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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 5pm  FOX  December 27, 2018 5:00pm-6:00pm PST

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do. yes, he was a police officer. but more importantly, he was a human being. >> a tearful chief remembering one of his officers shot and killed while on duty the morning after christmas. this as a statewide man hunt intensifies for this suspect who investigators now say came to this country illegally. please help us find this man and bring him to justice. i hope he's watching today and he does the right thing and turns himself in. we need closure. his family needs closure. >> a solemn day in stanislaus county and across california. good evening, everyone. i'm frank summerville. and i'm julie. newman police corporal, ron, was shot and killed during a traffic stop yesterday morning. tonight a statewide search continues for this man accused of that deadly shooting. authorities have not named him. but the stanislaus county sheriff says he's been living in the country illegally. we have more on this developing
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story from ktvu's in modesto where the sheriff's de just learned a search warrant has now connection with this case. >> julie, good evening to you. yes, i've just talked to the sheriff who confirms that a search warrant has been served in rural merced county in a rural location. it's a quote fluid and active scene and they don't want to give any more information to make sure their officers are safe until this search warrant and the execution of this search warrant is complete. meanwhile, 30 miles from here, a small town and a police department is mourning the loss of a beloved corporal. the first loss of life on duty in the history of that city. you have to understand this is not supposed to happen here. >> through tears, a shaky voice and in need of a steadying hand, he explained the depth of his personal hurt that's also
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shared by the public. recently promoted to corporal. ron sing immigrated from fiji to become a cop and serve his community. newman is quintessential small town america where the main drag doesn't have a traffic light, just stop signs. and everyone knew him and his trademark smile. >> he never stopped being everybody's friend. >> he was a visible presence in this town. >> he was fascinated with personal improvement. always trying to be the best he could be. he loved being a police officer. he loved being a husband. he loved being a father. >> early wednesday morning while making a dui traffic stop. police say sing got into a gun battle with the suspect seen in this surveillance picture. the unidentified man is also a newman resident seen frequently around town. >> i would have never thought he would have done anything like this. >> when the gunfire was over, the 33-year-old was dead. his police dog, sam, was not harmed. stanislaus county sheriff
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deputies are now engaged in a massive man hunt to catch the suspect who is considered armed and dangerous. >> the suspect is in our country illegally. he doesn't belong here. >> there's a war going on in our country. is it bad or good verses evil? light verses darkness? politics, policing, and immigration meld, this small town mourns. flags at half staff, flowers gather at the police station front door. >> it's not just newman pd. it's us personally, we think it's never going to happen here. and it did. and it hurts. >> it's a pain that perhaps cuts deeper when everyone knows everyone else and the loss is shared. please remember the man. please remember the husband. please remember what he was. >> with a couple important pieces of information, if you have any information in this case, you're asked to call the tip line that should be on your
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screen at the bottom, it's (209)525-7202. additionally, there's a fund set up for the widow of the you were corall and his five-month- old son -- for the corporal and his five-month-old son. we said at the top of the piece, that they're serving a search warrant in rural merced county. i'm told by sources at the sheriff's department quote, we're close, closed quote. we'll update you on this story at 6:00, 7:00, and throughout the night. live in modesto, ktvu, fox 2 news. thank you, this afternoon, president trump referred to the man hunt as a rational for a border wall. the president tweeted there is right now a full scale man hunt going on in california for an illegal immigrant accused of shooting and killing a police officer during a traffic stop. time to get tough on border security, build the wall. and stay with us for continuing coverage on this story. in ten minutes, we'll speak
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live with the sheriff of stanislaus county about today's new developments, including the revelation that the suspect is an illegal immigrant. san jose's police chief now says a woman who was shot and killed by officers on christmas day was in a stolen car at the time. but that she was not a suspect in an earlier shooting as police had initially said. tonight, that woman's family is demanding answers. ktvu's maureen is live where a vigil is being held. >> reporter: that vigil started in the last half hour. a large crowd still gathered. they set up a growing memorial where police say the woman rammed her car into this fence and they set up balloons and flowers. hundreds gathered where jenny vasquez was shot and killed. the crowd, some angry. it comes a few hours after the
