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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 5am  FOX  December 28, 2018 5:00am-5:58am PST

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quentin, police are releasing f possibly carjacking a woman. and the u.s. coast guard has to work during a government shutdown, the fallout from the partial government shutdown. vernment shutdown. welcome to "mornings on 2", i'm gasia mikaelian in early because pam cook is enjoying the day off. >> good to see you, i'm dave clark, steve is off today and we have rosemary to talk about the weather, the last friday. >> the last friday, last weekend of 2018, it's going to be a dry one. we're looking at cool conditions expected for your bay area weekend. no rain in the forecast, and ou cranking although the wind advisory for our hills has been allowed to expire. mount diablo has 30 miles per hour and atlas peak sustained at 22, with the winds out there this morning, temperatures are
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up, but it doesn't mean it feels a lot better. sfo reporting 23 miles per ur, at this time. half moon bay gusting to 21, and hey washed at 13. take a look at how much -- hayward at 13. hayward at 13. look at the temperatures, and the wind dropped off from this stretch santa rosa and novato, temperatures are chillier and down by 9 degrees in novato. 33 to start your morning in santa rosa, just about freezing, 50 in san francisco, and rmore. even our folks in the upper 40s, if you have a little bit of wind out there, it can feel closer to 40 degrees or so, temperatures are feeling a little more, 5 to 10 degrees cooler of what we're seeing or reading, because much the wind chill factor. we have mostly clear your afternoon. upper 50s, 60s today.
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58 in san francisco, and 54 in vallejo and 58 expected in san jose. we'll have a look at the extended forecast and whether or not we see any rain coming our way. gasia? >> the manhunt continues this morning for an inmate that escaped san quentin police. this is video police released that they believe is the inmate involved in a carjack. we'll have the newest developments. >> reporter: the carjacking victim was not injured fortunately. police believe that shalom mendoza the inmate who escaped from san quentin is the carjacking suspect based on the description and the proximity to the store in san quentin. they released the surveillance video to the video last night. they were called to the home depot at 9:15 wednesday night. the victim said she was approached by an hispanic male wearing a white t-shirt or light yellow pants, it's
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difficult to see, the carjacker is possibly shalom mendoza who escaped san quentin last night. >> he had a what looked like a gun in his t-shirt, he threatened to kill her, and told her not to call police or he would shoot her. >> 21-year-old shalom mendoza walked away from a work crew and he was last seen before 6:00 p.m. wednesday, no one at the prison realized he was missing until a head count that was conducted 3 and a half miles later. the suspect is described as an 35 feet 6 inches tall and 170 pounds, similar to mendozvehicl silver toyota rav4, and this is the license plate, you can see this on your screen. police say it's unknown if mendoza is still driving that
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suv based on his criminal record. previously in 2017, he had carjacked a man of his toyota prius but 15 minutes later he ditched that car to carjack a different vehicle. different vehicle. the time is now 5:04, the family are asking for an independent investigation of a death. they say vasquez was in a stolen car, but was not a suspect of an earlier shooting as first thought. she led police on and high- speed chase and she tried to ram her car into a police car. that's when four police officers opened fire. the san jose police chief eddie garcia admits that they were chasing the wrong car, but he's
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standing by his officers. >> had the deceased not been driving a stolen vehicle and led police on and high speed chase and attempted to get a way and ramming a police vehicle, this tragedy would not have occurred. >> the vasquez family is questioning the police's use of force. then held a candlelight vigil demanding justice, she should be here celebrating the holiday with family and friends. >> law enforcement has to be mindful when they make mistakes, their mistakes can be lethal. >> the vasquez family want police to release body camera video of the shooting, it often hams when the investigation is complete. the four officers are now on leave. starting at 9:00 this morning, the coast guard will be working even though members won't be getting paid because
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of the ches are not fall under the defense department. some 42,000 coast guard members remained on duty during the shutdown that began last saturday. authorities same the navy federal credit union and usaa are expected to help with loans if needed. and lawmakers and political members are predicting the shutdown will last into the new year. barring a surprise resolution it will be the second longest shutdown of the decade when congress reconvenience next week and democrats take chrome of the house. >> i would say that pat kneeled has moved towards a very long shutdown. >> -- i would say that a needle has moved towards a very long shutdown. a spokesperson for nancy
