that you should watch out for in this area of 37.
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37 near lakeville. chp put out an advisory for drivers to be aware of dense fog. looking at the carquinez bridge traffic is moving along as you drive out to the macarthur maze with no major issues. a little slowing approaching highway four and hercules as they pickup a little road work. no major problems there. it is taking about 21 minutes to drive through heading out to the macarthur maze with no problems. at the bay bridge a couple of lanes are taken away there have been no major problems heading out toward the maze. let's go back to the desk. happening today, man accused of killing nia wilson and seriously injuring her sister at oakland's macarthur bart station will be back in court this morning. john lee cowell was arrested july 23 and he may enter a plea today. last month alameda county prosecutors added a special circumstance in their case against cowell, saying he was lying in wait for the victims. that charge would make cowell
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eligible for the death penalty. hurricane florence already causing widespread flooding and damage in north carolina. look at these pictures. florence is now a category one storm, but it is expected to cause life-threatening storm surges with hurricane force wind. the big problem is rain. this storm is moving very slowly and it could drop as much as 40 inches of rain in some areas. a cargo plane from the bay area took off for the carolinas last night from moffett field carrying 20 members of the california national guard and emergency equipment including medical supplies and a rescue helicopter. members of the 129th rescue wing told us they are leaving i think i just want to help people. i want to see how it looks. this is my first time. i'm also nervous. >> it is a great honor. all of these guys are volunteers. a bunch of these guys showed up at 4:00 this morning to prepare
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a helicopter. they folded the blades and now they will loaded into the c-17 and go to dover delaware. all of these guys are excited to be a part of this mission. our motto is that others may live expect this group has been credited with saving more than 1000 lives. hurricane florence pounding the north carolina coast right now. >> lord blanchard is in wilmington, north carolina and is getting slammed right now. we can hear it and see it from here. >> reporter: we are getting some of the worst of the storm right now. the wind coming in at about 90 miles an hour as florence makes its way into this area. the rain is coming down in sheets. this is the town of wilmington. over the last hour or so we have been either able to see it or unable to see it because of the amount of rain that keeps coming down in these extremely thick sheets. it wipes out the
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entire background behind us we have also been watching the parking lots and the streets behind us started to fill up with water. for safety purposes we are a ways off of the ground. the streets down below me about an hour ago a wet and now they are flooding. we are expecting to get more rain like that, excuse me, more wind like that. there's a lot of stuff flying around right now. my crew and i are a little bit protected from the storm so i'm not even in the wind fully, which at this time it would be too dangerous to be out there. >> i'm sure it's probably hard for you to hear us with all of the wind. is that town completely evacuated? >> reporter: wilmington was under an evacuation order, but it was not mandatory. there are people still here. the entire town behind me has lost power. for a while we were watching what appeared to be transformers
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blowing and power lines coming down. it was lighting up the sky. for a little while there was some lights that were right -- that were on and now even the street lights are out. there is no building that i can see that has power. even our own hotel has lost power. my guess is there are very, very few people here with any sort of power. hopefully they are all inside. north carolina alone probably getting close to the 400,000 people without power at this time. >> be careful. we can see what is happening there now as hurricane florence makes landfall. be careful. we will continue to focus on that hurricane. in other news, the mayors
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of oakland, san jose, los angeles teaming up with a nonprofit to help people in their communities. those mayors along with state treasurer will announce a partnership today with excelerator for america. it connects people with jobs and mentorships. now the group also focuses on city infrastructure and how to improve disadvantaged communities. at their news conference today we are expecting to hear details about grants that will be given to what they are calling opportunity zones. with less than two months until election day the candidates for governor are wrapping up their campaigns and adding endorsements. democrat gavin newsom was on the campaign trail in lafayette and berkeley yesterday. newsom spoke on behalf of buffy wicks who is a candidate for the 15th at sibley district picked a lieutenant governor and former san francisco mayor joined other democratic leaders in reminding voters this could be one of the most important midterm elections in recent memory. he is urging everyone to stop complaining about the current state of american politics and get out and vote. >> we can talk about the good
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old days with housing and urban developed. we can talk about the institutionalization for those that were getting support. we can actually do something about it. we can lament about the 44 and mentioned all the facilities shut down since 1995. 2800 that's. that's a fact. or we can do something about it. >> newsom also spoke on behalf of state a sibley candidate rebecca bauer k hen who during an event earlier in the afternoon was there in lafayette . the latest poll in the california governor's race was released last week and has newsom leading by 44% - 39%. 70% of pulls participants say they are still undecided but the poll also found supporters of each are very committed to
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th condoleezza rice, the former secretary of state and who is currentlycaaign a boost yesterday. she says john cox has the vision to tackle california's problems. cox is running as a political outsider thing he will use the financial skills that made him a multimillionaire to put california on the right economic path. cox and newsom have only agreed to one political debate . the is tentatively scheduled to be held in san francisco on the morning of october 8. new york governor andrew cuomo defeated sex and the city actress at the states democratic primary for cuomo received about 66% of the vote. dixon had 34% the associated press called the race just 30 minutes after the polls closed. nixon conceded a short time later at at in her concession
