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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 9am  FOX  October 17, 2018 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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francisco taxi medallion system. according to the chronicle, the mta approved the reforms for the government issued medallion permits. they can be sold to drivers outside of san francisco. a proposal to restrict was rejected. this is helping drivers that lost businesses to ridesharing services. a big day for canada as it becomes the largest country to legalize the sale of a recreational marijuana. the mega millions jackpot rises again, inching towards $1 billion after nobody hit all six winning numbers. disney on ice is skating back to the bay area. we will speak with a local member of the cast with everything that the new show has to offer. welcome to the 9. the bay area weather is a little bit cloudy along the coast. it will be sunny and nice. on october 17, i want to show you the video. people are talking about it. this is a robotic dog. doing its thing.
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believe it or not, it seems funny to you but uc berkeley debuted this. this was debuted at uc berkeley, the dog from boston mechanics. they are going to use it to do some serious things. it will be used for business applications such as inspecting construction sites. you will be able to eventually order one. >> we do not have a dog. >> why would i order that? what's in it for me? >> is a for entertainment purposes? i could see that. i would order that my children would get a kick out of it. >> it depends on how expensive it is. >> if it is 30 bucks. >> add a few more zeros. i want to mention that it took us by surprise, marking an achievement. we grew up with big bird and oscar the grouch. we start with news that the man
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behind the bird and oscar the grouch is retiring. carol spinney. big bird and oscar the grouch are not going away but this marks a moment in time for carol spinney that is now 84 years old. there he is in the center with the white hair, the glasses and the beard. he joined sesame street when it debuted in 1969. since then he has been the heart and the soul of two of the most beloved iconic characters in television history. carol spinney has appeared on an estimated 4500 sesame street episodes and he has they smack he told the new york times that in recent years, the physical demands of his performances have become more difficult it he says that playing big bird has been one of the most joyous things of his life. just so you know, there is a documentary called i am big bird. carol spinney has had one hand up here and i will do this, working at the mouth and then his other hand is here. he works one arm and that is
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attached by an invisible string to the other. that is why you can see both arms the movie while one hand is here incredible, physical work. i never watched sesame street growing up. i know the characters. no matter what you do in life, if you do five decades of the same gig and you do it great, you have to --'s but it is sad that he is retiring. he had a good run. he had a very good ride and the character continues. thank you and congratulations. we are learning about the san francisco newest millionaire. wait until you hear this. as we reported last hour of an employee badge to the numbers in the mega millions drawing. ktvu allie rasmus is live at the store in the marina district and she learned about the work this is a pretty cool story. >> reporter: the worker came to work early this morning and he had not realized that he had a
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winning ticket. he gets to take home a $1.9 million prize because he did not get the jackpot but he matched five out of the six winning numbers. it is a bakery employee at the safeway. this is where he bought his mega millions ticket. he wanted to maintain his anonymity. we did not speak to him but we spoke to the store manager. she describes what it was like when she found out that one of her employees had won this partial winning mega millions ticket. she says that he did not realize it until some of his other coworkers told him to take a closer look at the ticket. apparently a lot of safeway employees bought the mega millions ticket over the past couple of days. everybody was checking to see if they had the winning number. at this bakery employee, he realized that he had the winning ticket. here is how the store manager describes his reaction. >> he was completely nervous. he was in shock. all of the employees came to the customer service and they congregated and took pictures of him. we took the wonderful group photograph. i took him to the back room and
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gave him some advice on what he should do and we escorted him out. >> he is hopefully on his way to the district office to claim his $1.9 million prize. nobody won the mega millions jackpot but that means that the grand prize is growing. it is growing by the minute. earlier this morning it was $868 million and for the next trying, friday, but last time i went into the safeway to check, it looks like it has gone up to $900 million. it will likely be the second largest lotto prize in u.s. history. $1.9 million is a pretty nice amount of cash to take home for the safeway employee. he worked in the bakery for the past two years and came to work like any other day and left early, realizing that he had been a partial winner of the ticket. >> a baker from san francisco. what do you think he does? does
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he continue to work? opens up his own shop? make that would be great to me, i do not know. after taxes is it is more like $1 million, retiring money? >> somewhere in the bay area. >> invest the rest. put the down payment on the house anyway pixma congratulations. i wonder if they buy more lottery tickets. >> he has got money to buy. >> we are following another developing story out of san francisco where the police are investigating a shooting involving a u.s. park police officer at the aquatic park. ktvu sarah is live at the scene where she spoke with people in the area. >> reporter: there are a lot of people around and some people are writing and summer fishing. it is a popular area around the municipal pier. we spoke to a woman that said that she was here last night and she explains the commotion that she heard.
