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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 4am  FOX  November 28, 2018 4:00am-4:30am PST

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good samaritans who helped . good morning. thank you for wicking up with us. wednesday more than, november 28th. i'm pam cook. >> i'm dave tell me have steve. >> okay. we'll let steve tell me. >> i told you. >> it is going to be focused south and then north and then for everyone tomorrow. it will be like one, two, three. we talked about this yesterday. santa cruz mountains, you look to be in that this morning. a little pitter-patter of rain. there is no cold air. this is a warm system. the frontal band that we had yesterday. it weakened considerably and it stalled out. it stalled out on th and is drifting right into the
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santa cruz mountains exactly as advertised. see, sometimes it does what we say it will do. this won't be the only focus. the win will crank up big time. very warm, upper 50s to almost 60. so it feels warm. well, it is. a lot of mid- and upper 50s as we get the southeast breeze. some moderate to heavy rain this morning. santa cruz mountains, over to the santa clara valley, maybe san jose. and we'll have kind of a break to the north, some cloudy skies and rain and this system develops tonight and tomorrow and that will be rain for everybody. sal will tell us that hopefully things are okay. yeah, they are. things are okay so far. we don't see anything major out there. let's go to the bay bridge toll
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plaza and show you the traffic is moving along pretty well if you are driving on the commute. i just want to mention that we'll talk about the commute in livermore in just a moment. this is a look at interstate 880. the roads are wet even though it is not raining right now in oakland. you can see traffic in the south bay is looking good as we look at the maps. this is not much going on including at the tracy triangle. traffic is off if a nice start with no major issues at the moment. let's go back to the desk. the morning commute could be rough today as that latest storm hits so you should take an umbrella with you. water officials like all of of the steady rain but the storm seemed to catch some people by surprise. >> reporter: wipers on, lights on. in marin, a sloppy tuesday evening commute as the storm
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door that opened for thanksgiving swings open again. more than 500 tarps and rain suits have sold in just a few days at this mill valley hardware store and the rain boots, neatly arranged by size and style. >> it was so clean back here. today, mothers and fathers and children walked in here, destroyed the place. >> reporter: tuesday alone, selling some 50 pairs. one family came in and she had six kids and she bought a pair for each one of her children and then for herself and her husband. >> we'll take any rain any day, any time, in any capacity, but it is nice to have things that are just consistent. >> reporter: water districts are feeling buoyant. they got six inches of rain equating to90 million gallons
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of water. >> you have the runoff from the water shed. >> it fills into a system of reservoirs. >> we are going into the rainy season with70% capacity, which is great. but again, we're relying on rainfall and conservation. >> reporter: holiday shopping, especially in open air malls may be dammenned by the drizzly weather. stores seemed slow with christmas just four weeks away. but hardware stores, that notable exception. one shopper was pick ago rain suit for his wife who has a wednesday outing to golden gate park. >> i need it tomorrow because my daughter has a field trip and my wife needed. it was like an emergency. the san francisco public works department is taking precautions before the storms get any stronger. temporary flood barriers were
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set up in low-lying areas that are prone to flooding. one is located at 17th and folsom streets. the weather is creating dangerous conditions. sky fox took these pictures and video yesterday of waves pounding the shore in pacifica. the national weather service predicts waves of 13 to 16 feet and there is a high surf advisory through friday. a 12-mile stretch of highway one in monterey county will be closed tomorrow morning. caltrans will close the highway between mud creek and paul slide by mid-morning. the gates will be locked until the area is . now, a storm back in february of 2017 led to one of of the biggest mudslides in california history in that very same area. that storm also seriously damaged the pfeiffer canyon bridge which was shut down for
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repairs for almost eight months. caltrans will give us updates once the road we opens. the bay area toll authority wants to hear from drivers about plans to increase bridge tolls on. january1st, all tolls are schedule to go up by one one dollar on all bay area bridges except the golden gate. today's meeting is the last chance for public comment. the bay area toll authority is expected to approve the increase when it meets december 19th. ember 19th. a family in san jose is mourning after a family member left to walk to a nearby target store and was killed by a hit and run driver. the driver was arrested with the help of some good samaritans. >> i waited and waited and i'll be there and she didn't come. she didn't come. >> reporter: richard delgado is recalling the last phone conversation he had with his
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daughter diane as he waited up for her. he fell asleep only to be woken up by his other daughter. >> she said diane is dead. i still couldn't believe it. i started screaming. saying, my baby, my baby, my baby. >> reporter: it was dark, 9:40 saturday night when police saw a ford truck traveling eastbound at a high rate of speed on capital expressway near silver creek road struck and killed the 51-year-old. police say the victim, diane delgado, was outside of a crosswalk. she died on impact. >> it is tight time, depending on the clothing you are wearing, you are not in the crosswalk, it is very dangerous. >> the driver, not under the influence of drug or alcohol, tried to flee. but two witnesses in separate cars boxed him in. >> they held him there until
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police arrived which is phenomenal that they decided to get involved and prevent this person from getting away because right now, we would have had a felony hit and run vehicular manslaughter unsolved case. >> i would love to they would them thank you. there is really good people in this world still. >> reporter: saturday appear crash marks the 19th pedestrian death in san jose this year which is the highest in three years. the delgado family wants to highlight this tragedy as a senseless loss. >> i told myself, why god takes good people away. it is still hurting. still hurting. in other news, the principal owner of the san francisco giants is now backtracking about a controversial political donation. charles johnson an his wife now
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want their money back from the campaign of mississippi senator cindy hyde-smith. she was heavily criticized for a remark she made that was considered racially insensitive. bay area civil rights leaders have called for a boycott of the san francisco giants. civil rights attorney john burris says he is still not satisfied but the chronicle is reporting the president of the san francisco naacp rescinded a call for a boycott. despite the controversy, republican senator cindy hyde- smith won a very divisive runoff election in mississippi. she beat the democrat -- democratic challenger mike espy. >> this victory is about our conservative values. it is about the things mean the most to all of us mississippians, our faith, our family. but it is those things that i will take to washington, d.c.
