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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 6am  FOX  September 18, 2018 6:00am-6:59am PDT

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collection, i look forward to that. the larkspur is waking up for a bone chilling 49. what extra blankets do you have? 42 in san rafael, 51 in mill valley, san and tone -- another cool day with temperatures 60s and 70s. low clouds are in place and if you are stuck on that, you will be hard-pressed to be in the 60s. high pressure kicks in starting tomorrow. 44 in lake park, latta 50s. tracy, 53 and the onshore breeze with pittsburgh, and low clouds with the onshore breeze and the
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low pressure is swinby. 6:01 and the traffic is okay? >> slower because of some incidents that popped up. for the golden gate bridge, we are talking about the fog that is not here on the golden gate and you can see to the outside of the bridge that it's unusual that we have no fog. that could change but right now, it looks pretty good. the bay bridge looking good and you can see traffic on interstate 880 is looking good and the san mateo bridge, looking good across to the high rise. southbound, an accident on the shoulder that didn't cause too much slow traffic. a crash on west 80 blocking lly out too long because it already is slowing traffic.
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westbound 80 at san pablo road, there is a crash. today, there will be extra police at livermore high school after a threatening message was found on campus. ktvu has allie rasmus at livermore high school. teachers are showing up? >> reporter: school starts about 8:00 this morning but livermore police have told students they do not think it was a credible threat. as a precaution, they plan to have increased law enforcement around livermore high school today. yesterday, students discovered a note in one of the bathrooms on campus and we don't know exactly what the note said but administrators found it threatening enough to contact livermore police. the note there was handwritten alleged a direct threat to the school and parents were notified by the principal and in the meantime, they explained
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that the livermore police reassured us there was no credible threat to the campus. for an abundance of caution and to ensure security, there will be a strong adult presence on campus. livermore police said they will maintain this through the remainder of the week and even so, we've heard from some parents late last night and this morning, that they have plans to keep kids out of school today. live in livermore, allie rasmus, ktvu fox news. the san francisco police will show the new use of force training simulator to train new police cadets and improve training for the current officers. the old system involved a big screen and props but the san francisco chronicle reports the new version we see today has a 300-degree view showing the jus is in front of the officers and
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it will be rigged up with an electric shock system that will drop officers to their knees if they are shooting victims. they hope this training device will teach officers when to use force and when to wait out someone they encounter. it can be used in coordination with the old system since they still have not certified the new training set up. one deputy is dead and another injured after a shooting inside an auto parts store. it happen yesterday afternoon at the pep boys auto shop in rancho cordova, just 15 miles east of sacramento. investigators said the two deputies were called to the store because of a fight inside. it involved a customer and employee and witness suspect started shooting when deputies arrived and before they knew he had a gun. the deputy that en identified a mark stasyuk. the sacramento county sheriff said and he death of a deputy is difficult
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for coworkers. >> it's incredibly difficult for all of us, myself included. i'm fortunate enough to find strength at the right moment to do this and address my troops but it doesn't get easier. i have a 30-year career and have gone this -- through this a lot. it's an incredible hole that never quite gets filled in the hearts of the department. >> the injured deputy was identified as 28-year-old julie robertson, shot in the arm and expected to make a full recovery. the suspect ran away but was chased down by two other deputies who ordered him to stop . they shot him when he kept running but arrested him later. 's name and condition are not released at this time. is expected to survive. another person at the store was shot in the back and that is not a life-threatening injury. governor brown issued a statement last night saying, quote, ann and i extend our deepest condolences to deputy mark stasyuk's family, loved
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ones and colleagues and we ask all californians to keep them in your thoughts during this difficult time. the governor ordered flags at the state capitol to fly at half-staff to honor mark stasyuk. police in concord are searching for three suspects after a t-mobile store was robbed. investigators said three men ran into the store last night at the park and shop center just after 7:30 and grabbed cell phones, tablets and other electronics off store shelves and ran out the door, jumping into an older green honda. employees said no one was hurt but $6000 worth of merchandise was stolen. the police can't say if this robbery is linked to similar recent crimes at apple stores. undercover police are staking out coffee shops in berkeley with a renewed effort to crack down on the number of laptops surrounding the uc berkeley campus that have been stolen. there are incidents of robbers
