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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 430am  FOX  January 23, 2019 4:30am-4:59am PST

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lots of sunshine and the temperatures are noticeably colder this morning. the clouds are driven on some of the forecast temperatures, but it is within the realm of possibility. it will be in the upper 60s or low 70s if we do not have much in the way of clouds. does 37 in san jose. 42 in oakland. 34 in faith-year-old fairfield. there some 30s there. more in los altos hills. menlo park is 34. san mateo is down to 39. mostly sunny. will be sunny for everybody. a few high clouds going through . even less than yesterday. we will rebound, but if you are taking the dog out, you might want to wait because it is cold out there. 50s and 60s. mid-60s to the south. 4:30. do you want to talk about the super commute times now? >> the super commute times.
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thank you so much. we're going to look at solano county. it is nice to just go with the routine and right now, traffic is moving along pretty well if you are driving on 80 westbound. looks like a nice-looking commute here as you drive out to the bridge. yesterday, we had a pretty sketchy commute in the early hours. it was very slow and there were a couple of accidents this morning. it is actually doing really well right now.looks good throu venetian bridge. here is a look at 80 westbound. as you get to the bay bridge, the traffic is light. the white house is moving ahead with plans for a state of the union address next tuesday. that is despite objections from speaker of the house nancy pelosi who says it should be postponed until after the government shutdown. the washington post is preparing that the white house is preparing two versions of the speech. traditional one delivered in
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washington and a second one that could be delivered at a political style rally. with federal workers set to miss another paycheck on friday, many are having to cut costs wherever they can. we talk with correctional officers at the federal prison in dublin who are staying at the prison overnight to save on gas money. >> reporter: this week at the federal correction institution in dublin, some of the prison employees are not going home every day at the end of the shifts. >> now, since i do not have any money, it has been really tough. >> reporter: the corrections officers left at the prison on a caught. employees, strapped for cash, have set up temporary beds with sleeping bags and the training center. >> instead of driving home and spending $20 on gas, we can just sleep in the training center. >> reporter: the employee union says other workers are sleeping in vehicles or campers in the parking lot and dozens are asking to switch to four-day shifts to save on gas. a show of compassion came on
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tuesday with food donations from trader joe's stores and a local charity called home at sunset. but the better irony is watching prisoners get their meals while they have no paychecks to purchase groceries. >> it is scary. does really scary. >> reporter: there in the middle of the shut down tug-of- war. hoping that politicians find compassion and compromise. republican senate leaders have agreed to call a vote on thursday and two competing bills. the republican bill would give president trump the $5.7 billion he wants is a down payment on the border wall. democrats say they should pass the bills that have already passed the house. they say the government should reopen immediately. federal workers, whose lives are on the line, want politicians to stop the rhetoric and recognize reality. >> i have about $80 left on my
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credit card for gas. i could maybe go a few more weeks, tops. but it will be tight. >> reporter: they are scheduled to take up the competing bills on thursday, but it is not clear if either side has the right amount of support. there is another show of support for federal workers in the bay area. the oakland international airport southwest airlines hosted a special barbecue for airport workers and others who have been missing their paychecks due to the shut down. organizers also provided computer workstations to help anyone needing to apply for unemployment or other benefits. the time is 4:34. reports show satellite images in north korea of an undisclosed ballistic missile base. that report from the center for strategic and international studies in says that the missile bases being used to develop missiles that could hit south korea, japan, and guam.
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the report comes less than one week after the white house announced plans for president trump to hold a second summit meeting with north korea's leader in late february. there has been little progress in negotiatio that will be addressed at the second summit. >> we will be laying out our expectation for north korea to take concrete steps to begin to make real the denuclearization that kim jong un committed to. the newly released reports that there could be as many as 20 undeclared missile bases throughout north korea. next week, trade talks are scheduled to washington, d.c. between the u.s. and chinese negotiators. the u.s. is becoming increasingly aggressive against china for what it says is the theft of american business secrets. even company names. this is charlotte pipe and found her in north carolina. this is charlotte pipe in shanghai.
