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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 6am  FOX  November 22, 2018 6:00am-7:01am PST

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people who inspires those -- who inspire those around them every day. makes for watching. -- thanks for watching. a deadly shooting outside a packed bar. what happened inside leading to shots being fired outside. and we will take a look at some big events around the country and right here in the bay area on this thanksgiving day. >> this is mornings on 2. good morning and welcome i'm mike mibach. >> and i'm allie rasmus. >> people trying to get out of san francisco had a hard time getting onto the bay bridge because of flooding and clogged storm drains. the drivers complaint the trip took twice as long and dozens
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of flights were delayed. some people so the rain as something to be thankful for since it did help clear the smoke out of the air. >> i work at the school. we were indoors many days. it is getting better. >> i can't complain about the air getting clear. >> the air quality management district said this reason is back to healthy levels for the first time in two weeks. there is no spare the air alert today. >> today is a no burn day and air quality officials are asking people not to use wood- burning fireplaces or stoves. that is a request. not a requirement. this district said wood-burning from the nearly one and half million fireplaces in the bay area is the number one cause of poor air quality from november to february. >> we have steve paulson in with us. happy thanksgiving.
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>> nice to see you. happy thanksgiving. >> i will show you this -- it is white in the mountains -- snowing in truckee. raining and blue canyon about 5500 feet. the storm warning continues. we are about done. let's go to the graphics. i look forward to a rainy weather pattern. let's hope it pans out. it will. there's more the way. late tonight into friday and again next week at the end of the month it looks to be active. the rainfall is good for some. the santa cruz mountains had over 3 inches of rain and there were some hefty totals in marin county and san francisco. officially the city picked up 9/10. even san jose picked up one quarter inch. some thunderstorms overnight in the napa valley and they have moved away. the snow is on the go in the sierra and this will make for tough travel. tomorrow we will usher in another system. it is on its way. get a broke -- a break most of
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the day but the rainfall was pretty good and decent amounts are coming in. one more system and then we will have a break on the weekend. following a developing story of a deadly shooting at a popular nightclub. the fire erupted at 11:00 last night at the saddleback in fremont. it is a country music dance club and customers say there were several hundred people in the bar when the gunshots were fired. the gunman argued with his girlfriend inside the club and went to the parking lot and shot himself. they said the security guards rushed in killing about the shooter and led everyone else right back exit. according to them the shooter taught dance lessons there. oakland police arrested a man for a fire set at an apartment complex last month. dustin belanger has been
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charged with arson. he broke a window to get inside and set fire to the bathroom. the fire did not spread. they say he left behind a hammer and gas can. police in san francisco also made an arrest for arson and they found the suspect. they show the man inside the market lighting a stack of toilet paper on fire. police received a car from someone who recognized him. they arrested him tuesday night on polk street and he now faces arson charges. no one was hurt. a somber thanksgiving for thousands displaced by the camp fire. we have more on the recovery efforts continuing on this holiday. >>reporter: in paradise the task of sifting through debris
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continued in the rain as they braved the weather unsure of what they might find. crews laid down things to help from getting the ash into the stream. >>reporter: while the rainfall helps put out the flames the rainfall is hampering efforts to identify the remains. >> they have been sifting through ash trying to find some things and now the ash is turning into mud, basically.>>reporter: down the road brenda wilson has been camping out in a tent in a lot next to the walmart. >> i can't let this rain break me. i have to be strong for my boys. >>reporter: her home survived
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the fire but she is still under an evacuation order. she said she will not leave because her car is not reliable and the county shelter is too far from her home. >> the holt county is gone. it is sad. once the reality hits i will probably cry for days but right now i have to stay focused.>>reporter: for other evacuees the rain was too much and about one third packed up and left. there is a group called north valley mutual aid. he said he thinks everybody will be gone and the next day or two. >> people had plans to go somewhere. not everyone has a car. most people that have vehicles have left our plan to leave today or tomorrow. >>reporter: a team of forensic apologists are here to help identify the remains and they expected it to be a long process but now with the rain it could take longer.
