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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  September 15, 2018 10:00pm-10:45pm PDT

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hola. well, it's a pleasure. you are a lovely woman. you must be frank. okay, then. you are hotter than a las vegas sidewalk on the 4th of july. [ laughs ] did i go too far? not you, frank. no. tropical storm florence maybe weakening but heavy rain and wind continue to pound the carolinas. the flooding affecting counties near the coastline. >> floodwaters are rising. if you are not watching for them, you are risking your life. >> more than 1 million people remain in the dark and 11 people are dead as the threat of heavy rain and flooding is far from over in the carolinas.
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despite all that, new worries for residents. a video of looters. targeting a family dollar store and wilmington. police announcing the arrest of five people tonight related to the incident. wilmington police are tweeting they will charge them to the fullest extent of the law. in response, the city extended its curfew for the affected area. the associated press is reporting that at least 11 people have died as a result of the storm including a mother and her baby. 1 million people are without power this evening. that number is expected to grow. it is estimated to have already caused nearly $20 billion in damage. here is a look at the extent of the devastation. these before and after shots show a parking lot is flooded. city streets are hard to walk through.
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search teams have been going door to door with rescue boats to help evacuate people and flooded areas. >> reporter: a day and a half after making landfall, florence is posing new dangers. mandatory evacuation orders in effect for anyone within a model of north carolina's cape fear river and little river. officials fear the bases could overflow during the nonstop rain. >> this system is unloading epic amounts of rainfall. in some places measured in feet. and not inches. >> reporter: downgraded to a tropical storm, florence is moving at a glacial pace across the carolinas and just about two mile dump colossal amounts of rain on millions of living will inland from the coast. florence is also blamed for hundreds of trees being knocked down, blocking roads and damaging homes, causing two gaps. more than 1 million power outages reported with nearly 1/5 of the interior state of north carolina in the dark. volunteers are trying to rescue
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anyone in distress. >> we will go in land. we will do the best we can. >> reporter: the rainfall in some areas is unprecedented. hitting already saturated la. the biggest threat may be yet to come. >> floodwaters are rising. if you're not watching for them, you are risking your life . >> reporter: the new evacuations affecting people in cumberland county and the fayetteville area, officials say be out by 3:00 p.m. on sunday. many more are under curfew orders including here. e to has been keeping a truck on florence. >> eventually turning to the north. take a look at the numbers. this is from earlier today.
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over 30 inches of rainfall. that number has been going up over the past few hours. take a look at more reports. toward newport over 23 inches. wilmington approaching 15 inches of rain fall. we are adding to the numbers right now. here is the latest with tropical storm florence weakening with winds of 30 miles per hour. this is the big concern moving to the west. only at three miles per hour. with the slow movement it will produce excessive rainfall amounts. that will be the big concern as we get into sunday and possibly beyond. here is what the forecast models are showing. tomorrow, no longer a tropical storm. there will be a tropical depression. sunday morning and evening and eventually moving to the north. the excessive rainfall and catastrophic flooding will be a big concern for the remainder of the week and possibly longer. the bay area is helping
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with the emergency response to tropical storm florence. california task 4 is first responders based in alameda county. >> all of the teams we have sent have specialized training in swift water rescue and boat operation. they are well prepared for moving around in these areas. >> this morning we spoke with you battalion chief who is the program coordinator for oakland task force 4. he told us the emergency responders who are on the ground in north carolina are dealing with an enormous amount of wind and rain and debris. that makes getting around very difficult. here is a look at how difficult the rescues have been. this is video from the u.s. coast guard conducting rescues earlier today. people are being lifted in baskets into a ag chopper. as the torrential rain continues to leave people stranded.
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some good news to report out of napa county. the snell fire is 100% contained. cal fire made the announcement tonight. the wildfire burning between middletown and the lake will have scorched nearly 2500 acres . knows homes or other structures were damaged. dozens of people in the area were under mandatory evacuation orders for two days. the cause of the fire is under investigation. an investigation is underway after an inmate is discovered dead inside his cell at the martinez detention facility. the deputy sheriff was conducting a room check when he noticed the unresponsive man. medical staff responded and began life-saving measures but the 61-year-old was pronounced dead. officials say the death appears to be health related. chp said the ers could
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stay but now say they must go. we have been following the latest of elements tonight and we are live in san jose. >> reporter: organizers of hope village spent the day packing up their belongings and putting them in storage. after chp told them they need to leave by monday morning. the group is scrambling to find a place for their homeless campers. messages of hope and encouragement are posted at hope village to help boost morale. >> at this point, we are desperate. they told us to be out. >> reporter: the nonprofit raised $10,000 to create the organized homeless encampment. chp initially told the group they had to leave last thursday. the camp sits on state property. they are technically trespassing. thursday came and went. >> no surprises. willing to work with us and work and county. we will find a place.
