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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 5am  FOX  November 16, 2018 5:00am-5:59am PST

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cook. >> and i'm dave clark. steve paulson is off today, and rosemary is here giving us the latest on the air and everything else. >> not much has changed. >> it will be unhealthy once again. it never got better. as we get into the weekend we may have a minor we can and improvement with expected better week next week. temperatures are ranging from the low 30s to low 50s this morning. once again, santa rosa at freezing, 32 for you there, san francisco for you at 48, upper 30s in oakland, liver more 36 and san jose, 41, the air quality right now, unhealthy for everyone, very unhealthy and parts of the peninsula and it stretches out towards the delta, for regions in there, we're looking at the index above 200 at least currently, it will fluctuate throughout
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the day, it's not expected to get better. visibility in san francisco down to a mile and a half. you may see delays at airport there because of the smoke and haze over portions of the north bay. napa is reporting 3 miles visibility and temperatures will not change. upper 60s in hayward and 69 in napa and for the inner east bay, 69 degrees in concord. a bit of an onshore breeze will hopefully help us out as we get into the weekend and we see wet weather in the extended forecast. the time is now 5:01, good morning, sal. good morning, we're looking at a commute that does seem to be, lets see if my computer will be working properly. this is a look south bay commute. traffic is moving along relatively well if you're driving on all of the commutes there. now, we're also looking at some of the other commutes, the
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tracy commute, westbound 580, 205 and traffic is a little slow and it's not completely light as you come over the altamont pass, it looks lighter than usual as you drive out to dublin and livermore. this is a look at interstate 880, traffic is both directions looking well. we have a slight delay at some of the lanes, let's go back to you at the desk today in chough co, they're -- chico, they're looking at people trying to recover. hundreds are still missing from this fire. 220 square miles have burned. it's 40% contained at this point. firefighters say the containment neto keep it and we paradise, and that number went
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up shockingly. >> reporter: that's right. 600 people are still unaccounted for, many elderly and disabled. behind me this used to be a business, it's been burned to the ground. when you drive through town it, really is shocking and sad to see how this fire touched every corner of paradise. here's some drone footage to give you an idea of how much damage this fire has done. they announced four new victims, three were outside or in a car and 4 in their homes. many people had to scramble to get out of town. some drove on roads surrounded by flames. and the chp have recovered over 200 burned cars and one was on the side. >> the officer discovered remains of one person inside the vehicle which had been completely destroyed by fire. >> reporter: one thing we
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noticed this morning, police are cracking down on looters and who gets into the evacuation zone. we had to show multiple forms of ids and they came by 4 tombs to check who we are in the last hour. i spoke with a chp officer and said they made contact with a looter in concow this morning. he said a lot of them never left in the first place, they have been here and are taking advantage of this sad situation. situation. to be visit e if the final details are still being worked out and the president will fly into the beale airforce base and the city of marysville. meet with people who are impacted by the wildfires.