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pelosi, the house democratic leader. the republicans have been offered three options, funding for strong border security, but not the president's immoral and ineffective and expensive wall. a shutdown over president obama's health care law lasted 16 days. we'll have a live report from washington for you coming up at the bottom of the hour. the time is 5:07, many of us are taking advantage of the who weather and the -- the holiday weather and many parks are closed and road blocks have set up too. themes led to bad traffic jams within the golden gate reb recreational area. they've never seen traffic so bad and parking so hard to find. >> it's so crowded, it's just awful. >> the parking is hectic, we
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parked far and tried to get closer to the bridge, but the parking is like, you can't park. it's impossible. >> that family said they expected it to be crowded, it's one of the most popular tourist attractions, they said it was worse than expected. it's their first time visiting san francisco. today and tomorrow homeland security secretary, kirstjen nielsen will tour the border of mexico to review migrant children, she'll go to el paso, texas and this is in response to two migrant children who died in custody t she said there needs to be extraordinary protective measures to make sure all children get a good screening. we're seeing photo of
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filipe gomez who underwent several transfers when he was detained. he had the flu and he was given antibiotics and ibuprofen before he died. a 7-year-old died november 7th hours after she was placed on a bus by border patrol agents, she started to feel sick and stopped breathing. and the president and first lady met with american service members at the airbase in iraq on wednesday, and he announced he's not withdrawing troops from iraq and they're demanding that, and president trump failed to meet with iraqi leaders during his visit. but he did speak with the prime minister by phone. new this morning, a pharmacy in novato is apologizing for accidentally exposing the personal information of some of the patients and customers, the
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marin county independent journal says prescription bags and numbers were thrown out with regular trash back in october. the report says the pharmacy doesn't believe any of the information was stolen, but pharmacists are telling patients who may have been affected, keep an eye on their credit card and bank statements as and precaution. it's still not clear how many patients were affected. economists and investors are keeping a close eye on wall streets as soon as stocks open this morning. it's been and roller coaster for the indexes, the dow closed up 260 after falling 600 plus points earlier in the session. the nasdaq rose 25 points and the s&p was up 21, one analysts is advising investors to stay the course despite the volatility. >> we'll be down 6 or 7%, we know the market happens been up 9 of those tense, and some of
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those years it's been up double digits, the sell off now isn't that bad. >> financial analysts points out the fundamentals of the economy remain strong, with low unemployment and low inflation and rising workers salaries. and the sears chairman has an afternoon deadline today to submit and bid for the struggling retailers through the hedge fund. he's trying to rescue them from bankruptcy, the deal would keep 500 sears stores, saving 50,000 jobs. the time now 5:11, still ahead, there's a service outage that can be a public safety issue, new information from century link, the 911 service, getting it restored to millions of customers on the west coast. a severe storm is rage being across the midwest, the blizzard conditions caused by this winter blast. >> temperatures outside our door, they're ranging from the
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low 30s to the low 50s, it has to do with the wind. i'll explain coming up.
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we have new information to bring you from overnight, about a nationwide century link outage that affects the 911 service. the louisiana based company said it was making service.
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century link said last network element, it affects people in oregon and washington. >> some of the calls that we've needed to transfer to different communication centers, we have ability to hail them on the radio, if we can't transfer the 911 call, we can relay the information over the radio system. people are being advised to text 911, in the seattle area, they can call the ten digits for their particular jurisdiction to the police department or fire department number. there will be a change for law enforcement in california. several highly publicized police shootings inspired two bills that will become law soon. >> reporter: in an effort to increase transparency law enforcement, governor jerry brown signed two bill. senate bill 1421 was written by takes affect january 1st.
