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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 4am  FOX  December 3, 2018 4:00am-4:28am PST

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mission since one was aborted . good morning. you for joining us. >> good morning. it is cold. there is a freeze warning to the east as early morning temperatures could drop below freezing. temperatures could damage your unprotected water pipes. the freeze warning continues until 9:00 this morning. >> put towels or something around your special plans. ure those. cold one out there. we have cloud cover overhead. for some, it is a warmer start to the day. oakland grees as we
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francisco. we are in the upper 30s at this we are going to have another cool one. in the afternoon, partly cloudy skies turning cloudy. tomorrow morning, rain on our doorsteps. here is the temperature changes. oakland and hayward, up 5 to 7 degrees warmer. i showed you a moment ago, temperatures are ranging in the mid 20s to mid 40s at this hour. there is fog but visibility in the bay area, if you have to go to the roadways, 56 degrees in san francisco and 54 in concord and the south bay.
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the temperatures are similar to yesterday with an increase in cloud cover. i am tracking snow for tomorrow and the extended forecast. let's check the highways this morning. >> good morning. if you are on 580 westbound, you can see you're off to a good start with no major issues. traffic looks good into livermore out to the east shore freeway. this is a look at oakland freeway and traffic moves well. and if you're driving on the east shore in berkeley plaza, t looks good. 402. astronauts from the u.s. and canada and russia are on their where he to the international space station. the spacecraft launched. this
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is the first mission since the aborted one two months ago. that crew was cut short as the rocket failed to separate properly. it is 4:03. the longtime radio talkshow host is being investigated by police in kentucky. the body was found in a wooded area a mile from where he was last seen. his wife told police he may been suffering from early onset dementia and was more forgetful. we have no details yet on how he may have died. about four hours from now. george hw bush will make a final trip on board air force one. this is from washington dc. there is a week of events
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planned to honor the late president. >> reporter: this is a rare honor on capitol hill. they are saying farewell and to remember a lifetime of public service. the aircraft is known as air force one on a final mission for george hw bush, carrying him back to washington today. in houston, he passed on friday and the memories of the man who had a life of service. the community where he lived and his favorite restaurant nearby. >> he was a down to earth person . he was approachable and you know? a good man. >> this is a poignant photo showing the president service dog by his side. remember a man who had a public life in a hero aviator and
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served in congress and became a cia director and not . >> i would like somebody else to figure that out. that motivates me and barbara. let the historians do it.>> present bush will lie in state in the rotunda until wednesday. there will be a funeral service in washington. is final moments, baker was with him at that end. he remembers his last words. >> he said those words before he let. george bush 43 had called to say dad, i love you. i will see you on the other side. president bush said i love you and those were his last words. >> president bush will return to texas to speak at the presidential library in washington, fox news. it is 4:06 and today, the
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defendants for the ghost ship warehouse fire are due in court . they faced 36 counts of manslaughter and wrongful deaths for each person whdied and two years and one day ago. family members remember the victims and they gathered last night at the scene to remember loved ones.>> reporter: the gathering sunday night in front of a place filled. a makeshift memorial set up in front of the ghost ship warehouse. >> it is never the same. >> reporter: mourners sharing hugs and flowers to remember the names of the 36 lives lost in the fire two years ago. >> it's as if it were yesterday. >> reporter: the pain of losing their daughter may nego
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away. boyfriend's arms. >> we don't understand. i am it is surreal. >> reporter: i have mixed emotions. you know? i have anger. >> i don't know what to think. >> reporter: the feeling of dread was felt with friends who stop by to pay respects. >> you feel like it piece of you is missing. >> she was big on being kind. in the work i do, i try to incorporate that. >> reporter: it is something he can hold onto while the wheels of justice move at a pace that some say is a crawl. they say it appears the case was all but over but the judge rejected the plea deal that
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would have given them nine years for the death of the victims. it meant the process would drag out, it was a victory some families. gregory is a family and derick almena. the city and the owners come i feel the people that lived there come the people, the tenants who lived in here, they knew about the safety issues and never did anything about it. they are responsible. they tell me only then with the healing process truly begin. >> we have been given a life sentence of pain. okay? the void in our hearts can never be replaced because of what happened here.>> reporter: fox 2 news.the landlord and it
