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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 5pm  FOX  November 16, 2018 5:00pm-6:00pm PST

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between cal and stanford. cal was set to host tomorrow's game at memorial stadium in berkeley. the university issued a statement this afternoon announcing the game is being postponed until december 1st. this is the first time the bay area's biggest college football rivalry has been postponed since 1963, which is the day after president kennedy was assassinated. people are urged to stay indoors at this time but many have no choice. their job requires them to work outside. >> ktvu's christien kafton reports. >> reporter: one of those jobs we're talking about is cable car operators. the city's iconic cable cars they are being shelved. they are being parked temporarily over the weekend. the air-conditioning simply too poor, too, unhealthy to have those cable cars out and running. san francisco's iconic cable cars are off the rails leaving tourists disappointed. >> well, yeah. cable car was one of the main things. that's how we were going to get around so now what?
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>> san francisco's municipal transportation agency said air quality was too dangerous for the open air vehicles. >> in order to protect our employees and people riding the cable cars in these open air vehicles, we have stopped service and are providing bus shuttles on the cable car lines instead. >> reporter: there's still many whose jobs have them working outside. postal workers are still delivering. construction workers still building. street vendors still selling. and for the city's bike messengers pedaling up and down the hills, quick responses are critical. the smoke has dulled their usually sharp instincts. >> slow response to everything. almost like a laughing gas kind of or like as if i had been sort of, like, you know, spray- painting a room or something or too much exposure to some sort of, like, vapor like that? >> reporter: san francisco city leaders addressed the ongoing air quality issues saying first responders are on standby but so far no spike in emergency calls related to poor air
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quality. emergency management says the city still needs to provide critical services despite the unhealthy air. >> we are taking precautions with our own city employees and particularly those who work outside to provide protections. >> reporter: the masks that can be spotted everywhere in the city cab only do so much. -- the masks can only do so much. >> one of the things people ask me about is the masks. we want to say that these masks are no substitute for stay indoors . >> reporter: free to ride muni today, hoping to minimize the time riders have to spend outdoors. that's one of the reasons why museums throughout the city are offering free admission. that includes the de young, asian art museum and others. they are trying to make sure people have a place to go to get out of the unhealthy air. we can also tell you that the muni was free today. they made muni that those who a out there had a way to get
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around town. so a lot of effect still ongoing here in san francisco. for now, live in san francisco, christien kafton, ktvu fox 2 news. >> thank you. those masks you see people wearing offer some relief. the n-95 mask. if you have to be outside, they are getting difficult to find. the ace hardware store in piedmont on grand avenue received a shipment of 3500 masks this morning and people quickly lined up for them. >> this air now is stifling because there's no wind movement. and that's day and night. >> shortness of breath a little bit. headaches. feeling out of it. >> there was a limit of 5 per person and the store says they sold out by noon. san jose is dealing with bad air but not quite as bad as
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other parts of the bay area. the san jose unified school district angered some parents by keeping schools opened. local health experts feel it's safe to have students in classes despite bad outdoor air. >> we take our advice from the santa clara public county health department, air quality management, the county office of education. they have been working together to give us on advice on whether to stay open. >> san jose school officials say they have commercial grade filtration systems and that students are being kept indoors with internal air breathing recycled. officials say students may be in a healthier environment than in their own homes. firefighters in butte county continue to make steady progress containing the fire that's creating the smoke. the "camp fire" has burned roughly 142,000 acres and is now 45% contained. death toll is 63. we'll have an update in the 6:00 hour. the fire destroyed almost
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10,000 homes. there's now an urgency to the effort to butte county to move the thousands suddenly homeless residents to a more stable situation with rain on the way next week. ktvu's tom vacar spent the week up in the fire zone and he joins us live from chico tonight with more on that. tom. >> reporter: well, let me tell you something. think about this. it's been more than a week now and this catch here at walmart is kind of proof that this is already overwhelming local and state resources. hundreds of people descended in the old relief center in the old sears building at chico mall. this is where people can apply for all kinds of local, state and federal benefits and programs. but the real story is just across the street at the instant village next to and inside walmart's parking lot where we met a disabled veteran and his girlfriend. >> sleeping in my car for two days. we need to set up a tent and stretch out and relax. >> reporter: he has been fighting with the va to recover $22,000 withheld from him due to a clerical error. >> now we have the fire and i could use that check today.
