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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 7am  FOX  September 17, 2018 7:00am-9:01am PDT

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trending to a record high. good morning t is monday, september 17th. i'm wrongwrong wrong. >> and i'm dave clark. we have good, cool and milder. 60s and 70s. the temperatures have been below average and they'll continue to do that maybe a brief jump up thursday and friday. but i think we're in the pattern of not changing too much. fog back, even though we are getting late in the city with the fog. 50s on the temperatures and a lot of 40s to the north. and a couple 50s right now.
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concord, 47 pleasantton at 48. west, southwest breeze coming through the straight there. so it is an onshore breeze fog in place and a dip in the jet stream. that will go 60s and 70s. sal tells us it is 7:01. how is the traffic? 39 minute drive to the mack mack bridge. it doesn't seem to bad as you see there. this is a look at the scott sams. in the silocon valley it is not too bad getting down there. 880 is a little slower getting into as you know i don't know city than from -- union city
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scott sams. sam -- sam te'o bridge. >> someone shot several round from a car and took off what is the latest on the investigation. >> reporter: the police said that there was a minor accident on the freeway the one driver would not pull over so the other driver chased him and shot aim at him. it was a white ford taurus. and the other vehicle was involved was a black camaro and it was towed from the scene. it was was hit by gun fire. luckily, the driver was not hurt. and the two cars were traveling southbound on highway 238 from
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hayward to the 580 split. >> the suspect's vehicle that was driving erratic and collided into the black camaro. the driver of the black camaro followed the driver of the station wagon to 580 and 164th avenue. that is where the white station wagon pulled over to the right- hand shoulder. the black camaro began to pass. and the driver of the station wagon pulled up alongside the black camaro and fired approximately four to five rounds at the black camaro. >> reporter: the driver then pulled up 150th avenue and called 911. the driver was not hurt. the police canvassed the area and closed down the freeway to search for evidence. it reopened just before 5:00 a.m. they don't know how many people
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were in the suspect's car. and they are asking the public for help. anyone with information is asked to give them a call. florence is now a tropical depression is still causing problems in north carolina and several other states. it slowly weakened and downgrade to a tropical depression. and heavy rain falling on north carolina right now. the u.s. coast guard helped me people that could not get away from the rising floodwaters. this was in rocky point north carolina. and it involved 37 people and 11 pets. we did talk by phone with one man that said that he chose to wait out the storm in jacksonville, north carolina despite having no electricity. >> we saw the vehicle driving around earlier today. they've been working around the clock. >> he told us that he decided
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not to evacuate because he said that he wanted to keep an eye on his home concerning the storm. a shock is waiting for many of the homeowners in the average florence. the storm is expected to trigger a lot of insurance claims. but recent real estate developments along the coast may be underinsured. about 134,000 policies in place in north carolina at the end of july that is down from five years ago. and there's been a drop in south carolina as well. coming up in the next half hour, we'll take you live to north carolina. our reporter lauren blanchard has been there all morning long. there are new call for a delay in the senate judiciary committee's vote to confirm judge brett kavanaugh to the you can you can supreme court. a bay area woman accused him of
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sexual assault saying it happened when they were in high school and is now willing to testify before the senate committee. people that know christine ford know is the right decision. >> i believe her. why would anyone make up that story now or anytime? >> the senate committee is scheduled vote on thursday. we will good there live to washington d.c. several senators, including some republicans are considering a delay in the vote, right? >> reporter: good morning. how quickly things could change. a week ago we would have said that the chances were really good that judge brett kavanaugh would be confirmed to the court. and that may still be the case. but the odds are changing pretty quickly here. what does the white house do now in the trump administration still spending time with judge
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brett kavanaugh but a quick confirmation is eroding. >> and now they decide what strategy they're going to pursue against the allegations. >> reporter: an anonymous allegation against judge brett kavanaugh now has a name attached to. christine ford said that he assaulted her. i thought he was going to kill me. he was trying to attack me and remove my clothing. senator dianne feinstein knew about it late in july but did not identify it late last week. >> i've been embarrassed by the whole process. they had this stuff for three months. if they were serious about it, they should have told us about it. >> reporter: judge brett kavanaugh has denied the allegations. and 65 women that knew name
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high school backing him and defending his character. and two republicans are suggesting they agree. and two senators to watch, susan collins of maine and -- of alaska, moderate republicans still on the fence here. it is looking more likely that we may see a full on hearing involving ford. her attorney said that her client is willing to do that. but it will be a question of timeline here. the republicans hoped to have a confirmation vote in the senate judiciary in the on thursday. thing that is the schedule. but that may wined up changing. in washington, fox 2 news. san francisco muny drivers going public with the number of times they have been assaulted on the could be. the attacks include everything from being spit on to being put into a choke hold and getting
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death threats. several drivers said they've been attacked more than once or twice in their careers. san francisco muny officials said that the peak was in 2015. there were 788 reported assaults. muny said so far this year, 316 assaults have been reported. driverses say they are not the only ones at risk. the people that attack them can turn their attack towards passengers. more problems for san francisco twin peaks tunnels. they damaged part of the tunnel's automatic control system. trains had to go through the tunnel thrower that slowed down the entire system. it recently underwent a 40 million-dollar overhaul. a san francisco sheriff's department bus carrying 25 jailed inmates broke down on the way to the hall of justice. the san francisco examiner said that the bus was taking the
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inmates from the jail to court hearings in the city last wednesday when there were mechanical problems. it was in a convoy with other inmates being transported. the bus driver pulled over to the side of skyline boulevard, sheriff deputies stood guard to keep them from getting off the bus till a new bus arrived. all the inmates made it back to court in time for their hearings. the newspaper said that this is the second time this year that particular bus has broken down. tensions on the rise again. we'll tell you why president trump is threatening to impose new tariffs on china and where it will hurt consumers. we'll break down the raiders' game coming up next. it is getting busier if you're going to be driving anytime soon, especially in the east bay. tell tell you about that
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straight ahead. a cool september for us. and today is no exception. the temperatures are not warming up yet. ♪ flintstones! meet the flintstones. ♪ ♪ they're the modern stone age family. ♪ ♪ from the town of bedrock. ♪ meet george jetson. ♪ ♪ his boy elroy. with instant acceleration, electric cars are more fun to drive and more affordable than ever. electric cars are here. plug into the present.