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police chief admitted they followed her on christmas morning but says his officers were justified with their deadly force. here's what he said earlier today. >> i want to start off by saying i'm saddened to be here this afternoon to describe a tragic event that occurred early, christmas morning. my sincere condolences to the vasquez family for their loss. eddie garcia described an officer involved shooting that ended in the death of this woman. her family identifies her as jenny vasquez. the incident started when they were investigating a shooting at story road and clement avenue. the shooter said to be driving a white car. >> the first officer followed this white toyota camry driven by vasquez they say was stolen. heifer family disputes that. after a high-speed, seven-
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minute chase. vasquez crashed the car into a chained fence and did not obey officer's orders. the suspect driver rammed the car with the toyota. and caused four officers to fire in an attempt to stop the driver. vasquez was shot and killed. another woman in the car, her friend, was injured. chief garcia says it turns out vasquez and the car had nothing to do with the initial shooting. had the deceased not been driving a stolen vehicle. had not led police on a dangerous high-speed chase, crashed the vehicle and did not attempt to get away. at all costs ramming officers a tragedy would not have occurred on christmas morning. >> after the conference, the upset parents met with the chief questioning the use of force against two women. >> she feels the way that it was dealt with wasn't right. probably, there could have been a better way that it could have been dealt with. with the san jose police
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department. >> the vasquez family today released a list of demands, including requesting a federal investigation. they also want to know how many times their daughter was shot and they want the body camera footage to be released. that video which the chief disconfirm was recorded typically isn't released until after the district attorney's investigation. maureen miller in san jose tonight. thank you. a judge suspended proceed proceedings. two court appointed doctors will now examine cowell to determine whether he is competent to stand trial. cowell's attorney says her client's delusions frequency. prosecutors argue some of his behavior could have been tied to substance abuse. mia's father spoke out today following the hearing. >> if this guy can do what he
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did. and change his clothes and carry out what he did so smoothly. that's pretty competent. i want justice for my daughters. >> cowell will return to court. at which time the doctor's reports could be ready. another up and down day on wall street ended on the plus side. the dow finished with a gain of 260 points. at one point, the dow was down 600 points. the nasdaq ended up 25. the s&p 500 up 21. health care and tech companies did well along with banks and industrial shares. financial analyst james mcbride was on our 4 on 2 this afternoon and he said average investors should stay the course despite all this volatility. we're going to be down, give or take, 6% or 7% this year. if we look at the last ten years, we know the market's been up nine of those ten. in seven of those years, it's been up double digits. we've had a heck of a good run. and this sell off now isn't really that bad.
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>> james mcbride also said that the fundamentals of the economy remain strong with low unemployment, low inflation, and rising pay. mean timing thousands of federal workers are going without pay over the holidays, and it appears the partial government shut down will drag on into the new year. fox news' ray bowingen is live in washington where the impasse continues over money for the border wall. >> julie, good evening, the house and senate both met today. simply as a formality. and spent a combined total of six minutes in session. and house majority whip, steve scalise, told members not to expect votes for the rest of the week. making it all but certain this government shut down will continue into the new year. you're asking me will schumer move? i don't know that. i don't know his mind. should he move? absolutely. it won't be nearly as far as where he's been before. and i think it would be good for our country. >> republicans are are digging in with the president on his
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fight for more money for a border wall. president trump has been demanding $5 billion for a border wall along the u.s.- mexico border. today he showed no signs of backing down on that demand, tweeting in part, need to stop drugs, human trafficking, gang members, and criminals from coming into our country, the president also blamed last month's federal court decision on daca for the impasse. also tweeting after ruling, dems drop deal. and that's where we are today. democrat obstruction of the needed wall. but democrats still insist this is the doing of the gop. senatet trump's border call medieval. saying quote, this will end when the president and republicans want it to. congress formerly went back into session thursday afternoon. however, house members have all ready been advised not to expect any votes this week. suggesting the shut down could draw into the new year.
