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tv   The Eleven O Clock News on KTVU FOX 2  FOX  November 16, 2018 11:00pm-11:30pm PST

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>> tomorrow president trump is set to join the governor and governor elect in the fire zone. >> at a briefing tonight cal fire announce add glimmer of progress on the fire fire itself. the wildfire is 50% contained. it is now covering 146,000 acres. they recovered the remains of eight more victims bringing the total to 71. more than a thousand are una counted for. the number jumped dramatically from this time yesterday. are 400 more people. the sheriff asked us not to take the list to literally. >> i can't let perfection get in the way of progress. are butte county sheriff aware this list has become staggering
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duplicate, some newly pulled from old 911 calls and some may be safe but unaccounted for. >> a massive number of people were displaced and scattered all over california. it's easy to lose contact. >> reporter: still, checking addresses of the missing, forensic teams found eight more victims. all of them were inside their en gulfed homes. >> this is essentially a dna lab right here. >> >> reporter: identification should come more swiftly. randall and paula dodge, 67 and 70, were recently identified. three quarters of the victims are tentatively identified based largely on location.
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>> famiathas missing relatives need to get swabbed. >> reporter: 14 people have submitted samples so far and can do so at a former sears store in chico. survivors are able to replace document, apply for unemployment and fema assistance. getting children back in school is also a top priority. >> we need a hundred portables here in this county to get the kids in a safe class. >> reporter: students were rushed out of classrooms as the flames approached. paradise elementary school seen here before burned to the ground tcu campfire. any kind of strings anybody can pull to get the portables in here, the sooner the better. >> reporter: fundraising is underway but the administrators are hoping philanthropist will step in and save them up and ch
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schools or move away. the district wants to restore familiar teachers and friends if at all possible. >> let's hope they get the mobile units. >> governor jerry brown and governor elect gavin newsom will join the president on his tour tomorrow. evacuees have mixed feelings. i think it's a great idea . if you want to understand what we're going through you have to be here. you candidate just see it on tv. i thielbar it's just show boating. come in and try to take credit after he's insulted the firefighter, police, military, handicap, women. >> we're told air force one will land at the air force base between 9:00 and noon. governor jerry brown tweeted we welcome the president's visit to california and are grateful for the quick response to our
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aid request. now it's time to pull together for the people of california. president trump responded with "thank you jerry brown. looking forward to joining you and gavin newsom tomorrow.. the smoke is hanging over the bay area because of the campfire. air quality levels reached unhealthy levels. >> mark this, is unprecedented for the area. >> the temperature, not temperature, but the air quality numbers monday and tuesday, 120, 150 -- >> now off the charts? yeah. you can notice that when you walk outside. unfortunately it's going to stick around. once again, i wish we had green that indicated good air quality very unhealthy range. livermore maxed out at 303. this is considered hazardous. here is a live camera above san
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francisco. can't see much because we have the thick smoke and thick haze over the area. once again, the smoke kind of settling in for tonight. it's going to be around as head toward the weekend. main reason why you see the milky haze over northern california. the fire is up here around heap. it's right about here that the fire is going, in fact, righting in this region, about here. with the offshore flow it's transporting the smoke closer to the bay area. air quality tonight, the areas in purple around 200, very unhealthy. not a big improvement just yet. the numbers may come down a little on saturday along the coast. air quality alert in place through tuesday. the forecast tomorrow has us painted in the orange and that
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means unhealthy. i would say there could be enough smoke piling in tonight and tomorrow that i suspect we'll have areas in the unhealthy range and possibly the very unhealthy range as we head toward saturday and sunday. big change in the weather pattern that will help us out. we'll talk more about that in a minute. >> the air quality has put a damper on the game tomorrow at memorial stadium in berkeley. the united states issued a statement announceing the post poignantment until december 1st. the biggest rivalry wasde lied in 1963, the day after president kennedy assassinated. the annual lighting ceremony was called due to
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the smoke. jana. >> reporter: this ceremony usually kicks off the holiday season but there were no crowds here tonight because of the cancellation and many businesses are worried that the bad air is spoiling their business. it wasn't just smoke but love was in the air. john and kate taking photos on their wedding day. >> we were hoping to get some scenic views which are not turning out the best. >> reporter: one photo at city hall wearing masks they got for the out of town guests. >> reporter: as the masks go mainstream, shoppers are scarce. it's hard times for businesses at the ural start the holiday season. typically we'd have 20 to 30 customers in an hour. today maybe two or three. it's been really slow.
