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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 6am  FOX  September 27, 2018 6:00am-6:59am PDT

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dave clark and stephen is talking about rain , maybe on tuesday. there are some hints of rain in october. we have thick morning fog and it will be cloudy and cool on friday. we have this morning fog and areas are it and mostly sunny, still one hot day in length. the fog should cool off the coast 5 to 7 degrees compared to yesterday and the higher class are inching closer, especially with the lows on its way. the key will be another low drop of moisture from hurricane rosa which looks to take him toward southern california and arizona with the possibility for us monday night. we have 40s and 50s and 60s -- is 53 in danville, and 50 in part -- martinez. their low
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clouds keeping us in the 60s and then the system sweeps in a cooler pattern tomorrow. 6 am, it is 6:01 am with the traffic getting busy. people yesterday found out what a major closer south of market does for the bay bridge and the bay bridge itself is slow and that is because traffic on the span will be slow this morning into san francisco and i will tell you why. fremont street is closed between howard and mission and up with a lot of pressure on other streets and pressure on the span itself. right now, it is not slow but we started seeing it gets low early in the morning yesterday and that is what people are out early this morning to avoid that. 880 n. and south, you can see the traffic is moving okay and there are no problems on the san mateo bridge. here is expound -- southbound 680. the south they commit traffic is off to good start. the bay bridge, that will be the big commute. we watch it
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very closely and we will let you know when the bridge starts getting slow in the san francisco area. if it does, we will let you know. let's go back to the desk. just an hour from now, judge brett kavanaugh will testify at a hearing on capitol hill about her claim that supreme court nominee judge brett kavanaugh sexy assaulted her when they were both in high school. allie rasmus joins us with a look at what we can expect to start this morning. >> reporter: this is the first time we will be hearing from dr. christine blasey ford, the 51-year-old psychology professor acoustical -- accuses dr. christine blasey ford of sexual occult -- assaulted a party 25 years ago. >> we have an idea what they will say based on the te judici . she says i believe he was
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going to rape me. i tried to yell for help when i did he put his hand over my mouth to stop it from screaming. in judge brett kavanaugh's testimony, he admits to drinking beer, sometimes too many but states i categorically and unequivocally deny the allegations against me by dr. christine blasey ford. i never had any sexual or physical encounter of any kind with dr. christine blasey ford. it will start at 7 am our time in here has -- and there will first be an open statement by chuck grassley and a statement from the top democrat of the committee, dianne feinstein. then dr. christine blasey ford will begin her remarks. there are no time limits for opening statement . then the questioning will begin. there are 11 republicans and 10 democrats on the senate committee. they will each get a five minute period to talk or ask questions. all of the republicans on the committee are men so expect some of them to turn over their time and questioning to a special outside attorney they have hired. phoenix prosecutor rachel
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mitchell might be asking questions on the gop senators behalf. they will take anywhere from 90 minutes to more than two hours. they may stop to take breaks in between and when she is finished, then they will start the whole process over again with judge brett kavanaugh. this hearing is expected to last for most of the day. it starts about one hour from now later this morning there are several protests and demonstrations planned, one at 11:30 am and palo alto hosted by believe women in support of dr. christine blasey ford and also protest in san francisco at 12 pm which will be the of -- opposing the confirmation of judge brett kavanaugh on the supreme court. thank you for that update and we will bring you live under a -- uninterrupted coverage thisat 7 am. it is less than an hour -- lesson -- yes, less than one hour away. we will update you on mornings
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on 2 all morning long. now we have coverage of a major problem in downtown san francisco, the city's new $2.2 billion transit center will remain shut down at least until the end of next week. that is after inspectors found a second cracked steel beam next to the one they discovered earlier this week. boxes -- buses have been rerouted two blocks away. leigh martinez is outside the building with all the very latest on that situation. >> reporter: good morning, that portion of fremont street is also still closed and that created quite a traffic headache yesterday, that will remain closed. they say there's no reason to believe this problem exists anywhere else but on the fremont street area. they will sure support to hold up those two cracked beams.this is what the crack looks like right now. you will see this is the bottom. >> reporter: the power