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bridge. scary moments on a flight to san francisco. engine problems from sfo to detroit metropolitan sounded like a tire blew and smoke. he was flying home on a delta flight after covering the 49ers' game and look the out the window and saw smoke coming from one of the engines. the faa said there was a fire in the right engine. the plane was towed back to the gate and everyone was put on a different flight and no one hurt. we reached out to delta this morning. 7:13. facebook is hiring a human rights policy director deal
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with human rights abuses on facebook. the direct will respond to human rights violations and promote peace. facebook has been criticized recently when it is accused of spreading hate speech. the oakland raiders continue to look for their first win of the season. they did take double digit lead in the third quarter. but the broncos came back and ended up kicking the game winning field goal. here's what the coach had to say about the team's 0-2 start to the season. >> we got to do something. we got to get there. we need to get more one-on-ones and call up more blitzes. we have to figure something
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out. we will. >> raiders travel across the country to play the miami dolphins on sunday. the 49ers picked up their first win of the season. they beat the lions, 30-27. here he is. he's going cut it back to the inside. and it is a touchdown. >> that poor guy trying to stop them. but that 66-yard touchdown put the 49ers up 27-13. he ended up with 138 yards rushing. the 49ers never trailed. but detroit kept it close. late in the fourth, it was intercepted and the lions were in range for a game tying field goal but they called it back because of pass interference. >> i was just talking to some of the guys. it is a different mindset.
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and now you progress as a team. we had a chance to blow them out and take advantage of that stuff, we didn't. >> the 49ers play sunday on the road against the kansas city chiefs. and now to the road, over to sal to see how our commute is looking. this is highway 4 on my monitor. you can see what i'm looking at here. highway four is a little slow coming to concord and out to highway 242. it will be slow all through pittsburgh. 680 was a little slow in pleasant hill. this is highway 24. the traffic is a little slow heading out to the lafayette area. it is not going to be a light day. this is a look at the bridge. i'll show you this 880, the
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ramp has been up and down. i don't think it is that bad. about a 15 minute delay before you make it up to the bridge. a moderate commute. someone asked me, can you give me a little more lauren coverage? absolutely. there is your slow down right this. back to steve. take a look at this here. we can spot this nashville and washington. everything is okay. no delays yet. so we'll keep an eye on that for us, the low clouds return. isn't that late in the fog season? yes, 40s. cool lows. a few 80s. it looks warmer thursday and friday.
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after that we'll start to cool down again for the week. any rain in sight? hints around the 25th. put in pencil, not pen. but there are a couple little signs there. overcast and sunny and the wind pick up later today. and another system comes in from the west, southwest. it enhances the fog. so it is going to do it 40s, 50s on the temperatures. it is cool for us. it is not too bad on the peninsula. and we're looking for a lot of 40s and 50s. mid-50s mainly on the sam te'o coast and fremont and union city foster city. the city is at 55. and the lows around the bay are in the mid-50s on in the bay there. is a onshore breeze. it is not roaring.
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but i pick up a little later. and low 40s in lake county. and low clouds will pick back up. everything is favorable for the cool temperatures. so 60s to 70s and a few 80s. the days are getting shorter and the nights longer. in september we don't look for high temperatures like last year. tomorrow looks to be about the same. your weekend, we're looking at thursday, and friday, and a quick jump upon the -- up on the temperatures. a dispensesy that may get -- dispensary that may get approval for the county's first cannabis facility.
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president trump is brushing off the worry of new tariffs with china. he said the cost increases have been unnoticeable. if countries will not make fair deals with us, they will be tariffed. that comes one day after the trump administration plans to announce another round of tariffs of $200 billion of products from china. he is expected to meet with
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chinese leaders this week. and the tariffs will give him more length in the next round of talks. they are expected to focus on beijing's practice of handing over new technology in exchange for doing business in china. the u.s. senate is expected to approve sweeping bipartisan legislation to address the country's opioid epidemic. it includes more than 70 proposals including stops of illegal painkillers. it will be a push for research on nonedetective painkiller - nonaddictive painkillers. they believe that the new package could be signed into law by the end of the year. committee chairman nunez said that he will release materials in the next few weeks so that the public are review them before mid-term election
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about the possible russian meddling in the presidential election. this is border patrol supervisor. a woman escaped from him and alerted the law enforcement. he was arrested in a hotel parking lot. gas pressure is gamed for a series of explosions that rocked several boston neighborhoods last week. thousands of people in three communities north of boston were forced to evacuate. they say that the gasoline in hopes was significantly higher pressure rate than normal. >> we found evidence from a dig this morning that pressure censors that were attached to a gas line were actually attached to a gas line that was being
7:25 am
tapped off and taken out of service on thursday. >> a teenager was killed in one of the explosions. investigators said they are looking into why some homes exploded and others did not. former first lady michelle obama is going to visit the bay area this year during they are upcoming nationwide book tour. she will be here october 14th. it is a conversation between mrs. obama and moderators about her public and private experiences. tickets go on sale this friday morning. the book will hit stores november 13th. hurricane florence has been downgraded. but it is still dumping rain across the east coast. thousands remain without power and the floodwaters rise. protested expected in
7:26 am
minutes to keep a homeless camp right where it is. a little window of opportunity to get into downtown before the crowds. looking at the weather window, i see a lot of clouds there. and the temperatures staying on the cool side for september that is not bad. if yyou need to stay downeaway from it. call 911. let our first responders come out and handle it. police and fire will respond as well as pg&e. pg&e will make the scene safe. ♪
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to keep our community safe. before you do any project big or small, pg&e will come out and mark your gas and electric lines so you don't hit them when you dig. call 811 before you dig, and make sure that you and your neighbors are safe. this brings you right back. thank you for being a friend. that is the theme from golden
