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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 4pm  FOX  November 7, 2018 4:00pm-4:59pm PST

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journalists and issues a warnin >> leading the resistance. >>it is time the credits. california's newly elect the against the trump agenda. back >> how voters weighed in on certain issues like rent control and re-up that's right -- the gas tax. >> this is the largest game for the president's party in a first midterm election since president kennedy in 1962. dance trump touting a victory in the midterm election even though democrats took control
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of the house. this press conference lasted for an hour and things got quite heated at times. welcome everyone. >> i am in for heather holmes. first we have breaking news out of oakland. that is where police are at both the rockridge and bart station. they were both close because of major delays. they did find devices that those stations. we are being told the situation has been resolved. these are live pictures you are looking at right now. police evacuated one train and they did not find anything dangerous. another train just pulled into the station so it looks like the rockridge station is back to normal. back to capitol hill. trump continued to attack members of the media over coverage of his administration. 90 minutes later, jeff sessions
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was out of a job. that is a bombshell today. we are following all of the developments from washington. give us the latest. reporter: it was a very heated press conference between trump and the media less than 24 hours ago. republicans lost control of the house. also today, big news, we are seeing our first post election administration shakeup.
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>> they wanted the highest standards.
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>> an opportunity to put forth something but they haven't done it. they should do it now. they need to do this because there is this administration should have been moved forward earlier. >> they wanted to protect him.
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>> i would love to see what will happen. they said now this is an control of the finance committee. we now have a democrat who is a chair. that means they could obtain the tax records of president trump. >> they could request it.
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>> it would lead to multiple investigations. it is spending out of control quickly. behind the scenes, would you think is playing out.
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>> they need to roll the credits. now it is time to come together. is this not now the time. >> he won nearly 60% of the votes. he democratic that's right benefited from -- many said they believe the country is headed in the wrong direction. the majority of voters had a negative view of president trump.
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>> this is a state where we don't criminalize diversity we celebrate diversity. we don't reject, we protect the most vulnerable. we don't put profit and loss ahead of clean air, we don't put it ahead of clean water and clean close lines -- coastlines. we don't regulate a woman's body. >> he got his start in san francisco. he was appointed by willie brown to the board of supervisors. he later became a mayor and rose to national prominence by being one of the first to recognize same-sex marriages. now he will govern an entire state. his campaign promoted affordable housing, healthcare and expanding presch. he will also have to tackle the ongoing problems of homelessness. he said his opponent cox tried
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to highlight these issues during the campaign. >> we identified the needs of these people. the fact that they can't afford housing or gasoline, they can't afford the basics of life. let me tell you, this republican party will be back in this state. >> but not at the statewide level at least not for the next 4 years. he will take office on january 7. back to you. and governor brown today spoke about proposition six which went down in defeat yesterday. he opposed the measure which aim to repeal the new gas tax law. it waimthmoney generated will g towards public transportation. the majority of vote appeal. today brown said keeping the
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gas tax in place will ensure that the roads are safe for future generations. >> this is about building for the future. the other people want to think about what you are paying. we are buying the future. we are buying safety. we need things that will hold up in an earthquake. >> governor brown will leave his office in january of the four nonconsecutive terms as governor. >> voters also rejected prop 10, the rent control law. this is the current state law. it bans cities and counties from imposing restrictions on housings built after 1995 and on single-family homes. landlords would be able to choose a rate without restrictions. they aimed to repeal the law. they want it to stand. >> san francisco voters have had their say and they proved a new tax on some of the biggest
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this is -- businesses. it could be a legal battle. >> i can tell you right now that everyone in san francisco agrees that homelessness is an important issue. now voters have approved a proposition and some are going back and forth over what will happen next. >> san francisco voters hit the polls in record numbers. when it came to this prop, the decision was clear. they supported the tax on big homelessness. the salesforce estimated that the taxes could cost this company more than $2 million. he's a it is in opportunity for businesses to give back to communities where they are located.
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>> prop c is great because it shows the need for every company that profits to give back at this critical time. >> she found herself on the other side of the issue and worried it could discourage business development and it did have details on oversight. she said she wants to work on a regional strategy and will work for consensus. >> my goal is to bring all of the stakeholders together. those who are for and against the measure -- >> they said the money will never reach the homelessness. they said new taxes need to be approved by a majority. while it was widely supported, it missed the two thirds mark. the people never had a plan. if they had a plan for unity it
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would have brought the whole city together. >> homeless people say these initiatives were supported. [ phone rings ] what?!