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there's a request for a marge disaster and aid. there's an investigation into a deadly officer-involved shooting, and that suspect according to the district attorney was wanted for a double homicide in 2014. authorities were told that a suspicious man was living for several days in the caller's car, police say they realized he was a wanted parole e, they chased him in the orrville area going up to 90 miles per hour, after using a spike strip to stop the car, the suspect confronted the officers and pointed something metallic at them. >> at this point, officers are feeling that the man was armed, and did a felony stop. they were asking for him out of car and show his hands, he made the statement, you guys alone. and the statement, i'm not going back. >> now, authorities also shot
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and killed the pit bulldog belonging to the suspect that attacked a police dog, seven officers including three from butte county and throw from the shasta county sheriff's office and the state game warden was involved. there's more misery now for the fire victims, a norovirus has broken out in 4 shelters. of the 145 people who became sick 41 are still being treated. and it's the neighborhood and east avenue churches in chico and the orrville nazarene church and the butte county fairgrounds. and the california public utilities commission announced it is opening a new the utility company, its operation and how it's run. they want to determine the best california to receive safe and
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electrical and gas in the future. some he accused pg&e for starting the fire. they said power went out at a transmission line just before the fire started. now, pg&e stock has been on a rough ride on wall street and probably will continue this morning. this chart shows the dramatic fall in the past week, shares dropped 30 and a half% yesterday, you this morning, the stock is set to open up, i'm looking at it right now, 48%, investors perhaps looking for a bargain at this point in pg&e. and the dow gained 200 points yesterday ending 5 days of losses, but it's been up and down, analysts credit a rebound from tech stocks which have posted big gains and losses and the nasdaq 122 points and the s&p rose 28. and schools will be closed
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today because of the smoky air. according to the air quality index, our area as very unhealthy today. allie rasmus is in walnut creek right now, one of dozens of schools and playgrounds will be empty today. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, even at this early hour you can see some of the haze in the air. it gives the appearance of fog around the street lights, as you know, it's not fog, it's smoke and haze that's parked itself over the bay area, in numerous counties from the camp fish in butte county, there appears to be no relief in site. from the camp fire in butte county. there appears to be no relief in sight. it involves all public school districts in alameda county and contra costa county county and
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schools in marin county and solano county and most schools in napa and san mateo counties. schools will be open in santa clara county and sonoma county. each school district is deciding whether to close. this follows the news yesterday when many dozens of college campuses closed because of the poor air quality of the as we know the thanksgiving holiday is this next week, many families are trying to get out of town ahead of time and start the thanksgiving break early. as we know a lot of people can't always do that, you can't always take an extra day off work, it's baseball a scramble for parents finding ultimate child care arrangements. >> this always adds stress. on our website we have compiled a list of school closures, you can check the check the website for your child's school
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district. and football fans 1sbig gai played tomorrow. the smoke the camp fire may force a cancellation or postponement of saturday's game between stanford oracle. if the air quality index reaches levels where physical exertion could be dangerous, it could be cancelled. the only time games were not played were in world war 1 and world war ii, and the big game was postponed after the assassination of president kennedy. the smoky air is not expected to delay the final home football game of season. the spartans are hosting a game of the players in nevada at 2:00. there will be no charge to ride on muni today. people in san francisco can
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avoid walking or biking outside. the cable car service will be shut down so the bus can be get extra passengers, operators and passengers that way will not be exposed to the smoke. bus shuttles will provide service on the main cable car lines all day in the city. on the south bay, they'll offer free rides on all bus and light rail service today. they want to provide an alternative way to ride and be free of emissions from vehicles. new information coming in now about a developing story about an officer-involved shooting in hayward. police shot and wounded a man believed to be carrying a sharp weapon. this happened at at o'neil avenue near highway 238 and near ward creek. police shot the suspect, the suspect was taken to the hospital, no officers were hurt. well, the smoke from the
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camp fire is affecting prisoners as well. coming up, a long time tradition has to be rescheduled in san quentin. and north korea, a test of a newly developed weapon and the deportation of a u.s. citizen. i am a family man.
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welcome back to "mornings on 2", it's 5:14, new this
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morning, north korea plans to deport an american citizen defeigned for illegally enter north korea last month. this comes as the leader kim jong-un watched the testing of a newly developed weapon. we don't know what that weapon was, it didn't appear to be a nuclear weapon or a long-range missile. a federal judge is expected to issue a ruling today on the legal battle jim acosta's credentials, a judge was to issue that ruling yesterday but delayed the decision this morning without explanation, the white house pulled the press pass, trump in a press briefing last week. the white house retaliated against acosta for the coverage first amendment and due process rights and lawyers argued that he has the discretion to choose
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the reporters who cover the white house. and they're going after julienne a savage. he's holed up in london and being questioned over a sexual assault case. they named him as a defendant. while the specific charges are not known, it's believed they involve allegations he coordinated with russian hackers to release e males stolen from the -- e-mails stolen from the 2016 election. the firing was an error and julienne a savage was not the intended target. and president trump will address opportunity gaps, appear -- former president barack obama will be in oakland
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to address a group about an organization that helps people of color. and the presidential medal of freedom will be given to 7 people. 7 people. babe ruth and elvis presley will be some posthumously and/or republican hatch and the dallas quarterback, and the award is given to people who have made major contributions to the united states. right now it's 5:17, we'll check in with sal about traffic. there's a lot of transportation offering free rides. >> i am wondering what kind of a day this will it's the friday before thanksgiving. seems people get on the road, they have a whole next week off. they say next week will be a light week. we'll see what happens.