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authority showed photos of the first crack discovered tuesday morning by workers installing roof tiles and it is about two and half feet long and four inches deep. the beam supports the rooftop garden, all part of the $2.2 billion trendsetter that just opened last year -- last month. then another crack was found in the second adjacent beam. the cause of the crack is yet to be determined but officials say they're not related to the deterioration of the rooftop paths and they have nothing to do with its neighbor, the sinking millennium tower. they have described it as a localized problem. >> it could be a fabrication issue and it could be a solution issue or design issue. >> the steel came from herrick corporation. the beam look fine when they were installed in e first steel beams to crack -- for steel
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support beams to crack. this is where is getting picked up and dropped off. we have noticed yesterday we saw quite a few people directing traffic for the buses but we do not see them out here again today. i guess everything ran so smoothly yesterday that they're not out here today. this is where all the buses will be coming in and all the passengers we talked to yesterday said they reported no problems getting here or going back yesterday. it will take several more months for the sales to be permanently fixed, so it will be probably another week until they can have that temporary fix put in and have all the buses move back over there. in san francisco, leigh martinez, ktvu fox 2 news. the bart board of directors will take up a controversial plan to help e - withstand a next -- retrofit the tube.rolli
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express bus shuttles from 12 stations to the transit center there on a hiring blitz to bring on engineers up for that project. the board of directors will focus on writers safety during a special meeting tonight in the east bay city of pittsburgh. they will meet with the public to discuss its new safety plan and security plan that was unveiled last month. it came in response to several violent crimes on bart trains and stations in recent months, including the fatal stabbing in july of a 17-year-old at the macarthur station in oakland. plans boosting the number of police patrol and increasing the number of security cameras. happening today, san jose homeless camp -- a homeless couple moved to a new location
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it was privately funded by nonprofit group and it has many amenities like porta palace -- porta potty's and mobile showers. the city and county leaders found a new location on city- owned land. that is near the san jose airport. they will lease the land to the group for six months for just one dollar. san francisco will immortalize more women, a committee for approved the proposal -- the committee approved the proposal to name buildings after women as well. the first statue will recognize the late poet mullah angelo -- my angelo. there are 87 public statutes in san francisco. only two represent real women and one of senator dianne feinstein at city hall the other one is at laguna hospital and honors florence nightingaley
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security measures for this year's gateway events. hundreds of thousands of people gather for this annual like the coast guard. the blue angels will fly overhead. while foresman officers will be out in force when they begin -- police officers will be out in force when they begin. you want to stretch when you fly, congress wants to stop legroom from shrinking. >> was increasing safety for cyclists in san francisco, the first place in the city that the mayor wants to make cycling a whole lot safer. good morning, we have some tough commutes getting in to san franciscoremember, it will be a tough drive almost everywhere but this is a look
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at highway 24 westbound up to the tunnel. >> some good fog in the city as it is a brisk 51 degrees. one more warm day inland and then big changes coming. -- change is coming.
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people have been arrested in connection to a rash of thefts at apple stores across the bay area. they tell us the suspects could be linked to as many as 45 grab and go thefts at apple stores in the bay area and across the state. the surveillance videos are showing these lightning fast
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robberies in a matter of seconds. there in and out. the most recent happened tuesday afternoon at the apple store in emeryville. they were arrested in oakland, seven adults and one juvenile in all. >> we are aware of the arrests and working on the situation but i have no comment. >> we are told that the california department of justice has gotten involved in this and there will be more rests on the way. two men are behind bars accused of stealing from a church in san jose. santa clara county sheriff deputy directed 28-year-old austin hudson and 35-year-old andrew miller -- workers from the chinese for christ church in san jose were reunited with their stolen items. that included two passenger vans and $15,000 worth of musical equipment.
