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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 6pm  FOX  October 31, 2018 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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francisco giants great willie mccovey died this afternoon. he was 80 years old. >> want to show you a live picture of san francisco. this is willie mccovey's statue along the waterfront right next to the mccovey cove and at&t park. mccovey played his games at candlestick and will be remembered as one of the greatest giants players of all time. >> he was known as mac and stretch. tonight the bay area and the baseball world are mourning the death of hall of famer, the great number 44, willie mccovey. good evening. i'm julie haener. >> i'm frank somerville. there's no immediate word on the cause of death. but he died at stanford hospital. the san francisco giants announced the news in a tweet saying: >> joining us now is sports director mark ibanez. the name willie mccovey really synonymous with the san
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francisco giants. >> yeah. anyone who grew up here in the bay area and followed the giants baseball couldn't help but remember that intimidating figure in the left hand side of the batters box and as you mentioned, julie, number 44 on his back just loomed so huge. he is a hall of famer and known for his great exploits on the field. in recent years you could see him at giants games and in functions. he had the restaurant out in walnut creek. >> yeah. walnut creek. >> mccovey. mccovey's. and some great shots of him. and as you mentioned too hampered by the knee injuries for much of his post-baseball life. and that was the sad thing for me to see because he was such an agile athlete. people forget how fast he was and how agile he was at first base and there's willie some of the early scenes. i think that scene shot at steel stadium and what a way to break into the majors.
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there's the headline, four for four in the first game he ever played in the major leagues in 1959. he went on to win the rookie of the year award. and always greeted with you a smile. a soft voice and hello and great baseball stories. and he just lit up candlestick park with, you know, remembrance. there had been no major league baseball team west of the rockies until the dodgers moved to l.a. from brooklyn and the giants came out here. this is a great moment in giants history right here. world series, there were runners at second and third, two out in the bottom of the 9th. bobby richardson makes that catch. >> oh, yeah, yeah. >> searing line drive. had that ball gone past richardson, the giants would have won the world series in 1962. i mean, think of that. bottom of the 9th, runners at second and third, willie mays was on second. he would have scored easily. and, um, you know, that was one of the few heartbreaking moments in his baseball career. because most of it was spent, you know, in hall of fame
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style hitting the ball over the wall. >> you have interviewed him a lot of times. >> yeah. >> if you had to describe him, what stands out to you? >> just his soft-spoken easy- going nature. but really, the essence of him was his passion for baseball. as jon miller, who joined us just a few minutes ago, said, it was such an effort in latter years for him to go out to the ballpark because he was basically immobile. and he would still make it to every giants home game. i saw him in spring training in march. he still liked to talk about baseball even though he was in a wheelchair and not able to get around. and he still liked talking about the game. but more than that, he liked to be at the ballpark. he liked how he felt when he was there even though as everybody mentioned it, it took great effort.
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>> people loved to see him there. >> absolutely. >> he was a role model. >> hall of fame player and man. >> mark, thank you. there is a statue as you know honoring mccovey outside at&t park beyond the outfield fence and it's across the water affectionately named mccovey cove. that's where ktvu's christien kafton decided to go when we learned the news that willie mccovey had died and he is there now. >> reporter: yeah, guys. what can you say about big mac? you know, um, fans already starting to show up here to the willie mccovey statue. chad joining us right now. and, you know, you had asked me what my favorite willie mccovey moment was but i'm going to turn that around on you. they didn't call him the most dangerous hi ter in baseball for nothing. >> i remember the way the crowd felt, anticipating him coming up especially in big moments. it's like when you grow up and
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you listen and watch the game, you kind of gravitate towards the people that mean something, the people that kind of take the breath out of the crowd, you know, when they come up to bat. that's how i think of willie mccovey. that's how i think of willie mccovey. >> reporter: absolutely. and kept giving after he retired. he was such a fixture here at the ballgame and part of the san francisco giants 19 seasons on the team but way more time than that spent with the giants. >> i mean, look at his legacy, right? we're looking at it right now. not only that, i mean, the willie mac award. humanitarian that he was. humanitarian that he -- you know, he continued in his legacy. it's something that i always enjoyed willie mccovey and always make it for willie mac day for the simple fact to see him and to -- he has done so much for so many. but man, was he a ballplayer or what? he was the epitome of that
