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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  September 18, 2018 12:00pm-12:59pm PDT

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supreme court nominee. the vote for judge brett kavanaugh is postponed. a woman accused the judge of sexual assault and prepares to testify. and vectors react to news that the justice department has now opened a fraud investigation because a tweet by sessler -- tesla ceo, elon musk. a handwritten note was discovered in the bathroom on campus at the antioch high school. good afternoon. the senate judiciary committee has postponed its vote on weather to confirm supreme court nominee brett kavanaugh. >> we are hearing a new schedule for monday to hear from him and the bay area woman accusing the judge of attempted rape at a party more than 30 years ago when they were in high school. we have developments in the last hour? >> reporter: things are moving quickly. 's senator chuck grassley has designated monday as the day the hearing will be for their
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professor professor, christine ford and judge brett kavanaugh to tell their stories. obviously, ford alleged that kavanaugh coming during high school, sexually assaulted her. the story has become politicized. they said democrats waited for the 11th hour to reveal that this happened to show this letter. dianne feinstein reportedly received a letter on july 30. republicans said she held onto it and didn't really said and democrats are saying that the witness, the accuser, wanted -- did not want to be identified, going forward. however, over the past weekend she said she may be changed her mind on that respect. democrats said they were honoring her anonymity. senator grassley said he has reached out to the attorney for ford but the attorney has not gotten back to him and they started reaching out sometime yesterday and still, this
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morning, at this hour, they have not heard back on whether she will officially testify. republicans and democrats would like to see her and kavanaugh go under oath in front of the judiciary committee to iron out the differences in the stories. >> judge kavanaugh's hearing, as mentioned, has been postponed. is there any word on weather there is a new date for the confirmation? or is that influx because of the hearing on monday? >> reporter: all signs are pointing to the white house to see if judge kavanaugh's nomination will be rescinded or withdrawn. at this point, there is no designated date on hearing but the president, even today, praises his candidate. listen. >> it is a terrible thing that took place and frankly, a terrible thing that this information wasn't given to us a long time ago, months ago, when they got it.
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they could have done that instead of waiting till everything was finished and then spring it. that is what the democrats do. >> reporter: he politicized the president saying the process has become politicized. senator chuck grassley's office said they have reached out to other witnesses that reported the incident and they said they've talked with the witnesses by phone but the only people scheduled to testify on monday would be ford and kavanaugh and at the moment, senator grassley's office has not officially heard that ford would accept that invitation. >> you talked about senator grassley, the republican from iowa. any chance to know whether they give forward the option to have a private hearing? or will it for sure be a strictly public hearing on monday? >> reporter: senator chuck grassley is open to not having it atmosphere that has been thi confirmation hearing and he would be open to the fact that it could be a closed door
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hearing. at the moment, they would like to hear back from her attorney, that first step. >> president donald trump has spoken publicly and expressed confidence that it will work out but behind the scenes, how concerned are white house officials and gop senators about this? >> reporter: at this point, they are not very concerned. senator mitch mcconnell, 20 minutes ago, came out of a meeting saying he is not concerned that this would blow up the nomination and would have to withdraw the name for judge kavanaugh. at this 11th hour, they are not concerned about the incident that happened 36 years ago and some republicans are saying memory may have played an issue and judge kavanaugh has vehemently denied that he was involved in this saying he did and they will try to get them under oath see how the stories flush out. democrats are saying the fbi needs to reopen the
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investigation delaying the confirmation, saying they would like to see another report about this particular incident. christine ford first notified bay area congresswoman anna eshoo about this and she told ktvu that her office hand delivered a note to senator dianne feinstein on july 30. at the time, ford requested to remain anonymous to protect her children and family but stepped forward sunday after her name was leaked. >> she feels she is recognizing her civic responsibility. that was deeply touching to me. she is not a politician and knows nothing about the politician world. >> more than 200 former students of the high school she went to supporting her. new information surrounding the investigation into a shooting at an auto parts store that killed a sacramento county
