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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 430am  FOX  December 31, 2018 4:30am-4:58am PST

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it is breezy on thday of 2018. nd is 31 miles per hou oakland sustained at 8. with the northwest wind coming out of the direction, areas crossing and the san mateo bridge cup there could be issues and those s. as far as visibility, not too bad. livermore reporting 4 miles of visibility. went over the north bay, over here in the area where we have the wind blowing through the hills this morning, 44 in napa and fairfield at 49 and 15 degrees warmer than yesterday. livermore at 38 and around the bay aand upper 40s in san comin a little bit. let's check the highways.
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>> good morning. the highways look good. before we get to that, we went public transit agencies in the south bay. at morgan hill, it looks good. there were no problems to talk about. the vta is on a regular schedule but they have extra trains tonight for that new year's eve party years. also 280 in san jose, things look good in both directions. chp is out. this is part of the maximum enforcement. he. definitely, if you think you have had too much to drink, find another way to get home. this is a look at 101, schedule to8:00, free service from 8 pm until 5 a.m.
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b.a.r.t. is running extra drain. caltrain has extra schedules there is also free service. there are lot of options to get around. let's go back to that desk. firefighters are investigating the hobay. a fire broke out before 3:30 this morning in a garage. fire fighters have that fire out less than an hour. the garage was full. investigators are working to determine what may have caused that buyer. day 10 of the partial government shutdown, the $5 billion president trump wants is a huge dublin blot. >> what donald trump and the republicans want to do is to waste $5 million of taxpayer money on a medieval border wall that is a fifth century
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solution to a 21st century problem. >> lindsey graham met with the president at the white house yesterday. she seemed optimistic about potential my saying a deal could be made to help daca recipients. >> the appropriation would go a long way to secure the border. it is not just about physical barriers but other things >> if we could find a way to make sure that daca recipients have a work permit to make their lives better -- >> the congress convenes on thursday. the majority will pass legislation in the government shutdown but whatever they pass , needs to go through the senate and get the president's signature. the u.s. prepares to withdraw troops from syria. kurdish leaders who run much of the northern border have turned
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to russia for help regarding the border city. the turkey based rubbles say they are mobilizing the area with the presence of u.s. troops have been acting as a deterrent to turkey. the dynamics have changed as president trump ordered the removal of the ground trips. lindsey graham as he is better about where that u.s. is heading with sarah after meeting with donald trump. >> i like what i heard we have differences but i will tell you, the president is thinking long and hard about syria, how to withdraw the forces but at the same time achieve our national security interest here >> graham criticized the decision to withdraw troops out of syria saying isis is not fully defeated and removing personnel transduced and he make sure the president
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understands the need to finish that job. lawmakers are promising to investigate of two children who died in the custody of border patrol agents. jane reports on the debate between the policy and the politics. >> reporter: republican senator lindsey graham promises congress will look into the death of migrant children who were in u.s. border patrol custody. one died from shock and dehydration and alonzo passed away after coming down trp says of children or others are the fault of the de the pathetic immigration policies. kellyanne conway says the death is a tragedy. so are the attempted clinical gains. >> i don't political ponds. >> this is what the president
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just did? >> he is not doing that. he does not want them to come on that journey to begin with. >> democrats agree it is policy and not politics. >> we want to enhance the ability of our officials at the border to conduct themselves in a humane fashion. >> reporter: the border patrol officials clays -- claim they tried to help the children and they have been taken to hospitals for treatments. >> the agents did everything they could when they had symptoms of illness to save their lives. >> reporter: amid the political back-and-forth, the family of the boy is trying to process his sudden death. >> it is very difficult. >> reporter: my brother passed away. >> we are expecting them to return his body soon so we can bury him here. >> reporter: homeland u.s. facility procedures for all child migrants.
