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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 4am  FOX  November 16, 2018 4:00am-4:30am PST

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we'll talk more about how your weekend. end. good morning, thank you for joining us, and hanging in there with us. >> yeah. >> it's been a rough week. >> friday morning november 16th, i'm pam cook. >> i'm dave clark, steve paulson is off and rosemary has if the forecast. >> tgif, i wish we had better news to report. next week we may get rain. we'll get a little bit of an onshore breeze, it doesn't look too strong. it's hard to count on that. we may see an improvement over the weekend. the air quality will remain unhealthy, it will give you a look at a dark start, the temperatures this morning, above freezing in santa rosa and 46 in san francisco, 30s inland and 40s around the bay,
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41 in livermore and 41 to start your day, san jose. we have mostly clear skies above all of a half. mountain view, san jose, anyone reported 2 and a half hours there. santa rosa, 3 miles visibility at this hour. we have calm conditions out there. it's not helping, the north, northeast flow continues, and we've been stuck in this pattern ever since the fire began. here's a look at the air quality, especially unhealthy for the central and east bay and the santa clara valley. across the board, a chance for unhealthy and very unhealthy air will be in the forecast. and temperatures will not change much 66 in san francisco, upper 60s for oakland and into the 70s for inla're looking forward to rain coming into the thanksgiving week. we'll look at the extended forecast in a little bit. lets check the highways, l.
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good morning, rosemary. we have some slowing, but we're off to a nice friday morning start. we can see a little slowing after the altamont pass eastbound, it's not westbound yet. it's a little unusual. it traffic is moving along okay if you're driving to dublin and castro valley. off to a nice start on interstate 880 if you drive to the high street exit and at the bay bridge you can see traffic is moving well and you can see how smoky it is this early in the morning. at 4:02, lets go back to the desk. a disaster recovery center is talking about resources to rebuild. 63 people have been killed by the fires. that number may go higher. more than 600 people are missing, 220 square miles have
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burned. it's 40% contained, firefighters say the could be takenment lines are holding and fire crews continue to look for hot spots and keeping it from spreading. a second area has been identified by fire investigators as the possible location where the fire may have started. it's in the concow area, authorities have not given any more details. 165 cars that were abandoned along the roads have been recovered by the chp, they're trying to get the roads clear, search crews found one badly burned by the community in paradise that flipped on the side. >> officers a vehicle which had been completely destroyed by fire. evacuation orders are being lifted for some people living in the outlying areas, but more than 50,000 people in
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communities including paradise, magalia and concow cannot return to their neighbors to see if there is anything left of their homes. president trump plans to visit the fire zone tomorrow while the final details are being worked out. fly to the air force base near the city of marysville, and meet with people impacted by the wildfires, and there's a request for the disaster declaration which opens the doors to federal aid. in the fire zone, there's an investigation into a deadly officer-involved shooting and the suspect was wanted for a double homicide back in 2014. authorities were told that a suspicious man was living for several days in the caller's car. police realized he was a wanted parolee and they chased him in the orrville area at speeds up to 90 miles per hour. after using a spiked strip to stop him, he pointed at
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officers pointing a metallic on at them. >> at this point, they felt the man was armed and did a felony stop. they were asking him to get out of the car, get out of the car, show his hands, he made the statement, you guys should have left me alone. and the statement, i'm not going back. >> authorities shot and killed the pit bull that the suspect had and it attacked a police dog. several officers including 3 from bullitt county and 3 from the shasta county sheriff's office and fish and game were involved. there's more misery for people who lost their homes in the fire. a norovirus spread and 145 people became sick and 41 are being treated. the four affected shelters are the neighborhood and east
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churches and the nazarene church and the fairgrounds. and they'll face scrutiny, pg&e, and they're opening a new investigation into the utility company and how it's run. the puc wants to determine the best path for california how to receive safe gas and electric in the future. some have filed a lawsuit accusing pg&e for starting the fire. and pg&e said it went out on and transmission line when the fire started. and the stock has dropped 30% yesterday, in a hopeful sign, the utility stock is up 40%, investors may be looking for bargains. we'll see if that is up, the