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the deputy stopped the vehicle with expired tags and they found two men in possession of burglary tools, car keys from the stolen bands, musical instruments and drug paraphernalia. they were booked into the santa clara county jail. safety improvements are bicyclists and pedestrians make them soon -- may come sooner -- for bicyclists and pedestrians make consumer -- may come sooner than planned. for years, bike advocates have urged the city to put up a barrier to separate a painted bike lane from oncoming traffic. the mayor wants the city's transit agency to create a protected bikeway among valencia between market and 15th street within the next four months. they will unveil a new exhibit this morning tied to ongoing wildfire recovery efforts in sonoma and napa county. the sculpture designed -- the sculpture is designed to pay tribute to those in sonoma county as they prepare to mark one year since the deadly
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wildfires. it is part of special exhibit and they have created it to other firefighters. firefighters in marin, sonoma and napa are getting new high-definition cameras to monitor wildfires. the hope is that the cameras which are being paid for by pg&e will allow firefighters to get to fires faster and give them valuable information in real time about where the fire may be headed. the camera can also help firefighters get to a fire before it grows. was at his that 10 acre threshold, that growth can become so exponential that we are behind -- the fires out pacing -- the fire is out pacing our abilities. they will people to log in and see how close a particular fire might be to the property. the new cameras are expected to be installed by the end of this year. the annual dream force conference is continuing in san francisco. it includes climate change lectures by al gore and also of fireside chat with uber ceo. a supers to the
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stage during the big dream force benefit last night in the city. that is not country. that was the sound of metallica performing at the civic center plaza last night across the street, janet jackson took to the stage. the performances separate -- represent millions of dollars for children's hospital. they got bad reviews from people living in the area, who complained about the noise. some complaints showed up on twitter. here is a sample. not a dream for me. i wanted to make -- anyone who thinks it is great to make an entire city a private venue is probably going home at the end of the week. >> is metallic almost done? i want to go to sleep.
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others tweeted they could live with the noise since the benefit show was for a very good cause. one thing metallica is not is quiet. >> yeah, no. i liked the comment where if i'm listening to metallica, so are my neighbors. >> right, and i do not always listen to them but when i do -- >> headphones are good sometimes. >> yes, they are. >> your heavy-metal guy? i did not know that. -- you are a heavy-metal guy? i did not know that. >> if you're sleeping with one eye open, wake up to get into the city early today. it will be another tough day. remember the bridge itself will be a little bit slower. the traffic on the bridge, which will make this area the toll plaza slower as well. right now, it is not too bad on the upper deck or on the deck and the suspension span is getting it to san francisco but fremont street is closed between howard and mission and in terms of this area, disclose
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between third and fourth. let's talk about these east commutes.getting busy already westbound. this is 880 in oakland. you can see traffic is moving along all right. and there are no problems on the san mateo bridge. it looks pretty good. as you go to the high rise, there has been no major problems and this is a look at the sonoma bridge where traffic is moving well. 6:19 am, hello, steve. >> how is the weather? it is a little foggy. there is smog in the bay, thick for some. we have one more day of some 90s inland that things will change a little bit. it will change big time as we go towards the weekend. some 90s inland but 60 to 70 closer to the coast and bay. the fog is still pretty thick, looking like after this weekend, maybe we can put the fog season the bed but until
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then, we are dealing with it. the system will be moving in tomorrow and some of the outer bands or higher clouds my start to clip parts of the coast or maybe the peninsula and the bay but then we have to watch saturday with hurricane rosa. it will move northward. most -- forecast models latch onto it and bring some of year. that would not be until monday or tuesday. it probably goes out their 40s and 50s on most temperatures, couple 60s on the peninsula, low to mid 50s -- union city and fremont is 52. san mateo is 50 degrees. it is 43 in arcata and the low clouds will head back and it is thick around highway 10 visibility on the bridge -- watch out for that. our temperatures will take the plunge. one more day of some
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90s today, 60s and 70s by the bay, then 80s as well but after today, i thinkfo r at least a week or longer and it looks like some really cool patterns are beginning to set up for the next week. that and sunshine, warm and hot for some, maybe some light rain to the north on saturday. more likely, it will nday into there could be a partial shutdown on uc campuses. a strike would happen soon and the workers who might walk off the job. big changes could be on the way for one of the biggest makers of e cigarettes, what they are considering in an effort to make its products less desirable for kids.