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in paradise, monte francis, ktvu -- 83 people have died and hundreds are still unaccounted for. containment is at 85% and they have managed to keep the fire from spreading. it has burned 240 square miles, more than 13,000 homes destroyed with 5000 buildings including hundreds of businesses also destroyed. crews are still on target to have the fire completely under control by the end of the month. in san francisco expect to see extra police in the mid market area. the mayor is reassigning several officers to this area and they plan to increase their presents near the civic center and the plaza where the homeless people gather and open drug use is the problem. officers plan to work with social services to get help for people living on the streets and for people who hang out in the area. homeless advocates
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are opening more shelter beds. they hope to add food and beds for an additional 80 people in addition to the 190 shelter beds. these additional bats will be located in san rafael at the marin county health and wellness campus on kern boulevard. when it comes to making turkey we have some tips and trips -- tips and tricks for you. the do's and don'ts. >> holiday schedules today -- the details if you plan to use public transportation to get around on this thanksgiving day. >> finally a break from the rain. we are done for today but another system is on the way. >> i am a family man.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. a beautiful live look at the san francisco bay bridge. in the foreground that is the embarcadero center lit up and in the background you can see the oakland estuary. it's nice to take a moment to reflect on what we are thankful for. >> and they for my mom is visiting. i am going to a friends for thanksgiving. >> for my family. i've got a wife and we just had a baby last year. i'm happy she is healthy and happy. >> i'm thankful for a lot.
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really, the support from my family and friends and my boyfriend and my colleagues. it has been tough and i have gotten a lot of support from everyone. >> amazing -- i'm super thankful. >> the two parking lots are closed this morning. the welcome center parking lot and the vista point regular will be closed. they said they are closing them to avoid traffic backups that occur on these busy weekends. you can still enjoy the view from the overlooks but you must come by bus or bike or taxi or walking. sallys off. the roads should be clear without too much traffic except maybe shoppers heading to the sales starting later today. all bay area transit agencies are operating on sunday or
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holiday schedules. there will be fewer buses and no express service. the first part trains will start to role at 8 am this morning and parking is free at all the parts stations. tomorrow b.a.r.t. expects like ridership. they are canceling all extra commute trains on the yellow and antioch line. in the southbay they are running fewer trains and buses today. if your route does not operate on sundays it will not be in service. downtown san jose lines will be rerouted for the turkey trot. a community is giving thanks for carson. he was paralyzed in a driving accident but he is making remarkable strides. >> last night people gathered to support them. >>reporter: carson is enjoying the music and his friends -- many back home from thanksgiving. it's not likely to be a night. he has work tomorrow. >> his work out is six days a
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week for several hours. physical therapy to regain strength and mobility. restoring what one moment took away. >> it's in my head all the time -- i remember the day. the whole day.>>reporter: a year ago at bodega bay he does and injured his spinal cord. he was paralyzed. he needed surgery. he kept it light even in the early days. >> i had marshawn lynch in my fantasy football team and i had to make sure he did all right. >>reporter: carson came back to graduate on time with his class. >> his determination has been honored by his city and his journey is well-known. >> he was a football star and a leader in his class. the town is overwhelmed by him
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and supportive and it is for the whole community together. >> my goal is to keep getting better every day.>>reporter: he admits his injuries get him down but not for long. he just spent a month at a clinic in thailand for stem cell treatment. he has noticed more strength since the infusion. there was a time he couldn't lift a finger or press a key. >> two months ago i couldn't even do this. now that i can it feels cool.>>reporter: it takes a team every step ready >> if he is going to work that hard there is no we are going to let him down. we are going to work hard, too. >> right now it is important to throw everything at this. this is a window of opportunity. >>reporter: he continues to improve. research holds new promise for people with spinal cord
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injuries. football sunday is the only day he skipped his work out.'s goal is full recovery. he wants to be ready when the medical breakthrough comes. >> keep on fighting. you never know what's around the corner. >>reporter: this is called flock together, a community celebration. they flocked to the lodge to show support for the family and carson. this event was free but donations were welcome and a gofundme has been set up to help offset his medical costs. ktvu fox2news. happy thanksgiving on thursday morning. let's bring in steve paulson. about 1 1/2 inches in the rain gauge this morning. >> yes. not too shabby. we are getting a break. we are on the dry side on the northwest side. there were some -- they could
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still be if you showers. what i want to show you -- if you are heading to the north east it is brutally cold -- 18 in buffalo and 60 in boston. new york city 21 with a windchill to match. there is not a lot of active weather. there is some snow shower activity but everything is in the gulf coast. this is cold. another system is on the way and it is inching closer. get out of the way so you can see this. over three inches of rain in the santa cruz mountains. canfield almost an inch and a half. there was some good rain around hidden brick and vallejo and up to napa -- a good line went through their. over one inch and santa rosa and san francisco 9/10 and san rafael close to that. view and san josi finally ended the street of 1/10 inch or less.
