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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 6am  FOX  November 21, 2018 6:00am-7:01am PST

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know where your umbrella is? >> i do. it's not in my car, i forgot. it's in the hall closet, i reached behind my seat -- >> it wasn't there. >> it will be there soon. >> run fast. >> some rain has made it to the north and some is about to make it on the santa cruz and san mateo coast. the rain has pecked up. some of the higher elevations to north, it's out of the south, not the east or northeast. northeast. the novato fire station is picking up measurablalities and sebastopol is getting on the rainfall. this is ahead of the main front that will be here late morning and early afternoon. it's on its way, it's getting ready to approach right here, coming on the san mateo coast and santa cruz mountains. be patient, it's on its way. the front will move through and later on in the day, we should be on the northwest side of
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that. it's for wednesday and friday, the sierra snow again, the snowfall level goes up and the south wind in advance of that and late tonight and into tomorrow, it will drop to the lake level. the best time to go is today and that will be tough, and there's the colder pool of air that could trigger convective activity, we're getting for rain to move in. temperatures 50s and 60s, say good-bye to the 30s and 40s, there's your system the first of many, we'll see. sal, what are you noticing for the highways and biways. >> it's not a typical commute day, but a travel day, you'll see traffic is light, but you will notice later today there will be a lot of people on the
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road. normally on thanksgiving, if from the middle of the day to later in the afternoon it's the busiest. that's what they think will happen, aaa, and it looks good on san mateo bridge, flows issues on 580 geting to castro valley or the commute, chp will be doing a maximum enforcement and think about what you're doing and be safe out there. 6:02, lets go back to the desk. for two weeks, people in butte county have been devastated by wildfires, now, they're facing two storms heading towards northern california, what they may do to the burn zone, sara zendehnam is in the town of paradise
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telling us what's going on. >> reporter: it's not raining in paradise, but the wind is picking up a bit. the biggest change to start here is early morning into the late hours. there's so much dry vegetation around. burn scars are at risk for mud ash and debris flows. this is not just for the camp fire zone, but the burn areas for the delta fire and carr fire and the mendocino complex fire. and down stream of the areas are at the highest risk. flooding is a possibility with heavy rain and the water can't and severe thunderstorm water because of the changes of terrain. they cut down trees that were danger of falling because of the rain while firefighters prepare for what's to come. >> we were expecting 4-6 inches over this area. the firefighters are out now to
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get the hose liens out so if there is it any kind of movement of soil, they can find everything. if there is debris flow in this area, the search for remains becomes more difficult, the death toll for the camp fire is sadly at 81. state and local agencies are preparing for post fire floods. they're checking culverts and installing material to catch run off. according to the national weather service, it's been 227 days since the town of paradise has seen an inch of rain, the last time was in april of this year, now, we're expecting upwards of 6-inches of rain a so being prepared is best way to go. sara zendehnam, ktvu fox 2 news. search teams found two more fire victims, the death toll is up to 81 so far. there are still 870 people
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missing, that number went up after detectives worked through a backlog of voice mail messages. the fire is 75% contained and full control is expected at the end of the month. that fire has burned 238 square miles, more than 12600 homes have been destroyed. and as steve mentioned we're getting a break from that unhealthy air that has been around the area. we're already starting to see a deference in the air quality, the air quality index for much of the bay area has improved from unhealthy to moderate. and abs our air qualityism proves, the attractions in the golden gate recreational area will open today. that includes alcatraz and the fort point and muir woods in marin county. they've been closed since friday. state lawmakers are working
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on a bill right now aimed at protecting pg&e and other utility companies from bankruptcy over the po el nino tension liability for the wildfires. they'll able to pass along some of the costs to the customers. >> gerry hill of san mateo said it's a thanksgiving gift to pg&e and its stockholders. and there's still no official cause for the camp fire, but there's speculation that centered around pg&e and it reported a power outage near where the fire i go submitted. this is a photo owe from digital globe, showing entire neighborhoods before the fire and then afterwards, the camp fire swept through paradise and magalia and other towns so fast,it seemed to destroy
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everything in et cetera path. and it shows how the fire for some reason spared a few homes and burned everything else around them. smoke from the camp fire has traveled all of the way to new york city, and this is a photo from the national owessian he can and atmospheric association, this smoke traveled 3,000 miles and the smoke gets caught up in the higher atmosphere and it can cross the country and go further. most people won't notice the haze, but you can see it when the sun sets. and ryan zinkey says, radical he visited butte county, he saw the damage from the damage last week, he was asked about president trump's comment that poor forest management was responsible for california's wildfires, and he
