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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  December 27, 2018 10:00pm-11:00pm PST

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a candlelight vigil tonight for the person killed by san jose police. the new questions after what police revealed today about how that chase started. c they think about officers getting home but how about families getting home. >> emotions running high and san jose after the city's latest officer involved
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shooting. they admitted they thought they were chasing a woman that was involved in a shooting. that was not the case. >> the cheapest depending officer saying the woman that was killed led officers on a high-speed chase in a stolen car and tried to ram the officers patrol car. azenith smith was at an emotional vigil tonight. >> reporter: a call for justice at this vigil for jennifer basket is -- jenny vasquez. >> she should be here celebrating with her family. now she is not. >> reporter: grief stricken loved ones are calling it a deadly mistake by police. they were initially called out to reports of a shooting. they thought the white toyota
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camry that she was driving matched the suspects car. they tried to pull her over. instead she let them on a high- speed chase that ended after she crashed her car into a fence at fruitdale and lee avenue. police say the car was stolen. family disputes that. >> the driver rammed the car and used it as a deadly weapon. it caused officers to fire in an attempt to stop the driver. >> reporter: eddie garcia admitted police were chasing the wrong card. he called the event tragic he stood by the actions. b had the disease not been driving a stolen vehicle and tried to get away, the shooting and this tragedy would not have occurred. >> she was surrounded. she was not going anywhere. shooting her i think was unnecessary. >> reporter: among those,
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family members that are affected by police violence. they say the shooting only triggers their pain. their 19-year-old daughter diana was shot and killed by police in 2014. >> they have nonlethal weapons that they do not employ often enough in my opinion. >> law enforcement has to be mindful that when they make mistakes their mistakes can be lethal. >> reporter: community members and the family are calling for an independent federal investigation. >> nothing will bring her back. christmas it changes >> the family said they have no idea why she fled and she may have been scared because she has had run-ins with police before. at the vigil her mother had a list of demands including releasing body camera video.
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it is typically released after the da investigation. before officers are now on leave which is standard. another emotional day in the central california town of newman as investigators asked lohr all leads in the search for corporal ronil singh's killer. investigator served more warrants but there is no sign of the suspect. >> they also held an emotional conference today to talk about where the investigation is headed. rob malcolm is here with more. >> is the conferences continue sodas the unimaginable grief. today the county sheriff's department provided new information about the suspect, where they are looking and how difficult it will be to move on until the killer is caught. >> reporter: as a manhunthe sus gunned down corporal ronil singh, search warrants were served this afternoon. >> we are looking at multiple locations. we have searched multiple areas within the county and outside the county.
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we are following up on each and every lead. the execution of one warrant is not the totality of what we are involved in right now. >> reporter: he was shot early wednesday morning during a routine traffic stop over a possible drunken driver. the suspects truck was found 13 hours later eddie newman mobile home park. is extended into a second day, we learn to the unnamed suspect was in the country illegally. this was picked up on thursday in a tweet from president trump. there is no a full-scale manhunt going on in california for an illegal immigrant accused of should shooting and killing a police officer during a traffic.. time to get tough on border security. build the wall. >> reporter: the county sheriff's department is taking the lead. the sheriff speaking with ktvu news and speaking of the tweet. >> we do not need to politicize the death of officer saying. he himself is an immigrant.
