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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 430am  FOX  December 7, 2018 4:30am-5:01am PST

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2, friday morning december 7, i'm dave clark . >> i'm pam cook. thanks for waking up with us on this friday morning. it's cold. >> that is correct. pam and i were discussing the nutcracker. >> if you're going to the san francisco nutcracker it is so amazing. i never get sick of that. i hear that a lot because my daughter is a ballerina. >> i don't know where it is, let's go to the live cam and will fix that. >> it did the old drop. >> while they take the camera off, steve will find -- >> oh this is one of my favorites and it's going to be crystal. you know when it's cold, the beauty as you can get that crystal-clear look of the city, >> that's what steve would say. >> what you call it? something clear ? >> severe clear. >> that's it.
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>> what i was going to add though, when you buy tickets to that you take out a small loan. >> you're supporting the arts. >> i am indeed. >> it's going to be mostly sunny and a little warmer, any rain, possible but very light. rain late into sunday, this will not be a big system it will probably fall apart before it moves south. unless you are north i wouldn't worry about it. high clouds are filtering in, there goes that whopper of a low. southern california had a lot more rain than we did, this is going to move into the four corners and high pressure will keep us calm until the weekend. many 30s and some 40s but it's very cold, some patchy fog, 38 in dublin, and pleasanton, mostly sunny skies, partly sunny to the north but overall a nice day. the next system shows up sunday night into monday but it is dry today into saturday. 4:31 am, here he is, mr. sal
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castaneda. >> we are looking at a lot of these commutes that are doing very well because it is friday and sometimes on fridays we have lighter than usual conditions. we do for the solano commute, it looks very good. fairfield getting out to the bridge, no major problems. all the way out to the macarthur main it looks very good. southbound 680 looks good from the venetian bridge to walnut creek and if you're driving out to the area you can see traffic is moving along okay all the way to the bay bridge and there is a very small delay at the bay bridge toll plaza. at 4:32 am let's go back to the desk. new this morning, police are investigating a possible dui chris -- crash that sent two cars into a building. this happened at meridian avenue near willow street after 115 this morning. one of the drivers admitted to crashing into the other, sending both cars into the
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building. one hit the meridian side of the building at the other hit the entrance of the apartment from the driveway hitting two sides of the same unit. police say there were three victims and all were taken to the hospital, coming up at 5 am, we will have a live report on the investigation. the time is now 4:33 am, we expect more details today about special counsel l robert mueller's investigation into alleged russian interference in the 2016 elections. dollars team is scheduled to file court documents in the cases of two men who worked very closely with president. trump . ktvu's rich edson is joining us live where former fbi director james comey is also scheduled to testify. >> reporter: that is right. from the start of the investigation into russian interference in 2016 elections to its current status, and if you hours more testimony for the former fbi director and an update from the special counsel. >> mr. president.?
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>> reporter: another installment of robert miller's gradually unveiling his findings. his offices due to unveil details of how paul manafort lied after agreeing to a plea deal. mueller's office is also expected to detail michael collins cooperation with the council, and has filed sentencing memos for trump's former attorney. mueller is not going to lay out his entire case in a memorandum, i think he's going to give us some tidbits and nuggets but this is not going to be a full reveal. >> the investigation of russian interference into the 2016 election began with the fbi under former director james comey. this morning he will testify before the house judiciary committee about his handling of that and of the investigation into former secretary of state hillary clinton's private email server. at first komi challenged the subpoena to appear in a private session, he wanted to testify publicly. republicans rejected that.
