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tv   The Eleven O Clock News on KTVU FOX 2  FOX  December 27, 2018 11:00pm-11:30pm PST

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say good night anymore. a coward took his life. >> a community reeling from the loss of the police officer as the manhunt for his killer intensifies. the 11:00 news on ktvu, fox 2 news starts now. police in a central california town of newman are looking for the man who killed corporal ronil singh. just in the past hour we received new pictures of the alleged conman. rob malcolm is here with the details. >> there casting a wide net as they search for the suspect. the sheriff department provided new information about the suspect, where they are looking and how close they are. they addressed new pictures of the suspect that her appearing online while continuing to say,
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it will be difficult to move on until the killer is caught. >> reporter: these new pictures were released by the county sheriff's department. the pictures have been circulating widely on social media with his name and birthdate. the sheriff department confirms this is the suspect but would not confirm that his correct name is put out. as the manhunt continues with the suspect to gunned down corporal ronil singh, search warrants were served in aledo this afternoon. >> we are looking at multiple locations. researched multiple areas within the county and outside the county. we are following up on every investigative lead. the execution of one search warrant is not the totality of what we are involved in right now in the manhunt. >> reporter: he was shot early on wednesday morning during a routine traffic stop over a possible drunken driver. the suspects truck was found 13 hours later at a newman mobile home park.
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manhunt extended into a second day, we learned that the unnamed suspect was in the country illegally. this was quickly picked up on thursday in a tweet from president trump. there is really full-scale manhunt going on in california for an illegal immigrant accused of shooting and killing a police officer during a traffic stop. time to get tough on border security. build the wall. >> reporter: the county sheriff's department is the lead investigator in the case. the sheriff speaking with ktvu news this evening spoke to that point. >> we do not need to politicize the death of officer ronil singh. he himself and immigrated immigrant immigrated here legally. his killer on the other hand is not supposed to be in this country. format captured on surveillance cameras, he has not been publicly identified. police do know who he is. the emotional toll of the death on the community and the department has been clear from the memorials and the chief
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that gave him his first job. >> this was not supposed to happen here. i have been to too many of these funerals. i never thought ever that i would have to be doing this. i do not want to be here today. i would give anything not to. format closure will not be easy for chief richardson, the end of watch came early. way to really. >> i did not know that christmas morning at 4 am when i said goodbye to him and sent them off to his family that it will be the last time >> reporter: is so difficult to listen to chief richardson as he is being comforted. you feel the pain the department is going through.
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the county sheriff's department feels that the suspect is within 100 miles of newman and an arrest could be coming shortly. we can only hope sooner rather than later. police released video of a man carjacking a woman in the parking lot of the home depot not far from san quentin where they make just escaped last night. it is difficult to see but police believe the carjackers could be 21-year-old shalom mendoza. he walked away from a work crew and is still at large. he was last seen before 6 pm last night. no one at the prison realized he was missing until a headcount more than 3.5 hours later. >> it is something that is concerning. it is very uncommon that san rafael has a carjacking. if it is not related to the prison, it is something we will take extremely seriously. port >> last year he carjacked the pre-if it knifepoint in la and led police on a six mile chase. he has been in the state prison system for a year and was
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transferred to san quentin in april. he was then assigned to a job outside the secure perimeter of the prison. there are questions and following an officer involved shooting in san jose. the woman killed was not involved in a shooting. the chief is defending the officer saying the woman led officers on a high-speed chase in a stolen car and tried to ram the officers patrol car. azenith smith joins us now where an emotional vigil was held earlier tonight. >> reporter: you can still see remnants from the car crash. a broken fence into headlight. part of the growing memorial. more than 50 people gathered here at the intersection of fruitdale and lee avenue. they remembered her as a caring individual who had her whole life ahead of her. calls for justice at the candlelight vigil for jenny vasquez. a growing memorial marks the
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spot where she was shot and killed by san jose police early on christmas warning. >> she should be here celebrating the holidays with her family. now she is not. >> reporter: grief stricken loved ones called a deadly mistake by san jose police. they were initially called out to reports of a shooting. they thought the white toyota camry that she was driving matched the suspects car. they tried to pull her over. instead, she led them on a high- speed chase that ended after vasquez crashed her car into a fence. police in the car was stolen. the family dispute that. >> the suspect then ran to the patrol car using it as a deadly weapon and caused the officers the there at a news conference call the police chief eddie garcia admitted that police were chasing the wrong car. he called the events tragically stood by his officer's actions. >> had the deceased not been driving a stolen vehicle, had not led police on a dangerous high-speed chase, crashed the
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vehicle and did not attempt to get away, at all cost ramming officers and endangering their lives. this shooting and tragedy would not have occurred. >> she was surrounded. she wasn't going anywhere. shooting her was unnecessary. >> reporter: among those at the vigil, family members affected by police violence who say the shooting only triggers their pain. they lost the 19-year-old daughter diana who was shot and killed by san jose police in 2014. >> law enforcement has to be mindful that when they make mistakes, their mistakes can be lethal. >> reporter: community members and the family are calling for an independent federal investigation. >> nothing in this world will ever bring jenny back to her family. christmas changes. she died on christmas day. >> reporter: at the vigil her mother had a list of demands, including releasing police body
