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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 5am  FOX  November 27, 2018 5:00am-5:58am PST

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we are now in day 55 at the marriott hotel protest in this time hotel workers are asking teachers not to cross the picket line for the annual conference. the giants are trying to ease tensions regarding a campaign donation to a controversial political candidate. the team's response to calls of a boycott. good morning. thank you for joining us it's tuesday, november 27. wrapping up the long steve paulson will tell you if you need an umbrella this morning. >> not right now but you will
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a little later. i put my tree up this weekend. >> nice job. right next to your ice-skating rink. >> exactly. star on top. union square. everything is quiet now but it will pick up with some rain in the late morning come or early afternoon. this will be the first of three systems. the first is on the mild side. the third system will be colder. that will be here on saturday. get ready. the system wednesday night into thursday looks to be the best for rain and wind but then we will see a noticeable change on the third system as it drops in on saturday. it has more cold air. that will lower snow levels maybe down to 5000 feet which helps for the sierra. the first system, maybe an inch of rain for some locations. once night through thursday we could get up to four inches in the santa cruz mountains and marin county or the russian river. the third system on saturday, we may tweak this on the numbers. it looks like a fast mover but also looks cold.
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there could be some patchy fog underneath the system. the rain is in mendocino county. for the bay area, we are okay as far as rain is concerned. 40s and 50s on the temperatures. look for the system to drop south through the late morning and will start to spread rain and. it may make it to the south this afternoon. 50s and 60s for the temperatures. cloudy with rain developing. sal is here and he tells us that -- >> traffic is getting busier. if you are coming in from tracy, we will start with the tracy super commute. i can show you the traffic is a little slow on the westbound 580 and on 205 as you drive out of mountain house parkway, which is typical. that will not surprise you. eastbound 580 approaching the area, there is some roadwork approaching grant line road. that may slow you down. otherwise livermore to pleasanton looks good. san ramon to pleasanton, 680 south to san jose is off to a
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good start in the east bay freeways look good. this is the time or if you're getting up early to hit the road soon, will have a nice commute. even at the bay bridge, there isn't much slowing yet. right now you still have a good opportunity to get out there. new details at this hour about breaking news in afghanistan where three u.s. service members have been killed in a roadside bombing. three other troops and a contractor were also wounded in that blast. they were evacuated and are now getting medical care. there is no immediate claim of responsibility for the bombing but the taliban has been extremely active in this part of afghanistan. the marriott hotel workers strike in san francisco continues into its eighth week this week a big california education conference is scheduled in the city and more than 80 people scheduled to attend the conference have signed a petition saying they would not cross the picket line. leigh martinez is live outside the marriott marquis in san
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francisco with the latest on this new support for the strikers. >> reporter: hotel workers are telling me that for 55 days they have been out here for 24 hour protest. you can see them standing here. at 7 am they will start making noise again. this time the hotel workers are asking teachers not to cross their picket lines. the hotel workers union unite here local 2 have been putting pressure on california educators to cancel plans to host or stay at marriott owned hotels this week the california school board association has its annual conference this started november 19 through december 1. in a press announcement from the newly elected supervisor in san francisco school board member, he and other california school board members say they are calling on the california school board association to cancel its reservations at marriott-owned hotels saying the sba can claim it stands with teachers in public education while ignoring labor brother and sisters and
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crossing the picket line is unacceptable. on the conference website encourages attendees to book rooms at either the palace hotel, the marriott marquis or the w all owned by marriott and all had picket lines outside for eight weeks. but the main conference will be held at the moscone center, several rooms for additional meetings were rented at the marriott. more than 2500 hotel workers are part of this marriott strike they are wanting more of a livable wage, health benefits and job security. leigh martinez, ktvu fox 2 news. today, voters in mississippi will decide a u.s. senate race that is getting national attention after a controversial statement the republican candidate. last night president trump campaigned in biloxi for cindy hyde-smith who is running against democrat, mike espy. >> this senate seat is for a very, very special woman who will do a special job and she
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votes for us and she votes to make america great again. >> mississippi has been a republican stronghold but this race is tight after a 2014 photo showing cindy hyde-smith wearing a confederate hat in praising is supported by saying she would attend a public hanging if the supporter invited her. the democratic candidate mike espy formally served as president clinton's agriculture secretary. >> i think i have given you one big reason that i can ask for your vote tonight because i worked very, very hard for you. i have stood up for you and you know i will continue to stand up for the can the values of mississippi. >> i want to lift everyone up and that's all i've been talking about. >> cindy hyde-smith was appointed in april to temporarily fill the senate seat of republican senator thad cochran to resign because of health concerns. the winner of today's election was her about the last two years of the term.