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he sacrificed his life protecting his community.'s killer, on the other hand, isn't supposed to be in this country. >> reporter: captured on surveillance cameras, he has not been publicly identified. please do know who he is. the emotional toll the death's head on the community and the department has been clear from the memorials. >> you have to understand, this was not supposed to happen here. i have been to too many of these funerals. i never thought, ever that i will be doing this. i do not want to d give anythin >> reporter: closure will not be easy. >> i did not know, christmas morning at 4 am when i said
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goodbye to him, and sent him to his family, it would be the last time that i saw him. >> reporter: it is so difficult to listen to chief richardson. you feel the pain the department is feeling. the sheriff's department feels the suspect is within 100 miles of newman. and the rest will come shortly. we can only hope sooner rather than later. this year 144 police officers across the country died in the line of duty in the united states. 52 of them were shot and killed. those numbers are up from last year where 129 officers died while working or from job- related causes. the figures come from the national law enforcement officers memorial fund which tracks officer deaths. california, texas and new york had the highest number of officer deaths this year with 11 each. day six of the partial
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government shutdown draws to a close and the coast guard said 42,000 service members may be working without pay if there is no deal tomorrow. the coast guard is under the department of homeland security which is one of the agencies affected by the shutdown. authority said the navy federal credit union and usaa are expected to help members with loans if needed. congress is likely to vote to give them back pay once the shutdown ends. lawmakers in washington do not appear any closer to a budget bill. no votes are scheduled in the house or senate this week. democrats will take majority in the house in january. said today they expect to vote on the budget bill next week but it is unlikely to contain money for a border wall. ray bogan joins us live in washington with the latest. >> reporter: good evening. house majority steve scalise told members of congress that there is not going to be a vote this week. that all but assures that the government shutdown will continue into the new year.
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>> the house will be in order. >> reporter: the house and senate gavels in and gambled out . simply as a formality on thursday. capitol hill is a ghost town. at the white house, president trump has been ramping up his calls for a border wall. using the deadly shooting of a california police officer by an illegal immigrant as more justification. writing on twitter, time to get tough on border security, build the wall. republicans want more than 5 billion for border security and a walcott democrats are willing to give $1.6 billion. >> the neil has moved toward long one week democrats take control of the house which could affect negotiations. >> this is a manufactured shutdown and is on this very. nancy pelosi spokesman said democrats want more discussion on how the money is used. democrats have offered republicans three options to
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reopen government but all include funding for strong, sensible and effective order security. not the president immoral, ineffective and expensive wall. >> we have to work until we get to an agreement. i think we have that. until the president went off his meds. >> reporter: the house and senate will meet again on monday. there only meeting as a formality. it is unlikely that any real business will be accomplished. >> democrats take control next week. how will that affect negotiations? negotiations have been taking place 'tween republicans and senate minority leader chuck schumer. next week when democrats take control of the house, they will have a big enough majority that they won't need any republican vote to pass a bill. that means, even if president trump approves of something and
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they can get something they think will go through the senate, now they will need the blessing of house speaker nancy pelosi to get it to the president desk for signature. new information about the eight-year-old migrant child that died in the custody of order patrol. autopsy results show that he tested positive for the flu. the leaping alonso gomez died in a hospital in new mexico on christmas eve where he and his father were taken after he began showing signs of sickness. he is the second minor and border patrol custody to die this month. a seven-year-old girl from guatemala died on december 7, just hours after being placed on a bus by border patrol agents, she began to feel sick and stopped breathing. she later died at a hospital. in new york, right light that was seen across manhattan appears to have been caused by a transformer that exploded. people were posting video of the bluelight that made the nighttime appear to be bright as day.
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brian yanez posted video of the fire which he said lit up the sky for about three minutes. new york police say transformers blew it a power plant in astoria/queens. no word on anyone being injured. there was no electrical outage. still ahead, the search continues for an inmate that escaped from san quentin prison. the new surveillance video of a nearby carjacking that policing may be related. we will talk about when the wind will completely come down. we are spots now. a look toward the we can forecast when i come back in a moment. new developments in the death of neil wilson at the bart station in oakland. by the judge decided to temporarily suspend the case against the suspect.