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in the gilroy commute, we'll start there, northbound 101 looks good driving from to san traditionally on a freeway before thanksgiving, a lot of people, it's one of those things. friday before thanksgiving and, of course, wednesday before thanksgiving, we have the seriously slow pm commutes, the morning commutes not so much, especially with the smoke, sometimes, you know, these things tend to keep people away. we'll see, the south bay commute looks okay. this is a live look at 280 and san jose. no major problems, this commute looks good, usually by now, we have more slow traffic, that's sign it could be lighter than usual. 5:18, signing in is rosemary. >> we have unhealthy air quality, once again today. a meaner improvement is coming our way, and better weather expected when we get to around thanksgiving as we are looking at rain in the forecast, lets
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hope that comes into fruition, giving a look at the air quality right now, we remain unhealthy in north bay, east bay, south bay and there are pockets of very unhealthy air in san francisco and the pens and the delta regions, they're looking at unhealthy air at this point. areas like vallejo and crocket all of the small communities right there. stretching over pittsburg and antioch. visibility at sfo down to about a mile and a half because of the smoke, not the fog, too dry for that. santa rosa, 4 miles of visibility, it will be another hazy smoky day out there, air quality advisory going through tuesday, that's what it looks like, when it comes to the forecast into the weekend, we're looking at a light onshore breeze at times and there's a good possibility that it will improve our air
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quality. it's not strong enough to knock out the smoke completely. hopefully we'll t of an improve gets into the weekend when it comes to air qualitywise. i'll push you through the weekend and beyond. when we get to the monday time frame, the breeze could pick up and become stronger, it's not until wednesday when we see a wet approach to california and rain may be on thursday, thanksgiving, that's excellent news, but until then we'll have the smoky air with us. upper 30s in oakland and 32 in santa rosa, our inland communities are freezing once again. 36 in livermore and for the and, 66 expected in san cisco, upper 60s to near 70 in areas near napa, santa rosa and the south bay. a mild one here too, 69 for san
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jose. the temperatures do not change. i can't remember when we last moved those numbers in a dramatic fashion. they've been sitting still for days and weeks. >> not even a breeze. >> you're right, and when we get the breeze, it's coming from the northeast which means we're down wind from the fire, we can't win. >> i guess if you can, head up to tahoe, they have man made snow and clone air. >> the air quality is a lot better than here. >> thank you, rosemary. >> sure. 5:21 the time, thanksgiving less than a week away, a group needs your help. the desperate plea from glide memorial and what they need more than over. and the smoking ban, new from the f.d.a.