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it allows public access to internal investigations of police shootings and records involving sexual assault by an officer. the second measure, bill 748 doesn't take affect until july. it will require body camera footage of police shootings and use if force cases to be released in 45 days unless it will interfere with the investigation. it was introduced by phil king of san francisco. >> we believe in greater transparency to the public and greater transparency of the communities will build back the relationship, but in particular help build that trust. that's what these two bill are about. >> the new legislation comes after veral highly publicize id use of force cases including a shooting in sacramento police, the suspect was breaking into cars and he in his mother's backyard when
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two officers mistook his cellphone for a gun. himself death sparked protests nationwide. nationwide. republican lawmakers same they want to change the way california ballot measures are written because of the failed attempt to repeople the gas tax. at the state capitol they'll be trying again to pass and constitutional amendment to strip the attorney general for writing the summaries, they talk to proposition 6, critics accuse the attorney general by misleading voters by printing vegan misleading language. >> the attorney general tilts the scales of in terms of the outcome, by the way it's worded so people don't have a clear sense of what they're voting osal, the nonpartisan legislative analyst
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office would be given the responsibility of writing all future ballot titles and summaries, and lawmakers will have the ability to introduce the measure next month. two deaths in the midwest now blamed on a powerful winter storm. it dumped nearly a foot of snow in western minnesota and blizzard conditions, several states are under a winter weather advisory. it caused flight delays and cancellations and very dangerous driving conditions. >> one of the big challenges in greater minnesota is going to be as the snow accumulates, the wind will pick up. there will be blowing snow and it's drifting on the roadways. >> blowing warnings are in misouth and north dakota and minnesota. there's a collapse after in san francisco, it took a
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public works croupe near a day to get it off the road and it dragged down electrical lines. no one was in the truck at the time when it landed on it and luckily no one was hurt. and i got out of car at 4:00 this morning, the car door blew back truck because of the winds in the parking lot. >> i was chasing a gross rip bag down the street yesterday, it's awfully breezy and it's been 50 to 60 miles per hour in the last 24 hours. the wind advisory has expired but it's still breezy out there. with that breeze it will feel the next several days. up look to the pacific northwest, we have and system there that is beginning to pull in. a lot of will be traveling this weekend, so far washington, d.c., the only area reporting delays, you have the entire east coast with rain and
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rain snow mix in the northeast. >> here's a look at what we can expect as we roll in the bay area friday and saturday. we have a system that will move through the pacific northwest and wash over northern california early sunday morning, but you can see here, it's not coming near us, we're going to be dry for the final weekend of 2018. as far as the winds and napa reporting 14 miles per hour, fairfield is reporting 14, concord reporting 15, and the wind is stirring things around and temperatures are up for most. 50 degrees in concord and 48 in oakland, and even though temperatures are up, 48 in oakland could easily feel like 42, a little bit of wind could feel like as well. san jose reporting wind, even though the reading says 49, it doesn't feel like 49, it feels like closer to 40 degrees, santa rosa is above freezing this morning, very cold outside your door, afternoon highs will
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be cool. upper 50s to near 60 expected, the inner east bay, 56 in livermore and the south bay is your afternoon high. san jose, here's a look at the extended forecast, temperatures will remain in the upper 50s to low 60s, the afternoon and it's chilly as well. notice in the extended forecast, we don't have any rain in searching. all of wait through the new year asaphia settlements and the first day of 2019. the warriors are not playing basketball right now, they're packing oracle arena, in the moment, it's set by dove nation, and why marin county is dealing with a serious health concern.
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5:24, the golden state warriors are looking for their mojo after the game with the trail blazers. the warriors were down 10 points with three minutes of the game, that's when kevin durant and steph curry led the team on a run sent the game to overtime and took it to overtime. there was and big three point from miller. they lost 110-109.
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the warriors' chance for revenge comes quickly in portland tonight. and the warriors set and franchise record, it had 111 sellouts for the year. it's the longest stretch of sellouts in the team's history. this is the longest streak, the 4th in the nba. the warriors games is still one of the hottest tickets in town. the first one coming here, it's my birthday, she surprised me, and i love the warriors. >> it was four years we waited to be season ticket holders. >> i'm thank full for the fans for their constant support, it's a huge help night in and night out playing on our home floor. >> the warriors look to make it 312 sellouts, they have a long way streak in the nba, that bel to the dallas mavericks, they've sold out every home
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game since 2001 with 762 sellouts in a row. the san jose sharks prove that they belong in the group of best teams in the country. there were three assists to lead the team and points scored. burns scored a game winner in the third. the division rivals don't play again until march. 5 26, day -- 5:26, and day 7 of the partial government shutdown. in theory, both sides are trying to figure out the governhutdown. shutdown. what's next. and a cold dry day for your bay area friday, this morning breezy and chilly, i'll have a look at what you can expect for the rest of 2018 coming up.
