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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 5am  FOX  December 13, 2018 5:00am-6:00am PST

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joining us, thursday morning, december 13th. i'm pam cook. >> i'm dave clark, good morning. i got used to fog in the morning, i want some today. >> i like the crystal clear days. >> we won't have fog it. tomorrow we'll have changes. there will be a quiz tomorrow, it will be identify the ridge of high pressure. and it won't be open book. i think you'll be able to pass it. it's right over us today. first, look at the differences of temperatures compared to this day yesterday. we're down significantly. we're minus 13 in buchanon. we had a lot of 50s, and it's nicely and light rain in the afternoon and evening, north of the golden gate. not a big deal. friday the front will stall out. rain for all as the system moves out. amounts look nice here, this is friday and there won't be much, there could be some of the
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light overrunning rain to the north and rain, half inch to two inches of rain, certainly for those in the russian river on sunday. it's mostly sunny and partly cloudy here, clouds are spilling over the ridge of high pressure. 30s and 40s for many northeast. sunnyvale was 40 degrees, half moon bay was 56, today 45, that's a big difference. around the bay, i'll show you, 46, look at the berkeley lab, 54, kensington is 50, 50 in the city, alameda says, hey, so are we. it's partly cloudy and warmer. the warmest temperatures will be in the santa cruz area, on sunday the system is coming in behind it. it looks good today. we'll talk about the changes. allie rasmus has the supercommute -- >> i'll tell you about both.
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the good news if you're commuting from the south bay, things are looking good r things look good on both bay area roadways, if you're coming up on gilroy, it's green in the south bay. no problems there. 280 in san jose you can see from the traffic camera, traffic is moving smoothly. highway 4 at bay point, there's a report of a tire on the roadway. be on the lookout for that t the bay bridge toll plaza is 10 to 15 minutes away from the metering lights turning on. it's filling up in the cash lanes, if you need to get in the city soon, now, is your chance. let's go back to you at the desk. we begin with breaking news, police are investigating a deadly shooting near dr. martin luther king, jr. park early this morning. ktvu news is on the scene right now, what are you hearing legal martinez. >> reporter: we have detectives
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out here this morning. detectives pushed us back where we arrived. beach street is closed leading into that cul-de-sac. we're told that the medical examiner hasn't arrived r they've pushed media back quite a bit. the shooting happened around 1:00 a.m. on beach street in east palo alto. they heard 2 or 3 gunshots. they found the victim unconscious and not breathing, he was pronounced dead at the scene. they have not revealed what led up to the shooting and police have not revealed whether they have identified a suspect or if anyone is in custody at this time. few details are coming out of the scene, we have plenty of detectives on the scene. they put pup more yellow -- put up more yellow caution tape and they're waiting on the medical examiner, and they had another case and they're being held up at this time, wrapping up
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clearing this scene. again, we do not know if they have a surveillance in custody. they have -- a suspect in custody, they don't know what led up to this shooting. and as lee said the police are investigating a possible homicide. they were called to a home where they found a body of a woman last night. they are not saying how she died, but they do say they have a suspect in custody. the time is 5:04, police in the east bay are searching for whoever scrawled a threat in diablo college in pleasant hill. graffiti with a threatening message was found in the men's bathrooms in the humanities building and also in the library, classes will be held today but expect to see more police officers patroling that campus. counseling will be available for students if needed through next week. they're continuing to look
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authorities have identified the victim arrests 58-year-old collins of san francisco. she was hit as she crossed bush and leavenworth early yesterday morning. she was taken to the hospital where she later died. police released surveillance video taken from a nearby building, it shows the suspect's car going slowly up a hill. it's hard to see, that driver got out of the car, though, appears to look back down the street and gets back into the car and drives away. anyone with information on the crash is asked to call san francisco police. your tomb 5:05, the holidays, that's when they see more -- your time now is 5:05, businesses are distracted by the big crowds of shoppers. and shoppers are doing their shopping quickly, most don't get a demands of the cash
