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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 5pm  FOX  November 6, 2018 5:00pm-6:00pm PST

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we have live team coverage to kickoff election day including reports on the california governor's race. heather holmes is live in los angeles with gavin newsom's campaign. cristina rendon is live in san diego with john cox's election day party. we want to start things in washington, d.c. with lauren blanchard who has a look at those all-important national races. >> reporter: hi, alex. a couple of races we can already predict at this hour as polls continue to close across the country. we know senators bernie sanders from vermont, and senator tim kaine of virginia, both have won reelection, as well as the republican governor of south carolina, henry mcmaster, still too close to call is the balance of power in congress. democrats hope to take the house while republicans hoping to hold onto the senate. this is the first major election since president trump took office. >> we built a strategy that looks at the largest battlefield that we have seen in decades built around our candidates. >> the choice is clear. it's a choice between prosperity and higher taxes. >> i think americans will
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choose prosperity. >> reporter: it's a race to the finish for democrats and republicans with everything on the line when the polls close. up for grabs tonight, control of the house, the senate, and several key governorships. for both sides, it's a numbers game. >> democrats are turning out far beyond typical midterm turnout. so, are republicans. >> if they feel like there has been overreach too far to the right or too far to the left, they'd like to rebalance the equation. many of us believe that's what will take place tonight. >> reporter: the x factor could be early votes. reports say more than 30 million people cast their ballots before election day. and, voter turnout could hit levels that have not been seen in a midterm election since the 1960s. voters waiting in lines for hours at polling places around the country wanting to make their voices heard. >> there's a lot of divisiveness in the country right now and i think people
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need to get out and vote. >> i'm hoping that even my little boat can help make some change. >> reporter: just as we are passing the 8:00 hour on the east coast, a couple of more race calls from our decision desk. in illinois, the governorship will go to the democrat, there is also senator elizabeth warren, has unsurprisingly won reelection in massachusetts, and in pennsylvania, the democratic senator bob casey, he will also take another term. now, the white house says the president will be watching returns from the residence as he is surrounded by friends and family. >> no doubt watching in action. lauren blanchard, thank you. one of the biggest races in california is to decide who will be our next governor. republican democrat gavin news latest polls. >> we have reported that election day parties for both candidates. heather holmes with the new sim
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campaign in los angeles but let's start with cristina rendon in san diego with the cox campaign. >> reporter: john cox we just found out is expected to arrive in about an hour. he is going to speak with us briefly. then he will leave and return later tonight for his election party here at the u.s. grand hotel in downtown san diego. this is also campaign headquarters for the san diego county republican party, and we are told right now john cox is at home relaxing with his family, but has already had a busy day. we will show you video from this morning. that's where he started this morning in delmar eating breakfast with his wife and family. he also sent out a tweet urging californians to vote and then headed out to deliver coffee and donuts to volunteers in carlsbad. after that, he visited headquarters of republican congresswoman mimi walters. cox has long focused his campaign on the housing affordability, the high cost for californians, the high cost of living. he said californians are really struggling. and, he wants to fix it. he wants to fix the mix management -- mismanagement
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that he says is running rampant in our state. he is driving home that campaign slogan, help is on the way. cox says he is the one that represents change, while gavin newsom represents the status quo. and we talked to his campaign spokesman who said, we are cautiously optimistic. we think it's going to be a lot closer than people think. hopefully, john cox says, he will pull off a november surprise. he says things are still looking good for him at this point and he says look, i'm confident about a win tonight, despite what the polls say. he does know gavin newsom is in the lead and of course gavin newsom as well hoping to pull off the win tonight. for more on that we go to heather holmes in los angeles. heather? >> reporter: look, they are indeed preparing for a big party here at exchange l.a., a club here in downtown los angeles. now, i'm told that actor and rapper common is going to be reporting. in fact, they were testing some of the images on the screen there earlier. as you mentioned, newsom comes
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into today with a comfortable double-digit lead. still, the current lieutenant governor and former mayor of san francisco is not taking anything for granted. earlier today, he was in marin county back in the bay area. he and his wife cast their ballots at a masonic loft in larkspur, bringing along their four children with them. now, throughout this campaign, newsom has largely ignored his rival john cox, focusing his attacks instead on president trump. saying quote, a bully calls you out, you've got to push back. we don't have to be navelgazing, we are not a small, isolated state. this is california. indeed, this is california, a state governed by democrats for 13 of the last 20 years. and, lieutenant governor gavin newsom is hoping to continue that trend and hoping to be elected tonight as the next governor of california. reporting live tonight in los angeles, i'm heather holmes, ktvu fox 2 news. >> thank you. joining us now are political experts david mccuan and brian sobel.