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speech she said a blue wave is coming for the gop for cuomo will face republican mark ellen aro in november's general election for cuomo is trying to win a third term as new york's governor. paul manafort's lawyers will go back to court today. there are reports about a possible plea deal . the presidents former campaign chairman is facing seven criminal counts, including money laundering my failure to register as a foreign agent, and obstruction of justice. a status conference is set for today. jury selection is due to begin on monday. several reports have indicated paul manafort's lawyers are talking with special counsel robert mueller. last month manafort was convicted on eight of 18 counts of financial fraud in a re in alexandria virginia. the prescription for some diseases is healthy eating. coming up in the next half hour we will tell you about solano county's new food pharmacy. how safe is san francisco's millennium tower
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building? why inspectors say they may have to yellow tag that building if an important deadline is not met today. we are looking at the bridge on your commute into san francisco. right now it looks pretty good making your way to the treasure island a tunnel and into the city. fog is back. we had high clouds yesterday morning and now it is the low clouds and a continuation of the pattern. we will show you more on that coming up. the nature of a virus is to change. move. mutate. today, life-changing technology from abbott
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welcome back. management at the thinking and tilting millennium tower faced a deadline today. city officials in san francisco are threatening to yellow tag the building after the recent discovery of a cracked window. henry lee explains what needs to be done today. >> reporter: the city of san francisco has given the managers at the william tower until the end of the week to meet certain deadlines or the tower could be a low tagged. this comes after the discovery of a cracked window on the 36 floor over the labor day weekend. >> it is protection of the public. that is the paramount and most important thing to this department, that the public is protected. from any falling objects such as glass or other debris. >> reporter: the city wrote a letter to tower management giving them until friday to build a canopy to protect the people from anything falling from the building and to look for any other damaged windows.
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building inspectors have threatened to yellow tag any part of the building that is not safe but now they are taking a different tactic sing there willing to be flexible as long as the building is safe. >> right now we are all think they are going to meet the tent does the timeline. we have to take one step at a time. >> reporter: the attorney for the tower management says there's a plan to secure the window with tape before a replacement arrives. >> they will go through an openable window adjacent to this window that fractured and reach around with the tape with an apparatus that will secure it and make that work. >> reporter: he said a protective canopy is already in place. by friday it will extend around all sides of the building at a cost of $158,000. those fixes he says it should prevent yellow tagging. >> we are very hopeful the city will not take that drastic measure. >> reporter: these are the latest problems at the building which is tilting and has sunk about 18 inches since 2009. >> also on the list is inspecting all 416 units of the millennium tower. that might take some time because all of those units are
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considered. ktvu fox2 news. this is wilmington beach. we can see the rain coming down and the wind. this video is kind of deceiving. we saw lauren blanchard earlier getting pummeled with the wind. we are tracking this storm here in the weather center and keeping an eye on the damage. let's go over to steve. exactly where is it and how long is it going to last? >> it is in wilmington beach, north carolina. it made landfall 7:15 their time. wind at 90 miles an hour. there were gusts right there in wilmington to 91 miles an hour. it is moving ever so slowly. we talked about this yesterday. the steering currents are now controlled by the high pressure system. now it's trapped so it's . the irony of all of this is that maybe in 24 hours florence may go ove
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storm surge will be the big issue. that's where you have the water moving inland. it rises above, when you get it coming and lend it is combined with the wind with the normal ocean level and the ocean surge and that sends it inland. you have that associated with a heavier rainfall and that is what can stack up. that's what we are already seeing for 12 or 14 feet is within the realm of possibility . the forecast is the big story. there will be some incredible amounts due to the slow nature of this system, especially between wilmington and myrtle beach. it will move inland over the weekend. inland areas will then get there heavy rain and there lies the continuation of flood problems. one gust at 105 in wilmington. myrtle beachnorth is 54 miles an hour. a lot the eye is
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going over wilmington and then will track southward towards myrtle beach. tropical storm over the weekend. that's what some of the heavier rain will continue. for us we are looking for low cloud deck this morning. yesterday morning it was high clouds. this system will go through. 50s on the temperatures. we will end up with 60s or 70s again. upper 40s for many fremont 52. there is a breeze that will continue so temperatures are not going far. 60s and 70s. tomorrow morning the same. if you like this pattern enjoy. sal, looking okay? looking all right. i'm looking to see if the east east bay commute on 880, 580, 680 heading oute the traffic is getting a little
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bit slower on the altamont pass. on 580 westbound driving to the area we are also looking at a lot of the roadwork still yet to be picked up on some of usg 880 looks pretty good through fremont. as you drive over to the castro valley area it is a nice looking drive. san mateo bridge westbound 92 pretty lightly traveled. 880 in front of the colosseum at the same. there are people out there at the bay bridge in the far left lanes and there appears to be a little bit of a backup. let's go back to the desk. robin williams will be honored today in san francisco. we will tell you the area that will now be renamed in his honor.