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snatching laptops and running off. police said this comes at an important time since classes started last month and students are use to this. the laptops are stolen right from under them. >> you look away for one second and their stories of laptops being stolen. they were just sitting there. people literally just came up and grabbed them. >> here are tips on how to protect your laptop or recover it. use a locking device attaching the computer to the table at a coffee shop and install tracking software on your laptop. backup files in the cloud so you information and jot down th serial number so police can recover the laptop and return it to you. supreme court nominee brett avanaugh and the woman will both testify on monday in front of the senate judiciary committee. the delay of the confirmation vote was scheduled for this
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coming thursday. the delay came after university professor at palo alto, christine blasey ford, said she was willing to testify about her claim that she was sexually assaulted by kavanaugh when they were both in high school. president donald trump said he strongly supports kavanaugh and believes he is still on track to be confirmed. one half million homes and businesses are still without electricity following hurricane florence. today, food, water and other supplies will be distributed in the hard hit city of wilmington. one road has finally been reopened into wilmington with more than 100 roads still closed. 32 more lives have been . 25 in north carolina and six in south carolina. among those killed, a one-year- old who went missing when he was swept away by floodwaters in north carolina. a three-month-old was killed when a tree fell on the mobile home he lived in in gaston
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county, north carolina. over the past few days, the national guard volunteer fire department and the coast guard have stepped in. marines and others have been working to rescue people from those floodwaters. florence claimed the first victim in virginia, the tornado causing a building to collapse near the capital city of richmond with several tornadoes believing to have touched down in central and southern virginia. the national weather service is surveying damage to determine how many tornadoes touched down and how strong they were. taking a look at e- cigarettes and how they may hurt you. the bay area school received a government grant to research vaping. i was going to maneuver between these two cars over here. it'sa mess. >> bike lane confusion in san
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jose. the new parking spots have some wondering where to park. good morning. if you are driving to the freeways, you will see slow traffic at the toll plaza. we already have a delay before the span. low clouds are back. no big change in the temps butt warmer starting tomorrow. more on that. ♪
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south l.a. is very medal when the old hospital closed people in the community lived with untreated health problems for years. so, with the county's help we built a new hospital from the ground up and having citi as an early investor worked as a signal to others to invest. with citi's help we built a wonderful maternity ward and we were able to purchase an mri machine. we've made it possible for the people who live here to lead healthier lives and that's invaluable. ♪
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welcome back to mornings on
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2. governor brown signed legislation requiring inspections on apartment balconies, decks, outdoor stairs and elevated walkways. the legislation drafted by senators from berkeley and san mateo is a direct response to the 2016 berkeley balcony collapse that killed six young people and badly injured seven others. under the new law, buildings and complexes with three or more units must be inspected every six years. the governor signed a bill that is designed to help students recognize legitimate online sources of information. the new law requires the state department of education website to list resources and instruction materials on media literacy and the department complies by july of next year. the bill was inspired by a sanford university study finding 82% of middle school students found it challenging to distinguish stories. the east contra costa county fire district may start
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charging people for emergency services. the district has no choice, they say, after voters rejected three bond measures that would have provided funding. state law allows underfunded fire protection districts to charge cost recovery fees for certain services and under that program, the district would soon charge to respond to car crashes, hazmat situations, illegal fires and water emergencies. >> i think it's terrible. it shouldn't be passed along like that. not in favor. >> i think for fire protection, if this is what they have to do to keep themselves going, i'm for it. >> a study from 2016 indicated that the region needs nine fire stations to provide adequate services and right now they operate with square miles and t breaking ground on a new firehouse this week in oakley but can't meet the state guidelines of five minutes