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>> why jim komi, the last time i was in a public hearing with him over 100 times he said i cannot answer in this setting. why mr. transparency wants to go back to a setting where he knows he cannot answer the questions is befuddling to me and i don't think we buy that. >> komi agreed to drop the suit when republicans assured him they would release the transcript and he could speak publicly about the interview after it concludes. two women have come forward saying that they were hired to work at the trump national golf club in new jersey even though they were undocumented at the time. the two women spoke with the new york times, one is from coast to rica and is now a legal us residents. she said she worked at the golf club in new jersey as a housekeeper from 2010 to 2013. the other woman from guatemala still works at the golf club and says she knows she could be fired or deported but she says she feels good for coming
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forward because she is tired of the humiliation. customs and border protection officials say arrests of the border in november were up 78% compared to the same time of year last year. the border patrol made almost 52,000 arrests last month, about 25,000 people came as part of a family group that is almost 4 times the number from last year. almost 5300 unaccompanied children were arrested and that number is up 33%. the time is 4:36 am, a marin county sheriff says under certain six -- situations he will cooperate with ice. we went to a public forum where speaker after speaker demanded that the sheriff stop helping the feds. >> please stand if you are with the alliance of multicultural center >> reporter: a broad coalition of groups facing the county supervisor to show their
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alliance with marin's immigrant communities. >> if you support those not standing, please stand with us. >> reporter: not all supervisors are on board, they have joined with other counties to defend state sanctuary law from trump administration challenge. but the sheriff does not support sb 54. >> it is not immigration reform and i thick it is deceptive. >> reporter: robert doyle released numbers showing that in 2017 ice was notified about the release of 137 inmates and arrested 68 of them. so far this year the jail told ice about 172 people and ice picked up 65. >> when ice knows someone is going to be released they notify us that they are going to pick them up and we do that exchange in the county jail. >> at a rally before the forum protesters said doyle's cooperation with ice runs opposite of other bay area jails and marin values. under pressure the sheriff just last week softened slightly to say the jail will no longer
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notify eyes when an inmate is being released unless he's been charged or convicted of a serious or violent crime. but there is a loophole. >> if ice calls us, we will provide the information over the phone. the reason we would do that it is that we are required by law to share public information. >> so even if there are no criminal charges you can still get picked up x >> reporter: advocates say county leaders must force the sheriff to distance himself from ice even if he is reluctant. >> local law enforcement is upholding and feeding a deportation system which demeans, terrorizes, incarcerates and destroys immigrants and their families. >> sheriff doyle do your job and enforce the law. >> -- >> reporter: other than his budget, supervisors cannot control how the sheriff handles his jail but he is an elected official.
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the time is now 4:38 am, shifting gears, the workers play tonight in milwaukee against the buds. earlier this week they dominated cleveland but winning tonight's game might be harder. the box have the second best record in the east and the highest scoring team in the nba. the game starts at earlier this week they dominated cleveland but winning tonight's game might be harder. the box have the second best record in the east and the highest scoring team in the nba. the game starts at 6:30 pm. the 49ers grass -- best chance to get a third win for the season could be this sunday. they face the denver broncos who are coming to the bay area without their top pass receiver, the broncos emmanuel sanders is out for the season. the 49ers are a three point underdog and they want to improve for having the worst record in the nfl. the game is at for having the worst record in the nfl. the game is at 12:05 pm at levi stadium in santa clara. the raiders might be playing one of their last games in oakland, they will be hosting the pittsburgh steelers on sunday. the raiders seem like they are trying to rebuild after trading away mari cooper in the middle of the season along with khalil
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mack at the beginning of the year. it could be hard for the raiders to win on sunday, the raiders are a 10 point underdog, wow. sunday's game is at 1:25 pm, you can see it right here on ktvu fox 2. >> had a rough season. the time now is for 40 a.m., who will host the 2019 oscars now that kevin hart is stepping down. coming up, reaction to tweets from the comedian that prompted him to apologize and take himself out of his dream job. also california officially becomes the first state to require solar panels on new homes. we will tell you when those rules take effect and what it means for homebuyers. good morning, we see traffic moving along pretty well if you are driving on most bay area freeways including the bay bridge coming into san francisco.
