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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  November 21, 2018 12:00pm-1:01pm PST

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bay area is finally seeing rain. it's expected to push out the smoky air that's been lingering in our area for nearly two weeks. >> the firefighters have gained the upper hand on the camp fire but the much needed rain could cause problems for the burn area. and the biggest travel day of the air, the issues travellers are facing at one bay area airport. i'm gasia mikaelian mix and i'm mike mibach. the rain is coming down and people did not waste time breaking out the umbrella, this is video from oakland and puddles popped up on the sidewalks. >> we are getting relief from the smoky air we had. the air quality index for much of the bay area has improved from unhealthy to moderate. ktvu's life in emeryville,
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frank? >> bring it on. that's what i say. breaking news: it's raining out here. it's coming down at a good clip. it's been 49 days since anybody was able it say that in this area. we're finally getting rid of the smoky air in the bay area. however, it's one of the busiest travel days of the year, 52 million plus will hit the roads for the holiday. of course, get away day before thanksgiving. roads are slick and loaded up with cars, but most of the drivers say, never mind the traffic, it's just nice to breathe again. >> you know, i'm excited, it's all nice, and you can breathe now. >> plenty to be thankful for. >> plenty of family, clean air and the rain, we needed it. >> in that order too. >> in that order, exactly. >> a little bit of traffic, not a big deal. >> no, no, i'm off today, i'll good. >> you're good.
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>> and would you trade the traffic and for good clean air. >> you can see the air at all for weeks now. >> yeah, this is definitely a welcome change of pace pays. i caught up with san francisco's police chief with the salvation army, he told me he's thankful for many things in his life including today's wet weather. >> today the rain is a welcome site for many of us. it's been a tough week and a half, i welcome it, i know walking outside and air being unhealthy and all, it impacted a lot of people. >> and more good news, golden gate parks district reopened alcatraz this morning, the boats are back in service after shutting down because of poor arab quality. and muir woods is back open and
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they shut down the cable cars because of the poor air quality. they're up and running again if you want to brave the rain. you can see highway 80, it's moving but rather slowly. the roads are very slick, if you're headed out to the holidays, give yourself a lot of time, not only because today is get away day, it's pretty wet out here too. that's the latest, i'm frank mallicoat, ktvu fox news. and a map in san francisco shows which drains need the most maintenance. the digital map will help prevent flooding when it rains. it's part of the adopt a drain program to help keep the drains clear when it rains. and lets go to steve paulson for the weather. >> everything so far is it on track as advertised. san jose is in that rain shower, they've had hardly
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anything. alexander, the sights and sounds of rain have never been so welcome. >> i hear that. and larkspur, that's our good friend marty, 1.31 and boulder creek 1.0 #. there are others that have come in. at have come in. mill valley, .94, half moon bay .75, santa rosa with heavy rain the last hour, .67, and san francisco 54/100ths and oakland just over a quarter of an inch. they went 223 days since they had a 10th of an inch or more of rain. and san jose had 218 anemone day view had 218, which was a record, it's nearly 50 since san francisco and santa rosa had rain. going into today, this was the%
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of normal, and san francisco 7%. cisco 7%. we'll have updates at 4:00 today. we're adding to these except san jose. half moon bay, san jose 25, this is the front direction, look at atlas peak, southeast and napa, the higher elevations 34 miles per hour. hawkeye 100% humidity and not that east, northeast, the humidity is up, the wind direction is still from the front, the direction of the front has not gone through, light to moderate rain, there could be bursts of heavy rain as this system lifts northward. some are not getting much. this could be the first of many. there are projections going out into november and into december of a lot more rain. >> line them up. >> yes, sir. >> many people are heading out of town for the holiday and we're approaching what is expected to be the worst time to drive in the bay area,
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looking from our traffic camera in emeryville, there are a lot of cars on the road as you would expect. i would imagine windshield wipers are on ash and the headlights should be on too. we're approaching the worst time it try to drive around the bay area. that little window of the worst driving is between 1 and 3:00 this afternoon. coming up it's soon, one survey shows at the peak, it will take 4 times as long as normal to get around on bay area freeways, this is down on san jose, traffic is moving good in both directions at this hour. there's the usual holiday crush at the airport. we have a smooth start today, this helped move travellers along, and sfo has rain and wind to deal with. there are delays for many arriving flights because of the travel in the bay area.
