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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 6pm  FOX  September 23, 2018 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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ktvu fox 2 news at 6:00 starts now. it's official, the woman accusing brett kavanaugh of sexual assault will appear, what we can expect p or dr. christine blasey ford will testify before the judiciary committee thursday. the committee says it will do everything to provide a safe and comfortable form -- forum gamut joke brett kavanaugh 's accuser is expected to testify thursday sharing her story of how the supreme court nominee allegedly sexually assaulted her in the 1980s.
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brett kavanaugh will repeat his denial of the incident p or lindsey graham acknowledged the sensitivity of the allegations and promised to be tough but fair.>> she will be challenged just like judge kavanaugh.>> reporter: they will spar over whether outside attorneys will do the questioning and who will testify first . they have made concessions at ford's request and is urging her to say yes. >> we will call dr. ford and then brett kavanaugh damage if they can't accept that they don't want to testify .>> reporter: patty murray is calling for a formal investigation she's blasting republicans for making this a bare-bones case of he said she said without evidence.>> the hearing was a disaster period they didhave an fbi investigation and witnesses.>> reporter: regardless of what
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happens, it's existence has delayed the confirmation process, there will likely be only eight justices on the bench when the supreme court begin succession october 1. we are also learning democrats are investigating a new allegation of sexual assault against brett kavanaugh the claim is from 1983 when he was a student at yale p the new yorker is reporting jabber ramirez a former classmate is alleging he exposed himself at a party period christine blazing ford shared her story with anna an issue who appeared on face the nation and she said it took courage to come per>> it was wrenching for her to tell the story because there is a re-experience when the story is told. she went into detail and at the
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end of our conversation i told her i believed her.>> ford sent her a letter detailing the allegations against brett kavanaugh . the mayor of palo alto broke her silence about her own experience with assault following a rally for christine blasey ford the mayor shared her story with the news crew in an exclusive and said she kept her secret even from her husband for 50 years. she found the courage to tell her story after the rally where women chanted, your story is our story she said on different occasions men time she escaped and both time she kept quiet. she called it the most frightening thing. the outpouring of support continues tonight a vigil will be held in
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palo alto supporters want to make sure her story is not taken lightly. andre senior has a preview of the message.>> reporter: it's called the i believe christine candlelight vigil here at el camino real the corner with embarcadero road preparation started for this yesterday we were there, this is a local restaurant where signs were being made in preparation of the event. those who will attend may them to display. supporters are hosting the event because they believe since going public about her allegations, dr. christine blasey ford has been the subject of a smear campaign and death threats . >> it's so important for her to have her story told because her story is every story. it's our story. it's my story. it happens to so many of us,
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particularly women but also men and people in vulnerable communities. we need to have the story told again. >> members of the local community are uniting and demanding all sexual assault survivors be treated with dignity and respect be this event will start at 8 am until 9 pm here at the intersection of el camino real and embarcadero road.>> thank you. track we will have live coverage of the vigil at 10:00 where you can get more information at . another grab and go theft in an apple store and the thieves were caught on video. they still phones and electronics from the store at the santa rosa plaza mall this afternoon p or six men stole merchandise and ran from the
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store. no word from police on whether they were arrested. the thefts are not new, the same store was hit earlier this month and stores in emeryville, walnut creek, and other locations have also been hit by thieves. a dog caught in the crossfire of a shooting in oakland has died. it was named layla and it was an emotional support animal piermont t francis spoke to the woman and the driver. he is in san leandra. >> reporter: the woman suffers from ptsd and without her dog she cannot be alone. the driver said the dog likely saved his life.>> i like to say that i would stop hurting, it does hurt. it really hurts.>> reporter:
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she's mourning the loss of her four-year-old companion a shepherd mix named layla diagnosed with post dramatic stress disorder he was more than a pet. >> i can't be alone athome. i can't go back right now without freaking out. >> reporter: friday night, leila was in the passenger seat and -->> i saw the impact on my neck and layla slumped over. i said what's wrong. i looked and saw blood.>> reporter: the passenger side window shattered and he was hit in the neck and he said he never saw the shooter or the suspect vehicle and he can't imagine he was targeted. layla took a bullet that might have killed him.