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>> reporter: that is what hope village said chp said to them. now they want them gone by monday morning. >> before i came here i was under the bridge. on oakland road. >> reporter: james is one of six homeless campers. he lived on the streets for the past five years while he has been told to leave places, this eviction notice is painful. he has gotten used to the comfort of his new home. not taking for granted his carpeted floor. running water and a mobile shower. >> i was bathing at least once a week. here, you can shower three or four times a week if you like. >> reporter: chp said while they are sensitive to the homeless crisis in san jose, the group does not have the proper permit. >> they never had a definite amount of time they could stay in that location. it was always, 72 hours we were
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giving them. >> reporter: the nonprofit said city and county leaders have stepped up. the group has been meeting with the city housing director and two county supervisors who are exploring buying the lot. the problem is, they need a solution fast. >> we hold out hope that somewhere an angel will come and say, we see what you are doing and it's worthwhile. we are willing to have you come and set up camp at a different location. >> reporter: the group is now reaching out to the governor's office. hoping that the office can help in some way. the nonprofit is vowing to keep these homeless people off the streets. >> there is talk about doing things with the property. it may take a long time but where can they go in the interim? >> reporter: right now, they are struggling to find a place.
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they are hoping that someone can offer a church, possibly another property. they say this is the best location but unfortunately it is state property. they are asking them to leave monday. in the interim, they may accommodate them in other houses. we do not know. hopefully we will find out monday what they plan to do. >> let's hope a solution comes up. investigators are trying to figure out what caused a large four alarm fire last night that destroyed an entire square block of downtown modesto. the flames broke out around 5:00 bm at a vacant building. the fire completely destroyed crescent work and outdoor which is a popular family-run business. we spoke to the owners about the devastating loss. >> reporter: the few remaining
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hotspots are doused. a business gutted in the massive fire that started yesterday. >> third-generation family. my sister and i have been in that building for 35 years. >> reporter: among other things, they specialize in uniforms for a first responders. the very people who worked to bring the fire under control and maintain a perimeter in the area. >> unfortunately we provide a lot of uniforms for law enforcement and fire. >> reporter: as he looks over the destruction, he recalls the words of his grandfather who started the business in 1946. >> my grandfather always had a theory that the workingman will never go away. as fads coming go, the workingman will be there. >> reporter: the fire broke out around the 5:00 last night and sped to the other end of the block. the businesses in the middle managed to survive mostly unscathed. >> with the wind and embers,
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the kind of happened. the ones in the middle were spared. >> reporter: the cleanup begins now. >> i know we have a long road but i am looking forward to the challenge >> reporter: modesto fire said the cause is under investigation. a family of a three-year- old girl who was shot in the head is desperately holding on hope their child will survive. azalea anderson was shot inside herself sacramento home on tuesday night. the result of a drive-by shooting. her parents have been told by doctors at uc davis medical center that their child has no brain activity. and she will be taken off life support by monday. the family is refusing to give up hope. >> this is for my daughter. i am not giving up. nobody should have to go through this. >> investigators are trying to figure out a motive for the shooting. whoever shot this innocent
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three-year-old girl is at large tonight. controversy every hip-hop music festival in oakland. why organizers are getting the blame. why the late inning heroics were on the wrong side tonight for the athletics. as they continue their hunt for october in tampa bay. history curriculum in texas members the alamo but could soon forget hillary clinton and helen keller. we have that story next.
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several people are dead after gunmen dressed as musicians opened fire on an independent day celebration in mexico. mexico city's plaza turned into a body scene when three men began shooting and left the scene on motorcycles four people were killed and nine others hurt including one for no. the plaza is a popular tourist spot for musicians. a u.s. border patrol agent suspected of killing four women was arrested early this morning and texas. juan david ortiz , and intel supervisor for the border patrol was found hiding in a hotel parking lot in the city of laredo.