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lets look at what's going on until the afternoon. >> reporter: a lot of people were excited about the rain, we haven't had it in so long. not too many problems outside of the airport, we're hearing that the weather is causing delays with the planes taxiing on the runway. we know that departing flights for atlanta and boston were significantly delayed. the security line lanes would grow overtime. the morning holiday rush in sfo was a smooth one. but, the rain came down harder and if the faa and sfo said a travel warning came into effect and they announced there could be a delay because of weather and wind. the big problem in the last few days was because of poor visibility because of the smoke from the butte county wildfire. and this couple had a lot of luggage for this 14 week old
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baby conrad, he's alert and ready for it. he's been on the move all week. >> we actually got into town on sunday, because we have a new born, so, we have been out of town, we went out of town for a found rallied and we actually just extended our trip to keep him out of the air, yeah, so, it's actually nice we're leaving now, because you know, i've just been worried with something like, this one who is 14 weeks old. many people are expected to fly this holiday and they expect in california 7 million will travel. it's up 5% from last year. traffic on i-80 was packed. and there will be more at the 1:00 hour, things will start getting tight. out here right now, traffic is moving welcoming to the airport. there are a lot of delays with
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the planes taxiing once they get on to the runways. that cute baby you saw, he has a short flight to palm springs. hopefully he had a good flight and have a good thanksgiving. search teams discovered two more fire victims. that brings the total to 81. the butte county sheriff said there are still 870 people missing, that number increased after they were able to work through a backlog of messages. they're able to have full control, and it's still expected by november 30th. the fire has burned 240 square miles and more than 13500 homes have been destroyed. and the town of paradise is getting rain, and it's helping firefighters, but if there is too much rain there could be problems. sara zendehnam has that story.
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>> we have seen rain on and off in paradise, we've been waiting for it. it will help the camp fire firefight, but some concerns with this rain as well. it's been 227 days in the town of paradise. the last time was april 7th, where more than 5 inches came down. that's according to the national weather service. paradise sees 56 inches of rain a year, over the next three days, 4-6 inches expected here. a flash flood watch is expected this afternoon into friday morning with the camp fire zone, that's possibility of ash, mud and debris flows. and since they can't absorb water because of changes of terrain, flooding is possible. >> some camp fire survivors have a lot of anxiety about this storm. >> what's going to happen, we haven't been up there to see it or assess any damage, and we're afraid of what's going to happen when the rain comes.
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>> the rain will help in the firefight. the camp fire is 80% contained and they're looking to get full containment as soon as possible. they're preparing for the storms, they're checking culverts and monitoring storm drains and catch run off and cutting trees, and if there is debris flow in this area it may affect search and rescue efforts. the death toll for the camp fire is now at 81. at 81. now, some developing news. there are pg&e outages across the bay area, take a look at this ma. the orange magnifying glasses mean between 500 and 5,000 people are without power in these areas, like berkeley and san leandro and san francisco. 4,000 people are without power in san francisco. crews are on the scene assessing the outages. a wildfire coverage continues after the break,
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state lawmakers work on a bill that would protect pg&e and other companies from major bankruptcy following disasters, it would allow utilities to pass along the costs to customers. an arrest in a 1973 cold case, how a sheriff's department was finally able to link a man to the murder of a 21-year-old murder.
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state lawmakers are looking to pass a law to keep pg&e from being bankrupt. they're making sure that financial liabilities arising from this year do not destabilize a utility like pg&e, and jerry brown calls it a thanksgiving gift to pg&e and its stockholders. there's no official cause of the pg&e but speculation has centered around pg&e which there was a report there was a problem near where the fire ignited. this picture is from the photo site digital globe, it shows pictures of the communities of paradise before and after, and the fire destroyed everything in its path. some homes were not damaged and
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everything around them is destroyed. authorities in butte county are using rapid dna technology to process remains in the burn zone. they're having a tough time identifying the victims, not enough family members are coming forward. workers say they're badly burned, but with technology they've been able to create a dna fingerprint from all of the remains collected. they need family members so they can cross match them. some insurance companies are refusing to renew homeowner's policies because of the high fire risk. when the houses are rebuilt, the owners may find it difficult if not impossible to insure them. people who can't get insurance, they can apply to the state's fair problem. the fair plan is operated in the insurance industry and it
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charges rates that reflect risk and it can be costly. homeowners still have to buy coverage elsewhere for theft, flooding and other hazards. ryan zinke say radical environmentalists are partly responsible for the camp fire. he was asked about president trump's comment, that poor forest management was responsible for california's fires. he said radical environmental groups would rather burn down an entire forest rather than cut a single tree. and others say this has nothing to with thes in california -- fires in california. san jose is struggling to get rain there. it's close, everybody else has picked up something. some have picked up good rain.