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dow was up and down all morning long and gained 200 points by the close, ending the five days of losses, they credit a rebound from tech stocks, the nasdaq up 122 and the s&p up 28. and the bay area it's some of the worst fire we've ever seen and many people have burning eyes and sore throats. and some stores are out of mask. amber lee reports on the air quality for people around the bay area. it's quiet on thursday night, there was a cancellation of a men's basketball game. a significant amount of smoke has infiltrated the gym. >> we decided to cancel classes for the remainder of the day on
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friday. >> it's hard to breathe, you wake up with a runny nose all of the time. at oakland at ace hardware, they had to go to the wholesalers three times in one day to try to get more masks because customers have been snapping them up. >> we have them over there and down this, but that's empty. >> workers estimate that they've sold 5,000 masks in just one day. people lined up and waited for 45 minutes when they heard that the store was about to get another shipment late in the afternoon. >> hello. >> hello. >> we were there when the last batch arrived. >> thank you. >> chest pains and shortness of breath, that's why we came to get masks after appointment. >> the medical director of er says there's been a surge of patients needing help for respiratory problems. >> so, i think it would be fair to say that you could say being
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exposed like this is the equivalent of smoking a pack of cigarettes. but healthy people should be back to normal in a few evening. it's hard to say how much wearing a mask helps, this don't filter out the smaller particles from the smoke. >> the further away we are from the fire the more you see in the air the small particles. no one has an idea how much. the masks probably do help. >> back here, they are relieved that classes are cancelled. >> the air quality is terrible. it's worse than it is in beijing. >> they've not made a decision about saturday's big game against stanford and they're continuing to monitor the air quality. andrea lee, fox 2 news. you can ride for free today on several baarea trof the bad you can ride on muni today so
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people in san francisco can avoid walking or biking outdoors. cable car service, it's shot down so people are not exposed to the smoke. bus lines are open and free all day in san francisco, and the mbta will offer all bus and light rail service today. the bta wants to offer people an alternative from outside, and san tran bus service will be available and free today. there are no school classes today in these counties. hese counties. in santa clara county schools will and sonoma county each school district is deciding to be open or closed.
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some have announced that they'll close classes today. many colleges and universities have closed classes and that includes these colleges and universities. universities. on our website,, we have compiled a more thorough list of school closures, you can check the website for your child's school district, we received a text in the afternoon. so sign up for information, both for your school and if you haven't did to the website. coming up a long-term tradition at san quentin prison will be rescheduled. we're continuing to follow a developing story out of hayward, the investigation into an officer-involved shooting. that's next. we do see traffic moving along pretty well if you're
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driving on 880 in oakland. outside our doors, the bay area friday, it's another spare the air and a smoke advisory, we'll is show you the extended forecast and check on the conditions coming up.
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on 2", the time is now 4:14, we're following a developing story in hayward, it involves a police shooting last night. police rushed to o'neil avenue near sycamore, before 10:00, shots were fired and one person believed to be the suspect was taken away by ambulance. police spent hours collecting evidence, we have no idea what happened and what the suspect was wanted for. the chief of police will provide a statement about the investigation into the death of a domestic violence suspect, it happened wednesday night at a home on elm wood road near the expressway, police received and call from a woman who said she was being assaulted by her boyfriend. she got away but the boyfriend stayed in the home and would not come out. he was unresponsive when they found him hiding under the home. he was pronounced dead at a hospital a short-
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on detecting hate speech and graphic violence and breaking rules even before people report them. it's double the amount of hate speech pro actively than the previous six months. it disabled 1.5 billion fake accounts in the last six months. most of those accounts were financially motivated rather than aimed at misinformation. in a new effort to redies smoking, the food and drug administration wants a ban on menthol cigarettes, the f.d.a. is planning to crackdown on flavored cigars and most flavored versions of e- cigarettes, they're aimed at cutting down on cigarettes and the spike is from teen vaping rates. smoking causes more than 480,000 deaths every year.