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sheriff's deputies and injured another. the sheriff's department identify the suspect as a man from rancho cordova and they said he got into a fight with an employee at the pep boys and rancho cordova, and witnesses said the suspect started shooting when deputies arrived before they even knew he had a gun. deputy mark stasyuk was killed as a result. >> it's incredibly difficult for all of us. i'm fortunate to find strength to address my troops, but it doesn't get easier. i don't do this a lot. it's an incredible hole that qu hear >> julie robertson was also shot and is expected to make a full recovery. a bystander was also injured. in the meantime we are learning more about the deputy who was
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killed. governor brown ordered flags to fly at half-staff in his honor and mark stasyuk was assigned to the rancho cordova police department under contract with the sheriff's department and served the department for 4.5 years. he had gotten married in march and leaves behind a wife, a mother, father and sister. livermore police will have extra officers on patrol outside the high school after threatening message was left on campus yesterday. we spoke with parents, administrators and students about the precautions. >> it was business as usual at livermore high school but some parents and students noticed extra police cars parked in the driveway and some welcomed the site. >> i was really scared i'm okay >> reporter: a handwritten note made a direct threat to the
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school. livermore police wouldn't tell us exactly what the note said but administrators found it disturbing enough to notify police and they wanted to make sure parents knew about it. >> we had a great working partnership and if they say it's not credible, i feel comfortable having people come to school. >> we have to rely on judgment a little bit. if they thought it was more credible, they would have reacted differently. >> i'm sure it will be fine. i have stuff i can't make up and would rather not miss it. >> reporter: school attendance numbers aren't available but the superintendent did get some emails from parents explaining their kids would be staying home. >> from the number of cars that came in, my sense is that it was pretty much business as
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usual bold. -- as usual. some parents decided to keep their kids home and we respect that. >> as they continue the investigation, they will try to find the source of the note. >> there has been extra police at the middle school in clayton. they said the threat was brought to the department's attention last night and they said a threat was made on social media from a resident's phone which may have been hacked and they are investigating to see if it's legitimate. in addition, the school district is providing extra staff on campus. new details about a story we told you about yesterday. overnight, a six-month-old baby, kingston, was transferred to stanford hospital. this, after the family was told that doctors at children's him support. kingston has been hospitalized since last
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he went arrest and stopped breathing at the family's home in fairfield. in 19 old man is in custody for attempted rape and he is from palo alto. a woman said she was attacked yesterday near oak court and woodland avenue not far from 101. she was able to escape and ran for help. police combed the area and found the man matching the description. in san francisco, workers at mcdonald's are walking off the job. take a look at this live picture from san francisco. it's one of 10 cities around the country where workers are staging a lunchtime strike to protest sexual harassment on the job. the rally takes place at the mcdonald's closed or the bart station. they want mcdonald's to improve policies against sexual harassment and create a safe place for complaints. a study shows that 42% of women in the restaurant industry said
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unwanted sexual behavior was forced on them and many are worried they would have been fired or had their ours cut if they complained. again, a live picture of the rally at mcdonald's on the issue of sexual harassment in the workplace. there is a training simulator that will train new police cadets and improve training for sworn officers. new system has a 300-degree view, allowing them to see more than what is in front of them. the department hopes it will teach officers when to use force and when to wait out some when they encounter. the old system won't be phased out, just yet. the state has not yet certified the new training set up. bay area lawmakers are calling on governor brown to have some measures signed into law. the supporters held a news conference this morning to talk about the importance of the bill. it would give the public access to internal investigations of
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police shootings, statewide and the other would allow the release of body camerage footage of those incidents. >> we believe that providing greater transparency to the public, greater transparency to the community, will really help build >> that relationship. also, it will help build that trust. that is really what these bills are about. >> police labor unions oppose the measure saying it would put police officers at risk. governor brown has not taken a position. some might consider this as basic immune agency -- emergency services. one fire department said it has no choice but to charge some residence. a chili cloud covered start for some on the coast. a warm up is coming and we will check in with meteorologist, rosemary orozco, for the details. new safety improvements are causing confusion in downtown
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san jose. what officials say about ticketing drivers who can't figure out where to park.