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marin county and areas santa rosa west, and larkspur an inch and a third. ross and mayor republican county 1.07 and half moon bay, they had an inch of rain there. santa rosa over 3/4, .78. sfo .38 and danville checking it at .18, and san jose, thomas smith, we have had next to no rain and it's mad denying. san jose have had a trace of rain. and mountain view has had a trace of rain as well. their stretch may stretch from 218 to 219 days of no rain. they're taking your rain,
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saratoga and campbell and los gatos. hopefully you can get a little rain. the streak is over for oakland, they went over 1/10th of rain after no rain. santa rosa and napa and san francisco 50 days, they've blown past that. very robust southeast breeze here, it still continues, and some of the higher elevations, it's cranked up at 30 miles per hour, until the wind turns west, southwest, the front has not upon through, there is activity taking aim towards san francisco south. certainly along the san francisco coast. it's lighting up for some in the north, mendecino county. this is over san pablo bay. and out towards vallejo and still coming in from right there, from going along the san
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mateo and santa cruz coast. this will be another system on friday, that looks better for areas to the north. once you get the first system to comes up and that knocks things out and opens the door a little bit. the sierra is very warm, we're getting the south breeze, it's a rain event, it will turn into a winter storm warning tonight. the cold air will come in and it will drop down, 30s and 40s, it's too warm right now. green, green is there for just about everybody going up to the mountains right now. again, that will turn once we get the cold air in the front to go through. we're setting the stage for what looks like to be an active pattern here, 50s and 60s, with the southeast breeze, mild, some of the cold air will swing in and it could be an isolated thunder shower, it has a atmospheric tap and it's late thursday into early friday. projections will be heavier and we could get the two inch
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amounts and that's verified, in the ballpark, we have two more systems, we'll get a break on the weekend. we're winding down, and it's late coming in on thursday, and a break on the weekend. just an fyi, next monday bears watching. >> thank you, steve, new at noon, the santa clara sheriff's department made an arrest in a 1973 cold case. this 70-year-old was arrested for the murder of leslie purloff, she went missing in palo alto. she was a stanford grad. her car was parked on a road and her body was found near an oak tree nearby. she was strangled. and a lab produced a suspect profile and identity after getting a dna sample it was
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later determined that the sample matched the dna at the crime scene. a romaine lettuce scare for this thanksgiving. latest on the out-- the latest on the outbreak and the lettuce could potentially be on store shelves.
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nasa is investigating elon musk marijuana smoking during be an interview. a top investigator said a safety review of spacex will start next year. it will focus on employee
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hours, drug policies and leadership and management styles, not the rockets themselves. his behavior might signal larger concerns. he has more than $6.8 billion in nasa contracts. a consumer group released an annual trouble in toy land report. they tested 40 toys this year, 15 were found to be potentially hazardous to children, fidget spinners and hatching toys can be dangerous and also slime products can be toxic. and some toys involving the internet, they can be hacked. you may not need to wait in long lines to enjoy the sales. there are a lot of black friday
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it's on line. kohl's and wal-mart have kick off sales, it's clear from the table and into friday morning and at 12:01. >> and the san francisco based company said there are declines in sales, and gap ceo said it's disappoint the in the gap brand and they need to close the stores that don't fit the vision for the brand. and the banana brand is up. and the stocks are up, and all major indexes are up after the bump and slump yesterday. the dow jones is up 100 points and s&p has gained 3/4 of a per cent, the nasdaq is up by 1.1/3%. and the centers for disease
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control shows there's an e-coli outbreak from eating romaine lettuce. the centers for disease control is asking restaurants and stores not to serve or sell romaine lettuce. the problem exists on larger farms. no deaths have been reported in connection to the outbreak. the source of the contamination is still being investigated. giving back, members of the arab american catholic church are celebrating the needy. >> we celebrate thanksgiving with the families, why not give them something, at the end of the day we're all here. >> one group's mission to help the homeless after the break. this time at the golden gate bridge, you can see the rainfall and much of the bay area, we'll check in with steve with the thanksgiving forecast right after the break.
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on thousands of giftss this weekend at ross. most stores are open thanksgiving, six p.m. to midnight. reopening friday at seven a.m. with extended hours saturday and sunday. yes for less.