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left-handed first baseman slugger. one of the most feared guys in baseball and in the hall of fame. >> well deserved. chad, thank you for joining us. >> thanks for having me. i really appreciate it. >> reporter: chad just one of the fans. we have seen a number of people down here already. if you look, you can see at&t ballpark staff here clearly sending people over getting ready for the possibility there could be more people here. as a matter of fact, we turn around, we are going to do a big turn here, martin. if we turn around, you can see a couple of san francisco police officers here on scene anticipating this is one of the people will come to, to remember willie mccovey. frank, i heard you talking about it a moment ago that up on the scoreboard, you can't really city from our position, but i believe we have some video of the big number 44. seaso they are mourning the loss here of willie mccovey. we are anticipating more
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people showing up throughout the evening to pay their respects. >> also with the flags at half- staff tonight. christian, thank you. the giants ceo larry baer said: >> san francisco and the bay area community lost a true gentleman and legend and our hearts are broken. he was a beloved figure in his playing days and in retirement he will be deeply missed by the many people he touched. and stay with ktvu for continuing coverage. we'll be talking to fans and others about the passing of willie mccovey. and, of course, we'll keep you posted when we find out more about funeral arrangements and other remembrances. tonight is halloween and kids all around the bay area are getting dressed up to go out trick or treating. this is a live look here at park avenue in alameda. oh. look at the little ones. doesn't that bring back memories when our kids were small?
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>> yes. >> police are asking drivers to be careful for little ones crossing the street in their costumes. >> that's so important. in san francisco, some grownup ghosts and goblins are expected to head to the castro district tonight to enjoy the evening. and show off their costumes. in years past the castro hosted ever larger crowds. the city scaled back that celebration after several violent episodes. even though the party is now unofficial, people do still turn out and police will be on hand, as well. >> there's going to be an increased patrol in the area additional uniformed police in the castro area just to maintain -- make sure everybody is safe and has a good time. >> police also say the best and safest way to get to the city will be using public transportation or rideshare services. all right. want to take a look outside across san francisco. what a beautiful night here. the sun is setting. let's go to our chief meteorologist bill martin for our trick or treating forecast. what a great night, bill.
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>> yeah, it really is. it seems about every third halloween we get a chance of rain or something like that. that's not the case tonight. three kids are out and about in alameda. these are the little guys. that's scary kind of. not scary a little skeleton. but overall tonight we have more daylight and that's huge because, you know, in the past, we do daylight savings last weekend and it's dark about now -- so now it's a little safer for the kids. the weather is going to really cooperate. we are a little early on this so i figure -- what was our official time with our kids, 6:30 or 7:00? i can't remember when we started trick or treating. you had to put a number on it. some of my kids would start at 2:00. >> before it gets dark. >> this is -- i love -- i -- i kind of wish i was home now. >> i was reminiscing through old photos today. >> were you? >> yeah, yeah. yeah. i have lots of them. >> that's incredible, i
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believe, in the crosswalk. >> did your kids ever go as a teletubby? >> no. >> did yours? >> oh, yeah. >> sure. we have seen everything in my house. then they get older, you know, it turns into -- it's -- it's -- it's -- it's a little bit more different. >> i hope my house doesn't get egged tonight. >> oh, no. >> there you go. >> i hope it doesn't, either. the weather is going to be great. you don't need me to tell you that. temperatures are going to be in the low 60s. so good night for trick or treating. just be safe when you drive home. watch out for the kids. we have a warning tonight for parents. police in all ban in are looking for a man who used a dog to try to lure children to his car. ktvu's henry lee explains what happened next. reporter: albany police say a man may have used his dog as bait, his target unsuspecting children. it happened on monday morning. two girls saw a group of people trying to catch a loose dog and a man took the dog by the collar and let it go. >> he was
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seen releasing the dog and that the girls helped try to capture the dog. >> reporter: they saw the same man again, this time in a vehicle. >> then he later got in the truck and followed them and asked them to get into his truck. >> reporter: the girls said no and he drove away. a few minutes later the same man drove up to the girls a block away and spoke to them again. >> the second incident he said, hi, girls, and that's when they ran. >> reporter: they called the parents who notified the police. officers are now on the lookout for a man driving a full-sized white truck with a camper shell. it happened near schools in this area popular with dog owners. we found a woman and her boston terrier riding nearby. bela, the dog, has her own website. >> i think parents should teach their kids because with bela here, a lot of kids come over to pet her and they would follow her anywhere. >> dogs are cute and cool and lovable and it's definitely an easy way that predators can use to lure a kid. we all love animals. >> reporter: this woman was 8
