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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 5pm  FOX  September 28, 2018 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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committee meeting. >> reporter: that is right. to recommend judge cavanaugh for the senate. that boat went along party lines. all 11 republicans voted in favor, all 10 the crowds voted opposed. >> this country is being ripped apart. we need to make sure that we do due diligence. this was a critical vote in favor of judge cavanaugh with the understanding that he will not support the president's nominee in a full senate vote until the fbi further investigates the allegations of sexual misconduct. >> there is some difference of opinion among us of what the fbi will exist up. >> reporter: the senator shifts
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coming one day after a marathon. this morning, he had a contentious confrontation in the capital elevator. minutes before the vote, >> the american people deserve to have the facts followed up on. >> there was a broad agreement that this community has been too divided and to partisan. >> a full senate vote should last no longer than one week. >> someone has to explain this to trump. i guess that will be my job. >> i wanted to work out well for the country. if that happens, i am happy. >> because the senate has a lot of rules and procedures, it is going to take at least four working days for they can get to the full confirmation vote. meaning, it may not be until late last week -- next week. legal analyst david levine
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joins us to talk about this. walk us through the process. what is going to be happening over the next couple of days? >> there is a formal track, the senate will start going through the steps to enable them to have a vote. it will be on a slower schedule then senator mcconnell had been hoping for. he told the senate that he expected them to be working all weekend to get this done as quickly as possible. that is obviously going to be slow down. meanwhile, the fbi will be doing its best to follow any leads that are available at least for the credible accusations. we are not sure which ones will be counted for that. the fbi will probe a number of agencies. it will not take that much time. it is not that can -- complicated. >> i know this is kind of unknown because we have not reached next week, the president wants this investigation to be limited in scope. if the fbi delves into the past
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and ask questions, do you think it's possible that the vote could get delayed even further? >> it could. it is not what the president wants. it is what the senators that are on the fence want. they need to republicans to not be on board and judge cavanaugh's nomination will fail. if there are credible leads and they need more time, undoubtedly they will get it. it is not the president's call right now. the senators are in the driver seat right now. >> we heard judge cavanaugh repeat yesterday that the fbi investigation just reports on what happens. what was the judge trying to say in that case? what will happen after the fbi reports on what they find? >> until this morning, the republican position with judge cavanaugh on board was that there was no point in having
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further fbi investigation. they would not be reaching any conclusions. that is only halfway true. they do the background investigation. they do the gum shoe work. they then bring it to the decision- makers. that was not answering the key question. senator derman said judge cavanaugh, what do you want? judge cavanaugh had no answer to that. what he really wanted was no fbi investigation. this is a huge turnaround from a couple of hours ago. why do you think senator flake changed his mind? >> we know from a couple of days ago he had a very impassioned speech. he was so much in doubt. i think what happened is that his friends reached out during their speeches and said just
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give us a week we need some more time. i think he heard that. also, we do have the survivors that caught the senator in the elevator. that may have had something to do with it. i think it was the behind-the- scenes discussions away from the cameras. his real friends on the other side said how can we keep this moving and have due process and fill out the picture? they came up with a compromise and i think it was terrific. >> let me ask you one more question. we know that the immigrants said that the republicans did not invite brett kavanaugh 's friend from college. >> i believe that he has indicated that he would be willing to do that.
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he may have sent in a letter. no one has spoken to him. now, when the fbi pulls up in a big car and badges, can we talk to you? people will decide if they can talk. the fbi will try to talk to him. they will talk to other people, they will see what will happen. we will see what will happen. this is a big step in terms of bipartisanship. we do not want to get into real warfare. our legal analyst, professor david levine. >> if you missed judge kavanaugh's testimony or dr. ford 's testimony we have posted it on . a piece of equipment will be placed in the middle of a well- traveled roadway. the work could get underway. we have been following the latest developments.
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a maine travel street is expected to be closed. >> reporter: that is the plan. crews have started on the fabrication on some of the parts that they will need on the columns that they will place in the middle of fremont street. at this time, we do not have a definitive timeline of when that will take place or how it will affect traffic on the days, weeks and months ahead. crews today, remove the fireproofing around the cracked steel beams. at this time, the power authority said that work is already underway for equipment to support those two cracked beams. >> it will be finalized within the next 24 hours. at that point, it will continue to go through a review. >> reporter: even effort gets underway, inspections continue on nearby steel beams. authorities say they still have not turned up any more damage
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parts. still there is no word on why those beams cracked in the first place. >> we have offloaded all of that support on that beam. then, we can start our analysis of what happened. >> reporter: meanwhile, the backups continue on fremont. it is one of the major streets off of the bay bridge that brings people into the financial district. >> i've been here for an hour and 15 minutes. >> reporter: they are urging people to use public transit. it is too early to determine the impact of the columns running right down the middle of fremont street. >> we have engineers out there working to ensure and figure out what this could look like moving forward. it will be better when it is opened rather than closed.