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and you find a deal on cookware that makes you say. you know when you're at ross yes! ...oh, yeah! bring on the holidays! that's yes for less. everything you need to prep, cook and serve up the season. it feels even better when you find it for less-at ross. yes for less. as we've been reporting, it's nearly the worst time to hit the bay area roads for the holiday of thanksgiving. >> the busiest time is 1 alcohol this afternoon to 3:00 in the afternoon. lets check in on some of the roadways in the bay area, this is a live look at the san mateo bridge, this is in both directions, traffic is moving at the limit. >> lets go over to the east bay
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and find highway 24 in the lafayette arunda area as well. a couple of hours from now, a different story. >> the chp is telling drivers to obey the traffic rules r highway patrol workers will look for speeders, distracted drivers and those under the influence, and people not wearing seatbelts. 46 people died on california highways, on thanksgiving and half were not wearing a seatbelt. we have the phone number for you, it's 1-800-aaa help, you don't have to be a aaa member, you can get a free ride and tow. it's advised you leave now. it's expected to be the busiest
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travel days of the year, with snow in the forecast, there can be dangerous road conditions on 50 and 80 along with long traffic delays. >> it's the first time this season, everyone needs to take a second to get a full tank of gas and windshield wiper and a vehicle making it up over the mountain, there are controls that are quite possible. higher elevations can get to 6 inches to a foot of snow. many school resorts are open for the season. we can't talk about the effects it's having, but on the air quality. >> you too, are you listening, both of you. >> you know our director jeff green, he said man, i'm sick of this rain. comedy, jeff, i like that, that was good, the first rain in 223 days in oakland, someone had to come up with the best line. san jose, what's going on
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we're trying. petaluma had overan inch some i can't keep up with. san mateo coast is getting hit hard. mill valley close to an inch. santa rosa has had heavy rain, 3/4. rain, 3/4. oakland has had a third of an inch. lewis says: lewis says: there has been some rain in san carlos and the himself and redwood city. they're letting up, there's still moving through and we're not done yet. the southerly belize continues, i mean it's due south now, up to 25 to 30 miles per hour, that's the front direction, south, southeast, it goes southwest and west, the front has not gone through, it's going to take aim from san francisco right along the san mateo coast kind of north of santa cruz, it's making it in
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the santa cruz mountains, it's letting up on the southern edge of that, there could be more swinging through, a lot is hanging out to san pablo bay, and fairfield and vallejo and areas like that, still in line for the rain. it's not much until the system swings through. there will be decent rain out of the next system. i know we had good rain on this system for some. eventually it looks like san jose on this, thursday night into friday. we'll have to watch, there will be areas around, the sierra and santa rosa north as we could get decent totals. it's rain right now, it might be a little mix at some of the passes, the winter storm warning kicks in. the snow level will go up. we're trying to get a mix near truckee, maybe 80 at the passes, i think a lot will go up tonight and it will drop down to lake level and go
12:35 pm
below. we're not done with the front, and it will continue off-and-on rain for some. once it goes through you coast of indonesia get brief heavy rain. a lot of this is lifting north, it could trigger thunder shower activity on the coast, this next system has a deeper tab, it is favoring a atmospheric river, that bears watching thursday into friday. there will be heavier amounts, coming in 2 plus possible. san jose will get more from that system than we're seeing today. upper 60 with the southeast breeze. rain has returned, not too bad tomorrow and there will be a splash, late thursday and friday, we have a break, and the pattern looks active into december, you guys. >> a thanksgiving tradition is taking place in san francisco to kick off the holiday. it's the turkey carve off. the police chief and william scott were there this morning. this is a tradition are in the
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city for more than 50 years. the mayor has attended and a friendly competition among the chief. this is the final official carving because she is retiring in may. this has been a great tradition for me and the department, a wonderful cause to make people's thanksgiving happier, it's a small part of what we do, it's become a tradition, one of my favorite days of the year, as we talked about it we did. it's the last time in uniform, my carving partner is not there. he's a mess, he loved this day as well. >> it's nice to see mayor lee in that video there. >> the salvation army is expected to carve 1600 turkeys and prepare 4,000 meals for the seniors and the homeless. teams time to be grateful for all we have on thanksgiving and reach out to those less