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a highly successful e- cigarette company is considering a big change. the publication tech rent records -- they report that they will reduce ones that are flavor. you could have a major impact on the entire industry. they have 75% of the e- cigarette market in the u.s. ahead of -- the public pension system is coming under scrutiny. she runs the $360 billion california public employees
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retirement system. while she has been praised for her work, a blogger accuses her of making false statements about her education. the blogger says she implied in her job application and in a statement after being hired that she was working for the college degree at evergreen state college in washington. the records show she had not taken a class there since 2010. the california state treasurer is calling for an independent advice -- investigation. they said it was not necessary. the cofounder of whatsapp is not speaking out about why he decided to leave facebook. in an interview with forbes, he says he did not want to go along with the plan by facebook to start placing ads on whatsapp. he says that is why he decided to leave the company last year, even though it meant giving up $850 million in facebook stock. the cofounder says whatsapp, facebook, it was sold to 24 -- was back -- whatsapp was sold
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in 2014. he says that he sold his privacy so that every day. they want to regulate the airline industry. reauthorization act includes four amendments designed to prevent runway accident. east bay congressman mark roadit following -- roadit following close calls. -- wrote it following some close calls . they would oppose technology and data used by pilots and air traffic controllers. they also regulate -- they would also regulate airline seats giving them one year to fit in minimum seats. the average legroom in most airlines has declined by nearly 4 inches. the faa's current authority expires on sunday so the senate must vote before then. explosive new development just hours before judge brett
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kavanaugh this is one of his accuser. what we just learned about the two witnesses that just came forward as testimony begins in 30 minutes. we have new information on just how close nike was to dumping colin kaepernick before deciding to make him their spokesperson. fast, reliable internet is crucial.
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this is ktvu mornings on 2.
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good morning, welcome back. we take a the new york stock exchange for the opening bell. we are in new york this morneye on the market action to the federal reserve decision to raise interest rates. it is widely expected so that is not a surprise. i will tell you something that might not seem related, wall street is also watching the senate hearings. they do not like uncertainties so we will see what happens. it looks like a pretty good opening. we will have more coming up. thank you for joining us thursday morning, september 27. i am pam cook. happy thursday, i'm in here for dave. steve is here front and center with the change in the forecast. the lows are very cool. chris henry says it is day 21 of some 50 degree lows currently 47 degrees for the record. he is not officially degree day.
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that would be the first time it hasn't happened since he moved there in 1980. that is a long stretch. 48 morgan hill, close enough. that is hour observation. 50 ron santa cruz, 40s and 50s in the santa cruz mountains. -- that is hour observation -- our observation. it is 50 in santa cruz, 40s and 50s in the santa cruz mountains. we might have high cloud bands drifting in. hurricane rosa moves north and will begin to get latched onto us by another low draft on monday and tuesday. most of us does most of it is moving toward -- most of it is moving towards northern california and arizona. the fog gives when we have cooler conditions over by the coast tomorrwe have big cooldown. we have one more day of some 90s. it is 6:31 am. it is getting busier on the
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roads. you will see more people on the roads will take 30 minutes to drive from the car tenets bridge to the macarthur maze -- from the carquinez bridge to the macarthur maze. it will start being crowded on that bridge deck itself as you can see it is getting crowded in the treasure island, getting off of fremont street it will mean a traffic jam for you because of fremont street is closed between howard and mission because of the building that has faulty beams. that is going to put more traffic on other streets and be a mess. here is interstate 880 north of southbound and you can see traffic looks okay. westbound 90 due to the high rise looks good. san mateo and doug martin bridge is not too bad. the southlake commute is getting crowded but still plenty of room for you. let's go back to the desk. there could be some very dramatic testimony this morning with judge brett kavanaugh . she
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alleges she was sexually assaulted by supreme court nominee judge brett kavanaugh when they were both in high school years back. we are joined live mac in washington, d.c. -- we are joined live in washington dc. things get busy right now. -- things could get busy right now. >> reporter: things are getting very busy with lots of new screws. there have been a couple hundred protesters here. this hearing will take place here as we get ready for this event to get underway. >> reporter: this is the chair that nomineebrett kavanaugh and his accuser dr. christine blasey ford will take turns using as they tell very different stories to the senate committee. from dr. christine blasey ford his prepared remarks, do not have all the answers and i did remember as much as i would like to but the details about that night bring me here today are ones i will never forget. and from judge brett kavanaugh, there is been a frenzy to come