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back at home, the san francisco giants trying to defuse a controversy involving a donation to senator hyde-smith from the man who owns the biggest share of the giants. charles b johnson is under fire for his donation to the campaign. her comments and johnson's contribution of led to calls for a boycott of the giants. johnson's attorney told ktvu his client had been asked to sign checks as a republican donor and did not note senator hyde-smith. so far, johnson has not asked for his donation to be returned. >> if he thought for a moment she was a racist, he would have never given it. if it's possible, the election is tomorrow, is not? -- if it's possible to get a check back and he thought she was a racist, he would get that check back. >> the giants president larry baer releaseatement yesterday that said d hateful l behavior by anyone.
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neither i nor anyone else at the giants can control who any of our owners and support politically, just as we cannot and should not control who any of our employees support politically. the chair of the california democratic party is on leave after he faces an internal investigation into allegations of sexual misconduct eric bauman is accused of sexually assaulting or harassing several staffers at party functions. bauman wanded chairman job last year by 62 votes. the governor elect gavin newsom is calling for a full and thorough investigation. police in palo alto are looking for three people who attacked a man on a bike path. they have released discussed of the primary suspect. the victim says he was walking and texting on his iphone friday night near encino avenue when the main suspect knocked him to the ground and repeatedly punched him in the
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face. the men stole his iphone and airpod headphones and van toward downtown palo alto. the death toll keeps rising from the camp fire. 88 deaths are now confirmed by cal fire. that number may keep growing. 203 people are still unaccounted for but that number is going down as more people who did not know they were on the list of the missing are contacting officials. later today, a san diego business owner will go to butte county to personally donate $1 million to the victims of the camp fire. 89-year-old bob wilson will give a $1000 check to each of the 980 paradise high school students and 105 school staff members. mr. wilson has never been to the area before but was deeply moved by all the damage caused by the fire. since most of paradise was destroyed by the fire, the ellie times says the check presentation will be made in chico at a school assembly. palo alto college professor
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christine blasey ford has closed an online fundraiser that was created to help her family pay for security and other expenses. this is after her national attempts of those televised testimony about her sexual assault allegations against brett kavanaugh before he became a supreme court justice. she says the donation has allowed her family to take steps to protect themselves against frightening threats and to pay for a home security system for their home. the gofundme donations totaled $647,000. blasey ford said any funds not used on security for her family will be donated to organizations that support trauma survivors. president trump's former campaign chairman may spend more time in prison. prosecutors with robert mueller's legal team told a judge last night that paul manafort reached his cooperation agreement and lied to investigators. that could at time to his sentence on financial fraud. he remains in solitary confinement facing at least 10 years in prison. >> many of the 5000
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migrants trying to enter the u.s. at the border of mexico are looking for new options. border agents and construction crews have been busy fortifying parts of the u.s.-mexico border since the weekend. officials say as many as 1000 migrants may have successfully crossed over into the u.s. on sunday before border agents fired tear gas on the crowd. 69 people were arrested after allegedly forcing their way through part of the border fence in tijuana. >> to be completely frank, there were numerous people that made it across the border. we are in the process of building a new boarder wall but we did not have it completed.asylum at the port of entry. international organization for migration were at the border offering help to those who want to go back to their home countries. some migrants are reportedly trying to begin the of staying in mexico. it was a crazy scene.