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it is accused of the american company of stealing the 117- year-old name and trademark. the company north carolina said that the state subsidized chinese company dubs inferior products in markets around the world. >> we see that across a broad range of industries, where they have stolen technology a steel intellectual property. the counterfeit products. it is rampant. from steel to telephones, cars to computers come the white house says that china steals u.s. technology by theft, hacking, counterfeiting, export violations, and the forest transfer of intellectual popular property. citizens are losing confidence in the president. the pole from the public research center said that trust in president vladimir putin is the lowest it has been in 30 years. only 30% of the population
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trust the president. the time is 4:36. the presidential campaign of kamala harris is off to a fast start. she raised $1.5 million for her campaign in the first 24 hours. we take a closer look at the early momentum. >> hello, everyone. this is kamala harris. i want to thank you for this. >> kamala harris said that her presidential campaign raise more than one and half million dollars in the first 24 hours after her announcement. >> it is pretty stunning. there stunning numbers. it was not just the amount of money, but the 38,000 individual donors that it came from. >> reporter: the political resultant helped run hillary clinton's presidential campaign in 2008 when she lost it then democratic rival barack obama. he says that her fundraising
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surpasses bernie sanders in both the dollar amounts in the time it took. >> people are really looking for a change. they are looking for something or someone who is very different from donald trump. >> reporter: she has promised that she will not take a dime from the corporate pacs. voters, particularly those who identify as being progressive, see pac money as being tainted. that candidates who accept pac money will be swayed to act in the interest of corporations. >> she is r to what obama ultimately did. >> reporter: willie brown says that raising money through small individual donations is something that former president obama did successfully. he says it demonstrates the ability to galvanize people from all walks of life. >> when obama was running, the people who cleaned the hallway in the building where i lived were sending $25 per month. that is a large amount for somebody who works at minimum wage.
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>> reporter: of the average individuals donated to her campaign was $37. registered voters indicated what would cause them to donate to a candidate. >> a story that is both relatable and aligns with what i would hope our country could get behind as well. >> reporter: some say that they plan to attend a rally in oakland on on sunday to find out more about her. >> i have no problem with donating my money. >> connecting with peoples of just being at the podium and delivering a little speech. >> reporter: clinical expose early donors are likely to give money again and again and that will help sustain a long campaign. they say it will get tougher as more democratic candidates jump into the race for president. governor newsom has a new plan to transform the juvenile
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justice system. >> our responsibility to you is to make the journey a little bit better. >> i like how we come together no matter what our backgrounds are. we are coming here and working together. >> the governor was at a youth correctional facility in stockton yesterday. new tech training program was launched there and the governor said that is part of a new model of juvenile justice. he plans to move over side of the juvenile system out of the department of corrections and into the state department of health and human services. he wants to spend more money on preventing juvenile crime. the time is 4:40. this will make pam smile. san francisco's chinese new year parade will be here before you know. how san francisco is preparing for a spectacular celebration and what you can expect to see. and los angeles teachers are heading back to class this morning. of next, details of the agreement that ends the six-day strike.
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good morning. we do have traffic that is moving along pretty well. if you are driving on the san mateo bridge, it looks pretty good as you drive out to the peninsula. the weather looks pretty good later today. we have clear skies. and the lows are going down. 30s for a lot of people.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. actor alec baldwin is due in court to face charges
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related to a fight in november over new york city parking space. he has pleaded not guilty to charges of assault and harassment. he is accused of getting into a fight with a man who he claims still his parking space. court documents show that he admitted pushing the man, but denies punching him. four people in upstate new york are due in new york. there accused of planning an attack on a small muslim community. the suspects were making plans to attack a rural muslim community west of the catskills. the ages range from 16 to 20. they say that an offhanded comment at a high school lunchroom triggered the investigation. police officers confiscated 23 weapons. the police say they do not know if there was a planned timeline for the attack. classes at covington
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catholic high school are set to resume today. a video of the face-off between the students and native american activists was closed yesterday. the kentucky governor and the white house are weighing in. >> reporter: more backlash after an encounter with this data between nathan phillips and covington student nick sandmann. >> the level of bigotry that was evident throughout this came from one side entirely. >> reporter: videos of the face- off brought strong reaction. some initially blaming the students, which they say is disappointing. >> people did not bother to do the basic checking of facts that anyone who is worth their
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salt in the media would have done. fit the narrative and the stereotype and bigotry that they wanted to be able to run with. >> he says that he had avoided the whole thing and does not believe he was disrespectful to the tribal elder. they call it a teachable moment says he is willing to sit down with the teen for a dialogue. sarah sanders says that the white house has reached out to the kids. >> no one understands greater than the president that someone attacks you for something you may or may not have done. >> reporter: if the president does invite the students to washington, will be after the shutdown. the time is 4:46. parents and supporters of the academy are trying to keep the
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school off the list of schools to close. that will be at the theater this afternoon. 5:00, there will be a march to the elementary school. the school board will be talking about the the academy. teachers in los ve ended the s strike. union leaders region agreement yesterday after an all-night negotiatingssion. gives la teachers a 6% pay raise. it also calls for extra nurses and librarians. the agreement will slightly reduce class sizes and grades for mac through 12. one area of 680 and fremont are closing. you should know that the northbound lane are set to reopen at 5 am, just about 15 minutes from now. dew tour at the sheridan road exit will take drivers onto surface streets in the back on to will be in effect for the next
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we all commit and have very little traffic. >> just when you think of a smooth ride to work, you don't. those of us who drive early, a lot of us have come up on construction where our route is closed. >> completely. >> you're coming to work at 3 am or something and you see this. >> you don't allow for a lot of extra time at that time. good morning. right now, we're looking at some of the commutes. they are okay. but we already have some slow traffic. who are these people who are stuck in traffic at 4:40 8 am. there people who live in tracie , most likely, they're coming through there anyway. you can see some stop and go traffic which is not unusual driving into the area. livermore traffic looks good to dublin and over to castro valley. the closures on 880 are right
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there. the bay bridge toll plaza coming to see traffic moving okay. as you drive westbound, there is a little bit of congestion, but still a little of a decent commute. at 4:49, here's a man who never gets stuck in slow traffic. >> it is not slow traffic, it is when your accident exit is closed. under clear skies, we have's clear skies. temperatures are much colder this morning than they were. up in the sierra. those in trekkie dropped to 3 yesterday. it is a warm 12 this morning. lots of 20s around lake tahoe. squall valley is 29. sunny for all and a little bit warmer today.mid 60s. we are bumping up slightly each day. the temperature trend is going up every day.