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san rafael police released video showing a man carjacking a woman not far from san quentin prison where an inmate escaped last night. it is difficult to see but police say they believe the carjackers seen in the home depot parking lot is possibly shalom mendoza. the store is less than one mile from san quentin. henry lee has been following the story all day and has more on the manhunt and what we have learned about the escapees criminal background. 21-year-old shalom mendoza
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walked away from a work crew at san quentin. he was last seen before 6 pm on wednesday night. no one at the prison realized he was missing until a headcount more than 3.5 hours later. by then, police leave he may have already carjacked a woman at the home depot on shoreline, less than a mile from the prison. >> he demanded the keys from her and threatened to kill her and told her not to call the police or he would shoot her. >> reporter: the woman who had been shopping at home depot did not resist. >> when she handed over the keys, he fled the scene in her vehicle. >> reporter: the suv is a toyota rav4 with a california license plate that is seen on the screen. i am told it is possible he may no longer be in the rav4 because of his criminal history. in july 2017, he carjacked a man of a toyota previous at ou
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la coffee shop. minutes later he ditched the previous and stolen mercedes. he then led the lapd on a wild six mile chase. he has been in a state prison system for year and was transferred to san quentin in april. he was assigned to a job outside the secure perimeter of the prison. police say they are keeping an open mind on the off chance the inmate isn't responsible for the carjacking. >> it is very concerning. it is uncommon that this area has a carjacking. if it is not related to the prison, we will take it extremely seriously. there police released this video showing the inmate. anyone who sees him should call 911 immediately. henry lee, ktvu, fox 2 news. a judge suspended the proceedings today for john lee coweel. he will now be examined by two
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court-appointed doctors who will determine whether he is competent to stand trl. more delusional and paranoid and cannot help in his own defense. prosecutors argued that some of the behavior could've been tied to substance abuse. after today's hearing, nia wilson's father spoke out. >> this guy did what he did so smoothly, i think that is competent. i want justice for my daughters. >> he will return to court in february at which time doctors reports could be ready. another roller coaster ts a points earlier in the day. the was up 21. financial analyst james mcbride was on to. he told us investor should stay
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the course despite all the volatility. >> we will be down six or 7% this year. if we look at the last 10 years, we know the market has been at nine out of 10. seven of those years it has been up double digits. we have had a heck of a good run. this selloff now is not that bad. >> he also pointed out the fundamentals of the economy remain strong with low unemployment, low inflation and rising pay. it could be the end of the line for sears and kmart. the chairman of sears is under a deadline of 4 pm tomorrow to make a bid through a hedge fund. it is reported that the $4.6 billion deal would keep 500 sears doors open and say 50,000 jobs. according to cnbc, the offer has not yet been submitted and there is no indication of any other interest. sears and kmart with an phase equitation under bankrupt the. we have had wild wind. i wanted to take a look at the
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peak gusts. mount st. helena 63. mount diablo 56 miles per hour. then take a look at a few of the others kairos peak 35 miles per hour. needless to say, there has been some wind. we are still under a wind advisory. that goes until 4 am tomorrow for anyone above 1000 feet in elevation. we are starting to calm down and spots. you can see it here when we look at the current wind. there are a few gusty spots. right now up to 24 miles per hour. 23 miles per hour and half moon bay. still some wind. taking a look at oakland, things have calmed down. we had gusty wind earlier. fairfield is dealing with a 24 mile-per-hour gusting. it is beautiful out there. we had clear skies tonight. gorgeous if you look at storm tracker. just a very few slight high clouds that are trying to rowand as we go to the evening. we are protected by high pressure. they will not have much of a
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chance of getting in. we are looking at more sunshine tomorrow. temperatures are getting chilly. already we are down into the 40s at santa rosa. 83 in san francisco and 50 in san jose. these are the low temperatures into tomorrow morning, very low almost freezing temperatures. we will talk more about the five day forecast in a few moments. public works crews in san francisco cleared a tree that blocked hayes street for hours today. crews responded after 9:30 am after reports of the tree that fell in a truck that was parked on haight street between goff and franklin. it also dragged down some electrical lines. traffic was blocked in both and removed. consist of fire said no one was in the truck at the time into there is no word on what the tree down. luckily no one was hurt. christmas trees were ground into mulch today in san francisco to showcase the importance of recycling those
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trees. the department of the environment posted their 32nd annual chipping of the tree event at civic center plaza. officials touted the importance of having the city pick up the holiday tree. they also announced the dates of curbside tree collection. trees will be picked up on the regular service day between wednesday, january 2 and friday, january 11. >> reporter: trees blowing in the right place like everything in the recycling system. >> please do not put them on the order or on the road. our poor public works people then have to go on their own and try and harvest the trees. it is so much easier on all of us if the trees go out on the curb next to your been on collection day. last year san francisco recycled more than 500 tons of trees. giving a tree to the city for mulching reduces the material sent to landfill and prevents improper does bozo and illegal
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dumping. this new year's eve people are discouraged from going to treasure island for fireworks. parking and viewing areas are extremely limited right now. that is because of several ongoing construction project in the area. it is has many roads into parking areas will be completely inaccessible. ahead, finding space to rebuild after the north bay wildfires. coming up, why county officials are turning to the public for help. elon musk sued for falsely calling a british worker a pedophile. why he is arguing the case should be dismissed. track the sharks took on the anaheim ducks. this is what hockey is all the sharks also did some good scoring. we will have all the highlights coming up in sports. ♪
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♪ ♪ connecting people... ...uniting the world. ♪ united. official airline of the golden state warriors.