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a speeding car slammed into a san francisco apartment building. coming up, the reason investigators are looking for another car that was not involved in the crash extract 40 years after one of the darkest days in san francisco history. we will tell you what's happening today to honor harvey milk and george moscone. good morning. we can see traffic will be okay approaching the san mateo bridge but we do have some problems approaching the bay bridge on 580. we will let you know what that is straight ahead. we have a break from the morning clouds. the some rain up north. it will get here late morning and early afternoon. the first of three systems start today. sfx: squeak sfx: stair creak sfx: grunt sfx: tinny headphone music sfx: feet shuffling sfx: slice
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welcome back. san francisco mayor london breed will cohost an event honoring two top city officials who died 40 years ago today. mayor george moscone and supervisor harvey milk were assassinated at city hall november 27, 1978. former supervisor dan white turned himself into police about half an hour after the killings. both men ran for public office as progressives and were political allies during milk's time of the board. milk was the first openly gay elected official in the state. the reception at city hall begins at 12:30 pm and will honor the political legacies of
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both men. police in antioch searching for who spray-painted heat messages and symbols on churches, buildings and cars in downtown antioch. crime reporter henry lee shows us surveillance video that may lead to an arrest. >> reporter: hateful messages and symbols spray-painted all over downtown antioch over the weekend. >> they hit a barbershop in churches and restaurants. a whole bunch of stuff. it's unacceptable. it still shows there is racism out here. >> reporter: the church of god- holy on 3rd street marked with the term derogatory toward women along with swastikas. >> i rushed down here and was speechless by the fact there would be swastikas on a black church building and the fact that we just moved in. >> toomey is heartbreaking. to still see those signs in this modern age. >> reporter: in this modern age, antioch police released these images of the vandals got -- caught spray painting
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vehicles outside of city hall. private vehicles were also hit. we found this truck owned by the parent of a marine defaced outside a better in the store. >> we put our hearts and souls and finances into the downtown area and this is very disheartening to get the negative. >> reporter: city crew spent the day removing graffiti at the church. they also cleaned up this mural showing scenes from antioch's past. >> it sad. it's sad that people have to destroy other people's property. this mural has been here for a long time. my business got it also. and for what reason? >> reporter: all told, 20 locations were vandalized. code enforcement workers cleaned up all of them as a courtesy. >> these are victims and we don't want to victimize the victims by issuing citations or signs even though it is technically a muni violation did have graffiti. this is unwanted and not something these folks did to their own businesses. >> reporter: police stepped up patrols and were visible all day.
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in a statement police said this criminal behavior is not reflective of our community or beliefs. as a police department we are aggressively investigating these crimes. as members of the community, we are saddened and disappointed. if you recognize the man in these photos, please call police. henry lee, ktvu fox 2 news. time to check back in with the sal. something is going on over there. >> i am looking at a crash. i'm sorry. i was a little distracted. let me show you what i'm looking at. sometimes you wonder, what is he looking at? this is what i'm looking at. there's a crash on 580 westbound in oakland just before the macarthur maze. you can see they are trying to get these cars out of the way but the damage is done. it's going to be very slow on 580 and 24 trying to make the connection. let me put this on the map to show you better where it is. it is 580. we can go appear to 580 and show you. westbound 580 right there,
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right before the macarthur maze. you can see the traffic on highway 24 is also slow as you get to the area. give yourself some extra time. it is going to be a commute that will be affected. we are also looking at the gilroy commute. the gilroy super commute. northbound 101 looks good getting up to san jose. no major issues driving through and traffic continues to look good into the silicon valley. i'm glad you mentioned gilroy because that's where we are starting. it was very warm there yesterday for this time of year. 72 warm degrees. santa cruz, 70. morgan hill was close. the napa airport, 68. santa rosa, 67. a lot of mid and upper 60s. a lot of 70s around carmel. today, cloudy skies on the way. right now there is some patchy fog reported in livermore and concord and santa rosa. e