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>> reporter: for vendors there was little foot traffic at the end of market treat. this jewelry maker worries about going broke. >> sales have been down about 57%. there is not as many people or artists out. >> reporter: many vendors are staying home. jose and sandra came to town hoping the ceremony would bring their vending cart much business. >> we come every here and we didn't know they canceled. >> reporter: a dis pointment. the smoke hi air smothering the profits. >> nothing. >> reporter: the carnival was held but relocated inside. even if children are not
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venturing outdoors, this helped to get the smiles on their faces. we're staying inside more. >> reporter: businesses trying to make the best of the bad air days. i'm hopeing the best for our state to come out of this. >> reporter: even though rain might clear the air next week, that is not so great for the vendors who set up outside here in san francisco. they say they'll take every good weather day they can get. some people have no choice but to work outside despite the warning about the air. cable car operators spend the day outside. the cable car service today was canceled. they have now canceled the service for tomorrow and sunday as well. >> in order to protect our employees and people rideing the cable cars in the open air
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vehicle, we have stopped service and are providing bus shuttles instead. >> people in other professionings were forced to push through. postal workers are delivering and construction workers are building. >> one bay area music store is working to put a smile on children's faces who may have lost instruments in a campfire. >> >>: we can't wait for the world to hear the music you'll make. how the bay area ukulele clubs are coming together to raise the thousands of dollars. ♪ ♪
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. a music store owner in the east bay is coordinating an effort to help a group of students who lost their homes and belongings. he said he saw an email from the students' former teacher asking for ukuleles. lamarandamusic store is not selling instruments. the owner, his family and
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employees are tuning, assembling and packing 120 ukuleles that will be donated to students from paradise who lost their ukuleles along with their homes. >> instruments like this may not seem as high priority as food and shelter and in some ways it's not but in a lot of ways this will bring peace to a lot of kids. >> reporter: the store owner, john mccormick, learned about the students fight from a teacher at the school. they need ukuleles, we can do that. we put a request together to our ukulele club. >> reporter: and other bay area by tendthey had $7000. >> we picked up 120 ukulele, 120 bag that is go in the ukuleles and 120 tuners like
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this that help tune the ukuleles. >> reporter: the teacher shared with us this video of the students performing. the sound of a ukulele is soothing and peaceful, perhaps a symbol of hope. >> makes you feel better and it makes me happy never the sad times >> reporter: with each ukulele, laura is including what she describes as a love letter she wrote to the students. we hope they bring joy in the days to come and we captain wait for the world to hear the music you'll make. >> reporter: they say it reflects the spirit of the community in the face of disaster. knowing they'll get a piece of home back. >> reporter: all of these ukuleles will be picked up saturday and delivered to students who lost their home unless butte county. the hope is they'll be able to
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play in an upcoming r the fire victims. >> tonight fire crews are watching out for hot spots from a wildfire that created tense moments today. the bear fire started late this morning and quickly grew to 25 acres. flames destroyed two structures outside the town of boulder creek. they kept the flames from spreading to nearby homes. they're trying to determine how the fire started. >> >>: a sign of hope in santa rosa where a trader joes destroyed last year reopened today. the store offers hope for the community and those now suffering in butte county. >> reporter: it is not often that the opening of a grocery store can generate this kind of crowd in chaos but in santa rosa, the return of this trader
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joe's mean as lot. >> i'm glad i came. >> reporter: this was the first day it has been open since october 2017 when the tubs fire ripped through north santa rosa that took out much of a trailer park and severely damaging this store. they endured 5200 structures destroyed by fire and seeing one come back is great. >> everybody has been waiting for it to come back. are santa rosa has a long road of rebuilding ahead but this is a shot of encouragement. it's an indicator that things getting better. >> reporter: with smoke hovering over everything, it's almost impossible for people not to see they're suffering.