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girls. that is walnut creek. those people that are headed into oakland, will see a little slowdown there, slow, not quite stop and go. welcome back to mornings on 2. i'm claudine wong. gasia has the morning o. and i'm dave clark. >> steve paulson is here. >> that is way before my time. i don't know what you guys are talking about the. the systems continue to sweep through and it will keep the fog going. we don't have any heat inland. it looks warmer thursday and friday. a quick jump up and a little overcast and it will give way to mostly sunny and the air quality pretty good. and the highs, 60s and 70s for
7:30 am
most. and the low clouds there are mostly in the coast and bay. but it will retreat pretty soon. that will put a little spin in the atmosphere. it is enhancing everything. upper 40s and 50s. this is 53 there. is your water temperatures. 52 to 55. there is an onshore breeze for chicago and pittsburgh. 27 truckee. and low clouds give way. any warmup? yes, maybe thursday and friday. i think it is on the way. till then, en -- if you like the cool, till then, enjoy it we'll have it for a few days. we'll start to san jose and 280 to 17 and a little further down. take a look at the downtown
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commute. it doesn't look too slow. a little slowing coming around the corner at ray street and you see a little slowing getting up to the valley. this is a relatively mild one for a monday morning. 880 southbound hayward to fremont is going to be slow. and both bridges are slow getting across. they are in normal commutes and they have evened out a little bit. we have had a couple problems along the way. 45 minutes is on the high side there. this is a ten to 15 minute delay. 7:31. back to the desk. back to the latest of the devastation of the storm known as florence. 17 people dead in north and south carolina. the army and volunteers are helping thousands of people trapped by floodwaters. and the governor said that the operation may go on for days
7:32 am
there in north carolina. >> the floodwaters are still raging across parts of our state and the risk to live is rising with the angry waters. >> one of the biggest cities in north carolina is now surrounded by floodwaters. the people of wilmington, north carolina they are counting on airlifts to get food and water. we go to wilmington where thousands of people are stranded. good morning. >> reporter: that is exactly right. all of the major interstates and all the roads leading in and out of wilmington, currently flooded. they are trying to move big equipment into place to open up some of the roads to get the equipment and the supplies into the area. but right now, it is moving slowly. although we're getting a break from the rain, there is more expected. we're expecting florence, although it has weakened, section left behind a ton of damage in wilmington this is
7:33 am
the downtown area, businesses are still bored up and still closed as folks are dealing with aftereffects of this storm and -- effects of this storm and there could be more to come. massive search and rescue operations all weekend after almost nonstop rainfall has triggered unprecedented flooding. north carolina right in the crosshairs of this powerful storm. >> this is the state that has been used to but we have never seen -- floods. but we have never seen floods like this and this widespread. >> reporter: it is all hand on deck from the volunteer first responders. the pentagon doubling its head count from days ago and employing more aircraft and boats. hundreds of people have been pulled to safety when the homes or vehicles were inundated with water n three days, this -- in three days this coast guard
7:34 am
crew from new jersey has rescued over 30 people. >> my house dog and we have our two chihuahuas out. so we'll have 11 dogs and two horses total. >> people risking their lives to check on their homes and belongings. still hundreds of thousands are without power in north carolina. this morning, i started to see some of the streetlights come back on so that is a good sign. but there are still a lot of places in the downtown area still without power and a lot of roads in north carolina currently under pretty bad conditions. so the transportation authorities are asking people, do not travel around this state unless you have to. and do not go on to the roads if they're flooded. you just don't know what the conditions are underneath. >> a lot of work ahead in the coming days.
7:35 am
i know you are standing in front a waffle house. we don't have them in california. but theirthey are 2100 waffle house and fema uses them. >> reporter: waffle house is used by fema, and index called the waffle house index, what it tells fema if a community's waffle house has to close that means that the conditions are rough n just the last few minutes, this team called the waffle house response team. they have generators and fuel. they are checking the waffle house for safety. if they find that the building is safe, they will open it back up in a limited service is.
7:36 am
they are looking for a hot meal. >> waffle house response team. 7:35. supporters of a privately fund homeless encampment in goas yows say in san jose is running out t is near rough drive. the chp told the campers they have to leave today. >> reporter: it is daylight at the hope village encampment. and some of the people are gathering to try to figure out what is going to happen this morning and where they will go next. they stay is on state property. they don't have the perry mitts to stay there. but supporters said they are getting some help and positive response from some san jose city and county leaders. it may be in part this homeless camp is unique. hope village is privately funded by a nonprofit.
7:37 am
they raised $10,000 some of the amenity that's you don't typically see in a homeless camp. porta-potties and shower. they say that a couple days after that, they gave the camp 72 hours notice to vacate the parking lot. the chp has allowed them to stay for a little extra time to find somewhere else. >> we've been in contact with a lot of different people. and they should have a place to move. but we're waiting. >> we're still making efforts in trying to see if we can find a alternate location, continue to work with the city and county officials. but the 72 hours has come and
7:38 am
gone. they did not leave the location. >> reporter: the chp was flexible about the 72 hour eviction notice. they said that monday is the deadline for people, the six them that remain here at this hope village encampment need to think where he will go next. and the man profit -- nonprofit leaders said they're trying to find another location. the organizers and the residents of the camp are meeting right now to discuss their next steps and what they will be doing from her on out. we'll continue to follow the story and we'll have an update at 8:30. the city announced plans to house 40 people in the parking lot of the henry skier
7:39 am
convention center. but that is getting some backlash. a group protested against the plan to open the community and ban people from camping in tents around lake mary. >> that means that the 100 people living in tents around the lake will be evicted. and unfortunately, there are not enough options for them to go. we believe that is an inhumane. >> inhumane is inaction. >> city leaders said there will be staff to help people living in sheds and give them health care and job opportunities. 7:39. a federal judge through the out a $23 million lawsuit filed after a political protest at
7:40 am
berkley turned violent. it was controversial person. the woman said that she was hurt because of the protesters and her civil rights were violated. a new power should switch power to the transit agency. we'll tell you what the critics are doing today. a strange standoff caught and camera. a house cat playing boss against a bobcat. we'll tell you who won this ultimate staredown. we'll run your commutes down for you straight ahead. no clouds and no delays on
7:41 am
sfo. the temperatures are staying on the cool side. but for how long? we'll take a look. well well well, what have we here? a magical place... that's lookin' to get scared! (laughter) halloween time is back in disneyland and disney california adventure parks!