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strachan sonoma county officials are asking the community to identify possible housing sites. the hope residents will go online to the permit sonoma website and let them know about vacant lots or properties that can be used for housing. they are hoping to learn about sites near public sewer and water service and within walking distance of transit, stores and jobs. the county lost thousands of homes and wildfires in october of last year. san francisco's population is looming. housing construction is lagging behind. christien kafton has the latest on a new report.
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>> reporter: san francisco's population is up two point 25% plastic 2.25%. it is important to greenlight housing is weekly as possible. >> also getting more affordable housing built. so people can afford to live here. stay in the communities they grew up in. >> reporter: a recent study from the department of finance shows the population grew by more than 6500 people from july 2017 to july 2018. the population rising to more than 887,000 residents. city is struggling to keep up with the demand for housing. the city estimates at the end of the year it will have added more than 3000 new homes. the mayor's office is saying that is why it is crucial to use the 181 million windfall to build new housing at market rate and affordable. >> we need housing at all levels.
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market rate housing is important because it creates homes but it also funds affordable housing. without market rate housing we have less funding for crucial affordable housing that keeps the community stabilized. >> reporter: san francisco's not the only county to see an increase. all nine counties saw an increase. in san francisco, christien kafton, ktvu, fox 2 news. ahead, the bay area's largest mushroom grower accused of dumping toxic waste. a multimillion dollar lawsuit filed by santa clara county. ahead, a contagious illness is on the rise in the north bay. the morning after a spike in the number of whooping cough cases. here at oracle arena, the warriors set a franchise record. he what fans have to say about being part of history.
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the warriors have reached a milestone. is the 311th consecutive sellout game. e amber lee is outside of oracle tonight after speaking with fans and coach kirk.
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>> reporter: fans tell me they were unaware that the set a new record for consecutive sellout games. they were thrilled. they said one more reason to celebrate the warriors. fans arrived at oracle arena with a sense of anticipation. the mood was festive as they enjoyed the holidays by attending a warriors game. >> it is my birthday. she surprised me. i love the warriors. >> reporter: love for the warriors fans say is the driving forcebehind the 311 consecutive sellout games that started six years ago. then say the christmas day blowout loss to the lakers is all the more reason to be here on >> the season have been a challenge. i thought i would come and support them. >> we have a lot of talent. >> reporter: under coach steve kurth that joined the team in 2014, this is an the roughest start. tuesday's game with the 12th
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loss. last year the warriors did not lose the 12th game until february. >> and thankful to the fans for constant support. it is a huge help night in and night out. >> we waited for four years. >> reporter: this husband-and- wife said it was worth the wait . they described themselves as loyal fans since the 1960s. >> there is nothing like warriors fans. >> reporter: fans have a consecutive sellout record is evident of a loyal fan base and they believe in the warriors. >> we have stuck with them and enjoyed it. even though at times. >> it shows that regardless of what the team is doing, the community is standing behind them. that is awesome. >> reporter: the consecutive sellout streak is the fourth longest currently active in the nba. palaces first, miami second, oklahoma city is third. the next home game will be
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against houston next thursday. a tough game for the warriors. scott reese will have the highlights in sport. the county has reported 241 cases of whooping cough this year. most of it has affected high school students. officials say most adolescents and adults recover without complications. whooping cough can be deadly for babies. they are urging pregnant women to get the vaccine and keep older children with whooping cough away from younger children. the bay area's largest grower of mushrooms has been hit with a $67 million lawsuit. claims that monterey mushrooms intentionally dumped toxic waste water into fishing creek near their facility and morgan hill. the county filed the lawsuit today. it said toxic waste water was pumped holding ponds at the 70 acre facility into fishing creek in order to get
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rid of the waste without having to pay. monterey mushrooms said the pollution was a result of winter storms in late 2016 and early 2017. the company said it was primarily rainwater that left the property. elon musk is asking a judge to throw out a defamation lawsuit filed against him by a british diver. elon musk called him a pedophile after his efforts were criticized to help rescue the young soccer players trapped in a cave in thailand. he played a leading role in rescuing the boys and is now suing elon musk for $75,000. a hearing is set for april 2019 what some want to do differently because of the recent failed ballot measure to repeal california's gas tax. hello it is chilly out ther
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i will tell you what to expect and to look ahead at the new year's eve forecast. the irs is going after aretha franklin's estate for millions of dollars in back taxes she reportedly owed to the government before she died.