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we want to start with gavin newsom and john cox. gavin newsom is expected, according to the polls, to win. but, they are both touching on a number of key issues here. gavin newsom mostly focusing on homelessness and affordability and of course, john cox is also kind of talking about how expensive the state of california is and the repeal of the gas tax. he focuses on issues that californians are feeling as well. what are we thinking with this particular race? >> well, this is not going to be the marquee race of the night nationally. i think gavin newsom takes it pretty easily. i'll even be interested in by what percentage he takes it. not to say john cox did not run on a nice campaign, it's just a very blue state and it's very hard to separate yourself from what people in california want, in terms of all these issues you mentioned, and several others. it will be interesting to see how big the margin is tonight.
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but, this propels gavin newsom into the national spotlight. where he has been to some extent, but now he has portfolio. governor of california. >> and has also been an trump. >> absolutely. mentioned these ads. you know, everything about, you know, i don't like donald trump and we are going to fight donald trump. but, let's see. >> david, do you think that's gavin newsom's mandate? assuming he pulls out a victory tonight? is that his mandate from voters in california? we want you to push back against the trump agenda? mckee becomes u.s. senator number one against senator kamala harris. every california politician tripping over her or himself to become senator here. gavin newsom is able to do that as governor. he is able to talk about immigration, healthcare, security, and key issues and is able to bend the party toward him. that will be important because when he is flying back and
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forth to washington, d.c., the middle of the country is places he will want to stop. >> let me ask you about john cox. in terms of messaging, he's focused on the high cost of living in california and tried to blame that on democrats including gavin newsom. it seems like a message that would have resonated more. >> if he had a better charged campaign. not so much the message but in terms of retail politics, hitting some of those key areas and grabbing the independent voters. as brian talked about, so many voters in california are blue, already involved to be anti- trump themselves, that campaign and message was going to be somewhat blunted and he has to cut through that, he never did. >> think about one other thing. as you are talking about money, energy by volunteers and supporters and everything else, john cox did not have that. he was not going to have that and never was going to have that. that's the difference in a race like this. somebody we know who is a household name in california, in gavin newsom, to a place where he is now going to be
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elevated to national sadness. >> this is the launching pad. >> brian, you are talking about money. i want to bring up race for superintendent, tony thurmond, marshall tuck, both democrats. both sharing common interests and a lot of key issues when it comes to education in the state. but, i spoke to both candidates, and, tony thurmond says the race is getting really ugly with attack ads. but we are talking about $50 million raised between both candidates for a state superintendent race. >> yes, and i will let the professor digging on that particular race. but, i will point out that there are races for congress in california, in southern california, five in particular, where over $30 million have been spent in those races alone. so, there is just tons of money oozing out all over this election, all over this country. >> you don't expect that, though. >> and as you look at the lieutenant governor's race, insurance commissioner, there
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are folks that are looking to cut and make their way to the next level, kind of ford gavin newsom did. you see this with marshall tuck and tony thurmond. the question is, that particular race, it has to go negative. voters are negatively mobilized. they vote in a negative way. that's what a midterm is all about so it's not a surprise that a race like that to be expensive, ugly, and go down to a place that is much more difficult to identify waters how to go. >> let's talk about senator dianne feinstein, favored to win over kevin de leon. he argued for a new vision, given the amount of time that senator feinstein has been in the senate. any chance that that resonates enough? >> no. you know, just hate to do it. for all of the people yet to vote. go vote, and -- but, at the end of the day, dianne feinstein is very popular in california.