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today, we learned president donald trump plans to fly to the areas still recovering from the damage caused by hurricane florence. the white house said the president would tour the region when conditions improve and the visit would not disrupt recovery efforts.
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details have not been released. electricity out at about one half million homes and businesses in that region and flood waters and other supplies and food are being distributed to the hard hit city of wilmington, north carolina. one road was finally reopened and more than 100 other roads are still closed because of flooding. the worst of the rainfall is over but more help is arriving. some areas were hit really hard, especially the flooded areas. >> reported jack mcclanahan looks at the emergency response so far and what needs to be done. >> reporter: authorities said 32 have died in three states, the result of florence. it was a powerful category 4 hurricane at one time. one death was reported in virginia after an apparent tornado touched down in richmond, causing the roof of a business to collapse. rest do cues continued to say people stranded in homes and vehicles. in wilming
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flood waters cutting off their homes. the military moved choppers fil food and fresh drinking water and other supplies. the help had previously come from volunteers like this group of veterans that call themselves task force 75. >> sometimes it is rescue or food and water or helping with welfare checks or pulling dogs out of second story bathrooms. >> reporter: in new bern, 4300 homes have been inundated by water, one third of all the homes. >> clearly, there is a lot of devastation in the historic and wonderful town. it's north carolina and part of our history. i've also seen a lot of people that are determined to get back to the way it was. >> reporter: in nearby trenton, john said he's determined but wonders how and where to start. >> i really don't know. i
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really don't. i will take it day by day. >> reporter: jack callahan, fox news. we have much calmer weather at home. here is rosemary with a look at the forecast. a pleasant day around the bay area and here's a look at the current temperatures. san jose, mostly blue skies and 68 degrees. livermore, upper 60s and oakland, 62 and san francisco, 57 with partly cloudy skies. 64 in santa rosa and these numbers are similar to yesterday with a near repeat expected for the afternoon. we are within a couple of degrees for most of us from where we were yesterday and cooler in santa rosa, down by 5 degrees and san jose down by three. today is likely to be thetime when warmer weather comes for the back end of your business week. column in novato and a west wind
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at seven. a light breeze for some with a lot of sunshine around the bay area. partly to mostly cloudy and a two hour time lapse on the cloud cover shows over the last few hours that it will peel back with mostly sunny skies in the bay and for inland communities. along the coastline, partly to mostly cloudy, at least most of us. here is a view from point reyes to the golden gate bridge. areas near sausalito and tiburon, partly sunny and partly cloudy. the west edge of san francisco and toward the embarcadero, gray and downtown, partly cloudy skies and on the east edge of san francisco, we are seeing sunshine with a pocket of clearing around pacifica. granada and half moon bay, overcast and into santa cruz, a beautiful day shaping up with mostly sunny skies already. we will hold onto this pattern for one more day.
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60s along the coastline and inside the bay, low 70s and upper 70s to near 80 degrees for warmer locations. 74 degrees for novato and 73 in san rafael and upper 60s in berkeley. low 60s in san francisco. for the east bay, 80 degrees and the afternoon high in antioch, sunshine and 72. 72 in san jose and mid-70s for the extended forecast. temperatures are warming into the bay area on wednesday and warmer days looked to be thursday and friday with inland cities and low 80s around the bay and upper 60s and near 70 on the coastline and then cooler for the first weekend of fall. 86 inland for saturday and 82 on sunday. all in all, a good-looking forecast. north of the golden gate we go on this tuesday. we have breaking news out of
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the city of san rafael. police are investigating a deadly construction accident. sky fox just arriving on the scene and we know that according to san rafael police, a worker was killed on fear drive north of the downtown san rafael area and west of highway 101. police said the area between coleman drive and lincoln is closed and they are on scene at this site with san rafael police and the marin county coroner, cal osha investigating and as we get more information we will pass it along to you. some drivers and san jose are complaining about street parking. it's designed to protect bicyclists but drivers say it's confusing. parking used to be on but now there is a protected bike lane next to the curb with parking spaces further out. some are still parking in the old spots and they get blocked in by the new spaces. >> it's a little bit weird.