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emergency calls. drivers san jose are complaining about the new street parking set up. it's designed to protect cyclists but drivers say it is confusing and can jam up the roads. parking used to be on the curb like most cities but now, there is a protected bike lane next to the curb with parking spaces farther out. some are still parking in the old spots and then they are blocked in by people parking in the new spots. >> a little bit weird. you have to park in the street away from the curb and it's confusing. the parking set up creates problems for police, delivery trucks and street sweepers. the transportation department hopes to clear up confusion. when they are painted and green plastic cones are installed, it will separate cyclists from cars. now, parts of the streets are in the downtown area and they
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will undergo the changes. there could soon be more dockless electric bikes on san francisco's streets. they will vote on doubling the amount of bikes allowed and right now, 250 e bikes are allowed in san francisco by the company. the vote today could expand the number to 500 and a new study shows the dockless e bikes are used more times per day than station bikes in san francisco. they have to be returned to docking stations and the jump bikes, you can leave them locked anywhere within a designated bike zone. we want to check in with sal. there is a crash on 80? what's going on? >> yes. a long delay on 80 westbound because of a crash on san pablo dam road i told you
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about last time in the backup has now gone for miles. 80 westbound at san pablo dam road, the traffic is backed up via on highway 4, a very long backup. if you drive from vallejo to oakland or san francisco, factor this into your plans and add an extra 20 minutes. it is an injury crash and traffic will be slow. the time on the eastshore freeway commute went up, it doubled, we are now at 36 minutes and it will be a tough commute all morning long. you can see the approaches backed up for a delay. northbound 880 looks good pass the coliseum and so far, relatively quiet in the south bay. chris henry is in morgan hill and is looking probable that morgan hill will not reach 100 degrees.
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he said this would be the first time is moving here in 1980 that this hasn't happened. at this time last year we were about the same. 40s on the temps. morgan hill, 46 and 44 in boulder creek. santa clara, 49 and little change. overcast and cool for some and mild for others. warming tomorrow with more 80s in the interior. not hot but they will get rid of the fog. it's not going anywhere. this system is swinging through and will continue to enhance the pattern, keeping cool in
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place. 51 in sunnyvale, san jose, 52. brentwood and livermore, quite cool with water temps, 52-55. bodega bay, the water temps, 52. rio vista and fairfield, a southwest breeze on shore. 28 in truckee and 48 in ukiah with cool readings and fog on the coast means no warm up today. a little dip with the jet stream swinging through. 60s and 70s on these temps. upper 70s and near 80 for some. the nights are getting longer and the days are getting shorter. tough to warm up. there are hints it may come back thursday and friday with warmer inland temps continuing and it could bump up more for some inland areas and then easing back by the weekend.
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6:19 and spacex announces the first person to take part in a private tour to the moon. we introduce you to the man who will take that trip and when he could go space. the u.n. will be front and center at the u.n. the big topics being discussed by world leaders.
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♪ ♪
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welcome back. world leaders will gather in new york for the opening of the u.n. general assembly. president donald trump is scheduled to attend the meeting next week with his presence carrying extra weight this year as the u.s. currently holds the rotating chair of the security council and that means president donald trump will be in charge of the council meeting. the u.s. sets the agenda and it will be international conflicts involving iran and north korea among the topics expected to be discussed. south korean president moon jae-in is a north korea for his third summit with kim jong-un. this is video of the leaders and their wives at the airport in pyongyang. the two previous summits were held at a border village but the south an president traveled to the capital of north korea for this one and they are expected to discuss the denuclearization of the
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korean peninsula along with other issues. president donald trump has gone ahead with his new taxes on $200 billion worth of chinese imports and warns there could be more. president donald trump is 194 page list of products as diverse as backpacks, windshield wipers, wooden furniture and baseball gloves -- the president said he is using the tariff as incentives to force china to negotiate a better trade deal with the u.s. and stop pressuring american companies to give new technology that they want to operate in china. business groups warn the american consumer is likely to pay the price is companies passed on higher costs to shoppers. that could hurt the bottom line for retailers, as well, into the holiday shopping season. the trump administration is slashing the number of refugees expected in the u.s. the administration announced no more than 30,000 refugees will be allowed into the country this y