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up with something, anything, no matter how far-fetched or odious that will block a vote on my nomination. these are last-minute smears, pure and simple. >> what you see as a role? >> reporter: rachel mitchell will be prosecuting. president donald trump will also watch on. >> i can be convinced. i have to hear it. it was tough to keep up with the developments. controversial attorney michael avenatti tweeted out new allegations from a woman that described parties judge brett kavanaugh attended where they were gang raped. judge brett kavanaugh denied these allegations, too. >> these allegations are breathtaking. they are gut punch to this nomination. effective aggressive pushing for delays or new nominee but a curveball later in the day from the committee that two men had come forward both claiming to be dr. christine blasey ford is -- dr. christine blasey ford's real attack a anyone who puts a board could face this kind of
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frenzy. -- real attacker. they say anyone could be that. >> it is not supposed to be that way. you should not be guilty until proven innocent. >> reporter: there standing behind judge brett kavanaugh and a lot may be determined after what happened at this hearing. it gets underway in less than a half hour will bring alive undrafted coverage -- we will bring you live uninterrupted coverage starting at 7 am. we will update you here on mornings on 2 all morning long. president donald trump says he may delay his scheduled meeting today with rod rosenstein to focus on the senate hearing. he added he would prefer not to fire rosenstein. rosenstein denied reports that he considered secretly recording the president and invoking the 25th amendment to remove him from office. firing it would likely set up a political crisis -- firing him
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would likely set off a political crisis. they have a $2.2 billion transit center close to the end of next week as engineers try to determine what constitutes -- what caused the two beams to crack. it took seven years to build but it has shut down less than seven weeks after it open. two major companies by the project are looking at it. state records show joint ventures are the contracting teams. manufacturers -- herrick manufactured the steel. >> we had seven different fabricators that had provided all the steel on this project, herrick is only one of them. this is a buy america project
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and sell america project. >> police are looking for a suspect in connection with the stabbing of an uber driver in san jose. he was heading north on highway 87 near capital expressway when he became involved in a road rage incident with a woman yesterday morning. police say the woman drove off but moments later a man pulled up next to the uber driver and asked him to pull over. the two got out of the car and that is when the uber driver was stabbed in the stomach. police say the suspect was driving an older model gold brown sedan. anyone with information is asked to call the chp. workers say they will soon take a vote over whether to go on strike for a second time this year. members of the largest employee union which include uc hospital aids, patients, security guards, they say contract costs have stalled more than 50,000
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workers staged a walkout last month over the practice of outsourcing jobs at lower wages. the strike votes is scheduled to start in less than two weeks. two suspects in connection of an armed robbery being looked for. they were students after the robbery at 1 pm tuesday afternoon. this happened at south eighth street near san salvador. two people pointed a gun at the victim and took a cell phone. the suspect's two young men were last seen running south on eighth street. there is or surveillance video and photo of the suspects considered armed and dangerous. they should not be approached and anyone who sees him should call 911. the new poll shows these races have tightened up dramatically between feinstein and gavin. she still holds double-digit leads before they go to the
6:39 am
polls in november. the governor's race, they found businessmen john cox has last newsom lead in half. that is a major shift from his lead before in july. the u.s. senate race, the same poll found incumbent feinstein holds a 40 to 29% lead over fellow democrat kevin de leon. that is 46% to 26% back in july. feinstein is seeking her fifth full-term as a u.s. senator. oakland mayor -- mayor libby schaaf is running off three transition. >> oakland was ranked as the second most violent city in america and there was not a
6:40 am
single construction crane. > am ready to continue the work that i have started and deliver a thriving equitable city. >> reporter: not so fast, say opponents as they open problems as it all. >> the oakland we knew will not be in two years. we will not survive another two years under mayor libby schaaf. >> pamela preis is a civil rights attorney. marchon tatmon is a housing specialist. >> rent has doubled in the past four years. homelessness has doubled in the last four years. everything doubled in the past four years besides wages. >> activists call oakland broken. >> we cannot fix it with the city government that disrespects address regards and all but ignores the >> she highlights her record at
6:41 am
an immigration target. >> i am proud when we stood up to president donald trump when he came for people in our community. >> ktvu fox 2 news. governor jerry brown has approved a bill that would require training for people who want to carry a concealed weapon. the law requires that applicants undergo a minimum of eight hours of firearm handling and shooting technique training. the governor also signed a bill to declare bump stocks like those used in last year's las vegas strip masseter -- massacre illegal. he also signed a bill by an supplement to speed up housing for the homeless. -- by an assembly man to speed up housing for the homeless. efforts are underway to add
6:42 am
more statues of women in san francisco. see organizers her plan to -- see who organizers ks -- plan to honor first and where the landmarks will be. the east bay commute is getting busier. take a live look at highway four. there is a line led -- there is a long lying of traffic from -- there is a long line of traffic. we have one more warm day.