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authorities in china said that people died from following fall -- falling trees. and 60 people died in
7:44 am
philippines after the typhoon hit them. after the announcement, the first initiatives are expected to begin next year. the city council to decide whether to give final approval to a medical marijuana dispensary. it will be located next to a gym on sunset driven that everyone ises both adult dollars -- drive that serves both adults and children. the law said that cannabis facility cannot be 500 feet within schools or health centers. a city of concord could approve a downtown development this week. it will be located on clayton road. if approves, the mixed use development will include 228 apartment and space for several stores. the site has a parking lotting garage and many offices. the project has increased in size in recent months and it could be approved this
7:45 am
wednesday at the concord planning commission meeting. mark -- the ceo of sale force is buying time magazine for $190. he said that he and his wife are honored to be stewards of this iconic brand. they will be involved in the day-to-day operations of time magazine and the sale is still subject to regulatory approval but expected to close in the next 30 days. you this video of a staredown in arizona. a house cat to a bobcat. the second pet came by to stare at the bobcat. and then you have two versus one. the cats inside got a little spooked and the family. he's like i'm tough behind the glass. we'll get you to where you
7:46 am
need to go. hopefully commute will not scare you. sal has all the details. the commute has been about a b. it is good. we're grading on a curve because there is slow traffic out there. but this time of the morning it is about average here at the bay bridge toll plaza. the 880 ramps are doing better than they normally do. there have been -- there's slow traffic on 880 north and 580 west. this is typical slow traffic. you can see at union city and free mount. we had a couple crashes. but none of them major enough for you to go around.
7:47 am
7:46. let's bring steve n. jake mckenzie is up in runner's park. the equinox is this saturday. a i see a 41 pope valley. cloverdelta is in there. there are a lot of 40s. some of the low clouds have sent some temperatures up a little bit. more stratus fog this morning and 56 with a south, south wind gusting to 19. the high was 82. the low was 52. the coolest low of the summer for you. and if you thought that was cool, the napa airport, surprisingly, dropped to 39 degrees sunday morning between
7:48 am
6:21 and 6:36. they are sitting at 57. if you thought sunday morning was chilly, it was. that trend is not as cold this morning but still on the cool side. the slow clouds came back. and the system came in and enhanceed that a little bit. so that will do it. 40s, 50s, slow to recover. onshore breeze continuing and mainly to the straight. 27 truckee and 49 in arcadia. you can see that part of the jet stream is showing the low pressure that is when is over us. and that is why our temperatures are struggling to warm up. we don't have a north, northeast wind. we're hard pressed to warm up that much. most locations are running below average? tomorrow? i see more of the same. we're about what we call stratus we could here.
7:49 am
a warm up thursday and friday and cool again for the weekend. tesla is trying to solve complaints about having to wake weeks and months for parts and repairs. let's check in with mike to see what is coming up mornings on 2. in the next hour, there will be a new way to experience lake tahoe. concerning the 8:00 hour, we'll tell you about the new under water trail. after a spin around sonoma race way, we went to the indy sports championship. and we're talking to dixon what it was like to race some of the fastest cars in the world and what is next for the legendary racer. we're back after the break. distance relationship.
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when you have doctors working as a team for your health, you get the care you need to help you thrive. ♪ visit to learn more. kaiser permanente. thrive. ♪
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space x al incident in who will be -- will announce who will be the first civil person to travel to moon. he consider the moon mission an important first step. the space x has not released a potential launch date. but we should find out the name of the passenger today. amazon is making changes to help shoppers help the little guy. and the president is preparing to put the squeeze on china again. pam cook is here with today's dollar and centss.
7:53 am
>> reporter: the president said that he's ready to hit china with another round of tariffs. it is tax on $200 billion in chinese goods. that is ahead of trade talks with beijing that is affecting the stock markets this morning. we'll keep and eye on that. -- an eye on that. checking in on the numbers, the dow jones industrial average has been down since the bell rang. not a lot. it has hovered around the same level. 26,137. the nasdaq and is the s&p 500 down as well this morning. amazon launched and intern nol investigation of a report of employees taking bribes and leaking internal data. some amazon employees are taking bribes from on line
7:54 am
celebration to take down bad reviews and restore accounts that had been banned. that stock down on that news. customers can choose amazon store front though that can shop small businesses rather than big stores that carry the same merchandise. that includes back to will cook, halloween, home, kitchen and pet supplies and books. and there will be special curated collections from artisans and entrepreneurs. they are coming out with the first national television commercial featuring businesses that sell through the company. eloan musk announce -- eloaned that they are going to try to help repairs get done. he said that tesla can get it done in 24 hours and some can
7:55 am
get it done in less than an hour. he wants tesla body shops all over the country with the end of the year. iphone users will see a freshen up with the new updates. it will include the screen time, group face time calls with up to 32 people, suri shortcuts and a do not disturb during bedtime feature. i'm pam cook. back to you. 7:55. yet another bay area freeway shooting. this time at the beginning of the morning commute today. coming up, the latest on the investigation in castro valley. this is wide. 49ers' fans like that. that a victory dance this
7:56 am
morning. and why this touchdown was extra special yesterday. it's better can be lucky than good. 068 quiet as you -- 680 quiet as you head out to the tunnel. it was football weather, fall like, even though fall does not start till this saturday. the temperatures stay cool. we will show you how cool and for how long.
7:57 am
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7:59 am
a hit-and-run leads to a sating in castro valley. i'll have details the suspect vehicle. floodwaters are raging across the state and the risk to life is raising with the angry waters. people are being impacted by the rising waters in the carolinas and what is happening today. good morning. it is monday, september 17th. i'm mike mibach. >> and i'm claudine wong. let's go to steve paulson.