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>> reporter: this place is a well intended citizen supported mess that mixes the long-term homeless with the new homeless. >> it causes tension between those two groups because you have the people without a home anymore feeling like these people who are homeless are coming to take what is theirs. >> reporter: the question, how long can this place be sustained? that's a question with no answer. >> these people need out of here immediately. this is a humanitarian crisis! >> reporter: this man lost his rental home. his employer's business also burned down leaving him jobless and stuck here for now. >> it's not going to last long here. it's not sustainable. the rains are coming. i can see all these low spots where it's going to fill up with water. i see a lot of trash over there. last night there's fights in the parking lot. i just don't think it is going to be sustainable. >> reporter: a pet groomer had her staff shampoo evacuee dogs
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yesterday for free but she had to come back today with baby masks to help humans. >> couldn't sleep last night. um, there was a little boy named eric that i came to find out this morning, um, that was looking at me, he is a year and a half old that he was in a car with no mask. >> reporter: and is eviction on the horizon? >> i heard one rumor or social media that this camp was going to be closed because homeless people had brought in guns and knives. >> there's a lot of rumors about them getting kicked out sunday. >> i'm not leaving. where am i going to go? i have no home to go to. where am i going to go? >> all you have to do is just care and be human. we are one. we are not meant to live like this. >> reporter: compared to the swiftness of the fire that consumed paradise, the fact of the matter is that this is a slowly evolving disaster pretty
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much on the same scale. tom vacar, ktvu fox 2 news. >> my heart breaks for all those families. they must be so devastated to have to be in that kind of situation there. you mentioned that the newly now homeless residents of butte county who lost their homes are mixed in with the already homeless people. what kind of shape is that camp in? >> reporter: well, the -- well, if you were to look over here, these trucks come in and what they do is they drop off supplies, clothing primarily. but other things like pet food and other things. it's all well intentioned but once those things get picked through, they just sit there. and the problem with that is there's nobody coming by to pick that up. there's a lot of trash thrown around here. and nobody comes by to pick it up. so what you have basically is a very, very large homeless camp at a store which next week has to start its holiday sales. so there is something brewing in the wind about all of this.
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but you know, after the rains, this could actually become somewhat post-apocalyptic. it's a very bad situation and we need to do something better for all of these people because at the end of the day, they are people and they deserve better treatment. >> thank you. tom, i have to ask very briefly,fully word on maybe some type -- any word on maybe some type of more permanent place for that 1 1/2-year-old baby to go? i can imagine they need to be staying out there in a car. >> reporter: no, there's no word on that because these folks don't have a permanent plan yet. they came here because they heard somebody else was here and then other people are hearing that so more and more people are coming in all the time and the trouble is, there are porta-potties here. there is food being served. it's not a, you know, completely dire situation. but the reality of the situation, the absolute bottom of line, the more people come the more unmanageable it becomes. while there is security here, there was a -- as the one man said, there was a fight in the parking lot. i think there have been several. there was even a dogfight going
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on when we got here. so all of this stuff is a unless you have a real plan, and you have real resources that come from the taxpayers and that come from private organizations, nongovernment organizations, corporations, things like that, this is simply going to be unstainable and there are a lot of children in here and a lot of people that are very, very elderly that probably need way more help than they are getting here. >> every day just seems more heartbreaking. tom vacar, thank you. president trump is coming to the fire zone tomorrow. air force one will be landing at beale air force base in yuba city between 9 and noon. governor brown and and gavin newsom will join president trump with the tour of paradise and surrounding areas. ktvu has a crew covering the event starting with "mornings on 2" in the morning. follow us on air and online for the full coverage of the presidential visit. >> up next the fire breaks out
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in the santa cruz mountains destroying a home. how did it start and how far will it spread? an update after the break. >> neighbors heard it all what they say happened in the moment leading up to a deadly officer- involved shooting. >> all this smoke is causing poe postponement of athletics. >> another red flag fire warning for the fire zone. more on th [ phone rings ] what?! ready for christmas? no, it's way too early to be annoyed by christmas. you just need some holiday spirit! that's it! this feud just went mobile. with xfinity xfi you get the best wifi experience at home. and with xfinity mobile, you get the best wireless coverage for your phone.'re about to find out! you don't even know where i live... hello! see the grinch in theaters by saying "get grinch tickets" into your xfinity x1 voice remote. a guy just dropped this off. he-he-he-he.