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clouds will roll in and rain develops. eventually it will get here as this system affects south. this is the first of three systems. late morning and early afternoon for us. wednesday afternoon and evening into thursday morning is the main system followed by a colder one on saturday. that will lower the snow levels. the first two systems will be on the warm side. an inch of rain is possible for some to the north, less to the south. the system on wednesday night into thursday has the potential to produce some good rainfalls. santa cruz mountains and maybe marin county and north. and a third system, a quick mover but hold, on saturday. rainfall projections from santa cruz up to santa rosa between 2 3/4 up to 2 1/2. if santa cruz gets 2.80, the santa cruz mountains can add more to that. it looks dry but cold as we head into sunday and monday. the first system is on the mendocino coast. it will take a while before it moves here. i think the morning commute
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will be fine. fort bragg -- a way to go before it gets to sonoma county. 40s and 50s for the temperatures. the system will march south and as it does they will weaken but it will give everybody some rain but it's later rather than sooner. 60s for most of the temperatures. watch for patchy fog early this morning. clouds roll in and we see more rain wednesday night into thursday. cooler and breezy on friday and then another system on saturday. windy and cool on sunday. and a winter storm is pounding the other side of the country. still ahead, the snowfall that is breaking records from the midwest to new england. today is an important day for a local high tech company. we have a preview of salesforce 's third quarter awnings report. -- earnings report
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fresh spring mix, and provolone cheese on a potato bun. it's a burger as american as bald eagles. i get it, i'm bald. fast food's first and only ribeye burgers are back, america. try them today. welcome back. today,open its financial records and report its third-quarter earnings after the closing bell. the software giant had a rough three months. the current stock price is down almost 20% from where it traded just before releasing its last quarterly report. 70% of the company's revenue comes from north america. analysts are expecting to see strong growth from the asian and european markets in this new report.
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members of the united auto workers say they will use every legal option to fight gm. this is after general motors announced plan to shut down five of its production plants including two in detroit and ohio. >> this country has done a lot for general motors. you better get back in there soon. >> during his campaign, president trump emphasized he would push for more auto jobs in ohio and michigan but the president of gm says americans are shifting their focus from cars to suvs and trucks. so there is less demand for cars including the chevy cruz, the vault and the apollo. general motors says it will cut 15% of its total workforce. that includes 8000 white-collar positions and 6000 factory jobs. the reality is this is just a corporation, a greater corporation trying to make more money off the backs of employees >> some of the workers who have been laid off were given, or were offered buyout packages earlier this year. some production workers could be transferred to other
5:26 am
factories. a former state assemblyman is accused of fraud. 76 terrence patrick goggin has been indicted on charges of investment fraud scheme. he owned and operated a number of peet's coffee stands inside bart stations. the indictment alleges that after building shops and four stations he collected nearly $700,000 to build two more at san francisco bart stations. he is accused of spending the money on personal expenses. he will be in court next week extract federal health officials say they know exactly what kind of romaine lettuce to avoid after 43 people became sick. officials say only romaine lettuce from the central coast in northern and celinked to the coli outbreak. lettuce providers will be adding information on packaging labels about when and where the lettuce was harvested. thyou don't know where your lettuce was grown, you should throw it out to be
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safe. hateful messages sprayed across downtown antioch. the key piece of evidence that may lead investigators to a suspect. could the border crisis lead to a government shutdown? i'm doug luzader in washington. we will have more on the ongoing debate just ahead. i am a family man. i am a techie dad. i believe the best technology should feel effortless. like magic. at comcast, it's my job to develop, apps and tools that simplify your experience. i'm in product development csimple, easy .