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>> i saw the cop cars coming and i was in my car. they went by so i was wondering what was going on. >> reporter: the san francisco police department said that the call came in for shots fired at around 930 and according to the department, a u.s. park police officer was involved in two other people, one seriously injured and taken to the hospital. another person was detained by police. we do not know what led up to the shooting but we know that they are investigating to get answers. the scene cleared around 5:30 am after they removed the cars. it was a u.s. patrol vehicle. we are looking to get more information.
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the sfpd is investigating along with the district attorney office. stick with us for more on the developing story. san francisco, ktvu. at the white house, president trump requested the audio and video that the turkish officials have said that they have proving that the journalist jamal khashoggi was killed at the saudi consulate in istanbul. as reported from washington, secretary of state mike pompeo is on his way back to the usa after meeting with he and turkish officials about the journalist disappearance. >> reporter: mike pompeo is returning from saudi arabia and turkey, working to find out what happened to the columnist. >> he made clear that the saudis had cooperated with the investigation that the turks are engaged in and that they are going to share information that they learned with the saudis as well. >> reporter: it is reasonable to give them space to investigate.
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>> i stress the importance of them conducting a complete investigation. into the disappearance of jamal khashoggi. they made a commitment that they would do it and it would be thorough, complete and transportation judgment and complete. >> reporter: he was last seen entering the saudi consulate in turkey over two weeks ago. the administration offered no details on what it would do. the family says that they want an independent international investigation. the pro-government turkish newspaper says the investigation indicates the saudi writer was beaten and drugged and killed. turkish police are preparing to search is -- democrats and republicans are calling for consequences. this is important but we have to hold allies and partners to standards that for now appear that they were not met. growing pressure on steve mnuchin to cancel his trip to a saudi investment conference. the treasury secretary will make his decision by the end of
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the week. at the state department, ktvu fox 2 news. political candidate in afghanistan was killed by a bomb planted under his chair. before the elections this coming weekend. the man that was killed was running for a parliamentary seat. three other people were killed the taliban which is boycotting the elections claim responsibility for the attack. the man killed today is the 10th candidate killed in the past two months. the taliban has threatened to attack polling places. the elections have been delayed for more than four years due to security concerns. pg&e says the power is on to everybody. the power was turned off on sunday because of high fire danger. they cut the power to 17,000 customers in the north bay on sunday night. most of them are in the north
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bay and napa county. this is the first time that they proactively turned off electricity as a precaution to prevent wildfires. the people affected say that they support the action but some northbay lawmakers say that pg&e needs to do better at communicating with the public the next time. >> i was grateful that they turn the power off. i could rest easier. i thought that was a good reason. i think it is -- it saved us. >> pg&e has to do better. >> reporter: and they say that the preemptive power outages are the new normal and they will do it when the weather conditions create extreme risk of wildfires. the golden state warriors won last night against the oklahoma city thunder. they played without the all- star russell westbrook. they were able to keep the game close. both teams exchanged buckets in the end. the warriors won 108-100 and steph curry had a very close to a triple-double. the warriors raised a banner into the rafters at
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oracle arena. paul chambers has more on the celebration and a look at the team's last season in oakland. trauma they celebrated the nba champions, the golden state warriors. it means a lot, the last game, at the ceremony. >> reporter: for the third time in four years, they took part in the championship ring ceremony. the fans were going wild as the favorite players were awarded the supersize rings. it was a joyous occasion and not everybody is happy. it is the end of the era. the last time. >> i have been coming here since i was a kid. try monday have called the town home. next year steph curry and crew will go across the bay to san francisco. >> the simple fact that they have taken so long, 40 years of
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bad streaks and finally to get good and then to get ready to go. >> very emotional. we have been coming here since we were little. it is going to be challenging to go over there and watch the games. i am bummed that we are losing the raiders and all we have is the oakland a's. we need money back into oakland. >> reporter: not all of the fans are upset. those on the other side say that it will be nice to have the team closer to home. all agree that no matter where they play, nothing will be the sounds of the crowd at the oracle stadium. we have been here for seven years. this is been our life. i'm excited to hear -- see the new arena. it is not going to be oracle. it will be home 2.0. let's give you a look at the warriors championship ring that has a reversible face so you can flip it from a white diamond top over to a blue sapphire. there are 73 diamonds and sapphires to represent the wins