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camera video. that footage is typically released after the da investigation. for officers are now on leave. basics of the partial government shutdown draws to a close with no sign that a deal was on the horizon. fox news is ray bogan tells us that the house and senate adjourned without an agreement on the budget or wall. >> reporter: the house and senate met again on thursday with no progress. no sign of compromise and site. it is all but certain that the shutdown will continue into the new year. >> the house will be in order. >> reporter: the house and senate gavel dan and gavel to out as a formality. capitol hill is a ghost town. president trump has been ramping up calls for a border wall using the deadly shooting of a california police officer by an illegal immigrant as more
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justification. running on twitter, time to get tough on border security, build the wall. republicans want more than $5 billion for border security and the wall. democrats are willing to give $1.6 billion. >> the needle has moved toward a very long shutdown. >> reporter: in one week, democrats take control of the house which could affect negotiations. >> this is a manufactured shutdown. it is unnecessary. >> reporter: nancy pelosi spokesman said democrats want more discussion on how the money is used and democrats have offered republicans the options to open the government that all include funding for strong, sensible and effective order security. not the president immoral, ineffective and expensive wall. >> we have to work at it until we get to an agreement where the majority says yes. i think we have that. until the president went off his meds. >> reporter: the house and
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senate will not come back into session until monday. those sessions are a formality and are not expected to further negotiations. in washington, ray bogan, fox news. the u.s. coast guard said 42,000 service members may be working without pay if there is no deal by tomorrow. coast guard is under the department of homeland security which is one of the agencies affected by the shutdown. authorities in the navy federal credit union, and usaa are expected to help members with loans if needed. congress is also expected to vote to give coast guard members back pay when the shutdown ends. new information. autopsy results of the eight-year-old migrant boy who died while in border patrol custody tested positive for the flu. felipe alonzo gomez died in a new mexicowhere he and his father were taken after the boy began showing signs of illness. this is the second death of a minor in border patrol custody this month. and seven-year-old girl from guatemala died on december 7
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after just hours of being placed on a bus by border patrol agents. she began to feel sick and stopped breathing. she later died at a house will. still ahead, what is behind this mysterious green light that lit up the sky in new york city. gunowners expect big changes in 2019. estates new gun laws take effect in the new year. our breezy conditions are finally starting to calm down. i will track the wind and talk about the weekend forecast, including ducking toward the new year. the five day forecast is next.
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jon kyl is the man charged for fatally stabbing nia wilson and injuring her sister. he will be examined by two court-appointed doctors. john coweel's attorney said her clients delusions and paranoia have been increasing and he is unable to help in
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defense. prosecutors argue that some of the behavior could be tied to substance abuse. after the hearing, nia wilson's father spoke out. >> if this guy could do what he did and change his clothes and carry out what he did so smoothly, i think that is competent. i want justice for my daughters. >> he will return to court in february. a man and his sister will be arrested on human trafficking charges in mountain view. carlos garcia allegedly brought a number of people to guatemala from guatemala to the united states illegally. one teenager told detectives she was repeatedly sexually assaulted by guards and other men at his apartment on latham street. detectives are asking any other possible victims in the case to come forward. big changes for the gun
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industry in california. some of the new measures that will be state law. >> reporter: several new gun control laws set to take effect in 2019 california. darting in february, the minimum age to buy long gun will go from 18-21. there are exceptions for licensed hunters, law enforcement and military members. the age restriction already applies to handguns. the legislation was co-authored by rob bonta. >> what is good policy for handguns is good policy for long guns. >> reporter: another law, initiating a lifetime firearms band for anyway convicted of a misdemeanor domestic violence offense. the legislation expands on an existing law that applies to people with felony convictions and takes effect on january 1. bill 1525 also takes effect on the first. it requires all gun stores to post specific warning signs
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detailing the risk and rules of handling guns. if you can join us tomorrow night, we will look at the new policing laws taking effect in the new year. january 1 marks one year since california allowed the use of recreational marijuana. there is still no plan to develop a state run public for the state cannabis industry. cannabis experts in the industry is in crisis without a banking system to handle the millions of dollars in cash being exchanged. an independent consultant reported findings on the possibility of establishing a public cannabis bank to finance officials in it concluded that a state run system would lead to insurmountable risk. cannabis industry experts called the findings disappointing. right now, there are millions of dollars moving around the state in cash. it is a magnet for violent crime. is reducing the ability of the
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state to audit the businesses and collect taxethe business owners themselves. >> the attorney general's office conducted their own study on the public bank concept. it found that a state run financial institution for the cannabis industry would violate federal criminal statutes. new yorkers took to social media tonight after bright light was seen across the eddie. new york officials say transformers blew out a power plant in astoria/queens. branyan us was among those who posted video. some satellite made the night time as bright as day for several minutes. there is no word on any injuries from the blast and there was no power outage. that would've gotten my attention. i saw a tweet that said no extraterrestrial activity was found either. we have headwind. we have been stuck in a pressure gradient that caused wind to roll to the bay area.