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welcome back. happening today is san francisco's golden gate park the sign for the new robin williams meadow will be unveiled in golden gate park on bowling green dr. last year the sample -- san francisco recreation and park commission approved renaming sharon meadow after robin williams, among many other things robin was a big part of comedy day held in that meadow for the past 20 years. officials, comedians, and longtime friends of robin williams are expected to be at today's very special ceremony. from a coastal cleanup to helping fund state parks there is a lot of ways you can give
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back and be outdoors this weekend. rosemary has your weekend watch. >> reporter: here are some things happening. it is california coastal cleanup day with activities all over the bay area meanwhile, in san francisco enjoy live music, dances, vendors, italian cuisine , winetasting, and an expert pizza toss at the italian festival on saturday in north beach. or head to the 28th annual autumn moon festival in chinatown. arts and crafts, exhibits, children's activities, food, and multiple parades along historic grand avenue between california street and columbus avenue. in the east bay enjoy quality wines and microbrews at the 23rd annual lafayette art and wine festival are complete with art and crafts, food sampling, and live music. in oakland cheer on a fleet of colorful 40 foot dragon votes as teams from all over california race at lake merritt
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this weekend. the free festival also includes cultural performances, food, kid friendly activities, and more. in the south bay the 2018 luna park chalk art festival is in san jose on saturday where you will find art, live music, dance, food truck, a children's area. esto park. in the north be on saturday the annual old growth festival takes place at the historic redwood forest. this festival features productions that help raise funds for all state parks. in sports at the giants, quakes, and niners are home. raiders and a's are away. grand prix of sonoma is at the sonoma raceway. that is your weekend watch. the oakland a's are in tampa today playing the race. they lost to the orioles yesterday 5 - 3. they were playing the orioles in baltimore baltimore jumped out to an early lead in the first inning.
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like that. the oakland a's cut that lead to 2 - 1 after stephen piscotty hit a homerun. the a's just couldn't put together enough hits for the orioles pictures kept getting out of jams. baltimore won the game 5 - 3 . the a's will play tampa bay this afternoon at 4:10. the giants began training camp, i'm sorry, the san jose sharks again training camp today after making a major splash. they traded for one of the best defenseman in the nhl. erik karlsson is now a shark. he was traded yesterday for four draft picks and two players. the sharks spent a lot of the off-season trying to get a major free-agent. now they have a top blue liner to anchor their defense for the sharks first preseason game is next week against the ducks. the final day of that global climate action summit in san francisco. the celebrities and the political leaders who
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will be speaking today and we will also tell you what actor harrison ford had to say yesterday. hurricane florence just made landfall in the carolinas moments ago. it is expected to bring life-threatening storm surges to the carolinas. steve paulson is tracking this storm and we will get a first look at the damage. on the roads right now westbound 24 traffic looks pretty good heading to the tunnel. we will tell you more about the morning commute straight ahead. the friday forecast has some low clouds returning. yesterday it was high clouds. temperatures staying cool. we will show you those on the friday forecast. olay total effects. the power of 7 benefits all in one bottle.
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and more affordable than ever. electric cars are here. plug into the present. breaking news on the east coast, hurricane florence made landfall just moments ago, pummeling the carolinas with pounding rain and heavy wind. >> we are tracking the storm and the damage affecting millions of people and the evacuation orders now in place. good morning and thank you for joining us here on this friday morning september 14.
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steve has been talking about it all morning, hurricane florence making landfall in north carolina. it has been downgraded in terms of linda strength. that is really not telling the whole story life-threatening storm surges and hurricane force wind already coastal streets are flooded for tens of thousands of people are without power. we do have live team coverage of the storm this morning. steve paulson is tracking the path. first, let's go to the newsroom where leigh martinez is talking about the latest developments. >> the national weather service puts the wind speed at more than 100 miles an hour at the wilmington airport resulting in a strong i will moving through. hurricane florence was downgraded to a category one because the eye wall grew inside. the smaller the eye wall more powerful the wind. however, it is still sitting hurricane force wind 80 miles out from the center


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