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years old when she was kidnapped. >> adults don't need help from children. >> reporter: she escaped and now runs a foundation targeting child abduction. on halloween, sanchez says it's more important to think twice about seemingly harmless calls for help. >> it is not worth it to put yourself in a potentially harmful situation. always think twice about why this person wants you to help them. >> reporter: now, he has a light complexion, about 27 to 32, 5'6" to 5'8" with a medium build, square shaped face, unshaven with short, dark brown hair. so far there have been no other incidents reported in albany but police ask anyone who sees anything suspicious to give them a call. live in the newsroom, henry lee, ktvu fox 2 news. and albany police say the suspect is described as an adult man. he has a square shaped face
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with unshaven face at the time and short dark brown hair. coming up here, the bay area gearing up for an nfl rivalry that's been riddled with a history of fan violence. the measures being taken to make sure the raiders-9ers game tomorrow night doesn't get out of control. >> a family-owned farm in a city that calls itself the world's pumpkin capital now looking to grow cannabis to keep its pumpkin patch from going out of business. that story coming up at 6:30.
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more funerals were held for the people killed in a synagogue in pittsburgh this past weekend. today the man accused of that massacre faced federal charges. heather holmes is in our newsroom now with more. >> reporter: three funerals were held today. each of those laid to rest was described as a beloved member of the community, one a world traveler, another a pillar of the congregation and the third a friendly face who greeted everyone he met. 75-year-old joyce feinberg was a widow with two sons known for her generosity. she was a researcher at the university of pittsburgh and loved to travel. 87-year-old melvin wax was a retired accountant. he was leading shabbat services for a different congregation that rents space in the tree of life synagogue when he was shot to death. and 69-year-old irving younger was a father, grandfather and youth baseball coach. the rabbi said younger was the first person to greet him when he first came to lead the synagogue. meantime, a federal grand jury today indicted the alleged
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gunman, robert bowers, on 44 charges including hate crimes. he is being held without bail. he is due in court tomorrow for a preliminary hearing. the head of the anti- defamation league was in pittsburgh today to attend services. he said anti-semitic episodes were up 57% last year. he called on president trump and others to ratchet down the rhetoric. >> i think it was a good thing that the president said immediately after the incident calling it an act of anti- semitism because unquestionably it was. the question, though, is what he does now. when the words of white supremacists find their way into his speeches, and when their rhetoric is being retweeted from his account, it sends a signal. that needs to stop and it needs to stop now. >> as for the survivors, the university of pittsburgh medical center says three people are still hospitalized. that's two congregants and one police officer. and two of the three are still in intensive care but they are improving and able to breathe on their own, some small
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positive news for that city. >> thank you. the parents of a 14-year- old boy are taking legal action against the south san francisco school district the subject of the lawsuit a former teacher joseph torey. he has been charged with dozens of counties of sexual abuse. he used to teach at westboro middle school. he remains in jail on $6 million bail. in a criminal case, choi faces accusations that he molested five boys ages 13 and 14. this lawsuit alleges that school administrators knew about inappropriate contact that the teach her with students and didn't immediately report it as required by law. >> if you have reasonable suspicion of sexual abuse, the
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law is that you're not too investigate it. you're to report it. and what this district did was investigate the abuse before reporting it to the authorities. >> the lawsuit is seeking an unspecified amount in damages from the school district. the school district has no comment on the lawsuit. the oakland raiders head to levi's stadium tomorrow night for the thursday night game on fox with the san francisco 49ers. it will likely be the final battle of the bay since the raiders are moving. ktvu's ann rubin tells us security at levi's stadium has been stepped up. >> reporter: there will be far more officers here than during a typical game, inside and outside the stadium and inside undercover. >> reporter: it's a long tumultuous track record. when the 49ers and raiders meet thursday it's likely to be the last ever battle of the bay. authorities want to make sure the action stays on the field. we have staffed this game understanding the rivalry, understanding past occurrences and really wanting to limit any type of poor fan behavior. >> reporter: the 49ers and raiders were banned from preseason matchups following a violent 2011 game during which two men were shot and another beaten.