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they're handling and wal-mart was a victim of counterfeiters, two people passed 10 fake $100 in a half-hour, and investigators think they were working together, since the money, those bills were almost identical, including some with the same serial number. >> they were fairly good fakes, at one had a hologram symbol on it that was embedded in the paper, when you felt it, it didn't feel like good money. >> the counterfeit money was used to buy gift cards, investigators say that's a popular anything for counterfeiters, that can't be traced and it's spent fast. >> counterfeiters are hurting retailers and shoppers. counterfeit cash that's found by the authorities, it's confiscated immediately. we have new video from turkey where a high speed train crash killed 7 people and injured more than 40 others, that train collidedded with a railway engine that was
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inspecting the tracks and it crashed in a station in akara and two cars were derailed with passengers inside and the investigation somebody under way into the cause of the collision. the time is 5:07, british prime minister theresa may is in belgium for more "brexit" negotiations after she survived a big no confidence vote within her party, she won that vote 200 to 117, that took off the pressure from her own party, and in today's summit meeting, she'll ask the eu leaders for concessions that is would be acceptable to if the british parliament. and nancy pee lowsy, there are new term mates, she was nominated for the post by the
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democrats next month. 11 democrat members are threatening to vote against her in the leadership. it house democrats would be limited to four two-year terms in the house and that would mean she could serve no more than 4 years as speaker. and they're looking to ban iranian ballistic missiles. iran has built the largest ballistic missile force in the region and it is capable of threatening the middle east and europe. >> iran has exploited the goodwill of nations and defiled multiple security regulations in the nation that seeks prosp and pams the middle east should either. >> secretary of state mike pompeo urged to leave a arms
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embargo in place and to inspect ships in ports and at sea to prevent iranian arms export the raiders are backing out of the tentative deal to remain and play at the oakland coliseum for the season. they rescinded a 7 million offer to pay rent. one day after the city of oakland filed a federal antitrust lawsuit against the raiders and nfl. the ceo department say where they'll play next year ahead of moving to las vegas in 2020, that means monday night's game against the denver broncos could be the last raiders game in oakland. >> it's been my favorite team growing up, they'll always be my favorite the team for the ownership. >> the raidclear to me that if, in fact, they would file a lawsuit, that they were not intending to play here. no decide to play -- now, if the
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raiders decide to play here, they could practice in alameda, levi stadium in santa clara and san anthonyio and -- san antonio and las vegas and other places are all options. derrick car was asked about this yesterday in practice. >> i spent five years playing in the stadium and you know, we have people talking trash about it and whatever we want. i love it, it's ours. it's been fun, the fact that it could be the last is crazy, but when that time comes, we'll enjoy it, you know, when it comes. the oakland coliseum has housed the raiders from 1966 through 1981 and from 1995 until right now. all right. it's 5:10, we have an incredible story coming up.
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trapped inside of a restaurant's grease vent for two days. coming up, we'll hear from the man who heard the desperate cries for help. and local health care workers expanding the picket lines to several locations. we'll have the latest on the strike that's now in its fourth day. and we're following a report of a crash, just west of the toll plaza at the bay bridge. here's what it looks like on the east shore freeway is like. traffic looks good there. and the day won't last long right now. today will be mild and warm going downtown and to santa cruz. there's the tree i put up-- that's the eaton square one, we'll have one more.