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>> ♪ >> >> this is a corny, silly song and if you happen to start singing there >> one of the truly great songs and great performances. eddie rabbit died a few years ago. he was a great talent. those words -- >> welcome to steve paulson's backyard. >> we just love a rainy night >> i saw him live in concert in san jose. he was very good. >> steve is going to tell us about a rainy day that's waiting for us. he loves the rainy nights. welcome back to mornings on 2. tuesday, noclark my girls an thanksgiving night and black friday. right there at union square. write there. it was pouring and i was with l >> as long as you have company.
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we don't have a rainy night or rainy morning but it's on its way. it will get here. >> is that a song yet? let's go to it. cloudy skies in rain will develop your 50s and 60s. three systems. today will be the first. late morning, early afternoon. the second system will be wednesday into thursday. that's the one that could give us the most ream. then a colder system on tap for saturday. the first system is giving us some clouds. it's partly cloudy over us and some falcons form and concord, livermore and santa rosa. i'm sure the sum out by danville as well. the rain has moved into mendocino county. 40s and 50s for most of the morning. this afternoon, some people take off aroundthsystem will pl throughout the day and drop south. 50s and 60s with rain on the way. in the morning to the north and everyone else in the afternoon. we do have an accident on
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580 approaching oakland. we also have slow traffic and vallejo coming into vallejo in getting to the carquinez bridge. traffic is okay when you get through the maze. a crash on 580, they are trying to move it now, right before the 80 split. that is backing up traffic on 24 as you try to get onto 580. by the time you get to the bay bridge, traffic is moving okay and it looks like they moved the crash over to the parking lot. that should improve things hopefully soon on 580 and 24. this is a look at the south bay were traffic is getting a little slower. no major issues on 101, 280 and 85. striking marriott hotel workers in san francisco getting a show of support from california teachers. heduled t
5:33 am
leigh martinez is live outside tell us more about this latest show of support for the strikers. this has been going on for a long time. 55 days according to hotel workers that are out here staging these protests. the hotel workers union unite local 2 have been putting pressure on educators to cancel plans to host or stay at marriott-honed hotels. the california school board association annual education conference and tradeshow starts on friday and goes through december 1. at a press announcement from the elected supervisor and services so school board member met haney, he and other individual members say they are calling on the california school board association to cancel its reservations at marriott-owned hotel saying csba cannot claim it stands with teachers in public education while ignoring its labor brother and sisters and crossing the picket line it's it en
5:34 am
tepalace hotel, the marriott marquis or the w all owned by marriott and all the picket lines out side for eight weeks.conference will be held at the moscone center, several rooms for additional meetings were rented at the marriott more than 2500 workers in san francisco have joined those national protests. they are asking for a livable wage, benefits and more job security. leigh martinez, ktvu fox 2 news. today, mississippi voters will decide the last u.s. senate race of the midterms. they are choosing between a white republican backed by president trump and an african- american democrat who was agriculture secretary under president bill clinton. the race gained national attention after the republican candidate, cindy hyde-smith , praised is supported by saying she would attend a public hanging if the supporter invited her. the crisis at the u.s.- mexico border could lead to a
5:35 am
government shutdown. president trump's of congress needs to find a boarder wall. doug luzader joins us now from washington, d.c. democrats have their own demands and there's a feeling there that the agendas willwnthe time for republicans and democrats to defuse this funding runs out december 7 but anything can happen between now and then. after a violent weekend, migrants that have amassed on the u.s.-mexico border are considering their options, having been turned back once. and the president is seizing on the crisis blaming democrats. >> democrats have become the party of caravans and crime. >> reporter: appearing at two rallies in mississippi yesterday for a senate race, the president again and again brought up the border. his supporters pushing for a boarder wall and the president is leading the charge singing congress should fund the wall
5:36 am