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>> reporter: at this point, experts are saying it is too early to say what the final fix is going to be here or how much all of this is going to cost. we're live in san francisco, ktvu fox 2 news . >> it is going to cost a lot of headaches for the drivers in that area. the body of a missing fisherman has been found. he disappeared on monday. the 71-year-old's body was found 16 miles downstream where he was known to fish at the canal. his truck was found in the nearby parking lot. the sheriff's department says that there was evidence to show that he slipped and fell into the canal. there is increased surveillance, bart is going to double the inspection. they will work nights and weekends. they also considered spending $25 million for technology upgrades for barriers around
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paid areas of the station. >> surveillance and those type of technologies do help. they help to solve issues. speaking of residence in east county, -- >> critics say there is a racial component. almost half of the citations were issued to african-americans. they also have to think about safety concerns, there have been three homicides. tesla takes another beating in the market. the center of it all is elon musk. a full look at the new governor's race poll.
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coming up, a security flaw that put tens of millions of accounts at risk at facebook. a notable cool down across the be area. giving you a beautiful view of the bay area. i will have details coming up.
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president donald trump has signed today $154 billion to avoid a shutdown. before the midterm elections to determine who has control over congress. the bill will keep the federal government open through december 7. trump signed the legislation to fund the military. the house and senate approved
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the senate -- spending plan earlier this week. 50 million facebook users have been compromised. just how did this happen? >> reporter: as to why this happen, the company blames sophisticated hackers. they are trying to evaluate the extent of the damage. frustration for facebook users today. the company announced that it had been hacked. 50 million users have had their accounts compromise. >> oh my god, not again. once again, we have a significant number of people who have been affected by date of breach that has nothing to do with their own online habits. >> reporter: on this case, they hacked and were able to get access tokens.
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these are the things that keep a user logged in. >> they access the token, they pivot from that token and log in as the next user and try to get access to their friends. >> reporter: facebook says it has six the bag and logged out all of the affected users. meanwhile, zuckerberg face -- posted an apology online. >> this is a problem for 50 million people. it is a problem for facebook.:-- >> reporter: facebook says that it has just begun to investigate who is responsible for this hack. >> it is going the public's confidence in their service. >> reporter: some are taking the data breach in stride, others say they will deactivate. >> if you are really that
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concerned, don't be on any social media. >> if you don't use it anymore, look for something that is safe. nothing is really safe. >> [ inaudible ] >> the company does not know who is responsible for the hack. their investigation is just beginning. andre. and now, the latest out of indonesia after a massive 2.75 earthquake. the quake was -- hit just after 8:00. a synonymy was reported after a synonymy warning was listed. it came onshore and hit a town and swept away entire homes. families are reported missing. there are people out on the streets. some of the victims are being treated at local hospitals.
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right now, search and rescue are being hampered by the power outages. there is no idea how much damage there is. the magnitude hit in the same area earlier today. it killed at least one person and damaged dozen of homes. a commercial airplane crash landed in indonesia in the south pacific. it came up 150 yards short and landed in a lagoon. you might remember the the united airlines flight that landed in the hudson. all 36 passengers and 11 crew members survived. several peoplere transported to the hospital in serious conditions. outdoors this afternoon, we have a cooling trend. it will be something that will continue into the weekend. we are tracking one of our first rainmakers for the
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season. it degrees in santa rosa. 65 in oakland. upper 60s in livermore and san jose is checking in at 69. here's a look at the 24-hour temperature change. look how much cooler we're inland today. down by 13 in livermore. in the north bay down by 9 degrees. the bay is within a couple of degrees. half moon bay is a little bit warmer right now, a proximately -- approximately 5 degrees warmer. we have partly sunny and partly cloudy as we head south into santa cruz. the onshore breeze, it has dropped to 33 miles per hour. when it is that strong, the low clouds will eventually move inland into the sacramento valley by tomorrow morning. you can see the arrows underneath the arrows, there is definitely a transition
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underway. it will continue over the next few days. this is a look at the system that is bringing us the onshore breeze. it will bring drizzle to start your day tomorrow. we will have a few scattered showers in the north bay. here's a look at the future cast, here's a look at what we could expect for tomorrow morning. a lot of cloud cover. we have the possibility of drizzle. especially off of the coastline. take a look at what happens in the afternoon. the north a will see if you sprinkles. it will not amount to much. it could be enough to get us what. for tomorrow, when the system begins to lift north and east there is a chance for showers. we will have patchy drizzle. 87 in oakland. for the east bay 34 in livermore. afternoon highs for tomorrow, are below average for this time of year. 71 in nevada. 70 in oakland and the south bay for tomorrow will be 76. upper
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70s in delray. here's a view of the extended forecast. the temperatures will remain very similar into sunday. it will call for unsettled weather. a list -- a mix of sun and clouds. we will have scattered shower activity on monday and tuesday. we will have a look at that extended forecast coming up in just a little bit. it seemed like a sure thing, some people are taking a second look. the governor's race, won governors lead has been -- one of the runners lead has been cut in half. bars will not stay open until 4 am in california. i the governor is saying no to a 4 am last call.