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republican lawmakers want to change the way ballot
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measures are written. lawmakers at the state capital say they will try again to pass a constitutional amendment to strip the attorney general of the duty of writing ballot titles and summaries. they point to a ballot measure earlier this year that would have repealed the state gas tax. vertex of the tax accused the attorney general of intentionally tipping the scales in favor of the tax by printing vague and misleading language. >> we have seen this time and time again where the attorney general actually tilts the scale of the ballot initiative in terms of the outcome by the way it is worded so that people do not have a clear sense of what they're voting on. >> under the proposal, the nonpartisan legislative analyst office would be given the responsibility of writing all future ballot titles and summaries. lawmakers will have the opportunity to introduce the measure once the left
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legislation reconvenes. the queen of soul left behind millions of dollars in unpaid taxes. aretha franklin who died in august at the age of 76 had no will. according to documents, co the federal government $6.3 million in unpaid income taxes. her attorney say the estate is being audited and they have paid at least $3 million to the irs since her death. bevmo said hackers may have stolen credit card information from 14,000 customers . the company is based in concord. is that anyone that used the website between august second and september 26 may be affected. they said someone was able to plant malicious computer code on their checkout page and capture personal information from customers orders. the company said the code has since been removed and an investigation is underway. ahead, we will take you inside san quentin prison as part of our latest barbershop form series. >> every time a police officer would not look at me as a
10:40 pm
criminal, that would make a big difference in my life. the candid conversation between inmate, law enforcement officers and community members. we will have the complete bay area forecast including what is ahead for the weekend, coming up.
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a blunt conversation inside
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san quentin prison. inmates and law enforcement trying to create a dialogue. >> paul chambers moderated the latest arbor shop foreman september. this time it was inside prison gates. >> reporter: on a beautiful sunny day, a lot of people stood outside waiting to enter a place that most people want to avoid, san quentin prison. the reason, to have a dialogue with an often overlooked segment of the community. >> i am serving 109 years for assault with a deadly weapon on a three strikes law. >> reporter: this discussion is a first. inmates one of the conversation. one of the first things i noticed, no one said i was falsely accused and knowing that i do not belong. everyone said i messed up. >> what role do we play? law enforcement played a role and we played a role. you have to hold yourself accountable. >> we come to prison and educate ourselves. we understand it is not a mistake, we committed a crime.
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>> reporter: the honesty allowed everyone to lower their guard and have a sincere and productive to our conversation happen with inmate, law enforcement and a select group of community members side-by- side. no topics were off-limits. >> what is the process when you enter a volatile or dangerous encounter with someone that may be going through a mental health crisis? or addiction? >> as first responders we get that training to recognize if someone is under distress. we treat that differently. at the same time,if they are dealing with a weapon or something like that, we have to protect life and limb. >> they do not have to shoot to kill. they can shoot in an arm or leg. >> that is great if i was a perfect shot. there are reasons. even when you see people center mass, they are capable of getting rounds off. >> we have to talk about both.