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the teams have only met once since but santa clara police vow this time will be different. there will be a dramatic increase in staffing including undercover officers in both teams' jerseys and keeping an eye as fans enter through metal detectors and levi's stadium comes equipped with its own jail holding cells in the basement and then there are the cameras. >> i can zoom in and see the back of every seat in the facility . we have body cameras on strategic personnel. i cap see everyone coming and going and cameras in parking lots and on strategic parking lots. >> reporter: to make sure fan faces can be seen, no masks will be allowed. that includes the silver and black ones favored by some raiders fans. >> it's not knowing somebody's identity or their intentions with a mask on, it creates -- it's part of a threat assessment and creates an
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uneasiness with law enforcement. >> reporter: authorities can't anticipate everything but most assaults have resulted in quick arrests there. that includes a beating this month in the parking lot . they started planning in april and they say whatever happens, they will be ready. >> we welcome you but don't cause disruption. you will be met with resistance for sure. >> reporter: despite the fact that both teams have losing records this year, officials are expecting close to 70,000 people at this game. it gets under way tomorrow evening at 5:20. in santa clara, ann rubin, ktvu fox 2 news. >> that game is right here on ktvu fox2. our coverage of the raiders- 9ers begins at 4:30 with kickoff at 5:20. if you are looking for our newscast, we're moving those newscasts the 5 and 6 to ktvu plus from 4:30 to 8:00. still ahead tonight, hundreds of people in the east bay left without running water
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for days. up next, we'll update the repair work and find out what the property manager plans to offer the residents who have been left high and dry. >> and the city of boston threw a victory parade for the world champion boston red sox. later in sports, mark will tell us about a beer throwing incident that ended up damaging the trophy. >> first new at 6:00 the owner of a historic lighthouse in vallejo now offering something else.
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california's public schools rank 44th in the nation. 44th. i'm marshall tuck, i'm a public-school parent, and i know we can do better. in the public schools i led, we got more funding into our classrooms, supported our teachers, and we raised graduation rates by 60%. that's why president obama's education secretary endorses me. we've done it before. now, let's do it for every public-school student in california.
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i'm marshall tuck. i'm running for state superintendent. two people were killed in
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a multi-vehicle crash on interstate 880 in hayward that shut down the freeway overnight. the collision happened at about 10:40 last night on northbound 880 at whipple. the chp says a tour bus was going at least 65 miles an hour when it came upon stop- and-go traffic and it crashed right into a lexus in front of it. the driver of that lexus was killed. the tour bus kept going crashing into another car and pushed it into the back of a u.p.s. semi truck. the driver of that second car also was killed. >> loss of life, amount of people it impacted in effect, they are all bad. we hate to see any traffic accidents where anybody gets hurt when people actually die making it even worse. >> the two people who died are identified as a 46-year-old man of san lorenzo and a 57- year-old woman from hayward, rene rodriguez. there were no passengers on the tour bus and that driver was not hurt. still to come here, ktvu
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fox 2 news at 6:30 with san francisco now turning to underutilized parking lots to help the housing crisis. the plan to rezone areas in order to convert the properties into hundreds of units of affordable housing. >> and a proposition on whether or not to allow farmers to grow pot.