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happening today, striking mental health workers at california kaiser facilities are on the fourth day of the walkout. today's strikes will be in several kaiser locations in california, that includes san jose, redwood city and walnut creek. they're demanding higher pay and better staffing to treat the volume of patients they see. they plan to strike every day this week. a kotex brand of tampon is being pulled off the shelves because of a defect that causes it to unravel. it's been recalled this week t
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some u by kotex tampons were falling you a part, some women had to get medical attention and a few reports of infections and injuries. they were manufactured between october 2016 and october 2018. a new ruling by the fcc can be a major set back for a controversial stale proposal to -- state proposal to tax messages. they say text messages are information service, similar to e-mail and should not be a taxable service. and the california commission has proposed it, it could raise millions of dollars to provide cell fence for low income people -- cell phones for low income people. one man is lucky to be alive this morning after being trapped for two days inside of
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the vent of a restaurant. he broke into that restaurant on monday. and tuesday night someone in a nearby business heard noise coming out of what was supposed to be an empty restaurant. when he heard the noise on wednesday morning, he decided to go inside there and find out what is causing are that noise. >> i went in the back and the screen door was locked, as soon as i pulled the door, i could hear please, help me, please help me. >> he was wedged in the hood and duck system and covered head to toe in grease. >> he was taken to the hospital and treated for dehydration. >> look how tight that. >> it's likely he would have died there if he wasn't found there, if he had been there one day more. >> flour he's facing charges of -- now, he's facing charges of
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trespassing burglary and vandalism. and a silicon engineer fell on hard times and became homeless. he didn't find answer, he was offered help and he finally answered and he lives comfortably in his home and apartment, but doesn't forget where he came from. >> i still grab two packets of sugar where i get a cup of coffee, because it's survival. >> coming up on "morning2" we'll show you how larry williams is paying it forward for those who are enduring the same challenges he did. lets get you moving this morning, allie rasmus is helping you on the roads. good morning. >> lets start with a look at the drive on westbound 80 from vacaville, if fairfield down through vallejo you won't have problems, a lot of green on the map, that's we like to see.
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one thing to be aware of eastbound 80 in this area, there's unknown debris in the road in the eastbound direction, it's caused tires to be blown out. be aware of that eastbound direction taking a look at the emeryville span, this is as you approach the bay bridge in the westbound direction, before the toll plaza, there's a collision, just behind the tree you can see flashing lights, there's a minor crash, it sounds like both parties are on the right hand shoulder, so, it may make things and little slow as you approach the bay bridge toll plaza, now the metering lots are on, had things for filling up, it will take you are at this point, 10 to 15 minutes to get on the span, the car pooling is looking good, getting on to the bridge this morning. it's 5:18, i'll send it to steve. >> thank you. taking a look at the 24- hour temperature change, i realize some of you are waking
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up. it's significant, concord is down 13 degrees compared to this time yesterday, sfo is close, right in there, minetous 12 and single digits for many. and san jose -- minus 12 and single digits for many. and san jose, is 66 and it's nice in the santa cruz close. light rain, not a big system. saturday the front will stall out, it depends on where it stalls out. sunday looks good for everyone here. early estimates here, there won't be much from this system tomorrow, north of the golden gate, far less from the south. as the front stalls out there could be light rain certainly north to what could be two inches of rain for some. i'm using if the european model on the quantitative forecast versus the gs, it's double what
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the gfs, that's the european forecast model, global model for rainfall which is pretty good for everybody. livermore is in the 40s, 40s for oakland and san jose. all of them are in the 50s, mostly clear and and we had a breeze to stir things up. it's 30s, 40s and 50s for some. there are cool readings to the north. pope valley at 31, the coldest i could find and we have novato in there and petaluma and kelseyville and cloverdale at 39, one observation in napa, american canyon has dipped to 39. high pressure will take care of everything today. it will be transitory, that system comes in on friday. that's the best of the bunch. low 60s for many. mid-60s to be the south.
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los gatos to santa cruz, light rain developing friday. mostly cloudy on saturday, marsh light rain to the north and rain on sunday, clearing monday in time for you, pam. >> thank you, steve. 5:21 is the time right now, flota ten dance will hit the picket lines today, coming up, the reason crew members are upset with united air lines and what a change means for undocu thought she was going to walk out of an east bay jail, and ice violates its own poll sieve. -- policy.