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the house and senate aren't expected to meet again until monday. they're just meeting that day as a formality. no real business is expected to be accomplished. it's just going to keep pushing it forward and forward. until we get a compromise between the 1.3 democrats are willing to offer for security. and the 5 billion that some house republicans are trying to get. but the number in the middle has not been agreed upon. back to you. ray bogen in washington tonight, thank you. the search continuing this hour for an inmate who escaped from san, quinton prison, coming up, details on how he managed to get away. store beautiful skies, windy conditions, i'll tell you how much longer we'll be under a wind advisory, when we come back, your forecast is next. plus the new year means new laws for gun owners, the new legislation set to take effect in california in just a matter of days.
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back to our top story, the killing of a police corporal in newman after he pulled over a tui suspect. the police chief broke down while talking about the officer killed. we learned that the suspect was in this country illegally and a search warrant was served today. and sources tell our reporter that they are quote close. authorities aren't releasing the suspect's name, you see him here in this surveillance picture. but they to say he's a resident of newman and that he is frequently seen around town. joining us now, sheriff adam christianson. thank you for joining us, our teamest condolences to you and
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your department. everyone there for your loss. -- our deepest -- >> thank you, julia, it's a loss, the newman police department lost just a great officer. >> where do things stand right now, sheriff, in the search for was served late today, what can you tell us about that? >> the sheriff's office is the lead investigative agency. and we're looking at multiple locations. we've searched multiple areas within the county and outside the county. we're following up on each and every investigative lead. the execution of one search warrant is really not the totality of what we're involved in in this man hunt. we quoted our reporter jesse gary as saying sources are telling him that officers are close to finding the suspect. i imagine when you look at this, it's just a question of when you're going to find him. >> that's absolutely correct. and remember, that this is fluid. it changes minute by minute. what we share with the media
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and the community five hours ago right now is completely different. we're following up on every lead even if it takes us outside of stanislaus county. >> you said the suspect is in this country illegally, what was your reaction when you learned he's undocumented? well i'm certainly not surprised and remember we don't need to politicize the death of the officer. he himself is an immigrant. he immigrated here lawfully and legally. his killer on the other hand isn't supposed to be in this country. and while we've not yet positively identified him. his actions, the facts and circumstances. the fact that we found evidence of fraudulent mexican documents tells us that he is here illegally. and he committed this crime. we know he did. we're going to find him. 52 officers were killed. were shot and killed in the line of duty this year in the
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united states when an officer shot and killed like this, just as a fellow officer, can you talk about what that's like. >> it's heart breaking. it's tremendously difficult for the organization. for the law enforcement agency who lost that police officer. and in this case, newman is a small town. it's small town america. it's may bury. everybody knows everyone. there's less than 15 people that work in this agency. and it's tremendously difficult. they've never in their history had a line of duty death. and you saw that today. given the chief's heart wrenching tribute to officer sing. >> it was extremely emotional and heart wrenching like you said to watch that press conference, knowing so many people are touched by what happens. our thought are with the newman police department. and good luck in the search for that suspect. thank you for joining us. >> thank you very much. thank you potosi. >> happening now, another
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massive man hunt in the north bay, authorities searching for an inmate who escaped from san, quinton prison. he may have carjacked a woman in san rafael to get away. >> looking into the inmates background, what have we been able to find? >> frank and julie, this inmate was doing time here for carjacking and he may have carjacked a woman outside the prison gates. there's a possibility, he may no longer be in the suv. no one at the prison realized he was missing. 3.5 hours later. they believe men dough is a may have carjacked this woman. it looked like apon or a
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gun through his t-shirt. he demanded the keys from her. he threatened to kill her. told her not to call the police or that he would shoot her. >> the woman who had been shopping at home depot. >> once she handed over the keys. she fled the scene in her vehicle. the carjacked suv is a toyota rav 4 with a toyota license plate. but i'm told it's very possible he may no longer be in the rav 4 because of his criminal history. i learned in july 2017 men dough 2017 he carjacked a man outside a west l.a. coffee shop. 15 minutes later he ditched the prius and stole a mercedes. and led police on a wild chase before being arrested. he was transferred to san, quinton in april. assigned to a job outside the secure perimeter of the prison. they're keeping an open mind on the off chance the inmate isn't responsible for the carjacking.