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the alleged gunpoint is under indictment the indictment charges robert bowers with 44 crimes including hate crimes. 11 people were killed last saturday during synagogue services in pittsburgh. 6 others were wounded including four police officers. bowers is held without bail. today, three of the victims were also laid to rest. they were remembered as beloved members of the community. a warning tonight for parents after police in albany say a man used a dog to lure kids to his car. it happened along key route
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boulevard on monday morning. police say the suspect is an adult man with a light complexion, between 27 and 32, about 5'6" to 5 '8" with a medium build. call police with information. willie mccovey the san francisco giant legend died today at 80 years old. he died this afternoon at stanford hospital where he was battling ongoing health issues. he was one of the best known players in giants history. he played 19 seasons with the giants and was inducted into the baseball hall of fame in 1986. no immediate word on the exact cause of death. ou're watching ktvu fox 2 news at 6:30. and joining us right now on the phone to talk more about the passing of giants great willie mccovey is former san francisco mayor willie brown. good evening. thanks for being with us, mayor brown. >> good evening to each and every one of you and i'm very pleased that you have paused
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to pay respects to willie mccovey, an unbelievable human being as a professional athlete, and, in fact, a legend in san francisco. one of the anchor tenants. if you say mccovey, you meant the giants. >> you have a favorite memory of willie mccovey? >> yes, i do. i was actually at the first baseball game that -- professional baseball game that willie mccovey played in san francisco when he literally in old candlestick park hit like no one else had ever seen anybody to do from that swing and left that he would it with and he was just fantastic but the one time that i was there when willie mccovey swung on a guy named i think bobby richardson, jumped high enough to grab the ball that mccovey hit that caused us not to succeed in the way
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we wanted to succeed. but then again there was so many times old number 44 bailed us out. >> so beloved in the sports world and the world of baseball. but mayor, over his long career, what kind of mark, what kind of impact do you think he left on the city of san francisco? >> i think willie mccovey left with two other people. whenever anybody thinks about those san francisco giants, they always go mays, cepeda and mccovey or mays, mccovey and cepeda. they think of it that way. no other three people who played baseball together on the same team ever achieved that kind of universal goal and when the people in baseball's hall of fame said each of them would be there, it was an acknowledgment that it is a trio of people who
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made the giants memorable. >> mayor, if there's one person in san francisco who knows pretty much everything, i would say that that's you. did you ever have a chance to socialize with mccovey and in so what was that like? >> not only that, did i socialize with willie mccovey. let me tell you. i actually went to willie mccovey's last public appearance. >> you did? >> so to speak. he got married in the ballpark at the stadium. and i was there. his people called me to say, willie mac wants you present. i suspect it was because they were always wondering why i carried the name willie and couldn't hit. >> he got married in the stadium. how long ago was that? >> that was only about three or four months ago. larry baer actually acted as the person who performed the ceremony. now, i would think that if you had larry baer doing your wedding, you have an opportunity to say you're not married. >> mayor, i'm wondering, did
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willie mccovey have any children and if so, um, do you know anything about that? >> i don't recall whether or not he had any children. but i suspect he must have had some. >> what do you think young kids and young athletes will remember most about willie mccovey? >> they will remember that he was an excellent baseball player. he was a person that never, ever generated anything negative. at no point did anybody ever criticize willie mac. >> i'm guessing that you collected baseball cards just like i did and i remember when you would open up the pack and you would be going through it and, you know, you wanted willmy mays and you wanted willie mccovey. >> that is correct. absolutely. you wanted number 44. and believe me, he was that kind of a player. >> all right. we appreciate your time tonight, mayor, former mayor willie brown. so many stories to share. it's so nice to have you with us tonight and reflect on the
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life -- >> i'm going to wear my mccovey mask tonight. thank you for taking the time to talk with us. >> take it easy. >> stay with ktvu for continuing coverage. we'll be talking to fans and others about the passing of mccovey. and, of course, we'll keep you posted when we find out more about funeral arrangements and other remembrances. let's go to the election now. next tuesday voters in half moon bay will go to the polls and decide whether to allow people to grow marijuana plants within city limits. ktvu's jesse gary tells us the outcome could determine if one long-time farm stays in business or sells. >> reporter: this rite of passage on the san mateo county coast could be in its final year. third generation farmers john and his wife say after decades of making green from the pumpkin patch and other grow items finances are at an inflection point. >> what we have done in the past not worked as well as it used to.
6:36 pm
so in order for us to continue to keep our farming operations, we do need a crop that has a little bit more profit margin to it. >> reporter: that's marijuana. the mullers want to lease space next to their home about a mile and a half from the pumpkin patch to allow the cultivation of 4" starter marijuana plants inside a greenhouse. eric hollister is a father and classically train chef turned marijuana farmer. >> this is not a psychoactive product and not a threat to my children or any of the other children. >> reporter: the issue of marijuana, a legal crop, has become divisive in this one- time agricultural community of about 12,000 people. >> it keeps jobs on the coastside and if they don't do it here, they will do it somewhere else. ha. >> one of the things that they are saying is it bring more drugs into half moon bay. i don't believe that. >> reporter: the city council put the political hot potato in the hands of voters november 6th.