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said and i'm quoting, radical environmental groups would rather burn down the entire forest than cut a single tree. forest management had nothing to do with the fires here in california, saying the fires have not been burning in forests, but they were in neighborhoods filled with homes. the thanksgiving holiday is under way for many people, we want to take you to some of our traffic cameras, we're keeping an eye on the commute and the thanksgiving traffic. this is highway 24 and walnut creek. it's a little slow moving, a lot of red tail lights there so far. experience shows most of the other bay area friendships will just get busier as the morning wears on. one survey shows at the peak of travel it will take 4 times as long as thunderstorm al to get around the bay area. the worst time to drive in the bay area is between 1:00 and 3:00 this afternoon. the usual holiday crush at the airport is compounded this year by delays by some of the
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big storms in the m i had west and the east coast as well as our bad air quality from the camp fire. >> and we've been experiencing delays every day as a result of the poor air quality, boston, newark, some locations in canada as well, seeping some delays because of weather conditions. >> now, the good news, travellers will find extra employees at it. sa checkpoints, many have extra staff at the counters, officials are recommending you check in online, download or print your boarding pass, prepay for any baggage fees to cut down on your wait times in line, and the usual advice of getting to the airport, at least 90 minutes ahead of the flight, for domestic travel and 2 hours for international travel. they hope that the new drop off or pick up location will get
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ride share, the new spot is designated for uber and lyft rides, it's 14-17 at the international terminal. airport traffic has eased up a bit since that site was launched a month ago. that helps things out at the oakland airport, all of the lyft and off airport parking, they're out a couple of lanes. >> that's good advice. >> we'll keep watching. and truck traffic jams may be easing up soon, the potential change, it could mean fewer oakland trucks on oakland streets. you want to take romaine lettuce off your thanksgiving menu and the health alert from the cdc and how long it could last. you can see traffic is moving along okay if you're driving in san francisco along
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who knows you well enough to understand what your wealth is really for. welcome back to "mornings on 2", if you have romaine lettuce at home, you need to throw it out. the centers for disease control says it has been linked to a e- coli outbreak. 10 people in california have become sick and they're asking restaurants and stores not to serve it or sell it.
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a grower from salinas says it generally is a problem on bigger farms. >> you can crow ate environments where it can get polluted or other bugs can fall in it and you can contaminate. >> the source of the contamination is still being investigated. the too many is 6:14, a san francisco pastor and four other men are facing charges of child pornography. the internet crimes unit tracked down 24-year-old nicholas thong accused afterhosting child porn on the blog. and they arrested three other men, and a pastor from christ church lutheran. they were found on the phone and a cloud storage app. despite the arrests, the investigation continues. and police in palo alto searching for a man who they say exposed himself to a 14-
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year-old girl who was walking her dog on east meadow drive, month afternoon. a man in the car stopped to ask her for direction, and she realized his pants were down. this man is between 35 and 45 years old. he was driving a faded gold colored 4 door sedan. and during a packed meeting, the city council approved the ban in milpetas city, they said having cannabis in the city will put children at risk for marijuana addiction. and they said they were using fear mongering to make their point. the bill will head to the planning commission nor and vet. there's a new map to show
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which clogged storm drains need the most maintenance. the digital map will prevent flooding when it rains which we need around now. it's part of the puc's adopt a drain program encouraging people to report where you see clogged drains. >> that's a very good idea, a lot of leaves in a lot of streets. sal, what are you keeping an eye on, sal? >> the commute is not typical. we don't have big backups. today is a big travel day as we've been telling you. lets look at the traffic cameras, the bay bridge west bound looks good, the flags are moving, and we'll talk about the wind with steve in a moment. the traffic is moving well into san francisco,ant state 880 looks good if you're trying to catch a knit at oakland international, 101 looks all right to san francisco airport on the other side of the bay, san mateo bay looks good, the roads are not crowded at all. we look at the silicon valley,
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i want to let you and remind you, today is a big travel day, in the middle of the day as a lot of people are heading out. 6:17, lets bring steve in. some is about to, and finally a change here, it took a long time for many to get rain here, we had some in early october, that was not for everybody, it's been grim ever since, things are changing, we've had air quality, heck, we can be see and it smells different as well. casadero, a 10th of an inch, guerneville and .03 in sebastopol. what do you want me to do, am i to walk in the chrome or what, i don't know what to do. you got me or no? i'll just talk about it, pam. i'm just going to talk about it. there's your system moving in, that is some rain to the north, it's tapered off. look off on the santa cruz
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coast right there, it's beginning to move onshore, the santa cruz coast, and the santa cruz mountains, that rainfall rate will pick up as well. our front is back here, back other, so there it is, we have aways to go, it will be late morning, tore early afternoon, it's been a long, long time since some areas have had rain. oakland going back 223 days a 10th of an inch or greater, san jose, 218, and mountain view, 218 and they did have rain in early october, so, they did not have that long of a investment they're all dry, 2% of normal for the season. san jose, oakland, also there, 7%, and 25% for santa rosa, they picked up a .01, they ended that stretch as well. the system is moving onshore, it's tapped into good moisture, the front is looking good. once we go to the first one, we'll have additional rainfall late thursday into friday.