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this woman lost her home in santa rosa last year. she lives in a triller now. >> be encouraged because it will get better. >> some relatives have family staying with them after being burned out. our hearts are sick. our minds so painful and the fact that it's quite a bit worse than what we experienced. are it may be just a grocery store but it comes with hope. that can be hard to find right now. >> also in the new tonight, a man was shot and killed by police in hayward. officers were called to o'neale avenue just before 9:00 last night. he got into some sort of argument. the man was allegedly armed with a knife. when officers ordered him to drop the weapon one witness
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said the suspect yelled you're going to have to kill me and moved toward the officers who opened fire. >> it scared me. i was really loud and sounded like it was right outside of my room. i was shocked. >> the police closed part of the street until early in the more than together evidence. they say police often respond to the area for drug and gang activity and stabbings. >> we've been tracking the poor air quality levels for a week now. the numbers are going up on the scale meaning very unhealthy. thursday, november 8th is when the fire started and the smoke rushed toward the bay area. you can see what your skies looked like all week long. still, tonight, we have the thick layer of smoke working its way into the area. the change tomorrow could be this. it's a little bit of a westerly wind developing near the
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coastline. that could help us out just a little bit. it could help to bring down the numbers for a little bit. we'll have offshore wind transporting the wind. fire is up about here and we have the north-northeast winds trying to push that smoke closer to the region. we'll definitely have to keep an eye on this tomorrow night and into sunday, another warning goes into place for the fire zone out towards paradise. windings could gust 25 to 35 miles per hour, some topping 40 miles per hour. fire danger on the increase for that portion of california. here is a live camera out toward san francisco. all we see is the light and we see the smoke and the haze drifting in. storm track, stable weather pattern up to the north. we have increasing confidence next week that we'll see a big change. current temperatures are chilly
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up in the north by upper '30s, san francisco 55, san jose 51. tomorrow chilly, lower 30s to the lower 40s. this area of high pressure keeping us dry and setting up the offshore flow. here the rain chance developing as early as wednesday. that could be a factor for thanksgiving. here is what could be happening. this is tuesday. wednesday is rain cloud could be making a come back and the big kinikini the wind direction. this will greatly improve air quality. 60s for the afternoon highs tomorrow. your weekend is just about here. more haze and smoke and maybe we could be feeling rain drops by tuesday night or wednesday. >> let's bring on wednesday. >> four big city mayors gathered in sacramento today to discuss california's homeless
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crisis. sacramento, san diego and los angeles mayors gathered with libby schaaf. they say dealing with the homeless is one of the biggest tasks faceing the leaders today. >> we've had peaks like anywhere in this country. i think it's the valleys that we judge ourselves. >> new data from the u.s. department of housing and urban development show there are 1,234,000 people without a home in california on any given night. scott reese is up next with why the nba defensive player of the year will be sidelined for the game tomorrow as well.
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scott reese is here with more on the warriors and all of the stuff that's happening. >> drama is the word you're looking for. >> yes, indeed. turns out the warriors have more than hurt feelings. nd gre tomorrow in dallas because a sprained toe on his foot. have a minutes restriction if he returns in san antonio. kawhi leonard and the raptor, khiry and the celtics. leonard going to work, lays it
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up and in. he scored 31 point, 15 rebounds. raptors by 8. khiry for three. 19 of his 43 coming in the 4th quarter. irving to al horford. the celtics win 123-116. jimmy butler's home debut, 107 a piece, simmons the drive. philly up by 2. simmons creating, finding butler. jimmy 28 leing all scorers. sixers win 113-107. >> justin holiday 6-6 beyond the arc in the first half, bullings by 18 in the first half but they give it away.
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the greek freak throw down, 23 point, 13 rip, bucks win. >> the giants have a lot of questions to address but the most important is this. will madison bumgarner remain in san francisco? probably won't know for a while but we do know that he is on the trade block. he, of course sa career giant with four all star game, three world series tight it will and a series mvp. he's missed a lot of time the last two seasons due to freak injuries but remains an elite starting pitcher. >> you probably heard the 121st big game between stanford and cal has been postponed. air quality is not conducive to football tomorrow. instead they'll play the game at noon on 1st. should be a good game. both are sitting at 6-4, both playing in bowl gameless next
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