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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 6am  FOX  December 14, 2018 6:00am-7:00am PST

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morning, december 14th. i'm pam cook. >> good morning, i'm dave clark, lets go to steve paulson for a friday morning and a forecast with things in it. >> there are a lot of things, including clouds -- >> and what? >> a little wind out there. >> no doubt about it, it's picking up for some. the wind somebody out of the south on the coast. half moon bay is sit at 57 degrees with a south wind at 24 miles per hour. the front is on its way. it will get here, but later than sooner. it doesn't mean we don't have a lot of cloud cover, but we do. the system is drawn up. most of the amounts will be to and the golden gate, it stalls out, and we have a cloudy day with some light rain. the main system is sunday, it may take a while to get to san jose, that will be sunday night into monday. that's a good looking system. the wind advisory is out, it starts at 10:00 a.m. for the sierra, no advisory for
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snow. i'm sure they'll put one out on saturday. the advisory today it, 7,000 feet, cloudy, and a few light showers in advance. the breeze is it picking up. a cloudy, breezy morning, this afternoon, it develops into tonight. there's 58 at half moon bay. there are a few 30s, there's you a will the of 40s in there and the breeze is easterly, northeasterly and it's variably, it will turn south eventually. this slowly works its way towards us. it will be this afternoon and tonight. heaviest north of the golden gate, we'll get rain out of it. that next system sunday, looking good. 50s and 60s on the temperatures. 6:01, anywhere you want to start. >> we'll start in 880 in hayward. there's a minor issue, there's a collision, southbound 880, north of a street, let show you there.
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both vehicles in this collision are on the right-hand side, it's not creating much of a background r it looks good, you can see traffic is moving over on to the peninsula with no problems, no specific crashes or incidents to tell you about. once you get on the other side of the bridge to the peninsula, 880 oakland, north and bound direction is looking good. as you head closer to downtown oakland is more crowd abdomen no friday light here, you're looking at a 15-minute delay to get on to the span. the carpool lanes are moving quickly. the time is 6:02, let's go back to you at the desk. we have breaking news in concord. there was an early morning apartment fire on ellis street off of clayton road. elissa harrington, you've been out there for you a while. tell us about the damage and how this fire may have started?
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>> reporter: good morning, this happened at the lake vow apartments in concord on ellis street. firefighters say it started at 4:30 and it appears to have started in the kitchen in one of the units. the firefighter took public's inside, i'll show what you we saw. the first thing we noticed the smoke alarms are blaring in the hallways, that's what alerted the residents, they shall able to get out -- they were able to get out safely. there was significant damage and we saw a burnt frying and. the woman who lived there fell asleep while she was cooking. >> again, the tenant said she woke up to the smoke alarm sounding and discovered the fire on the stove and was able to get out right away, of course, the building alarm, there were other tenants, within 5 or 10 minutes, this
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fire was going to be rolling down if the hallway. so police were the first ones to arrive on the scene, they evacuated the entire building, the fire happened on the third floor. there's significant smoke damage to the units on the third floor, the first and second floor, those people have been able to return home. there was no power, pg&e just arrived on the scene to restore it. tore it. a man from ohio is in the san mateo county jail on charges of killing a woman in menlo park. she was stabbed with an instrument other than a knife. officers were called to a home on wednesday night. a man called 911 in hysterics saying and woman had been killed. officers arrived and found the woman unresponsive, during the investigation they located a second man in the house, 26- year-old francis wolke and arrested him on first-degree murder.