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that is coming up next. california had the worst wildfire season on record. scientists say, our weather is becoming more extreme and we all have to be better prepared. that's why pg&e is adopting new and additional safety precautions to help us monitor and respond to dangerous weather. hi, i'm allison bagley, a meteorologist with pg&e's community wildfire safety program. we're working now, to enhance our weather forecasting capabilities, building a network of new weather stations to identify when and where extreme wildfire conditions may occur, so we can respond faster and better. we're installing cutting edge technology
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to provide real-time mapping and tracking of weather patterns. and we use this information in partnership with first responders and california's emergency response systems. to learn more about the community wildfire safety program and how you can help keep your home and community safe, visit
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pulse had him in the lead -- polls had him in the lead. the lead has been she -- shrinking. the lead has been cut in half since july. this is where the race did then. gavin newsom led, today, he has
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a 12 point lead. john cox gained eight points. cox rolled in in his tour bus. he visited people waiting in long lines at the dmv. >> i think people are starting to learn who i am and what i will do for the state. we have cut his lead in half. i think the other poll showed him within four or five points. >> some voters remain undecided. the majority of voters say they are following today, was no ex the protest at the border in israel. >> reporter: tens of black smoke
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filled the sky over the gaza strip. they are burning tires and throwing explosive devices over the border. demonstrators have gathered to protest living conditions in gaza. funding, food and freedom is being reduced. the border protest began following president donald trump's decision to move the un to jerusalem. this week, is really prime minister benjamin netanyahu expressed grievances. >> they are wanting rocket attacks into our cities and terror attacks against our civilians. the palestinian president was also at the assembly.
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>> it is ironic that the americans talk about the deal of the century. the administration needs to look at what it is doing for the palestinians. there is a complexity about eating the a relatively -- in realities -- israelis and palestinians to comply. 190 people have been killed and thousands have been injured. the focal point for the palestinian frustration continues to be the friday protests. the demonstrations escalate and things are being thrown over the border. the israelis are responding with live ammunition. this could erupt into a larger conflict in the reason.
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a story that could affect the bay area. a single tweet that was sent by elon musk . the company has lost one third of its value since last year. people are headed home from around the world, what did they think about their time in san francisco? we are going out and about to find out.
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tesla took another beating on the stock market today. elon musk may be forced out of the car country if the federal government it's its way. >> reporter: it would be a big move. tesla is injuring a crossroads. one direction it lives, the other way dies.
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he tweeted and said he had secured money to take tesla private. this greatly affected the stock price. they wanted to remove elon musk for two years. >> i think it says a lot about the ceos control of the board of directors at tesla. they have collectively between elon musk and the board have turned down a settlement . >> reporter: now the government wants musk out of tesla and all permanent -- companies permanently. >> the sec does not believe he had a deal to go private with saudi arabia because there was not a written agreement.