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including the playoffs. we see the warriors slogan strength in numbers. the designer said most of the players on the championship team describe what they wanted to see in the third championship ring in four years. >> that is a smooth ring. smith i can see him rolling around with that.'s meant wearing it but i do not know if everybody does that. i am glad that you translated wearing it. this is how i present myself in my daily life. i agree with some of the fans that they should be playing this season for everyone in oakland. this is the last year so every night that they take the court they should be thinking about that as they look forward to the third championship in a row. the museum of high school encouraging people to have their voices heard in the midterm elections. how it is helping people to register to vote and what you will get for free if you do
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take a look at money. the dow jones industrials slept a couple hundred points. now it is back to only down about 12 points, down less than 1% and the other blue chip stocks, broader markets, down. the nasdaq is down a little bit and s&p 500 is up and netflix stocks is up 5%. new information about melania trump's airplane that was forced to return to joint base andrews. according to the press pool, reporter saw smoke and smelled something burning. reporters were brought wet towels and told to hold them over their faces if the smell became too strong. the airplane landed safely. she is okay and everyone else's fiber a crew member told the fox producer that it is from a communicative box that overheated. she was going to philadelphia to talk about opioids. the trip is being reevaluated. dianne feinstein and kevin
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daley on will go head to head for the one and only time on election day and there is a debate about if this should be called a debate. they will appear together today at an event in san francisco and david dishman the candidates will answer questions from a moderator but they are not allowed to address each other and only the moderator. we will carry the discussion on ktvu plus starting at noon. the event will be at the public policy institute in california. the museum of ice cream in san francisco is holding an event this afternoon designed to get people to register to vote. mayor london breed will speak at the event today at 4:00. tomorrow through monday, the museum of ice cream will give a free ice cream scoop or to the first 1000 people who register to vote at the shop.
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libby schaaf says a report indicates her decision to warn residents about an impending i.c.e. rate. they obtain records that show half of the 111 undocumented immigrants picked up in february had no criminal convictions. only half of those arrested had been convicted of a serious crime. at the time, the donald trump administration lashed out, accusing her of helping hardened criminals. they responded to the report. >> the facts that are shown in these public records are in stark contrast to the racist and fear mongering rhetoric that the head of the i.c.e. agency and the president himself have used to talk about immigration enforcement in this country. >> the mayor says that president trump has been using them to get more support -- the
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former california congresswoman is out as the interim president of the usa gymnastics after only five days on the job. she sat down amid criticism after a tweet that she sent about colin kaepernick and nike and she used a black marker to cover up the nike logo to show displeasure with the company advertising campaign featuring the quarterback nike sponsors usa gymnastics. she served 15 years in the house and is the widow of sonny bono. simone biles questioned the appointment at the time. she tweeted, don't worry, it is not like we needed a smarter usa gymnastics president or any sponsors or anything. usa gymnastics is still struggling to recover from the larry nassar scandal and dishman or than 200 athletes say that they were sexually abuse but before she took the job, kerry perry resigned after nine months on the job and among her decisions was hiring a coach that initially defended larry nassar. coming up on mornings,
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canada's largest country to legalize marijuana nationwide. up next, the effort underway to change the opinion of marijuana and why officials hope that it will decrease crime.
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canada is the largest country to allow recreational marijuana. adults can buy it, put dishman possess it and grow it. make all the years of activism paid off. it is legal in canada. tread my neighbors in the north are lighting up legally. sales kicked off at midnight in canada. it is the largest country to legalize pot nationwide. officials have high hopes that it will keep pot out of the hands of underage users and reduce crime. >> we are taking an evolutionary process that will evolve over the next couple of years.
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>> reporter: for advocates, this is a culmination of a battle. there was a party like atmosphere at stores as the law went into effect. the first person to make a purchase called himself a marijuana connoisseur. he says he is trying to contribute to a cultural shift. >> to be a part of history and to see the end of social stigma that surrounds cannabis users. >> reporter: the question is if pot sales will push him into considering legalization. some border states like maine and washington already have legal pot sales. others, especially big population states like new york may feel the pressure to change laws, especially when folks can drive across the border to make a purchase. >> if canada is doing this, how come we are not? >> reporter: canadians can purchase marijuana online and have it delivered to their front door. montrial ktvu fox 2 news.