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you have to park in the street away from the curb and it's confusing. >> the set up also creates problems for police, delivery trucks and street sweepers. the transportation department hopes to clear this up when all the bike lanes are painted and green plastic posts are installed to separate the bike lanes from vehicle traffic. parts of third and fourth streets, in the downtown area, will undergo those changes. a federal criminal probe over statements by elon musk. coming up, what the ceo said that has prosecutors concerned. distance relationship.
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trade war between the u.s. and china is heating up. china announced tariff hikes and $60 billion worth of u.s. products and they are in response to president donald trump's new taxes on $200 billion worth of chinese products ranging from backpacks to windshield wipers, furniture two baseball gloves. president donald trump said the tariffs are incentives to force china to negotiate a better trade deal with u.s. and stop pressuring companies to give up technology if they want to operate in china. tesla is under investigation by the justice department over statements made by the ceo, elon musk. prosecutors opened a fraud investigatn ing taking tesla private and had al. the tweet sent shares higher and
12:26 pm
musk has since abandoned probe civil inquiry by sec regulators who are in the early stages and it could take months. tesla stock is down about 3.5% on that news and saying that, the number of tech focused companies have led stocks higher. the dow jones is up and the nasdaq is up, reversing much of the losses from yesterday. the east contra costa county fire district may charge for emergency services. the district said it has no choice after voters rejected three bond measures that would have provided funding. some districts can charge because chris ivory fees for certain services. charge to respond to terrible. not in favor. >> i think for fire protection,
12:27 pm
if this is what they have to do to keep themselves going, i'm for it. >> a study indicated the region needs nine fire stations to provide adequate services to the population and they currently operate with three covering 250 square miles. they are breaking ground on a new fire station in oakley but can't meet the guidelines of the 5 minute response time. students around uc berkeley said it is an ongoing problem. laptop thefts at coffee shops. a new effort to crack down on this. could more homes come to cupertino? the debate surrounding what to do with the outdated vallco shopping mall.
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alameda county sheriff's deputies conducted a marijuana raid this morning and seized more than 400 marijuana plants, two guns and arrested two people. detectives and a tactical team executed the warrant at a rural property. officials said there was an illegal marijuana grow set up and some nurseries. detectives had been working the case for several weeks and thought the threat assessment was high because the suspects were armed. >> weapons were involved and it could have been a recipe for a
12:31 pm
confrontects may have come in r special. these are soft targets, ive tar guys to take them out. >> the two arrested are accused of trafficking marijuana, not having the proper paperwork to cultivate pot and weapons charges. stockton police are looking for suspects. they said the men ran into a t- mobile store just after 7:30 last night and witnesses said they started grabbing cell phones and tablets off the shelves and dashed out the door and jumped into a green honda. no one was hurt and $6000 worth of merchandise was stolen and police don't know if the robbery is linked to similar robberies at apple stores across the bay area. in berkeley, police are stepping up efforts to crack down on laptop thieves. >> they will have undercover officers at coffee ents can do
12:32 pm
themselves. >> reporter: here daily because it is the outdoor study area in berkeley. forest is one of many uc berkeley students who know of or have witnessed a laptop theft near campus. >> you look away for one second and the stories of laptops stolen, they were just sitting there. people literally just came up and grabbed them. >> reporter: cell phone video shows good samaritans trying to stop a laptop theft only to be attacked by an accomplice. surveillance video shows a crook snatching a laptop from a customer. >> as a student, you get use to that. it's kind of sad but doesn't shock you anymore. >> reporter: the shock has worn off sore -- for some but the seriousness of the crime remains. berkeley police have launched an operation to try to stop the crime. >> we willwe won't go into
12:33 pm