10:45 pm
we can't just talk about police brutality and not talk about what is going on in the community. >> reporter: as the form progressed, the conversation switched to the lack of trust of law enforcement. something current officer say they understand. >> i have negative experiences with law enforcement. that is how it was growing up in east oakland in the 80s. >> i was always taught that you cannot trust the police. i believe that because everyone i loved and knew who came in contact with the police either left for a long time or left and never came back. >> i know we are not perfect. we have bad apples and law enforcement. i can't deny that. what i can say, the overwhelming majority of us are in this for good reason. >> that is something we have to teach the younger generation. it is all right to become a cop. that is what pays the bills. >> reporter: that comment took many by surprise. another question, why don't
10:46 pm
officers stand up when one of their own does something wrong? a question quickly answered by a san francisco police lieutenant that considers herself a whistleblower. >> i crossed the blue line. when you do that there is retaliation. >> reporter: many say respect is the key when building trust with law enforcement. especially if the officer knows the people they serve. >> when an officer pulled the gun out, he doesn't just see me. he sees my son, mother, grandchildren and it is harder to pull the trigger. >> every time a police officer would treat me with respect, not look at me as a criminal, that would make a big difference in my life. >> we are the epitome of the enemy of law enforcement. we pushed that false agenda. >> that hurts my heart to hear that. that is not w n is my enemy. >> i see bad and negative things from law enforcement. what can i do to change that? that was one of the motivating factors for me to become law
10:47 pm
enforcement. >> reporter: the inmate stress they do not want to be forgotten. mostly they are trying to right the wrong. >> treat us regularly. just because we have charges, we are still human beings. >> the perspective is wrong. if they see more things like this, that will change the attitude toward prisoners. there for one of the four members it was a homecoming of sorts. b i did 26 years on my california life sentence. tenet that was here in san quentin. >> reporter: he and others agree that taking responsibility will go a long way on the outside, including the prosecutors who put people away. >> there is hope. we are changing the way we look at cases. i am looking for people that are ready to be released. >> those are the ones that need to come back to the community and stop crime. how do we get the legislature and get these guys out because we need them. >> take everything you learned
10:48 pm
in here and when the opportunity comes for you to return, reach out to organizations like the barbershop form. >> there should be a learning moment of how we can come together as a community. >> reporter: inside san quentin prison, paul chambers, ktvu, fox 2 news we are on the lookout for very chilly temperatures tonight. if you're in santa rosa or morgan hill or livermore. we are expecting 30 for you. it will be chilly. we do have a little bit of wind. these of the forecasted low temperatures as you had throughout the evening. tomorrow we will have a little breeze to start the day. we will get sunshine in there as well. it should be a gorgeous day. 58 degrees at the coast and 60th bay. and land about 59. another nice day on tap. in santa rosa currently where they are cooling down quickly, they are at 44. san francisco 54 and oakland 53. 51 in livermore and san jose 50. we will see the chill in the air. we do have wind.
10:49 pm
check out some of the peaks. this is mount diablo where they had best of about 56 miles per hour today. it is 45 right now. the wind is certainly there. you can see in other places, 34 mile-per-hour dust. things are looking much better now. we do have a little wind. testing is 24 miles per hour. this wind advisory will expire at about 4 am as we go across the overnight hours. then we will be done with it and the wind will be gone. we have more to contend with. we have high pressure protecting us. that is why the clouds are shooting over the top of california, not making it in. that will be the case tomorrow. we will keep the sunshine intact. it is nice and clear and beautiful out there. these are the highs for tomorrow. the wind will come down. we will see a lot of upper 50s. most of us will just reach the upper 50s mark.
10:50 pm
it will be dry as we head to the beginning of the year. no rain in the forecast between now and new year's day. we are looking out for dry and cool conditions. 52 degrees by midnight. 49 degrees for the new year's eve forecast. take a look at the five day, you can see again sunshine sticks with us for the next couple of days. we do have clouds rolling in on sunday. that is from a system that will stay well to the north. on monday it had to new year's eve when everyone has the big celebration. starting off the year with a little bit of sunshine. >> can you tell how claudia will be a new year's eve mac >> right now it looks like we will not have any massive cloud cover. we are a little far way to guarantee that for you frank. things are trending that way.
10:51 pm
>> so far so good. coming up, california cannabis companies are having trouble handling cash. where they will likely not see relief anytime soon. stack up next in sports, the warriors and trailblazers battle at the arena tonight in the strangest game that went into overtime. next in sports. ♪
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♪ ♪ connecting people... ...uniting the world. ♪ united. official airline of the golden state warriors.