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i think a lot of party folks were very disappointed in her performance during the kavanaugh hearings. as an example. but they did not want to hold it against her enough to take a chance on kevin de leon. >> this is the top two system. which is something that we did not know we would see. and this splits the party. >> it's a tight race. did she get a message from the voters in california? >> it's a tight race. we don't expect a tight race but if it is we certainly expect a message being sent to her. she is a giant in california. >> she's not running again. so, send her a message but, this is the last dance. >> thanks for that vote. thanks for being here. >> we will pick up that suggestion later on in the newscast. there were lines outside of san francisco city hall with voters getting there early to cast their vote. election officials say with the crowds inside, the lines outside, they realized the turnout was going to be unusually high for a midterm election. >> but, when you get 65% of
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500,000 people who are casting card balance, that's a lot of people making a decision for the county of san francisco. so, yeah, i think it's a big election. >> if turnout reaches 65%, that will break a record set in 1974, the first year turnout for midterms was tracked. >> now we moved to santa clara county where officials say there is an historic level of registered voters and votes already cast for the midterm elections. ktvu's southbay reporter jesse gary joins us live from the county registrar of voters with details. we see these incredible lines behind you here. we are only expecting they are going to get longer, right? >> reporter: yeah. that's exactly right. this is something new in santa clara county since 2017.
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this is conditional voting where people who have not registered to come, show up and register to vote in the same motion. to do that, you will have to wait through this line tonight. this is the first time they've had a chance to do this in an election where there is high interest and high demand for people to vote. because of that, you see the line. i mentioned last hour it's 100 people from where i'm standing to the polling place inside. if you straighten out this line, it's going to shoot out to the parking lot. this is a good test run for officials in santa clara county. this line is 1 to 2 hours now. if you're heading out saying, i've got less than three hours, two hours and 45 minutes to get out and cast a ballot, come, be prepared to wait, and, bring something with you because it's going to be a very long wait. if you are in line, they say they will accept your ballot and get you all signed up. again, it's going to be a long wait. this process of voting today began early this morning. despite running unopposed, san jose mayor sam liccardo cast his ballot early, saying every count votes as he stumps for two local measures. >> hopefully that will do it.
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>> we can demonstrate to the rest of the country what it looks like when a community comes together to tackle great challenges. >> reporter: on election day, a deluge of voters converged at the county registrar of voters and other polling places. >> none of my family used to go and vote at all. >> why is it so important this time? >> this time, because i think everything is changing. >> reporter: officials say so far, 228,300 mail ballots have been received. long lines developed tuesday morning, due to conditional voters registering, and then casting day of ballots. it's an historic level of interest for a midterm election, according to the registrar. >> we have them inside, outside so you can drive up, cast your ballot. >> reporter: experts say local concerns such as transportation, housing, and will head the sheriff's office the next 4 years are mixing with a national backlash against washington politics, driving people of all ages and political stripes to get involved. >> are you guys prepared to
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vote today? >> it's all about donald trump here in california. this has been sort of the informal, the resistance against the trump administration. >> reporter: san jose state political scientist garrick percival says that resistance is leading to a rise in interest among voters. from union members -- >> we are knocking on doors of voters and calling them to encourage them to vote. >> reporter: to university students. the writing is clear and it's a precursor to action on election day. >> it's great news for democracy. we want to get more people out there, particularly younger people. >> reporter: they anticipate 70% turnout today. they will be counting the votes through the night and hopefully have results in the morning. we will be here to report it to you. we are live outside the registrar of voters, jesse gary, ktvu fox 2 news. back to you. coming up next, we'll get into the other top stories including the man accused of a deadly troubleshooting at a northbay detox center, who
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makes his first court appearance. plus, we learn exactly how law enforcement caught him. as we mentioned at the top of our show, polls are closing across the country. here's a live look at the u.s. capital. coming up next, we'll get an early look at the important races we are following tonight. san francisco made it into the mid-70s this week. we will have a red flag warning for the hills. we'll let you know how that works out and what the five-day looks like. see you back here.
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democrats are targeting key house seats across the country in an attempt to regain control of congress. >> the balance of power should shift because of a number of scandals involving gop candidates. ktvu's brooks jarosz joins us in the studio with more.