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is scheduled to begin next october. >> th gunmen planned the attack any bidder -- visited veterans before the attack. they say he propped open a basement door. he bought guns leading up to the shooting and three were killed in the gunmen shot and killed himself. authorities said he had been eight patient were nearly a year there. >> the oakland police are searching for a person behind a deadly shooting. an 18-year-old man was shot and killed saturday night on 47th avenue, about a half-mile from international boulevard. mohammed argued before he was shot. he died at the scene and no one else
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it is been 10 years since the police shot and killed austin. we report on how friends and family are honoring grant . >> reporter: he is known as uncle bobby shows the spot where a mural will be created to honor his late nephew, grant. hundreds of people the to mark the date of his death. they hope to unveil the artwork on january first. >> i hope it shows the love he gave to people. >> reporter: the final design has not been decided. officials agree to commission the art even though it was their officer who shot and killed grant. >> this is about love and appreciation and atonement. >> reporter: this sparks a nerve with barco writers. i felt like ntract
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ricoh around oakland. grant family is determined to at the station renamed and a nearby street named in his honor as well. this marks the spot where the bullet passed through grant's back. people come allover looking for this spot and they would like to see a plaque in its place. >> something representing this response to never be forgotten. there was a young man who lost his life right here. >> reporter: the city and barco are not on board with this idea at the moment. a mural is the least that can be done to honor grant. >> i think it took too long for it to happen. >> it's a positive thing. there are still problems with the violence. >> reporter: ktvu fox 2 news. terrifying events during a
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family vacation. the young boy with a shark and everything was caught on camera and how the ch to testify before a house committee and the questions james comey may face from lawmakers. we see traffic is on two- way nice start on the golden gate bridge heading south. this morning, partly to mostly cloudy skies and a cold start. i have your current conditions and what you can expect for the afternoon. with my new $4.99 blt cheeseburger
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welcome back. james comey says he will testify privately before a house committee this week. comey has been told he is free to speak about the questioning afterwards any transcript would be released 24 hours after he testified. he is expected to be questions about decisions made by the fbi including no criminalcharges against hillary clinton and the investigation into russia. they are cleaning up in illinois where 20 tornadoes
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touched down. they hit central illinois and destroyed houses and knocking down power lines and uprooting trees. dozens of peoplere hurt. this is the town of taylorville that was hardest hit by the tornadoes. rescuers pulled people out of harms. the governor said it is a miracle no one was the central americans camped out in mexico and lost a hunger strike. the migrants have been in tijuana waiting to apply for a sound. they launched a hunger strike. the organizer says the hunger strike will be limited to four days because of the health risk. >> they decided four days to cover into danger healthwise after going through a month and a half traveling without nutrition
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. >> the trump administration is in talks about the situation at the order. he wants the migrants to remain in mexico while the claims are processed but that could take six months. the recent rain is making trash and debris wash up on local beaches. authorities are warning people to stay out of the water. the trash is contaminating the water and it can make you rst r out. there is more bacteria and not the good stuff in the water. >> the warning was not enough to keep surfers out of the water. rescue teams are up and down the coast. konica is underway. the menorah was limited last night in washington dc. ryan felt -- he touted the commitment to the jewish people
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. it is 4:17. we hope you are doing well and hopefully the commute is doing well. >> thank you. good monday to both of you. we are doing well on northbound 101. if you are getting up early, you're getting the advantage of being on the roads when there is not a lot going on. that may be one recent you get up early. this is a drive in from san jose. there is slowing on southbound 101 approaching 85 because of road work. you will see it. most people are going the other way. this is 280 in san jose. the bay bridge toll plaza, traffic is light on the way to san francisco. good morning and monday. we are waking up to cold air outside. there is a freeze
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warning in the inland communities. we have cloud cover in place but temperatures ranging from the mid 40s and most areas will cool off more before sunrise. this is a view of what is expected today. the next system roseann tuesday . let's look at the future cast. visibility looks good with patchy fog but so far, so good with those that need to get onto the highway. tonight, an increase in cloud cover there is rain offshore. s for the morning commute. this is moving in sooner than yesterday. yesterday looked like it would develop over the morning. we may have wet roadways tomorrow morning and there is the afternoon commute with the wednesdaanance on thursday.