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welcome back to mornings on 2, ups, fedex and the postal service are encouraging people to sign up for new services that alert you when packages are dropped off. in the oakland hills, a woman with green hair was seen caught on camera, stealing packages on monday. she showed up right after the delivery and may have been following the truck. on wednesday a package thief struck about a minute after the ups driver left the door, the oakland hills suspect has a tattoo on her lower back and drove off in a white buick
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lucerne. here's a picture. police are hoping someone will recognize her and come forward. the man accused of being the golden state carol killer -- killer has officially been assigned a public defender. 73-year-old joseph james deangelo was in a courtroom in sacramento county yesterday, the judge determined he could not afford a private attorney and is keeping the public defender who was originally appointed. judge michael sweet also ruled on the defense motion to limit media coverage from inside the courtroom once the trial gets underway. >> this case has great public interest, not only nationally but internationally. i don't believe mr. d'angelo's right to a fair trial would be jeopardized by allowing the media in based on the balancing of public interest. >> joseph james deangelo faces 26 charges related to 13 murders and 13 rapes in the 1970s and 80s. this week county supervisor will also reveal that the trial could cost california taxpayers
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$20 million. the time is 4:44 am, this recall of blood-pressure drugs because they may cause cancer, all of the drugs contain the blood pressure medication valsartan. the latest recall comes from -- tests reveal that there is a trace amount of a human carcinogen. alternative medications are available but patients should talk to their doctor or pharmacist before stopping taking the current medication. we are at full swing in the holidays, there is plenty to do this weekend if you're looking for some fun, here is rosemary orozco with your weekend watch. >> reporter: heading into the weekend and here is what is happening around the bay, in the east bay the 2018 tree lighting and the milestones rock and holiday show will fill alameda city hall on saturday. the tree lighting ceremony starts at 5:30 am. they smacked p.m. -- 5:30 pm.
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and the oakland zoo will have a laser light show, and santa will come home tonight. and in san francisco a parade starts at chelsea square. this event is on saturday. or head to union square for the hanukkah lighting ceremony, meanwhile santa con will take over union square during the day on saturday before heading out to city bar. in no we valley enjoyed 24 holidays on 24th st., complete with hayrides. in the north bay watch dozens of brightly lit boats parade along the scenic shoreline one saturday from 6 to 9 followed by fireworks and a party with food trucks. and in the south bay step into a german holiday winter market similar to villages throughout austria, germany and switzerland. this event is saturday at city hall plaza in mountain view. in sports, raiders and niners
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are home, warriors and sharks are away. i'm rosemary orozco and that is your weekend watch. >> plenty to do. and this weekend sal, back in the day, rock mcallen and i judged that sausalito boat parade. it was very fun. >> those were the days pam. i remember those days pretty well. we would get together and bring some cheer into our cups. >> and now we have kids and busy lives. >> i don't know if there will be snow this year but have a cup of cheer. let's go out and take a look at the tracy commute westbound 580 on 205, you can see traffic is moving along okay, there was an accident at 580 near grant line road but more importantly eastbound 580 where there is normally no slow traffic, there is slow traffic because of lanes being taken away for construction. be aware of that.