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this is santa rosa northward, and eventually the sierra it, looks good to the south here, at 10:00, systems should be moving onshore, there should be brief heavy rain with that. then we'll start to get hit and miss activity as the cold or unstable air filters in later tonight and tomorrow. that's when the snow levels go down abs well. most of this looks to be mainly focused north of the golden gate. we'll get a little bit out of it as we in into friday. initially it's going up, 39 in truckee unqueen, that southeast breeze in advance of it, equals the higher snow level, today would be a good time to go, winter storm is up at 8,000 feet and late tonight into tomorrow, 6 to 12 inches could be the lake level. mother nature is doing her bit. this is the system rowetating in, we're looking at the first system. it could be many going on in a
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couple of weeks. >> okay, we need it. that's for sure. thank you, steve. expect busy roads and skies today. we'll take you live to sfo as millions of people are expected to head you on this big travel day, one of the biggest in more than ten years, plus, becoming house speaker once again, what bay area representative nancy pelosi is doing to become the most powerful woman in the history of politics. green book is the one movie
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good morning, welcome back to "mornings on 2", we're getting rain, it's expected much of the day. here's a live look at one of our traffic cameras in the city and you can kind of tell, some of the roads are wet out there. we're tracking the storm, the impact it will have on travel, of course, it's a busy travel day on the roads and at the airports and we'll get all of the updates on the travel day today. san francisco congresswoman nancy pelosi is becoming one step closer to becoming house speaker and marcia fudge said she'll not campaign for the top spot. they won't campaign for pelosi, there's no one coming forward
6:24 am
to oppose her. and former president obama calls her one of the most effective legislative leaders that this country has ever seen. and it seems like california billionaire tom steyer is moving ahead with a possible presidential bid this 2020. he announced a series of town halls next month. focus on what he calls his five rights, education, the environment, voting rights, the economy and health care. you may recall that tire funned a multi-million-dollar ad campaign demanding the impeachment of president trump. and the cost of having the troops at the border of mexico costs $210 million. they're providing support to customs and border protection. and $108 million for the national guard troops who have
6:25 am
been at the border since april. the costs can grow if the active duty mission is extended beyond the current end date of december 15th. and reaction is coming in for the decision not to push for penalties on saudi arabia over whether the prince conspired to kill journalist jamal khashoggi. they said it's not to condone but there is a partnership with saudi arabia. they have agreed to spend and invest in the united states, and the president's decision has sparked a decision on how close the types should be. >> it's a mean and nasty world out there. in the middle east, there are tech interests to keep america safe. >> the president is not acting the best interests of the country when he solely makes it
6:26 am
a business arrangement. >> even some republicans in congress were critical of the president's decision, including kentucky senator rand paul who tweeted, i'm pretty sure this statement is saudi arabia first, not america first. also, north korea destroyed ten of the guard posts south korea as part of an agreement to ease tensions, they showed a video of a number of posts being destroyed in a series of explosions, they agreed to dismantle all guard post as i long the demilitarized zone that separates the two countries. and steve paulson is tracking the rain in the forecast in the fire zone in butte county and in the bay area, and the potential disaster heavy rain and high winds could have on an already devastated area. good morning, we see travel
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on the roads right now, it's not all that bad, as you can see, it looks good on interstate 880 in oakland, driving north getting up to downtown, it's more crowded but not a lot of stop-and-go traffic. most has been to the north and some is approaching the santa cruz and san mateo coast, we'll get light to who moderate rain as the first system finally arrives.