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>> she took a bullet in her shoulder and her hip. from where she was standing the shoulder one could have made it. >> she saved his life, if she wasn't in that car he would probably rather be dead or handicapped.>> reporter: layla was taken to an emergency hospital where she died sunday morning , kaiser said there is a voice -- void in her life. >> she was an unbelievable dog, she was an angel. she brought joy.>> reporter: she is getting help to find another emotional support animal to assist with her ptsd. there is no word on a suspect.>> that is heartbreaking for everyone involved. to police think it was a random shooting? >> reporter: there is no indication it was a targeted shooting, according to david
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freitag but that's part of the investigation. >> hopefully, police can get a car description to help them find justice. we are following developing news out of the south andy spade where vegetation fire's are threatening homes a fire in quimby road broke out about 4 pm it's threatening at least one home it grew to 3 acres with firefighters saying it was spreading quickly tammy crews have called and cal fire for air support and the san jose fire department has closed quimby road so that fire crews have unobstructed access. in the east bay there's a fire in san ramon near per darrell homes have been evacuated cal fire crews are on the scene. a gang members off the streets in san francisco.
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police say an incident last night led them to the arrest of a man on charges. after searching his home in the mission district they found heroin, cocaine, firearms and an assault weapon. police are not releasing more than that. the worst fears for fans. it happened in the fourth quarter when they were down 38- 24, jimmy garoppolo was running the ball and he was hit hard by steven nelson. he was carted from the field, there's concern that he may have torn his acl. it could possibly end his season. he will have an mri tomorrow and we will know more. a sportscaster joe fonzi will talk about the game later.
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coming up, more than a week after a brutal storm hits the carolinas one industry said it's been hit hard. it will put the nail in the coffin for the farmers who are financially strapped. it's warming up, temperatures on the 90s and fire danger. nearly 100 cars were towed after several large sideshows broke out, it took all night for the cars to be towed.
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lingering flooding is still causing issues in north carolina more than a week after florence demoed some eastern communities can rebuild but others are preparing for flood waters moving back toward the ocean damage one industry has been hit hard, farmers lost more than half of their crops dam it >> it will put the nail in the coffin for our farmers who are already financially strapped p are>> reporter: farmers are reeling after hurricane florence flood waters devastating hundreds of acres of crops dam it six of the top 10 counties were among the most heavily flooded this is the corn crop hundred mile an hour wind from hurricane florence snapped his stocks in half, most of the corn is unusable,
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summer growing sprouts ruining them dam it he thinks he will lose half of his crop pick --.>> the farmer feeds everyone.>> reporter: he lost a years worth of tobacco. joseph andrews farm spans three generations, flood waters destroyed everything gamut cattle drowned as did chickens. >> it's bad but our community has come together. it's very humbling. excuse me.>> reporter: agriculture is north carolina's top industry. farmers say this combined with low commodity prices driven down by terrorists has left
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them on the brink. farm insurance won't cover the losses and many cannot take out loans they are asking for more relief. >> farmers have had it difficult and this will wrap up half of farmers in eastern north carolina.>> i hate to ask for assistance for handouts, i know people are tired of hearing folks talk doom and gloom. it is doom and gloom>> reporter:>> reporter: the full extent of the loss is unknown, some fields are cut off by floodwaters here more than 5000 people have been rescued and the rivers continued to rise a week after hurricane florence. wildfire has burned more than 3000 acres in la county, 40 miles north it's
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only 10% contained tonight. two dozen homes have been evacuated, no word on damage or injuries p are the entire state of california is experiencing another year of devastating wildfires and finding the causes for the most of them can be critical when it comes to fire prevention. a new report says investigators can't figure out a cause the the associated press reviewed state data on the 10 largest and 10 most destructive wildfires for each year going back to 2008 and found a third of those fires have not been determined what caused them, lightning accounted for a quarter of the fires followed by downed power lines. later tonight we invite you to join us for a special on california's ongoing battle with wildfires, it's called " uncontained " and it airs right here on ktvu at 9:00 . camtran is shutting down