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welcome back to "mornings on 2", a san mateo man is facing charges for running an illegal casino in the east bay. they've shut down an illegal gaming operation in martinez, acting on a at the, they got a search warrant and once inside they found 37 computers that offered slot machine games and video poker. they were seized and along with cash and a man was booked into
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and there will be a statement by police into the death of a domestic violence suspect. this happened near the alameda expressway. police received a call by a woman who was being assaulted by her boyfriend. and he was in the home and he refused to come out. they found him hiding under the home, he was pronounced dead at a hospital a short time later the venture a county sheriff's sergeant who was trying to save others in the borderline bar and grill mass shooting was laid to rest. and people said good-bye to sergeant ron helus. he was killed with 11 others when a gunman opened fire at the borderline bar and grill, and he was the first law enforcement officer in the bar and grill and he is credited with saving lives by meeting with the shooter. >> you are may not have known ron personally, but each of you knew him. he was one we counted on to
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protect us and our businesses, our homes, what we go about our daily lives. >> sergeant ron helus was a 29 year veteran of the department and he planned to retire within a year. he's survived by his wife and son, and law enforcement attended from all over the u.s. to attend that service. the food and drug administration is going to crackdown on e-cigarettes and flavored e-cigarettes and menthol cigarettes. they're aiming to reduce smoking by teenagers. they've been blamed for the spike in teen developing. it's the leading g 480,000 deaths each year. it's now 5:26, trauma long after the flames are out. coming up at 5:30, the emotional toll on victims of the camp fire and how long the recovery process could take.
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plus, smoke is clearing out college campuses' cross insure california. the schools affected in the bay area by that smoky air. air. good morning, you can see traffic is moving along pretty well, no major issues except for the smoke, if you consider that an issue. southbound traffic moving along very well. very well. in adddition to that, smoke is another chilly start to the day. we'll check on the current conditions, including air quality and what you can expect for your weekend, that's all coming up. what's a gig of data?
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good morning to you, welcome back to "mornings on 2", it is a friday morning, it's november 16th, i'm dave clark. >> good morning, i'm pam cook. thank you for joining us. we have been talking about the commercial break, it's just this gloom and doom of not just the news we've had, but the air and it's really weighing on everybody. spirits and how. >> and it's real. >> and some of the worst heir quality we've seen in decades, it's lasted for so long at this point. >> unfortunately we have another day of it already, outside our doors, dealing with the unhealthy and very unhealthy air, it's another cold start. temperatures into the afternoon, it won't change much either, a lot of 60s out there, we may see slight improvement for the weekend. we would love to see that with a little bit of an onshore breeze, we won't knock out the smoke, we have the advisory
5:31 am
through tuesday, but hopefully a little bit of an improvement. we'll be tracking that for you. lets look at what's going on right now. 48 degrees in san francisco, santa rosa 32, 3 in livermore and san jose checking in at 34, the numbers haven't changed in some time. here's a look at the air quality right now, it's unhealthy across the region, and a few pockets in the east bay as well as in san francisco and portions of the peninsula where it's very unhealthy at that point, meaning above the 200 index. we're dealing with once again. visibility a mile and a half, it's been stuck like that for a couple of hours now. some folks arriving to sfo are experiencing delays to the north bay, it's 2 and a half miles at napa and 4 miles visibility in santa rosa. low 60s in the peninsula, 70
5:32 am
expected in santa rosa and 70 in livermore and 71 in morgan hill. we'll have a look at the extended forecast and the weekend and the possibility of what's coming on thanksgiving in a little bit. and it's 5:32, a lot of students home today the commute may be a light one you, i'm doing well, we're going to see traffic levels go down in the morning at least. and we'll see right now, we'll see the is a lane closure owe county supercommute, it's looking good, usually by now, we see more slow traffic right through here, it doesn't mean it won't be there later. right now you have an opportunity to drive on the east shore freeway. it will take you 17 minutes, that's a good timement and for this late in the morning, it should be a little higher, that's good. there's been in problems at the minute late before