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flight attendants will be picketing at 16 major airports around the world including san francisco, they're angry that united is eliminating one flight attendant on its flights, it's reporting record profits. that would mean fewer trained members for those in emergencies. it means lesser advice during will happen between 11:00 and 1:00 this afternoon at terminal 3. protests are planned for al at airports for london, hong kong and honolulu and denver. and the distinctive clothing helped them catch this porch pirate p authorities say
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he wore distinctive pajama pants and a black hooded sweat shirt. an officer on patrol spotted him several hours later. this 20-year-old was cited on a misdemeanor of mail theft, but the packages have not been recovered. and in a video message, the profitser got the inspiration award to the first person to public accuse former gymnastics professor larry nassar, that led to 150 women coming forward with their own stories. and house and senate negotiators agreed to changes
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which include holding members financially liable for mother and for housing settlements. they're calling for more transparency by releasing settlement details including congress members involved. and it is costing the government more than $17 million since 1997. the house and senate need to vote on that legislation. it's 5:26 and the best services are on alert. the surf competition could happen next week. we'll tell you when we could get official word. some people may be surprised by some new poll numbers, the challenges ahead for president trump's re- election bid. traffic is looking good on most bay area roadways, here's a look at highway 4 in bay point, traffic is moving smoothly. a lot of 30 this is morning it, low 30s, not only to the north, but to the santa cruz mountains, it looks nice today.
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we'll show you the forecast highs coming up. sf
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sfx: feet shuffling life can change in an instant. be covered when it does... ...with a health plan through covered california. we offer free expert help choosing the best plan for you. and all of our plans include free preventive care. financial help is available,
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so check for yourself to see what savings you qualify for. for health insurance starting january 1st, enroll by december 15th. because you never know when life... ...will change. get covered today. good morning, thank you for joining us on "mornings on 2", it's thursday morning, december 13th. >> good morning, i'm pam cook, thank you for waking up with us, cold and clear is what i'm getting from the weather forecast. >> fog has been the big story in the last couple of mornings, it's colder, it's much, much
5:30 am
colder. >> high pressure right there. large and in charge today the it's not putting down stakes, it's continuing to be transitory, it will clear out of here by tomorrow. we'll get cloud cover and light rain. concord buchanon is 13 degrees colder. there's a lot of 30s. lot of 30s. there are many, our good friend kathy sales: kathy sales: bring on the rain, i will, it will be warmer tomorrow as i get the cloud cover in here. livermore 38, san jose has cooled off to 32. that's sfo, i've been here since 1974, that's sfo. , that's sfo. i think i know how to say that. they're down 12. partly cloudy for a few, but it will be mostly sunny today as the ridge of high pressure build in. it's close to the city, there
5:31 am
are a lot of cool temperatures here, danville, pleasanton, and dublin is 37. the same out towards walnut creek, pinole was 30 degrees. this system will start to work its way in. sunday will be the best so far to give us rain. 60s on the temperatures, 5:31, things are getting busy, you seeing that? >> i'm in the really. i was talking to kevin, we're wondering if this is some of that holiday light that we're starting to see now? i don't know, maybe people are taking time off ahead of the holidays, whatever the reason, it's good news for drivers out there. if you're headed out on the road, traffic looks good, especially if you're coming through tracy to the altamont pass, it's been cleared and traffic doesn't look too bad ones you get through if the altamont pass, the interchange,
5:32 am
things look good. highway 84 through livermore there's a little slower as you approach the seminole grade. a crash is reported at university avenue and as you approach the dunbarton bridge. a crash is reported there. 880 north and southbound directions is looking good, it's filling up. and the bay bridge toll plaza is getting busier now that the metering lights are on. there is a report of a minor collision, and beth party are out on the right hand shoulder, it's out of the way, but it could make things and little slower as you approach the toll plaza, the time is 5:32. let's go back to you at the desk. president trump's job approval rating is stable. most voters think he will not be re-elected in 2020. and the list of democrats running against him is growing. doug luzader is joining us live in washington with more about
5:33 am
the latest polls. good morning, doug. it looks like it will be a crowded fold for democrats, for the president these poll numbers are a mixed bags. there's no question that president trump faces major challenges, not the least of which a partial government shut down that is days away. the job performance numbers is about the same. 46% approval, the numbers show. his former personal attorney michael cohen was sentenced pri president trump. and special counsel robert mueller's investigation, it has support, 56% approve, will it lead anywhere, 56% think that
5:34 am
