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good morning. thank you for joining us. >> good morning. let's talk about monday's weather. >> rain is likely and coming in right now. there is not a lot. maybe it is enhancing a litt bit. we watching the last few frames right there with light rain. it is not a big deal. it is cloudy and foggy. the fog lifts a little bit. look for a cloudy morning with light rain. friday, another system coming in and temperatures are in the 40s and 50s. look for light rain in the morning and the sun and the afternoon. the system slides to the south.
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50s for yo and allie is here. >> you see bit of wet pavement with the traffic cameras. let's start with the commute. things look good far this morning. as you had further west and 586 interchange is all green on the map. 880 in oakland, traffic is moving smoothly. the day bridge toll plaza is empty as you would expect. it is 4:01. thousands of mental health workers at kaiser facility are beginning a strike.some members of the public will join the strikers on the picket line demanding access to mental
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health care. >> it is an incredible human being. i would say peter died because his heart was so big. >> reporter: shirley lost her husband to suicide in 2011. she holds kaiser accountable for his death. her husband was undertreated for acute depression and waiting to see a therapist with no medication management. >> i don't complain in terms of healthcare but they have not integrated mental health into the healthcare services and they fail to treat adequately the patient. >> reporter: they call it a join 4000 ment mental health ll simmers, there is one therapist social worker and said she is overburdened anddemanding kaiser hire more staff so
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people can be seen in a timely manner. they are booked 4 to 6 weeks out. >> having access is imperative. if you do not treat them, there are severe consequences to not addressing depression. >> reporter: the last time they were went on strike was 2013. a spokes person calls this is a parting. >> it is not about mental health access or better care. it is about more money and we are the highest paid employer. >> reporter: she working on building a world- class mental health program in increasing the workforce by 30% in the last three years. they are updating the facilities. >> we are privatized it high. the access to mental health care services is .>> reporter: fox 2 news expect this will begin at 6:00
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tonight. the picket center is set up at the mental center and san jose medical center. the medical offices will stay open >> reporter: the california nurse's association is allowing members to strike. >> the teachers are planning a walkout today. teachers have been working without a contract since july of last year. they wantthis morning and it is not centered by that teacher 's union and the district is warning those who call in sick, they could face disciplinary action. classes will go on as scheduled extra charges in a kidnap case in what was called a hoax.
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he was convicted in court in 2013. he was sentenced to 40 years in prison. now, facing state charges of rape, false imprisonment, and kidnapping for ransom. democrats will be investigating whether president trump broke laws during the 2016 campaign. we are live from washington dc with the latest developments. good morning. >> good morning. it used to be the talk in democratic circles but now they are raising the stakes and one is saying that the president might need a pardon for himself game in philadelphia center, president trump seemed to relish his role as commander in chief works sunday, it was a different scene. democratsworse. >> they would be impeachable
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offenses but whether they are important enough is in question . >> he may be the first president to face the possibility of jail time. >> they learned michael cohen could face jail time for orchestrating hush money payments. democrats make call him to answer more questions. james comey continues to draw the ire of the president friday by tweeting, james comey must've set a record for who lied to congress in one day. his testimony was so untruthful. he will be on the hill until af disturbing. >> and a development over the weekend, president trump will face democrat inquiries with the new chief of staff. jon
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keller will leave at the end of that year. in washington, chris jenkins, ktvu fox 2 news. four people are considered to become the next cheapo step. john telich, the current chief of staff will leave at the end of the year. the associated press says those being considered is managing, mick, a republican congressman mark meadows, and trade representative robert. >> there is a controversial proposal. they are weakening a reference in a global climate report. they met in poland over the weekend. a new report says the world needs to cut carbon emissions by half to avoid catastrophic warning -- warming. democrats want to welcome the benchmark for future actions
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for the study to be noted but not welcome. the objection to the report likely included the suggestion that fossil fuel use needs to be phased out. but trump administration is putting an end to a study aimed at finding a cure for hiv. they are planting fetus tissue into mice which is opposed by antiabortion groups. the official with the institute of health government was ending the contract, sparking uncertainty about the future of the research lab. today is the deadline for congress to vote on and preserve net neutrality. congress has an obscure rule. the commissioner of the fcc issued new regulations this year after listening to millions of public comments. a researcher found almost 21
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million of the comments sent to the fcc were not messages from real people. the comments from the people according to the research, more than 99% supported net neutrality. investigator with that district attorney's office filed a lawsuit for being fired for reporting that there was a gun in violation of federal law. the lawsuit claims that he took a gun on a commercial flight repeatedly after becoming the district attorney. the attorney tells the chronicle that since gus don was not a police officer, he was not authorized to travel with that gun. it says after investigators notified that tsa bearing the gun, many were fired or forced to resign. emmanuel macron will address the country today amid the violent protest.
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he is meeting with union leaders to hear concerns the yellow vest protest began weeks ago and it was anger against taxes. the protesters are demanding tax relief and he will get -- give a speech tonight and will propose potential solutions. he has not talk publicly and more than a week. flights are canceled after a storm hit the selfies. one was killed after eight treat fell on his car. hundreds of thousands of people are without power. another 300 been canceled today. ng travelers to stay off the roads. >> roadway conditions are hazardous. keep in mind that your decision to drive today could mean the
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difference between your life or death. >> it could take days before north carolina digs out of the first snow of the season. there is flooding and drivers are warned that as the snow melts, the watcher will freeze and a great threat of black ice later this week. closer to home, there is encouraging news in the sierra. it was 40% of average and we are about average for this season. back-to-back storms started around thanksgiving. some parts of the area, it is almost 2 weeks ago a for the official start of winter. this is providing 30% of the freshwater supply. the deadline day for the british prime minister and an
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important deal on the brexit deal. helping pets that were separated from owners during the campfire and what will happen if they cannot find a good home ? a crash happened on westbound 80 near fairfield. here is the toll traffic looking good. a weak system is brushing us with light rain in the morning. we will see a storm for the rest of the week.