6:37 pm
>> the more clear it became that this was a really polarizing issue and that, um, it really needed to go to the voters. >> reporter: half moon bay residents will either accept or reject measure gg, which has been put on the ballot specifically for this purpose of either allowing or disallowing the cultivation of starter marijuana plants. there are certain restrictions in place though for size and location. the mullers hope to construction a new 66,000- square-foot greenhouse and lease the space to eric hollister for marijuana cultivation. if residents vote no on gg, the long-time farmers say their family legacy will end. >> we might have to sell. i mean, that's on the table. >> reporter: and apparently, in the hands of voters who are nervous over the lasting impact of change. in half moon bay, jesse gary, ktvu fox 2 news. city leaders in san francisco are moving forward with a plan to transform some
6:38 pm
parking lots south of market into affordable housing. the board of supervisors unanimously approved an ordinance that would allow the lots to be rezoned for housing but only if that housing is below market rate. they say the plan would result in about 700 units of affordable housing. >> we have about 25 parcels in the south of market that are currently surface parking lots and we believe that we can create higher value by adding an additional use which is 100% affordable housing for formerly homeless all the way to middle class families. >> the legislation doesn't force the lots to be transformed into housing but makes it possible. supervisor jane kim says some developers have already expressed interest in building on those parking lots. coming up, the owner of a historic lighthouse in vallejo now offering something that hasn't been offered in the bay area in years.
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it's being marketed as an opportunity to own a piece of the bay. ktvu's alyana gomez shows us the renovations at the historic lighthouse and the offer that the owner says has not been made in decades. >> reporter: it's a hidden gem rich in bay area history. and soon it will celebrate its 110th anniversary. >> people in vallejo don't even know about it. people around the bay don't know about it. >> reporter: the lighthouse is situated at the end of glen cove marina in vallejo. >> it was a 28-room residence, three-story building with a mechanical lighthouse. >> reporter: in 1955, it was
6:42 pm
sold for a dollar and was moved to its current site from the carquinez strait. >> taking something a building of this size putting it on a barge and placing it on the site is a marvel. >> reporter: its beauty sealed the deal for a person who took ownership of the lighthouse before the economy crashed in 2018. vallejo was one of the fewer bay area cities to go bankrupt but gabay worked to continue to develop the old light into something new. expansive glass windows brought in the light. new hardwood gave it a modern touch. large palm trees were planted. lush green lawns were landscaped. and it finally transformed into a desired venue. >> since then, we have been booking weddings and having many of them, even my own. >> reporter: last year was about love. this year it's about risk. gabay says he took a leap of
6:43 pm
faith with the marina. >> i have in a way -- you can sell them individually and given people an opportunity to own a piece of the bay itself. >> reporter: a week in and 10% of the slips have sold. he says the sign the vallejo community is growing. >> i don't think i can tell you how many times i have heard the word, this is vallejo? >> reporter: new development is popping up all over the city. even neighbors are noticing. >> gets a nice place to live and i notice a lot of people moving into the neighborhood of the city because there's -- it's just affordable to live here. >> reporter: affordability is one reason. convenience is another with the vallejo ferry getting commuters to san francisco. gabay hopes the lighthouse is part of that renaissance. alyana gomez, ktvu fox 2 news. all right. we want to get more now on the death today of mccovey the giants first baseman hall of
6:44 pm
famer died at the age of 80. jana katsuyama is with larry baer. we were just talking to former mayor willie brown and he was saying that willie mccovey just got married and that it was larry baer who resided over the marriage. >> reporter: larry is right here, frank, with me. and he had come just from the hospital. larry, thank you so much for taking some time and condolences from all of us on this very difficult day. tell us what it was like at the hospital. >> so willie, you know, willie has been there for so many people for so long, um, really since 1959. he came to san francisco and never left. and so, you know, you can't help but flashback on all the amazing memories on the field and then for a lot of us in the last 25, 30 years off the field. and willie was, you know, the willie mac award was -- went to the most inspirational player. we had the stretch drive because his nickname was stretch where we raised money for junior giants.