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welcome back to "mornings on 2", i'm gasia mikaelian in for pam cook, dave clark will join us in a second. we swing to rosemary, it's windy out there. >> yes, even though the wind advisory expired for our hills, it's still very breezy, the winds-continue to die down as we get through the morning and early afternoon, outside still gusting over our hills, mount
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diablo is reporting winds to 40 miles per hour, and atlas peak they're gusting to 22. you don't have to be in the hills to feel that wind. let's look at the surface observations for ups. half moon bay reporting wind gusts to 29, sfo at 23, hayward sustained at 13, livermore 13, and san jose, it's a breezy start for you there. the wind is stirring things up, temperatures are up in many locations, if you're in the 40s this morning, you're like santa rosa and in the 30s, the wind chill factor is impacting us this morning. with the breeze it feels closer to 42, the same goes for san jose. livermore at 47. it could feel closer to 40 degrees outside your door. if you had that 33 orm tracker rain out there to speak of. the entire weekend will be a dry one. into the afternoon, and upper a
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afternoon high in concord. temperatures won't be changing a lot over the next few days. in the extended is forecast, a look at the new year's eve. more on this in just a bit. dave? we're looking for a gunman in the city of newman. they released these new photos of the suspect, they haven't told us his name. buff they say he's in the united states illegally m president trump referred to the manhunt as one reason to build a border wall. the sheriff's department says their main focus is to find the man corporal singh. we don't need to politicize death of officer singh. officer singh
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immigrant immigrated here legally and lawfully, he sacrificed his life protecting his community. his killer on the other hand is not supposed to be in this country. >> detectives carried out and search warrant in stanislaus county, but the suspect was not there. the police chief held an emotional news conference and talked about the death of officer singh? >> you have to understand this is not supposed to happen here. i've been to too many of these funerals. and i never thought, ever, that i would have to be doing this. i do not want to be here today. i, i would give anything not to. >> and tonight at 6:00, there will be a community vigil honoring corporal singh, it will be in the downtown plaza
5:33 am
in the city of knew man. >> his dog will be -- in the city of newman. >> his dog, we have learned will be tired. >> sam will be retired. she probably happens more time that she could work the streets, i will not take another member of that family from them. i was a member of their family. >> the picture of corporal singh and sam was taken christmas day just before he left for what would be his final shift the time is 5:33, the search goes on for an inmate who escaped from san quentin prison. this is a carjacking at a home depot near san quentin. it was 21-year-old shalom mendoza. no one at the prison he was missing until an inmate head
5:34 am
count was taken more than 3.5 hours later. something that is concerning, it's very uncommon that san raphael has a carjacking, if it's not reach lated to the prison, it's something we'll take -- if it's not related to the prison, it's something we'll take seriously. they're porting a knife at the driver, and police were led on a 6-mile chase before arrested. he's been in the state prison for a year and was transferred to san quentin in april and he was outside of the perimeter of the san quentin prison. and they want an independent investigation into a woman's death. she was not a suspect in a shooting as officers thought. she led them on a high-speed chase and put officers at risk. here's how the family is
5:35 am
responding. >> reporter: calls for just tips at this candlelight vigil for jennifer vasquez, a groping memorial marks the spot where a 24-year-old was shot by she should be here celebrating the holidays with her family and friends and now she's not. >> grief-stricken loved ones are calling it a deadly mistake by san jose police. >> they were called out to reports of a shooting, they have thought the white toyota camry matched the suspect's car. they tried to pull her over, instead they led him on a high- speed chase that ended after vasquez crashed her car into a fence apartment fruit dale avenue. the car was stolen and the family disputes that. >> the suspect rammed the patrol car with the toyota using it as a deadly weapon and caused four officers to fire in an attempt to stop the fire. eddie garcia admitted that they were chasing the wrong car, while he called the events
5:36 am
tragic i can, he stood by the -- the events tragic, he stood by the not attempt to get away and lead police on and high-speed chase, and rammed a police vehicle, this tragedy would not have occurred. >> she wasn't going to go anywhere, she was surrounded. shooting her was unnecessary. >> among those, family members affected by police violence, she said the shooting triggers their pain. and this woman lost her daughter when her daughter was shot in 2014. >> law enforcement has to be mindful when they make mistakes, their minutes takes can be lethal. >> are calling for an the famil and christmas has changed it with the fact she died on
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christmas day. news today is day 7 of the partial government shutdown with no end in sight. it's expected to return next week when democrats take control of the house and nancy pelosi is expected to become house speaker for a second time. doug luzader has more from washington and many lawmakers have left town for the weekend. you can just about walk from one end of capitol hill and not run into anyone. this place is eerily quiet, what you'll hear is a sense of resignation. >> you know in the last 48 hours, i would same that the needle has moved towards a very long shutdown because of the impasse that we're seeing and the unwillingness of democrats to actually engage in meaningful dialogue. >> yes, both houses of congress