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on fridays sometimes people get out of town and this might be the route you are taking, just be aware it is there. once you get to the altamont pass it looks better and no problems on interstate 880 driving to the area. bay bridge looks pretty good here, maybe one lane is a little slow but for the most part it looks good. this is headed into san francisco. and let's bring stephen. >> ross might be watching. >> he may be. >> he's an early riser. >> we shall see. we'll find out. >> 30s are showing up already, santa rosa, a lot of 30s and 40s , temperatures will rebound to the upper 50s and 60s and a few mid 60s in the santa clara valley and down toward capitola. i am showing flight information because there could be delays from dallas to phoenix. that looks to be the main area so far it is okay and chicago
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is just cold, 170. and you can see milwaukee a 16, detroit 26, teens for many so quite cold if you are traveling to the great lakes. the main action has been moisture streaming into texas, that might play into dallas- fort worth and then the low coming out of southern california into arizona and the four corners. mostly sunny for us and a little warmer, up to the north you may get a few high clouds. 50s and 60s, light rain returns sunday afternoon and evening into monday. this looks to be north of the golden gate and does not look like a big system, i think it will fall apart before it goes south, but you might get some light rain out of that. you can see the air flow coming down on the north, so probably no fog formation but there could be a little bit of fog. that low is now pushing into the california arizona border, and that is the source of some of these high clouds that may filter in. the low will be a major player
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moving across the country for the next 3 to 5 days, so keep that in mind if you are traveling. 30s and 40s are the temperatures here, a lot more 30s, stanford and san mateo costar cooler, 38 in sacramento, except for little patchy fog we are set for sunshine and nice temperatures, and the higher clouds will filter out. then the system will bring in increasing clouds on sunday but today and tomorrow will be dry, sunday will be mostly dry and less your will to the north and then you might get light rain sunday into monday. the system then kicks out and everything after that looks okay. highs 50 and 60s, the warmest temperatures will be toward the santa clara valley and the santa cruz coast. the weekend will be bad just a lot of clouds coming in on sunday and maybe some light rain sunday into monday. the time is 4:50 am, still ahead, searching for dozens of
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stolen goats. coming up you will hear from a man who says those stolen goats are a big loss for his business.
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welcome back to mornings on 2, it is 4:53 am, bart police are getting a pay raise next to a new contract. the pay raise will bring salaries of transit officers in and -- in line with other bay
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area agencies and help them recruit new officers. bart have attended more than 40 recruiting events trying to attract qualified candidates. california will be the first state in america to require new homes to have solar panels. the mandate takes effect in 2020. it received final approval this week from california's building standards commission. environmentalists applauded saying it will reduce the use of fossil fuels. but critics say the added cost of solar panels is going to be passed on to the homebuyer and that will add to california's already critical housing shortage. >> we really don't think this is the direction that we should be going, if we are serious about increasing supply and lowering housing costs. >> energy officials estimate that the new requirement will add $10,000 to the cost of building a single-family home but they say those costs will be offset by reduced utility
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bills. the time is now for 50 4 am, still no sign of 60 stolen goats from a ranch in morgan hill. the owner says a family business is at stake. ktvu shows us how the goat thieves broke into the ranch and what their motive may have been.
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this is highway 101. no goats inside. whoever took them plans to start their own business or slaughter them for meat. >> we visited a butcher if he came across them or if he had any leads. >> reporter: the goats are considered part of the family and priceless. >> a lot of these were bottle fed. my daughter and i would go on saturdays and sundays and feed
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the goats. >> this is the chewy. >> reporter: they are hoping someone may have spotted the thieves as they took off. all they want are their goth back. >> it hurts. and my son, a three-year-old,  he loved all of these guys. still ahead for you, a south bay apartment building hit by not one but two cars during the night. coming up, what the people living inside the home said about a really close call just a couple of hours ago. today is national pearl harbor remembrance day. we'll tell you what will light up the sky tonight in the east bay. the forecast. what about the weekend? can we keep it dry? we'll tell when you we come back. get details on this state program. visit right now
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or call during business hours.
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and accessoriesphones for your mobile phone. like this device to increase volume on your cell phone. - ( phone ringing ) - get details on this state program visit right now or call during business hours. two cars slam into an apartment building. we have the reaction from the people inside the homes and what happened to the driver. >> search goes on for tuesday pictures as of several police raids, what they are investigating and how one victim ended up locked inside of a safe.
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good morning. thank you for waking up with us on this friday morning, december 7th. i'm pam cook. >> we're wide awake, i think. >> we've been up for hours. >> yes, i'm dave clark. steve paulson is awake. >> excuse me. i was taking a nap. >> stay awake. it is cold out. >> i told alexa to hit the snooze button. guess what i be waking up to? michael jackson. >> high of 37. there is a lot of 30s out thr. and under clears skies and no -- out there. under clear skies. and the next rain will not be late to sunday and monday. it looks light and weak. so mostly sunny and a few high clouds to the north and warmer and mid-60s in the sain


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