8:00 am
good morning. some say goodness it is monday. it's been very cool. 42 in pope valley. i did see 41 and 40s. sunday was cooler. the low clouds came back. and that does make a difference. 40s and 50s on the temperatures. by the pavilion, 48. lafayette 52 and walnut creek 52. and low clouds will head back and we'll have temperatures again below average, 60s and 70s for most. 8:00 on a monday morning. would you say moderate? >> i would say moderate. we're grading on a curve here. but this is doing okay. we had a couple of small incidents. but as i look at the commute, 44 minutes from the carquinez bridge so the maze is not an
8:01 am
awful time. we had a couple of different crashes that cleared to the side that are partially to blame for the slow traffic. and a lot of people on a monday. this is the good news. the bay bridge seem to be getting better. here it is at 8:00 in the morning that is a good sign. if you have fast track, you're in good shape. you have slowed way down from davis street to downtown oakland. and if you're looking at the lauren county commute, it is normal. here's the approach to the richmond bridge. we have slow traffic there. and now back to the desk. a california highway patrol is searching for a driver involved in a freeway shooting and hit and run in castro valley. alisa harrington spoke to the officers. >> reporter: the officer told me that the driver of the
8:02 am
suspect vehicle fired four to five rounds. the other driver was not hit and the officer said it involve two cars. they were traveling southbound on 238. the person behind the wheel of the station wagon was driving erratically. someone inside the station wagon fired four to five rounds at the camaro, hitting the car at least one. the driver pulled off the freeway and called 911. >> so we're canvassing the area. and we had a lane closure and we shut down the freeway looking for evidence. we took the victim's car as evidence. and we had officers responding to the area, searching for that vehicle description. at this point, we're asking the public if they see this vehicle, that is described as a late 1990s, early 2000 white
8:03 am
ford taurus station wagon to 911. >> reporter: the lanes were closed for about an hour and reopened just before 5:00. the officers say it is never a good idea to pursue a driver that is being aggressive. get as far away as possible and call 911. florence is now a tropical depression. but it is still causing serious damage in the carolinas. 17 people have died in north and south carolina since the storms came ashore last friday. it the wettest storm to ever hit the carolinas. the national hurricane center estimated it dropped trillions of gallons of rain on 7 dates. north carolina was the hardest hit. the city of wilmington is completely cut off from the rest of north carolina. people that were unable to evacuate are being airlifted to
8:04 am
safety. and 13,000 civilian volunteers and members of the military are helping with the rescue and relief efforts. and hundreds of roads have washed away and the helicopters ever bringing in crates of food and water that cannot get away from cape fear. they are expected to crest at 50 feet over flood stage. all of that water can still cause more damage further south. >> as you know, the rivers in north carolina that received heavy rainfall are coming our way. and the question how high will the water be? and we do not know. >> the storm expected to move north to west virginia and virginia probably in the next day or two. and it will eventually run out of power. that is expected when it push into ohio. >> and it is expected to trigger a lot of insurance claims. recent real estate developments along coast will be
8:05 am
underinsured. about 134,000 policies in place in north carolina at the end of july that is down from five years ago. and there has been a drop in south carolina. in the next half hour, week take you life to north carolina. streak nominee judge brett kavanaugh is at the white house right now. denying the claim that a woman sexually assaulted her 40 years ago while they were in high school. she accused that he sexually assaulted her in the early 1980s. she said that she is willing to testify. the vote was supposed to happen on thursday. and there are calls to delay the vote. people that live in ford's neighborhood. they need did into in more.
8:06 am
>> judge brett kavanaugh denies the accusations in a statement by the white house. i deny this allegation. did not do this in high school or any other time. he is issued another statement saying that he had no idea who he's accuser was till she identified herself. some catholic church leaders in california announced that they will reveal some priests that are accused of sexual abuse. the diocese of san diego made public the name for one priest. he held a retreat in danville two months ago. eight years ago he was accused by a sacramento family of molesting two boys. but the case effort in went to court. state senators steve glazer and assembly woman baker plan to hold a news conference and
8:07 am
they want to encourage governor brown to veto the bill. they want to give zoning control over some housing developments to bart instead of the parking lots are located. they say it will help with the housing crisis. but they say it gives bart too much control over land use. san francisco muny drivers are going public with the amount of times they have been assaulted on the drive. they said they were spit on and choke old and even threatened to death. and several drivers said they've been attacked more than once or twice in their careers. the report came out in 2000 when 7885 shuts and now 360 assaults. more problems for san francisco twin peaks tunnel. a contractor performing routine
8:08 am
work last week said they will look at the automatic system. it slows down the munie system. the tunnel recently underwent a $40 million overhaul that included improvements to the track and the trainage system. a san francisco of sheriff's bus broke down on the way to the hall of justice. the bus was taking inmates from the jail to court hearings in the city on wednesday when it developed mechanical problems. it was was in a convoy with other inmates. the driver pulled to the side of skyline boulevard and sheriff deputies stood guard to prevent inmates from getting off the bus till another bus arrived. and the inmates made to court in time for their hearings. it is the second time this year that bus has broken down. terrifying moments for lion fans. we will show what you happened on the way home from the bay
8:09 am
area. new trails on lake tahoe. why this one is under water. why visitors will be allowed to dive into the lake. traffic will be okay if you're driving to the city. we'll follow up on this coming up. clouds are back. not june, july our august. but they're still here and is it will stay cool here for a few days. if yyou need to stay downeaway from it. call 911. let our first responders come out and handle it. police and fire will respond as well as pg&e. pg&e will make the scene safe. ♪
8:10 am
8:11 am
and you smell gas, your first step is to get out, travel to a safe distance until you can't smell the gas anymore, and then call 911. the first responders will come out, and they'll make it safe for you and your community. ♪
8:12 am
u.s. senate bipartisan legislation. they will want to stop ill legal prescription pain kill ares from entering the united states. they want a push for research of nonaddictive painkillers. lawmakers believe that a package could be signed into law before the end of the year. another tool to try to and reduce the number of overdose deaths are test trips that can help heroin users to detect the presence of fentanyl in drugs. it is a painkiller that is far more potent than heroin. more than 70,000 americans died from drug overdoses last year.