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>> it's something that's very concerning. it's very uncommon that san rafel has a carjacking. it's not related to the prison. it's something we're going to take seriously. so if history is any indication, . we had a little wind blowing around. we're still under that advisory. it goes throthat are above 1,000 feet of elevation. you can feel it down lower than that too. so we are going to be dealing with those gusts up to 45 miles per hour. 20 to 30 miles per hour wind is what we've been seeing throughout the day, those gusts. i felt it when i was walking
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in. take a look at the current wind. you can see sfo, 21 miles per hour. a little bit less than that as we look into hayward. look at the gusts, up to 21 miles per hour. they're feeling wind there as well. head further north. it's nice and calm in santa rosa. novato having 24-mile per hour gusts. other than that, it's beautiful. you can see the sunset shaping up here. another gorgeous one this evening. high pressure protects us from too many clouds out there. this is storm tracker 2. it's nice and clear. and really clouds are very far to the north. we could see a few drift in into the over night hours. but we're not expecting much cloud cover thevening. temperatures are comfortable. 56 in san francisco. 52 in santa rosa. 56 in san jose. as we go through the night tonight, we'll see temperatures cool down quickly. part of the reason is we don't have the cloud cover. the heat escapes easily.
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the heat of the day, the other part is we have this cool, dry air mass coming in courtesy of this system staying inside of us and headed over to nevada. and that's where we're going to see lows in places like santa rosa of 33 degrees. san jose getting down to the 38- degree mark. you can see patchy frost out there as well. further to the north, they have a frost advisory this evening, that's for hum bolt and mendocino counties. we don't have a frost advisory but we're getting close to it. i want to make sure the pets are inside, and all plants should be inside all ready now. be ready for it. we're going to be chilly tonight and tomorrow night. tomorrow we wake up. breezy to start the day. temperatures in the 40s. as we work our way throughout the day. we'll see beautiful sunshine continue as we have today. we head into the evening, the chilliest night this week is tomorrow night. close to tonight. but a little colder into tomorrow night. so that's what we so look forward to. we're going to talk more about your new year's forecast when i come back in a bit. i know a lot of people are
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wondering are these dry conditions going to last throughout the rest of the year. i'll have answers for you in your five-day forecast when i come back in bathe. for now, back to julie and frank. for the tokes taking advantage of the weather and the holiday break to do a little exploring. one group in georgia told us they're never seen traffic so bad and parking so difficult to find. >> it was so crowded it's awful. the parking is hectic. you can't park. it's impossible. . >> the family told us they thought it would be crowded at the golden gate bridge but they say it was worse than anticipated. california's cannabis companies having trouble handling cash. >> it's creating a lot of
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personal hardship for the business owners themselves and cannabis consumers. up next, new at 5:00, the new report that says plans for a statewide banking system should go up in smoke.
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january 1st marks one year sincational marijuana became legal in california. there's no plan do develop a bank for the industry.