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>> reporter: right now, we've been monitoring the numbers from our newsroom, in california, iowa, and new york, no numbers just yet as no polls have closed in those states but in virginia, we are getting some numbers. a handful of races should decide whether republicans or democrats will control the house of representatives in 2019 and it could all come down to a few bizarre scandals. and these are the races to watch. in southern california's district near the san diego area, republican incumbent duncan hunter is running against ammar campa. you can see that this is -- sorry, these are the wrong results. but, hunter is facing charges and accused of using campaign cash to pay for lavish, personal lifestyle. the california scandal is far from the only one. in iowa, a republican, rod bloom, faces criticism as the house ethics committee investigates his role in an internet company whose work is directly related to the federal company -- government. some say this could give the
5:20 pm
edge to his democratic opponent as they both buy for iowa's first congressional district. in new york's 22nd conditional district, chris collins faces off against nate mcmurray. controversy has surrounded collins since he was indicted for insider trading in august. another race to watch is virginia's second congressional district, republican scott taylor, campaigning -- his campaign is facing allegations that his staffers helped forge the signatures that gave an independent candidate the support she needed to get on the ballot in november. a judge decided to remove the independent candidate from the ballot, because of the forgeries. that has given taylor much of his opponent, democrat elaine lori, a bump in the polls. right now you look at the numbers, scott taylor has 52% of the vote opposed to lori's 48%. so, this is just one of the
5:21 pm
races we are watching tonight. also taking a look at the current balance of power. at this hour, there are roughly 435 seats. all of congress are up for grabs, nearly 50 races are considered competitive. most of them are held by republicans. now, 218 seats are needed for a majority, so, democrats need to flip 23 seats to take control of this. now, we are getting some other results in tonight from the senate race. there are five different races that have already been called. chris murphy from connecticut, democrat there, elizabeth warren from massachusetts, democrat there. maryland, then ben cardin, sheldon whitehouse, rhode island. there are five already that the democrats have taken, those seats, in the house. so, it's looking promising for them so far but they will need to flip 23 seats in order to gain control. >> a long way to go. all right, brooks jarosz, thank you very much. >> reporter: you're welcome. we are checking in on those temperatures out there. these were the highs from today. 76 degrees. that's up a few degrees from
5:22 pm
yesterday. i temperatures today, warmer for the most part. we had some upper 70s and a few low 80s down in san jose and morgan hill. the story will be more of the same tomorrow. nice out there right now. concord, 77 degrees, a pocket of heat as high pressure does what it does. the air is sinking and warming and that's what's going on. temperatures will stay for a little while tomorrow. we've got this big high pressure ridge not only keeping us dry, it's keeping us warm but is also helping impact some cool overnight lows. overnight lows, i even saw a little bit of frost this morning. overnight lows will be down easily into the upper 30s and low 40s in the coolest spots. that is chilly. that will get you a little bit of frost tomorrow morning. when we come back we will talk about what to expect in your neighborhood and take a look at the five-day forecast. the mega-dot-coms have a lot of brick and mortar stores popping up just about everywhere. is this a real sign of the future? [ phone rings ] what?!
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we are learning more about yesterday's deadly shooting at a detox center in the northbay. >> crime reporter henry lee spoke to the family of one of the victims, and the suspect who is in jail. >> reporter: davance lamar reed denied that he broke into a detox center killing a man and injuring two other people. i could barely hear him.
5:26 pm
he says he is withdrawing from a xanax addiction but made clear he does not belong behind bars. marin county sheriff's investigators say he's the man who fired shots inside the helen vine center, killing 52- year-old nathan lamont hill and wounding two others including his girlfriend, brittney mccann , and employee anthony mansapit. authorities tell me that brittney mccann was trying to check her boyfriend into the center but he instead began shooting. authorities say brittney mccann is a generally empathetic person and was only trying to help the father of their 7-year- old son. reed has previous gun and drug convictions. in the jailhouse interview, he told me he is a caring father. reed was arrested about an hour after a high-speed chase in sonoma county. at the time of the rest, the sonoma deputy had no idea that reed was wanted in marin county. >> it was a routine traffic stop. and, we ended up arresting him
5:27 pm
for evasion. >> reed is being held at sonoma county jail, bail set at $50,000. in santa rosa, henry lee, ktvu fox 2 news. a record number of registered voters in s clara county. excitement running high this election day. coming up next, we'll talk to a first time voter and a mom teaching her kids a real-life civics lesson. plus, we are going to go live two senator dianne feinstein's headquarters. she is seeking a sixth term in the senate as she faces off against a fellow democrat. (music throughout)
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federal elections officials are monitoring voting and 35 counties across the nation. san mateo is one of those counties. the u.s. justice department has not refilled exactly why san mateo county was selected for monitoring this year but is believed it was picked because san mateo is one of five counties in california operating under a new election model.