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cal fire had to move quickly this afternoon jumping into action when a fire started in the santa cruz mountain. it destroyed two structures and burned 25 acres outside of boulder creek. ktvu's jesse gary tells us what
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he learned from the scene. reporter: the firefight progresses up this slope of mountainside as hand crews are using hoses to try and tap out hot spots that are still burning or smoking or both. early this afternoon the hillside was ablaze in the latest bay area brush fire. investigators aren't sure where it started. i spoke off camera to the property owner named tyrone. he says friends were staying in a cabin he built about 50 yards from his main house here on the 600 block of e street. while he was out a vehicle, som the fire started. the couple that was inside the cabin escaped without injury. 200 firefighters are now working on steep dense terrain to keep the 25-acre fire from spreading and trying to get containment. >> we are in the double digits of relative humidity and as you can see behind me very steep
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terrain. it takes a long time to get in there and as you can see behind me, you have to put hose lines and hand crews up this steep terrain. they are doing it safely and methodically. >> reporter: the chief says they have 60% containment. they will be out tonight and tomorrow. there's no wind to speak of so they hope for 100% containment quickly. the pink retardant that's been dropped on vehicles and homes and the neighboring hillside. two helicopter have been doing drops most of the afternoon. they have left now and now it's just firefighters tapping out hot spots with hoses behind me. in boulder creek, jesse gary, ktvu fox 2 news. joining us now on the phone is division chief with cal fire jonathan cox. jonathan, thank you for joining us again. i know that you're just above the fire lines right now. we first want to get an update on that fire in boulder creek. what can you tell us? >> yeah. so it's now 50% contained.
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you know, we put a large aircraft order in on this fire and a lot of fixed week aircraft and helicopters as jesse was highlighting there. you know, right now the last thing we want in california is another large fire to break out. so we are being extremely aggressive with our ground and air resources and will keep this one under 25 acres. >> jonathan, we want to move to the "camp fire" for an update. we understand that your crew was only able to keep the fire back a little bit only 1,000 acres burned yesterday. what can you tell us about the "camp fire" now in terms of stomping that fire out? >> we get to a point where we have cautious ticontrol and slo the progression of it. so i think we are there, thereabouts as we get closer towards 50% containment. the concern for us right now is we have another red flag
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warning starting saturday evening. through sunday. lines are only as good as the wind that tests them. no one goes home until we have it completely out at 100% containment and then pick up the pieces with the recovery. >> with the red flag warning in effect tomorrow, the meteorologist says it's in effect for paradise the area that was devastated. this has to be not only traumatic for the residents but for fire crews still trying to fight the fire what kind of challenges are you going to face? >> yeah. absolutely. so, you know, those red flag conditions are really a nemesis in all these large fires. they can really make the fire go from something very small and kind of benign to just explosive. so we'll have our crews out on the line on 24 hours to ensure that no spots get across the line there. obviously, having resources throughout the rest of the area should another fire break out. so we are not out of fire season yet. i think every firefighter and every citizen in california would like to see some rain but it looks like we have one more
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red flag event to get through. >> the president is supposed to be coming to the area tomorrow along with the governor. will cal fire be playing a role in escorting him around the fire damage? >> i don't know the details of the itinerary yet. i do know, you know, our focus is on making sure that we put the fire out and get the people some conclusion and normalcy back in their lives. and we are usually a part of the visits that we can show the operational aspect of what we're doing at any moment. >> division chief with cal fire jonathan cox. thank you. thank yo you continue to do on a daily basis fighting these fires across the state. >> all right. we want to turn things over to meteorologist mark tamayo and mark, we have that red flag warning coming up and we are focused on the air quality in the bay area. it's been nine days and counting now since the suffocating air came in. >> the first few days we still had the raiders game last weekend, the 49ers game on monday. progressively especially over