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the state department began tracking data in 1980. the white house said the smaller number allows the u.s. to better vet those entering the company -- the country and for the record low numbers, the administration said it will review more than 1 million cases of people seeking asylum. governor jerry brown hopes a new caltrans land issue can ease the homeless crisis. he signed legislation allowing san jose and los angeles to lease unused land for 1 dollar a month. these cities are experiencing spikes in the homeless population. legislation was offered to let the city lease caltrans land. they said it should be used to establish emergency shelters or could be used as a place where food is distributed to the homeless. san francisco transit officials will consider a
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parking ban for large recreational vehicles on short city streets. people living along dewolfe street in daly city want the muni board to ban overnight parking of large rvs on dewolfe street near alemany boulevard. most of the rvs parked there are the homes of people that have nowhere else to go. critics said the homeless are being chased from neighborhood to neighborhood after rv parking was banned in other districts. the meeting starts at 1:00 this afternoon. republicans, will they pull the plug on nominee brett kavanaugh? >> judge kavanaugh is one of the finest people i've ever known. not even a little blemish on his record. >> coming up, more on the showdown between brett kavanaugh and the woman accusing him of sexual assault. a teens. a new study finds many are
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vaping more than just flavored liquid. ♪ when you have doctors working as a team for your health, you get the care you need to help you thrive. ♪ visit to learn more. kaiser permanente. thrive. ♪
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taking a live look at the trading floor, the new york stock exchange is ready for the day. fidelity ringing the bell to talk about their funds. a lot of us have money, probably, with fidelity. retirement money and hopefully
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our money will grow today. a higher opening and we are watching the tariffs against china from the u.s. and how that will affect stocks. more business news in dollars and cents. thank you for joining us. tuesday morning, september 18 and i'm dave clark. >> i'm pap cook -- pam cook. can i share a fidelity story? my buddy is a guy behind the scenes and we went to the u.s. open once and he got me into the fidelity suite. they were very great. >> did they hand out money? >> they didn't do that, but they had a good spread. san francisco, 63. 70 was the warmest temp this month in san francisco, 73. the last four days, 62-66. cool with 52 in the oakland
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hills. tiburon, 53. alameda, 58 and oakland, 57. the temps won't change much because we have a low cloud deck and low clouds. by september, we are seeing some 70s a little more widespread but that is not happening. the reinforcement will spin today and mainly 50s with some 40s. 52-55 on the water temps and then it is cold along with the onshore breeze. for the low clouds low clouds, going back to the upper level, we are having low pressure and hard-pressed to warm up. 60s and 70s on the temps. 6:31. my oatmeal is not cutting
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it. dave, you are involved, too. good morning. let's take a look at 80 westbound. if you have to go on the road, there is a crash cleared west 80 and it was thereforeat the d all lanes are open with the sig alert canceled but the damage is done. if you are driving on 80, about one hour to make the trip between the carquinez bridge and the mark arthur -- the macarthur maze. the west bridge, backed up and interstate 80 day north and south fun, traffic is okay. next report, we dive into the south bay commute. a bay area woman accused supreme court nominee, judge kavanaugh of sexual assault. she will testify on monday and
6:33 am
tell her story publicly. was in the newsroom with details of this very surprising turn of events. >> reporter: congressnama eshoo of palo alto was the first to hear the accusation and said she finds the story entirely credible. christine blasey ford is a clinical professor for psychology at palo alto university and claims supreme court nominee, judge kavanaugh sexually assaulted her at a marion -- etta marilyn house party when they were teenagers in the 1980s. according to ford, drunk 17- year-old, brett kavanaugh, cornered her in a bedroom, pinned her to a bed and groped her. she said kavanaugh tried to remove her clothing and put his hand over her mouth when she tried to scream. she said there was another teenaged boy in the room and has revealed details of the attack to a therapist in 2012. ford first notified
6:34 am
congresswoman anna eshoo in july and we are told that the office had a hand-delivered note to dianne feinstein on july 30. ford originally requested anonymity to protect her children. >> she has two children and a wonderful husband and i believe she came forward knowing that there was a risk factor for presenting the truth. in going public, she wanted to tell her truth. my constituent has acted courageously. >> on monday, her attorney said she was willing to testify on the allegation that he sexually assaulted ford is completely false and that he had no idea who was making the accusations until she identified herself to
6:35 am