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scott is in for mark talking about the warriors. went into overtime. you will tell us who came out on top in the end. the warriors are a bit of an enigma these days. it was not the merriest of christmases losing to the lakers at home with lebron out of the game for the last quarter. tonight the chance for better tydings with the blazers in town. clay thompson in a shooting slump of late but not seeking outside help. >> what is someone going to tell me about my jumpshot? unless -- >> he came out firing anyway. he knocked one down early. then there is this, miscommunication. off the face of thompson. he is just having a bad month.
10:55 pm
15 points in tonight's game. this was a crazy contest. the blazers led most of the second half. three of the 29. the next worst possession, down the lane and the flush. is one of 2-99, portland. in the final 20 seconds care open triple for the type. we get overtime tied at 102. final minute of overtime, green of all people had 15 points and 11 boards. the wares of 2. they get a stop and are in control. then with a terrible turnover, the blazers can tie with a 2 or get it to lillard and let him launch the 3. just like 1 with clock. the last chance, to rent to the. he shorts it. that is it blazers win, 110-109.
10:56 pm
they lose consecutive games at home. second time in five seasons. the sharks missed an opportunity to get fat before the holiday, losing back-to- back home games against western conference bottom dwellers. one in overtime and the other a shootout. tonight a better opponent and a better result. prince playing his 1000th career game. is a nice round number. late in the first period, 1-0 docs. nice to carlson. is fourth of the year tied the game. in the second period, so much dirty work by the day. then watch the left side of the screen. sorensen reaches an. is 21 sharks. here come the ducks. in the third period, sherwood meets jones. that is the scene for mr. 1000. how about the storyline? in the third period he loves up
10:57 pm
and scores. the only shark ever to score the game-winning goal in the 1000th career game. >> the raiders cannot make the playoffs but they can impact the playoffs. a win over kansas city would open the door for the chargers to snag the top seed in the afc. they can hurt one division foe while helping another. clearly the rater season has not gone as scripted. one guy who has had to readjust his expectations, jordy nelson. he did not come over from green bay expecting a rebuilt but nelson appreciates the turnaround after the dreadful 1- 8 start. he has a chance to finish the season winning four of seven. >> a lot of guys take pride in that. it is hard to do. you get in the hole and wish for the season to go by. want to get a taste of victory and playing well, as much fun as you try to have, it is not that much fun.
10:58 pm
>> the 49ers can mess with arrival. a win over the rams could cost la a first-round bye at the playoffs and handed to the bears. a little extra incentive to finish strong which the 49ers haven't done. particularly on defense. allowing 17 points per game over the last 3. have had to overcome plenty of adversity over the course of the season. it is nice to see positive growth. richard sherman appreciate that. b you cannot control the records. you play as hard as you can. you look up and hope you have more points at the end. unfortunately we haven't had more points in most games this season. we have seen growth. that is what is encouraging. you see growth in players. you expect to get the guys back that make the team. >> remember when qualifying for a bowl game meant something? this year there are 41 bowl game's. if you win is much as
10:59 pm
you lose, you are an. case and point, the outdoor texas bowl. 6-6 bailor 6-6 vanderbilt. it was a good game. von breaking tackles across midfield. it looks like he is taking it to the house. he winds up getting spun around and tackled at the goal line. originally called a touchdown. they reversed it. 35-31. tied at 38. charlie brewer, 52 yards to jones. he threw for 384 and ran for 109. baylor wins 45-38. the bowl season continues. of escalates toward the stadium. coming up next best at >> this five month old will never see or hear him talk. he doesn't get to hug his wife.
11:00 pm
say good night anymore. a coward took his life. >> a community reeling from the loss of the police officer as the manhunt for his killer intensifies. the 11:00 news on ktvu, fox 2 news starts now. police in a central california town of newman are looking for the man who killed corporal ronil singh. just in the past hour we received new pictures of the alleged conman. rob malcolm is here with the details. >> there casting a wide net as they search for the suspect. the sheriff department provided new information about the suspect, where they are looking and how close they are. they addressed new pictures of the suspect that her appearing


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