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that i want to represent all of mississippians with these values and i will fight for it, i assure you, every single day. >> now, hyde-smith is the first woman ever elected to the u.s. senate from mississippi. she was first appointed to the seat in april when then senator thad cochran retired because of health problems. she will have to run again in 2020 to serve a full six-year senate term. today, democrats in the house of representatives vote to nominate their new speaker of the house an congresswoman nancy pelosi is running unopposed. there had been some opposition but in the en, no one stepped up to campaign against her. pelosi will still have to face a full house vote in january when the new congress convenes to actually become the house speaker. >> that will be interesting. still ahead, a researcher from stanford announceed a potential second medical breakthrough just this week.
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coming up, what the scientist said about a second gene edited baby. >> up next, an inspirational story of a man who turned his life around. how a felony conviction won't stop him from achieving his dream. good morning. we are off if a wet start on the roads. you can see traffic is looking good here on the golden gate bridge heading south. to the north, it will be okay. to the south it will not. that is where the focus of the rain will be. peninsula down to the santa cruz mountains where it will be really lit up here for a while.
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the chinese scientist who claims to have created the first edited baby says a second pregnancy may be on the way. he says his goal is not to cure or prevent an inherited disease but to give the baby the ability to resist possible future infection from the aids virus. >> a wonderful progress in the hiv therapy. the inif he can is -- the
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infection is three times cause of death. it is the top ten cause of death in several countries. >> that type of genetic modification is banned here in the u.s. that scientist conducted his post doctoral research at stanford university from 2010 to 2012. a state appeals court said no to a legal challenge of california's right to die law. that law lets a terminally ill patient take prescribed drugs to end their life. it took effect in june of 2016 after the high profile case of brittany menard. she was a terminally ill brain cancer patient who moved to oregon to legally end her life. critics argued that the california law was passed illegally during a special session devoted to health care. a crowd gathered in san francisco's castro district to honor two former city leaders
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who were assassinated 40 years ago. the san francisco gay men's chorus performed in memory of mayor george moscone and supervisor harvey milk. they were assassinated at city hall november 27, 1978. 400 people joined last night's very somber march from the plaza named after supervisor milk. they marched to city hall. the march he's say that day has turned every november 27th into a reminder of what the world could be. >> it is a day of reflection. it is a of revisiting a of us, dies. >> the legacy of my dad and that of harvey is not of one of tragedy. it is one of opportunity. >> the crowd included people who weren't even born when moscone and milk were killed but one man originally from colorado said he was inspired when he first heard about
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harvey milk. >> i always had a love affair with san francisco and when i read this, about this street and this city, with this guy that was the self-proclaimed mayor of that city, or that street, i had to go see it and the second i stepped foot here, it felt like home. >> some of the people told us the loss of moscone and milk paved a tough path to change. they're optimistic that progress will continue. a bay area man is the perfect example it is possible to turn your life around. seven years ago, antonio resa was the getaway driver in several armed robberies. he pled guilty to a felony and spent time in jail. by the time he got out, he was ready to make a change. he will be recognized as the value dicker to yap when he graduates from the university of san francisco next month. he wants to go taking the bar exam near resa years ago heard about the
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dilemma, called the prosecutor and a judge agreed to expunge the his record. >> he said, you know, i messed. up. he said this is going to be my low point and i'm going to only do better from here. i hear that a lot from people this n. that position but he meant it. >> i want to use my story to let other people know that it is true, anything is possible. >> once he gets his law degree, he hopes to put it to use by reforming the criminal justice system and i think he can do it. >> i think he can do it. bravo. way to go. let's check in with sal. we have wet roads. i'm sure the commute will be difficult today. >> oking at roads that are going to be crowded although people are slowing down which is one of the
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reasons why a decent start when it comes to the morning commute. northbound 101 gilroy, that commute looks pretty good from gilroy to san jose. there was a crash northbound 208 at 101. it does not appear to be causing too much slow traffic in the area even though it is there. the fire department was dispatched because there could be injuries this this crash. northbound 280 traffic is looking good otherwise getting up to highway 17. and at the bay bridge, it is light. so this first few minutes of the morning commute looking pretty good. let's bring in some steve paulson. >> speaking of looking pretty good, how do we do it at thismy- up. flash flood watch out not so much for today but for tonight