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>> this will dry things out even more. that is why it is a big concern about one today. we do have a red flag fire warning we could have when gus up to 45 miles per hour. we do have one approaching 60 miles per hour. that will be a key concern. we will have humidity at 8%. that is very dry. unfortunately this will be strong. this is the wind forecast model. this is thursday at 1 pm. you can see the brighter colors that are representing the stronger wind speeds. this is an offshore wind coming in out of the north and the east. that will happen on thursday. then we will scale back on the wind speeds as we head into
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friday. the key concern is that this could be a long duration. it could last 18 hours. then friday the conditions will improve. the satellite is showing that the storms are moving up and over the area. we do have clouds in the area. you already know this will result in warm weather. it will be in the 70s and most of the viewing area. santa rosa is at 53 degrees. here is our live camera. the elevation is just over 300 feet. you can see how dry the hills are. it is november and we may be tracking some downpours. we are still in the middle of fire season. we hope this will put in into
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the fire danger. the overnight lows will be protected from the strong winds. it could be in the low 50s. we do have some high clouds and some fog. that will be the case for thursday. we will get some warm temperatures. most of the bay area and the coastline will be back up in the 70s. it looks like this mild weather pattern will continue until the weekend. we will let you know if we have any rain chance is -- chances. >> strong reactions to the midterm elections. we will have details after the news tonight . sfx: tinny headphone music
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. there is mixed reaction today over seas the midterm elections. >> reporter: while millions of voters in the u.s. were hitting the polls on tuesday, folks around the world were keeping a close eye on the results in the midterm election
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. >> they're already at a low point. others are clearly surprised at the president's level of domestic support, say they were expecting a different outcome. it should have been a tie for the democrats and a defeat of the slightly strained president that gives indigestion to many. >> in the mid east leaders say they anticipated greater focus on the peace. . >> i don't expect a huge democratic backlash because of the close relationship we've seen with president trump and the state of israel. >> i think the result of the elections indicate a possibility of a change in american policy eventually. >> president trump is scheduled to head over to paris over the weekend. he had planned to meet with
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vladimir putin but that meeting has been canceled. been canceled. . up next, there were propositions on the midterm ballot that may have confused voters. we'll look at the policy of what goes
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. a couple propositions on this year's ballot dealt
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directly with medical companies including prop 8 which was rejected by voters. it would regulate the charge for dialysis centers. the same for prop 11. it requires emergency ambulance employees to remain on call during work breaks. both of the measures were lobbied for in sacramento before they were put on the ballot. there is an issue about decideing the issues that some believe should be up to lawmakers. we're joined by jack, a political science professor. thanks for joining us. we're talking about complex issues. why is the average person voting on them? >> well, the average person is voting on them because the california constitution makes it quite easy for groups to get something on the ballot if they failed to have the legislature
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deal with the issue from their perspective. you can get pretty much anything on the ballot if you have enough money amillion dollars or so. you pay signature gatherers and there it is. most of these are complex and i think most political scientist would say they're best dealt with by the legislature but when they aren't people have a concentrated interest in the issue and have benefits attached to it or some cause then they take to it the people and people are confronted with, as you say, these very complex measures which are often difficult to understand and which often have unintended consequences. in the case of these two issues you had, first of all nthe
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dialysis case, this was promoted bide union and had some insurance company support and the dialysis company spent a huge amount of money, mount and effective campaign which said dialysis clinics would close, dialysis patients would be forced to go to the emergency room to have access and that would end up costing a lot more money. in some sense that tactic worked successfully. the nurse's association, the doctors, it's not difficult to understand why people would say, well, even though i may not like these companies making all of that profit, this is from a healthcare point of view, not something that we should pass. >> yeah, and those companies spent $99 million on the opposition and trying to say that spending would put some of the clinics out of business. you know, the confusing
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language on the ballot was one thing and then there is a important information like the details of multiple lawsuits that have been filed against the clinics. voters may not have been armed with that information when going to the pollings which is were important because they voted in favor of these companies. >> well, that's true but i think one should never under estimate the ignorance of the voters on many of these details. it's unrealistic to expect people to have command of all of these issues. there are so many going on at the same time which the why you started out with a proposition. these are issues that the legislators are better equipped to deal with. the second issue had private company backing it and union opposition.