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gaveled in for a few minutes yesterday, that's form a holiday stuff, that's when they blame each othe . they can't agree on the border wall funding. >> i am think we had that until the president went off on their medicine, on knows what happened. >> and then say it's not allowing the republicans to have a ten. they may have the ten senate votes, we have the issue, border security, 2020. >> nothing is expected to change around here until next week at the earliest. >> we won't get and deal until the new congress is in place, even then we'll have a debate for a little while longer, at some point there are no winners in this, there's only losers, it is a estion of who looks less bad. >> that was doug luzader reporting. >> beginning at 9:00, the coast guard will be working without r
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the coast guard is the of the m agencies affected by the partial government shutdown. and other military branches are not affected because they're under the defense department. 32,000 coast guard members were on duty when the partial government shutdown began on saturday. the navy credit union and usaa will provide loans if it's needed. and a mushroom facility is being sued for 67 million, and monterey mushroom intentionally dumped toxic waste water into the facility. monterey mushroom said in a statement that it was shocked and disappointed at the lawsuit and the company had been in communication with the office. the pollution was as a result
5:40 am
of late winter storms in 2016 and 2017 a diver from britain, he criticized elon musk's efforts to represents cue young soccer players in type land trapped in and cave earlier this year. and elon musk tweeted a derogatory term about that diver. and this diver played and big role in rescuing those boys trapped in a cave is suing elon musk for $75,000. and there's no plan to develop a state run public bank for the state's cannabis industry. experts in the area said it's in crisis without a banking system without a system to
5:41 am
handle the millions of dollars of cash being ex chained. they have believe a state run banking wore lead to risks. then called the findings disappointing, according to the cannabis experts. >> there are millions of dollars moving around the state in cash. it's an attraction to violent crime, it's creating a lot of personal hardship for the business owners themselves and cannabis users. >> they did their own study and they found that it would violate federal criminal statutes. marin county seeing a rise in cases of whooping cough. they reported 241 cases this year, the highest number in 8 years, most of them affected were high school students. they recover without
5:42 am
complications, but whooping cough can be deadly for babies and keep older children with whooping cough away from younger children. and the bay area county is waiting while many others are open to those in need for a shelter on and cold cold night. look at that, a source of bright light across new york city. it's cool and breezy, we'll check on the current conditions and show you what you can expect for the bay area weekend and beyond coming up.
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cal's lawyer says he's getting more and more delusional and paranoid and company not help in his defense r prosecutors argued that some of his behavior could be tied to substance abuse. >> oh, man, if this guy could do what he did and change his clothes and carry out what he did so smoothly, that's pretty competent, i want justice for my daughters, that's the only thing i want, justice for my daughters. cal will go back to court in february, that's when the doctor's reports could be ready. some 1 million people are expected to pack new york's times square to watch the ball drop on new year's eve p
5:46 am
reporter steve rapport brings us this report. >> reporter: new year's eve 1.2 billion will be watching times square and the glittery ball that rings in the new year for the east coast. preparations got under way on thursday. crews installed 192 triangles to the countries tool face of the ball, adding to the 6500 circling the sphere. >> it's designed in waterford, by waterford artist, it's spectacular. >> they'll all flow harmoniously into each other which highlights this year's theme, the gift of harmony. >> we come together as we count down the final seconds of the year in unison and with hope for the future. >> and people will be treated for several performances, the ball will be raised at 6:00
5:47 am
p.m. before it drops at midnight on new year's eve. >> this is the time we celebrate the people that we love, the things we value most, and then it's also a moment when we look forward with a sense of hope. >> the celebration centerpiece is 12 feet in diameter and weighs 12,000 pounds. wishing you a happy new year, fox news. and you can watch the ball drop right here on ktvu fox 2. and steve harvey is hosting a new year's special. it is 8 to 10 on monday night and he 11 to ring in the new year. there will be hosts and it will have robin thicke and jason aldean. we'll have more on what to expect on that big night. the police had to reassure that there were not extra
5:48 am
tripsial that caused this light in space. >> people posted -- extraterrestrial that caused this light in space. transformers blew at a power plant, it was an electrical surge and not alien. the time is 5:48, arethra franklin, the queen of soul left behind millions of dollars in unpaid taxes. she died at he did not leave behind and will. the documents obtained by it. mz said she owed $6.3 million in income taxes. the estate has been audited, they've paid the irs3000000 since she died. >> we hope you'll be able to help bay area families to bundle up this winter. we ask you to donate a gently used coat or a new compote for people in need to the "one warm
