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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 430am  FOX  September 26, 2018 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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a jazzy start to the day. >> i love it. >> bring it on. i was thought the estuary was setting the mood. >> the lighting, setting the mood, hazy up there. i did some hiking and posted some shots on instagram, it went from fun to fog -- from sunshine to fog to sunshine.
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. welcome to mornings on 2, wednesday morning september 26, i'm pam cook. >> steve is taking the day off, marcus here as well, good morning. hello, no fog, completely clear, the fog is still affect your for today. it will impact your visibility this morning driving around the coast and portions of the bay. temperatures tell the story. a big spike in the numbers. hot for the inland areas, teis unorganized, but this is tropical storm rosa watching over the next few days. at least low cloudsmoon bay, pacifica, san francisco, out towards the beach wednesday morning. current numbers, 50s in walnut creek, san jose 58, san francisco 53 in santa rosa in the upper 40s. still dealing with fog, watch out for that over the next few
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hours and it or 9:00 which could impact the visibility. it will be hot inland today, still tracking patchy fog with all the 90s 86 degrees in antioch, today is a safe fair day across the area. we have roadways on the traffic center, how are we looking? >> as a matter fact, the 80 westbound it looks pretty good. there is a little bit of road work on interstate 80, but it is not causing a big problem at all really coming through as into the area, but a little bit of road work to watch out for in that area, especially as you drive from hercules into richmond. also looking at the bay bridge, it is like so far, this our we do have a little bit of space, remember, downtown san francisco will be a tough drive
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because of the dreamforce conference and also the closer of the salesforce transit center today. we suggest you take arts into san francisco, driving yesterday was not very good and probably will be not very good today. let's go back to the desk. here are some of the morning's top stories on this wednesday the transport center is closely because of the discovery of a crack in the six a half foot long steel beam. inspectors are now examining the facility to make sure there are no other issues, illustrators do not know what caused the crack but say they close the bus terminal out of an abundance of caution. the transit center opened just six weeks ago and caused over $2 billion. -- cost over $2 billion. the senate judiciary committee has scheduled a vote on the nomination of brett kavanaugh to the supreme court
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just one day after palo alto professor christine blasey ford will testify before the committee about her claim that she was sexually assaulted by brett kavanaugh when they were both teenagers in high school. republicans on the committee have hired a female sex crimes prosecutor to question ford during tomorrow's hearing. the tv icon once known as america's dad is behind bars any pennsylvania state prison this morning. bill cosby's was sentenced to 3- 10 years in prison, this mug shot was taken after he was sentenced yesterday. the judge called his drugging and groping of andrea constand in january 2004 a planned assault and he denied that he was denied bail. bill cosby was handcuffed and led away to prison. his defense team was defiant to the end. >> mr. cosby is doing great and mr. cosby knows that god is watching over him. he knows these are lies.
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they persecuted jesus a look what happened. not to compare bill cosby to jesus but we know what this country has done to blackman for centuries. but bill cosby is 81 years old and he will have to serve at least two years and nine months in prison before he is eligible for parole. the time i was 4:35. -- the time is 4:35. children or pay attention to the conversation on sexual misconduct. the santa clara county school superintendent is now in district schools talking to students about the topic. >> reporter: in this classroom at the middle school and san jose, these young people are opening up about a tough topic. >> i have heard of sexual harassment. i have heard stories, read them online, cinnamon the news. >> reporter: this seventh grader says she first heard about sexual misconduct earlier
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this year >> reporter: and how it makes him feel, pretty good sense of what is appropriate and what is not. >> i think it is when people do something without the other person's consent? >> it is just not right, because if someone puts their hands on other people, it is not respectful. >> if you feel sad this -- i feel said this is what the world has come to. >> reporter: the santa clara county superintendent of schools is encouraging teachers and parents. she sent a letter to the 31 counties superintendents this week saying recent developments in the brett kavanaugh hearings
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are bringing sexual misconduct to the forefront. >> i think is uniquely challenging today, may be different than 20-30 years ago where social media and some of the national narratives a really in your home and in your hand. >> reporter: she is with the elementary school district. >> we start talking to him about it and talk to them about this once they start school. >> reporter: in the air of the me too movement, these young people say arming them with faxes crucial. >> i think it is important for us to know about it so we can repair for the teacher. >> reporter: as they begin to understand the value and importance of speaking out. >> i felix picking up is very important. -- i feel like speaking out is very important. a state senator from san diego is being criticized after an investigation found he threatened to slap a lobbyist
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with the california nurses association. she filed a complaint last month alleging a republican senator joe anderson threatened her and made comments to her at a bar. they determined anderson violated the code of conduct and he was reprimanded. the legislature is not in session and he is not seeking reelection but he is running for the state tax board. two teenage girls arrested in connection to a stabbing at a high school football game last friday night at montgomery high school. a 16-year-old montgomery high student confronted a 15-year- old student from another high school. during the fight, the 50 road was suspected of stabbing the 16-year-old with a knife. she went to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries. the younger girl was arrested on suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon while the 16-year- old was arrested on suspicion of battery or initiating the confrontation. b.a.r.t.
