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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 4am  FOX  December 27, 2018 4:00am-4:29am PST

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describing what he saw and heard from a pg&e worker who got hurt. gomorning, welcome to "mornings on 2", it's thursday morning, december 27th. i'm dave clark, pam cook is off today, and steve paulson is off and mark tamayo is here. nice to see you. >> nice to see you. >> welcome back. >> we are talking about sunshine and we have a wind advisory that kicks in a few hours. 7:00 a.m. to 4:00 a.m. friday for the north bay himself and the santa cruz mountains, we could have gusts approaching at 40, 45 miles per hour. watch out for wind speeds and when the winds back off, the winds drop off for the overnight lows. a few high clouds have moved into northern california, those clouds are rain free, it looks like a dry weather pattern for today and into the weekend. we have clear to partly cloudy skies and there's patchy fog in
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the napa area. earlier this morning, they're reporting mostly clear skies, 37 degrees, san francisco 49 and mountain vie in the upper 40s, as far as the wind speeds at the surface, it's not bad at the panels at 37 to 12 miles per hour as we show you importance here for mountain view and hayward and calm wind this morning. it's mostly sunny and breezy throughout the afternoon hours. temperatures are the upper 50s to 60s degrees. it looks like and sunny, breezy thursday, we have a few changes setting up for friday and the weekend, we'll have more on that coming up. and we have more on a escaped inmate from san quentin prison. he may be responsible for a
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carjacking nearby. the prisoner is san quentin inmate. he's shalom mendoza. he was reported missing last night when he couldn't be found with the count of inmates. the intense search continues and we'll bring you more details as they become available. and a man shot and killed a police officer when it happened in standees law county. take a look at photos of the sups, this was taken minutes before the shooting. the officer stopped the man as he was driving away from the store. >> ktvu's ron malcom talked to communities who are badly shaken by the killing of that officer who served newman for 7 years. >> the town is gripped in
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sadness. >> we're like family, it's, it's unheard of for this town to experience this. >> this couple said it's all they could do as they add these purple and gold balloons for a memorial for the corporal gunned down after a routine traffic stop. the alleged suspect captured on surveillance cameras after pulling in to buy beer and cigarettes. >> he bought a 12 pack of beer. >> and suzanne had no idea what would happen next. >> i was in shock. when the guy left, my officer, the officer pulled him over down the street, we went outside, the shots had already been fired and the guy left, we saw the officer's car was left behind. >> it's not supposed to happen in a quiet little town like this. >> we moved here because it's a nice quiet town p now this
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happened. >> the sheriff's department issued and blue alert for if the dodge pickup with paper plains and the suspect, 4.5 miles from the fatal traffic stop, the truck was found in his mobile home park off river road in newman. the truck was found but the suspect was nowhere to found. and they were thinking about the 5 month-old son. >> i told no matter how much you love your kids, it's how much time you spend with them. >> they're hoping that this camp rap image of -- camera image of the alleged killer will lead to justice for the family man and police officer. >> etch has a baby boy, a family, at least the community can do for him now is find this guy. the time is 4:04, new details about a pg&e work other
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was hurt in a terrifying incident in may ward while responding to a power outage. it happened after 10:00 and ossi lie. it caused a power flash. that worker was burned on his face and hands. the livewire fell and set a car on fire. >> i heard a big explosion, boom, boom, i came outside and there was fire everywhere. >> a family heard the explosion. >> the tire went on fire. >> they had limit it had power before the explosion and then lost all power afterwards, and they were taken to santa clara burn center and we don't november the condition this morning. new this morning, president trump and the first lady, back
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in washington. they came back overnight to make a surprise holiday visit to see american troops in iraq. they came to the combat zone and greeted the first couple. the president has been criticized for his decision to pull 2,000 troops out of syria, a decision that led to the resignation of defense secretary james matt tips. one of their -- james mattis, one of their disagreements was over isis. >> when i became president, they were very dominant, today they're not show dominant any more. >> however, general matt tis and other -- general james mattis are concerned about it making a come back without the services in syria, then will be cleared -- the kurds will be killed and slaughtered when the
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turks move in. they're trying to we negotiate an end to the partial government shutdown. today is day 6 of that shutdown, the funding allowed to lapse 5 departments. president trump is waiting for $5 billion for a border wall. the white house has signalled happen willingness to reduce that number. right now, no end seems to be in sight. january 3rd, the democrats will take majority in the house and nancy pelosi is expected to be speaker. wall street is expected to be down today, 1.57 and the dow soared almost 1100 points, that's a 57% gain
