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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 6am  FOX  November 7, 2018 6:00am-7:01am PST

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house of representatives, senate remains in republican hands. we'll have more on the results in the midterm elections just ahead. st ahead. good morning, had thanks for joining us, wednesday morning, the day after election, i'm pam cook. >> i'm dave clark. democrats gained control of the house, putting congresswoman nancy pelosi in line to become the house speaker again. and gavin newsom will be the next governor of california. oakland mayor libby schaaf was re-elected overnight to a second term. and california voters rejected prop 6 in the increase of the state gasoline tax. we'll go in depth on all of these races as well as the local, state and key races
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around the country. you can see election result totals that are scrolling across the bottom of the tv screen, and california's weather has been warm and sunny, if we could vote i think most of us would vote for rain, though, i keep hearing from people. >> we need some rain. >> we do. it will turn, first of all, another nice day, all foe, you know some times you're not up at 4:00 a.m. and some of you are up at 4:00 a.m. >> get up. >> i'm barely up myself. i woke up from a text of 89- year-old mother that your tweet was on steve's at 4:00 a.m. >> bless your heart, mom. thank you for being there at 4:00 a.m. and for texting. that's like -- i think my father was 82 at the time and i almost drove off road, it was my dad. pope valley 33 and scott's valley 31 and walnut creek dipped to 39. there's the creek, other
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locations are mild, 56, and martinez is 54. you got a puff an easterly breeze, high pressure is here, and by late, late tonight, tomorrow we'll deal with another offshore event. a red flag warning will kick in taking us into friday morning and east bay hills. i know the napa airport and 40 is at 5 50 degrees. not much going on here, except sunshine and well above average high temperatures which will be in the low to mid- to upper 70s. sal is here. >> it's 64 in pacifica, there's a 60s there. >> there will be a few, but the city will be 70? >> nice. i give it the stamp of approval. i want to let you know that muni mass difficulties, third
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and 20th, the wire is down, and some of the trains are having trouble coming out of the yard there, if you are coming through, so muni may be delayed. they tweeted that a moment ago. you're looking live at a picture of the bay bridge toll plaza, that's a 20-minute delay before you make it on the span. this is a look at the macarthur maze, and traffic will be busy as you drive through. we'll put that thing up by mistake. lets go northbound 101, you can see traffic here is going to be busy coming up towards gilroy. once you got into the valley, it doesn't look bad. there's a little road work and northbound 101, near 880, the traffic is not going to be affected to the point where you should use 101, right now you have good alternate routes and 280 and 85, 6:03, lets go back to the desk. over the next now hours, we could see updated election results as local counties count
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more ballots throughout the night and the morning. most of the races have been decided and several key races are still to be decided on a national level. >> we're bringing you teen coverage on the election, we have sara in our studio now with the latest results on several propositions. first we want to go to allie rasmus about gavin newsom's big win over john cox, his acceptance speech did not focus on cox but another political opponent. >> yes. >> reporter: he did not mention john cox and he did not mention president trump by name but opposition to his policies with a frequent topic on the campaign trail for gavin newsom and it was the running theme of his victory speech last night. >> we're saying unmistakably that it's team to rolling back the politics chaos and cruelty. now, it's time for going far
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and going together. now, is the time for decency, for facts, for trust, and now is the time for truth. >> new some declared victory a couple of hours after the polls closed last night defeating san diego businessman john cox, he garnered 60% of the votes and he benefited from californiaians' frustration with president trump. and john cox, it's possible president trump hurt his campaign. 70% of voters believe the country is headed in the wrong direction. and 7 out of 10 had negative views of president trump and they specifically went to the polls to show their opposition to the president. >> this in every way shape or form is california i can't's moment and it those who wonder
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whether polarization is permanent, who thinks today's big dreams are tomorrow's broken promise who is question a 40 million melting pot of different face and families and futures can live and prosper today, california is your answer. r answer. he got his start in politics here in san francisco when he was appointed by mayor willie brown to the board of supervisors, he became mayor of san francisco and rose to prominence as being one of the first mayors to recognize same- sex marriage, he's pushing for affordable housing and expanding health care and education for low income children. now, govern the entire state a state has a budget surplus and billions in reserves, have to address and contend with the issues of homelessness and
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affordable in the state. assume office on january 7th taking over from democrat governor jerry brown. or jerry brown. all right, thank you allie. we heard a lot about the gas tax and the daylight savings prop. >> we'll get to prop 8, i started with prop 6, the gas tax, of course. it was aimed to repeal the gas tax, a 2016 transportation law, there will be road repairs and public transportation. if you voted yes, it will eliminate the taxes passed by the legislature, this will reduce funding for highway and road maintenance repairs. take a look at the numbers here that we have right now. 55% voted no so far, 45% have voted yes.