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>> our communities are deeply sorry over this loss, to have a tragedy such as a murder, it's uncomfortable and it leads to concern. now, investigators have not revealed a motive or a relationship between the woman or man arrested. the crime reporter henry lee spoke by phone to the man's mother, she did not know her son was under a for who the victim was. the time is 6:05 and new information about the cracked beams at the san francisco bay transit center that forced it to close down for repairs. the cracks were likely caused by holes support beams by a welders torch. >> we identified shallow micro cracks in the surface due to if the thermal cutting process, and it's very likely that the subsequent welding process caused the micro cracks to pop
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into a larger defect. >> inspectors are conducting more tests, they didn't predict how long the repairs would take. >> they hope to give us a timeline for reopening when the board meets again in january. a bizarre rescue operation inside the castro muni station was caught on camera, the man who was on top of a muni train last night, there it is, was rescued by firefighters, we're not sure how he got up there, with the help of rescue teams who was slowly led down a ladder, and was treated at the hospital, it was temporarily closed, it's back open again. >> pg&e wants state regulators to improve a new rate increase, the hike would amount to an average monthly increase of $12 pout 55, the utility told the public utilities commission that the proposed increase has nothing to do with the potential liability of wildfires, they said the rate hike would provide a variety of
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items and expenses. >> tomorrow, san francisco holds a gun buy back event. it will take place between 8:00 a.m. and noontime at the united players youth center. it's a violence prevention group. they team up with san francisco for this event. $100 will be played, they'll offer it for every handgun that's turned in. $200 for every assault still weapon and no questions are asked. also happening today, oakland's first outdoor skating rink is set to open up. it's at the corner of ninth and washington streets. there will be a ribbon cutting ceremony, the rink will be opened daily from 10 to 10:00 p.m., tickets cost $13, they could get a $2 discount with the student id, they'll be at
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the sap isn't. tickets are promoting the new book. they checked and the -- the sap center. tickets are promoting the new book. and back in the 1990s, she was an executive director of public allies. it focuses on leadership and mentorship of young people of diverse backgrounds and cloning redwood trees and why clones are being used. and we're getting close to a government shutdown, i'm doug luzader in washington, we'll have the latest developments just made. ♪
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welcome back to "mornings on 2", it's now 6:11, new this morning, china will temporarily suspect additional tariffs on the car imports, china said there will be a 90-day suspension of tariffs beginning february 1st. they agreed for the temporary ceasefire as the negotiations
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congress remains far apart on a compromise and thus avoid ago government shutdown. good morning, doug. >> reporter: congress may be painting itself into a corner. the money spigot is about to get shut off, at least partially it, comes down to by washington, d.c. standards, $5 billion to build -- walls along the southern border, from the president a plea to work together saying on twitter, lets not do a shutdown, democrats, do what's right for the american people. he included a video that didn't exactly calm the waters. >> the democrats are absolute had you been hypocrites, they've been supporting walls and supporting all sorts of border security. >> shutting down the government is stupid, sit down with us and come to a compromise, not that it's your way or no way.
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>> soon half that the house left town and democrats in the senate are drawing a line. >> i want to be crystal l appropriations to pay for the border wall. it's done. >> much of this will come down to public perception. the fox poll says neither side of congress are riding a wave of popularity h they're all under water bracing for the blistering battle ahead. now, the way this times outtakes the house will get back are in session on wednesday of next week, and government funding, some of it, it expires midnight freeway night heading into saturday morning. back to you. the time is 6:13, the tragic death of little girl from guatamala who was detained from border patrol is raising questions on how children are
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treated. a 7-year-old girl crossing illegal with her father died last week, show started having seizures after being taken into custody in new mexico. show was rushed to the hospital and later died. there was a statement released by better patrol: we're begging parents not to put themselves or their children at risk attempting to enter illegal, still some parents say it's worth the risk. >> our lives are in danger in on honduras because of problems between family members. we are risking crossing to the other side. and the death of a little girl are raising questions whether border agents knew she was sick and whether she was fed anything or given anything to drink while she was detained june prosecute trump administration's plan for immigration plan goes beyond
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the border, thousands of vietnam knees loyal to america became refugees after the vietnam war and sought asylum in the u.s., immigrants from vietnam came to the us before the establishment of diplomatic ties are subject to immigration law, they're vulnerable to deportation. >> i understand someone has made a mistake as a younger person. most of these individuals have families and children, it's been years and years. >> immigration attorneys are researching possible litigation to block the administration from implementing the policy shift, it's similar to the lawsuits over the must almost travel ban. i'm going to get you out the door this friday morning. allie rasmus is watching the roads for you. >> we're watching westbound 580 in the livermore valley. lets go to the map so you can