5:33 am
you got into san francisco, no major the desk today in chico, the first step will be taken in the camp preponderance fire. a -- camp fire. 63 deaths are blamed on the fire. 630 are now, lested as missing. 141,000 acres have burned, that's about 220 square miles. the fear is 40% contained. and 9700 homes are among the buildings that burned and now that the immediate danger is over, they're traumatized by what they went through. one survivor we talked to took this video from his car window as he was of paradise, stuck in the gridlock, the morning that fire started. he says the images huge
5:34 am
firestorm closing in on his neighborhood just keeps replaying inside of his head. >> when i'm trying to fall' sleep and close your eyes, you can still see the flames, you know, i'm just so happy that my wife and the kids didn't see what i saw. >> if you lost your home and car and lost a loved one, this ising did to be a long time in terms of recovering from that, now, timo kien's home was among the thousands destroyed. his family is in chico now, and he says the support that's getting helps him deal with what they're going through. events will be postponed and frank mallicoat is at uc berkeley where the big game between stanford and cal n't pl
5:35 am
tomorrow. >> it's 5:35, give or take, i'm feeling it right now, i can imagine when they kick off that game at 4:30, it's quiet at berkeley right now. for good reason, it's very early, but, you know, what they've decided to close the campus today because of poor air quality and who can blame him. in fact, alameda county followed suit, all of the schools in alameda county are shut down today, frankly it's too smoky even at this hour, you can mention it. cal had to postpone one of the basketball games and detroit mercy in town, they couldn't play it, a significant amount of smoke got into the house pavillion, one student september out an e male about cancelling classes today. >> they decided to cancel all classes for the ram der of the day today and friday. >> it's irritating, it's hard to believe, you wake up with a runny nose all of the m mention
5:36 am
big question over the weekend, what about the big game? cal hosting stanford at 4:30 in berkeley, beth teams a lot on on the run, they're accepting a sell-out crowd too, if air quality on campus surpasses 200 tomorrow, cancelling the game would be considered. berkeley hit 232 yesterday afternoon and 0 to 50 is considered healthy. there's a good chance it may get cancelled. by the way, the last time they cancelled a big game way back in 1963, that's because of the assassination of jfk, it's been a long team, 50 plus years, we'll see what happens not the smoke finally colors. that's the latest, we're live at 2 news. thank you, i know they don't take it lightly.
5:37 am
anyone headed to the airport should contact the airline ahead of time. it cause delays at the bay area airports, and passengers were seeing flights delayed 40 minutes. it's hard to see through all of the smoke at the sfo airport. a marathon has been run every year since 2008 at san quentin, and it's been rescheduled for december 14th. and firefighters are making progress battling two firefighters there, the woolsey fire has burned 153 square miles and it's 62% contained. three people have died and 3 firefighters have been hurt. and the governor and the isn't have ga look at the devastation. >> it's unsustainable to have this happen year after year or have a season like where
5:38 am
you have 100,000 acre fires becoming routine, a great nation, in is not a republican or democrat issue, this is an american issue and we should address it as such. another fire burning in southern california, the hill fire is 99% contained. it burned 7 square miles and no deaths are reported. it is a been more than a year as soon as a tart joe's in santa rosa was shut down being damaged by the tubs fire and today it will be reopened for the first team to the public. and it's due to open at 8:00. the repair work started and the will have new and they're hopin
5:39 am
surveillance video will show the gunman who can a father of four. three suspects tried to rob people who were loafing a bar near 45th and international, one opened fire into a crowd and the surveillance video shows three unidentified people walking around. and this man was killed and police say he was an innocent bystander, a second man was also hurt. >> after the failed attempt at robbery they shot into a crowd randomly not knowing they would cause a death. it's a blatant act of violence guns the community, now, a $25,000 reward is being offered for any information leading to an arrest. prosecutors in new jersey say a highly publicized "go fund me" for a homeless a big elaborate hoax. you may remember he used his last $20 to help a stranded
5:40 am