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thanks form joining us on "mornings on 2", it's wednesday, the middle of the week november 21st, i'm dave clark. >> most of the resorts are open if you're headed out, and you should leave before this afternoon, it's expected to be one of the busiest travel days in the year. snow and rain could mean dangerous road conditions and traffic delays up to the sierra, higher elevation cost get 6 to 12 inches of snow, many resorts are open for the season, i have my season pass, i'm in the headed up this weekend, but i have my season pass. and there's no rain but you can feel the atmosphere, you can breeze easy. >> it smells better too. and the rain is picking up a
6:31 am
little bit on the santa cruz and san mateo coast. it's not a lot, but a little bit, pa 10th of an inch for some. it's now moving onshore, and it's headed into the santa cruz mountains, that system will start to sweep in and pick up rainfall and the front is back aways, it will be bringing light it moderate rain for some back here, we're getting the warmer sector out ahead of it and we'll go through lawsuit morning and early afternoon, as it marches northward and towards sierra, nevada, the better system looks to be on friday, north of the golden gate. that's where we'll have the bigger rainfall, the first system loses the punch, projections are good and central california and up to the sierra, the snow is going way up because of the south wind and it will go down late tonight and tomorrow mourn, the passes, 8, 2 feet of snow in the lake level, make 6 to 12 is
6:32 am
in the forecast, the colder air is back here, the front has a ways to go, it will advance closer, by noon or one, we should be on the north side of this system, 50s, 60s and you can see the system rotating in. some light to moderate rain, sal is here and he tells us. >> well, traffic is light, today will be the 60s type day. traffic is lighter than usual, as you've been hearing, it's going to be a mix commute day. it's not a big commute day. most people will be traveling somewhere else, to the airports or driving to where they're going to thanksgiving. we went see a typical bay bridge commute, there will be a will the of people on the road,
6:33 am
this is 880 south in front of the oakland airport, and traffic is moving along nicely. san mateo bridge, heading out to the peninsula, perhaps you're going to sfo, those freeways are looking good. there are a lot of people out there, not a lot of slow traffic, this is a look at the south bay commute, there are no major issues driving through, traffic on 280 and san jose looks good, northbound 280 on the right, 6:33, lets go to leigh martinez, and leigh martinez is at sfo and i hear that so far things are going well there. well there. >> yes, sal, i've covered travel stories numerous times, i swear it's the same thing, one hour there's a ridiculous line, and the next hour, nothing, if you are taking a look at the security line right now, it looks bad, if you're looking at it from this angle, it's moving pretty fast, it's much better than it was in the
6:34 am
last hour, where it was wrapped around to where i was standing, we were hoping it want going to be too bad, and it was pause of the smoky air we had. there wasn't much traffic outside and the ticket counselors, the security line was a different story, everything this morning is on time. now, yesterday, only 100 domestic flights were cancelled. a relatively low number, 3,000 flights were delayed, there was heavy rain out east and the problem in san francisco was poor visibility because of smoke from the butte county willed fur, this couple had a lot of huge luggage for this 14 week old baby named conrad. this was his third flight and he was alert and ready for it, but he's been on the move all week long. >> we actually only got into town on sunday, because we have a new born, so, we've been out
6:35 am
of town, we went out of town for a funeral, and we extended our trip to keep him out of the air. it's nice we're leaving now,, but i've been worried, with something like 14 weeks old you, now, nearly -- >> now, nearly 54 million people are expected to travel this holiday. and the number in california it is predicted we'll reach 7 million more than last year. it's 5% more than last year. and 8 # was packed wednesday evening. there will be more people on the roads getting to the airports and with steve mentioned with the rain in the forecast, you know when we haven't had rain in a long time, people forget how to drive in it, you want to go slower and give yourself extra time to get to the airports, again if you're taking a early morning flight, things look great from where we are right
6:36 am
now. leigh martinez, at sfo, ktvu 2 news. we'll continue to check in with you. the chp warning drivers to obey traffic rules and the maximum enforcement period begins at 6:00 tonight and it goes through midnight on sunday. highway patrol officers will look out for speeders and distracted drivers and those under the influence and people not wearing their seatbelts, 46 people died in highway crashes, last thanksgiving holiday more than half were not wearing and seatbelt. the time is 6:36, tonight aaa is offering the tipsy stowe service, it will start at 6:00 p.m. and will run to 6:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. it's easy to remember. it's 1-800-aaa-help. you can get a free ride and a tow. fire crews in butte county
6:37 am
are preparing for the rain it, even though you can control the camp fire, it can create new risks, crews same the biggest hazards arrested -- hazard is falling trees. this is more dangerous as it turned turns into mud. the ground can't absorb water at this point. it combines with the ashes and debris and starts to run off. >> it can cause accertificates problems and they'll have to deal with the mud and what the rain brings. it will slow the fear down, it won't have a chance to grow further and they'll have a chance to reach containment lines. >> there would be a steadily and light rain, that would help put out the hot spots but not cause any mudslides in an area that is badly damaged. a man in los altos has been charged with stalking his former high school classmate on lean for more than ten years.