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rainfall amounts from half an inch to the an inch is expected. tuesday night and wednesday night, a little bit more and thursday, a little bit more with drying conditions on friday. there is a look at the cloud cover. the wind is light and variable from a northeast breeze in napa to a southerly breeze and oakland at about 6. morning temperatures, 37 degrees in santa rosa and 50 degrees and san francisco and 43 at livermore. mid to upper 50s today and 56 expected in san francisco and the increase in cloud cover tonight with scattered showers and rain tomorrow. snow levels drop-down to 5500
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feet in showers thursday. >> you want pam to keep her umbrella close by? >> i would say a jacket. >> i didn't want to take it off this morning because it is cold. the finest to the rescue coming up, a newly engaged couple lost a ring in the middle of times square. we will tell you how the police found the ring at the couple. a woman in a by a car in the middle of the night and a search for the driver. california phones offers - big button,lized phones... and volume-enhanced phones.
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welcome back it is 4:24. police are looking for a hit and run driver who hit a woman in a wheelchair. she was crossing long trade way. we spoke with people in the neighborhood who say it was not the first hit and run and that area. >> reporter: photos show investigators in antioch picking up a mangledwheelchair from the middle of the street. a closer look shows the chair badly bent and the wheels broke our. other items, a person shoe are the wheelchair prolonged to a woman from discovery bay. the police say she was crossing lone tree way when she was hit by a driver who took all. the police found her
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unresponsive with major injuries. from the police markings, it appears the victim was hit 50 feet away from the closest crosswalk near a handicap ramp. >> the pictures you showed me look like the wheelchair and her bloggers. >> reporter: this is a patron in the shopping plaza next to the street. he helped the victim. >> she was on the street and had trouble getting on the sidewalk. she was relatively thin. >> reporter: she said she was waiting for her daughter and her bright red lipstick stood out. the case was found at the crash site. she was wearing dark colored clothing and appeared homeless. >> that is horrible. this does not surprise me. >> reporter: hit and runs our not to, pick she is hoping footage will lead police to close. >> people have little respect
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for other people, especially around here. ktvu fox 2 news. a man is recovering after being burned in an explosion . >> look at this video. it shows that shed exploding and then going up in flames.>> the sidesblew. i don't know how he was okay as he was. >> reporter: a fire investigation unit determined the fire was the result of a butane hash or honey oil lamp. he is treated for burns. it is 4:26. there may be more bands of food and drink containers. the county that is preparing to take action to help -- help local landfills. the late president is being honored this week.
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good morning. traffic is up to way nice dart on 580 in both another cool one look at your current conditions and show you what you can expect for your afternoon.
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good morning. welcome to mornings on 2 . >> it is monday. >> i knew right away when the alarm went off. we have rain in the bay area again. cloudy skies and temperatures that are similar to yestand wil expire around 9:00.
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temperatures are actually above freezing and warmer than it is a cool 37 degrees in santa rosa and as we get closer to the bay, 47 in oakland. hello , san jose at 46. we are showing you we are up from yesterday morning and livermore and sam carlos is a tad warmer this morning. the second part of the day, partly cloudy skies with increasing cloud cover. develop tomorrow. visibility looks fairly good. we are not with any dense fog is north of sonoma county. i have dark gray there and perhaps an inch in sacramento


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