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experts say the industry is in crisis without a banking system to handle the millions being exchanged. the possible of establishing a public cannabis bank to finance officials today. cannabis industry experts called the findings disappointing. >> right now there are millions of dollars moving around the state in cash. it's a magnet for violent crime. it's reducing the ability of the state to audit the businesses and collect taxes. and it's creating person hardship for business owners themselves and cannabis consumers. >> the state attorney general's office conducted a study of the public e report found a state r financial institution for the cannabis industry would violate federal . cannabis inheelly do business with cannabis companies in states where the drug is legal. the coming year means big changes for the gun industry in
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california. they examined new gun control measures that will soon become state law. several new gun control laws are set to take effect in california in 2019. starting in february, the minimum age to buy a long gun will go up from 18 to 21. there are exceptions for licensed hunters, law enforcement officers, and members of the military. this age restriction all ready applies to handguns. the legislation was coauthored by east bay assemblyman, rob. >> from a public safety standpoint, what's good policy for handguns is good policy for long guns. >> another new law, assembly bill 3129 initiated a lifetime firearms ban for anyone convicted of a misdemeanor domestic violence offense. the legislation expands on an existing law which applies to people with felony convictions that takes effect january 1st. assembly bill 1525 takes effect on the first. posting specific warning signs
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detailing risks and rules of handling guns. ktvuu, fox 2 news. a candid conversation in san, quinton prison. rs main its, what role did we play? they have to hold themselves accountable. up next, the latest in our barbershop forum series. plus more evidence of the bay area's growing housing problem. the new report that shows construction projects can't keep up with demand.
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. creating conversation inside san quinton prison. inmates meant to bridge the gap between law enforcement and the community. paul chambers is here now. with the latest in his barbershop forum series. >> i moderated 15 forums this
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year. and the san quinton that rerecorded back in september is the most eye opening, impactful forum yet. on a beautiful, sunny day. in a line, people stood outside, waiting to enter a place most want to avoid, the reason, to have a dialogue with an often over looked segment of the community. >> i'm serving 109 years to life in prison for assault with a deadly weapon under three strikes law. >> this discussion is a first for the barbershop forum. one of the first things i noticed. no one said i was falsely way cued. no one says i don't belong here. everyone said i messed up. >> us inmates, what role i had the we play? law enforcement they play a role, we play a role. you have to hold yourselves accountable. >> we come to prison, we educate ourselves. we understand it's not a mistake we made, we committed a crime. >> that allowed everyone to
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lower their guard and let a conversation happen with the inmates, law enforcement, and a select group of community members sitting side by side. no topics off limits. >> what is the process when you enter a highly volatile encounter with somebody who may be going through a mental health crisis or addiction. >> we do, as first responders, we do get that training to recognize that someone is probably under distress. we treat that differently. at the same time, if they're dealing with a weapon or something like that, we still have to protect life and limb. they don't have to just shoot to kill. they have shoot in the arm or the leg. >> that would be great if i'm a perfect shot. even under stress you're not a perfect shot. there's reasons we do center mass. people when you shoot center mass, they're capable of getting rounds off. >> if we're going to talk about one. we have to talk about both. we can't just talk about police brutality and not talk about
5:36 pm
what's going on in our communities. >> as it progressed. the conversation switched to lack of trust of law enforcement. something current officers say they too understand. >> i have negative experiences with law enforcement. that's how it was growing up in east oakland in the 80s. >> i was taught you couldn't trust the police. and one of the reasons i believed that is because everybody i loved and everybody i knew what came in contact with the police left for a long time or left and never came back. >> i know that we're not perfect. i know we have bad apples in law enforcement. i can't deny that. but what i can say is that the overwhelming majority of us are in this for a good reason. >> that's something we got to teach our younger generation, it's all right to become a cop. that's going to pay the bills.> took many by surprise. another question, why don't officers stand up when one of their own does something wrong.