6:38 am
29-year-old matthew crinkle is accused of using fake, facebook accounts to a woman who is now 27. he sent sexually ex police and threatening messages to the woman, to her family and friends. the stalking started in high school and it happened, extended from spanish class. >> the woman asked a man who coughed to cover his mouth and this devolved from there. >> the man threw rocks at her car and ran no her with his bike. there may be other victims who have not yet come forward. a teacher may under arrest
6:39 am
for child pornography conviction. these two brothers were both arrested on similar charges of pornography. one was a teacher and track coach at a middle school in san jose, he pled no contest for having child pornography and his brother is due in court for a plea hearing next month. and a man is paying a fine of $185,000 after there was a shootout at the house which was being operated as an illegal short term rental. the people in the neighborhood demanded something be done about that house. it was a short-term rental and it was a scene of parties where there was violence. there was gun foyer in 2017. two people were wounded, and the couple had not registered it as a short-term rental with the city making it an illegal operation, the city bans them from short term rentals of the property for five years. >> the part of oakland is going
6:40 am
public with the proposal to make it easier for anyone to drive to city streets for the port. they're traveling to and from the port, it will highlight the city what they want truckers to use, the city is increasing fines for truck drivers who violent parking codes, the plan is available at the port offices and several libraries in oakland, comments are due by january 4th. the time is 6:40, we know the vane coming, we're keeping streets and storm drains clear in san francisco before the rains hit. >> we'll tell you about the program people will find most likely to be backed up. no more single use bottles at hotels, the bay area county that have banned the bottles of shampoo and conditioner. >> good morning, we're looking at a commute at interstate 880 that looks all right, as you're
6:41 am
driving north and south. in front of the oakland airport, if you're catching a flight at oakland, it looks all right. we'll check out some of the other roads to the bay area airports when we come back. some rain is made, not a lot. we have it wait for the system later today, the second system on friday is looking good. we'll have more on that coming up. coming up.
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right now oakland police say the robberies at bed bath and beyond seem unrelated. the employees say they're not doing enough to protect employees. >> the security guards are there for show. they wear a jacket. they're not allowed to detain anyone. >> ktvu tried to contact
6:46 am
officials at bed bath and beyond, we didn't get a response yet. >> they have leads, they are checking surveillance video, but no arrests have been made yet. if you have any information, call oakland police, self midas stores in petaluma and napa and vacaville are performing unnecessary car repairs, they've filed a complaint for unlawful practices, the alleged violations are based on investigations by the state bureau of automotive repair, the midas international corporation knew about the pay parent violations and have agreed to pay $200,000 in restitution and penalties in a settlement. in santa cruz county, they're moving ahead to ban single use shampoo and concern at hotels. they took a preliminary vote yesterday supporting that ban, now, it would apply to all
6:47 am
visitor accommodations, that includes motels and short term vacation rentals like air b and b, the county will be one of first in the country to impose this ban. the final vote is december 4th. if the ban is approved it will take effect 2021. thanksgiving is a team to show gratitude for what they have by giving to those less fortunate. >> is anybody hungry, would you like sandwiches. >> the american catholic community will distribute meals and they're looking to share the food in san francisco neighborhoods. >> we want to show our kids this is real, this is not something that is removed or remove yourself from. it's in our community and we can do something else. >> we're fortunate that we have meals on our table, we can celebrate thanksgiving with our families, so why not just give
6:48 am
them a little something. at the end of the day we're all human. >> the group handed out 450 meals last night, that's up from 300 last year when they ran out of food. >> bravo. happening today a thanksgiving tradition in san francisco kicking off the thanksgiving holiday, it's the salvation army turkey card, members of their staff will take part of this, you look at gasia chief scott, they expect to carve 1600 pounds of turkey and feed 4,000 needy people, and st. anthony's and glide church will feed chief scott and volunteer today as workers go around the clock. they're getting ready to serve 3500 meals for thanksgiving. they'll hold their thanksgiving meal from 10:00 a.m.