5:31 pm
ballots are mailed to all registered voters and people can drop them off or -- at voting centers.eye of federal officials to make sure everything is going proper. >> voters in san mateo county no longer have to vote at specific polling places. santa clara county reports a number of registered voters for this election. ktvu's maureen naylor spoke with some of them and joins us live tonight from one polling location in san jose with more on their motivation. maureen? >> reporter: we spoke with voters at the cambria library polling location and elsewhere, including one new citizen voting for the first time, and also a young woman who is literally hoping to cash in from her "i voted" sticker. on election day 2018, voters had to wait to take a ticket in
5:32 pm
san jose. >> it's the first time that i can vote, and i voted. >> reporter: this man just became a citizen in the last two weeks and brought his ticket of citizenship with him. >> i promised to myself, and i promise that my ceremony to do my duties as a citizen. >> reporter: one man dropped off half a dozen vote by mail ballots for family members. others but with them children too young to vote. >> so we are here, just going to do our duty, even though there is 100 people in front of us. we are doing our best. >> reporter: with three kids, she homeschools, amber spends her time teaching math and civics. >> i do make a big deal to my daughters that women are
5:33 pm
allowed to vote in our country. something very important to us to get out and vote because we have the right to. >> reporter: this campbell man says in 10 years of working the polls, he has never seen a turn out like this one. >> he is out voting this year. so that's great. >> reporter: voters say there are more reminders than ever, from bitmojis to instagram stories. one woman encourage people to take a selfie with her i voted sticker. >> i get extra lights on her app if i have a picture with her sticker and she has many prizes and is trying to get people to vote. >> reporter: as for that first time voter we spoke with, he said there was not any one particular issue he was really excited about voting on, rather, that voting itself was exciting. back to you. >> whatever gets you after the
5:34 pm
polls, that works. maureen naylor live in san jose, thank you. california voters are choosing between two democrats for u.s. senate. dianne feinstein is looking for the sixth term in office, while fellow democrat kevin de leon is looking to get the job. ktvu's amber lee is live where votes will be counted. amber? >> reporter: we are inside of the officers club where senator dianne feinstein's party is it's to start at 8:00 when the polls close. we want to show you what it looks like you're inside. crews have been busy the past few hours setting the stage. you can see tables, chairs, balloons set up. there is a podium for the senator to speak at. when she is expected to speak later this evening. large screens have been set up so people can monitor results. hundreds of people are expected to attend. they close friends, family, and longtime supporters. we are also told that democratic party leaders will be here including former mayor willie brown, state assemblyman
5:35 pm
david schu, and, state senator scott weiner who is already here. again, hundreds of people are expected to attend and we will be here through the night to bring you the latest developments. >> amber lee, live in san francisco, thank you. new york city and a washington, d.c. suburb are reportedly the front runners for amazon's new dual headquarters. crystal city, virginia has been reported to be one favored in part because it's near washington, d.c. amazon house t and owns the washington post. long island, new york is also reportedly closing in on a deal. according to "the wall street journal," amazon thinks having two smaller headquarters will ease concerns about housing and transit in the house -- those cities. the u.s. commerce department said last year, online purchases represented 30% of retail sales, meaning 87% of purchases were made in those old-fashioned brick and mortar stores. >> ktvu's tom vacar reports on
5:36 pm
how despite the closing of many traditional retailers, famous internet brands are popping up and trying to cash in. >> to be here around the holidays and really connect with our customers, i'm excited to see what people think about the brand. >> reporter: this week, facebook announced it is opening up pop-up kiosks it rented in nine may sing stores nationwide including the bay area hillside most door. the pop-ups open until mid- february will feature products from 100 brands and online businesses with neither facebook nor macy's taking any of the proceeds from the sales. but, if the products sell well, facebook expects the startups will advertise on facebook. >> having pop-up shops within a big retail environment kind of satisfies everything for consumers, so they get that freshness, that newness. >> reporter: kroger, the nation''s largest grocery chains, announced it will open up toys "r" us pop-up toy box kiosks in 600 stores in 30
5:37 pm
states. last year, amazon acquired the 579 store whole foods chain, where it now also sells and delivers online products. amazon has opened up a half- dozen, partially automated amazon go grocery stores, with cashier or self checkout. this one in san francisco, and another one coming. now, it's opening its four-star stores. this one in berkeley. where highly rated online products can be purchased on the spot. amazon has also gone into bookstores such as this walnut creek store. google has opened up so-called tech device hardware stores, in new york, and chicago. wayfarer, a furniture online retailer, is opening up stores in massachusetts, new jersey, and kentucky. >> in fact, when brick and mortar stores opened up, online sales of that same retailer increased. and it's a way for people to be exposed to new products.