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a man in the u.s. legally is now in custody in la accused of several violent attacks on homeless people. they described him as a violent predator and they say surveillance video shows him just before he was about to attack a homeless person. they believe he would sneak up on homeless men as they slept, beat them with a wooden bat, or bold colors -- were bolt cutters. he is from -- them with a wooden back or bolt cutters. he is a six race -- the mayor says he never shielded an accused criminal like him.
6:46 am
>> he was here with document tatian, they can be released and i hope he is never -- if he was here with the documentation, if he is released and i hope he is never released, that he should be deported. >> he does not anticipate that happening. >> firefighters at the scene of a huge fire in birmingham, alabama. they say the fire may have started overnight on the second floor of the complex which was actually still under construction. one firefighter suffered a broken leg and other injuries are reported. the four story complex and an office building next door were completely destroyed and the neighboring apartment building had to be evacuated as firefighters tried to keep flames away from that building. the cause of this still under investigation. a they wanted tofrom the ci
6:47 am
they will get local school districts to chip in $600,000 apiece. palo alto school districts have all expressed interest in this housing development. >> future housing has been an ongoing challenge for us. we hire incredibly high quality teachers in our district and retaining them over the course of time is something we really are focused on. >> county supervisor joe smith is and talk with other school districts -- is in talks with other school districts and once a formal proposal next year. a -- a major holiday event in san jose is getting cut short. christmas in the park ends early as the south the repairs for big national sporting events. -- as they prepare for a big
6:48 am
national sporting event. the location where it is held will be transformed into a site for several activities prior to the big game, including espn's live broadcast. >> when we can make a small sacrifice and close early to help the greater good of what san jose is going to get potentially for the event coming in, which is a college football championship game, then we are going to do our part to do -- to be a community player. >> critics say sporting event should not disrupt the beloved holiday tradition held miles away in downtown san jose. >> how about the giants? it is their last season nearly complete just three games remain in the lakers season this week. -- remains in their regular season this week. >> here are the highlights, high drive, left-center field, it is out of here. >> we are 11 -- garcia started
6:49 am
a comeback effort against the padres. they cut the deficit to one but the rosters doubled -- struggled. they could not complete the comeback. they lost to the padres by 3-2. the giants must win two other last three against very good dr. team over the weekend to avoid the 2018 going down in the record books as the worst september in their team history. oakland eight still have a shot at catching the front running new york yankees for the first wild-card spot in the american league. they will be glued to the tv watching the yanks while having the night off. >> right-field, and deep. and that is gone, grand slam. >> but they were winners last night. olson had a grand slam out of reach and chris david said how about number run -- home
6:50 am
he had a great year. oakland beat seattle 9-3. they close out the regular season and play three against anaheim over the weekend and then it is playoff time. >> week four, the nfl season kicks off tonight with thursday night football on ktvu 2. the pregame show starts at 4:30 pm followed by the vikings and rams at 5 pm and join us after the game for the fox 2 sports rap -- sports wrap. that is where the hearing will take place, we will carry that live, the hearing in capitol hill, with judge brett kavanaugh and dr. christine blasey ford on ktvu plus. was get your traffic situation on thursday. good morning. good morning, we have traffic and it will be busy. getting into san francisco has been a big story all week long because of the closure of third
6:51 am
and fourth and also later in the week we found out that fremont street will be closed and still is closed from howard to mission because of the structural problems at the transit center. it has made driving into san francisco tough. the bridge is getting slow through treasure island and as you approach the fremont exit. you can as if i would not advise it because once you get off the freeway, it will be -- you will have a big traffic jam. some people are using harrison exit instead and all of this is adding to more congestion on the span. 880 n. does not look bad. southbound 880 if you're driving, this is the san mateo bridge, it looks all right. it is jampacked from 238. expect hayward union city down to stephenson -- we have not had much news but it is going to be slow as you head down to the south bay. let's bring steve in. >> to you, sir. i believe you are -- thank you,