the washington post. there are many parallels being drawn between this and the clarence thomas and anita hill hearings in 1981. anita hill accused clarence thomas of allegations but he was confirmed and remains on the supreme court. several key republicans said ford's story must be heard before they can vote on kavanaugh's confirmation. ford and kavanaugh will testify at a public hearing before the senate judiciary committee next monday. leigh martinez, ktvu fox news. north carolina cruz ewing helicopters and both rescued people trapped by rising floodwaters. the death toll from florence is at least 32 and the storm is forecast to drop more heavy rain through today. emergency responders are working around the clock to try to help people in the coastal town of wilmington. it has been cut off by the flooding and members of the coast guard, they are flying countless missions to find survivors. >> it's devastating to see
6:36 am
this. it's on the news but when you fly over in the helicopter and take it in, you know, seeing houses underwater and people standing on porches and a gentleman on his roof -- people are losing everything. it's nice that we can help. >> one road into wilmington opened briefly yesterday so emergency responders could bring food and water to the flood victims. today, more police at livermore high school. a threatening note was discovered on campus. the school district said two students found a handwritten message in a bathroom and took it to administrators. livermore police were notified. the principal sent an email to parents telling them about the note and that it was being investigated. the principal added that extra police is only precautionary and there was no credible threat.
6:37 am
even so, some parents are keeping their kids home today as a precaution. allie rasmus will bring a live report from livermore high school in the next hour. police in and tack on searching for a driver who hit a student in front of antioch high school. there were two incidents yesterday and the first was yesterday morning. the student was crossing west 18th street and was hit by an suv. that driver took off and about one hour later, two students were hit near the same location. that driver stayed and cooperated with police. fortunately, all three students will be okay. the forerunner was involved in a hit-and-run that has a california license plate, 4ygw385. anyone with information should contact antioch police. the time is 6:37 and police in menlo park arrested a man suspected of trying to rape a
6:38 am
woman near highway 101. the woman said she was attacked yesterday afternoon near oak court and woodland avenue but got away from the man and ran for help. police searched and found a man matching the suspect's description. is identified19-year-old man from east palo alto and is now in jail facing charges including attempted rape and kidnapping. palo alto police want you to look at a police sketch of a robbery suspect. on saturday afternoon, two men pushed a 50-year-old woman and her daughter to the ground as they walked down kingsley avenue. the suspect stole the mother's purse and the victims could only describe one of the men, a dark skinned man in his mid-20s, 6 feet tall weighing 200 pounds. call police if you have information. police are looking for a man involved in a card skimming scheme. take a look at these photos.
6:39 am
investigators said the man was seen on surveillance video in may and june making unauthorized atm withdrawals in fremont and other cities. detectives determined that all of the victims used their debit and credit cards at a gas station in brentwood. is described as a white man, mid-to late 20s and heavy set. he has three prominent moles on his right cheek and was seen driving a late 1990s model mercedes c 280 four-door sedan. a uc berkeley professor is retiring after sexual harassment allegations. he is scholar, nezar alsayyad, suspended for three years without pay after being accused of putting his hand on a female student's thigh and making sexual advances to her in 2013. those allegations led to a student walkout in 2016. the punishment handed down in august still stands, reportedly
6:40 am
and nezar alsayyad won't get certain retirement benefits for the rest of his suspension. the professor denies the allegations, by the way. another big money grant for ucsf to look into the effect of e-cigarettes. the number of high school students using that type of tobacco jumped from 1.5% in 2011 to 11% in 2016. the chronicle reports that the school has now gotten a second $20 million federal grant and researchers will now examine how e-cigarettes affect lungs and how teenagers can get them and the impact of the new tobacco products on schools and health. a nationwide survey shows millions of teenagers are using e-cigarettes to smoke marijuana, more than 2 million middle and high school students. they say they've used this approach to get high and the food and drug administration gave the largest e-cigarette maker's plans reduce the number of underaged children
6:41 am
from using e-cigarettes and the fda said vaping has reached epidemic levels among teenagers. the state will pay for budget deficits for several school districts. jerry brown just signed a bill that would pay for up to 75% of the deficits for oakland and the vallejo unified school districts this school year. it would help pay for budget shortfalls at oakland unified over the next three years as long as the school district meets certain financial goals. oakland unified still has to consolidate and still has to cut programs to have a balanced budget. there's a big mistake for raises for teachers at san francisco unified school districts. coming up, details of a new report that finds the district is suspending money it hasn't received. a popular san francisco pop- up museum is a favorite of pam cook and it's sticking around a bit longer.