5:37 pm
>> because i've crossed the blue line. and when you do that, there's retaliation. many say respect is the key when building trust with law enforcement. especially if the officer knows the people they serve. >> when the officer pulls the gun out he don't just see me. he sees my mother, my grandchildren, and it's harder to pull the trigger. >> every time a police officer would treat me with respect. and not look at me as a criminal, that would make a big difference in my life. >> we are the epidamy of the so- called enemy of the law enforcement we push that false agenda. >> that hurts my that. that's not how i view any person in this room. no one is my enemy. >> i see bad, negative things from law enforcement. what can i do to kdka tv news that? that was a motivating factor for me to become law enforcement. >> the inmates stress they don't want to be forgotten. most say they're trying to
5:38 pm
right their wrong. >> whatever mistakes you made. just because you're locked up, not to think that we're not sill human beings. >> the public is naive. if they see more things like this, it would change their attitudes toward prisoners. >> i did 26 years on mica life sentence. ten of it here in san quinton. >> he and others agree that responsibility will go a lock way on the outside. including prosecutors who put people away. >> there is hope. changing the way we look at ready to be released. >> they're the ones who need to come to the community to stop the crime. how do we go to the legislature and get these guys out. >> when the opportunity comes for y'all to return, reach out to organizations like the
5:39 pm
barbershop forum. >> it should be a learning moment. those words summed it up for me. it shows everyone has a part in making a difference in society. community is made of residents, law enforcement, and those who paid thundershower time for crimes and are returning home. next month we'll kickoff the third year at richland ashland youth center in san leandro. >> that was really intense. that has to be one of the most open, frank, discussions i've seen in any of your barbershop forums. what stood out to you? >> there were two parts. one when the gentleman said it's okay to teach the youth to become law enforcement. that's kind of strange coming from a personal who was locked up by law enforcement. but he's encouraging the next generation. and the other thing is like i said from the very beginning, everyone in there said we committed a crime and we're serving our time. it wasn't hey i don't belong here. hey i didn't do anything wrong. they took ownership. >> so interesting. paul, thank you.
5:40 pm
>> we posted a link to all of paul's barbershop forums. find it under web links. one bay area county reporting a spike in cases of swooping cough. the warning from doctors and what you can do to keep your family healthy. why four college football fans braving the cold on a billboard in the south bay. i am a family man.
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i am a techie dad. i believe the best technology should feel effortless. like magic. at comcast, it's my job to develop, apps and tools that simplify your experience. my name is mike, i'm in product development at comcast. we're working to make things simple, easy and awesome.
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new details now. california is reporting that a child is the first person to die from the flu this season. health officials in stanislaus county reported the death today but said the child died within the last two weeks. the child's age has not been released but health officials say the child was otherwise healthy before developing symptoms. health officials say the predominant flu strain this winter is more of a threat to children. but doctors are urging everyone to get the flu vaccine. get the flu shot. plain and simple. welk all day about the positive and negatives. and sometimes people feel weakness after they get the flu shot. doctors say it's also virtually -- vitally, rather, important to practice good health hygiene to stop the spread of the flu. that means washing your hands frequently and covering your mouth when you sneeze or cough. a spike in the number of
5:44 pm
cases of whooping cough. 241 people coming down with the bacterial disease. most effected have been high school students with cases at virtually every marin county school. whooping cough can be deadly for infants and they're urging people who haven't been vaccinated to get their shot. in the south bay, four college football sumer fans are living on a billboard. they're camped out 45 feet in the air near levi stadium. the site of the college football national championship game. their challenge to stay up there comes from espn's advertising campaign ca who's in. promoting the january 7th title game. the fans climbed the billboard ahead of the two semifinal matchup on saturday. they each have a tentand pad. and beneath the billboard is a bathroom and shower. during their stay on the billboard, the contestants will compete for cash and prizes. contestant ruben hunter is not
5:45 pm
only a fan but a former walk on for the oklahoma sooners. he had this to say about his first night sleep on the billboard. >> shoulders went numb. not going to lie. my sleeping bag is 6 inches too short. but other than that, it was a great night. there was a carnival ride to the right. so there was a kid screaming for about 10 minutes nonstop going around. but -- and there's also a flight route. all the planes fly right over us and land. so it was a great night. >> the fans taking part in the contest are pulling for alabama, clemson, notre dame, and oklahoma. their experience is being live streamed on espn 3. after saturday's games, only two fans will remain. the contest ends on january 7th. the day of the national championship game and the team that wins is the fan who wins. and kyla says it's going to be cold out there tonight. >> it just looked cold listening to that guy talk. coming up, more evidence of the
5:46 pm
bay area's growing housing problem. the new report that shows construction projects can't keep up with all the demand. and whether you're on a billboard tonight or just walking outside, it's going to be chilly. we'll talk about those chilly temperatures and the wind is making it feel even cooler. your five-day forecast is next.