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now, the yes vote, supporters say voting yes will vote right away. it's unfair increase, and this jeopardizes the safety of roads and bridges and eliminate billions into transportation projects, we heard a lot of chatter about this one because we went through daylight savings time on sunday. this would change the daylight savings time by a two-thirds vote and then it would have to be approved by congress. the vote would push this forward and a vote against would keep the current time period. 60% voted yes, and 40% voted no and wanted to keep the period we have now in california. they vote that the bi-annual time change hurts the health of kids and seniors. and --er mornings in the winter would be dangerous for kids going to school. and this would establish new standards for confinement
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of farm animals and would ban the sale of meat and the sale of egg problems, they would have more space for egg laying hens and calves raised for veal and voting no, the space requirements would stay in effect and there would be no ban for noncompliance. 61% voted in favor and 39 percent have voted no. supporters say confining these animals is cruel and ultimately affects food safety. opponents argue it's a sell-out to the egg industry, hens will get one square foot of space and promote animal cruelty. we'll tell you about propositions 1, 10 and 2 coming up at 6:30. the time is 6:09, tens of millions of dollars of campaign money was spent on the race for the school superintendent. and tuck is running against
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tony thurmond. with 90% of the precincts reporting, marshall tuck has 51% of the vote and tony thurmond has 49%. and becerra defeated bailey. bailey. here are the latest numbers, 61% voted for becerra and 39 for steven bailey. and in race for secretary of state, democrat alex padilla won over mark meuser, he focused on how he fought against president trump. 62% for alex padill and 38% for mark meuser. senator feinstein is going back to the senate. she defeated fellow democrat
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kevin de leon to keep the seat she's held since 1992. she has a 54% to 46% lead in that race. she said she doesn't like the negative campaign rhetoric and how the country is deeply devised. >> this is -- deeply divided. >> this is a great country, it's been fractionalized and trivialized, we have to stop that and recognize the great power we are and recognize we need to do things for the good of mankind. senator feinstein will go back to a senate under republican control and democrats gain the house of representatives. doug luzader joins us now with the potential impact of seats gained and lost for both parties. good morning, well, i guess we'll start in the senate, republicans retain control of
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the senate, but beyond that they've expanded on their majority, we think. we don't know what the final numbers will be, on the house side, same situation, democrats took the house,way don't know what the margin will, that will be important especially on the house side, they have leadership election that is will come up eventually to select a new speaker of the house. nancy pelosi is a favorite. some democrats have committed to someone else in the leadership fight. democrats will assume the mantle of leadership in the house. >> what do you think, do you think this will have an impact on the president's agenda? >> we'll hear from the president later this morning and did the a better idea of what he envisions here. we talked about interest on both sides, overlap, where we may see bipartisan cooperation,
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infrastructure spend, that's a possibility, the one thing we're certain to see democrats here, is to use the new found subpoena power, to go after the president's records, the tax return, that process is going to get ugly here. the most likely outcome in terms of legislative moves would be gridlock. >> yes, you said the subpoena power, that certainly could get ugly and the president just used his executive order as he has said he would. >> they are going to talk about the different executive orders. he's not the first president to see a work around as far as congress is concerned using executive order. president obama lost control of the power and losing his february and phone to do things
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in an executive order. there's only so much a president can do on his own, but the powers are substantial. >> it's really going to get interesting and we're going to hear from the president at 8:30 this morning, doug luzader, thanks for breaking it down for us. and there are dozen of races around the bay area and communities, we have up to the minute results on all of them on you can find live election results on the from the of the home page. the voting process may be over, but the election results are still counting your votes. we'll show you what happened overnight in alameda county. lameda county. good morning you can see traffic is going to be busy in many communities, including highway 4, coming up over to concord. sunrise over the big city and it's cold this morning, but it will be nice again this afternoon. we even, can we find a cloud? yes, san jose has a little bit of patchy fog. i am a family man.