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investigators have described him as a serial killer. they have strong evidence he is responsible for the deaths of four women who worked as prostitutes. the fight for u.s. senate in texas is shaping up to be the most expensive the time election cycle and u.s. history. it's a fierce battle between incumbent, ted cruz and democrat o'rourke. he has been getting positive press with esquire saying he could be, the next obama. vanity fair calling him, kennedy like. ted cruz said his policies will help him beat out the young congressman. >> they all talk about his hair and his teeth. they talk about no substance. nothing about his record. they don't talk about him being open to abolishing ice or wanting to impeach the president. >> it's about the future of this country. the big things we want to go. going from the leased insured state to the one that leads on universal healthcare. >> o'rourke currently has a $10 million fundraising advantage over ted cruz recent polls shows
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ted cruz has a narrow lead by 3%. the texas board of education has voted to remove hillary clinton from the states social studies curriculum. according to the dallas morning news, a 15 member board voted yesterday on which historical figures were, essential to learn about and who are not. the board also voted to remove helen keller from the curriculum and to keep billy graham. the newspaper said the vote was preliminary and the board will take a final vote in november. while we have been keeping a close eye on tropical storm florence, other parts of the world are dealing with their own weather disasters. a typhoon slammed into the philippines early this morning, the death toll has reached 28. two women were killed when a hillside drenched by all the rain collapsed on top of them. the typhoon which is being called the strongest storm in the world so far this year was the equivalent of a category atlantic hurricane when it hit. from cell phone users, may
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be caught off guard when you receive an emergency test message from president trump. is part of the fema wireless emergency alert system in case there is a national emergency. it is scheduled to be sent out thursday, september 20. more than 100 carriers including verizon, at&t, sprint and t-mobile are taking part in this emergency alert test. we have a look at the forecast. >> we are still tracking the radar imagery. it's hard to believe this is 24 hours of satellite and radar showing you what is now tropical storm florence. this system has been drifting around 3-5 miles per hour. that will be the big concern for the remainder of the weekend. for us in the bay area, we had temperatures on the cooler side. only 57 in pacifica. san francisco 62. lots of 70s inland. san jose around 73. it's been a cool weather set up.
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with lots of 60s and 70s. tomorrow we will bump it up by a few degrees. it looks like more pronounced warming will come up in the five day. satellite showing you this. some rain showers not in the bay area but to the north. the cooler air is kicking in. right now we have low clouds and fog. you probably saw the clouds over the past evening hours. there is fog coast side. and a light onshore breeze transporting the clouds back to the bay. santa rosa in the upper 50s. san francisco 56. here is a live camera look for the bay. we have little cloud cover tonight. we are expecting the clouds near the coast and near portions of the bay in the morning. upper 40s to the 50s through sunday morning.
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here is what the forecast model shows. clouds near the coast. a few patches around the bay. there could be fog near oakland, berkeley, san francisco. the clouds clear to the coastline. with the patchy fog, partly sunny skies around the bay. more sunshine inland. we will take a close look at the forecast on sunday and eventually a few neighborhoods approaching 90 degrees in the five day forecast. one of the biggest pet adoption event is happening this weekend. it is the eighth annual pet food express bay area pet fair. it is held at the alameda county fairgrounds.. the main attraction is the animals looking for their forever homes . more than 70 shelters and
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rescues will be there including one from lake county trying to find homes for victims of the recent mendocino complex fire. >> she was owned by an older gentleman that had to evacuate and that he got sick. he lost his house to the fire. he had two dogs. he was very well raised. the gentleman loved his dogs. that having lost his house and not feeling well, he is unable to care for the bigger dog. >> other highlights for the event include a cat whisperer and host of my cat somehow. and agility course for dogs and pet education classes adoption fees very. the fair continues on sunday and ends a ark attack near cape cod has left one man dead. attack in more than 80 years. what we are learning about the attempt by a friend to save his life. the least informed in the last to act has been columbia gas. >> a gas company under scrutiny after a string of fiery
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explosions rocked the boston area this week.