and that insistence could lead to a government shutdown in about a week and a half as democrats blame the white house. >> i think that what this does is further put people into their partisan corners. look, it's hard enough to get things done on capitol hill and when you see these images when it's blanketing the tv waves, it makes things that much harder to get done. >> reporter: that is not the only thing that could signal a shutdown. democrats may insist on a provision to protect special counsel robert mueller and the ongoing te >> democrats will push to include it on a must pass spending bill that we must approve in the next few weeks. >> reporter: but plenty of republicans and democrats in congress would like to see this resolved without a break in funding. >> you know, life is hard but it's harder when you are stupid and it would be stupid to shut government down. we ought to be able to work these things out. >> reporter: it is certainly possible that they may come up
5:37 am
with a stopgap funding bill to buy additional time but no one is in the mood to compromise around here right now. back to you guys. police in antioch are searching for who spray-painted heat messages on city property in downtown antioch. hate messages were scrawled on churches, cars and 20 buildings including a church on third street. that was covered with a territory term and several swastikas. >> so i rushed down here and just was speechless. the fact that therchurch building and the fact those signs in this modern age. >> these images of the vandal, to spray painting a city-owned car outside of city hall. take a look. if you recognize this man, call antioch police. san francisco trying to get dashcam or video that could help them figure out
5:38 am
what a car hit an apartment. this happened on taraval street on the corner of 24th and temporarily disrupted muni service. no one in the building was seriously hurt but the women in the car were taken to the hospital to be treated for cuts and other injuries. a woman who saw the car said it was going at least 50 miles per hour when it passed her business. witnesses say the honda accord hit another car before it hit the apartment building. >> it's a corner building. i'm just so happy it's not my building. it's so scary. >> we had everyone is healthy. we will just fix it and >> the two women in the car are not being identified but police say the driver is a woman in their 70s for the passenger was her daughter who police tell us that a driver traveling the opposite direction may have captured the crash on dashcam or and investigators
5:39 am
are hoping to retrieve the video. the man accused of killing neil wilson at an oakland bart station is due in court today. john lee cowell is scheduled to have his plea hearing today and is facing charges of murder and attempted murder after allegedly stabbing both wilson and her sister as they were getting off the train at the macarthur bart station. cal was arrested at the pleasant hill bart station after police received a tip. the kentucky sheriff's department is leading the investigation into the disappearance of ray taliaferro thinks the longtime they area radio host is still alive.more than two weeks ago and was last seen in western kentucky not far from where he lives in illinois. investigators say the san francisco native may be disoriented and showing signs of dementia. the sheriff believes taliaferro maybe staying with someone who
5:40 am
has not yet heard he is reported missing. today begins an exciting new chapter for the mars insight probe one day after it successfully landed on mars. >> touchdown confirmed. >> do you think they're happy? scientists say the probe landed in what is called a boring place but that's what they wanted because that increases the chances of a successful landing. it unwrapped it solar panels and started recharging its batteries and sent back its first photos. see the dust on the camera lens? now the real mission begins. >> mars was a habitable planet about 3 billion years ago and then something happened and now photos that have less dust on them. up next is beginning to drill
5:41 am
into the surface of mars to see how deep the crust of mars is and what is under eight. right now astronomers cannot tell what is just a few fees under the surface. after spending hundreds of dollars in holiday shopping, today is the day for people to give back it is giving tuesday and this year is expected to break records with people contributing more than $150 million. half of donations will be given online using a credit or debit card religious nonprofits benefit the most. there are several organizations you can donate to here in the bay area. to find out how to donate, we posted a link on our website go to easing protection for renters. a decision today that could limit rent increases and also help get properties inspected in concord. protecting bay area
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homeless during winter months. the reason more shelters are seeing hignd and what some of them are doing now to prepare for the rain this week. good morning. we have a basic commute out there. you can see traffic will be busy as you approach the macarthur maze and get out to the bay bridge toll plaza. the bigger issue maybe fog early this morning. clouds will increase and then rain is on the way mainly in the late morning and early afternoon pick the first of three systems this week.