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at bayer, our roots run deep. so chances are, you've seen us around the house. or... around the yard. on the shelf... or even... out in the field.
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your mom knew she could always count on us... and your grandma did too. because for over 150 years, we've been right by your side. advancing the health of the people, plants and pets you love. so, from all of us at bayer... thank you for trusting in us. then... and now. san francisco's population is booming. but housing construction is
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lagging behind. ktvu's christian cafton has the latest on a new report. >> reporter: san francisco's population is up nearly 2 and 1/4% even as the city struggles to make sure everyone has a home. that's one of the reasons the mayor is saying it's important to green light new housing as quickly as possible. >> the mayor is looking to get more affordable housing in particular to be built so people can afford to live here and stay here with their families. >> a recent study from california's department of finance shows san francisco's population grew by 6500 people from july 2017 to july 2018. the population rising to more than 887,000 residents. the city is struggling to keep up with the demand for housing. the city estimates by the end of the year, it will have added more than 3,000 new homes the mayor's office says that's why it's crucial to use the win fall the discoveredyear to buil
5:50 pm
market rate and affordable. >> we need to have housing at all affordability levels. it creates homes for people and it funds affordable housing. without the housing being built, we have less funds to build the affordable housing that keeps communities stabilized. san francisco isn't the only bay area county to see an increase. all nine bay area counties saw a population increase from napa. which saw 1/3% of an increase to santa clara county. in san francisco, christian, ktvu fox 2 news. a chilly day around the bay area. and breezy outside. meteorologist kyla -- >> it's breezy outside? >> it's breezy outside. >> i took this picture of me walking into work today. and i said that lady who does the weather is right. it's windy. you couldn't see my face, it was all hair. it was a bad hair day. but i got a lot of hair, so it's okay. and it's going to calm down. but not until we get into tomorrow morning.
5:51 pm
so it's going to continue, this strong wind. we're still under the wind advisory, it goes through this evening, right into tomorrow morning. and we have seen some pretty nasty gusts out there. mount diablo by the way, 53 miles per hour gusts were clocked by the national weather service today. so we've got some wind out there. in fact, take a look at mount diablo now. gusting up to 38 miles per hour. you can see your atlas peak, not bad. 29 miles per hour gusts in middle peak. and oakland hills at 17 miles per hour. if we come down to the ground a little further here, we can see that there is certainly some wind out there. not so bad right now in a lot of spots. oakland, 14-mile per hour wind. the wind advisory goes throughout this evening. it will expire at 4:00 a.m. in the morning. it could be when you wake up, you'll have a little bit of that residual wind out there that you'll feel. it will take a little bit for that to calm down. it will ramp down into the over night hours tonight. beautiful out there. lights are on in the city.