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they picked up one third inch and san josi -- picking up one quarter inch. we are almost done. there could be some showers left but snow is moving through the sierra and it's raining at blue canyon. it looks to be the snow level. the winter storm warning goes until 10 am and then it will wind down. there will be some snow showers. we will get a mix of sun and clouds today. a decent system friday looks wet and i think it will be a better system. then we will get a break on the weekend and the next system could be next wednesday or thursday. going to the mountains around 1500 feet is the snow level until 10 am. look at the moisture -- the southwest float coming in. a good tap there. heading into arizona you could wonder where the sunshine is. not today. it is cloudy there. 40s and 50s of the temperatures. a q 30s -- you can see the moon showing up today and the system is tracking across bringing
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rain for us late tonight and throughout most of friday. it looks pretty impressive. 50s and 60s today. that will cover it. they are not going anywhere anytime soon. after friday we will break down the weekend. we will take it. it's a nice change. finding homes for misplaced by the camp fire. we will introduce you to some of the animals here in the bay area and in need of new homes. also a special night in oakland for many people affected -- affected by the camp fire. first, a word for our troops. hello. i am in poland. i want to wish my family in california a happy day giving. we will see you soon. this is just an valdes. i want to give a shout out to my family at home in california. also virginia. i am thankful for all the
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support of my friends and family back home in the bay area. go, warriors! ♪
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♪ ♪ connecting people... ...uniting the world. ♪♪
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there. the golden state wears are off today and they will host the trailblazers -- trailblazers tomorrow night. they are looking to snap their
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losing streak. the thunder beat them 123-95 last night. westbrook had a triple-double and george contributed with 25 points. draymond green and steph curry are out with injuries in a struggle once again. only three scored double figures. last time warriors lost or jik straight games was in 2013. the head coach said it's a tough stretch and he envisions better days ahead. the warriors brought joy to a group of fans that need hope. they hope 80 people from paradise. they were the guests and they said for a few hours their mind was not on what is happened the past two weeks. >>reporter: for many members of the boys and girls varsity basketball team this is their first trip to oracle arena. >> enjoy the game!
6:24 am
reporter: the representative guided them through this and once inside they were greeted by second-year player jordan bell and saw their favorite players during the shoot around. >> this is amazing. >>reporter: the students were in awe saying that this gave them a respite from the uncertainty they are coping with in the aftermath of the deadly camp fire. >> with basketball, we don't know where we will be. it is scary. wear the warriors president said they wanted to show support for the people of paradise during this difficult time. he spoke with the principal of paradise high school and the head coach of the boys and
6:25 am
girls basketball teams. >> forget about everything else for 2-3 hours. >> yes, we need that. reporter: the warriors also invited other guests including this father and son who lost their home. >> we are out and we are alive.>>reporter: he said as they escaped he grabbed his warriors jersey. >> it is number 30. the best shirt i have. >>reporter: and assistant boys basketball coach said almost every student lost their home. he shared with me the before and after photo. >> i was born and raised in paradise. i have been coaching there about 18 years. that's all i know. for them to do this means a lot.>>reporter: the boys and girls basketball teams resumed practice one week after the fire. the question is, how many will return to paradise to rebuild? at oracle arena in oakland,
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amberly, ktvu fox2news. this is a great gesture. i'm sure the kids appreciated it. some recent rain meant good snow in the tahoe area. taking a look at the conditions as more resorts open up for the ski season. if you get a chance go out and look at the full moon. tonight we will have another system on the way. what's a gig of data? well, it's a whole day's worth of love songs.