6:49 am
to 1:30 tomorrow. you can probably tell drop off things today for them. they would welcome that with open arms. we've been talking about a lot of relief efforts and items and donations have gone up to the fire victims and so they're needing more supplies here. >> that's right or you can volunteer time and the time of the year, a lot of people do, that as far as switching over to traveling, today is a big travel day as you know, and we're not seeing a commute, we're seeing people on the road though, lets look at the bay bridge. this is not commute traffic, but we've seen a steady stream of cars driving too and from, a lot of people going to bay area airports and getting on the road early, some people are leaving the bay area to go to thanksgiving wherever they're going and today is a big travel day for that. this is a look at interstate 880, it's crowded and not like a sunday morning out there, you'll see traffic, traffic is moving well from 808 to san leandro to hayward, we promised you a look at 101 up and down
6:50 am
the peninsula, that looks good from south city and the san bruno and san mateo and the whole thing. there are no impediments getting to the airport using a car or public transportation at the moment. 6:50, lets bring steve in. sal, look what i pained this morning. >> this is beautiful. this is boulder creek, sebastopol, .06, i saw in the cupertino hills, our observe with michael polansky, .02, water is rushing down the street. >> our bay area brat, she means
6:51 am
that in a nice way. it's raining in livermore, a little bit. now, we do have ran to the north, but that has moved off a little bit. i haven't seen updates on the rainfall. that's picking up on the marin coast, there's march republican in the santa cruz mountains -- marin in the santa cruz mountains. it feels and looks like rainfall. there's been rain. the front is back here, the better system will be on friday, so this one, again, as i talked about many times, the first system to come through, usually weakens a little bit, we'll get rain out of this, there will be lighter amounts, it's been a long time since oakland has had rain, 223 days. san jose says we have 218, that's a 10th.
6:52 am
6:53 am
. threat southwest wind can make for mild conditions, the rain moves in late thursday and it takes us into friday and the weekend looks okay. the time is 6:53, nasa is investigating spacex, we'll tell you why elon musk, the private company may be in danger of losing billions of dollars in contracts. lets talk to gasia and and see what's coming up on "mornings on 2". >> we're getting an update on the camp fire. we'll bring you that in minutes. and more californians are finding difficult, impossible to get fire insurance coverage. what's making it so difficult and the last ditch option for
6:54 am
those who can't get coverage any coverage either way, and people are opening up their homes and hearts, it's not just about housing and food when it comes to providing comfort and care. we'll be right back. i am a family man.
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welcome back. happening today in san francisco the 64 annual district the 61st annual car
6:57 am
show. or than 30 brown's of cars and trucks will be on display from rolls-royce sister mercedes to bw's and toyotas. cars from the 2019 model year and beyond will also be on display. you can testdrive several types of cars including smart cars and smart trucks. and the original mustang. the one used in the 1960s steve mcqueen movie bullet filmed right here in the bay area will be on display. and open to 10:00 this morning and continues until sunday night. tickets are $10 for anyone over 12 years old nasa is investigating elon musk and his pot smoking antics during the september interview. space x is been investigated by nasa. a top administrator told the washington post that a safety review will begin early next
6:58 am
year focusing on employee hours , drug policies, leadership and management styles and not the rockets themselves. the bottom line is the behavior of elon musk may signal even bigger concerns. space x has more than $6.8 billion in nasa contracts. gap can close hundreds of underperforming stores. the company reported a drop of about 7% in sales in the last quarter. yesterday the ceo says it's putting those stores that do not fit the future vision on the chopping block. they believe it will boost the other stores which include old navy and banana republic. a group of ladies are waking up feeling like 1 million bucks. >> i feel like i'm in a fairytale. i feel like a princess. >> the 49ers surprised a group
6:59 am
of women who struggle with homelessness or addiction a day of being pampered. and after that, a thanksgiving dinner. >> it's a great opportunity for everybody to come together and experience joy. >> having them come to our home and share a meal is awesome. >> i don't have enough words to express the gratitude. i did not even know they would all be here. >> the ladies in the program say they will try to pass on some of the joy they felt last night to other people during the holiday season. it hasn't rained it just yet in paradise but when it does roland there are a lot of things that county officials are worried about.
7:00 am
the rain is headed here to the bay area. we have live team coverage on how long the rain will stay and how it may affect thanksgiving travel from the roads to the airports. it's a lot warmer in my neighborhood today than it was yesterday. >> changes are coming. >> good morning. let's get right to it. steve paulson has the forecast. the rain has finally made it. is focused on the santa cruz mountain area south. boulder creek a little bit of a move. san francisco 0.02. and finally clean air sunrise.


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