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highway one it will be close between paloma avenue and clarendon road while the replace the over crossing it will make it safer for drivers and construction crews. it will affect commutes daily through this friday. the southbound highway 1 will close at 10 pm nightly starting tonight and reopens by 7 am, northbound traffic will be blocked between 9 pm and 5 am. let's turn to chief meteorologist bill martin with a look at our forecast period the temperature has been heating up and it's only going to get worse? my favorite time of year is foul. -- fall. it's unreal in this weekend was money. there is fog and it's cooler, the foul weather we have great
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air-quality, you can see the air-quality is good appeared downtown san francisco has some fog reforming at the coast, fall in the bay area, fall anywhere is beautiful. we had a week weather system and it dropped up north and it rained a bit. showers showed up around mount shasta and mead, that some -- slides through and then the high jump sin, this is why we have high fire danger, the highest strong and it jumps back in and the wind start ripping offshore and that's what's going to happen, we will see wind not so much for us but we have a red flag warning in effect through tuesday for areas in northern california around red bluff, reading, marysville around bernie gamut --. tomorrow it will warm up, is it
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a heat wave? no it will get warm and hot. people in sonoma county are returning home after ghastly prompted evacuations gamut the sonoma county sheriff issued a community alert for significant ghastly along al ranchero way and monte rio, deputies went to homes and businesses on front street, green court and grand drive in monte rio and told people to leave the area. utility crews repair the leak. another billionaire could be the next person in the oval office, we will tell you about the former mayor of new york whose considering a presidential bid. tiger woods finally snaps his winless streak we hear from an emotional tiger woods in sports. a man tries to lure kids into his car, how they
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escaped one at at&t, we believe in access. the opportunity for everyone to explore a digital world. connecting with the things that matter most. and because nothing keeps us more connected than the internet, we've created access from at&t. california households with at least one resident who receives snap or ssi benefits may qualify for home internet at a discounted rate of $10 a month. no commitment, deposit, or installation fee. visit to learn more.
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following a summit between south korea and north korea were kim jong un promised of st denuclearization of north korea has not changed on -->> don't want to get into details on
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negotiations but we've talked about particular weapons and facilities be are we are hopeful we can deliver this outcome. >> he said it's important to remember the relationship between the u.s. and north korea not long ago and the trump administration remains committed to working with kim jong un. all eyes will be on the united nations when president donald trump addresses the general assembly, he's expected to re-enforce his america first approach it will be his second major address delivered to a global gathering of nations, he faced backlash last year when some countries thought he'd criticized internal affairs. offitheir foreign-policy successes including the talks with north korea. >> the administrations position has not changed from the time we entered the discussion, we've talked about particular facilities and weapons, we are
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hopeful we can deliver the outcome for the world.>> members of the administration will join president donald trump including vice president mike pence and treasury secretary steven mnuchin. the united states could see another billionaire from new york in the oval office. former mayor michael bloomberg is considering a run for president p laura ingle tells us why he would run as a democrat.>> reporter: we've been here before. talk of a possible run from michael bloomberg the three- time mayor of new york city and multibillionaire who is considering a run for president in 2020.>> he puts up the balloon and floats it, it sinks. he realizes he could not win in 2008 or 2012 and not 2016. >> a spokesperson confirmed to foxy is considering a run as a
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democrat.>> reporter: the native new yorker has worn many hats throughout his political life, once a democrat than a republican now independent he told the new york times he firmly believes only a major party nominee in win the white house. he's upping the ante for the midterms recently saying he would give $80 million to democrats in hopes of flipping the house of representatives while attending a summit last week. >> the republicans have had years to show they could lead on this issue and they have failed p are>> reporter: analysts say while money matters in campaigns the battle of the billionaires may be a tough one for bloomberg -- bloomberg who has issues with bank regulations and police policies which could hurt his chances while others say he had the chance p are>> at the end of the day, none of them are as dominant heading into the
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process as we have seen in the past and anyone that has a message and a record and the resources to build an organization has a good shot.>> reporter: bloomberg has said he wants to work on the november 6 election and then he will look at 2020 one --. ktvu fox 2 news at 6:30 pm is next . sideshows cause major problems p are -- dozens of cars were towed and officers were injured. officials are coming up with creative ways to address the housing crisis, they want to use rvs.