he did coordinate with voter and 52% think he will not be re- elected in 2020. it comes down to be the opposition, before i decide to run, we need to see if there is grassroots support. if there is, i'll run, if not, i won't. >> bernie sanders is considering a run, and he's near the top of the list for democratic voters and joe biden is a clear favorite at the moment. >> he has not decided yet, whether he's going to seek the nomination. back to you. the time is 5:34, now, back here at home, east palo alto, a breaking news of al deadly shooting. police spent several hours overnight at the shooting overnight, near the palo alto golf course at beach street. they found a gunshot very many unconscious and in the
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breathing, he was declared dead when pair meldics got there. and it's closed right now, people in the neighborhood say they did hear gunfire. a ktvu crew is there, harn they'll bring us the latest in an update at 6:00. an accused russian spy will mold guilty to a charge of conspiracy -- will plead guilty to a charge of conspiracy. she infiltrated organizations to gain influence for russia. including the national rifle association. she million contact with an american and who directed her activities. she's been in the northern virginia jail since july. also today a federal judge will be asked to reinstate a
5:36 am
obama era moratorium to block the coal laws, and they say burning coal puts the environment at risk because of grown house gases -- greenhouse gases and the trump administration with drunkenly the moratorium last year. big waves in competition and half moon bay. they forecast the waves for mavericks. it's anticipating a massive swell on sunday and monday. waves could come in as high as 65 feet. they need 25 photo to get the green light. mavericks draws the best surfers from around the world for that contest. an undocumented was about to be released from jail, but instead was arrested by federal immigration agents. now, there are questions about what sheriff's deputies may have done. >> maria or take a -- ortega
5:37 am
ended up being arrested in january for having her within in her oakland home. she said the drugs belonged to be the father of her daughter, the charges against the 51-year- old seller were dismissed but she has no criminal history is facing deportation because of what happened to her at the jail. after the arrest, she was a loud to be released on jail. an ice agent met her and arrested her. and her attorney blames the sheriff's office for tipping off ice. >> a judge had ordered her release on her own recognizance, ice shouldn't have known she was released un due prsanctuary law would be inaccurate. >> he doesn't know what happened to ortega, but they
5:38 am
don't share information with ice unless there are specific reasons -- >> ice does not like to come into jails in hal made county or the bay area because they don't get cooperation out of us. >> another attorney says it doesn't help her client. she is still facing civil deportation proceedings. and in a statement, sanctuary law violations have devastating consequences for our clients, they can catapult our families into a deportation crisis that can't be undone. they used to get a thousand requests from inmates for ice. they turned over 87 mates it. as far as ortega goeses her fate is up in the air. hundreds of teachers who work in freemont schools held a rally to show the anger over the district's latest contract offer. offer.
5:39 am
the teachers want to draw attention to their stalled contract negotiations with the district. in freemont a teacher's starting salary is currently $65,000, the district proposal of a half% rang is insulting and the bay area cost of living continues to rise. >> and it's the second year in a row going months and then a better part of the year last year is something that would be a fraction of a per cent. the school superintendent acknowledges that teachers are struggling because of bay area living costs. she would not comment on the negotiations except saying that they would face a half million budget shortfall. sad news, father of governor elect, gavin newsom, william newson died in
5:40 am
heights at 87 years old. he was a retired judge, a powerful voice for individuals and a proud californiaian, and he was appointed to superior court by governor jerry brown and he served on the state court of appeals, the cause of his death has not been announced, he died at 84. and this packaging company looks to give ex felons a job out of jail. >> that's it. well, for many it's nearly impossible to find a decent job after their release because of the background checks, the owner of oracle fohimself in a similar situation, that's why he's hiring people, no one else will. >> they didn't want to get a job, i didn't want to go to school, i didn't want to do wan kid and have stuff giving to me, i need to earn it, when you
5:41 am
earn it, it feels better. >> the recividism rate for incarceration, it needs to stop. >> they're locking to have a factory on east coast in the next few years. the faa is warning, if you are put up christmas holiday lights, be real careful, extra careful where you aim those lights. laser light displays should face homes and streets, not up in the sky, and that's because every year pilots complain about being temporarily blinded or distracted by lasers pointed up. last year there were 7,000 laser strikes on planes. if you intentionally aim a laser at pa flying plane -- at a flying plane, you can be find $11,000. >> wow. a company is testing a new
5:42 am
shift today. if all goes according to plan, space tourism could be available soon we'll tell you when you can catch a spectacular meteor shower. >> we're following a couple of minor issues as you approach the dunbarton bridge. just from there, san mateo bridge, it looks good. >> skies are clear for that meteor shower, skies will be if you know tonight, not more on that. that's coming up. youand the holiday spiritoss just hits you... yes! or when you get the best deal... on a treat for your best friend?