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a story that we reported about a southbay doctor accused of illegally providing people with powerful drugs. the online profile describes him as a pain management specialist. he is charged with seven felonies including six counts of illegally distributed opioid and one count of healthcare fraud. prosecutors say the between november and march he distributed hydrocodone, a half- dozen times, for, quote, knowing and attending that the distribution was outside the scope of professional practice and not for a legitimate medical purpose. these allegations come as a shock to those that work in the same medical office complex as the doctor. >> we did not know what was going on because it was next- door. spoke with a witness says that law enforcement searched the offices and they seized medication. if convicted he faces 20 years
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in prison and one million- dollar fine for each of the six drug charges and additional 10 years in prison for the insurance fraud count. deadly bacteria threatening the california sea lion population. it is made up more than the 220 sea lions said. the marine mammal center is rescuing them up and down the coast and they say that the bacteria attacks kidneys and can kill them. rescuers see them operating every four or five years but they're not sure why. >> this year has been the second largest operation that we have recorded. we do not see an end to the site. we are rescuing about six a day at this point. >> they say that not all sea lions get sick from the bacteria but the center says that those that do, about two thirds of them will die, despite being treated with antibiotics. marking a major moment of social activism in the world of
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sports. the event happening right now at the san jose stated to mark 50 years since tommy smith and john carlos gave a black power salute at the olympics. at dunkin' donuts expanded its reach. a look at the long lines for the mornings opening of the next-generation store, ready for business in san carlos. mechanic: midas has all the top brands of tires. king: yes! indeed. take these michelin tires for example... king: or these goodyear tires over here! now at midas, get up to $200 off select goodyear and cooper tires with the midas credit card. request your appointment today. at ikea, we believe that everything you need should be within reach.
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welcome back. a beautiful, sunny day, a nice day in the bay area but a different story in the sierra ski resorts are looking at the upcoming ski season. snowmaking machines got turned on for the first time this fall as well valley yesterday. the temperatures. they are making sure that the snowmaking machines are ready for winter but opening day at squaw valley is one month away, schedules for november 16. i saw him mark tamayo when i
9:30 am
was skiing and he was snowboarding, shredding it. as the young ones do. but i think that we went into the powder slopes. >> it was a good day so that was the real storm that produces that there is a foundation to add the snowpack on. exciting times. they can essentially transform and we will watch out that for that and look at their current numbers around tahoe right now, 34 in south lake tahoe, truckee, 32, and incline village, 43 it was a chilly start and a nice afternoon shaping up this week. we are tracking scattered low clouds and fog around the bay. we could have patchy fog hanging on co-side. the beaches are mid 60s around the bay. 75, 76 degrees with inland
9:31 am
neighborhoods around 82, 83. the satellite shows you the storm in the pacific. there is no rainfall for us yet. we have to keep an eye next week to see if things will develop. we cannot pinpoint anything. right now we are talking about low clouds hanging out on the coastline. there are patches right around the bay with the clouds beginning to last. the temperatures are beginning to warm up this morning. we have santa rosa at 49, san francisco, 45, not in view, 57 and san jose in the upper 50s. we have a northwest swell on the way. if you're going to the coast, be extra careful. the waves will be building. today we are setting the stage, picking tomorrow and the waves could be around 12 feet coming down into friday. that will increase the rip current activity and it will
9:32 am
introduce the possibility of some sneaker waves where it could be relatively calm and a set wave comes in and that could create hazardous conditions instantly. the forecast model shows you that there is patchy fog hanging out coast side, partly sunny around the bay with temperatures in the, 80s towards concord and antioch, braidwood, san francisco, 68, and san jose, 79, gilmore, 84, cruising towards the weekend. not much change with temperatures up a few degrees by friday. that trim -- transitions to mid 80s and the coast is in the mid and upper 60s. for this october typically we are talking about a quiet weather pattern and that will be the case if we go towards the weekend. the arraignment this morning for alameda county sheriff's deputy accused of secretly recording private conversations. james russell is charged with four counts of eavesdropping. he admitted to secretly recording four juveniles at a sheriff substation. the criminal case against the
9:33 am
four suspects was dropped and all cases involving children between july and august are being investigated. the case against a man accused of killing a young woman at the oakland macarthur bart station is going to trial. the grand jury in alameda county indicted john lee called for the stabbing death of mia wilson. the indictment means that there will be no preliminary hearing. the case will go to trial. persecutor say that cowell killed the 18-year-old and critically injured her sister in an unprovoked attack. he is accused of lying in wait which could make him eligible for the death penalty. it was about efficiency, particularly for the family. they asked that we try to proceed as efficiently as possible so that they can have their day in court. >> the public defender says that his client is mentally ill and was released from the state hospital. 75 days before the attack. they say it should not be a death penalty case. let's go to dave park. some of the top stories
9:34 am