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he had a verbal agreement. that is how they do things in that part of the world. >> reporter: it has driven the stock from its all-time high of $262. production has approved as of late, they need more cash to build cars before it runs out of cash in the next few months. >> tesla does not have cash. they are turning -- paying off $1 billion in short-term debt. >> reporter: this will be hard with this lawsuit hanging over elon musk's head . they have yet to report a profit. they are nervous that tesla is now a financial risk. with so many executives resign -- resigning
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>> you have to have leadership to take it to the next level. they have not found that yet. >> reporter: that of course exposes the hard side of wall street. tesla has had a record quarter that still has two days to go. even at today's closing price tesla is still valued at $45 billion. that is $1 billion less than it was this morning. honda announced today that it is recalling 1.4 million cars for an ongoing issue with lethal airbag insulators. it plans to replace the front airbag insulators. they can overheat and explode. today, president ordered
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the fbi to open an investigation. he said it must be limited in scope and last no longer than one week. that follows the an stunning moved to demand an investigation. he is considered a swing vote on brett kavanaugh 's nomination. anthony kennedy announced his retirement back in june. today, he visited his hometown of sacramento. he met with a group of high school students. he did not publicly comment on the man that once served as his clerk. he did criticize the news of the day. >> they forget the past. there
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is an obsession with what is happening now. >> kennedy was a swing vote during his 30 years on the nation's highest court. tonight, thousands of people are flying home from san francisco. they were here as an effort to keep the streets clean. we went back today, to see if their views had changed. >> reporter: thousands of people are headed home with different many -- memories of san francisco. >> i love san francisco. >> i thought the city was lovely. >> despite the city's beauty it was hard not to notice the cities issues. >> so many families on the
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street, i do not see homeless children in chicago personally. it is sad. >> what are your first impressions of the city? >> it is called. i always wanted to visit san francisco. >> he tells me by text that he did not expect to see such a large homeless population. it was nasty having to dodge urine and other things on the street. i considered bringing my family here for vacation. after seeing everything, i cannot imagine bringing my kids here. >> you can get inoculated to it and you get used to it. this is not normal. >> local say that the income disparity is undeniable across the ba they feel the entire tech industry needs to address the root cause. >> there are 175 employees
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are pretty well off, then you see the disparity of this. they should not label. it is bad, it is very bad. how do we think more about solution oriented things and getting people out of their condition. >> good topic. how sexual president -- predators are trying to tempt minors. how the story of one player on the stanford football team is serving as an inspiration. distance relationship.
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more than two dozen men in new jersey were arrested in the a law enforcement staying. the suspects are accused of using videogames to solicit sects as -- -- sex -- it is a tool that the predators are using. i would say a good percentage of them are not who they say they are. >> the fbi recommends that parents monitor children closely.
5:41 pm
passengers at los angeles international airport are now allowed to carry marijuana. travelers can now carry small amounts, no more than one ounce through lax. it still remains a federal crime. the agents will not take the pot away, they will call police and let them deal with it " a new trial was ordered in the lawsuit on the led zeppelin's instrumental classic , stairway to heaven. spirit said led zeppelin copied the rift from one of their obscure songs. the court moved in favor of led zeppelin two years ago. that has been thrown out.
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coming up, how a story is serving as an inspiration for the community. a look at your bay area weekend and the possibility of a few sprinkles. i will have more on the area coming up. you could generate your own energy,
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at home. or to save energy, unplug unused appliances. do your thing, with energy upgrade california.
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a growing number of college students are going hungry or are
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poorly nourished but for a lack of money. we found out that more and more students are signing up for help in getting food. they simply cannot afford groceries. >> reporter: here at stanford, these students may be our future doctors and pharmacists, once they pay staggering cost there is little money left over to buy groceries. food stamps or cal fresh as it is now called, they have medical students. >> i have to pay for transportation, school etc. >> kaylee is receiving $192 per month to buy healthy groceries. that is the maximum allowed. >> i don't eat out, i have a
5:46 pm
budget that i can use. >> this is a federally funded program that offers a card to those who are qualified. the card can be used at those who take it. >> you have to make tough choices about what you're going to eat. that is not good long-term. students are able to invest in their health in the moment right now. >> california said the prompton -- prompted systemstatewideth t should because of a lack of money. uc berkeley has applied to expected to grow. >> having a huge stigma at the university, it is expensive in
5:47 pm
san francisco. >> the food bank is also helping to enroll students that need help. fall is in the air. rosemary orozco is here . not just cool temperatures, some rain this evening. >> there is a deep marine layer. the coolweekend. we may have patchy fog and sprinkles tomorrow morning. it could be a little bit damp. we have clear skies over santa cruz. it is a cool one out there and it is breezy as well. some of the winds that we have,
5:48 pm
17 miles from palo alto. you can see the flow coming in from the south and southwest. that will not change in the coming days. we will settle into this new pattern. 66 degrees in walnut creek. in the north bay, 66 in napa. into the south bay, upper 60s, mountain view as well as san jose. we will have upper 50s in oakland. 50 in concord. 57 expected in antioch. 71 expected in mid-70s and concord. 65 in oakland. 65 in san francisco. temperatures will range from 76 to san jose and close to the water in santa cruz, 69 degrees our -- is expected.