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may borrow a safety program from muni in an effort to prevent violence. in tomorrow's meeting, several directors will propose mirroring the muni program to arm ambassadors to de-escalate potentially volatile situations. >> someone homeless in a vehicle, they will do a wellness check and talk to them, these are civilians, they are not armed, they will not write a ticket, they are there for the betterment of the experience. >> muni has used the ambassador program for the past 20 years. the cost muni over $1 million to hire 17 full-time transit assistantsheer size and distance of the system. if you are writing b.a.r.t. today, you might notice heightened security on board, coming up, officers with the department of homeland security and what they're doing on the b.a.r.t. trains. many people living with diabetes
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the santa clara board of supervisors voted to tear down the old san jose city hall annex. the decision came yesterday after a month of heated debate over the future of the building on north first and west mission street. advocates hope to convert the building into housing for the homeless but the county says it is in such bad shape it would cost at least $50 million to renovate. the building will now be used for parking until the site can be developed. two dozen families and apartment complex in concorde are now turning to city hall for help. they say the new owner of the building once everyone to move out during a renovation project on the complex. the residence are very worried that rent will be higher once they move back and.
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ãmove back in. >> reporter: for several years they have called this two- bedroom apartment home in the garden complex in concorde. now, she is among the 28 families who have received a 60 day notice to vacate by the end of october. chandler says she has not been able to find any other housing that is affordable. >> even with a good job. even sometimes it is overwhelming, i think about her all the time. sure i can provide for you. >> reporter: she said she pays $1200 a month in rent and works as a dental assistant and sometimes takes on five jobs just to make ends meet. she says her take-home pay of $2600 a month qualifies her from -- disqualifies her from getting any government assistance. >> i do not have first month, last month, all of that. >> reporter: she asked officials for help during the city council meet>> i don't eve >> reporter: this is the one
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that based real estate investment company that now owns the apartment complex and plans to spend over $1 million to repair as required by the city in renovations. as written in a statement, they say we are working with current residence by offering financial assistance for relocation and temporary housing. >> they want to work something out that tenants have the right to stay longer or have more more funds to be able to find another place to live. >> they say their offering $3000 for relocation and it welcomes current tenants back when renovations are completed by 1 january. chandler expects the monthly rent to increase by about $800. >> i think we are getting pushed of california, not just out of concorde. >> reporter: she says she is already preparing to move out and for a short while she says
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she may have to live out of her car. she says she is speaking out so cities that do not have rent control will reconsider. in concorde, amber lee, fox 2 news. new research raising safety questions about today's cars and cutting edge technology. ieee study found most american drivers do not understand the limitations of advanced safety technology installed in the new cars. and they overestimate the capabilities of the future such as blind spot monitoring systems, automatic emergency braking and adaptive cruise control. highway safety group say the study shows the need to educate drivers about the reality of these safety e, people are just like, oh great, my car is driving itself. but i do not know about you >> i do not know about you, but when i'm on the highway, i like
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having control. >> i am with you, frank. >> i am a little skeptical about driverless cars. pretty scary. >> just get a cab or an uber or something like that. or my personal chauffeur. writes. morning. -- right. good morning everyone, stop and go traffic, it gets better in livermore and dublin, it will be a little bit slower. traffic moving well in both directions. in san francisco, it will be easy at the time, but driving around the top of the market area will be tough for a couple of reasons, the dreamforce conference is on and howard street is closed between third and fourth for the entire work week. also we have the closure of the salesforce transit center and there are streets nearby that are closed, offerings, the best
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way in my opinion is to get into san francisco is b.a.r.t. we do have an airlift they come if you can carpool, it would be a good plan. air quality is affected by the weather pattern because it is warming up. take a look at the numbers from yesterday and let's see what happens today. we introduce more 90s, livermore 93-96 degrees, some forecast models actually suggesting maybe 97 or 98 in livermore. at least right now we have the fog to deal with, in fact you can hear fog horns around san francisco towards pacifica, overcast, current numbers, 50s in walnut creek, san francisc, 53 and santa rosa the area of high pressure wants to build in, warming primarily today, fairly hot day of course we have a microclimate, 60s,