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and a santa anna man whose job is to collect the scooters they call them juicers, they let customers to recharge them and return them to designated lime parking locations. the company wrongfully classifies him as an independent contractor and he says he's legally entitled to benefits. and we're having santacon. this year's event won't be sanctioned by the city. there are concerns about safety issues in union square. the paper reports on one online post associated with the group that the event may have been cancelled. others are saying that there are plans in the event and they're making changes to it including no stops in union
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square. it's unclear whether that event will take place this year. it was scheduled for saturday, december 8th. former president obama is reporting to the bay area this winter to address opportunity gaps for people of color. he's going to be in oakland and will be at the organization for the foundation of my brother's keeper. they're focusing on boys of color and elected officials, and registration opens december 5th. sal is over there, did you get your coffee, are you ready to take care of the folks? >> yes. pardon me, i have a little scratchy throat here. >> i don't think you're alone with that. won if this has happened. the cable cars are shut down because of the unhealthy air, muni is offering free rides. job if that has ever happened a all costs. there you go. good morning, everyone, people
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have to go. gilroy to san jose, 101, this looks okay on the gilroy supercommute as you drive up to downtown san jose if you're driving into the west valley, it's looking good as well. i'm thinking if many schools are off today, it will help us out. this is a look at 280 and san jose, it looks good, all of the pictures are smoky, we have a haze filter in some of these cameras, traffic is moving along well. at 4:19, lets bring rosemary in with the forecast. >> thank you very much. happy friday to you all, we're looking at another spare the air day, the smoke advisory continues as well. we're looking at unhealthy to very unhealthy air across the region for today. minor changes coming our way into the weekend. we may see just a little bit of improvement with just a very light onshore breeze at times, outside of that, no real big
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change coming ouwe get into thanksgiving week, in which we are hoping for rain. getting a look at the quality right now, unhealthy areas in san francisco and portions of the peninsula and through that delta stretch and areas like vallejo and venetia we're seeing that. we'll continue to fluctuate throughout the day. here's a look at the futurecast model. it's going to be dry. there's a weak one, it won't knock out the smoke. there will be a weak wave that moves on, but wednesday, perhaps on thursday are the best chances for bay area rain. that's some good news, unfortunately it's still several days away. outside of our doors start your day in oakland, and 50 in san francisco and just about freezing in santa rosa and novato and 37 in livermore
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and good morning to you walnut creek at 34, afternoon highs for today. mid- to upper 60s for most. we have low 60s along the coast and 70 degrees in santa rosa for the afternoon. and 69 in san jose, and 71 expected in morgan hill. we'll call for hazy skies and poor air quality for most of the weekend if not the entire weekend and beyond, the first chance of rain coming on wednesday. >> you're trying, rosemary. >> i'm glad they closed most schools, it takes fewer cars off the road and all of that helps. >> and taking free public transportation? >> that helps as well. >> and in less than a week, it will it be thanksgiving day and a local group needs your help. the desperate plea and the reason they need people to step
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up sooner than usual. >> and a elaborate hoax, we have details of a couple and a homeless man.
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welcome back to "mornings on 2", a san mateo man is facing charges for running an illegal casino in the east bay. they've shut down an illegal gaming operation, acting on a tip, they went inside and found
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37 computers that offered slot games and video poker. the machines were seize $and the criminals were booked. and a highly "go fund me" campaign to raise money for a homeless man, it was all a big elaborate hoax. remember the story of a homeless man who used his last $20 to buy a woman gasoline. that was a lie, the homeless man and the woman and the boyfriend worked together, it was part of a scam. people ended up donating $400,000 thinking they were helping a homeless man p prosecutors say that money will be refunded. the 3 suspects are all facing charges, including theft by deception. in florida, they are still counting ballots in two key races from bill
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nelson be, they're separated by less than a quarter of a per cent, and that is rick scott and bill nelson, the supervisor of elections says they missed the machine recount deadline because of equipment problems. >> we were using them 24/7, i think it was extraordinary. >> the florida governor's race, in that race, the republican desantis has a large enough lead to not have a hand recount but guillum has not concede he had a. a big crowd of friends and family said good-bye to ron
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helus. he was killed when a gunman started shooting at the borderline bar and grill, he was the first officer on the scene at the bar. he's credited with saving lives by immediately exchanging gunfire with the shooter. >> that's a tough time, oh, gosh. 4:2 is the time. trauma, the emotional toll on the victims of the camp fire and how long the process could take. >> good morning, it's still decent driving conditions unless you count the smoke, the traffic itself does look pretty good so far on interstate 80 heading to the bay bridge. not much change in the air quality, we'll have a look at the current conditions and look into the bay area weekend coming up.
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good morning, thank you for joining us, welcome back to "mornings on 2", it's a pam cook day, it's friday, it's photograph 16th. i'm dave clark, good morning, i'm pam cook. i'll share the day with all of you. i know it's been a long week, rough time, and the biggest issue for most people is this air and it's affecting everybody. >> we have students out of school today because of it and we're trying to figure it all out. unfortunately not a lot of change coming our way when it comes to air quality for today, we may see a minor improvement over the weekend with a little bit of onshore breeze, it's not going to knock out completely. santa a rosa 34 degrees, low 40s to start your mourn, livermore and san jose at 41, these temperatures are similar


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