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welcome back, new this morning, police are investigating a threatmade diab pleasant hill. ehe's harrington ishe -- ehe's harrington is there
5:45 am
with what's being done. >> -- elissa harrington is there with what's being done. >> reporter: a safety advisory was sent throughout the community last night. graffiti was found inside of the men's bathroom and the library, they don't know who made that threat. the dcc will be remaining open today. there will be increased security and counselors will be made available for any students who have concerns or who are having anxiety about this incident. school officials are asking students to remain advantage plant, to be aware of your surroundings and make sure to call authorities if you notice anything suspicious. live in pleasant hill, ktvu fox 2 news. the time is now 5:45, another test flight for virgin gallactic and spaceship 2. if
5:46 am
anything goes as planned, if the flight for this spaceship 2 will be the highest yet. the pilots will reach space for the first time. the flight will take off from the company's facilities at mojave air and space port. it will have the pilots who will have an extended period of micro gravity. >> it's like when you have a beautiful sunset and you take a picture with your cellphone, it's pretty good, it it doesn't reflect the true beauty you see with your own eyes, it will be like that times 100. lets go, pam. it will cost $250,000 per person to take that flight. 600 people including hollywood stars have signed up to be on the first flats. a a lot of people will be out to see the spectacular light show. the meteor shower will be at
5:47 am
peak tonight. astronomers say at its peak, people will see 120 meteors per hour if the weather is clear. >> it should be clear. >> you need to be away from city lights to have a good view of that. everything is clear on the roads allie rasmus is watching our commute? >> the traffic is looking good. the holiday light, people are getting ready for the holidays in the next couple of weeks. lets look at the maps, we want to show you what it looks like in the south bay. no marge problems to tell you about in the san jose area. the freemont area, there's a traffic hazard blocking the right lane. it's not causing much of a backup, be aware of that. eastbound 84, this is university avenue, it's having a little bit of an effect. it may be sort of a non-commute direction for a lot of folks out there. it may in the be too big of al
5:48 am
problem. 280 in -- of a problem. 280 in san jose, same with the golden gate bridge. it's a good picture, not socked in with fog. a lot of clear skies out there, it's chilly has my friend steve paulson will tell us about. >> it's much colder today. that's true. a couple of days, tuesday was aing it day and yesterday was hit and miss on that. it's clear and cloudy, noticeably colder. concord is 13 degrees colder at this time yelled your 24 temperature change sfo minus 12 and livermore minus 8 and oakland airport minus 8 and pope valley has dipped down to 31. 31. american can i don't know has dopped to 39 degrees. bob from redwood city says good
5:49 am
morning, good morning, bob. how about i trade you that combo of fog and temperatures in the 50, do we have deal? >> no, i would rather have 30les than drive through that fog, no thank you, bob, you're on your own on that one. we didn't have a deal. al system coming in sunday looks to be the best. the tricky day is saturday. the system will stall out, where it stalls out could give us a little bit of rain. it looks like a rainy day, tomorrow's system does not look like a bigger dale. the most rain -- a bigger deal. the system will lose its support, the most rain will be on sunday. livermore and san jose is down into the low 40s, it's ten degrees colder than this time. we have a few low clouds, we're looking at mostly sunny
5:50 am
days. brentwood is 38 degrees, 30s here, our low, low 40s, on the peninsula, a huge difference between los altos and a warm 51. stanford 36 and 40s on the san mateo coast. 56, they're down 10 as well. as would he see up here, 34 in sacramento, look for a nice day. that's your friday's system. that's no big deal, the one coming in on sunday is a bigger deal junior high school the dares are short -- the bigger deal. eal. the days are shorter. and sunday is a bigger deal. there's a joke that steph curry made and what he plans to do on a future road trip.