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5:44 am
welcome back to mornings on 2. facebook vice president of policy solutions based reddish lawmakers today. one day after parliament seized documents as part of the hearing over false information on the social media site. richard allen was grilled this morning by lawmakers from nine different countries but the
5:45 am
documents were taken by british investigators from the american app developer was on a business trip to london. facebook is fighting the release of the documents. mark zuckerberg was invited to the hearing but he declined to attend. >> we need to do more in terms of cooperation between countries and with private actors but the devastating effects of what is happening are there. facebook has lost more than $100 billion in value since the cambridge analytica scandal back in march millions of users had their data compromised. a police department in alabama publicly expressing condolences to the makilled in an officer involved shooting. that shooting led to protests in hoover, alabama, south of birmingham. in bradford junior in the chaos after an early shooting at a crowded mall thanksgiving night. at first police said bradford
5:46 am
was responsible for the earlier shooting but the police later said he was probably not the gunman and the actual shooter got away. the ohio man accused of driving his car into a crowd of people in charlottesville virginia last year plans to argue he acted in self-defense. james alex fields junior is accused of killing heather higher. he was among the crowd of people protesting white nationalist rally in charlottesville. jury selection in the trial is underway now. fields is also charged with 30 federal counts of hate crimes that could lead to the death penalty. more flights are being canceled across the country today because of a massive snowstorm up to a foot of snow is forecast to fall in new england and western new york. the same system brought heavy snow to the midwest including more than a half foot for chicago. it is the strongest november snowstorm to hit chicago in more than 40
5:47 am
close to 70,000 homes and businesses are now without more winter shelters are opening around the bay area with several days of rain in the forecast this week. the national guard armory in santa rosa is opening at night for people to get out of the elements. many shelters are seeing people lined up for hours before the doors open. >> we are big believers in housing first and getting people into housing should be the best strategy to prevent homelessness but this is not meant to be a housing solution. this is meant to save lives we take for granted living in a warm house. when it's 36 degrees or less in santa rosa frequently throughout the winter, being exposed to those elements can be life-threatening. >> a survey taken earlier this year and sonoma county showed more than 21,000 people live in unstable housing situations or are homeless. caltrans's morning it may close of highway 1 on the central coast. the agency tweeted this yesterday afternoon -- due to a
5:48 am
major storm forecast to hit the central coast on wednesday, we are issuing a 48 hour traffic advisory for closing highway 1 south of big sur. they say they expect to either confirm or cancel the closure sometime today. we will keep an eye on that. that could affect traffic. there are a lot of things already affecting this morning's traffic. what's happening now? we do have slow traffic on the altamont pass approach which is typical. let's take a look at the tracy commute. westbound 580 it is slow onto a five and 580. eastbound 580 is slow approaching grant line road for construction as you drive over to dublin, it looks all right. 880 is getting slow in hayward. has been a deadly accident on san pablo avenue. it's not on the highway. this may cause some slowing in that area. we do have a cru on the scene.
5:49 am
i saw the picture come up. we will probably get that to you soon. that just came up let's talk about the commute on interstate 880 in oakland. this traffic is moderately heavy. at the bay bridge toll plaza, traffic is filled in all the way out to the main. we have a little bit of fog out there. the rain is holding off until late morning and early afternoon. the afternoon commute could be a little wet. dave checks in and says gthe tr i'm off tomo jingle bell, jingl rock. jingle bells swing and jingle bells ring.