5:38 pm
it's a way for people to connect with the brands, and it's much more exciting way for consumers to shop. they love it. >> reporter: so whether it's the mega-dot-coms having learned something from the success of apple stores, or perhaps it's a direct challenge, into the face of traditional retailers, or perhaps maybe they are concerned that one day online shopping may lose its cache, the fact of the matter is, the mega-dot-coms have a real place in brick and mortar now. tom vacar, ktvu fox 2 news. a public servant to the end. the body of a utah mayor landed back on u.s. soil today, after he was killed while on duty at the national guard in afghanistan. started plus the man accused of mailing pythons to democrat politicians makes another court appearance today. what a court judge ruled in federal court.
5:39 pm
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an antioch police officer is recovering after a bullet grazed his head last night during standoff. last night, officers were called to a report of a fight between neighbors. they say a 32-year-old man pulled out a gun and shot an arriving officer. bullet grazed the officer who suffered only minor injuries and was treated and released. after the shooting, police say the suspect barricaded himself in a home. nearby homes were evacuated while law enforcement negotiated with the barricaded man.
5:42 pm
after five hours he surrendered and is being held at the contra costa county detention facility. a fire warning in brisbane prompted a smoke alert. this fire started at the facility near tunnel avenue at 2:00 this morning. this was in a building that contains construction debris. no one was hurt here but the san francisco fire department issued an advisory for people to keep windows and doors closed, to try to limit their exposure to smoke. >> reporter: today, the man accused of mailing more than a dozen pipe bombs to prominent democrats across the counfor the first time. cesar sayoc was ordered held without bail. prosecutors also announced new evidence against him including dna linking him to 10 of the devices, and internet searches of his intended targets. the most recent of the devices linked to cesar sayoc was discovered friday in san bruno and was addressed to liberal
5:43 pm
activist tom steier. he is scheduled to return to court monday for a preliminary hearing if convicted. he faces nearly 50 years in prison. the body of a national guard major who had also served as a mayor at utah is now back on american soil just a few days after he was killed in afghanistan. 39-year-old brent taylor was shot in kabul by an afghan commando he was training. this is the second attack on american forces in two weeks. his remains arrived at dover air force base this morning. taylor was elected mayor of north ogden, utah in 2013. he had stepped down temporarily for a year-long deployment to afghanistan and was expected to return home in january. an on-time start is expected for the commercial crab fishing season, while fishermen are coming back with full loads of crap, the commercial boaters aren't expecting a great year. plus, national numbers coming in as we speak. we are monitoring the balance of power in the u.s. house and the senate. this graphic is bouncing back and forth with live results.
5:44 pm
it will continue to do so all night. so far you can see, democrats have picked up two house seats. they need to pick up a total of 23 in order to flip the house. we'll have the latest election results coming up next. we are tracking the weather. there is no fog out there. temperatures warmed up today and we have a red flag warning now that will be in effect toward the middle of the week. sfx: squeak sfx: stair creak sfx: clink sfx: deep breath sfx: grunt sfx: tinny headphone music sfx: feet shuffling sfx: slice sfx: gasp sfx: inhale. exhale. sfx: lights scraping on roof sfx: metallic scrape sfx: grunt covered california. it's more than just health care. it's life care.