specifics but we will have officers in plain clothing conducting surveillance. >> reporter: it's a new push as thousands flocked to the campus for the new fall semester. >> i literally had my laptop next to me and i held onto it with one hand to make sure nobody took it. >> reporter: berkeley police advise them to secure their laptop to a table while in public. >> it's like a dog leash. >> reporter: we are shown about how some laptops have a slot where a lock can be used to secure it. >> you turn it and press down and give it a little spin. >> reporter: police said many newer laptops are too thin and no longer have room for this feature. tracking software is an option but is not foolproof. >> it's not perfect. if the computer doesn't go online again, you won't see the
12:34 pm
machine. >> reporter: students said the new operation is sorely needed to curb laptop thefts. >> it gives me more of a sense of security. kids talk and wonder why there isn't a cop in the area. a 10-year-old girl is in critical condition after being struck by a car on her way to school in brentwood yesterday morning. police said the girl and her sister were in the crosswalk on their way to edna hill middle school. the sister was not injured and the crash shut the road down in both directions for more than four hours. the 10-year-old girl was airlifted to uc davis medical center and the driver remained on the scene and is cooperating. they said it does not appear that drugs or alcohol were a factor. police are investigating separate cases of kids being hit by cars near antioch high school. in one case, a driver stay to cooperate and toyota 4-runner
12:35 pm
hit a student in a crosswalk and then took off. all three students are expected to be okay. the forerunner involved has a california license plate and it is on your screen, 4ygw385 and anyone with information should contact antioch police. oakland has released body camerage footage from a deadly police shooting that happens three years ago involving a man who officers found passed out in his car with a gun on the passenger seat. >> henry lee shows the video and the response from the family of the man. >> reporter: on june 6, 2015, oakland firefighters found demouria hogg unresponsive in a bmw parked on the offramp from 580. they found a gun on the passenger seat. >> he's passed out. >> a gun speaker.
12:36 pm
>> put your hands up. >> reporter: they then fired  beanbags at the car and used a crowbar to smash the passenger window and they used their sirens. still, no response. after more than one hour, they stormed the bmw in this body cam video is from the vantage point of one officer. they smashed the driver side window and it's not seen on the video but they said demouria hogg moved toward the gun and officer rose fired her weapon. he died at the hospital and police said they found a loaded handgun with an extended massive -- with an extended magazine. the d.a. didn't file charges against officer rose saying she fired shots into the vehicle only after she saw him make a move g to move. the city agreed to .2
12:37 pm
million to settle lawsuits by the family and it has taken three years to release the body cam video. an attorney represented the family of demouria hogg and said the video should have been released sooner. >> they need to know the police were not acting in a cover-up fashion but with transparency and accountability. >> reporter: they said police used for tax six -- tactics that were not necessary. >> the person was asleep in his natural reaction when he woke up would be to move. >> reporter: it's not clear why the city of oakland waited into recently to release the body cam video. henry lee, ktvu fox2 news. governor brown signed legislation requiring inspections on all apartment balconies, decks, outdoor stairs and elevated walkways. it was drafted as a direct response to the berkeley
12:38 pm
balcony collapse that killed six and badly injured seven others and under the new law, buildings and complexes with three or more units must be inspected every six years. the cupertino city council will decide what to do with the updated vallco shopping mall. it is near wolf road and 280 and the plans call for a mix of housing, retail and office space. one proposal would create more than 2000 housing units and half would be deemed affordable. they would have office space and retail space and the other ideas are similar and would bring new life to the area. some neighbors oppose the plans. >> the impact is not just housing, it is everybody currently working and living in cupertino. their life would be impacted. during the current capacity, it would be with the infrastructure. >> we need places for people to live.
12:39 pm
the solutibut to fill in the gaps for what is needed. >> when the council considers the plans, a simple majority is needed to approve one of the proposals. palo alto police want you to look at the sketch of a robbery suspect. on saturday afternoon, two men pushed a 50-year-old woman and her daughter to the ground on kingsley avenue. the suspect stole the mother's purse. the victim could only describe one of the men, a dark skinned man in his mid-20s, 6 feet tall and weighing 200 pounds. call palo alto police if you have information. after the break, free training offered to children and why young clients said it's desperately needed. a live look over downtown san jose with blue skies and a bit of a warm up in store. rosemary will tell us about it, coming up.