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from the close on monday. the nasdaq jumped almost 6% and the s&p also finished yesterday's trading 5% higher. analysts say several factors eased jitters including blockbuster holiday seams and there were reassurances that jerome powell's job is safe and they're trying to ease relations with china. >> there's as disconnect that we're getting from the stock market and the overall economy. >> i think the economy will slow down, everyone agrees to that, but it's not going to fall off am cliff. james mcbride, every day investors should remember, while the dow is down 7% this year, the market has given double-digit returns 7 of the last ten years. the time is 4:08, the government shutdown could have a trickle down effect, recovery
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efforts in butte county after the devastating camp fire. fema says all fire cleanup, housing survivors and long term recovery, they'll stay on the job and they're being paid. back office support has been shut down, that may slow down the recovery effort. the administrative details that keep the engine going to keep people out in the field able to do their work on the essential personnel, basically the emergency personnel and police officers, all of the back office is shut down, it is a serious problem. >> more than 50,000 people were displaced by the camp fire, it destroyed almost 20,000 homes and businesses and 86 people were killed. 4:09, we're 5 days away before the new year, 2019, begins. the coming year begins big changes for the gun industry in california.
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andrea senior looks at some of the measures that soon will become california law. >> reporter: several new gun control laws are starting to take effect in 2019. the minimum age to buy a long gun will go up from 18 to 21. there are exceptions for licensed hunters, law enforcement officers and members of the military. this age restriction applies to handguns. the legislation was co-authored by an east bay assembly man. >> what's good policy for handguns finance good policy for long guns. >> and february 2019, a ban for anyone convicted of a misdemeanor violent offense. and assembly bill 1525 takes affect on the first, it requires all gun stores to post warning signs detailing the
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risks and rules in handling guns. the time is 4:10, still ahead, local ballerinas disappointed. the bad news that came after their nutcracker performance. and a death of a migrant child at the border you'll hear from texas native beto oh, roaring. we'll talk when a wind advisory and let up no he if we have a rain chance in our 5-day forecast.
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. welcome back to "mornings on 2", our time as much 4:14, happening today, a judge may decide whether john lee cowell, a man accused of killing wilsa r he's had delusions and is not mentally competent to have trial. he stabbed wilson and her sister at the macarthur bart station in jump. he was indicted for murder and attempted murder. if he's found mentally incompetent, he could suspend proceedings june the curtain has done come down after 50 years of teaching the community to dance of this dance career school. the school has not been able to
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find a new home for classes. amber lee went to some of the last classes and students said they learned a lot more than ballet at that school. >> reporter: the oakland ballet school on macarthur boulevard is a plays of acceptance for its students. they same the world of dance has standards that are often rigid and demanding. >> up are never tall enough or skinny enough or have enough speech, but here you can dance. they look at more than just how you look, they look at your spirit -- >> the second time it's a community, a family, a place of growth. >> students say they've learned focus, dedication and commitment. >> then took me under their wing and they taught me a lot of things i never learned before. >> every december, the school
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puts on the in the cracker at holy name university in oakland, it's a chance for every student to perform on stage to delight audiences, soon after this year's performance, students and parents learned about the school's closure, the owners are this couple. >> teams not just steps and combinations, it's the material we use to help develop children as people. >> after a year of negotiating with the property owner, including the, a of buying the building themselves, the couple says they were unable to come to an agreement, husband and wife met here and he was 14 and denise 12. they dance professionally for the oakland ballet before taking over the school ten years ago. >> we started in 1990 and
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earlier for my husband. it's very devastating. >> the students refused to hang up their slippers. they hope they'll find a home, temporarily until they can find a permanent one. they won't give up on a place where they've learned invaluable lessons. >> i feel beauty, and it's -- i feel beautiful and it's so important for us to feel things about ourselves. this is the last class for the oakland ballet school. the owners are looking for a new home in the city amber news. >> thank you. the time is kwzaa kwanzaa began with a musical performanc>>atit continues unti appropriates day. it was created in 1966 to