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police told nearly 100 cars and arrested two people following large sideshows p are the aftermath shut down the high street offramp so officers could toe the cars. we have a response from the
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police and the impact sideshows are having on the city p are>> reporter: 85 cars were towed and by sunrise police were still towing vehicles we are told this is primarily a public safety concerns if you were in the area.>> we are talking about one car but a large group of cars, that's concerning. additionally, we had reports of gunshots from within the crowd peered >> reporter: police had -- were aware and had a special detailed to stop the cars. this is video given to ktvu by it modesto teenager who said his car was impounded when police blocked exits p are>> we have people that are not from oakland they will participate with sideshow activity.
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they aren't going to have a way home.>> reporter: some cars will be impounded for 30 days. one man said he was driving home when he got caught in the activity peered >> i was coming off the freeway and cars were coming the wrong way. i had tear gas thrown at me and my id is in their, i might lose my job.>> reporter: it will cost them over $1000 to get his car back, the sideshow was the largest of three. there was one 109th and macarthur and another at high street and international boulevard. police say some participants became violent with officers entering two. >> the officer was hit with a rock and we had an officer that sideshow participants rammed the officers vehicle. if you are taking that type of action towards the police, what
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are you going to do with the rest of the community?>> reporter: officers had to process 30 cars and citations, opd said that takes resources away from local calls. the city of oakland said it's open to talks about organized safe gatherings as an alternative to illegal sideshows. lee martinez fox 2 news . two people are hurt after separate shootings in oakland, within 10 minutes the first at 2 am on 16th avenue and then there was another shooting near the intersection of international boulevard and miller avenue and her -- both victims are and stable condition police do not know if they are related to the sideshows. a warning for parents his c jessica mench tells us some neighbors have stepped in to prevent him from kidnapping any
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children.>> reporter: neighbors are concerned, this happened next to sierra vista school where kids are out and about. we spoke with the couple that stepped in. >> we just bought the house peered>> reporter: interrupted by a child scream. >> they said the man is trying to get me.>> reporter: three people's came by their new home in vacaville. two on bikes one on a scooter. >> they were afraid. i would be too.>> reporter: these kids just 10 to 12 years old were writing around the area in vacaville just before 7 pm. a man and a dark dodge ram truck offered the kids money to get into the truck but they refused. >> he tried to grab one.>> reporter: they took off screaming and they got help.
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>> i said get inside and i told the other two to stay with me until the police get here appear i called 911. >> reporter: they are thankful peered>> it's no doubt that the swift action of the citizen that these boys could have been in harm's way.>> reporter: they are urging kids to talk about safety peered>> it was a learning experience we were driving home that night and i told them you need to be vigilant, they stuck together and that's what kept the guy away.>> reporter: if you know anything about the incident please call the vacaville police peered jessica mench fox 2 news. the county of santa clara is pushing back against a proposal, the public charge rule would make it harder for immigrants to obtain visas and green cards if they have relied on public benefits and services peered the u.s. department of
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homeland security proposal would force noncitizens to choose between essential services and obtaining legal residency there will be 60 days for comment on the rule once the department of homeland security finalizes it peered two supervisors are taking a step towards finding a place for homeless people living in rvs here supervisors are currently working on a plan that will provide services where the homeless would park, the idea is to give them a boost into affordable housing the first hurdle is finding a place for people to park while they get medical and housing services the supervisors suggest land owned by the municipal transportation agency but it has not gone farther than that good childcare can be just to find new numbers show workers are more in demand than ever according to the center for american progress
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more than half of americans live in what's known as the childcare desert, there are more children than caregivers peered for every five babies there's one caretaker in san francisco experts say if you are looking for a job it's the time.>> it's a great option for fulfilling work, people have job opportunities who could be at risk for automation and caregiving is a field that is here to stay. >> the top two cities where caregivers can make money are in the bay area, fremont and sunnyvale. coming up, i ran is accusing allies of attacking the military killing 25 people. a family turns on one of its siblings who is running for congress, they appeared in and add in support of his opponent peered they say his views do not represent their family p are
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iran's president hasn't accused -- has accused arab separatists for the attack, 25 people were killed and another 60 were wounded, the elite revolutionary guard said the responsible parties will face deadly and unforgiving revenge. the u.s. and a randian leaders could meet at the un, both the