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90s, we typically talk about no fog and warm conditions coastal he, not happening, the beach is still in the 60s. we hold onto patchy, coastal fog throughout the day, it up really different story back up into the 90s, look at what happensãthe week. this weekend, we skip that part, saturday there is a slight chance of the sprinkle up in the north bay, the latest forecast model mainly in mendocino county north, look at what happened monday, will see what happens, we can see significant changes in the weather pattern which may be dodging raindrops early next week. it is still a ways out and the forecast model can change between now and then. coming to watch as we head towards the weekend and beyond. clear lakes in the middle 90s, santa rosa 90, middle 90s for walnut creek, oakland in the upper 70s down in the santa clara valley, gilroy, 94 degrees and san francisco in
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the upper 60s, few spots closer to downtown may be around 70 and the coast will definitely keep the sweater or jacket nearby, mainly in the 60s. little bit cooler as we head into thursday and more pronounced cooling, a big-time cooldown as we head towards the weekend. lives saved by targeting thieves, what was in the van and how the set up has left a local nonprofit scrambling, more on that when we come back.
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flight schedules getting back to normal this morning, the problem involved deltas tracking system and was reported that the airlines may have lingering delays for delta. anyone who is taking a delta flight this morning should contact the airline before heading off to the airport. new information about the air canada jet that nearly crash into fully -- four fully loaded plains ledger. the national transportation safety board said the air canada pilot mistook the taxiway for a runway because the two piles did notrning that the runway ha
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been closed for construction. federal safety officials claim a lack of awareness by the two pilots and also cited fatigue as a contributing factor. >> there was no indication the crew was aware they had overflown the air carrier aircraft on the taxiway. >> ntsb has recommended when a landing plane appears to be aimed at a taxi with of a runway, it will review the safety board recommendations and is already taking steps to improve training and procedures oakland police looking for a stolen vehicle containing medicine and thousands of hypodermic needles. the nonprofit is now scrabbling to help people in need.
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>> would you like some pears or plums? truck at a homeless camp in east oakland, this is a weekly scene. >> water sir? >> reporter: of medical supplies, hot soup and a test for hiv and hepatitis c. >> do you have any babies? >> reporter: people are urged to come forward with used needles, trading for new needles. >> thank you, have a good one. >> thank you. >> reporter: it is all free from an organization who decades ago during the aids crisis which is now dealing with waves of iv drug users. >> the lack of wheels and lack of program supplies hinders our capacity to address the opium academic. >> reporter: a ford van like this one stocked with supplies and parked at a gated and locked storage facility. two people managed to get in and how are the van, making off with it monday morning. a $60,000 loss.
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>> at this point, we are focusing on maintaining the exchange site. >> reporter: exchange sites like this one, there are three in oakland. >> is very important to us. truck erica has been coming for a few years -- >> reporter: erica has been coming for a few years. everyone is hearing why the van is such a fixture and is now gone. >> they probably stole it so they could get high on its and there's nothing in there to get high on. [ laughter ] >> reporter: the lifesaving will go on say staff and volunteers. 1 million syringes exchanged each year ended 2018, 100 lives known to be saved by narcan given away. the fact that someone is likely selling thousands of doses along with syringes and functional test strips is disheartening. but it will not divert from the mission of harms reduction.
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>> folks knows in the community, they expect us to be there, people, for narcan, every exchange. they get supplies, and they know we are there. coming up, the city of san francisco is expecting some major traffic backups and the city this morning. up next, we break down how public transit is changing its routes today, transbay terminal remains shut down.
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we are one day away against the brett kavanaugh's accuser testifying on capitol hill. with the unexpected closure of the sales force transit center, we will tell you about the changes and why you may experiences a long commute this morning. good morning.
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thank you for joining us on the mornings on 2 . >> i am frank. mark is standing by on what looks like a hot day and. >> september will deliver some heat in the mid 90s. we have the change compared to yesterday. primarily along the interior because the coastal spots are not warm there. today it was the hottest day of the week and tomorrow is hot and then a cool down by friday into the weekend. we have fog on the coastline around pacifica and towards san francisco that will impact visibility.the 50s. san francisco is 53. partly cloudy skies with fog to side and in the afternn,


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