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from ktvu fox2news this is mornings on 2. welcome back. we are showing you a live look at the union square ice-skating rink. you can see because it's a little dark but later this morning at 10 am the rain will open and across the street macy's is going to open for black friday shoppers. yes, thursday evening -- we have seen this over the years. the tree lighting is tomorrow night. >> i think it will pass on the shopping. good morning and welcome back to mornings on 2. happy thanksgiving i'm mike mibach. >> and i'm allie rasmus. >> chain laws are in effect. they said snow in the area. >> that's right, chains are
6:30 am
required except for vehicles with four-wheel drive. chains are required on 50 from twin bridges to myers. the snow is a welcome sight for families who have not seen a winter wonderland in a while. >> it looks like a dream come true. all the kids -- you how they get. >> it took me 7 hours usually takes about 3 1/2. >> is at the weather or the thanksgiving traffic? >> no. i have been driving slow and there is traffic coming in. snow is accumulating and gusty wind is a problem. >> let's bring you a live picture from tahoe. this is on the west shore. >> that looks like a winter wonderland. >> yes, a winter wonderland. what do you think, steve? >> kirkwood has had one foot.
6:31 am
a winter storm warning until 10 or 11. it is raining and blue canyon above the 5500 feet. >> that's great to see. >> we have a break in our pattern with some thunderstorm activity. there were a few in marin county and napa county. some thunder bumpers. the next system is moving along and wants the door is open -- look at this -- 3 inches. canfield almost an inch and a half. napa and santa rosa and san francisco and san rafael and dublin having good rain. mountain view and san jose finally got in on the rain. william from vallejo -- he said the bar already. oh, the barometer. 29.1. really good rain around vallejo and napa.
6:32 am
right over san pablo bay. a nice line went through there along with many other locations. there could be a few left. the breeze has turned south southwest. now it is weston that means that has gone through. a more stable pattern. there is the sierra with the snow. probably at about 5500 feet. another system is on the way and tonight it moves in and by tomorrow it looks like another decent system. there could be more on these locations -- more than yesterday. tomorrow, more rain. a somber thanksgiving for thousands displaced by the camp fire. volunteers including arnold schwarzenegger and this celebrity chef cooked up meals yesterday. they want to provide meals to more than 15,000 fire survivors. most are dealing with strong emotions. >> for five hours i didn't know
6:33 am
if my children were safe. it was a scary time. i am blessed. they are okay. i feel for all the families that are missing. >> there a number of events scheduled today for those in need from the deadly camp fire. >> a special reunion for a man reunited with his dog after she went missing during the fire. she wound up with rescuers from san francisco animal care and they were sheltering dogs found in the fire zone. they posted pictures of her on social media and her owner got in touch with the shelter. the animal shelter is providing assistance to people in the area and they hope to reunite more pets with their loved ones. >> shelters around the state are helping to care for pets and farm animals. the marin humane society is taking in some of these animals.>>reporter: here at the marin humane society it is
6:34 am