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amended -- united states embezzler say side meetings with iran could take place. a man is behind bars after trying to enter buckingham palace with a taser, he went to the scanners but was stopped after officers found he had a stun gun. he's being questioned at london police station but has not been charged. they don't believe it was terror related, a limited part of the palace is open and the queen was not home, she's visiting another castle. arizona's congressional races getting personal the brothers and sisters of one candidate have appeared in a political ad supporting his opponent.>> paul gosar is my brother. >> my brother peter>> i endorse doctor brill.>> i endorse doctor david brill.>> six of the nine brothers and sisters
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of paul go start appeared -- paul gosar appeared in an ad for his opponent, they say their brothers views do not represent their family or what the family stands for. they say they believe he has extremist views on immigration and white supremacists, the district paul gosar is running and is very republican. paul gosar took to twitter to respond, he said not one of my siblings lives in arizona and my opponents policies are out of sync with what arizona wants and the country needs. i will not be deterred from fighting for our conservative values regardless of these attacks. he went on to say you can't pick your family. setting kids up for success, one organization is making sure college.
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we are tracking the weather as we move towards a warmer week period
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helping low income children attend college, the second annual brilliant baby event was held, seven-month-old jemayah mapp was one of the 300 kids to receive $500 in a college savings account as part of oakland promise a city initiative, his mother -- in san francisco there was a party this afternoon as people of all
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ages came out to celebrate one of the oldest and most historic neighborhoods. the sunday streets event closed parts of ellis street and that gave folks an easy way to visit the restaurants as well as the tenderloin museum and barkin street garden. music, dancing and children's activities rounded out the day p are it was the 89th birthday of the church cofounder cecil williams. as we get ready for the bait area week i had temperatures will warm up back into the 90s as we get into the rest of the week that means a red flag warning not for the bay area but will we see -- we will see it for the northern california counties peered you can see the sun angle changing and the days are effectively
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getting shorter, it's the equinox and the days are winter solstice you can see that there is no fog but there will be, it's along the coast it won't have a big push inland. it will be around because the system as it goes off will create a high-pressure area where the high will build in, there will be some patchy fog, not a lot but some be it should diminish quite a bit in the next few days and that's classic foul weather. -- foul weather. the beaches were on the cool side and they have been you will know by wednesday the coastal areas will be in the upper 60s and low 70s that is mid-september weather. 84 in concord that's the warm spot and they could make 90 degrees tomorrow, here is the low that brought rain to northern california believe it or not around mount shasta. the high builds in setting us up with the warmer weather
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will trigger the high fire danger or red flag warning through tuesday. we will keep an eye on that and it would not be difficult to come our way as the winds come north, high fire danger and this comes with a warmer weather pattern. as you look outside the fog model said no fog here, a little around monterey and these are the forecast highs for tomorrow, the reds, and oranges are 80s. significantly warmer tomorrow and each day, record heat no, heat wave not really there -- peach -- 90 in vacaville tomorrow. you willlow 90s in brentwood and then the 5- day forecast shows us monday come a tuesday, wednesday, thursday and friday temperatures ratchet up, wednesday and thursday look to
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be the warmest and as we get into saturday and sunday we will have another drive-by weather system increasing the clouds and dropping temperatures back down into the mid and upper 70s. midweek will be warm, the fire danger comes up but it's a classic foul weather pattern -- fall weather pattern the coast guard rescued two sailors they were having trouble navigating the sailboat shortly after 7 am and they radioed for help. the trouble started when the sailors hit rough water and their navigation equipment went down, air rescue crews assisted in the sailors were brought to safety. california highway patrol rescued a man when he crashed his bike on mount diablo at 8:45 am on a remote dirt trail p are chp officers could not drive to help the man so they
6:50 pm
rescued him with a helicopter. firefighters loaded him in and airlifted him to a local hospital. officials say he is in his late 30s and suffered a head injury peered a woman from sunnyvale has died after falling from a cliff in michigan while she was taking a selfie. the national park service said she fell from a 200 foot cliff. she landed in lake superior. she was on a solo hike and stop to take a selfie, she was seen falling and her body was retrieved. the sheriff's department of michigan and the national park service calling in an accident. the winless drought is over, learn how tiger woods is getting his game back peered more on the injury to jimmy garoppolo and how serious it might be, joe fonzi will be here with team reaction next in sports.