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see the drive-through the altamont pass, from tracy to livermore valley. it's show and filling up a logical bit. once you get through the altamont pass, east of the road, there's a block are in both directions, and east bay road there's a crash that's being cleared. in both directions you have things slowing the drive down. the san mateo budge is getting busy -- bridge is getting busier. 880, it looks good past the coliseum, here's a look at the bay bridge toll plaza, the cash lanes are pretty open, fast track lanes are filling up. you're looking at a 20-minute delay to get on the stand, we have a report of westbound 08 at the toll plaza, past this picture, there a report of a stalled vehicle that may be blocking one of the lanes, it's something to be aware of if you're driving through in this
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morning. 6:16, i'll send it to steve. we're under cloudy skies, the breeze has picked up, it's due south, out of the half moon bay, 24, 25 miles per hour. most locations have a little easterly breeze, it's turning southeast, rain is on the way. most of this will be towards the north of the golden gate, san jose a couple of 100s, the system stalls out saturday, there will be light rain, from a pretty good system moves in on sunday. it will start north, probably early, it may not make it to san jose south, sunday evening into monday morning. eventually it will get there, a system coming in today, it's for the afternoon, north of the golden gate okay, oakland, you'll see far less as you see the support. there will be a third of an inch, half inch reports t sunday, the system moves in. we'll have good rainfall.
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it may be after the 49er game, it looks like. the high wind advisory is out for the sierra, it goes from 10:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m., there will be some type of snow advisory saturday into sunday. so far not yet. there could be a little shower activity in advance of the front, this is more show than go. a couple of 30s, had low 40s for some. danville is in there, concord and meant ton, upper 40s maraga. it's still close, a lot of cloud cover, and our front is back here, it will take you a while. it will get here this afternoon and into the evening, as it marches south it will weaken and stall, it will give rain to be he shall on sunday. there's not much the breeze picks up. later today, it picks at some point. it will make it by this evening south. 60s on the temperatures or 50s up near sonoma county and
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napa county and points north. this is a little bit where it points north and parts of the peninsula, santa cruz, some rain, wind and rain take us into sunday night and early monday. pam? have you mailed those packages? today is the major shipping deadline for christmas. we'll look at key dates you need to know if you need to send those christmas gifts. hundreds of rentable e bikes hit the streets today. we'll tell you about that today. take a look at this, dash for cash, a brinks truck got into an accident, people stopped crashed trying to get money. and the police say anyone keeping that money could face charges. i am a family man.
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welcome back to "mornings on 2", take a look at this, if the sacramento county sheriff hest's office is re-- sheriff's office is revealing this video of burglars trying to steal an atm, the man pushed intoment shattered grass, and he put a strap around the atm, and it ripped it out much the store
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and they loaded on to the truck and it drove off. they tried to steal another atm hours earlier but they were unsuccessful. they're looking for three people who trashed an apple store. the thieves were stopped by a metal gate that prevented them from getting inside. when they got there, they found a u-haul truck had been driven thousand if the front glass doors. it appears they didn't get through the metal screen. there was no entry made into the business. the store was able to open up later that day, anyone with information, though, should call berkeley police. highway 1, at the tunnel will be closed for an emergency response drill. the will start at 10:00 between half moon bay and pacifica.
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all northbound and half moon bay lanes will be closed. there will be fire and crash simulations during that drill. ford go bikes railroad announcing in oakland, it's adding more than 500 electric bikes to the bike share network to the east bay for the first time. there will be an inauguration ride for the new e-bikes and the ford go bike session at 33rd street and telegraph avenue in oakland. it could help people ride uphill and with less effort. they're tripling the number of e-bikes from 250 to 850. also today, california could become the first state in the country to commit to an all electric bus float. that's physical the resources board approves a clean transit rule today. it sets purchasing standards
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and that's 100% emissions by 2040. and they're going to plant redwood clones in san francisco. they're going to plan 75 redwood saplings this morning. they hold serious potential for environmental recovery. they can get rid of carbon dioxide. how firefighters can get this fire under control. and former first lady michelle obama is here today and what she is doing before her sold out event in san jose. we have a new issue to tell you about in the san jose area on 237. this is a stalled vehicle, you can see this vehicle has been
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cleared. well, a cloudy morning, but rain will develop this afternoon, a better looking system arrives sunday morning to the north and sunday evening to the south. california phones offers free specialized phones... like cordless phones. - ( phone ringing ) - big button, and volume-enhanced phones. get details on this state program. visit right now or call during business hours.