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i'm happy to say things are finally starting to calm down. even at the was gusting about a half an hour ago at about 15 miles per hour is down to 32 miles per hour. we are getting there. things are rolling back. as we go closer to the ground, you can see it is much better for everyone under the 10 mile- per-hour mark except for fairfield. 22 miles per hour. that will ramp down as we get into the overnight hours and be much better in the morning. right now taking a look at san francisco, 53 degrees. 41 in santa rosa where it will get chilly tonight. oakland 50 and 50 for livermore and 49 in san jose. these are the overnight low temperatures. we are under the influence of a cool and dry air mass. those temperatures will plunge. we will see close to freezing temperatures in the north bay and 30s in mountain view, san jose, morgan hill and livermore. we are under the influence of high-pressure. that is what is keeping the clouds away. same story tonight.
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just a few high clouds making it in. tomorrow we will get breezy in the morning. that will start to gowill be ni like today. 58 degrees is the hyatt for stand 60 at the bay and 59 if you are in land. these are the high temperatures all around the area tomorrow. lots of upper 50s and a few 60s. very similar to today.  if you're making new year's eve plans, i will be right here. you are welcome to join me. if you are heading out, i want to let you know that the forecast is looking dry and a little cool. 52 degrees 8 pm. midnight 49. if you're heading out, it is not bad. take a look here at the five day forecast. the wind is going to ramp down overnight. it will be nice tomorrow. looking for highs of 68. we stay dry over the next five days. we had toward the new year. a little cold tonight and tomorrow night. then we warm up a little bit. things will be dry and nice. it looks like right now, we will have a sunny start to the
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new year. >> it was cold all day today. >> it was. i am not looking forward to going outside after work. in the south bay, for college football super fans are living on a billboard. the last one standing is to go to the national championship game. there camped out, 45 feet in their challenge is to stay there and it comes from an espn ad campaign called who is in. it is promoting the title game on january 7. fans climbed the billboard last night ahead of two semi final games. for each of the tent, bank and bathroom and the shower. ruben hunter is not only a fan he is a former walk-on for the sooners. this is what he said about his first night sleeping on the billboard. >> my shoulders went numb.
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my sleeping bag is about six inches too short. other than that, it was a great night. there's also a carnival ride to the right. there was a kid screaming for about 10 minutes. nonstop. there is also a flight route. all of the planes fly right over us. it is a great night. >> they participated in the contest and are pulling for alabama, clemson, notre dame or oklahoma. their experiences lifestream.espn 3. is it fun to watch a lifestream of people on the billboard? after saturday's game only two fans will remain. it ends on january 7. the team that wins is the family wins. a real nailbiter for the warriors as they battle the trailblazers at oracle tonight.
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scott reiss will show us as it went into overtime. that is next in sports.
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scott is here in for mark. a great finish. >> a great almost finished.
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they are still tied for first place. the aura of invincibility is not there. tonight's game against portland is a prime example. clay thompson in a shooting slump of late. >> what is someone going to tell me? unless it is reggie miller, that is all i listen to. >> none of them in the gym tonight. he just had to do it on his own. it looked good early. he was just 2-9. then there is this. off the face of thompson who is having a bad month. this was a crazy contest. the blazers led within 3. the next lane. it is one of 2-99 for the final 22nd.
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three for the type. overtime. it is all good. in the final minute of overtime, down by 1. then up by 2. green from the corner. 15 points and 11 rebounds. they get a stop and are in control until that. curry with a bad turnover. the blazers habit. down by 2. instead of 2 to tie, lillard goes three for the lead. with 5.1 on the clock, the oakland native made a huge shot. they go to the moneyman, durrant. gets loose. game over. the blazers win 110-109. just the second time in five seasons they have lost back-to- back home games. >> can we get some separation please?seven nfl teams separated by just seven point. the sharks are there in the next as are the ducks
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playing his 1000th career game. 1-0 ducks. nice to carlson. the game tied at 1. in the second period, the shark coming attack again. working hard, working hard. on the right side of the screen, sorensen reaches an and takes it home. the seventh. is 2-1, san jose. 2-2 in the third. guess who? mr. 1000. he shoots and scores. the only shark ever with the game-winning goal in his 1000 career game. the sharks win by final four -2. the added overtime losses before christmas. >> it makes me happy. p we are all happy. >> i feel happy. >> we are a happy bunch. take care everyone. good night. ♪
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