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here's a look of your extended forecast. we are calling for a bit of unsettled weather. it looks like saturday afternoon we will have a small chance for scattered showers for portions of the north bay. this is separate from the drizzle that we are expecting tomorrow morning. again, it is a little bit unsettled. as we go into sunday, we will have a mix of sun and clouds. by monday, things start to change once again. we have a second system that may bring us a better opportunity and a little widespread rain into tuesday. mostly cloudy on wednesday. all in all, temperatures are very mild. it is even cool inside the bay. s in one of the biggest games of the weekend. some inspiration for the team is coming from one of its own.
5:50 pm
ryan beecher was hitting his stride . he was hitting the field for the first time in his college career. >> i was feeling good and playing good. >> a cancer diagnosis, non- hodgkins lymphoma was not good. >> you hear the word like cancer and your mind jumps to conclusions. i have compared it to a blindside. >> when you hear news like that, the world stops. ryan is one of my closest friends. it was an earth shattering moment. it was a scary couple of days. when stanford came to san francisco for the alamo bowl, ryan stayed home. even though he was not there physically, he was certainly present. >> i was gearing up to watch the game. we were going to have a viewing party. >> my family has been really close to his family.
5:51 pm
my mom had cancer to go anytime my teammates reported it, i felt a lot of gratitude. >> man some of the guys on the team paid tribute, we put some numbers on our arms and next. >> we dedicated the game to you. >> when it happened, i pointed to the camera and made sure that everyone knew who it was four. >> the support poured in throughout that whole game. why is 43 on people's arms? >> everyone was taking about ryan. we wanted to make sure that wherever he was watching that he was missed. >> fast-forward four months, ryan completed his chemo and began to work out. >> i thought i would get a little jumpstart.
5:52 pm
>> he had the intention of joining the team in the summer. >> other guys were falling out of ranks and he was coming back. it was insane. >> i wanted to be here. i didn't think i was going to be here. god bless the doctors. it was right that his body responded to the treatment. and now, ryan beecher is so called back . he has beat his tough it opponent yet. >> the guys are very emotional about him. they should be. he was in a rough place a few months ago. it is awesome that he is running around and playing football. >> for the longest time, i did not know if it was going to
5:53 pm
happen again. i am incredibly lucky and grateful. i am going full speed and full effort. >> an incredible story. coming up next, looking at amazon. coming up at 6:00, the judge kavanaugh may have brought back some memories to victims. bars will not be open and tell 4 am in the morning, why
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it turns out that millennial's belief that 61 is the ideal age. according to a new report, experts recommend
5:56 pm
that millennial's double their contributions to iras if they plan to retire early. the average millennial is conserving 7.5%. still, that does not mean that they cannot retire early. >> don't do car loans. don't do car loans. don't do credit cards. don't surrender your money to other people. >> many older americans are choosing to put off retirement for later. amazon has opened a brick and mortar store in new york city. we have more on what the online retailer is selling. >> reporter: i am here in amazon's new four-star store. it is exactly what it sounds
5:57 pm
like. every item that is found here has a rating of 4.4 stars or better from amazon's online community. the wizard and wonders has its own category. hear something from the incredible's. there is one price for walk off the street customers and here is the second price if you are an amazon prime member, 25% off. everything has at least one review posted. this review -- this store is the first of its kind. all of the categories are arranged by ages. you can see toys, miniatures all the way to housewares and homers.
5:58 pm
you can see all of the space that has been dedicated to the i robot. you have different reviews scrolling by. you can read right here in the store what a lot of online customers have already set. if you are a star ways -- star wars fan, you can get your darth vader mask just in time for halloween. they have gone from an island -- online presence to a brick and mortar presence. the fact that amazon chose this , not far from apple's first store, people said the same thing about apple, why would a tech tour want to have a physical store? we can tell you from the
5:59 pm
shoppers here, people still like to pick up things. they like to look at them and touch them. as far as amazon stocks, it seems to be rewarding its investors. year to date, amazon stock is up 73%. -- 7.3%. in new york. ktvu fox 2 news at six starts now. with a last-minute demand from jeff flake. >> i think it would be proper to delay the floor vote for up to but not more than one week in order to let the fbi continue to do an investigation. >> it has been another day of high stakes political
6:00 pm
happenings in washington. >> the investigation must be limited in scope and be completed in less than one week. we're going to washington dc. >> reporter: good evening to you, you just played the soundbite from senator flake where he said it would be good to delay the floor vote in order to have an fbi investigation. that was one of his conditions. all republicans voted in favor and 10 democrats were opposed. senator flake was one of them that voted in favor on the condition that there would be an fbi investigation. >> this country


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