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and accessoriesphones for your mobile phone. like this device to increase volume on your cell phone. - ( phone ringing ) - get details on this state program visit right now or call during business hours. thank you for joining us on "mornings on 2", it's a pam day it's friday cook, good morning.
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>> thank you for letting us join you today. >> i'm willing to share my day, you and you and steve too. >> thank you. >> we get excited to sleep in, everyone wakes up early with us, understands. >> the people, go back to sleep, i'm you were at 4, i can't. >> not much of rain yet, we're into later today and night, the heaviest rain will be north of the golden gate, rain develops, temperatures in the 50s to the north, and mid-60s in the valley, it's due to the south, southeast breeze, cloudy afternoon, a couple of 100ths to a half-inch. the system stalls out on saturday. there will be that saturday, not saturday, i said that quick. rain for all on sunday, a range of 3 and a half to 2 and a half inches of rain. the system is coming in on
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sunday, it has a lot working with them. it's good moisture, i'll get jet stream support, it will take awhile to get to the south. the system was getting rain to everybody. it will get there, a wind advisory is out for the sierra, it starts at 10am and goes to 10:00 p.m., no snow advisory yet, not much here, a lot of cloud cover, the system will begin to make its march in. cloudy this morning and the rain develops this afternoon. the front is back here, heaviest north of the golden gate. the system is looking impressive, 50s and 60s today coolest to the north and warmest to the south. allie rasmus, how are we doing so far? >> i'm making a good note, sunday is not the good day to get the christmas tree. >> you haven't got it? >> no, we're behind. i'm keeping a close eye, there's not much to tell you about this friday morning. lets show you the south bay,
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west bound 237, in the sunnyvale area, there's a two vehicle crash that's moved off to shoulder. there's not much of a terrible impact this. this is east of anyone road -- flynn road, and greenville road, this is backing things up back to 205 and tracy. looking at 280 in san jose, it's getting busier, but no specific problems to tell you about. bay bridge, this is the oakland emeryville pass, you can see there's a broken down vehicle, it's stalled and it looks like the chp, and a tow truck is helping that car get out of the way. a getting having too much around it. the time is 6:31, let's go back to you at the desk. right now the water is still off in one union city neighborhood. a water main break occurred
6:32 am
yesterday. those are live pictures. we're back out there. city officials are saying a water main was broken from doing repair work. the water district worked late into the night. that work is still going on right now. officials with the water district say some customers in the area may see some discoloration in their water but they say the water is still safe to drink. we've been following some breaking news out of concord where there was an early morning apartment building fire on ellis street off clayton road. the fire started after 4:00 this morning. investigators are saying it was a kitchen fire that started in a one bedroom apartment where someone fell asleep while cooking. people living in the complex say they woke up to the sounds of fire alarms. >> we heard the alarm first, i rolled over and asked my husband is this building, he
6:33 am
said i don't know, the smoke was already in house, i opened the door and flooded in. we got dressed and ran out the back door and here we are. >> crews say that it was -- the call came in a few minutes later, if it came in a few minutes later, the fire would have spread down the hallway, they were able to put out the fire and no injuries were reported. also former first lady michelle obama will be at the book center. >> a lot of people want to see and hear the former first lady michelle obama michelle. >> she's the form perfect first lady, her book is a smash sensation. every venue she has spoken at so far has been a sell-out. 17nt,0the sap center to hear the first
6:34 am
lady, her book, becoming is one of the fastest selling books ever. in the book, the former first lady michelle obama said she will never run for office. she didn't think her husband would win in 2008 and she talks about her marriage candidly and her difficulty getting pregnant. >> it's not the thing that is resonating with people, it's the 50 some odd years of hall that growth and -- all that growth and i want young kids to understand, that's what makes them special, it's that struggle, the climb, the journey to become, it's not when you arrive at something and that's the end, it's the whole journey and you should own it with pride. >> before tonight ease event, former first lady michelle obama will talk part in a youth
6:35 am
work shop event that will be held in san jose at 2:00, her book tour will conclude this year in brooklyn. by the way it revs up again, 21 new dates that is in europe and canada. yes, the book is quite the seller, no tickets available, but if you go on the resale market, we looked at some of the tickets and 30, the most expensive one for tonight is $1800. yes, it's a big deal. that's the latest in san jose, back to you guys. >> in other news, hundreds of victims of the butte county wildfires are frustrated that you are request for federal aid was denied. >> many say they don't qualify for benefits. >> officials say they know about the problem, they're telling people don't give up.