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fox news. 2019 promises to and politi lauren takes a look back at the politics of 2018. >> mr. speaker? the president of the united states. >> reporter: president trump's second year in office. >> we enacted the biggest tax cuts >> reporter: it kicked off with fire inferior. >> discussed government shutdow 100% avoidable. >> reporter: disputes over immigration policies. >> it is divided americas and way no other president has done. a national debate over gun control pick >> up you listen the people in shaking. >> reporter: rex tillerson hired by president trump as
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others in the white house and congress step down. >> everybody knows when to hang up the gloves. for me, that time is soon approaching. >> reporter: the facebook founder apologized to congress. >> there needs to be negligent.>> reporter: the senate voted to approve net neutrality. >> this gives constitution of the internet. for the president and avenues -- announced tariffs on chinese imports and met with kim jong-un that >> we are prepared to start a new history and write a new chapter. >> reporter: the supreme court approved the travel ban pick >> the minimum, we have to make sure we that people coming into the country. >> reporter: anthony kennedy announced his retirementthe uni >> reporter: the process was marred by controversy.
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>> with what degree of certainty you believe brett kavanaugh is do? >> 100%. >> my family and my name have been totally permanently destroyed by vicious and false accusations. >> reporter: the president? picked became the newest justice. >> mr. president? thank you for the great honor. >> reporter: the council investigation at the second year continues to probe into russian interference. >> there is a scheme known as spear fishing. >> reporter: president trump went to finland. >> they came to me and they said they think it is russia. i have president putin who just said it is not russia. i will say this, tion said goodbye to john mccain. >> the america of john mccainno
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again. america has been always great.>> reporter: democrats predicted a blue wave. the result, l of the house and senate. >> maybe you get a ripple but it is not fair. >> reporter: the feud with the media reached a boiling point. >> cnn should be ashamed having you working for them. >> reporter: a moment of unity as the nation said farewell to the 41st president. >> let us know the blessings of knowing and loving you, a great and noble man. the best father a son horry daughter could have.>> reporter: the year ended as it began. >> nancy? >> reporter: fire and fury. >> you are shutting down the government.>> reporter: eight review of the new year to come as the congressional leaders get ready to starttheir to.
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in washington, lauren with fox news. >> that was politics of the past year. we have big moments for 2018 to reflect on some of the year's biggest and best. you have an easy commute as you head out at this hour. this is the east shore freeway and we will look at the other roadways coming up. this morning, mostly clear skies. we have breezy conditions for your new will look at the current conditions and what you can expect coming up.
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we concluded a year in sports that had ups and down. the team had a season to forget . here is joe fonzi. >> there is the buzzer. the new guy in the nba. >> another year and another warrior championship they ended the playoffs west a san antonio, they played two elimination games against the houston rocketsto the >> the la made history by meeting in the finals for the fourth straight year. there were memorable mom is.
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the score at regular. steph curry set eight playoff record and for the second year in a row, kevin durant was the most valuable player pick the warriors one and a 4-game suite -- sweep. >> they had a parade. there is increased pressure to win. and enjoythe ride. to have a parade and now three. >> the warrior's success was expected. the oakland ace did in 2018 was unexpected. >> walk off wins are eight stable in the 50th year for the doctrine 20 the coliseum. oakland season featured a no-
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hitter, a comeback from angels which s scored 21 runs. oakland has 27 wins since the first time since 2014. they unveiled the latest version of pretty pictures, proposing that intimate ballpark in calling for a moment of property where the coliseum sits. there was another anniversary across the bay for that giants. the second straight losing they met with acquisitions with mccutcheon. the tone for the year was set in the preseason start for bumgardner. >> that is feeling it. >> injuries like that team. they suffered the indignity of watching that doctors clinch the national west title. when
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summer turned to while, expectations were high. the 49ers signed garoppolo to a contract but the guy who would never lost the nfl start in his first seven games suffered a knee injury that finished his season. 2018, the 49ers showed promise and they hope the acquisition of a few more key players can make 18 that can play 48 playoff spot in 2019. in january, the raiders announced the return of john, the most popular head coaches in franchise history. the oakland fans thought they had a core of players that would be together for years to come. mac was traded. grouper was they ended up in a competition that goes to the team with the worst record in the league. add one more the