lunch time for these pigs. >> this one is outgoing even though she is smaller. this one is shy. >>reporter: these pigs about six months old are here because of the wild fire in butte county. the humane society took them in and pour dogs and 16 cats from the animal shelter in oroville so the shelters could make room for the estimated 1600 animals pouring into the shelters from the fire zone. >> how can you not love them? >> their guardian passed away. in the fire.>>reporter: they appeared to be healthy. >> there is some common respiratory problems but one cat was ill and made it great recovery and they are overall in good shape. >> reporter: they plan to put them up for adoption, perhaps as early as next week. none of them have owners. the humane society sent a team of animal control officers to
6:35 am
help search and rescue any lost animals. they sent a team to help manage the overburdened animal shelters. >> there are a lot of animals that are reunited and is leading to see their owners, take them home. it might take a while to reunite. they may not have a place to go now. >> the humane society said they will waive the adoption fee to anyone that wants to take these pigs. in marin county, ktvu fox2news. happening today, this is the 17th annual turkey swim. most people burn off calories before heading to thanksgiving dinner and it's a fundraiser for the karen gordon scholarship fund. she was an intern and a lifeguard at the hayward
6:36 am
plunge. she was hit and killed by a drunk driver years ago. she wanted to be a news producer and she is remembered as dependable, kind, thoughtful and hard-working. the swim raises money for scholarships in her name. the swimmers are asked to make a minimum five dollar donation. the plunge is on mission boulevard from 8 am until 11 am. this year's winners will be announced at the end of the event. some folks will run and jog this morning. the turkey trot is being held across the bay area. one of the largest is the silicon valley turkey trot. in san jose organizers hope to raise $1 million. some other turkey tribes are being held at golden gate park and there is the napa valley turkey chase and oakland thanksgiving day 5k. one of the big events today
6:37 am
is the macy's thanksgiving day parade. today is the 92nd one in new york city. an estimated 3.5 million are lined up to see the flows and entertainers and marching bands. the temperatures there are in the 30s. there were questions about whether the wind would be too strong and the bullets would have to be grounded but they say the balloons are flying this morning. security will be tight with hundreds of police along the parade route and the -- they will blend in with the crowd. butterball is offering health this morning. the annual turkey talk line giving thanksgiving advice for three decades. according to a recent survey four out of five people preparing the thanksgiving meal worry about cooking correctly. if you don't want to ask online
6:38 am
you can do it the old-fashioned way by calling one 800 ball. this year you can even ask alexa. >> veterinarians want to send out a reminder that many holiday foods are toxic. first, make sure you know what's in each dish. if you give them turkey make sure it is really cooked. never give them turkey bones. some of the worst things to give them our raisins and grapes and onions and garlic and chocolate. if you are deep frying your turkey, make sure it is defrosted. every year people drop a wet turkey into the oil which can cause a fire. often it is because too much oil is used. 2000 fires break out every year on this holiday because of cooking being the leading cause. >> make sure that you are
6:39 am
outside. they recommend 10 feet away from any structures and combustibles. trees and vegetation. >> if you plan to deep fry your birth, do not drop a frozen turkey into burning oil. make sure it is thought out. -- thawed. we will take you on a tour of the mill valley yammer yard. >> -- lumberyard. >> another system is on the way. take a look at that. overall cooler but a little more sun.