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slow traffic all over the east bay including areas with earlier issues. if you are leaving pleasanton, stick around for this update. his update. ♪ flintstones! meet the flintstones. ♪
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welcome back to mornings on 2. a baby in a coma has been moved from children's hospital in oakland to stanford hospital after doctors at children's hospital planned to take the baby off life support. yesterday, the family and supporters protested outside the oakland hospital. they were set to take kingston holmes off life support. he went into cardiac arrest and stopped breathing at the home in fairfield. the child's mother said doctors suggested the baby be taken off life support a month ago but she refused to do it. she said there is still life in her baby boy. >> he is wiggling his toes and moving his foot, his feet and his hands. 's breathing has gotten
6:46 am
tremendously better. >> the hospital officials in oakland decided not to take the baby off life support to let the family have more time to get a second opinion, which led to the baby being transferred to stanford health care. a spokeswoman for children's hospital said they empathize with the family and that the decision to withdraw life support is not taken lightly. of cupertino city councilmember is debating what to do with the outdated vallco mall. they are considering plans for the mall on wolf road near interstate 285 it under all three plans, it would become a mix of housing, retail and office space. one plan would create more than 2000 housing units and half would be deemed affordable. it would also have 2 million square feet of office and retail space. take a look. the other two plans are similab life to the area. some people oppose the plans saying that along with apple's new headquarters, the city
6:47 am
would nsformed into another teeming metropolis. >> the impact is not just housing, it is everyone currently working and living in cupertino. their life would be impacted. they need to consider the current capacity of the infrastructure. >> we need places for people to live. the solution isn't to take down what has been built. the solution is to fill in the gaps for what is needed. >> the cupertino city council will consider the development plans at the meeting and a simple majority is needed to approve one of the three. oakland city leaders wantma cultural development plan and the cultural affairs unit will launch two new initiatives next year. the first is a grant program to support art based projects. the second is the creation of the in artist resident program. >> how we belong to this community -- roberto is nationally renowned around place
6:48 am
keeping and the role of the arts is not just to create place, but to preserve history and legacy. >> the cultural development plan follows 18 months of research where people throw it oakland were surveyed about the importance of preserving culture in their communities. a popular san francisco pop- up is set to become permanent. after one year, the museum of ice cream announced it will remain at the grant avenue location. it features pop rocks cave and sprinkle cool. tickets real -- will remain at right according to the controller. they surveyed 100 rides and found that operators did not collect almost $1200.
6:49 am
overall, they collected nearly $7 million from cable car riders in the last fiscal year. let's go back to sal. there is a crash on 80? the crash is cleared but the damages done. we have a long delay between the carquinez bridge and the macarthur maze of more than 40 minutes. it has improved since they've opened the lanes. it was one hour, 51 minutes, but now, 42 minutes. when they open the lane, the traffic can get through and you will see slowing to the maze. the bay bridge, a typical delay a 15-20 minutes before you make it here. 8:80, a little bit early for it to be slow. we will check this out for you. i don't usually see this kind of slowdown that quickly. traffic is going to be slow. 580 could be an option with no problems reported. let's move along and take a look at the bridge with an
6:50 am
accident near mission. they got the crash out of the way and things improved but when the crash gets out of the way, we still have some unwinding to happened during the area. southbound on the map, you can see it's slow. in the south bay, slow traffic on 85 northbound coming from southern san jose. let's bring steve in with the forecast. some delays. sfo for arriving flights and oakland, i believe the departures to laguardia. they are having the remains of florence. philadelphia having some delays and i thought i read that even some departures going to seattle has fog issues. there are a few, nothing critical but minor delays. the remains of florence are going through boston, new york and back to washington. also, thunderstorm activity toward minneapolis. very little change. mild inland and cool by the coast.