5:51 am
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welcome back to 5:52, pg&e is responding to reports that if the equipment near the spot is where the fire started. the utility commission confirms there were problems with commission lines and trees that fell on downed power lines n another area, the you'll tilt found a power pole and other
5:54 am
equipment on the ground with bullets and bullet holes, if the state senator gerry hill says this is the first time pg&e is admitting problems with the equipment around the time the fire started. >> i think they're being forth coming now, what do we have to lose, we're going to get a bail out this year from from the legislature, perhaps. >> pg&e says the equipment problems near the fire are still being investigated. it's 5:54, the alameda county sheriff's office is raising money for bicycles and equipment for children affected by the camp fire. they're setting up a "go fund me" page for donations, they're hoping to raised 20 thunder shower to give away 100 bikes. the sheriff's office says that they know from experience, the best way to restore normalcy to a child is sports and activity. and exercising and playing with other kids can reduce anxiety.
5:55 am
two high power offenses will be in action for thursday night football tonight. they'll be in kansas city. the las vegas odd makers same the chiefs are the favorites. the game is beginning at 4:30, you can get the local news on ktvu plus. the warriors are off today. they lost to if the toronto raptors at oracle arena. >> they're out, he made it. >> yes, i stto meet kevin durant. he led the warriors last night. 30 points were not enough p toronto outplayed the warriors on both sides of the court. they won 113-93. the warriors play the kings tomorrow night in sacramento. well, steph curry will make
5:56 am
a visit to nasa after some comments he made about americans landing on the moon. steph curry was on a basketball podcast and the conversation led steph curry to ask the host, does he believe that the united states really landed astronauts on the moon and he said no, and he sailed they'll come get us, and he's been invited to nasa and is get ago tour and learn more about nasa operations and he said enjoy learning more about nats mass o francisco compares to other bic see at home. and we're following reports of minor crashes, the latest one in the hay ward area.
5:57 am
in the meantime, here's a look at the east shore freeway, your drive from the carquinez bridge to the bay bridge is looking good this morning. we'll have details. and changes on the temperatures for friday, more on that. my new $4.99 blt cheeseburger combo, comes with... 100% beef and hickory smoked bacon, plus fries and a drink all for just the change in your couch. i found the remote! try my new $4.99 blt cheeseburger combo.
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the city that will see a massive expansion, we'll give you a hint, it's not in the bay area or even in california. ia. thank you for joining us here on "mornings on 2", i'm pam cook, it's december 13th. >> and i'm dave clark. steve paulson is working hard on weather. >> there's no fog, but it's colder. that beats the fog, at high pre over us today. it will give us a nice day. a few clouds in the morning, not a big deal. good morning, steve, she says,
6:00 am
it's cool in kelseyville. her dog won't go out. >> come on, it's a husky, we had a huskie named kayak and she loved to go out in the cold. sebastopol is in there. petaluma, novato and pope valley, one hoax in napa, all in the 30s, noticeably cooler by a good 9. fairfield is minus 9. mostly sunny and warmer, tomorrow we'll start to cloud t it's mainly north of the golden gate bridge. and the rain sweeps through for many on sunday. many 30s compared to yesterday. santa rosa at 35, and low to mid-40s for santa fe, oakland and sfo, ora


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