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be thanksgiving, everyone. welcome back to mornings on 2. i'm mike mibach. >> i'm allie rasmus. dave and pam are off this morning. >> turkey trot will get underway later today and on
6:43 am
this day we are asking people what they are thankful for. >> i'm thankful for my daughter. we have a close relationship. we keep it going. >> i'm thankful for seeing another day, honestly. >> i'm thankful for having a home and friends and good food and friends at the table. >> i'm thankful for my health and my family and my families health. the basics. the things you can't put a price on. a good reminder of what is important. thanksgiving means a start of the holiday shopping season. >> that's right. many big-box retailers are opening their doors. >> claudine one has a look inside the mill yard
6:44 am
lumberyard. >> the mill valley yard is more than just a place. it is a piece of history. >> it was established in 1892. before the city of mill valley was incorporated. it has been here a long time. >> yes, 10 years before the town was called mill valley.>>reporter: this charming spot of shops came close to being torn down to make way for new housing. >> the best use was to put housing here. >> it was zoned multifamily residential. >>reporter: they put in a bid and bought it and saved it. >> the lumberyard is in the bones of the homes -- not only here but helping to rebuild san francisco after the earthquake. >> we didn't add any square footage. the buildings are on the same footprint they always were. >>reporter: in the last six months this vision has been realized. >> it is great now that people
6:45 am
are coming.>>reporter: this longtime resident watched the transformation. she has been here since the beginning. >> this was an empty train car storage container. >>reporter: now it is home to her floral design studio. you will find her outside creating beautiful things. if you look inside you will find some gorgeous gifts. >>reporter: next-door you will find this. >> one of my favorite things to do is on box shipments. wear you can shop here but make sure to have a chat about cutting down on waste. >> i have to discuss this. zero waste is unheard-of. i bring up the conversation or people will inquire about this. >>reporter: there are more traditional shops with
6:46 am
beautiful clothing and some home options. there is a theme -- it is local. this is why makers market within. >> we started to get makers and their communities together. >> makers market are all over each store to flex the community it is in. >> this example -- eight mill valley native living in santa cruz. these mugs are one of our top sellers.>>reporter: the store gives artisans something they don't have -- a brick-and- mortar store to visit. >> i would say in each store we have about 100 small businesses and of those 75-80 are out of the bay area and out of those about -- actually, i couldn't think of one that has a retail store. >>reporter: there is a vibe that all mill valley. in the courtyard the artists are painting and upstairs there is a gallery for showing. >> we are so surrounded by
6:47 am
plastic we don't see it. when you take it out of context it is in-your-face.>>reporter: in this corner there is a mix of art and local products. >> this is a collaborative. >>reporter: as an added that if it when you buy a gift box the profits go to local nonprofits. the little touches matter. it is a passion for what they do. >> this is the logo and the emblem. >>reporter: they will tell you that a lot of this is bound together by flour -- flour craft. >> this is the original training. the owners of this bakery had a shop but the lumberyard seemed like a perfect spot for a
6:48 am
second bakery. >> there was something charming about this space and we saw. it was a shell of a barn, really. where we are sitting is outside. >>reporter: they opened six months ago and they say people are finding them. >> on the way downtown you see the big red building and it's hard to miss. >>reporter: if you look around at the people here it's easy to see flour craft has been welcomed with open arms. >> they come here for the selection of pastries. this is unique. everything that we do is gluten- free. >> reporter: full disclosure. we had a sample. >> i'll have the beacon oatmeal. >> reporter: just like that, we were in. maybe it was the delicious food or the charm of the water or the history. >> it is a mill valley experience. the community was a part of it. the neighbors and one in the community. they were a part of helping to create this. reporter: maybe it is all of
6:49 am
it. it's easy to see why this spot might be one of our favorite places. claudine wong, ktvu fox2news. downtown mill valley is always a fun place to be. the foothills and amount town. they get a lot of rain. >> yes, they did yesterday. i was putting the numbers together looking at marin county. they had 1.65. mill valley and fairfax had an inch of rain. let's take a look outside. partly cloudy but we are getting a break between systems. i haven't said that in a long time. all i have been talking about is smoking high pressure. the pattern has changed. if you are traveling, bundle up. it will be cold in the boat -- the northeast. it is really, really cold. record-setting cold for some. the macy's parade -- it will not be warm. very chilly and 21 without the windchill.