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welcome back to "mornings on 2", we've been monitoring the overnight vote tabulation in alameda county. there's been 70% voter turnout. it's been busy in alameda county. 60 cars lined up after midnight waiting to deliver ballots from the county's 815 precincts registrar tim dupuis had a slow start to count the ballots, but
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once the process got under way, it was running smoothly. >> we have to receive votes up until friday if they're postmarked on election day. >> dupuis said they had a long line of conditional voters, and everything got there before 8:00, they met the dead lean. libby schaaf has been re- elected to a second term. with all of the precincts in, libby schaaf one with 56% of the vote. her closest challenger brooks m 12% and none of the other challengers had more than 2% and she talked about her top priority for the second term. >> clearly the most pressing problem right now is homelessness, i will be focusing my first hours in a new term with our unsheltered residents, listening to them, hearing their needs, hearing how -- >> and libby schaaf is the
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first oakland mayor to win a second term since jerry brown did it 16 years ago. >> we are at 6:18, it's probably getting busy out there, lets check in with sal, what are you looking at sal, you look very busy over there. >> well, we're looking at some of these commutes that are going to be getting tougher like highway 24, westbound. >> you can see traffic here is going it be a little slower, as you drive into the area, there have been been no major issues here with the commute, but it's getting slow as you can see, there have been no problems driving through, traffic is also going to be slow if you're driving at the bay bridge toll plaza, we can show you that right now, traffic is slow, except for the carpool lanes which by the way, are doing very well. i want to mention that the traffic here, approaching the macarthur -- macarthur maze is very slow. it's going to be backed up. if you're driving over to eastbound 3580, there was something minor right here, it could be causing a little bit
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of slow traffic, you can see the flashing lights. i'm not sure how much that is hurting the commute, it's certainly not helping the commute and if you're driving, my computer, bart is doing well this morning, muni had some problems with some wires down at third and 20th, some of the lrvs are slow. 6:20, it's not windy on the bridges, steve? it's quiet and clear, not a cloud to be found. it's cool, and we'll warm up quickly. a lot of 30s this morning. we'll look at the rainfall or lack there off. the water here starts october 1st. santa rosa on the 4th had good rain, that's been out, 42% of normal, an oakland is dismal and san jose is not better. not better. some areas back in the northeast are looking at their
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wettest start to november ever. certainly a lot in pennsylvania, and parts of other arrest i can't say in the northeast. it won't stop raining. brandon said it's the tree boulevard, the oak drove neighborhood. it's cool and walnut creek is one, it's at 39 degrees, morgan hill 38, pope valley 33, scott's valley the leader on the cool. it's closed for the park and closed for stanford, 40 degrees and los altos, it's 57 warm degrees, there's your warm air a loft. pacifica and freemont cool, and it's 44 degrees, a system will go by in the pacific northwest, and after that we'll see late tonight and tomorrow morning, the northeast wind kick in, a red flag warning is posted, it will take us early friday morning. we have an east wind and
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northwest wind, and there's an easterly northerly component. erly component. 30s and 40s and 39 in castro valley, temperatures will rebound here, and 38 in ukiaya nothing going in the pacifica northwest. there's a 16 day plot for total prescription. it's 0, that will take us out to about the 23rd, # 6 today. that's the spirit, other temperatures will be close to above. tomorrow i don't see much change, it could be, if not tomorrow, it will be on freeway. the coast looks like it will be warming up. we'll see 70s, coast bay and inland, friday into saturday. >> wow, head to the beach. okay. >> 6:22 is the time, the coverage on the midterm election continues on "mornings on 2" when we come back. >> first, there was a scare in
6:23 am
barcelona after what looked like a grenade was spotted in an x-ray check and what was actually in that bag.