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the numbers are coming in right now and we are taking a look specifically at key senate races that are very contentious. let's start with texas year. you can see beto o'rourke, now 51% leading over ted cruz, the governor there. he only has 49%. this is the opportunity a lot of texans are looking for to maybe make that state go purple. where it's traditionally a red state. we also have another race we are watching in florida. this is the florida senate race. another very contentious race between bill nelson, who is the incumbent there. he has been the senator there since the year 2000. he is going against governor rick scott. right now, it looks like, oh, we also have this one out of tennessee. we don't have resulted in the u.s. senate for tennessee but we are monitoring that as well as those common. we also want to look at the balance of power in the senate. right now, democrats have 33 seats. they need to flip two. republicans have 43. on the house side, republicans
5:48 pm
have 33 and they need that majority of 218 in order to take that back. let's see. do we have any new results, guys? we are going to keep working on this for now and as we get more results we will keeper -- keep bring them to you and let you know how close they are and if democrats can flip one of the houses tonight. >> our political experts are joining us once again. we are talking about the balance of power in the u.s. house and senate. before we get you guys to weigh in, we want to rewind to the first midterm elections of the george w. bush and barack both unusual really int in 2002 defied historical norms by gaining two senate seats and eight house seats. that historical significance here, this was only the third time since the civil war that the president's party gained seats in a midterm election. >> and then in 2010, historic
5:49 pm
for a different reason here. republicans gained 63 seats in the house. that was the largest since the 1940s. they gained six seats in the senate and, get this, they gained 680 seats in state legislative races. two extremes from the last two presidents. we have david mccuan and brian sobel joining us again. what's likely to happen this time around? >> i think history holds. if you go back to 1810, you'll find only three times warehouse seats were gained during a time when the opposition, or when the president was holding office and opposition was trying to gain seats. franklin roosevelt, bill clinton, and george w. bush. only two times on the senate side since that same 1910 period. and that was franklin roosevelt and george w. bush. >> david, there are a lot of motivated voters out there. what do you see playing out in terms of the shift of power.
5:50 pm
>> it's going to be what happens in florida and whether democrats could be successful there. and also what happens in tennessee for that race. we are going to see some anomalies as well. democrats because they are the out party would be positioned to do well in terms of his work gains but it's going to be difficult to move that way if they can get their voters out to the polls. like younger voters and hispanic voters, they tend to scatter at lower rates, not voting as higher rates that democrats would need to win. republicans tend to show up during midterm elections. that's something to watch. and how that plays into 20 and seven, you. democrats can only when the house through california. no southern california seats tonight. >> you're telling me california finally matters? >> as we were saying, hugely expensive races down there to tell you how important all of the individuals -- individual races are.
5:51 pm
plus, a million-dollar race in southern california. and that should lead to some games. that will be important if they try to get the house. >> one of the biggest issues that are pushing people to the polls? >> obviously we know this is potentially a referendum on president trump and his agenda. beyond that, what are the big issues that motivate people? ? you have strategic retirements going on by a number of house members like paul ryan. that would be one example. you have people pushing back in california and another state against donald trump. this will be very important for suburban women, because this is not the case across the home this -- what nation. because in the gerrymandering seats, some of those are republican. so, democratic gains with lots of money does not mean they will have lots of challenges. look at kentucky, where amy mcgrath has been back and forth. just as an example. >> 8 years of policy change makes quite the difference. in 2010, women came out to vote republican and now in 2018, a
5:52 pm
lot of women are coming out to vote democrat. >> right. and we are going to see through the night what trends develop. but, you can't argue with history. it is true that the midterms do not favor the city and president and we are not going to see a change tonight, or it's not likely we'll see a change in that pattern. >> before we wrap up, this is the question that hangs out there. if the house does flip in the favor of democrats here, i'm curious, what do we see playing out in terms of how president trump governs? from the white house? what changes? >> you know, i hate to use the word chameleon, but, i think he is adaptable. and i think he will figure out, i have to make some deals with democrats. they are in control of the house and i'm going to go over there and do that. it's likely the senate stays in republican hands. he has that as the backstop. he is a president that is very crafty from that perspective. he is much more partisan about his politics and he is
5:53 pm
adaptable. that is that, he may change. this is a guy that does not have deep-seated beliefs. he is someone all over the map and willing to adapt but has taken over the republican party and is trying to lead a movement forward. the key message is, look, the next election is 127 days away. that's 2020 and where things are really headed. >> all right, we are out of time to david, appreciate your time. let's send things over to bill now keeping an eye on the forecast. we had a great day for weather. >> a nice looking weather day. look at the temperatures. i saw some frost in some areas around my house this morning and i suspect we will see more frost tomorrow morning. red flag warning comes back as we head into wednesday night, thursday morning for the hill. you know the drill. we will see some strong winds, into thursday morning, it ends on friday morning but the main event is thursday morning.