woman to buy gas and they say it was a lie. they worked together as part of the scam. people donated more than $400,000 thinking they were helping the homeless man, prosecutors say the money will be refunded, the three suspects are facing charges including theft by deception. it's 4:30 in florida and they're counting ballots in the midterm elections. we have latest on these two important races. >> reporter: florida's governor's race looks like it might be winding down, but the senate race seems to be heating up. the hand count is under way, and officials are telling us they are hoping they can spend 30 seconds on each ballot and get all of the ballots counted, the ones they need to hand count finished by this evening. >> the gloves are on in the
5:41 am
recount. they're doing they're best to be surgically precise after machines counted more than 8 million ballots and counted them again. the race between bill nelson and governor rick scott are separated by a quarter of a per cent. the governor has led election night and the violators says he's over. >> bill nelson has to fluke the mirror and ask hems whether he would like to end the career dragging it through the courts for more time. >> and the lawyer mark ally i can't say is -- alias asking it to be eyed by a human. >> we have sued palm beach county and the secretary of state to require a hand count of all ballots in the county due to systemic machine failure
5:42 am
during the machine recount. >> there's been 26 recounts since the year 2,000, they of them changed the results and those changed in terms of hundreds of votes and not thousands of votes, there's no practical sense in which somehow bill nelson picks up more than 12,500 votes in this. >> the governor's race appears to be over. the margin is ride enough for desantis to stave off a recount. and now the pg&e record, it's under investigation. the company could be broken up sierra, it doesn't mean there won't be fresh powder in the resorts. they open for the holidays. and there's a growing
5:43 am
backup. it's not the biggest, there is a delay, we'll look at the team and we'll have a look at the bridge when we come back. another ten men's before the official sunrise, we're likely to see smoke and haze throughout the course of the day, we'll check on the air quality and what you can expect for the bay area weekend coming up.
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5:45 am
welcome back to "mornings on 2", a desperate plea from glide memorial who has been distributing thanksgiving meals for those in need for year. glide put out a tweet saying they have yet to receive their first turkey. they're asking people to consider donating turkeys, they need 2500 to make it through thanksgiving, and their holiday grocery give away next month.
5:46 am
they provide meals to 5,000 people in need. if you can stop by, they need it. meantime, get ready to go skiing, there's new snow at several resorts today. kirkwood is expected to open next week, the others will open by early december. boreal opened earlier this week while mount rose has been opened on weekends. the warriors are off today. they'll play the dallas mavericks tomorrow. they were balloon out by the rockets in houston. they fell behind by 30 points in one quarter. and green was score less, he had five rebounds and assists, both players want to put the argument they had behind them.
5:47 am
listen to what green and kevin durant had had to say before the game. >> don't ask me about that again. >> worry playing 42 minutes against the clippers, thank god i got suspended. i sat there and osed at the day and screaming at home. everything happens for aurone. >> they're struggling a little. -- for a reason. >> they're struggling a little bit. and steph curry has an injury and he won't be playing and the game tips off at 5:30. and the raiders will be playing the arizona cardinals. they have the worst record for the nfl and cardinals have the
5:48 am
second worse record. and they've scored two field goals in two games. the raiders defense will try to force josh rows be to make turnovers. the game starts at 1:05 on sunday. in terms of traffic, schools are closed, transit is free and we're headed into thanksgiving week and it's aing about travel day. >> i'm wondering when you take that traffic off, that means it's not coming back, i don't have to drop off my kids this morning, and i don't have to pick them up. >> however, it is a friday before thanksgiving, i'm not sure what's going to happen. that's why war here, we'll try to figure it out together. >> lets go to the tracy commute, westbound 580, we're far away from the bay bridge at it point. westbound 580 is slow and we're
5:49 am
doing road work getting out to the stockton area. it's an unbeings pecked backup on the eastbound over at tracy and stockton. livermore to pleasanton looks good and the rest is looking good. schools are closed that will help us out there. is a look at 880 and oakland, we have a ten-minute delay, and traffic looks a touch, i'm saying a touch lighter than usual. 5:49, lets bring in rosemary. thank you so much, sal. good morning to you, i wish i had a better report for the air quality and the with they are. we're stuck in it -- and the weather. we're stuck in this for one more day. hopefully we'll have a li expected to go through tuesday. for today, unhealthy across the region. this morning we're looking at areas leak san francisco and walnut creek and parts of the