6:36 am
take a good close look at the letter and find out why they shall being deemed ineligible at this time. they may not have all of the required paperwork or perhaps they have been referred to another agency. depending on what type of damage was done to their residence. >> call fema directly to have your situation evaluated. >> a shipment of food and supplies will go to butte county tomorrow to help survivors of the camp fire, volunteers packed up fruits and vegetables for the victims of the camp fire. they same the need is greater
6:37 am
this year. >> this little bit can go a long way. >> other food banks have been sent groceries to fire victims. the holidays is important for charities, they hope to raise several million dollars in the next few weeks to cover next year's budget. pg&e wants state regulators to approve new rate increases, the america are you news reports say the hike would be $12.55, pg&e told the public utilities commission, the proposed increases have nothing to do with potential liability from the wildfires instead, this proposed rate hike for a n and the glide church is known for its charitable work and they're trying to sever ties from the united methodist
6:38 am
church. and in turn they filed a lawsuit seeking control over the church. they referred to the church as a hostile takeover attempt. and people in the city of emeryville are getting a close look at a proposed tower that would be bigger than everything else around it. the planned site of the 54 story skyscraper is in emeryville on interstate 880 in emeryville. they held a public study session yesterday. it includes a 16 storey office tower and 60 storey, with and it will a 30 storey condo and there will be office space and retail space. some are worried about the traffic and some supported the tower saying it would be good
6:39 am
for the city of emeryville. >> we need places to live but not a 54 storey building near the highway. it will affect the i-80 corridor. >> the vows of san francisco are stunning, it's a great opportunity to enhance the community and create a planned mark property. >> they have a lot of obstacles to clear, they have to make code exceptions in every area, that includes the height, housing mix and parking. this is the last day of a strike at kaiser facilities in california. the social workers want kaiser to hire more staff and provide more resources for their patients. the national union of health care workers say staffing problems force patients to wait more for apartment. they've increased staff by 30% in 2015. a hearing in san francisco
6:40 am
on the appeal by the electric scooter company lime was denied a permit to operate in san francisco, lime with another scooter company, bird flooded their scooters back in may. the city put temporary ban in place and developed new rules for a pilot program. in the end skip and scooch were the only two companies allowed to go in san francisco and loom appealed that position saying they were being unfairly shut christmas? >> what. >> if you need to mail practices, they need to be mailed today to make it in time. after that you'll have to pay more for two-day or next day shipping. monday somebody the day for ground delivery, for ups, it's tuesday. >> you have to remind me earlier. >> have you shopped at all?
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>> no. okay. >> the time is now 6:40, still ahead, the food and drug administration cracked down the e-coli contaminated lettuce, where one of the growers is located and what's behind the problem in that property. and the raiders, the city prepared to host the raiders if a lease agreement can't be made in oakland. we still have a stalled vehicle on the eastern side of the span on the bay bridge, the san mateo bridge which you see here has gotten a lot more congested. we'll have a traffic update coming up. >> temperatures are up with the cloud cover this and. this evening we'll get the first system, the bigger one will be on sunday, sunday, sunday.