6:50 am
quiet across the country with out a lot of snow. some activity on the gulf coast in new orleans but things are out west, finally. a complete reversal because usually out west has been quiet for seven weeks. heading to southern california and arizona -- look at the moisture is training in. not a lot organized but heading down to southern california or over to phoenix it is not sunny, it is cloudy. the next system is approaching the north coast and it will be here later. tonight for the northbay -- it is good rain out there. other locations -- napa over 1 inch and santa rosa and san francisco and san rafael close to 9/10. dublin has had some good rain and mountain view and san jose have broke the record of so many drive days. -- dry days. as of 4:30 yesterday -- son of a
6:51 am
up to 10% of normal and oakland 20% of normal. 35% for the city although they had more than that and santa rosa at 42%. you can add some since 4 pm yesterday. chris henry is thankful for the rain and breathable air. my thoughts -- a dry window between noon and 6 and then you are on your own. i would go at noon. after 6 things will deteriorate. there is some snow but not much longer. things will wind down. there is a decent system on the way that will pack a pretty good punch. a better rainfall producer for us on friday. there's the moisture in southern california. this is something to keep an eye on. overall temperatures will start in the 40s and 50s. it will end up in the upper 50s and 60s. the next system is a pretty good tap making a beeline toward us. it is on its way overnight into
6:52 am
friday. friday will be a solid rain day. then we will get a break sunday and monday and the next system could be next wednesday. the door is open. >> black friday shoppers, get out your umbrellas. for some people the best part of the thanksgiving holiday is black friday shopping. some of the retailers are opening today. first, giving is celebrated at u.s. military bases around the world. some of the first were soldiers in south korea. more than 1000 troops sat down for this feast. it took 60 turkeys to feed everyone. they said the food was like a taste of home and a good way to celebrate the holidays. right now president trump is on the phone talking to the troops overseas in this live picture. it is a tradition for the president to greet troops on major holidays. we will be back after the break. mrs. walker. michael vasquez! come over here.
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governor brown has granted clemency to more than 100 people. among those to receive pardons was a man whose home was destroyed in the camp fire and he also granted, steve for three refugees from vietnam. the governor's office said gubernatorial pardons are granted to people who have demonstrated exemplary behavior. the holiday
6:56 am
shopping season is underway -- the first sales kickoff later this afternoon and many stores offering online deals. in addition to amazon brick-and- mortar stores are offering black friday deals online. some of most wanted items include electronics and this consumer expert said there are some deals online and in stores. >> televisions -- a lot of small electronics. a lot of smart home accessories. insta pots. these are the things that are a good deal. not good deals on things like clothing. it won't be discounted. >> some stores open on thanksgiving include the livermore outlets and walmart will be open regular hours today but black friday deals don't start until 6 pm. best buy and target will be open at 5:00 tonight and
6:57 am
jcpenney opens at 2 pm and sears opens at six. michelle obama's new book has sold more than 1.4 million copies. it focuses on the former first ladies chicago blues and her time at the white house. on the first day the book sold more than 725,000 copies, a big debut. currently remains number one on the list kept by amazon and barnes & noble websites. new details on the nationwide call to stop eating romain lettuce. they told a california newspaper that this lettuce likely originated in monterey or san benito county. they say the date of the illnesses from october to the 31st corresponds with the romain lettuce season in this area. the growers association said they are removing romain products from store shelves and restaurants. >> it sounds unreal -- a chance
6:58 am
to major in wine. that is what this college offers. it includes geography, geology, meteorology and business. that means picking the best locations and knowing how to cope with the weather and how to produce and market wine. >> this was the planets aligning because most schools just offer a different route. i didn't have a wine background. i wanted to learn all of it. >> this college offers students a program where they are a bachelors and masters degree by studying and oregon for 3 years and to back years in europe. this is the first of its kind in the u.s. there are several california schools that offer degrees in winemaking. this includes santa rosa junior and napa valley and also programs at uc davis, san luis obispo and fresno state and loss [null] does in livermore.
6:59 am
thanksgiving is a big day for the national football league. we will see the cowboys versus the redskins playing for first place. they will start back up mccoy after the former quarterback broke his leg last week. the first place bears head to detroit. then it is the redskins game it could be a chewed out as the falcons visit the saints. the kickoff is at 5:20. >>
7:00 am
the trip took nearly twice as long as a normal rainy wednesday. the rain is something to be thankful for since it helped clear out the smoke in the air. >> i work in a school so we were indoors for god knows how many days so it seems to be getting way better. >> i lose work but i can't complain about the air being cleared. >> the bay area air quality management district says the entire region is back to healthy levels for the first time in two weeks and there is no spare-the-air alert today. but today is a no burn day. air quality officials are asking people not to use wood


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