8:13 am
in the central valley. the student started popping the balloons on the playground. 13 children were exposed to the cocaine. and investigators are continuing to look into this. they did interview the boy who brought the balloons to school. there will be a noontime rally to talk about gun violence. facebook is hiring a human rights policy director to deal with human right violations and
8:14 am
promote peace. facebook was criticized that allowed hate speech. jeff holloway, a photojournalist from our sister station reported engine problem to detroit from san francisco. he was flying home after covering the 49ers' game and looked out the window and saw smoke coming from one of the engines. a spoke penitentiary said that the plane was -- spokesperson from san francisco international said that the plane was towed back and everyone put on another flight and no one hurt. a lake in lake tahoe will be visible. there are 12 recreational boats under water. they are in pretty good
8:15 am
conditions. people from boat can follow from above and they can look through the lake's clearwater to see the watercraft. and then you have dive shots that will offer diving trips if you want to take a closer look. >> emerald bay, a nice little spot there. monday morning with sal. good morning. right now we have traffic that is moving along okay out of the fog here. and steve has been talking about the fog. this is foggy on the golden gate bridge. i don't think it is low enough to affect your bridge itself. they need to come through the robin williams' way there. you see some slow traffic here coming up the concord. so bright sun but slow traffic. and then kind of middle of the road here, weather-wise, but 80 westbound the carquinez bridge to the macarthur bridge, that is on the high side there. when you get to the bay bridge,
8:16 am
i think the traffic held up on 880 is helping the bridge in a positive okay. you see a dew point commute getting into -- a decent commute getting into san francisco. i want to get to the south bay and move the maps down to the south bay. here on the approach to mountain view, you see that the traffic is getting slower. 8:16. hello, steve. hello, sal. i see the fog out there. yes, sir. >> it is not -- it is getting late in the season. the fog is still there over the golden gait. but some pockets of it. but we'll look. and it makes it up to some of the inland locations. maria said above the fog line into the napa valley. that is a good push when you get fog that far. i put out a tweet that says feeling very fall like even
8:17 am
though fall does not start till this saturday. this weekend and yesterday in particular, it took me back to my youth. it was my early days in massachusetts, especially sunday morning. there was no doubt about it. napa airport, dropped to 39 degrees and many mid-low 40s. still 49 by the concord pavilion. low clouds are here. it is you have to break this fog bank. the inland temperatures are not that warm. but the water temperatures are 52 to 55. you get the onshore breeze and 40s, 50s for almost everybody. a lot of 40s to the north. but a little spin in the atmosphere is coming in there and it will be a dip in the jet. that is enhancing the fog bank and keeping the onshore breeze
8:18 am
in place. so 60s, 70s and upper 70s and low 80s on the temperatures here. we're below average on the temperatures till thursday. tomorrow is looks to be almost identical. 60s and 70s. you have to travel far to see the 80-degree temperatures. the niners and the raiders head back to work today. why one specific touchdown had a player feeling emotional on the sidelines. questions with foster children and prescription medication. a group claims that medications are given out without basic safeguards. i didn't really know anyone. but now i've made lots of connections on linkedin, like mentors, builders, clients. we contribute to one another.
8:19 am
we're helping each other perfect our craft. and i think that's the beauty of it. oh! wow, you got all this stuff from ikea? what do you like not let your kids in here?
8:20 am
oh, no, they moved in here. here. this is where i hide all the cords and the remotes, and those clack-clack-clack things. so, this is your new bed? let's just say it fits me perfectly. what's your dream? at ikea, we help you live it. make the dream yours. at ikea, we help you live it. we have a large community all across the world. and the tools like linkedin has really helped us connect. i'll look for hashtags like spacecraft design and virtual reality. there's plenty of space to explore here on earth to go outside of your bubble.
8:21 am
a rare glimpse of what it is like to be a first responder. you can hear the wind blowing and watch as the rescuer battles the raging water and wind that is scary approach. there was no one inside that car. the buffalo by hims -- bills were losing to the chargers. and -- said that he was done playing football before the
8:22 am
start of the third quarter. he later put out a statement confirming that he is retiring. he is apologizing to his teammates and meant no disrespect. he said that did he not feel right. he is the younger brother of 49 bernie davis. the 49ers look for their first one of this young season. >> touchdown. >> nice throw and nice catch. the 49ers catch a double digit lead in the third. broncos take the win. jon gruden on the team's 0-2 start. >> we got to do something. we need to call some more blitzes. we got to figure something out. we will. >> raiders on the road again
8:23 am
this week. the sunday kickoff against the dolphins. 49ers got their first one against the lions. they took the lead in the second quarter when they hit warren for the touchdown. with a minute left in the third quarter, this got the fans on their feet. >> this young man grew up and here he is. one defend tore beet. he's going -- defender to beat. is he going to do it? >> great blocking too. niners open up a 30-13 lead. in the final seconds, they get that down. niners hold on to win. >> reporter: pro football is about keeping the roster stocked with up and coming players. the 49ers have to be happy with
8:24 am
some perform time performances in their win over the lions. cedric born has been waiting two years to do the dance that came with scoring his first nfl touchdown. >> i'm happy. i'm happy that i have my son out here. just excited for my family to be here and see it and make my family proud and help my team win that is the biggest thing. >> reporter: fifth round draft pick dj reed made his impact with a kickoff return that set up the 49ers' second touchdown. >> it was a good play call. it took the whole team to do. >> reporter: is that an unusual penalty that get you with a stiff arm.
8:25 am
tell us about that. >> i was just trying to score. i guess the rev thought i held his face mask. but it is what it is. anything i can do to help my team win. >> reporter: and alijah lee got his first start. >> i was in a position to play today. i thank the lord for putting me in this position. this is the big league so everybody has to stay ready. >> reporter: those are not the names that you expect to have starring roles. they could create the foster technology that goes into a winning team. half million customers are without power in north carolina we'll go to live to wilmington for the latest on florence as rising floodwaters are cutting off entire community. the woman accusing judge
8:26 am
brett kavanaugh of sexually assaulting her in high school is willing to tell her story. the we'll soaking at what lawmakers are -- we'll look at what lawmakers are saying and the impact on washington this morning. some commuter improving a little bit. we'll sort it out for you in a little bit. sorting out is the fog. you can see a lot of fog here and staying cool. south l.a. is very medically underserved. when the old hospital closed people in the community lived with untreated health problems for years. so, with the county's help we built a new hospital from the ground up and having citi as an early investor worked as a signal to others to invest. with citi's help we built a wonderful maternity ward
8:27 am
and we were able to purchase an mri machine. we've made it possible for the people who live here to lead healthier lives and that's invaluable. ♪
8:28 am
good morning. this is a look at some top stories. the california highway patrol is looking for a driver in a freeway shooting and hit and run this morning p a white station wagon was driving erratically on 238 and hit a
8:29 am
black camaro and kept going. and someone inside the station wagon shot at the cam camaro. the driver was not hurt. juan or says is being held on $2 million bail after he was arrested on saturday. he did confess to killing four women in a two week period this month. he ran from the state troopers after a fifth woman escaped. he was found hiding in a truck in a hotel parking lot. they call him a serial killer that sought out prostitutes. some amazon employees are taking bribes from amazon's on line seller to take down bad reviews and restore accounts that had been banned.