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welcome back to "mornings on 2", it's 6:44, police in france shot and killed killing three people in that attack at a christmas market in strasbourg. the 29-year-old suspect was walking on a in strasbourg and police shot and killed him when they opened fire on police. he used both gun and a knife to
6:45 am
attack people, three people were killed and 13 others were hurt. >> this is a day for us to think of those who died in the city because of violence. >> it's important to have a period of mourning to -- of mourning to remember the victims and what happened is irrelevant. and we need tighter security, the market was reopened to honor the victims. the f.b.i. is looking at the hundreds of bomb threats that were sent around the conservative. the threats sent first responders scrambling, it appears to be a hoax. it was meant to cause disruption and compel recipients to send money. they said they would send money to bitcoin or they would detonate a body. it appears it might have been
6:46 am
from a russian server. >> it's hard to trace it, it made it looks like it came from a server from russia, it's hard to track down the source of these e-mails. >> at 10:00 yesterday morning, san francisco police responded to 20 bomb threats and santa rosa reported threats at schools and businesses. and the sharks win again, meyer scored twice last night as the sharks beat the dallas stars. >> so quickly, it was never like that 20 years ago. >> a shot and a score. meyer led the sharks with two goals, and two more last night. how he has 18 goals on the season. dallas did keep it close in the third, the sharks held him off in -- them off in one. the sharks are on the road now, they'll play the chicago blackhawks
6:47 am
on the 49ers host the seattle seahawks, they're out and they have the worst record in football. against the seahawks, they're 4 point underdogs, the 49ers were blown out in that game. the levi stadium starts at 1:05, you can cash it right here on ktvu fox 2, the raiders on the road playing the since since bengals this weekend r they'll have to focus on the game not just the future in oakland. the raiders can beat the winning streak if they play the bengals. it starts at 10:00. the raid first feud with oakland could find them sharing space at the stadium with the 49ers. then told the mercury nurse, she hasn't heard from the raiders, she's looking at the lease agreements in case they
6:48 am
come knocking. it's been a roller coaster of emotions for fans. we look at the drama that's unfolded since sunday's win over the >> the raiders win, yo believe it? they're winners. >> sunday's crazy ending turned out to be a crazy beginning to a raider roller coaster of a week. >> he denied rumors of mckenny's release, firing the general manager. >> we'll bring the raiders back, that's all i said. >> the city of oakland filed a lawsuit against the raiders and the nfl. >> the city of oakland has been shabbily treated by both the raiders and mark davis. >> and the team rescinded its 7.5 million to play in the coliseum in 2019 which led to rampant speculation where they will open. >> put they will in levi
6:49 am
stadium and christmas eve may be otball game at the oakland coliseum. >> i spent five years playing in the stadium. >> you have people talking trash, and it could be the last, it's crazy, where are you going to play the games, the home games, it's not what anyone wants to go. there's no book on how to do this. we'll figure it out, the best i can day by day. >> the door is left slightly ajar for next season. i don't want to pay for my own lawsuit, for the fans it's something i have to think about. and we have to think comes next p. there you did. all right our time is 6:49, lets check traffic and get you where youd into he to go. what's happening now allie. >> traffic is not too bad. we'll start with the southbound and a look at the map. there's a crash on westbound
6:50 am
237 at matilda, this is in the sunnyvale, santa clara area. there's a tow trucking called and it's on the embankment. you'll see a backup at 237, it was a little sluggish and 280, in the northbound direction, it's near 85, it's lightening up again. there's no specific problems to tell you about. highway 4 in bay point, the usual slowness for this time of the morning, at 7:00 here, if no specific problems, though, that's the good news, and highway 24 in lafayette, your drive, you're going at the limit, this is better than it was at this point yesterday and the day before. so, maybe a little bit of friday night in that part of the east bay. it's 6:50, and i'll send it over to my it friend steve. >> thank you. we have rain on the way, we have cloudy skies, and it will take us into this evening and stall out on saturday p the better system by far is on
6:51 am
sunday. thanks for mentioning our great town. great town. you know, it's interesting, once in awhile i'll go to the trader joe's in pinole valley and they say what are you doing here? and am i not allowed in pinole valley. everyone is very, very nice. martinez 44, am i for getting anybody over this. i don't think so, i don't think so. we do have cloudy skies, breezy conditions, what are you doing in here? every time. rain am i not allowed? a south, southeast breeze will continue. half moon bay, south at 25 miles per hour, the first system won't doch. it will make it, later than sooner, it's an afternoon and evening event. and this is marin county north.