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and tomorrow. today is mainly focused to the south but the next 24 to 36 hours will be quite active here. the wind will pick up as well. we do have a wind advisory. the models have backed off a teeny bit on that. high wind watch on thursday as a dopenning surface low moves in. that is kind of the key there. it looks like it is going right about over the bay area. highest gusts will be on the coast and also in the hills. could get some about 55 miles per hour. today, if you are to the north, you will probably be fine. if you are to the south, you may not be. that is where the folk you is on the peninsula. santa cruz mountains especially. for the next hour or two, if you are along highway 1, i would say san mateo coast, in the santa crews mountains, santa clara valley, could be in line for moderate to heavy rain. the system for tonight and tomorrow is right there. what is happening is it is coming around the ba od startin it is enhancing a lot of that moisture and some of that precipitation, some of that rain. it is all rain. it is a very mild system.
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oakland is 59. half moon bay is 59, san jose. so this is a warm, warm system. the difference between our lows an highs today may be about three or four degrees. give me time to focus in on boulder creek and other areas. right now, it seems to be drifting south a little bit. for the next hour or so, that will be the focus of the heavy rain. that is until this system swings in late tonight an tomorrow. that will spread rain for everybody. could be focused more to the north. that is tonight and tomorrow. 60s on your temperatures here, very mild conditions. so we do have cloudy with some rain today and then developing rain and wind for your thursday, clearing out friday. fast-moving system on saturday will be much cooler and we'll get a break but you will notice it will feel chilly on sunday. >> thank you, steve. an act of kind's from a complete stranger coming up in the next half hour. the unusual move after a man's
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wallet was discovered on a flight. >> plus, o.j. simpson years after his controversial murder trial. the new documentary that oj's former manager is producing.
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. welcome back to mornings on 2. reuben foster, the form are 49ers linebacker has been signed by a new team. the washington redskins claimed him off waivers just three days
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after he was arrested for misdemeanor domestic violence. right now, fosters on the commissioner's exempt list which means he cannot practice or go to games. foster was arrested saturday night in tampa, florida. in less than 24 hours before the 49ers played the tampa balk nears. the 49ers cut him a short time after that. it was his third arrest this year. washington's vice president of play are personnel released this statement, quote. nothing is promised to reuben but we are hopeful being around so many. his former teammates and friends will eventually provide him with the best possible environment to succeed both personally and professionally. 25 years later, there is a new controversy surrounding o.j. simpson and his murder trial. the former nfl great was aquitted of the murders of his ex-wife and her friend. simpson's former manager is now telling the "new york post" that o.j. simpson played a role in their
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deaths and he had at least one accomplice. that former manager is making a documentary about the infamous murder case and wants to release that documentary next year. the supreme court is ordering a lower court to take a new look at a case involving the endangered species act. it protected an area in louisiana where the endangered dusky gopher frog does for the currently live but could in the future. the justices said they should have examined where it could support the frogs. currently, they live any single pond in mississippi. the justices sent the case back to the appeals court in new orleans to reconsider the matter. tributes pouring in for the man would create a children's television show that turned into eye cultural phenomenon. >> man, oh, man, do i love my job. hey, mr. crabs, what's the good
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word. >> well, actually spongebob, there is two words. >> steven hillenburg was the creative mind behind spongebob squarepants which has aired on nickelodeon since 1999. nickelodeon says the sense of humor and innocence brought joy to families. he died following a battle with lou gehrig's disease. only only 57. who lives in a pineapple under the sea. did you watch thatat first i thought i can't stand this show but it is silly and fun. still ahead, the rain we've been waiting for, we are getting it but it iaffecting co on highway 101 and why there may be more problems today and
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tomorrow. >> will nancy pelosi return as house speaker? we may learn her fate later today. i'm doug luzader in washington. we'll have more on that coming up.
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good morning to you. welcome back to mornings on 2. middle of the week, it is wednesday, november 28th. i'm dave clark. >> good morning. i'm pam cook. thank you for joining us. let's talk about the weather with steve. >> is there something going on? >> yes, sir. >> i think the evening commute too be a little rough for some. >> it could be more tomorrow morning. >> okay. >> sal better not go out tonight. i'll be in bed tomorrow


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