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the past two to three days, what a change! so once again, that smoke continues to drift into northern california and the bay area. so once again, we are in this range unhealthy to very unhealthy for sensitive groups and all because it is a very weak offshore flow transporting that smoke closer to the bay area. satellite showing you this. this is actually fog in the pacific. the wind is transporting the smoke to our region. the satellite shows the detail of the wind directions. the smoke is gathering in the central valley with various winds. they are all converging on us toward the bay area having a huge impact on our air quality. this graphic shows 3:00 this
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afternoon in the south bay you can see the conditions down in san jose. moving closer to sfo an impact on the air travel especially the delays. and then scooting up towards san francisco, the golden gate bridge, hard to even pick out the north tower. you can see the south tower in this the camera image at about 3:00. emeryville you should be looking at san francisco in this shot. just all smoke and some haze and in walnut creek we should be looking at mount diablo in this picture. all we can see is the foreground with the trees and the branches just about it. current air quality levels once again we are starting -- we are seeing areas up above 200 very unhealthy. san francisco, oakland, concord, fairfield, san rafael, these numbers potentially -- can't promise it because a lot can change, a subtle change in the wind direction us. but those numbers might come down a bit into the weekend. but this is our expectation. air quality advisory right on through tuesday.
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a "spare the air" alert through tuesday. what will change tomorrow is a little bit of a west wind with that, that can maybe help things out near the coast and near portions of the bay shoreline but we still have that offshore wind direction so for tomorrow, the air quality management district painting us in the orange unhealthy for sensitive groups but a little tweak in the winds or the fire we could easily be back up and probably bet on this unhealthy or very unhealthy for the bay area in the saturday outlook. you heard about the red flag warning toward the fire zone right around the paradise area. this begins 10 p.m. saturday until 4 p.m. sunday. winds up above 25 to 35 miles an hour. tomorrow highs in the 60s. we could be scaling back on the smoke in the air and improving gradually into next week and
5:22 pm
wednesday that will be a big change, a chance of rain. thank you. well, up next at 5:00, neighbors describe hearing a deadly police shooting. >> i was laying in bed heard pop, pop, pop, pop, pop. about five or six shots. i said those aren't firecrackers. that was a gun. >> coming up, what police say the man was armed with and what another neighbor says the man yelled immediately before the shooting. >> then coming up at 6:00 live coverage of the briefing in butte county where officials will be updating us on the death toll and, of course, more from the "camp fire" from cal fire and the sheriff's office.
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a police shooting left a man in hayward dead. he was armed with a knife. ktvu's henry lee is live at the hayward police department to tell us what happened. >> reporter: witnesses says ? opened fire after a man came at them with a knife. >> it was like multiple shots. i don't remember how many shots but it was like six shots, i believe. reporter: johnson says she was at home when hayward police opened fire thursday night. authorities say officers shot a man who was armed with a knife. he later died at the hospital. >> really scared me. it was really loud. it sounded like it was right outside my room. and i was just really shocked. >> reporter: the shooting happened on o'neil avenue about 9 p.m. thursday. witnesses say a man got an
5:26 pm
argument involving a woman. hayward police weren't available to discuss the case. i have learned that officers spotted the suspect in the street and ordered him to drop the knife. one witness told me the suspect yelled, you're going to have to kill me! and advanced toward the police. two officers opened fire. >> i saw a couple of ambulances come in and leave. >> reporter: another neighbor told me off camera what he heard. >> i was laying in bed. i heard pop, pop, pop, pop, pop, pop. that was a gun. >> reporter: nelson lived nearby. he says his cousin saw police confront the suspect. >> and the cops told him, drop the knife, drop the knife! he didn't want to drop it. that's when they shot him. >> reporter: hayward police closed parted of the street until early in the morning -- hayward police closed part of the street until the early morning to gather evidence. this man is familiar to the police because of drug, gang activity and -- this
5:27 pm
familiar to the police because of drugs, gang activity and stabbings. >> i don't walk down here at night. it doesn't surprise me. >> reporter: the name of the man who was shot and killed by the police hasn't been released. the shooting is under investigation by hayward police and the alameda county d.a.'s office. live in the hayward police department, henry lee, ktvu fox 2 news. coming up next, more on the day's top stories plus the massive wildfire in butte county sending that petaluma of smoke that's blanketed the bay area. >> the poor air quality is causing one postponement after another. officials in charge of the high school football playeroffs are running out of time and may have to rely on a coin toss to decide a champion. >> plus, reaching out to those who don't have an option to go inside. see how san jose's working to help the homeless survive the smoky air.