6:51 am
warming starts inland tomorrow. san francisco, 63 and the average high this year is 70. the warmest is 73 and the only other 70 they had was on the ninth, the only two so far this month. they have been below. today will be the fifth day. 65, 62, 66 and 62. the coolest temp was 61 and there have been many such days. very few attempts at average. a little spin through the atmosphere will continue to keep this on shore push going. 40s for some and 50s for many. brentwood and livermore, looking at 47. quite cool and 49 in redwood city. low 50s from san rafael to novato. redwood city, upper 40s. fremont, 53 and some mid-50s
6:52 am
for some. water temps are down, 52 hop in 55 and the onshore breeze is in place from the carquinez strait and toward hidden brook and rio vista. 57 in monterey, 48 in ukiah and you can see the low cloud deck. tomorrow, mixed through because high pressure is nosing in. not strong, but the beginning of a quick warm-up into friday. 60s and 70s for those in the winery business, if you are hanging onto your vines, hang in there. you will get a shot at warm weather. napa county and sonoma county, it starts a little bit tomorrow and more so thursday and friday. i don't think we will see upper 90s or anything like that, but near 90 as possible and cooler going into the weekend. the time is 6:52 and coca- cola may be getting into the nn
6:53 am
reports of a plan to sell products made with marijuana.
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a japanese billionaire
6:56 am
plans to be the first private passenger on a space x rocket flight around the moon. tesla announced -- last night. musk said that the fashion mogel will take a trip on a new rocket that is still being developed. and he's also invest is in the rock it to try to take the trip by 2023. >> finally say i can say, i'm going to the moon. >> the rocket is being created way goal of eventually to mars. space x can start tests next year. the last apollo moon flight was in 1972. tesla is offering the free super charges for life for a few more hours. after midnight tonight when you
6:57 am
buy a tesla x, s or 3, you'll no longer given the option of free super charges for life. the original deadline was sunday. but many people had technical problems placing the orders. and now the deadline is extend to today. and the company's super charger network drivers 400 meg gat watts of charge to the vehicles. they could have made up to $100 million on the sale of all of that energy. audi is ready to challenge tesla with a new fully electric car. they unveiled the new e charge last night at the crane way pavilion in richmond. it is a sporty premium suv that combines comfort and luxury. >> this unique system actually forms the same driving as some of the sportiest audi models on the road today. you can get 0 to 60 in 5.5
6:58 am
seconds. >> two weeks ago they tested the battery life by driving a prototype from richmond to south lake at a -- tahoe. they made the trip on one charge. they plan to give home chargers for the cars. google is partnering with nissan to put. operating system in their cars. they will be the first to use the system. it will control mapping and navigation and other app in car. right now most car makers allow android auto and apple's par play into the dashboard by plugging it into a smart phone. and the android operating system will be available in specific models beginning in 2021. 6:58, coke may be creating a product that involves cannabis. coca-cola announced it is
6:59 am
closely watching the market for drinks made with cbd it is a chemical in marijuana believed to relieve pain an anxiety. they said that no decision have been made. and here denying a report it is in serious negotiations with a canadian cannabis company to develop marijuana related beverages. if this is a deal this is the first time that a major manufacturer of nonalcoholic beverages enters the cannabis market. new training for the san francisco police officers to reduce the use of force. the new program aimed to let them know what to act. some parents at one high school you may have noticed extra security on campus because of a threatening note. the precautions that the parents and the school is take because of this. good morning. i'm claudine wong. gasia has the day off on this
7:00 am
tuesday, september 18th. i'm dave clark. let's check your tuesday weather. two days in a row with claudine i had such a good time yesterday i came back today. >> we appreciate that. the warming starts for the inland areas tomorrow. i think it makes it for the coast and the bay by the them thursday and friday roll around. livermore should be 84 this time of the year. they were 77 yesterday. concord should be 81, they were 79. santa rosa 83. they were 79 yesterday. san jose checks in usually at 80. the low cloud deck is there. and


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