5:52 pm
it's gorgeous. 52 degrees in santa rosa. in san francisco, 55 degrees. 57 in oakland. livermore, 53. san jose coming in at 56 degrees. you take a look atstorm tracker 2. it's beautiful out there. we're being protected by high pressure right now. the low pressure system has slid to the inside. that means we're going to be cloud free for a good portion of the evening. we'll see a few come in as the late evening hours roll on. it's going to be nice. windy and chilly. we don't have the cloud cover. the heat of the day escapes quickly. we have this cooler, dryer air mass coming in. not just tonight but tomorrow night. awfully chilly. a little patchy frost as numbers go down into the 30s. santa rosa expecting 33 for your over night low. 38 in san jose. and livermore about 35 degrees. cooler than last night by a couple degrees in many spots. tomorrow, similar to today. 58 degrees for a high in san francisco. a few 60s. but mostly upper 50s. i know a lot of people are asking about new year's eve. i wanted to point out that we're expecting a dry and cool
5:53 pm
forecast for that night. about 49 degrees when it's all said and done. and we hit the midnight hour. it will be a good night to be out and about. a little chilly. but it should be dry. for a lot of people traveling in and out of the city, that will be good news, a look at the five-day forecast shows the wind will decrease as we get into tomorrow. we keep the sunshine with us. we look to be staying dry through the rest of the year, we start the new year dry as well. txus tonight and tomorrow night are going to be the coldest. tomorrow night, a little colder than tonight. but when you're between 31 and 33 degrees, that's just cold. >> kyla, thank you. >> you bet. the smell of freshly mulched christmas trees was in the air in front of san francisco's city hall earlier today. for the 32nd year the city's department of the environment hosted its annual chipping of the trees event at civic center plaza. they emphasized the importance of the city picking up your tree. trees will be picked up on your
5:54 pm
regular service day between wednesday january 2nd and friday january 11th. it reduces the material sent to landfills and prevents improper disposal and illegal dumping. coming up here, a bay area couple with a unique love story. now that we've been married 76 years, i still am still in love with my husband. up next, their secret to keeping their romance alive after all these years.
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
. a couple from fairfield who have been married for 76 years are now sharing some of their secrets to a long and happy marriage. eric tells us they've written a book about their love story that also happens to take them through some of the biggest moments in american
5:57 pm
history. this is how they met. >> when i was a junior in high school, walking down the corridor one afternoon, and i saw this beautiful lady walking toward me. >> he was very good looking in high school. he was an athlete. you know. we became closer and closer and closer and closer. >> two years later, this is why they married. >> we heard that pearl harbor had been attacked. >> and immediately, we had this feeling that, you know,. >> i put my arms around his neck and i crossed my fingers. this meant come home. >> fortunately, i never got shot down. >> he's very lucky. and we faced that journey for three wars. >> dock youing it all in their book, love and war -- documenting it all -- >> anybody who's been in the military will be interested in his career. and i think be interested in
5:58 pm
what happens to a military wife. and how she survives. >> there they are. >> and then of course now that we've been married 76 years, i still am still in love with my husband. but sometimes, i get a little angry with him and he gets a little angry with me. so that's normal. >> the secret to their long and lasting marriage, clara says don't sweat the small stuff. and warren. >> i took orders from her. this is ktvu fox 2 news at 6:00. a 12-person police department is reeling from the loss of one of their own as their chief pleads for justice in a statewide man hunt that continues for the man who shot and killed their fellow officer and friend. >> please help us find this man. and bring him to justice. i hope he's watching today. and he does the right thing and turns himself in. we need closure.
5:59 pm
his family needs closure. this will never go away. but we need something. a win. we need something so we can move on. >> today we learn the suspect came to this country illegally. good evening, everyone, i'm frank summerville. >> we learned more about corporal ron sing as the police chief broke down recalling what would be their last interaction. >> i've been to too many of these funerals. and i never saw it. ever. i never thought i would ever have to do this. i do not want to be here today. i would give anything not to. i did not know christmas morning at 4:00 in the morning when i said goodbye to him and sent him off to his family that it would be the last time that
6:00 pm
i saw him. my department is hurting. we're struggling through this. so please be in mind when you see them that it's hard for them. we're a family. we're not an agency. we're a family. >> obviously there, the department of newman, the newman police department dealing with their grief as the man hunt continues for the gunman responsible for killing corporal sing. ktvu's jesse gary was at today's emotional news conference and has the latest now on the investigation. >> you have to understand this was not supposed to happen here. >> through tears, a shaky voice, and in need of a steadying hand, newman police chief, randy richardson explained the depth of his personal hurt that's also shared by the public. re


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