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a new york mother whose daughter was allegedly murdered by ms 13 gang members was killed last night in long island after a dispute over a memorial for her daughter. police believe she was standing in the street and a woman ran over her. she later died at the hospital. >> for some reason she got in her car to try to run over what she had on the ground. and she stopping her from doing that. she just went forward. she ran her over. >> you may recall rodriguez was honored by president trump earlier this year at the state of the union. she was invited as a symbol and advocate for families
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devastated by gang violence. the driver stated the scene and called 911. no charges have been filed against the woman. homicide detectives are investigating. today a shark killed a man off of cape cod beach. 26-year-old man was boogie boarding when he was attacked. witnesses told police they saw the man aggressively kicking something behind them in the water and then going under. his friend dragged him to shore screaming for help. despite life-saving others the victim was pronounced dead at a local hospital. authorities have closed the beach to swimming. the attack is the first fatal shark incident in massachusetts since 1936. new details in a deadly gas explosion that destroyed as many as 80 homes north of boston. a federal investigator said there is no evidence to suggest the explosion was intentional. one person was killed and at least 25 others were injured. days later, some 8000 people still cannot go back home.
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tonight many people including pseudo-officials are blasting the columbia gas company for the lack of response. >> reporter: the investigation continues into why 80 homes and businesses caught on fire, three exploding thursday in three neighborhoods. 150 emergency 911 calls flooded the system as hundreds of first responders battled simultaneous fires. the fires were sparked by natural gas line leaks. at this hour, investigators are trying to figure out how and why the ntsb is on the ground investigating. preliminary investigation points to the over pressurization of the lines. some 8000 people were evacuated from their homes. many are still displaced as gas meters are being systematically turned off and inspected. >> no one knew what was going on. this it was a gas leak somewhere.
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everybody was all over the place. >> we just ran out. i did not want to risk being in their. >> reporter: 25 people were injured. tragically, one man died. he was sitting in his car in the driveway when a gas explosion in his home caused the chimney to fall on his car. he died at the hospital. one police officer is being hailed a hero. he worked nonstop to try to save the 18-year-old and others even though his own home was burning to the ground. this map from the massachusetts state police gives you an idea of the extent of the fires. governor baker and local mayors have blasted the columbia gas company for the lack of response. >> when we first got word of the incident, the least informed , and the last to act has been
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columbia gas. >> we are sorry. we are deeply concerned about the inconvenience. this is the sort of thing that aghast distribution company hopes never happens. >> reporter: governor baker issued a state of emergency essentially firing the columbia gas company and putting ever sourced utility in charge of the recovery. the largest independent hip- hop festival in the country emerges in oakland. not everyone is happy. why police have set up a hotline for complaints. volunteers will pick up trash and other debris in the biggest volunteer effort of the year. coming up we have more on california's coastal cleanup.
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the world's largest hip-hop and rap fest is in oakland with dozens of artists and tens of thousands of fans. the festival kicked off in the parking lot of the oakland coliseum today. not everyone is happy. many residents in the area are worried about the expected noise. >> reporter: hip-hop fans flooded to the grounds of the oakland coliseum for rolling allowed. it is the world's largest hip- hop festival. it is expected to attract 40,000 people over the weekend. >> some of the pioneers of independent hip-hop. came from the bay area. a diverse community. >> reporter: the lineup includes some local artists. >> it feels crazy. being at this big hip-hop
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festival, and i am performing, i feel humble and motivated. >> reporter: there is a ferris wheel and food carts and tight security. ahead of the event oakland police and a hotline. to field calls about noise complaints. one of the cofounders so they have taken measures to be good neighbors. >> we strategically placed our stages to be pointed at the arenas. so they absorb the sound. we are not pointing at any residential areas. we are bringing a lot of value to the city. while you may hear us for the next few days, we are bringing millions of dollars of economic influx into the market. police in emeryville have arrested a man for hitting a woman on the head with an ax.