6:52 am
it stalls out, as it stalls out, it will start to lift on saturday. i'll show you that in a he second. the bigger system comes in a half-inch to 2 and a half. this will take an inch to get to the south. the system coming in, point 02. look at santa rosa, half inch of rain interest. north of the golden gate will be better. sunday the system sweeps in late sunday into monday. decent totals come in. a wind advisory somebody out for the mountains. it starts at 7,000 feet. there's a high wind warning in southeast california. my guess it could be tomorrow. we col get light rain and drizzle beforehand. 40s and 50s on your temperatures. upper 40s, 54 los altos hills. half moon bay 59 due to the south wind, and 48 over in bell month and san mateo. cloudy, the front has a ways to
6:53 am
go. it will sweep through and weaken as we sweep through. north of that, that's the front that has to get here. it will take awhile. we'll get a break on saturday. there will be cloud cover, and sunday arrives with good wind and rain. it swings in at 2:00 north. watch what happens, this holds up on the peninsula, it sits there, watch, it is north. it's deepening, it's like a teeter to thering effect -- teeter to thering effect, as it does, there's the rain developing, early to the north, it may talk awhile to get to the south. we'll d rain developing, with good totals coming in, late sunday, you're seeing an inch, to inch a half. 50, and 60s on the
6:54 am
temperatures. the warmest will be tothe south, a southeast breeze, morgan hill to los gatos, san jose, rain, wind, sunday and rain and a break on monday and tuesday. a thrill on the high seas, when we come back, details behind the rollercoaster coming to a carnival cruiseship. gasia in. >> coming up, president trump's former lawyer is speaking out. in just minutes what he has to say about the president taking responsibility for his actions. door bells with cameras are becoming popular, it lets you to check who is at your door, even if you're not at whom. civil rights are at risk with this technology. what new patent that has the aclu worried. we'll be right back. way to stay connected.
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you should keep checking labels don't eat any row main lettuce groan in monterey or santa barbara counties until
6:58 am
the investigation is over. time is 6:58, next summer american airlines will add more flights to dallas and los angeles. starting in june expanded service from charles shulz in santa rosa to dallas fort worth will begin and the added flights to los angeles and lax will start in may. the airline plans to get rid of nine planes from its fleet including planes used on its california roots. they haven't said which routes will be cut but no changes to flight schedule through early january. time is 6:58 our first look now at a roller coaster on a cruise ship.
6:59 am
i'm not kidding. a ride. carnival just announced the first cruise ship roller coaster called the bolt. it's going to twist and turn on the top decks of carnival's new ship called mardi gras. it will go 40 miles per hour too. the ride and the cruise ship will debut in 2020, the ship will be docked in cape canaveral, florida. a woman fell asleep while cooking which started a fire at this concord apartment building. i spoke with some of them about terrifying moments.
7:00 am
you'll hear from them coming up. we made it to friday. >> yeah, we did. i can't believe it. i heard you guys saying it. >> good morning, i'm dave clark, let's talk about friday weather. a little nip pi out there and stuff ahappening later today. >> miss claudine wong is back. we have a lot of cloud cover over us. not rain yet. it will be in here later on by this afternoon and tonight. the main system will be on sunday. there's some rain on saturday. don't look at that, that's not what you want to see. cloudy, breezy and rain develops. me and my army of one get caught. rain develops in the afternoon, 50s to the north, mid 60s to the south. a southeast breeze and the rainfall will be heaviest north of the golden gate from the


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