6:45 pm
the body of water, mccovey cove. so, um, willie was just such a part of the organization. i don't know if there was ever a more beloved giant. >> and frank was just asking us, we are coming out to you that he just got married and that you were presiding over that. um, that has to have a lot of really good memories for you on this very sad day. >> tremendous memories. i mean, that's something he wanted to do. and he knew that, you know, his health was pretty fragile and he wanted to, um, give estella a ring and let her know how much he deeply he cared for her and it was an amazing service and to see, um, willie mays and barry bonds and -- i think we added it up, we had about 2,000 home runs in the room at his wedding. and he just, you know, he -- you know, it was hard to see -- for us to see him go through the pain of the last couple of years. he had so many surgeries and so many difficult ailments. yet it never affected him coming to the games and going into the clubhouse and asking
6:46 pm
the guys to support the stretch drive and the junior giants. and you think about, you know, the willie mac award, that will be there forever. and mccovey cove will be there forever. there are permanent ways his memory lives on. >> reporter: we have seen the giants go through world series championships. what has his impact been, his legacy been, both for the city but also for the players and knowing that somebody like him has been a part of that organization? >> well, i think there was a number of players. andrew mccutcheon just sent out a tweet and just saying, you know, he is with the giants only part of one year. how much impact willie had with him. he had a large impact on american players coming up through the minors. willie would be in spring training and be a presence and we could walk to him and they could talk about his experience going through good times and tough times. right? in the minors and majors. so he was an inspiration.
6:47 pm
that's why the willie mac award is for the most inspirational, he was very inspirational. he was part of this community. he lived in the same house in woodside this he lived in at the end of his playing days. how about that? >> that's amazing. and finally, i know you're short on time, will there be any kind of tribute or chance for fans to say their good- byes? >> what we planned to do, we don't have a date yet because we want to talk to the family to have a public tribute to willie. and, you know, it's got to be somewhere taken into willie mccovey cove, somewhere near mac's statue, his statue is out in right field or out beyond right field by lot a. so we'll do something for the fans to pay homage. >> reporter: larry baer, thank you on this very sad day. but also a day of memories. >> yeah. >> reporter: we appreciate your taking some time. back to you. >> thank you. i'm sure there will be a very fitting tribute to number 44
6:48 pm
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6:54 pm
willie mccovey. >> yeah. it probably didn't take some people by surprise. but it did us here at channel 2. and you know, the first thing i thought about, growing up as a kid, giants fan, back then in the '60s, you thought three things, mays, mccovey, marichal. he started his career with the giants in1959, had knee problems throughout his career that got worse as he aged. he did die at the age of 80 today at stanford hospital if you are just joining us. there's willie making his hall of fame acceptance speech at cooperstown. such a great career. everybody knew him as stretch. awe inspiring figure at the plate. he could move! people forget about him. man, in his prime he could move. more than 500 home runs in his major league career. and he played at at&t.
6:55 pm
he would have been splashing down quite a few times. but a great man, ambassador for the game, hall of famer and who could ever forget how he broke into the majors. there's the headline, four for four in his first game in the major leagues off a great pitcher robin roberts. the passing of willie mccovey at age 80. meantime, celebrating a major league victory in the world series. that's the boston red sox. here's the scene. they started at fenway park in boston. and went through the streets of boston in duck boats and you see how many people were out there to celebrate. another world series championship for the red sox but marred by fans throwing beer cans at the players. now, some of them took it well. others did not. there was actually an incident that occurred right here. alex core ro cora with the world series trophy was hit by
6:56 pm
a beer can. the world series trophy was also damaged. a 19-year-old man was arrested at the scene for that. alex cora said afterwards said this has to stop. this celebration marred by the throwing of beer cans in downtown boston today. meantime, the holiday, halloween version, of "check this out." starts at a high school in tennessee. >> that's how they introduce the players last weekend at anderson county high school in tennessee and they are definitely in the halloween spirit. this is damian lillard of the portland trail blazers imitating wwe star stone cold steve austin! lillard of the east bay, right? and check this out.
6:57 pm
what a costume. hopkins one of the best receivers in the nfl is an avatar. look at the -- what an effort. >> look at the makeup. >> look at the effort that went into his costume. deandre hopkins. and here's victor oladipo of the pacers coming into the stadium to play his game for the nba pacers just as the black panthers superhero. so, you know, um, a lot of athletes in the halloween spirit. >> in the spirit of the day. >> a super salute to the life and times of willie mccovey who forever in the lives of people who grew up in the bay area -- >> just that smile like you were talking earlier. people will never forget the smiles. >> easy-going nature belied the fearsome presence at the in plate. >> we'll have much more on the life and death of mccovey. thanks for joining us tonight. good night. the nature of a virus is to change. move. mutate.
6:58 pm
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