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there you could see the pitch was, look, this will make it, guarantee you quicker response time in an emergency situation so if someone is on break they have to do it but we're going to pay them while they're on break anyway. you can see the appeal of that particular message. >> thank you, we appreciate your time today. >> thank you. >> in oakland, mayor libby schaaf has been re-elected to a second term. she won with 56% of the votes. her closest challenger, cat brooks, had 23% and pamela price at 13%. none of the others had more than 2% of the vote. she told us about her top priority in her second term. >> clearly, the most pressing problem right now is homelessness. i will be focusing my first hours in the new term with our
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unsheltered resident, listening to them, hearing their needs. >> libby schaaf is the first oakland mayor to win a second term since jerry brown did it 16 yearings ago. >> the south bay, sheriff laurie smith will serve a sixth term beating jon hirokawa. this is her first run off race since she was elected in 1998. >> last night voters in new york made history. >> this is what is possible when everyday people come together in a collective realization that all our actions, no matter how small or large, are powerful and capable of lasting change. >> 29-year-old democrat,
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alexandria oh cascio-cortez is the youngest woman elected to congress. she gained national attention when she defeat add ten term congressman a.record number of women were electricked to congress last night. more than 100 women are projected to win seats in the house. >> jared polis will become the nation's first openly gay governor in the nation. he won the governor's seat in colorado. >> this is making it possible for us to live and love openly and proudly. >> he served in congress for five terms. kate brown identifies as bi- sexual. still to come here, we're going to welcome back david
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mcgowen to talk about the new governor, gavin newsom. it's november and we should be talking about heavy downpours. that's not the case. we have sunshine and temperatures in the 70s. unfortunately we have high fire dangers. your complete forecast is coming up.
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. all right, so much to talk about on this day after the
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election. joining us now to talk about it is political science professor, david mcgowen. let's start with the newly elected governor, gavin newsom. we heard his speech last night. the scene there was one of having california push back against the trump administration. how do we see governor gavin newsom leading the resistance? >> we'll be the principal architect in that. spend a lot of time in washington, d.c. and flying back and forth. he likes the joining politics and continue to do that and a lot of them are centers around contracts president trump. he's going to have to tackle some critical issues here in our state. what do you see as his
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priorities here? we know we have an incredible housing crisis and a growing number of people experiencings homelessness. help wants to build a lot of homes and free up units. it's a lot of money and a big plan. he wants to have universal preschool paid for. you don't implement these things overtime. it takes time and you need a good economy. >> there are contrasting stylings between governor brown and governor newsom. we know there is. governor brown wo one or two is would just lock in and get things done. gavin newsom has a tendency to maybe spread himself thin? >> he does. he likes to talk about policy and he's going to be different in terms of style. one of the things we want to watch for is the degree to which he keeps his nose to the
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grind stone and delivers. when he's unable to deliver, what does he do in terms of man najaheing expectations when he disappoints. >> a lot of propositions on the ballot. . how do you think the voters, why, did they reject that idea. >> no money is more powerful than yes money. we're paying for and pushing a lot of ballot measures. most fail. most voters vote in the negative or vote for the status quo. what is what we saw with 6, 8 and 10. votes rejected proposition 6 meaning governor brown's gas tax remains in effect. do you see it as anything more than an effort by the republican party to energize
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the base? >> for the republican seats. >> they don't like paying much for gas. >> you'd think it would hold more with the california voters. opponents of 6 spent $110 million. it with as rich investment and worthwhile because they got what they wanted. no on 6 was successful. >> all of those billionsion of dollars will be funneled in. yo >> we're going to send things over to mark myles now. it's another hot and dry day. we're going to have more weather conditions we're monitoring. we have mild temperature, gusty winds. we've been talking about -- each time we have an event it dries out the hillside and the next one provides mrs. dry and that is going to happen tonight
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and into thursday. we have a red flag warning as a result. if you're not covered in the red you could still have elevated fire danger. it is a warm and dry wind weather pattern and gusty winds. winds for the hills easily going up above 40 miles per hour. i'm anything mt. diablo, gusts of 50 to 06 miles per hour and very dry tomorrow afternoon. we could have relative humidity around 8 to 12%. the one thing that would put an end to the fire season is rainfall. the last rainfall we had, unusual for early october, october 3rd. november has been starting out dry and it looks like at least the first half of november will be troy. there is a good chance we'll extend this to the 16th, 17th, 18th or 19. we just can't pinpoint a day.
4:48 pm
satellites showing this. we do have high clouds up to the north. would be nicer if this would swing into the bay area and bring in the rainfall. not the case. this is moving up and over the bay area leaving us on the warm side. look at the current numbers now. we have 70s towards san jose, san francisco 64, napa 65, santa rosa winds at the sure factor northerly winds starting to develop. this is the beginning of the offshore wind event. we have a bit of a westerly wind about 17 miles per hour. here is a live camera looking at the hillside. that is mt. talking about the green hillside. sunny and warm stretch with temperatures in the 70s and that will remain the case through the weekend. our next system is here.