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christopher jennings was arrested today. police say the received reports of a man hitting a woman with an ax. a driver passing by was able to give the woman a ride to a gas station where she met with police. she was taken to the hospital and is expected to be okay. police are looking for the person responsible for shooting a man in oakland last night. police say the 44-year-old man was shot when he was stabbed -- stopped rather at the intersection. despite heavy bleeding he was able to drive himself to the police station and fly down officers for help. police don't have any motive or a description of the suspect. was california's largest annual volunteer event. coastal cleanup day draws thousands of volunteers. to clean up after ourselves before it makes it into the ocean. >> reporter: the 34th annual
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california coastal cleanup day helps keeps plastics and other pollution out of the ocean. the large volunteer event gets residents involved in the environmental health of their own communities. the other begins in mind because a lot of garbage ends up making its way from their to the ocean. >> we have been doing it since the kids were in preschool. this is our community. we want to clean it up. we want to make sure we have a healthy environment and show the kids that volunteering and serving the community is important. >> reporter: the top things picked up from the shorelines are, cigarettes and their filters, food wrappers and caps or lids. the volunteers make sure they are thoroughgoing through the shoreline looking for trash. >> at least 10 or 20 yards of trash. you cannot see it from here but it's embedded in the rocks and the marsh. >> reporter: last year more than 5000 volunteers that nearly 60,000 pounds of debris off of california shorelines.
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the legendary bay area studio has closed its doors. a little drop off in the temperatures today. in the five day, we will have 90s. we will have that coming up after the break.
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it's the end of an era for a recording studio in berkeley. after 70 years in business, fantasy studios last day of operations was today. the studio made a name for itself in the 1970s when the band credence clearwater
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revival recorded there. countless musicians followed over the years including green day, journey and santana. the city has served as a postproduction center for tv, movies and video. employees say the reason the studio is closing is because the building in which it is located is being sold. we are talking about a warm up in your sunday forecast. the highs were in the 50s, 60s and some 70s. the coast had the cool breeze. santa rosa 78 and livermore in the 70s. at levi's stadium we are expecting partly sunny skies. at about 15 miles per hour. football weather in the bay area. satellite shows the main storm track to the north. we cannot shake the fog completely. the low clouds and the fog is
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regrouping. and pushing locally into the bay with an onshore breeze. current numbers, fairfield at 57 . san jose 60. san francisco 56. here is the alive camera looking toward the bay bridge. we have some patchy low clouds. i suspect we will have patchy overcast to start sunday morning. you want to a bundle up. 40s and 50s for sunday morning. in the north bay it will be the 40s. san francisco patchy clouds. 54. a son cloud makes in the afternoon. right around 60. then cloudy and breezy. winds could be at 20 miles per hour. and temperatures around 64. not much has changed in the weather pattern since wednesday. there is a sharp dip in the jet stream over the this system will be on the move. as we get into midweek and beyond. talking about a warming trend.
10:40 pm
a cool pattern will stick around. after a little bump in the numbers tomorrow. here is the plan tomorrow. clouds coast side. as we get into the afternoon, patchy fog on the coast. partly cloudy skies. more sunshine as you work your way inland. no major heat. no 90s and not much in the way of 80s. we could flirt with 80 near antioch and brentwood. san francisco 64. santa rosa around 78. san jose at 74. here is a look ahead at the five day forecast. clouds tomorrow morning. partly sunny. as far as the forecast, we will cool things
10:41 pm
off slightly on monday and tuesday. by midweek, if you want to be outside, wednesday and thursday are looking great. thursday we could be into the upper 80s to the 90s. keep an eye on the fire danger on thursday. that is it for us for news tonight. the sports wrap is next with college football highlights and tempers boiling over the oakland a's in tampa. distance relationship.
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stanford has played three games at home with no students on campus yet which means two things. they have a a brutal road heavy slate. and the students just lost half the football season. the team taking advantage with wins over san diego state, usc. no bryce love. no problem. now it is 10-3. same play, same guy. other side of the endzone. 17-3. 19 career receiving touchdowns. that is fifth all-time. they are not done. 3rd quarter. costello with play action. going deep. 53 yards. that sets up this. the cardinals win 30-10.
10:45 pm
3-0 heading to eugene, oregon next week. there is a saying in college football, if you have two quarterbacks you have none. what does that mean for cal? the bears started 2-0 and armed with two arms, they made it a perfect 3-3. hosting idaho state. cal fans enjoyed the early- season run. 1st quarter, no score until the transfer from laney college got a five yard touchdown. his first career score. it is 7-0. this is a 28 yard connection. 14-3. how about the special teams? davis is a trakstar. down the sidelines. 89 yards.


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