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. welcome back, new this
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morning, train service is running again in spain after a bomb scare overnight. in madrid and barcelona, train service stopped. it started when a security officer saw something suspicious in a suitcase in a scanner. there were fears that someone carrying a suitcase looked like a bomb, it turned out to be a belt buckle shaped like a hand grenade. and there are dozens of lawsuits in guam, michael burns said the mediation effort led the church to bankruptcy. the archdiocese is the 20th in the united states to file bankruptcy to help settle clergy sex abuse claims. we are learning more about the passage of the bill.
6:27 am
the gunman albert wong carried a shot gun and a semi ought matt pick rifle. he took several people hostage before releasing three victims. he acted alone in the killing of the three people. he three people. right now at 6:2, a vote to change rent control laws across the state. we'll have the latest on prop 10 and other housing measures here in the bay area. bay area. sfx: squeak sfx: stair creak sfx: clink sfx: deep breath sfx: grunt sfx: tinny headphone music sfx: feet shuffling sfx: slice
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welcome back, taking you live to new york this morning for the opening bell. we're watching wall street's reaction to the election results and the divided congress. most analysts say they like it. they like it if there is a balance of power, one party in office, one party in control of congress, it's usually well received. and take a look, the dow jones is up 200 points, 3/4 of a per cent, the s&p 500, the and the nasdaq up a half of a per cent and the dow is continuing its upward trend. we'll watch that in today's dollars and cents. we'll say good morning, thanks for joining us on
6:31 am
"mornings on 2", i'm dave clark. >> i'm pam cook. thank you for joining us. we have a lot to talk about. peg seg is notifying customers in parts of 9 counties in california, it may turn off the power tomorrow to prevent the chance of wildfires, they're initiating the public safety power shut off because of strong winds and low humidity. the areas that could be shut off is napa county and lake and placer counties, they're sending out phone calls and text messages and e-mails alerting customers that the power may be turned off. the pg&e tornado off power last month of similar high fire danger. there's a red flag warning that begins at 10:00 tonight. we should check in with steve paulson right now, you've been talk become the possible fire danger? >> when i first got in this business, the fire season was
6:32 am
over in november. you had one or two systems -- >> rain, yeah. >> and the fire danger will kick in tonight. our rainfall has been dismal. we haven't had anything, so, it's still in place, it will be in place most of the month. there's no sign until thanksgiving as of now. there's the northwest wind at the berkeley lab. bay hill, 17% humidity, it's very low, it will be a beautiful afternoon, 60s and 70s, a lot of temperatures here, and pope valley, grayton is 34 and walnut creek is 39. and scott's valley there's a bunch of observation, i've seen anywhere from 32 to 39.
6:33 am
other than that we're looking for this system to go through and that's when the northeast wind will kick in behind that. lake port is in there and santa rosa and napa airport has been there. we'll end up with about 70s for highs, we'll have the low to mid-60s, warmer weather is on the coast for the next few days. and sal is here, it's usually okay. >> i'm never too far from looking over there. >> i look over here and i put it on your tv. >> my tv? >> on my tv. >> i have a new crash in daley city that came in on hillside drive. lets go to the east bay now, highway 4, westbound as you drive out to the willow pass grave, you'll see traffic that's typical. 24 is slow in lafayette it, breaks up and the bay bridge
6:34 am
approach from the carquinez bridge to the macarthur maze, no major problems on the bridge and you can see san francisco, it's tough and looks good, northbound 880, you still have an opportunity to drive without that slow traffic. it doesn't, it's only 6:30, you have a little time and starting around 7 you see the break lights, 6:34, restricted priest go to the desk. >> celebrating gavin newsom is celebrating the governor in california. he said it's a hard fought race. >> it because of you the future belongs to california. it's been a tough two years, but tonight america's biggest state is making the biggest statement in america. gavin newsom was joined on stage in los angeles by his wife and children.