that we are following. a week after -- 26 people have died from that store. vice president mike pence arrived in georgia yesterday. he toured some of the storm damage left by hurricane michael. he visited the pecan plantation to see the damage. experts say that even if new trees were planted today, it would take about 20 years for them to start producing a crop that was usable. the city of berkeley is taking action to improve safety around san pablo park. the area in south berkeley has been hit with recent violence including a shooting back in august. three people were wounded. berkeley's mayor held a hearing last night on what the city can and should do to improve safety. berkeley will now install surveillance cameras in the park as part of the anticrime
9:35 am
campaign. other measures include increased police patrols and also encouraging more families to use that part. a child from florida died from the flu virus. the first child the death related to the flu this season. the florida health department is not identifying the victim or where they live or their age. the child was in good health until catching the flu. the death occurred about two weeks ago. doctors are worried and concerned for several reasons, including that the child died from flu b, a less common strain every year. bay area doctors are urging people to get the flu shot, especially high risk people like children, the elderly, people with chronic health problems. babies, six months or younger, are too young to get the shot. doctors say that flu shots reduce your chance of getting the flu as well as how severe the flu is. the cdc reports more than 80,000 americans died of the flu in the winter of 2017 and 2018. you can go to the web links section of the ktvu to find out if a flu vaccination clinic is
9:36 am
near you. that is a look at some of the top stories that we are working on . from the family of a man that died after being tased -- he was mentally ill. the attorney says that there is no justification for the deadly confrontation earlier this month. >> if what he was doing was walking in and out of traffic, that is not a death warrant. time of the civil rights attorney join the family and demanding transparency and answers. the nigerian born man died after being tased by san mateo county sheriff's deputies. >> it does not appear to be a justification for the use of the taser's and the manner in which it was done. we think that the least that we can have as a family is closure as to how he died. >> reporter: they spoke after a memorial for him in san francisco were they honored at the graduate and father who
9:37 am
they say had a mental break on october 3. authorities say that is when he was running in and out of traffic on el commute real they say that he immediately attacked a deputy after he got out of the patrol car. the deputy called for backup and he was tased and taken into custody. but he lost consciousness and he died at the hospital. >> you have a 37-year-old man, apparently physically healthy, have contact with the police, they tased him and they do whatever they did and he winds up dead. trauma the cause of his death has not been determined pending toxicology tests. he says that all law enforcement should stop using tasers. until it has been determined that if all officers had been properly trained or they can be used in any event in a way that is not street justice. >> what was taken from us is irretrievable. we will never get him at back so we are begging for the opportunity to be able to not have him murdered again by not knowing what happened to our brother. >> reporter: four sheriff
9:38 am
deputies and a sergeant are on paid administrative leave. a sheriff spokeswoman and district attorney say that investigations are ongoing and that it's too early to draw any conclusions about the deputy's actions but the family is asking for all videos of the incident. henry lee, ktvu fox 2 news. some of the oakland zoo has no plans to raise the railing and the tiger attraction. the zoo is warning the public about following safety guidelines after cell phone video captured a man climbing over a protective barrier to get something on the outside of the tiger enclosure. the tiger approach the fence when the man started to climb down. ktvu spoke to the woman that recorded the video. >> nobody expected that. little kids are there and they don't know. they can hop the fence and think that everything is fine and nothing is going to happen to them. because somebody else did it. >> the railing is 42 inches
9:39 am
high and meant to keep people from the second barrier fence that is 5 feet away. there were four female tigers in the enclosure. disease says that if they had caught the person that climbed down the fence, he would have been kicked out of the zoo. you may remember that the san francisco zoo made changes to its tiger grotto after an attack in 2007. the siberian tiger escaped from the cage, killing a visitor and seriously wounding two brothers. the zoo raised the concrete wall around the enclosure to 19 feet and added plexiglas to the top of the wall along with electrified wiring and surveillance cameras. the changes were made to fortify the line exhibit. select the south bay, happening now, two track stars and u.s. olympians are speaking about social activism in sports on campus. this was 50 years ago today that sprinters john carlos and tommy smith raised their fist in a black power salute on the podium at the 1968 olympic games in mexico city. they did it to draw attention to the plight of minority and
9:40 am
economically disenfranchised people around the world. today's town hall discussion, they are honoring their stand and the impact of athlete activism. >> sport was never really meant to tear us apart. a sport is one of those things that really has been a touch tone, particularly the athlete activism. i think that we can turn that conversation around and the thing that caused us to separate a little bit because of that in sports -- i think that done properly, that can bring us back together again. >> john carlos and tommy smith paid a high price for the protest. they were stripped of the gold medal and bronze medal in the 100 meter dash. sonoma state university is opening an art exhibit featuring photography, paintings and video that explore the aftermath of the northbay wildfires. it was created by people in the community including first responders that were affected by the fires last october.