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we are waiting on an official briefing on the "camp
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fire" in butte county at 6:00 tonight. cal fire crews making progress. the fire is 45% contained. the death toll stands at 63. the fire destroyed nearly 10,000 homes. firefighters in southern california are slowly getting the upper hand on the woolsey fire. it's now 69% contained. the fire burned 98,000 acres in los angeles and ventura counties during the past week. three people have died in the woolsey fire. three firefighters were injured. this afternoon, on the four, we spoke with a former fema officials about the aid the federal government is providing to "camp fire" evacuees. mark neveau told us that so far 10,000 people have signed up for assistance. $2million has already been dispersed and about 1,000 people received money to cover a month's rent. the former fema official also spoke about the disaster recovery center that opened up in chico. he said it's an excellent resource for survivors who have lost everything. >> survivors can go there and get access to all different
5:32 pm
types of services, whether it be temporary housing, small business administration, salvation army, office of emergency services, dmv, a one- stop shop. once you get there, that's going to direct you as to what services you need. >> neveau said that the real trouble is going to be finding long term housing for all of the people who have been displaced in butte county. many people may end up living in temporary homes hundreds of miles away from paradise and its surrounding communities. day nine of the poor air quality here in the bay area and it doesn't matter where you live. the air is unhealthy. so on motor nights this camera this live r view of the golden look from sutro tower. you can see it there. pretty hazy. we have live team coverage of the air quality impact. ktvu's ann rubin will show us how folks in the south bay are reaching out to the most vulnerable people living on the streets. but we start with rob malcolm in san ramon valley where a big
5:33 pm
high school football game has been canceled. it's hard to be working outside in these conditions. >> reporter: it is a challenge for players with air quality indices like we're seeing over the past couple of days. this is one of the biggest games of what's supposed to take place here in san ramon valley and, of course, this game is canceled and postponed several times. school officials say it's in the best interests of the fans and the players. right now, the championship may be decided off the field. reporter: through the haze, the north coast commissioner of athletics looked to the numbers and sees that the high school football play-off season is taking its biggest hit in poor air quality. >> 193 is the air quality index. >> reporter: it requires readings to be lower than 150 to play. he now had to cancel 18 quarterfinal games scheduled
5:34 pm
for saturday and it hasn't been easy. >> unprecedented. we have never been in a position where we have had to cancel games or postpone games multiple times because of air quality. >> reporter: they plan to push games to next weekend but if they can't complete three rounds of play-offs by saturday, november 24th, they would have to determine the qualifiers for the cif championship by using head-to- head to break ties leaving a finish to the season no one really wants. >> ultimately if we can't break it, then we would go coin toss. and we have already had to do that in one sport. we did that in team tennis. >> reporter: the oakland section only has four teams but semifinal play-off games between castle mount and mcclymonds and another have been moved to friday the this. the championship will be played the 21st. >> you mentioned coin toss. i don't know that that's where we are going to go. but we are going to have to determine what out of these four teams which one is our
5:35 pm
champion and so i don't know whether we are going to be able to put in two games at a later date possibly next weekend and then one more game after that. >> reporter: the central coast section plans to move play-off games to salinas monterey where aqi readings are lower. readings were also low 5 1/2 hours away in eureka, but with short notice lemon couldn't find sites to play and it was too costly for teams. he is quick to acknowledge the championships are nothing compared to the losses in butte county. >> we are just getting the smoke from the area. at least we get to go home at night and we are just talking about games. we are not talking about life and death. >> reporter: so they will try to get games played on november 24th. now, lemon says moving the games to eureka would have cost the schools $4,500. too big of an expense and also too short notice for teams to travel up north. live in san ramon, rob malcolm,
5:36 pm
ktvu fox 2 news. >> thank you. while the smoke takes a toll on everyone, the homeless are vulnerable. they have few options to get them indoors. ktvu's ann rubin reports from san jose. >> reporter: this is the sixth time the county and advocates have put on this health fair. but today, at least part of the focus shifted to helping the homeless cope with the smoke. reporter: as smoke settles over the bay area the advice from experts is to stay inside. but for the homeless that's not easy. >> you have nowhere to go, you can't help it. you just forced to be out here. >> i notice it in my lungs. >> reporter: many living on the streets of san jose already have health issues. the smoke makes them worse. so advocates used a planned free health fair to try to help. in addition to health screenings, shots and haircuts, they gave out masks, too. >> tremendous blessing.