6:35 am
political analysts say he's been -- say he's been preparing for governor for years. he highlighted the problems of california and the needs of california, john cox, highlighted the needs and problems of californians. >> they can't afford housing and gasoline and the basics of life. and let me tell you this republican party will be back in this state. >> now, john cox ran on several issues including repealing the gasoline tax. in the lieutenant governor's race, lieutenant governor, she has 56% of the vote. he vote. a lot of propositions on bat roll. >> -- ballot. >> one is projected to raised 300 million, the money would go to homeless counties, it's a
6:36 am
half% tax from corporations that make more than 50,000. 60% voters said yes, and 40% no. and statewide propositions on your ballot address major housing issues we face in california. between rent control and affordable housing, there was a lot of debate. sara tell bus the results so far? >> it's one way or the other, of course, we know a lot of people are passionate about these, we saw people campaigning outside of san francisco city hall yesterday until the last minute. we're going to touch on some of these propositions, the first one we're going to talk about is proposition 10, rental control for residential properties, lets start with the current state law, it's called the housing act. it bans cities and counties for housing built after 1995 and single family homes. landlords would be able to choose a rat for new tenants,
6:37 am
and they voted no, and if you voted no, rent control policies would stand. lets see how voters felt about this one. 38% voted yes, and 62% voted no. they said prop 10 would put fair limits on the amount they can raise rent. they said it will make it worse and put bureaucrats in charge of housing. and prop 1, this is bonds for affordable housing and a vote yes would nor $4 billion for housing programs, for low income residents, veterans, transient housing and more. voting no, the state can't borrow money to fund these programs. as the results continue to come in, 46% voted no, 54% voted yes. supporters argue vulnerable populations can be helped with affordable housing, bigger solutions are needed to fix the housing shortage. and proposition 2, this
6:38 am
would amend the existing program for mental illness and fund a program for housing people with mental illness. they would use mental health funds from proposition 63 for this program. a vote against blocks the state from using that money. take a look at the results we have right now. 61 have voted yes 39% have voted no. supporters say it will help people get off the streets and into treatment. and opponents say taking money away from mental ill nets to fund building will cause problems in homelessness. and we'll tell you about the most expensive proposition. and president trump called nancy pelosi last night congratulating her on democrats taking the house. in all fairness, she deserves to be the chosen speaker of the house by democrats. if they give her a hard time,
6:39 am
perhaps we'll add republican votes, she's earned this great honor. democrats in the house will use their newly won majority to pursue a bipartisan agenda. and ray, does this mean the republicans and democrats will play nice now? >> who knows? if they do, for may in the last long. we can cross our fingers and hope it lasts for the last two years, of course. they needed 23 seats, they got 26, republicans contain control of the house and there are races too close to call but it could get bigger. it was a diverse election. now, more than 100 women will be in congress, that's going to be a record. >> reporter: the balance of power in congress is projected to change in january, with each
6:40 am
party holding control of one chamber, nancy pelosi could return as the next house speaker, she is prepared to reach across the aisle. >> and the democrat gubinatorial candidate andrew gillum was hoping to become the nation's first back governor. >> i was planning to be on the front lines along every single one of you when it comes to standing up to what we believe in. and stacey abrams is going to be the first african- american governor and she said it isn't over yet. >> we'll make sure every vote is counted. >> every single vote. and history was made when colorado's jared polis was the first openly gay governor. >> i'm profoundly grateful for all of the work we've done to overcome. michigan and minnesota decided to send the first
6:41 am
muslim woman to congress and alexandria cortez from new york, 29 years old, the youngest woman ever elected to congress and president trump tweet reasonable doubt tremendous success tonight, thank you to all. and so you mentioned before, president trump tweeted nancy pelosi should be speaker of the house. and that could be a possible, it was predicted and mr. clyburn would be the majority whip. but, looking at the republican leadership, it's less clear, jim jordan has expressioned he wanted to be the minority leader you have kevin mccarthy and steve southern californiaies who are in leadership positions. what can we expect -- and steve scalise who are in