9:41 am
exhibit is called reflections after the fire. the art is on display at the sonoma state library. there will be an opening reception at 4 pm. a report this morning -- the bay area is having the roughest roads in the country. san francisco and oakland have the worst roads. the nonprofit transportation group released a survey. factored in pavement, funding and economic development. they rated 71% of roads. 64% in san jose were poor. they say that poor condition such as potholes and bumpy roads cause excessive wear and tear on cars in san francisco drivers on average pay more than $1000 in car repairs and i was talking to you about this. i had a car that was lowered to the ground. i think it made me get an suv. the suv rides higher and it is able to withstand potholes. select the jolts make you cringe. >> i got four new tires yesterday.
9:42 am
spanky went for a. i went for it. >> are you riding smith prince very smooth ride to work. dunkin' donuts opened its newest store this morning. on el commute real in san carlos. people lined up before the doors open at 5 am. the location is been called the next-generation concept store. the company says it features a new design with a modern atmosphere. it will also include a system for cold drinks and self- service digital kiosks. a young boy's dream comes true when he shows up on stage to play guitar. how the story it's better. >> mike disney on ice, skating back into oakland and san jose, celebrating 100 years of magic. we will talk with one of the performers who is from the bay area. sfx: tinny headphone music
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get covered today.
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a dramatic night on fox with episodes of empire and star. make taking a look at why things will not be coming down anytime soon. >> i am the father. if somebody is going to risk their life for this family, it is going to be made determine a lot going on wednesday night on fox and most of it will shock, surprise and bewilder fans of empire and star. drew devoursney plays a pregnant star davis and his expecting in real life this november. many questions will be answered. >> we will find out that star, who last saw on the solo tour and sad about it, has come back and she has big news. she is expecting. we will find out how that all unfolds.
9:46 am
sprinkle you think you have been working too hard? >> reporter: continuing to sing, dance and work long hours on the set. >> i have been good. i have felt good and i'm still dancing and doing the choreography and keeping up. hopefully i can do that for my next couple of episodes. >> the lions are broken that is not rumors. >> reporter: on empire, a glimmer of hope after the lions lost everything, including the record company. the start plays the middle son and says that his parents are taking it hard. >> i feel responsible. >> the person that takes it the hardest is lucius. she spent 17 years in jail. she can lose that. she has had that for four seasons. >> reporter: fox news. you can check -- catch the drama right on ktvu starting at 8 pm with empire and followed by a new upper -- episode of
9:47 am
star and stay tuned for the 10 and 11:00 news. disney on ice is celebrating 100 years of magic. you can catch moments from all of your favorites including frozen, finding nemo, aladdin and beauty and the beast. one of the performers is the bay area own david who is playing the prince from princess and the frog and david is kind enough to join us this morning. welcome. one of the things that got me because i lived in daly city for a bit is that you lived in daly city. you are local. i went to school in pacifica and i lived in san lorenzo and san leandro. becky went to a royal high school. you are a local boy. do people that know you from growing up come to the shows? wreck yet. hopefully they will pick i invite everyone from the bay area to come as it is such a wonderful show. it is called disney on ice celebrates 100 years of magic we are here celebrating the legacy of disney.