5:37 pm
>> reporter: still santa clara county officials say it isn't enough. >> we have 5500 people tonight who will be out there in the smoky conditions unsheltered struggling and most of them just need a leg up to know, you know, how to get themselves enrolled in some of these programs and some of these resources. >> reporter: while libraries and community centers are open for people to get out of the smoke, county officials want more overnight options. they are trying to get extra warming shelters to open their doors. they also want more masks. advocates gave away 300 masks before running out. >> we didn't have enough masks here today for the people that are compromised. so we need to treat it like a crisis and we always keep missing that thiority. >> reporter: had planned to bri masks to the encampments too for the people who couldn't make it to the health fair. >> there's another one for you. >> reporter: but when they ran out, they brought blankets instead. >> i know you need 'em. i know you need 'em. >> there's thousands out there. they are not being reached. >> i think we need more because
5:38 pm
it's very bad. can't see a block away. >> reporter: the county has compiled a list of what they are calling clean air centers. they are mostly libraries, community centers and senior centers. but none are open overnight. and very few have weekend hours. >> thank you. our coverage of the wildfire and the smoky bay area continues. right now at you can look at a map that shows wildfire damage and an evacuation map both by address. plus, you can look at the air quality charts. it's all on the wildfire page. they took on the white house and won. a judge ruled a cnn reporter must get his press back immediately! and you will hear the president's response coming up. >> plus, stay inside because of unhealthy air but how much better is it indoors? today we got measurements at a daycare. and the results are surprising.
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5:41 pm
a federal judge today ordered the white house to return the press credentials of cnn reporter jim acosta. the white house had revoked his press pass last week following a contentious back and forth with president trump. the judge said the white house had violated the fifth amendment rights to due process by pulling the credentials without allowing cnn a chance to respond. president trump responded himself to the ruling at the white house today. >> you have to act with
5:42 pm
respect. you're in the white house. and when i see the way some of my people get treated at press conferences it's terrible. so we're setting up a certain standard which is what the court is requesting. and always freedom of the press and always first amendment but that's the way it is. >> in his ruling the judge said he has not yet considered whether the white house violated the first amendment rights of jim acosta. another hearing on that part of the case is expected on tuesday. in florida tonight they are still counting ballots in a key race from last week's midterm election. the senate race between bill nelson and rick scott is separated by less than .25%. by law, that triggers a hand recount of the ballots. >> we have all heard there have been 26 statewide recounts since the year 2000, three of them changed the result and those changed in terms of hundreds of votes. not thousands of votes. and so there's no practical
5:43 pm
sense in which somehow bill nelson picks up more than 12,500 votes in this. >> knit governor's race, republican ron desantis has a large enough lead over democrat andrew gillum to avoid a hand recount. but so far, gillum refuses to concede. >> the race for governor georgia concluded today 10 days after the election. stacey abrams ended her campaign to be elected governor. she did not concede the race to republican rival brian kemp. but she said he would become governor. she said she would file a federal lawsuit challenging, quote, gross mismanagement of georgia's election. president trump has awarded the presidential medal of freedom for the first time in his presidency. it's the highest civilian honor given to individuals who made contributions that have made an impact on the united states. the list of 7 recipients including dr. miriam adelson, retiring republican utah senator orrin hatch, nfl
5:44 pm
legends alan page and roger staubach, late supreme court justice antonin scalia, bay bruce, and elvis presley. >> i want to congratulate all of this year's recipients, family members and loved ones. america's blessed to have the most skilled, passion and talent anywhere on earth. we are truly a great nation and we are a nation that's doing really well right now. we have our greatest economy ever. we have our greatest employment numbers ever. >> president harry truman was the first to give out the award in 1945. and the medal of freedom has been awarded to more than 500 americans. back to our coverage now of the our so bad that you're told to stay indoors. how good is the air inside? >> that seems high. >> yes, it's very high. it's very high. >> we're inside. >> yes. >> coming up, the measurement from inside and outside its
5:45 pm
daycare that folks found surprising. >> one extreme to the other. while we are choked with smoke, clear skies and lift lines await you in the sierra. >> and in weather, still talking about the "spare the air" alert the air qualitiry advisory through the weekend into next week but some subtle changes could be coming our way before we are talking about rain. we'll update the forecast coming up.