8:30 am
the death toll so far from north carolina is 17. they are still rescuing people trapped by floodwaters as the river levels continue to rise. the 8th biggest city in the state of north carolina is cut off from everyone else because of the high river levels. and it stranded everyone that is still in the city. tell us about the situation there, lauren. >> reporter: i was just looking at google maps trying to see what roads may have opened. if you look around wilmington, where we are, pretty much everything leading out to the city has lert ton, showing that -- has an alert on it showing some sort of closure. we know they are trying to fix some of the interstates by bringing in heavy equipment. but despite florence weakening, it is still dropping a lot of rain all over the carolinas.
8:31 am
and it is bringing a whole amount of other issues people that need to be concerned with. massive search and rescue operations all weekend after almost nonstop rainfall has triggered unprecedented flooding. north carolina in the crosshairs of this powerful storm. >> it is the state that is used to floods. but never saw floods like this and this widespread. >> reporter: it is all hands on deck from volunteer responders, local crew to the u.s. military. the pittsburgh nearly doubling the head count from just a few days ago and deploying more aircraft and boats. they're being used for rescue operations. already hundreds of people have been pulled to safety when their homes or vehicles were inundated with water. in three days this coast guard crew out of new jersey rescued more than 130 people. many victims trying to save
8:32 am
their pets, big or small. >> my house dog and our two chihuahuas out. so 11 dogs and two horses total are out. >> reporter: still hundreds of thousands of people in north carolina are without power. this morning, we noticed that the number of stop lights come back on. they had been knocked out on friday when the storm hit. so that is a little bit of a good sign. but much of this area still without power and the department of transportation actually just moments ago tweeting that at this point, wilmington is inaccessible by land. >> stay safe out there. we appreciate your live report from the city. so interesting out there and scary for the phonings trying to get out. for more on our weather here in the bay area, let's go to steve paulson. we have a green here on san jose and sfo.
8:33 am
the low clouds are not impacting sfo. everything is green. low clouds return. and some cool. it is not at cool as sunday morning. and it does look warmer thursday and friday. but the fog is back. it will spin in the atmosphere. that is enhancing it and that will keep the onshore breeze going. 40s, 50s to very few 60s. the onshore breeze and another dip in the jet stream, below normal temperatures. 8:33. sal is here to tell us? the late crowd is out there. you see 24. it is a little more crowded. looking to make sure there is no accident reported here. i don't see anything. it doesn't mean there is none out there. but it doesn't seem to be
8:34 am
anything right now. 80 westbound has improved a little bit. and when you get to the bay bridge, this has improved quite a bit, especially if you're using the fast track lanes coming in from oakland. 880 slow in all the way to downtown oakland. and the bay area mid-bridges and sam te'o are okay. we have had a couple crashes on 880. that is so slow approaching stevenson. it is slow. right now supreme court nominee judge brett kavanaugh is at the white house. a woman accuses him of sexual assault when they were both high school students. >> reporter: good morning. christine ford, a professor said that she'll sit with the
8:35 am
committee members to tell her story the new revelations have prompted some senators on both sides of the aisle as i had that the vote cannot be held till she is interviewed. they will see the committee vote on the supreme court nomination on thursday. but this weekend, professor ford's letter first sent to senator dianne feinstein became public. she said that drunk judge brett kavanaugh groped her and tried to pull off her clothing. she classified it as attempt rape. she said another boy witnessed the attack but that person said that did not happen. >> legally, it doesn't matter. it is all about the politics. legally, the statute of limitations it is all past. >> judge brett kavanaugh
8:36 am
confirmation should be delayed. >> i believe her. why would anyone make up that story now or anytime? >> reporter: judge brett kavanaugh issued another statement that reads in part, because this never happened, i had no beyond doubt who was making the accusations. i'm willing to talk to the senate judiciary committee in any way they deem appropriate to refute this false allegation from 36 years ago and defend my integrity. and now there is a name and face put to the accusations. live in the san jose studios, fox 2 news. this leads us to the question of the day, should the senate judiciary commit committee delay the vote. we'll deep this up and share some of your responses later in
8:37 am
the next hour. the city plans to house 40 homeless people in the caylee of the henry kaiser convention center. but knew is get something backlash. a group protested against the plan and ban people from camping tents around lake mary. >> that means that the 100 people that are living in tents will be evicted. and there are not enough shelters are other options for them to go. so we believe that is inhumane action. >> what is inhue man is to inhumane is to do nothing. >> is to get people in the comfort to go to a bed at night behind a locked door where only they have the key. >> they said that they will help people find shelter and health care and job
8:38 am
opportunities. a doctors' group is taking support of transgender children. the american academied pediatrics are academy pediatrics are supporting children. they are likely to have better physical and mental health with such support. they describe intervention to suppress puberty and surgery for teens on a case by case business. there are some problems froms on foster children that receive psychiatric drugs. they may be getting the prescription without the proper safeguards. they say that one in three do not have a treatment plan or
8:39 am
follow-ups. time magazine will have a bay area voice who is buying the iconic magazine and when the deal could be official. new development dollars this morning over a -- developments this morning over a possible eviction and new option. well well well, what have we here? a magical place... that's lookin' to get scared! (laughter) halloween time is back in disneyland and disney california adventure parks!
8:40 am
8:41 am
8:42 am
benioff. plans to clear out a homeless camp is on holdtor now. >> hope villan camp is on state owned land. and the chp is telling camper that's they would need to leave today. >> reporter: the campers are on the move that is because of chp has been working with them and the joint and city leaders to find another location. and the people here at hope village have found oar location about, 200 -- found another location. it is about 200 feet away. the move is underway as we speak. a lot of developments in the story in the last 20 minutes or so you see various pickup trucks here. they are helping them move down the street. they gave them permission to set up on the property for the next week while the city and county help them find a more
8:43 am
permanent location. hope village is privately funded by a nonprofit, a group of people that got together and raised $10,000. they have dumpster service and mobile showers and porta- potties. and a closed fenced off area. the people set up camp about ten daysing to on this state owned parking lot. and that why there was this talk about them having to leave the chp told them they had 72 hours to leave. that deadline came and went a couple of times. the agency was working with county and city leaders to gust group time to find another place to stay. >> we were flexible, trying to use a human approach.