6:42 am
leadership positions. what can we expect two hours from now, a lot, if you can see how much he's been tweeting this morning and last night? if he speaks half as much as he's been tweeting, it will be quite the press conference. claim victory and success and talk about how the republicans gained more seats in the senate. as we stand, it's at least 3, we have a too close to call race in montana and mississippi and they'll go in a run off election where the incumbent cindy hyde-smith could remain there. we'll see what happens, there's still a few more races. >> thank you. turning now to several other state propositions, prop 3 would allow the state to borrow 8.9 billion, that money would go to safe drinking water projects, water shed and fishery improvements, supporters say the measures
6:43 am
secure safe and reliable water for drought protection and you can repay bonds, there are the results on that one, 52% no, and 48% yes. and voters approved prop 4, that's the one that gives the state permission to fund renovations and expansions and upgrades at children's hospitals. 61% yes, and 39% no. and prop 4 will increase the number of patients that they'll take in and provide funding for technology and research. and prop 5 had take the portion of the lowered property tax base and with them, if they sell their homes more than once, and there's another for tax break for wealthy homeowners and one for lost revenues for schools and local governments, 58% no and 42% yes. and there are a dozen races for the bay area, and we have up to the minute results on all
6:44 am
of them, on you can find more on the election results on our home page. repealing the gas tax, that was a big one as well. we'll have the latest results on the tax that is generating millions of dollars to fix our roads. and election security was a big focus during the midterm elections, the latest from the government about possible hacking or election meddling. ♪
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welcome back to mornings on 2, had no major voting problems were reported across the country, but the nonpartisan election protection hotline said thousands of calls came in from voters reporting problems at the polling places, that's on par with the number of complaints they handle during a presidential election, most complaints involving problems with voting machines and cause long lines at the polling places, indiana and thousands of places across the country. the department of homeland security say there were no election security problems, but authorities were watching for any signs of election tampering, the midtermses the first major test of the new election security precautions, they adopted the russian
6:48 am
interference in the 2016, the head of homeland security department says the u.s. took unprecedented steps when it came to voter security this year. >> i can confidential say the midterms will be the most secure this year. we have not a compromise of the infrastructure that will change the accounts or trust the ability to count votes. and they warned voters to watch out for misinformation spread online designed to influence how we vote. more people in san jose voted for measure v but it may not pass. this approves up to $450 million in bonds to pay for housing construction for low income residents, it needs a 2/3s vote for approval. the yes vote is 61%, and the no vote is 39%. barkley's measure o would
6:49 am
raise money for affordable house, it's a 135 million bond measure, it will create more affordable house, it needs 2/3s to pass. the yes vote is 61% and the no vote is 24%. and measure w has passed. it will oppose a partial tax on abandoned taxes. the idea is to reduce blight giving homeowners incentive to keep a property in use. it needs a 2/3s majority to pass. measures d focus objected hotel employees in oakland, we have seen a lot of striking workers it, would require oakland's larger hotels, 50 guest rooms, will pay their employees a minimum wage of $16 an hour, and they will have
6:50 am
panic buttons to protect them from sexual assault and sexual harassment, # 5% yes, and 25% no. measure a winning easily, 82% to 18%. it allows san francisco to borrow up to425 million to fix and upgrade the aging seawall. the seawall stretches more than three miles, it's about 100 years old, it goes under the embarcadero from fisherman's wharf to at&t park. >> the san francisco measure to impose new taxes on cannabis businesses is sailing to victory, it's about a of 6% to 34% decision, there will be a gross receipt on pot shops. it will depend on whether it's a retailer and how much gross revenue it takes in.