9:48 am
you have 14 different stories and over 50 different characters on the ice at the same time. so many different songs that you get to sing along so it is really special. >> i have to say that i am impressed. you are a relatively man -- relatively young man skating for that show. >> i started skating at the age of 12 which is a little bit late for ice-skating. some people start at four, three, and when they start walking they start skating. i started skating in san francisco at the ice center. i fell in love with it. after a little bit i did not realize i was going to the olympics but that was not necessarily my goal. i found out about the world of the show skating which gets to take you everywhere. i have been to over 30 different countries with the show. it has been amazing. >> you mentioned the olympics that i was going to mention that. talk about that and anything unexpected with that experience
9:49 am
as a young man. >> yeah. i think that there is always the expectation that you have to be great at something like olympic level. that was not my reality. i do not think that when you go into a sport that it needs to be your reality. you need to do your best and see where it takes you and this is taken me to an amazing place that has been disney on ice and, like i said, all over the world and now i could to share it with my close friends and family in the bay area. so please come and watch the show. we will be in oakland starting friday until sunday and we will be in san jose from wednesday until sunday of next week. wreck we will put it on the screen in a little bit. i wanted to ask you about skating. when you got into skating, did you ever feel that it was very competitive? did you ever feel like these people are pushing me too hard? we have heard stories like that. you hear stories all the time and i think it comes from people pushing their dreams onto the kids and stuff like that. skating actually gave me kind
9:50 am
of a safe haven and for me it was a special place where i can go and tune out everything else that was going on in my life and i was very lucky to have such wonderful people as i was growing up. to take me and help me through whatever i was going through and skating taught me so much persistence and dedication and skating is so hard because it really knocks you down at an emotional and mental level but it builds you have because you do these amazing skills that not everybody gets to do. it is a lot of training. it is really hard. it is really worth it. >> congratulations. i am so happy that you are skating in front of the hometown crowd. we put ticket information on you can look for it under the web links section and you can find it on our mobile app. thank you. >> thank you. >> we will be right back with more mornings on 2 after this.
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prince harry and meghan markle are not -- in australia unveiling the new aircraft. the event was upstaged when the prince and duchess were greeted by a group of schoolchildren. a little boy was five-year-old with special needs and he stole the limelight. he hugged the prince and his beer. he has an infatuation with beards and santa claus and he
9:54 am
goes on to hug meghan markle. they are so cute and they travel to melbourne. >> you might not be aware but this is national pizza month. a new ranking of the top 10 pizza cities in the usa put san francisco among the top five. tripadvisor says it rated the cities based on the quality and quantity of reviews. new york came in at number one, no surprise for all of west chicago and las vegas, and san francisco was four followed by orlando. san francisco's pop-up candy utopia museum is extending its stay after three successful months of drawing crowds. it will stay open throughout the christmas holiday season until january 6. the market street museum celebrates everything candy with interactive experiences including marshmallow. tickets go on sale. you have to buy your tickets in advance. they are expected to sell out
9:55 am
quickly. a young boy's rock 'n roll dreams came through when he was pulled onstage to play guitar with the foo fighters. that was not even the best part. reporter shows us that the special gift that he received. >> reporter: it has been less than 24 hours since the 10-year- old became an internet sensation. he is still playing the guitar. >> it would be awesome if i could take guitar school but i think that i would get in trouble. >> i know a lot of metallica songs. >> reporter: he led a fifth grader play guitar with the foo fighters on the center stage. >> i see him coming over to the set and i started doing this and he is like what? i said that i can play the guitar. he says you can play the guitar? he says get up here. >> reporter: he rose to the occasion and brought the house
9:56 am
down. would you expect anything less from a kid named after johnny cash? >> metallica knows who i am and the foo fighters know who i am and he gave me a guitar and i think my bucket list is done. >> reporter: as for the mother. >> you cannot top a moment like that as a parent i think that any parent when they have a prop -- when you have a proud moment with your kid. >> reporter: she is overwhelmed. >> it is a good civic they are really nice., one of her idols gave her son at the best experience of his life. >> the foo fighters -- a seven- year-old on the guitar. the only problem is that i am 10 and not seven. >> supercool. very lucky. glad that he did it. he is good. >> let's talk halloween. a man in central ohio loves to scare people around halloween. a person to get a little bit too seriously. they set up an elaborate display of the ultralight airplane on its side.
9:57 am
the fake crash looked so real that one passerby called 911. they plan to add a witch on a broom so it looks like it ran into her. >> that is in poor taste. do you want that next to you? do you want that if your neighbor does that? but maybe not but for a couple of weeks. >> children will see it. it is tasteless. thank you for joining us. we will be back at noon with more news of the day. have a fabulous wednesday. enjoy the sun out there. be tasteful in your halloween displays.
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