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san francisco mayor london breed said it appears the school district started giving teachers raises before they had the money at hand pay for
12:43 pm
them. according to the chronicle, mayor reed sent a letter to the school superintendent saying the timing is an issue of great concern. the money to pay for the races was to come from proposition g, postel tax approved in june and the chronicle said teachers had been getting bigger paychecks since last month but the first payment would include the prop gtac's are not due until december. the state will now help to pay the budget deficit for several local school districts and governor brown signed a bill that would pay for up to 75% of the deficits for the district this school year. the bill will help pay for budget shortfalls over the next three years the district meets certain financial goals. oakland unified said it would have to consolidate and cut programs to have a balanced budget. a martial gging kids on the join is now so successful they
12:44 pm
have to turn families away. >> the need is so great that guardian jim is about to quadruple in size. >> reporter: a defender and protector. guardian, a fitting name for a boxing gym that is valued. >> it helps me relieve anger. >> what do you leave at the door? >> student has overcome serious physical and emotna -- i'm bold. kids are always making fun of me and they say i have cancer and whenever i work in a group at school, it's hard to find a group because kids say if they touch me they will get cancer.
12:45 pm
>> all of that changes at guardian. the cofounder open this nonprofit gymnasium in 2016 to offer underprivileged use -- youth free training. >> it's just my mother and me. she pays for this out of school. >> reporter: more families feel guardian would be an outlet for younger children but they've already outgrown their small 1600 square -- 1600 square-foot place. >> we've already turned away about 200 families for people that want their kids to train from 5-9 and we say they have to wait until they are 10. >> he found this large space and the plan is to transform this blank canvas into more than just mats. >> we will have a classroom here and that is the major thing you see other than the actual gym. >> reporter: he's excited about the layout and the comfortable
12:46 pm
haven where kids will feed their minds and bodies. local restaurants are helping to achieve this with plans to deliver free food daily so no child goes hungry. it's always a community effort, kovacs said and he hopes that rings true when it's time for the final push. a fundraising campaign is called a dollar for oakland. >> there's 420,000 residents in oakland and we need $420,000 to build out the space. if we can get 1 dollar per person for every resident in oakland that would be enough to raise the money. >> reporter: the dream is inching to reality and it looks to transcend community into a movement. ktvu fox2 news. >> the fundraiser will launch in november and they hope to have the new location complete by the start of the next school year. time to check with rosemary with one last look at your
12:47 pm
afternoon and your week forecast. back with a ke pattern remainin in place. you can see with the upper level flow that this is the last day before we get into tomorrow with temperatures heating up and with this time of year and dry conditions, the national weather service anticipates a fire weather watch. that, in the days ahead and today, we continue with the pattern we've seen of a mostly cloudy start, afternoon sunshine and temperatures on the mild side. the time lapse of two hours or so, you can see clouds are pulling back along the coastline. partly sunny, partly cloudy with some clearing and it has pulled back from the golden gate bridge with the areas over pacifica and near montero with partly cloudy skies at this time. mostly cloudy over half moon
12:48 pm
bay. mostly sunny for the rest of your day and here is a view of the temperatures. upper 60s and livermore, low 70s in walnut creek. low 60s in oakland and san francisco and a cool 55 and half moon bay with overcast skies. 67 in napa and a beautiful day in the inner east bay with shining sun and 75 degrees in alamo and 77 in antioch. another 5-10 degrees expected for the inland areas and around the bay, a few more degrees. upper 70s for santa rosa and upper 60s in oakland. 80 degrees for antioch and in b san jose and a beautiful 75 in gilroy, and mostly sunny and 72 over santa cruz. if you are going to see the a's play this evening, it will be cool and partly cloudy with the game going at 7:05 and west
12:49 pm
winds at 10 miles-an-hour. temperatures will cool back into the mid-50s if it is late. be prepared and bring a jacket. for the extended forecast, temps will rebound as early as wednesday and low to mid-80s for inland communities. thursday and friday looks to be the warmest. 80s around the bay and upper 60s to near 70 for the coastline and this is the time frame we may see that fire weather watch for north bay hills. the extended forecast for fall,- 80s and for inland communities, 70s and 80s near the bay and 60s off the coast. a bay area native celebrates a big win at the emmys. the extraordinary moment.