6:51 am
there are several businesses in contra costa county, measure r would impose a 4% tax on marijuana, 72% yes, 28% no, that measure would generate millions of dollars in revenue to go towards the county's general financed. oakland has some of the highest manner tax rates in the state, city and county state taxes are combined leaving businesses there with a tax rate of close to 35%. and they can lower the tax rate, the yes vote, 78%, no, close to 22% there. >> that's a lot it to digest, a lot of information it, the time is 6:51, sal will get you where you need to go this morning. all right, dave, pam, we see traffic that is busier than it was a half-hour ago. you know how it goes this time of the morning, a 44 minute drive from the carquinez bridge
6:52 am
and you add to this to the bay bridge toll plaza, it's tough get on the bridge. looking it bring, we have nothing major, a couple of minor things going on, for the most part it's crowded, this is a look at the riff land bring. it's going to be -- the richmond bridge. we have slowing on highway 101. where it's slow, northbound 101, coming from capitol expressway up to here and 280 continues to be slow. look at that, right there on the outbound, 280, it's slow all of the way in. lets bring steve in. it will be cold and sunny and noise. that's an extreme close up. i don't want to scare anybody. the red flag warning starts late tonight and lack county we could have gusts of 40 to 50
6:53 am
miles per hour above a couple of thousand feet. that will translate no an offshore event. we have a puff of a eastern, northeast breeze, above the caldecott and oakland zoo. it will ramp up tomorrow. we can use rain, we're not getting any. solve the 16 day outlooks gives us 0. for san jose, oakland is 4%, san francisco is better. it's still dismal, 13%, an inch and a quarter, they got nothing since, we have a lot it make up here. i like the -- this is said. what is this man talking about? every six miles they update the gfs, this will be the newer
6:54 am
model. this is our global forecast system. this is what we look at for the long-range outlook. by 6 in the morning it will start to change again because they flip in a lot when you look out 15, 16 days, this model hints at a change on the 23rd. that are called the model riders, they look at the models hoping for anything in blue and not red. 60s and 70s on the temperatures here. morgan hill 37, pope valley 33 degrees, there's a lot of 30s, winds are 38, pet lola, novato and sleepy hollow there are upper 30s and kelseyville is 39 degrees. you'll end up with a lot of sunshine, and when it starts to go through, that's when the north, northeast breeze kicks in overnight. a lot of 30s and who is on the coast, there's a little patchy
6:55 am
fog, truckee is at 19, and it's quiet for us and it's mild to warm, our highs should be 65, 67, we're look ago 77 to 78 for many. there's a dry air mass, the northeast breeze will translate into nice weather for the coast the next couple of days building hyperloop tunnels right here in the bay area. we'll tell you which tech ceo asked elon musk to help him solve the bay area's transportation problems. [ phone rings ] what?!
6:56 am
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everybody will be able to get out there and enjoy the ice. the rink will be open every day until january 21st. in sacramento the state capitol is getting ready for the holidays. the state christmas tree has arrived. it's 69 feet tall, white fur delivered yesterday came from redding. once the tree is installed on the west lawn the crews will
6:59 am
spend several days decorating it with ornaments. the bullet train too far away, can you do it, he says. pus muscle who runs the company replied "sure". the hyper loop has been asked to build commuter projects around the country including from dc to new york and in chicago from downtown to o hear airport. over the weekend elon musk released this video of a trip through the tunnel that runs under los angeles. 0.
7:00 am
>> this victory is really your victory. because of you, the future belongs to california. it's been a tough two years but tonight america's biggest stake is making the biggest statement in america. . >> the bay area sends another leader to the governor's house. we're live with gavin newsom's commanding victory and why he has his eyes set on president trump. democrats did it. they retook the house of representatives. the senate remains in republican hands. i'm doug luzader in washington, more on the results from the midterm election, just ahead. it's a busy wednesday, november 7th. i'm gasia mikaelian. >> and good morning i'm dave clark. >> democrats have won enough seats in the house of representatives to regain control putting congresswoman nancy polo si in line to become


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