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5:47 pm
so for the past few days we have been telling you about
5:48 pm
the bad air quality in the bay area and advice to stay indoors. people are monitoring particulates in the air we're breathing. brooks jarosz went to benicia where they are tracking the toxic air. >> reporter: schools may be closed but daycares are not and one group installed this air monitoring device to see just how bad it is outside. while many people are wearing masks outside, we wanted to know how bad the air is inside. we set up a monitor to find out. >> we haven't had children out all week. >> reporter: confined to the living room, the learning and playing haven't venturing far. >> the teachers are going nuts. >> reporter: the smoky dirty air is which is why miss claudia is keeping an eye on the air quality in her backyard with the help of this air monitor. >> i can see and tell the parents at any time what the air quality is outside and we know whether to bring the kids in or to keep let them go out
5:49 pm
and play. >> reporter: a member of the citizens air monitoring network installed 25 monitors in benicia and vallejo accessible to anyone. he shows what the outdoor sensor reading. >> unhealthy. 243 up here in the unhealthy close to hazardous range. >> reporter: realtime data constantly updated compared to the hourly averages online. compared to the rest of the u.s., it looks like california has a fever. >> this is the worst i have seen. >> reporter: the worst in the world. for comparison, he sets up another one this time shows us >> as you can see, there are two is sensors in the unit. >> reporter: it can be monitored from a smartphone. good air is anything under 50.
5:50 pm
instantly we were surprised. >> that's high. >> it's very high. >> and we're inside. >> reporter: and for kids with small lungs, exposure can put them at greater risk. does that concern you? >> it does. it does. but i can't block the holes. >> reporter: limit exercise, air purifiers and drink plenty of water. >> it's like the atmosphere just pressing down on us and bad air can't escape. >> we're trapped. >> yes. with the bad air. >> reporter: so there's really no getting away from and the air monitoring guys say that rural areas have it worse than the urban areas because the smoke is able to creep in. so limiting your exposure is key especially for the little ones. in benicia, brooks jarosz, ktvu fox 2 news. >> the only way to get away is to go to the sierra. today is opening way for many at the ski resorts in the
5:51 pm
tahoe basin. but there's not a flake of real snow in the sierra this weekend. the resorts have snow machines making manmade snow for skiers. you can bet though that this will be a popular destination this weekend with people from the bay area trying to escape the smoke. >> i was thinking the same thing. it would be a great weekend. meteorologist mark tamayo is here with a look at the air quality conditions across the bay area and when we could see relief. >> looks like definitely next week we are talking about rain chances but probably some subtle changes over the weekend. usually there's real snow but this is allman made snowfall up there. so interesting developments up there. now, air quality as you heard has been such a big issue and kind of a learning curve for me with those numbers tracking them every hour see if they go up and down. lots of areas still up above
5:52 pm
200. it's unhealthy and very unhealthy air quality. the satellite showing you this. there's that big smoke plume up towards paradise. that's a drifting toward the bay area. just some subtle wind directions here. this is all a light wind. you can see the smoke being trapped in the central valley. it's a south wind here that's working its way up and then heading towards the bay area. so that's why we have such poor air quality a convergence zone with the air quality for us today. into the weekend and beyond, the air quality advisory through tuesday and the "spare the air" alert on through tuesday. now, into the weekend, there is a chance we could see some slight improvements. so you can see the air quality scale across the board here. and into the weekend, the air quality management district painting us in the orange county meaning unhealthy for sensitive groups but it just takes a tiny change in the wind direction that we are in this
5:53 pm