6:52 am
sir. the weather was perfect go surfing. we had -- was perfect for surfing. we had offshore conditions. low clouds, you hike clouds will drift in but -- there are a few high clouds that will drift in. it is cooler on friday and this associate low has been parked all week long but it wants to put it into gear and start heading towards us. some of those higher clouds will move into our area tonight and tomorrow. we have another low dropping end and it moves through on saturday. we have another drop and what happens -- we have the hurricane rosa moving north where he is. if it starts to tap into the area, this will be monday night
6:53 am
or tuesday but there is a couple forecast models that do take a lot of that moisture more northward towards us. that will take a long time to iron out the details. 40s and 50s on the 10th, right at 50 over he -- we have 40s and 50s on the temperatures. it's 56 in black hawk in 58 in pittsburgh. there is thick fog and the system is on its way. we could get light rain on saturday in mendocino and lake county. i will tackle that tomorrow. 60s and 70s and 80s on the temperatures and 90s in but after today, those 90s will come tumbling down. that system roles and tomorrow it will give us an increase in low clouds and higher clouds and 50s and 70s to many in the 90s right now. a lot of changes are on the way and most of us will be cooler as we go into friday and saturday. sunday looks okay and we increase the clouds on monday. that looks to be our best opportunity for karen. we have a major update about tesla and its autopilot
6:54 am
system. the changes rolling that could increase safety. here is what is coming on an hour 7 am hour. coming up, we will -- we are minutes away from the highly anticipated testimony about dr. christine blasey ford, the first woman to accuse judge brett kavanaugh of sexual assault. we will outline what to expect on capitol hill and and bring you that hearing and her statement and the following testimony and more live throughout the morning on 2.
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what executive. starts at an all-time high but sears dropped three percent is the companies full-year forecast was lower than expected. papa john's could be up for sale, an option for the company last month. papa john's has been trouble since john schnatter papa john's has not commented will put itself up for auction.
6:58 am
struck tesla says the very latest software designed to get drivers on and off the highway more efficiently. it is intelligently suggesting lane changes to keep your on your route. makes adjustments so you do not get stuck behind for cars or trucks on the highway. federal reserve tracy benchmark interest rate by a quarter percent. maybe yesterday the rate went 2 up to 2 1/4 percent. the third time if you're the fed has raised interest rates to keep inflation under control he had repeatedly described the economy is strong and dedicated there would be another rate increase by the end of the year. struck the ceo of ford speaking out at the presidents tariffs on chinese goods. metals imported cl made the comments that the bloomberg conference us traffic and steel
6:59 am
10 percent tariff on aluminum the tears would likely lead car rockapella at the college professional christine blasey ford would face the u.s. senate 30 years after she said sprinkler nominee brett kavanaugh sexually assaulted her. we have life pictures here and are going to continue our live coverage from washington to the bay area as of the testimony is about to get underway. new crack in a second beam it makes a bad situation worse as a salesforce transit center. why engineers are planning to do and when it may be able to reopen. record morning, hearing getting underway forcibly court nominee brett kavanaugh and christine blasey ford. one of the women accusing cavanaugh of sexual misconduct. both testifying under oath for
7:00 am
the senate judiciary committee for the next few hours. dr portis accused f sexual assault of what they were teenagers the high school. cat judge kavanaugh has denied. thursday the 27th i am in gasia mikaelian. >> i'm frank mallicoat in today. rhett ellison the senate judiciary committee hearing. christine blasey ford of court nominee brett kavanaugh. you can check that over on ktvu plus . let's go live to allie rasmus was been monitoring the hearing for from the newsroom. struck this would be the first time the public will hear from christine blasey ford.  the city one-year-old psychology professor from palo alto who accused his up report comment -- nominee of sexual assault here's a live picture of the senate hearing you can sesenators sitting behind the desk would be questioning


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