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coat" drive. the national nonprofit "one warm coat" drive is in its 16 year. it is happening right now and goes until december 31st. we have locations in san jose and oakland and ups and big o tire stores. go to and you'll find analyst of donations -- a list of locations. take those copies and some -- take those coats and some family will be very has the forecast. >> winds are blowing out there. that happens allowed temperatures to be warmer will feel warmer. giving you a view at the state of california in the dry at the through the pacific northwest, that won't be impacting us, if
5:50 am
you know somebody heading in and out if new mexico for today, winter travel expected here, albuquerque reporting snow, and we get to the east half of the country, take a look at that, rain and thunderstorms from the south through the mid-atlantic states and areas over new england are looking at rain and snow. the only area reporting delays right now, washington, d.c. and here's a look at the wind outside at home. we're looking at fairfield, sustained wind at 16 and concord sustained at 16. even though most of us in the 40s this morning, livermore at 47, 46 in nap in san jose, jose. and it's faster than that in some spots, it feels colleagueser to 40 degrees in most spots. the wind went calm in areas of santa rosa and 33 outside your
5:51 am
door. the wind impacts our numbers. ment winds will subside. upper 50s to low 60s expected today p in the north bay 59, inner east bay 66 is expected and san hoe same at 58. if you're going to tahoe for the weekend, it will be dry here as well. a mix of sun and clouds and take a look at the overnight lows, though, in to about 10 degrees or so. 17 for sunday and the afternoon highs, near freezing today and into the 40s for saturday as well as sunday. here at home, round being out the final weekend of -- rounding out the final weekend of 2018. we'll have the upper 50s for saturday and sunday, new year's eve and new year's day, the icons they remain with sunshine, a mix of sun and clouds is expected on sunday. no rain in the forecast arrests we end 2018 -- as we end 2018. >> san francisco's population
5:52 am
is booming, and new construction isn't. we'll look at san francisco's plan to build more housing.
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5:54 am
the time is 5:54, san francisco's population is booming, but housing it construction is lagging behind. christian captain has a new report and what some city leaders want to do about it. >> reporter: san francisco's population is up 2.25%, even as a city struggles to make
5:55 am
everyone has a home. that's why san francisco's mayor says she's committed to build as quickly as possible. >> we need to get more housing and affordable housing so people can afford to stay here and stay in the city they grew up with. >>ment san francisco's population grew -- the san francisco's population grew in population from 2017 to 2018 and at any rows by 880,000 residents. they're struggling to keep up with the demand of housing. it will have added 3,000 new homes. it's crucial to use the 881 million windfall to build new housing and at market rate and affordable housing. >> market rate housing helps
5:56 am
build affordable housing. it's crucial to build affordable housing to cheap communities stabilize. >> the bay area is not just the area to see an increase, all 9 counties saw a percentage increase. there was a 5% increase in population. and our time is 5:56, a washington, d.c. restaurant is giving away free burgers for those furloughed during the partial government shutdown, and z burger is giving those burgers to workers and something that they did during the 2013 government shutdown, it put the owner out of business back then. he gave 15,000 burgers over two weeks, he's hoping his latest decision will help end that government shutdown. and the search continues for an escaped prisoner from san quentin.
5:57 am
>> it's day 7 of the partial government shutdown and how parts of the military is affected as the stalemate continues. and the wind and weather, what you can expected for this afternoon coming up.
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it's a crisp day on december 28th. i'm gasia mikaelian. >> and good morning i'm dave clark. it's cold and breezy, and rosemary is here to talk about if the forecast. >> it's one much the mornings where you have to consider the wind chill factor. even though it says 45 on the reading, it could feel more like 35 if you have a strong breeze. the wind advisory has expired in the himself. we have wind at mount diablo at 34 miles per hour. middle peak is reporting a gust of 42. the oakland himself the winds are gusting at 17. livermore gusting to 23, and san jose gusting to 18. we have sustained wind at 12, and half moon bay gusting at
6:00 am
28. the wind has actually helped to keep temperatures from cooling off into the overnight hours, in most spots you can see areas like santa rosa and novato drop the overnight hours. temperatures are up in concord by 5, 10, and up by 5 in san jose. it's providing a little relief. the winds are blowing out there, 47 in livermore, it can feel more like 42, you'll need the thicker jacket this morning, upper 30s in oakland and 50 degrees in san francisco. that's an improvement, santa rosa, 33 in the last hour. here's a look at the clear skies outside of our doors, the winds will continue to drop off as we get through the second part of the morning and noon the early afternoon hours, upper 50s, low 60s expected for the mostly sunny skies for friday afternoon. 58 in san francisco and 59 in napa and 57


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