5:54 pm
76 in full i hope. forecast highs, you know, no big changes quite frankly. we are in this thing that is a holding pattern in terms of warmth. no rain, that's the holding pattern as well. those are the temperatures that stay on the mild side. dry, with cool nights, really through the weekend. the five having the forecast lays out just like this. five-day forecast, there is your weekend. not a big change between now and saturday and sunday. >> thank you very much. fishermen pulling into harbor with that -- smiles on their faces a few days into crab fishing season. >> we have had deployments every single day. this makes people very happy. >> why the commercial fishermen are not quite as excited for the start of their season next week. there i am a family man. i am a techie dad. i believe the best technology should feel effortless. like magic.
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at comcast, it's my job to develop, apps and tools that simplify your experience. my name is mike, i'm in product development at comcast. we're working to make things simple, easy and awesome.
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5:57 pm
recreational crab fishing began last weekend and by most accounts has been off to a great start. commercial crab season isn't set to open for another five days but local fishermen aren't optimistic that this is going to be a banner year. >> ktvu's rob roth spoke with crab fishermen on the san mateo county coast. >> reporter: this huli cat sport fishing boat pulled into harbor, with crab that was by all accounts, off the charts. >> this is what makes people really happy. >> reporter: but this is for sports fishermen. across the dock, commercial fishermen porter mchenry was getting his boat ready. commercial crab fishing is set to start in these waters next week. >> you'll never forget how much fun and pain it is.
5:58 pm
>> reporter: he and other commercial fishermen are expecting a so-so season. the crab population they feel will be a little small. >> it's a half inch shorter than those of us as commercial and there are a lot of us right on the edge. you don't know until you go fishing. >> reporter: crab fishermen say they will not be slowed by concerns over acid, a toxin found in test crabs that delay the openings of two of the past three seasons. waters from san francisco south have come up clean. dungeness crab lovers say they can't wait. >> i'm looking forward to that. hopefully the prices will come down from $13 a pound. >> reporter: crab fishing is also big business in past years. $20 million worth of crab are worth $67 million. >> the local market will soak it up. we are not going to be shipping crab to seattle or southern california as much. but for the local market, it's
5:59 pm
usually enough crab to keep us happy. >> reporter: the commercial crab fishing season is set to open next thursday november 15th. in half moon bay, rob roth, ktvu fox 2 news. this is ktvu fox 2 news as 6:00. images of democracy in action from the bay area and across the country as people wait in line to have their votes counted. >> this is the first time i've ever voted at a real polling place. is awesome to see all of this happening. >> go vote. it's very exciting. >> polls in the east are now closed but in the bay area and california, the polls don't close until 8:00 tonight. good evening, everyone, i'm frank somerville. >> i'm julie haener. midterm election results are beginning to pour it now from other states. so far, no major issues have been reported in the bay area, with polling places opening at 7:00 this morning. oakland mayor libby schaaf was seen casting her ballot, as was
6:00 pm
one of her challengers, cat brooks. >> california is one of 36 states where voters elect a new governor. gavin newsom and john cox are both in southern california monitoring the results. we have crews there as well to bring alive coverage throughout the night. >> right now, much of the focus is on the balance of power in congress. all 435 seats in the house of representatives are up for grabs, as democrats try to flip the majority. there is also 35 seats up for grabs in the senate. >> there are results coming in from the east coast already. brooks jarosz is watching the important races and some are still way too close to call. >> that's right. coming in quickly as the polls close in the east long ago. we want to take a look at the most important races in the senate. we want to turn our attention to florida where governor rick scott is at 50% dead heat with bill nelson who has been the incumbent there since the year


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