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celebrate important principles to the african and african- american culture. >> we celebrate unity, kwanzaa comes from the term [ foreign language spoken ] it means first fruit celebration. >> if also promotes important principals like -- principles like self-determination and the importance of generosity. let's check your weather for wednesday, here's mark tamayo. >> it be looks like a rain-free forecast, and monday the storm produced rainfall and gusty winds, it's been and dry stretch and it will continue. we're watching the winds, the winds will be increas day. bay area wide and especially for the hills, we have a wind advisory, the wind advisory for the north bay hills and the east bay hills, it's gaunt 7:00 this morning until 4:00 a.m. on friday, we could have winds
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gusting to 35, maybe 50 miles per hour. it's moving into northern california and the bay area yesterday, right now we have clear to partly cloudy skies and some patchy fog trying to reform in parts of of if the north bay. nampa is checking in and san jose reporting 50, we'll have a stronger wind out towards novato and oakland. a few more reports for you at calm wind. here's what's happening in the pacific. this high pressure is anchored out here, this is the guy that's moving, it will impact our weather for today. there's a possibility of some sierra snow showers, with the low moving towards novato. highs will be close to 60 degrees, here's the deal though, this guy slides to the east, we'll have gusty winds for today and then the cold air filters in for the overnight
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hours for friday morning and saturday morning, there's a chance we could have a frost advisory, and this is one of the coldest days of the week. the forecast model is showing up an increase in the wind speeds throughout the day. this is this afternoon, these are winds at the surface, the wind advice rip 13 for the higher terrain up above 1,000 feet. breezy conditions into friday and winds back off on friday. highs this afternoon, in the upper 50s close to 60 degrees, here's a look ahead. the five-day forecast five days and the weekend is coming up, we'll have cold numbers apples you can see for friday and into saturday. and the come spot can be below today, santa rosa and can down to 29, 30 degrees, we'll see, we'll hold on to the overnight lows. of course, we're heading towards new year's eve. it should be dry as we head
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towards new year's eve. the time is 4:20, still ahead, a family in arizona celebrating an unexpected christmas am i correct until a moment. their reunion within did the family dog, four years after someone stole harley, the yorkshire terrier from their home. and a bakery may soon be closing, the reason why it may go out of support and the support the bake rip is getting from the community.
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welcome back to "mornings
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on 2", the warriors are expected to break a record. they'll break the franchise record of executive sellouts. it's when they play the portland trailblazers. this sellout streak started in 2012. there are three nba teams with longer sellout records, dallas, miami and oklahoma city cal football fans, jumped o lead in the first quarter. defense dominated the game, there were 9 interceptions, wen turned over the bomb and gave it. cu great field position and they would kick the ball and cal lost 10-7. it was still a
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winning season for the cal golden bears. 4 die hard college football fans within taking are their to heights. they're camping out at a billboard. where are they? they're up there. they represent clemson, notre dame, alabama and observing louisiana they were picked out of hundreds of people hop applied to go up there. they're sleeping in tents on that platform and yeah, there is a bathroom on the ground level with a shower. the fan representing the winner of the final game will stay up there until the championship game at levi stadium january 7th, almost two weeks way. they're competing for cash and prizes. a family in arizona is celebrating their own christmas miracle after, reunited after 4 years of waiting, reunited with
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their yorkshire terrier harley, he was stolen when their home was broken in 2014. they found harley wandering in the streets and was able to track down the original owners. the reunion brought back the first day with harley and of the day they lost her. >> she was this little. >> we have put signs and fliers, we post on every social media site. >> i cried. >> it's like lose ago child. >> there is harley. the shelter watches able to reunite harley with the family thanks to the information from her microchip the time is still ahead, a manhunt happening right now, he broke out of san quentin speak plus. >> the government funding stand off continues in washington. i'm doug luzader, we'll have
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more on why this is unlikely to be resolved before new years and the weather in the bay area, we're tracking stronger wind, details for a wind advisory for portions ever the bay area.
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good morning, welcome back to "mornings on 2", it's is off today. mark tamayo has the weather. it should it feel ed for strong wind, the higher terrain, the north bay himself and east bay himself, we have and few hours, approaching 45 miles per hour. this begins at 7:00 a.m. this morning and through the santa cruz mountains in place
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as well. you can see that with the wind advisory. today we're expecting more sun, the wind speeds will kick in throughout the day. the cool spot in napa, 37 degrees, san jose 39 and san francisco in the upper 40s, we're checking the wind speeds, this is at 12 miles per hour. santa rosa, northerly wind at 7, a few more neighborhoods at sfo, it's still westerly at 7. it will be increasing from the north. so


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