5:50 am
east bay shore and oakland, very unhealthy and that will should be a lot like it should be and as we get into saturday, the air quality index goes through a little bit. if the forecast calls for a shade of orange. they're hoping that bit of onshore breeze will help to bring us the clone pacific air and clone us up a logical bit t won't get rid of the smoke, that will come as would he get rain next week. here's a look at what you can expect rolling through the weekend. it will be a dry one, perhaps an onshore breeze at times, saturday into sunday, monday into tuesday, the onshore breeze turning on and little bit more. it looks like wednesday will be the first opportunity at rain, thursday being the so it could be a rainy thanksgiving. we will take it and hopefully, that will come our way and clear out all of that smoke. and help with the fear fight,
5:51 am
san francisco under smoky and hazy conditions. freezing in santa rosa and 36 in concord and for our south bay 42 degrees in san jose. afternoon highs, upper 60s, berkeley 69, napa, 69 in san francisco, and brentwood, and 71 los gatos. the temperatures are a repeat of yesterday. if you're looking to escape, aren't we all, mostly sunny skies, it will be a chilly start to the day, freezing erin, and temperatures in the 50s for the afternoon. tahoe has moderate air quality. here's a look at the extended forecast, not a lot of change when it comes to our temperatures, it will remain status quo, better weather as we're coming our way as we get into the days ahead. the tomb is 5:51, the 49ers fan, we have surveillance video to show you the clues of what
5:52 am
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welcome back to "mornings on 2", it's 5:54, a san mateo man whose job is to collect those lime electric scooters, he's suing the company for thes
5:55 am
customers have left them and take them back to designated parking locations. and they wrongly say they're independent contractors and he says he's legally entitled to benefits. and ian powers disappeared after the 49ers game. that are treeing to look for clues, meantime, authorities released the last known picture of 3 it-year-old ian powers. this 19 second clip shows a man looking at his upon, walking across an overpass connecting the stadium to the parking lot. >> we're going to look around the creek and areas around there, it's not very deep, bu
5:56 am
there's something. >> now, the family members of powers came from washington state yesterday, started immediately searching for him around levi stadium. they say he loves his girlfriend and their two children and there is two reason why he go missing -- there's neurone why he would go missing. the san francisco chronicle said someone close to this year's event, they won't be sanctioned by the city. the city has concerned about safety of the santa con. some said the event was ans to hold the event, but with changes including no stops in union square. for now, we don't know if the event will take place this scheduled for saturday, our too many is 5:56, a new
5:57 am
look at graduation rates in san francisco, coming up at 6:00, we'll break down the new numbers that came out this week. plus we'll tte county, we'l report at the devastation of paradise and the surrounding areas the challenges, the crews are facing from the deadliest fire in california history.
5:58 am
5:59 am
i'm in paradise for the number of people missing it tense to grow, i'll have the latest numbers. >> what they've done is committed murder? >> my neighbors are dead up there, thanks to pg&e and what they've done, they could have avoided this, but they didn't. >> there is no official determination on how the camp fire focus on pg&e. they're calling for a safety investigation by the state public investigation. ic investigation. thank you for joining me on mornings on 2, i'm pam cook, it's friday, november 16th. >> i'm dave clark, steve paulson is off and rosemary has
6:00 am
>> we're looking at poor air quality outside right now. even very unhealthy for some areas. as we get into the area, we have better weather coming in the extended forecast, as i mentioned a moment ago, today we remain status quo. santa rosa has fallen below freezing this morning, 41 degrees to start your day. we have oakland at 41, livermore 36 and san jose, good morning to you at 41. here's a look at air quality right now, up healthy across the region, a few pockets very unhealthy. san francisco down portions of the peninsula, it's very unhealthy this morning, a pocket of the east bay shore, it looks like san leandro hayward, all of the delta communities are looking this mo upon the, antioch,


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