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welcome back. we have breaking news on the east coast. philadelphia, 180 wildfires are battling a huge fire west called overbrook. the fire started building before 2:30 in 60 families in display >> the red cross is helping them and taking them to john berry elementary school. it get into temporary homes. this is a five alarm fire in west pennsylvania. you can see
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the cause of the fire is under investigation. we will bring you more details as we get them in. authorities near ultimate -- baltimore is looking for a person using a child for a grand. a little girl is running dry porch and leaving with a package. investigator says she is getting direction from someone outside the camera's view. but obviously, it is obvious someone is directing them, a parent or an older person is directing that child to commit the theft. >> i don't know why they don't even know what is inside. >> hopefully this does more peo >> investigators estimate the girl is between normal six and 8 years old. a good samaritan in wisconsin stopped a holiday grinch in his tracks.
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>> i did nothing. >> this is cell phone video after a shopper saw the suspect still video games and run for the door. he took action after the suspect pushed the older walmart worker the way. he kept the suspect on the ground until the police arrived. that job of cleanup is underway. the crews are working to remove heavy metals, fiberglass and asbestos left behind in the wildfire. next is the removal of concrete and debris from 14,000 homes. to help protect the county's air and soil and water, the epa is expected to boost workers on the ground. the firefighter from paradise who lost her home has a place to sleep. the camp fire destroyed sanchez
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's paradise have. sanchez and her fianci had been staying with friends and sleeping in their car until a man delivered a bus after hearing about their loss. >> it feels like freedom. >> it is nice to be able to help them. everybody wants to help but do not know how to. >> the same donor started a nonprofit to help campfire victims with mobile homes. he has received or given 30 homes to families so far. it is 4:18 and let's get ng roads. >> it looks good except for one otskip and the super commute from solano county west on 80, eased or you will
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find a collision involving a couple of vehicles. two lanes were blocked. this is westbound 80 east of texas. continue east on 80 you have no problems in hercules. your drive to macarthur maze is 18 minutes this morning. i want to show this picture, any traffic on the golden gate bridge. you can see specs of raindrops on the camera lens. that is what steve has been telling us is that there is rain on the way. >> a little bit. that is correct. it is moving in. the system seems to be just for it will slide south. there will bebut more of a nuisance. it missed oregon and hit us.
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there is cloud cover today and a little bit of visibility after yesterday. the system will slide through the morning with more sun and the afternoon. it looks like a quiet week. 40s and 50s on the temperatures. there is some kind of precipitation. 40 for everybody up to the north. it is not a big deal for samara -- sierra, nevada. look for light rain. it is there and the system will kick out this morning. there is a series of systems the north over the next couple of days. the next system is friday. it does not look strong. 50 60 with a sunday night into monday looks good as of right now.
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4:21 is who derived into a crowd in charlotte will, virginia, is heading to prison on how much time he could spend behind bars. revoking passes to disneyland.
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welcome back. the time is foredeck 23. elon musk is downplaying suggestions that the chairman
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was appointed to watch over him. he said it is not realistic to think that robin will rain him and since he is still the biggest shareholder, owning 20% of the company. he was asked to step down after talking about taking the company public. a new skype scraper could come and it will be built north of powell street. it would include a 54 story tower with 600 residential units and making it the tallest unit in the east bay. they are hosting a study -- study session. it would feature a public park and 1100 parking laces. the planning commissions begins at 6:30 in evening at the city council chambers. there are concerns about plans by the richmond
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homeowners assia plate readers monitor who is coming in and going out of its streets. before they had the camera's, there were burglaries. they have seen a drop in crown -- crime. >> they could put the license plates on a neighbor list so it is not captured. i think for a little bit of their own safety, they are willing to give up a little bit of privacy. >> the company that sold the cameras say all video is deleted after 30 days. experts say the private groups including the homeowner association use security cameras and it is different help local governments use them. they have regulations and information is available to concerned citizens. you of probably noticed we are paying for glass.
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falling cost is the main reason . the average gas in the united states has dropped $0.22 per gallon. the highest average price is here in the bay area at $3.58 per gallon. disneyland is cracking down on people who buy and resell souvenirs. people started businesses reselling popular or limited edition items online. the orange county register said disneyland has been revoking passes of those who are caught doing that. disneyland responded to the report by saying park rules and it will pass terms and conditions are in place to protect the experience for all of the guests. 4:26 is the time. net, the vigil in san francisco to remember those lost. walking off the job and the
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demands being made by mental health therapists and social workers and psychiatric nurses. we are following a crash on highway 13. here is a look at your commute on 880, north and southbound in oakland.
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welcome back. live pictures where pennsylvania with ricky news out of west philadelphia. 185 riders are m fire in west philadelphia. it started with this apartment building just before 2:30 in a morning.
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firefighters have been hurt and 60 of the families in that building have been display >> the red cross is helping them at a nearby elementary school that is serving as a warming center until the families can find a temporary place to live. there was smoke and flames. they are not sure how the fire started but this is in west philadelphia in pennsylvania. will bring you your details as we get them in. am sure the eva zone is big. >> i grew up in that neighborhood. >> i was wondering. thank you for joining us. we will follow that and local stories.


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