4:49 pm
as it follows the upper level wind it's moving to the north and the east of the bay area. 15 to 25 miles at the surface but up above 200 feet 40 miles per hour or more. here is the forecast model. this is reflecting temperatures back up into the 70s for tomorrow afternoon. santa row va 79, vacaville around 80. we have to take a pause when i was typing all of these numbers. it is november and we're talking about all of these 70s. san jose 76, san francisco downtown 74 degrees. here is a look ahead to your five-day forecast. i wish i had a rain cloud here but nothing is showing up, 70s and mostly sunny.
4:50 pm
kirkwood as preliminary opening day about two weeks from today. >> we better start making lot of snow. there might have to be a plan b. you would expect to have mother nature helping out the ski resorts but it's not. >> unfortunately. thank, mark. >> here are the stories we're looking at for 5:00 in the south bay. a daring rescue of a woman trapped in an apartment fire. when she peaked or all she the rescue the woman and a dog from the second floor. >> law enforcement trying strategy to prevent theft. >> package thieves beware. this is the time of year when the packages are secretary to the homes and the local police department is hoping to bait thieves into an arrest. >> frank, we look forward to
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those stories at 5:00. >> up next on the 4, the most wonderful time of the year, even with the warm temperatures we have you can get into the holiday spirit in san francisco. too soon? >> never too soon. >> not too soon for alyana. way are we giving up on burgers. that's why i created the all-american ribeye burger, made with 100% ribeye beef, sfx: tinny headphone musiceet g life can change in an instant. be covered when it does... ...with a health plan through covered california. we offer free expert help choosing the best plan for you. and all of our plans include free preventive care. financial help is available, so check for yourself to see what savings you qualify for. for health insurance starting january 1st, enroll by december 15th. because you never know when life... ...will change. get covered today.
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to begin at 11:30 tomorrow morning. it will include speeches and presentations. members of mccovey's family will be on hand as well as former and current giants players. he passed away on october 31st after battling ongoing health issues. those attending are encouraged to take public transportation. >> the napa valley film festival kicks off tonight. films will be shown in four different places in the next five getting ready for the holidays the arrival of the state christmas tree. the 69-foot white fir was delivered yesterday more thanking from redding. once the tree is installed on the west lawn crews will decorate it with ten thousand
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ultra low wattage bulbs. >> it's a little bare. we need more meat on the tree. >> temperatures are in the 70s in some places but it feels a little like winter in san francisco. the ice rink is open and it opened up for the 11th on the rink. drag queens on ice and others will be there. this ice rink is considered one of the most beautiful in the world, ranking number four last year. it is warm in the city so it oo essential a high tech effort to keep the ice from melting. we're using technology with an aluminum panel. the ice is an inmuch and a half thick. with that we can control the temperature at the surface at all times. we don't ever get wet. the sun means nothing. >> 300 people can skate at one time. tickets are $18 for adult, $13
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for children 8 years old and under. >> looks like a lot of fun. that's it for us. k, the vu news at 5:00 starts after the break. it's time for sleep number's veterans day sale
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on the new sleep number 360 smart bed. it senses your movement and automatically adjusts to keep you both comfortable. and now, the queen sleep number 360 c4 smart bed is only $1299. plus 24-month financing on all beds. only for a limited time. before the ballots could be counted from the midterm
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election president trump already shaking things up. attorney general jeff sessions is out. he resigned at the request of the president today. good evening. i'm frank somerville. >> and i'm julie haener. he was one of donald trump's earliest and staunchest supporters. now jeff sessions is out as attorney general. sessions was unable to regain the president's trust after recusing himself from the russia investigation. late today, justice department employees gave sessions and ovation as he waved good-bye and left office. fox news' lauren blanchard tells us tensions were already high at the white house following the midterm election. >> reporter: things escalating here in d.c. tonight during that press conference things got so heated between president trump and the cnn white house reporter, jim acosta. just moments ago, acosta tweeted that he had been denied entry to the white house for his hit that was supposed to come up on cnn happening about right now. then moments later, we got a statement from the white house
5:00 pm
press secretary sarah sanders saying that they have pulled acosta's white house hard pass until, quote, further notice. and basically, the reason for this is during that press conference, one of the white house interns went to take a microphone from acosta as he was trying to ask questions, then if she was beinby him or w the white house says that they will never tolerate a reporter placing his hands on a young woman just trying to do her job. now, they say they have pulled that hard pass acosta has been denied entry to the white house so this whole thing


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