8:44 am
we wanted to do that. we does that because it is a sensitive issue. it is not just a city or county problem. this is a state problem. >> all the people here, the primary issue is that they don't have adequate knock rent a place to live. so one guy does have social security. but that is $1,100 a month or something like that and other people cannot work odd jobs working 20 hours a week. >> reporter: sheriff also brought in inmates today that are willing to work and help residents pack up their stuff. the location is about 200 feet away. the service worker's union and they say that the county is trying to find a space.
8:45 am
the move is underway in ernest. but they're trying to find more permanent space for hope village. and they are talking about identifying county owned land and where people can go for the next 18 months. there are six people at hope village. but the plan is once they find a more permanent location, they'll open item to as many 30 people that are having a hard time finding housing and they can find a secure and different alternative to just living on the streets. live in san jose, ktvu news. 8:45. we'll keep an eye on that story with the hope village. right now out to sal castaneda with a look at our monday morning commute. we still see fog coming to the golden gate bridge this is
8:46 am
mostly a problem for drivers approaching the tunnel. you have to get up there on the waldo grade and come through the robin williams tunnel and see the fog. it doesn't seem to affect the experienced commuters. and the bay bridge continues to get better. if you have the ability to wait it out, you may get a better time. stick around and watch this. take a look at the bay bridge toll plaza. this is sam te'o and dunn bartton bridges are good. we have a lot of slow traffic. downtown san jose southbound is more slow than northbound 280. 8:46. that sounds like a good idea. >> are you going to be someone. >> it might be claudine wong and myself.
8:47 am
>> must see tv. a little overcast still. a good fog bank out there. mostly sunny and the wind picked up later. the fog is hanging on. by now, that is not the story for much of the coast and the city. but it had very few fog free days. and there is the little spin in the air enhances it. and there is -- there is not any really warmth inland, upper 70s and low 8s. not much -- 80s. not much change here. it does look a little warmer thursday and friday. today mainly 60s and 70s. the temperatures again, not changing very much in the next few days, including tomorrow. i don't see much change here as the outlook shows 60s, 70s and no 90s and no 100s, a far cry from last september. it does look warm.
8:48 am
right back done again for your weekend. we'll talk with a new documentary that sheds light on why manson's group of followers checked out his grew some plan. amazon has a plan to be the world's largest small business. the new opportunity for companies trying to compete on line. this'll be the first manned mission to land on the moon.
8:49 am
neil, if this flight is successful, you'll go down in history. we're planning on the flight being successful. the entire world's watching. five... four... we need to fail down here so we don't fail up there. three... we've got this under control. two... you're a bunch of boys. you don't have anything under control! one... first man.
8:50 am
rated pg-13.
8:51 am
space x going to announce the name of the person to fly around the moon uses a rocket that is still in development. the mus 1:00 to send people to -- musk's goal to send people to mars. we should learn the name of the passenger today. billionaire marco rubio billionaire mark benioff is going to by the time mag it is expected close in the next 30 days. amazon is making changes to help shoppers help the little guy. and the president is preparing to put the squeeze again. that is on wall street. so let's go to pam cook for this morning's dollar and cents. >> reporter: president said that he's ready to hit china with another round of tariffs. china said they will reject new
8:52 am
trade talks if the u.s. moves forward with that most of the big names headed lower after that announcement ringing the opening bell is san francisco based twillo. they are celebrating ten years in business. but their stock is down with the rest of tech stock. there is a live look at the dow jones industrial average. it hovered around the same level to morning. 26137. the s&p 500 down a quarter a percent and the big losses are on the nasdaq with the tech stocks. it is down more than three- quarters of a percent. it was one did a full percent this morning at 7943. president is brushing off new concerns about chinese char riffs. he said that the tariffs have
8:53 am
put the u.s. in a strong bargaining position with billions of dollars and jobs flowing into our country and cost increase have been almost unnoticeable. if countries will not make fair deal with us, they will be tractor-trailer riffed. that is from - tariffed. china said if the new tariffs come through, they are not going to discuss things. the discussions are expected to focus on beijing's practice of pressuring american companies to hand over new technology in exchange for doing business in china so we'll continue to update that story. one of the goal as announced at the global climate action summitt, 65 million new low carbon jobs by 20. >> 30. the job include the construction and installation of solar panels and further development of wind farms. delegates at the global climate
8:54 am
action summitt that wrapped up over the weekend in san francisco, pushed for new ways to combat global warming that is despite president trump's discussion to withdrawl the u.s. from that requirement. amazon is going to live people the option of shop small businesses that carry same merchandise as big companies. they will feature special collections from artisans and entrepreneurs. amazon is coming out with the first national television commercial featuring businesses that sell through the company. i'm pam cook. 8:54 he took a spin around the sonoma race way and just
8:55 am
-- and just nabbed his fifth championship. a terrifying day at the circus when a camel gets loose. we'll show what you happens next.
8:56 am
8:57 am
three people and a child were hurt when a camel got out of control when it was spooked. the things were back in control and the circus resumed for the final day. in november, santa rosa
8:58 am
water officials sent and add sent and add individualry -- a warning not to bathe or drink the water. later this week, some cell phone use he shalls may be surprised when they receive a presidential alert message from fema. it is part of fema's wireless emergency alert system warn the public in case of national emergencies. the text message is scheduled to be sent down this thursday at 11:18 in the morning. and it will say presidential alert this is a test. more than 100 carriers, including verizon and at&t and t-mobile are taking part. stars will be walking the
8:59 am
red carpet in hollywood for the 70th annual prime time emmy awards. game of thrones top the shows with 22 nominations, including one for the best drama series. the crown and the americans are also nominated. and the marvelous miss maize zell is up. >> there is never been so many platforms or never been so many actors working and so many art produces ever. >> this year's prime time em emeries will be host -- emeries will be hosted -- emmiys will be post -- emmys by two stars from saturday night
9:00 am
life. today at 9:00. an update from the bay area team on the ground in the aftermath of florence. how they're helping with the cleanup and the recovery efforts. when somebody needs to be killed, there is no wrong. >> chilling recordings of the charles manson killing and why his group of followers carried out his plans. and this guy wins his fifth championship. and we talk to scott dixon about raising some of the fastest cars in the world. rolling into a monday morning here. welcome to mornings on 2


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