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gradual that might be the only thing stopping them. 30s for a lot more. many 30s, including napa airport. 34 in fairfield. 30s all the way from north to south from lake county all the way down to peninsula and fremont and livermore. we're running 13 degrees colder in fairfield than we were yesterday at this time. 30s toward santa clara valley. mid-30s and low 30s for some already. depending on the elevation in the santa cruz mountains. dry forecast. there's not much going on here for us until early february. until then, i would not expect to hear anything but occasionally some higher clouds. the dry pattern will bump up. it looks like some of the higher clouds willweekend forec do not cancel any plans. high clouds but drive. no rain yet. maybe the second or third of february.under temperatures
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here. mid-60s toward the again, it will be the time is 4:51. steve is a big hockey fan. it was an exciting night for they combined for 13 goals, including a pair of hat tricks. and a last second score. when you shop with us, you know how to score.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. the san jose sharks were hoping to break the losing
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skid. it was a nailbiter up until the last second of regulation play. they traded goals most of the game before washington's alex ovechkin scored his third goal of the game. the hats went flying in honor of his hat trick. there was a score to get the sharks close and with just one second left, they sent to the game into overtime. he scored his third goal of the game, just 2 minutes into overtime. san jose won 7-6. today, they will try to count the homeless population. the counties have to have an estimate of the homeless populations to qualify for certain grants. last week, the state awarded more than $700,000 to the county to help de the homeless problems. the time is 4:55. preparations underway for big chinese new year's celebration
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in san francisco. they talked yesterday about what the city is doing to get ready for the year of the pig. in arrives on february 5. about 500,000 people come to the annual chinese new year parade in san francisco, said the largest and oldest celebration of its kind outside of asia. other events include a street fair in chinatown, chinese flower fair, and the miss chinatown usa pageant. the mayor says the all of it is good for san francisco's bottom line. >> not only is the year of the boar going to be lucky for the city and county ofo, it will be our merchants and the people of chinatown. >> reporter: city workers are cleaning the streets. police are working on security plans. the chinese new year parade, which we will be in, will be held on february 23. as always, you will see it live
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right here on ktvu fox 2. the time is 4:56. one of the biggest online recruitment websites released its list of the best jobs in america for 2019. according to glass door, data scientist is right at the top of the list. number 2 is nursing manager. rounding out the top five is marketing manager, occupational therapist, and product manager. the list is based on earning potential, career opportunities, ratings, and the number of job openings. the analysis from glassdoor shows that the best industries for jobs in the coming year our technology and healthcare. a bizarre robbery was captured on camera. coming up at 5:00, we will hear from neighbors about the theft which was live streamed by the suspect. a new environmentally friendly ordinance gets the
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green light. how dining out in berkeley will change in the new year. good morning. we see traffic that is mostly good around the bay area. including on interstate 80 as you head out to berkeley. clear skies and less than a breeze a much colder lows. afternoon temperatures with lots of sunshine bumping up . we will take a look at the forecast highs coming up. already, lots of 30s.
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a good morning. a bay area grandmother killed inside of her own home. the police are hunting right now for the shooter. as the shutdown continues, new questions about the state of the union address. i am doug luzader in washington. motion passed. cheers from the community after unanimous vote from berkeley city council . we will explain what is changing at restaurants. from ktvu fox 2 news. this is mornings on 2. h us. it is wednesday morning, january 23. >> i am dave clark. i want to say warming weather, but i cannot sing. >> that was lovely. >> that is what steve was going to talk about.
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>> you can't dance to a. it will be warming very slowly. right now, it is holding and a lot more 30s. the afternoon highs are inching upwards. the normal highs this time of year are 58 to 62. summer just gradually going over that. there will be a lot of high clouds coming in but it is a dry forecast. 37 in santa rosa. up in nevada up into lake county and celano. a lot


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