12:50 pm
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this year, amazon plans to release eight new devices that will come with alexa, including a microwave oven. all of them will have connectivity to the smart voice assistant but only some will have the built in alexa. other devices with alexa compatibility include an amplifier, a receiver and subwoofer. some will be revealed at an event later this month. if you minutes from the closing bell on this tuesday and we give you a look at the dow jones. a positive day come up 190 points and tech stocks are having a great day and the nasdaq is up more than 60 points and the s&p 500 is up 15 points. it appears julie chen is leaving the talk on cbs 1 week after her husband resigned as head of the network amid sexual she is expected to sign off today's show with a pretaped message and stands by her
12:53 pm
husband, les moonves, ousted last week over sexual misconduct allegations by several women. julie chen is expected to remain as host of big brother, about to wrap up the 20s season. . a big night for streaming services at the 70th prime time emmy awards. >> more highlights and a special surprise for a winner's girlfriend. >> reporter: it was a marvelous emmy night for amazon, the marvelous mrs. maisel -- mrs. maisel, picking up the best comedy series. >> game of thrones! >> reporter: game of thrones returned with a dragons roar some top acting honors included game of thrones stars, westworld, the americans and
12:54 pm
claire foy for playing the queen in the crown. two actresses from maisel were marvelous. rachel brosnahan and alex bornstein. henry winkler one a comedy acting trophy. >> it feels unbelievable. here is the truth. on wednesday, we start the second season and i'm on this great show. i was 27 when i started doing the fonz and i'm now 72 and standing right here in front of you with her. >> rupaul! >> reporter: rupaul one best reality competition show and saturday night live picked up a gold statue, 72nd, the most for
12:55 pm
any variety sketch series and the limited series went to the assassination of gianni versace, american crime story and john oliver took the variety talk series. >> thank you. i will quit while i'm ahead. >> reporter: 96-year-old betty white was honored as the emmy legend having 18 trophies and her incredible and lengthy career. perhaps the best moment of the night was when director winner glenn weiss accepted his award and then proceeded to propose to his girlfriend. she said yes. >> you wonder why don't to call you my girlfriend? because i want to call you my wife. [ cheers and applause ] >> reporter: the two big winners, hbo and netflix with a total of 23 emmys, each, sharing the top spot. in hollywood, anita vogel, fox news. >> san francisco native darren criss is celebrating a big win. [ cheers and applause ] the
12:56 pm
assassination of gianni versace. that was darren criss kissing his fiancee as he one for outstanding lead actor for his role as the men who killed famed designer, gianni versace. he said the role was challenging but fulfilling on last night was the most extraordinary moment of his life. afterwards, he thanked those he couldn't think on stage. >> a wanted to thank all of my teachers and all of my friends that have enriched my life on this journey. i share this with them. >> darren criss graduated from a school in san francisco and starred on glee and on broadway. he will perform in san francisco next month. >> a big congratulations. thanks for watching, everybody.
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dr. oz: take me back to the
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night of the tweet. i have a lot of thoughts i can spin out. dr. oz: what were you thinking when you hit send? the tweet had several offense of elements to it. are you a racist? plus, the fiery reaction from our panel. coming up next. dr. oz: today, a difficult and controversial show. toa doctor, i was trained always hear someone out so i have never shied away from hard conversations. but this was a tough one. roseanne barr started a firestorm with a controversial tweet many of us will cup to one morning in late may. take a look. in just 10 words, roseanne barr's


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