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fortunate. an arab american catholic church reaches out to people on this thursday, and we have more on this tradition. >> reporter: members of the arab american catholic community give thanks each year by observing a annual tradition, people join to prepare meals for the homeless. >> we want to show our kids that this is real, it's not something removed, to remove yourself. it's in our community and we can do something to help. >> volunteers loaded 450 meals into vehicles at st. thomas moore church, an increase from last year when they said volunteers ran out of memes. the need is greater than ever before. >> they don't have families to go to for thanksgiving, it's giving back to them and making sure they feel comfortable. >> the volunteers fanned out in various neighborhoods looking
12:38 pm
for the homeless to offer them a meal. the first stop is the tenderloin. >> being arab american and catholic, a minority in ethnicity and faith, the discrimination they've experienced has taught them empathy. >> knowing what being on the fringes feels like we can connect and know what someone is feeling because we feel that. >> a personal connection that this homeless man appreciates, most people treat him like he's in advice be and his hunger for dignity is restored temporarily. >> it makes me very happy, happy. >> yeah, i feel like crying. >> giving meals, the volunteers say is a small gesture but one is a reminder of what this holiday means. >> we are fortunate that we have meals on our table, we can celebrate thanksgiving with our families, so why not just give
12:39 pm
them a little something. at the end of the day we're all human. >> good bless you all, have a good night, happy thanksgiving. >> this is a fifth year volunteers hit the street and help the homeless. >> all of the food and water are donated by bay area arab american families. >> in san francisco, amber lee, ktvu fox news. the president is coming under fire for his own party, what he said about saudi arabia and the murder of journalist jamal khashoggi.
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reaction continues to come in for president trump's decision to not to push for penalties in saudi arabia over the killing of journalist jamal khashoggi. president trump has questions about whether or not the saudi crowned prince was involved. >> president trump and his family headed for warmer weather in florida for thanksgiving, but first the president split off to to reporters and told him he still
12:43 pm
doesn't know whether saudi arabia's crowned prince ordered a meal. >> maybe he did, maybe he didn't. >> last month's killing of journalist jamal khashoggi at a consulate in turkey has repercussions and it makes questions on how close the us should be to saudi arabia. >> this has been the intersection of america's key interests and ally to america's values. >> this was a 600 word position statement, president trump dictated and it had the words america first, it's a mean nasty world out there, there are important american interests to keep the american people safe. >> but republicans in congress were queezy about the whole thing and some were critical, including rand paul who tweeted, i pretty sure this
12:44 pm
statement is saudi arabia first and not america first. >> the condemnation has been swift and profound and that's because the president is not acting in the best interests of this country when he solely makes it a business arrangement. >> the business arrangements add up to $110 billion in sales for military contractors and $340 billion in other investments, meanwhile meanwhile there are reports that the cia did order the khashoggi killing but the white house won't say that definitively. more migrants are arriving in tijuana hoping to seek asylum in united states, a caravan, president trump has pledged to stop, but a federal judge blocked the administration from refusing asylum to immigrants who cross the southern border illegally. despite the ruling, the president is insisting he has
12:45 pm
the authority to stop asylum requests. >> it's in the fair, people should not be allowed to immediately run to this very friendly circuit and file their case. >> as this plays out in court, troops are working with the administration to stop what the president has consistently called an invasion. north korea destroyed ten of its guard posts on its border with south korea as part of the agreement to ease tensions. a video was distributed showing guard posts being destroyed in a series of specials, they began to dismantle all guard posts in the demilitarized zone that separates the two countries. and interpole alec a south korea official kim jong yan was chosen. the western countries argue the
12:46 pm
russian government has tried to use interpol for years to track down dissidents living abroad. a young man has been arrested for making social media at freedom high school. tristan was arrested yesterday. he targeted freedom students at the high school and because of the parents some children were kept at home. oakley police traveled to texas to make the arrest and be extradited back to california. the piedmont school district is hiring a resource officer to east bay high school. there's an application for a state grant to cover the costs for three years. and they're concerned about students smoking and vaping in the bathroom. they're looking to get feedback before making a final decision.