range here so i think this will be likely unhealthy and possibly very unhealthy once again into your weekend forecast. outside now this is smog and haze not fog. it's going to be around tomorrow morning. 30s and 40s tomorrow morning. so a chill in the air to start out the day on saturday. this area high pressure sets up a stable environment. this traps all the smoke, closer to the surface. it won't be around into the weekend. next week a change in the wind direction. this will be developing into next week. possibly as early as later in the damond and for tuesday. this should help us out. and then rainfall. so here's the forecast model. and as we put this into mexico we are dry through tuesday but look what's developing offshore. chance of rainfall into d then once again into thursday. of course this is for thanksgiving into next week. forecast highs for tomorrow,
5:54 pm
will be in the 60s. hayward 64. santa rosa 64. concord 68. here's the five-day forecast: smoke into the weekend and a subtle improvement and chances of rain next week. i think we're all getting used to hearing about these index numbers because they are being used quite a bit and unfortunately that will be through the weekend. >> thank you. it's not often that we report on a celebration of an opening of a grocery store but today in santa rosa we did just that. coming up next, why this store means so much to those staffing one year after the wine country wildfires. >> we are learning when schools will re-open after the fire. >> plus live coverage of the 6:00 briefing in butte county where officials will be updating us on the death toll from the "camp fire." (music throughout)
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
5:57 pm
a sign of hope in santa rosa where a trader joe's destroyed in last year's wildfires reopened today. rob roth found out that many people say it offers hope for those in the community and those suffering in butte county. reporter: it isn't often that the opening of a grocery store can generate this kind of crowd and chaos but the return of this trader joe's means a lot. >> i was excited it reopened. reopened. >> reporter: this is the first day it opened since october of 2017 when the tubbs fire took out a trailer park and damaged
5:58 pm
the store. for a community that endured more than 5200 structures destroyed by fire, seeing one of them come back to life feels good. >> looks like the community coming together and everyone has been waiting for it. >> reporter: santa rosa still has a long road of rebuilding ahead but this re-opening grocery store is a shot of encouragement that a community can come back. >> this is another indicator that things are getting better that there is a rainbow. >> reporter: with smoke over everything, it's almost impossible for people here not to think of those suffering in paradise. if anyone can understand what they are going through, it's the people of santa rosa. this woman lost her home in santa rosa last year. she lives in a trailer now. >> my message would be to be encouraged. it will get better. >> reporter: some people have relatives burned out of butte county staying with them. >> our hearts are sick in the reality of what they are going through and that it's so fresh
5:59 pm
in our minds and, um, so painful and it's almost quite a bit worse that what we even experienced. >> reporter: it ma grocery store, but it comes with hope and for many people, that can be hard to find right now. in santa rosa, rob roth, ktvu fox 2 news. low visibility, burning eyes, sore throats, and people in masks, the new reality in the smoke choked bay area as people are urged to stay indoors and out of the smoke. >> one of the things we want to emphasize is that these masks are no substitute for staying indoors. >> schools, sporting events and even the big game between stanford and cal are canceled because of the unhealthy air quality. good evening. i'm alyana gomez. >> i'm andre senior. all of this stemming from the butte county "camp fire" as hundreds of people remain unaccounted for and in a few minutes we are expecting an
6:00 pm
update from cal fire officials. >> right now here's the numbers. firefighters continue to make steady progress containing the "camp fire." it's burned about 142,000 acres and is now 45% contained. the death toll stands at 63 with an update as we mentioned expected momentarily. authorities say more than 600 people are unaccounted for and that number could change within the hour. the fire has destroyed nearly 10,000 homes. president trump will tour the area tomorrow. right now cal fire officials are set to give their daily update on the "camp fire." this is a live picture from the silver dollar fairgrounds. this is in chico. we'll be monitoring the news conference for the latest on the firefight and listen later when the sheriff takes the podium for the update. the "camp fire" has created another day of horrible air quality in the bay area. researchers say smoke from the "camp fire" is now creating the worst air quality anywhere on the planet. breathing the smoke-filled air in san francisco toda


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