5:50 am
music mock it was warm yesterday in gilroy. 72 in gilroy. santa cruz, 70. morgan hill, 69. at the airport was 68. santa rosa, 67. not today. clouds will increase. debakis out there. livermore, concord in santa rosa. clouds are on the way. rain will develop in the late morning and early afternoon. right now it's in mendocino county and it's working its way south.thursday and looks to be the strongest. the one on saturday looks to be the coldest that's the one i think will lower snow down to around 5000 people in inch of rain possible to the the system on wednesday through thursday could set up near the santa cruz mountains, which i'm leaning towards, they could easily see up to four inches. a fast mover and saturday with
5:51 am
everyone is in on this. there will be some good rain here over the next five or six days. the first system coming and will slowly drop south. will take its time so most of the morning commute we are okay. rain is in mendocino county now. ukiah is not reporting too much they have amassed we have a few hours to go before it moves into our viewing area. or the sierra nevada it's just cloud cover but a winter weather advisory will kick in this afternoon. 30s and 40s onte eratures with that southwind in advance for the snow is about the passes above lake level but it will lower later tonight. that starts at 4:00. a winter weather advisory. six inches around 6000 feet but initial it will be around 7000 where they could get up to eight inches. 40s and 50s for the temperatures. hope valley shouting onto the 30s. with that southwind, the cloud coming in.
5:52 am
cloud cover continues to increase. rain will develop so the afternoon commute could be worse than the morning commute. 50s and 60s, which is more fog driven then rain driven. the rain will get here. another system wednesday night into thursday is the main system and then a cold one on saturday. the verdict is in. we will tell you who is now number one, the highest-paid television host, beating out ellen. sfx: tinny headphone music
5:53 am
sfx: feet shuffling life can change in an instant. be covered when it does... ...with a health plan through covered california. and all of our plans include free preventive care. financial help is available, so check for yourself to see what savings you qualify for. for health insurance starting january 1st, enroll by december 15th. because you never know when life... ...will change. get covered today.
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welcome back. the warriors have the day off today but they had an exciting win last night against the magic. >> durrant reenters. down 5. right on cue! >> i want draymond green chilling on kevin durant from the bench.on- last night against the orlando magic. the warriors trailed by as many as 18 but came back thanks to kevin durant and klay thompson. klay thompson had 29 points and the warriors one, 116-110. there off the next couple of days, playing in toronto thursday night former nfl pass rusher aldon smith will not be going back to jail after working out a deal with prosecutors.
5:56 am
aldon smith played for the raiders and the 49ers and pleaded no contest to two misdemeanor charges related to a domestic violence case from earlier this year. in exchange, he was sentenced to 90 days in jail which he got credit for time served. aldon smith was also sentenced to three years probation and 25 hours of community service. not only does judge judy preside over her tv courtroom, she is also one of the most influential people on television. forbes just released its list of the highest-paid tv hosts and judge judy is number one with $147 million. she makes $47 million per year for hosting heard judge judy show. she made another $100 million last year because she sold the rights to her show's very extensive library.
5:57 am
here's the list of the top five. ellen degeneres comes in second after judge judy followed by doctor phil and ryan seacrest. by the way, dropping out of the list this year is simon cowell. a record donation to san francisco state university. how much it two former students gave the university and where most of the money will go. a hate crime investigation this morning in antioch. we will show you and explain the targets of several hateful messages. getting crowded out there. here is a live picture of highway 4 up and over the hill to conquer. already some stop and go traffic. the rain is on the way but late morning early afternoon. most of the morning commute will be fine. rain is in mendocino county.
5:58 am
5:59 am
good morning. putting a stop to big rent increases in unsafe living conditions. the meeting today in the east bay to protect thousands of renters. also today, san francisco remembers the legacies of harvey milk and george moscone. the ceremony that will mark 40 years since the assassination of those two city leaders.
6:00 am
good morning and thank you for waking up with us. tuesday, november 27. i'm pam cook. >> i'm dave clark. steve paulson is watching the forecast. pam cook want some rain. it's on its way. late morning early afternoon. for you, sooner than dave. >> north of the golden gate. >> correct. we do have rainmaking into mendocino county. most of the morning commute, you are probably okay unless the system moves quicker. it's making its move but it's low. 50s and 60s today with cloudy skies. watch for fog this morning. we have some clearing santa rosa has had some fog. rain will move in. this is the first of three


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