12:47 pm
and a los angeles is charged with stalking. he has been stalking a woman online for 10 years. he created fake facebook accounts to harass this woman. he's sent sexually explicit messages to the women. the stalking started after they were in high school after she made a comment to crinkle in the spanish class. >> one day he coughed and did not cover his mouth and the victim asked him to do so and after that, unfortunately, he appeared to fixate on her and this devolved from there. >> he's previously been convicted of stalking a woman, she's told police he has thrown rocks at her car and run into her with his bike. it's possible there are other victims out there who have not yet come forward. four other men are facing
12:48 pm
charges of child pornography. the internet crimes unit tracked down nicholas thong accused of child pornography on a blog. and it red to three men, and one was a pastor, a pastor of christ church lutheran, and illegal immigrants were found on the phone and a storage app. despite the arrests, their investigation continues. palo alto police shows a man who ex potioned to himself with a 14-year-old girl. a man in a car stopped to ask for directions, but when she looked inside, she saw her pants were down. the man is between 35 and 45 years old driving a faded gold colored 4 door sedan. new at noon, police in the north bay are looking for a bank robbery suspect. this man walked into the exchange bank on mendocino
12:49 pm
avenue. the teller gave her money and he got out of the the bank and drove away. he's a man in his 20s with a beard and a mustache, they're offering a $2500 reward for information leading to his arrest. new at noon, berkeley police are investigating two robberies happening two minutes apart. this happened at 10:15, the first one happened at parker street where three suspects approached a woman and took her cellphone. one of the suspect whose a gun and ten minutes later it, 4 blocks away, a group much 4 suspects cornered a woman against a vehicle punched her and took her purse. if you have any information about these incidents, you're asked to call police. coming up at noon, bringing hope to survivors of the butte county wildfires, how a high school football team from orangevale are helping the paradise football team after they lost everything in the fire. ♪
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. the lawyers won't have green or steph curry, kevin durant's clash with green won't affect him next summer. he wants to play in a great environment and he is comfortable with his surrounding, he's expected to become a free agent in july. there are speculations that the argument with green may increase his chances of his leaving the warriors. we're trying to read lips over here. >> they didn't say happy thanksgiving, pay a $2500 fine for what he said to a fan, this happened in the first quarter against the mavericks. fans can be removed from their seats for what they say to the players. and they're waking up feeling like a million dollars
12:53 pm
today. >> i feel like i'm in fairy tale, i feel like a princess. >> the 49ers surprised this group of women to a day of pampering, they got their hair and makeup done and after that they had a san francisco -- with the 49ers players, it's an opportunity for them to come  together and share joy. >> to have them come home and share a meal was awesome. >> it was amazing and wonderful really, i don't have enough words to expression the gratitude, i didn't know they would be here. >> the women in the program say that they're going to try to pass on some of the joy they felt last night to others, this holiday season. >> very nice. >> many families in paradise lost everything when the camp
12:54 pm
fire tour through the account. >> reporter: the death toll from the camp fire rises again. >> i've never seen anything like this as far as fires go. this is such a large scale area. >> from the ash and rubble rises compassion for the rival, from orangevale california has adopted the paradise high bobcats. >> football between the ticks is war, once we come out we're family and brothers. >> the rams raised $2500 in donation force victims affected by the water, it included blankets and gift cards and custom sweat shirts for the players and coaches. >> we're coming together to show support for the camp fire. we have a sticker on the back of the helmets, paradise
12:55 pm
invincible. >> on tuesday, roughly 60 kids and coaches made the delivery in person, a welcome reminder, the kindness of others, even through the field of enemies can shine through the darkness. >> it's good day, my family is alive, i'm alive. >> they were going for fit the rest of their season but the rams i invited they will to come -- invited them to come as their guest of earnings honor. and $1 million is being donated to the camp fire victims. >> i personally reached out to my friends and the mayor of chico to find out how to be of the most help. >> if the former cal quarterback posted on twitter, for every retweet that has the
12:56 pm
hashtag retweet for change, the insurance can will donate $1. we continue to monitor conditions up in the butte county burn zone. >> today at 4, we're live in paradise with more on how the rain is helping fire crews on the front lines. we'll speak with evacuees how they're preparing for this coming thanksgiving, today at 4. >> much better numbers today, the dow jones made large gains during the session, we're happy to finish at sea level after that big drop we saw yesterday. >> thanks for joining us. it's kind of gray and the rain is moving in. this is the worst time to hit the roads, from now through 3:00 in the afternoon. >> we're hosting tomorrow. >> you're hosting. >> i'll see you in the morning, don't worry about that. have a happy thanksgiving, i'll see you. >> i'll be in the kitchen. thanks for joining us.
12:57 pm
have a great thanksgiving and our news continues always on right now. ight now. on thousands of giftss this weekend at ross. most stores are open thanksgiving, six p.m. to midnight. reopening friday at seven a.m. with extended hours saturday and sunday. yes for less.
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