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raiders fans, the christmas eve game against denver was the last one for the raiders in the oakland coliseum. >> i don't want to get too sentimental. hopefully that is not the case. >> raiders will have to go to las vegas. speaking of las vegas, it was the expansion team , the golden knights who ended the san jose shark season. they were in the playoffs but the team came up short of the ultimate goal of the word stanley cup. nascar made a stop and that checkered flag. one year before beach sawjose put 2018 in the her chick times in 27 games and same for san football
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teams, cal inning the big game for the ninth year and. stanford , the cardinal is the college up champion winning the director cup for the 24th straight year with national chairmanships and women's volleyball, swimming, and rowing . the warriors expect to unveil eight set of chairmanship banners when they open the doors in san francisco. you may have seen the nfl teams in the bay area, check back with us next year at this time. ktvu , fox 2 news. >> that was a year in sports. how about traffic in 2018? it is a bit light or heavy this afternoon? >> there is a lot less to talk about in terms of traffic. let's show you the roadways. if you are driving in from tracy
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or livermore -- livermore valley, you have it easy. there is a stalled vehicle at 205. the same with the rest of the east bay, you could see minor backups but we do not see that because it is new in mind if y barking ] -- b.a.r.t., it is an easier schedule. 880 at oakland, traffic looks good. the bridget is moving nicely. rosemary has mentioned this morning it is breezy so if you are crossing the bridge this morning, definitely be aware of that. it is foredeck 50. i will send it over to rosemary. >> the wind is picking up in the hills overnight. this goes on until early tuesday morning. for bayside,
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we have a wind advisory this morning and will last until 1:00. a breezy for the final date of 2018 with high pressure over the persistent -- pacific. the pressure between the two is kicking up the wind. the wind advisory started until midnight until 2:00 on wednesday morning. for the bayside community, 9:00 this morning until 9:00 tonight with when testing to 45 miles per hour. it is breezy out there. right now, the wind is not too bad. the sfo is reporting 8 miles per hour. the is stronger wind along the coastline. 50 degrees in half moon bay and
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49 in san francisco. upper 30s and 40s near livermore and concord where temperatures are similar to yesterday. it is fairly calm for that east bay at this time. temperatures are up by even 10 degrees the hills and it has to der breezy conditions with mid to upper 50s around the region. if you are going to be out this evening, ring that jacket. it is a cool one bite midnight into the 40s. here is a look at your extended forecast. temperatures don't change much. we have upper 50s throughout and dry conditions throughout the weekend with a slight chance of wet weather returning . we've got a chance that we will hold onto it. coming up,
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a loss. it is a high note
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the 49ers are heading into the season. many holes were exposed by the playoffs.
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>> wilson had very impressive games to the east. he loses the ball. >> there you go. nick mullins with three pics and fumbled the ball in the 1st quarter. they prayed a good game the 49ers lost 38-32 and a shoot out . the 49ers made the effort to finish the game. the most by eight tight end in a season. kelsey from kansas city sent a new high with the gronkowski record. it was 1377 yards for the season . the oakland raiders, the season is all about where the team well plate and 2019. they were blown out on sunday
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by the chiefs in kansas city. >> 2nd and 10. the receiver was not even looking. into the enzo. >> it looks like the 49ers game. the chief burned the secondary big touchdown plate. the raiders t whitewashede will be a lot of talk under john. the raiders finished with identical records. coming up, a southbay pastor died on family. we will tell you what investigators say happened to him. 10 days nt shutdown and rea reserve the >> reserve fund is starting to run out. we've got the update on this story coming up.
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the attack in san francisco is caught on video. the government shutdown with no signs of reopening. new year's eve and what you ne bay area
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. are you ready for a party?>> look at that. >> that is beautiful. >> stunning, welcome to sydney, australia. it is a beautiful site. australia follows new zealand? we just had new zealand celebrating. >> how nice it is to work on new year. >> it almost did not happen. they had torrential downpour >> they had a flyover with a lot of rain that cleared


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