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gel is in the newsroom, my gosh it couldn't be worse for the 49ers. they may have lost more than they gained they spent the off-season investing in a quarterback who could now be out for a year, jimmy garoppolo got his 10th start against the sears phenom pat mahomes. the chiefs jumped on the 49ers early in the second quarter the 49ers in the end zone and it's a kyle you who's wide open and its 14- 7 gamut -- the 49ers have pat mahomes on the run but he not
6:54 pm
only avoids a sack but spots chris conley and the chiefs are on the way to a big day with a 21-7 lead. the 49ers managed to get back in it it's a two possession game and they have a 3rd and goal then it's too much, running out of bounds any lives but he tries for an extra yard or two and when he plants before they hit by steven nelson he tweaked his left knee and that's more than a tweak, he was carted off while what they fear may be a season ending injury they fall 38 27 -- 38-27 gamut -->> we all feel for jimmy. we dealt with this with our running back too, it's part of the nfl we aren't the first team this has happened to. next sky up. -- guy up.>> he did his thing i
6:55 pm
feel he will assume his role and buddy up and do what he needs to. >> the 49ers are one-2 after one of the most exciting offseasons the raiders are out of the gate as they are looking for their first win in miami and things started out well enough but derek car found jordy nelson and they had already hooked up on a 61 yard plate later this -- marshawn lynch got nice thing time and they seemed to be in control with a 17-7 lead, the dolphins pull one out of the book ryan tannehill to frank gore who pitches to 52 yard plate s first lead 21-17 raiders answer on the 13, the passes picked off by xavien howard the second
6:56 pm
interception for howard and that was the final nail it came on this one albert wilson is off to the races going for 74 yards and if this expression didn't tell it all it does here 2820 dolphins as the raiders fall, it was a simple formula for the oakland a's one temple loss or in oakland win and a playoff spite was clinched they will have to wait until tomorrow. staff welcomed the players as they arrived, that's chris davis, trevor cahill was on the mound against the twins to wrap things up. they were trailing in the first when they belted one out to deep center with joe are -- joe mauer on, kyle gibson and that's number 28 for olson and it's too bind us one -- 2-1 it
6:57 pm
got tough and the fourth one run already in and it's a gap in right center bringing home tyler alston. cahill did not survive the ending peered the defense for the twins they put runners at first and second, matt chapman smokes one to third but it's turned out as a double play, the a's in seattle tomorrow night to try and wrap up the playoff spot while the yankees are in tampa. the giants close of the season with a whimper pierce johnson on relief and it's a big six inning -- jose martinez with to scores a pair of runs and at 6- 0 cardinals got five -- 5, two more runs off casey kelly and that's matt carpenter with a two run blast which leads the national league st. louis
6:58 pm
finishes a three-game sweep. this would probably be the lead story in sports if it wasn't for football, tiger woods with the first win and more than five years after a three stroke lead in the final round, this birdie putt went in and tiger had a five stroke lead paying -- look at this swarm of people on the 18th hole as tiger gets ready to finish his 72nd, he can putt for par and win and he finishes a one over par round beating billy horschel peak -- peered check -- bring in cj beathard.
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