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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 430am  FOX  January 30, 2019 4:30am-5:00am PST

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>> the played some cool videos up there. there is a live picture of san francisco as we bring in the brand-new day.'s the middle of the week . it is wednesday, january 30. i am dave clark. >> and i am pam cook. happy birthday, phil collins. >> a friend said that his 16- year-old son was playing the drums. he was singing. my son will play the drums. >> how cool. that is pretty cool. >> i like to do my own music. our system will be here tonight. let's get to some of the temperatures. paul says steve, my way works for cna insurance and they were told to stay home. des moines is -19. -27 in minneapolis.
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was of the temperatures, not the windchill. the cloud cover continues to roll in. we could have a little bit of light rain before that. the main impact of the system will be this evening and late tonight. there it is. the low is moving slowly. but it is tapping into more moisture. the timeline looks to be more of a light rain. most of it will be in the evening hours. 40s and 50s on the temperatures. overall we're seeing cloud cover today, rain cover will be moving in today. it is a line between moderate rain to heavy rain. 0.1 inches up to 1.5 inches. th the traffic i hope is okay. >> i hope so. we do have traffic that is movie okay if you're driving on 80er roadwork
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here. you will see it if you are driving through. it is there in vallejo as we go to hercules. it will continue all the way out to the maze. we have a lot of slow traffic to report. the traffic looks all right heading out to the maze. if you are getting on the road, you are getting a decent commute. let's go back to the vest. >> all right, sal, thank you. the midwest is getting slammed with the worst of the unbearable cold weather. look at these pictures. in chicago, temperatures are not expected to get back up to 0 until about 3:00 tomorrow afternoon. i'm not kidding. if the forecast holds, this would tie the fifth longeststin for america's third-largest city. those folks in the midwest have been preparing for this polar vortex for days. another doing everything they can to stay inside and avoid the cold weather. temperatures are reaching into the -40s and -50s. that is
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colder than mount everest, antarctica, and even siberia. 23 cities are expected to break or tie the record lows. hundreds of schools and offices close. thousands of flights have been canceled. temperatures are so cold that the post office made the rare decision that they are postponing postal service and parts of eight states. governors in illinois, wisconsin, and michigan have a declared states of emergency. a bipartisan committee of lawmakers begins negotiations today to try to come up with a homeland security spending bill that the president will sign. doug luzader joins us from washington, d.c. with the details of the talks. good morning. good morning. the first meeting of the bipartisan group is today. there are some ideas, but the is no agreement. >> reporter: as the nation's capital prepares for the day freeze, do not look for a thaw
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under the doan. >> there would be no education in the third kick of the meal. >> reporter: speaker of the house nancy pelosi had the upper hand in the link the standoff with president trump that ended last week with a stopgap fix until february 15. left unresolved, what to do about the standard request for border wall funding that democrats have resisted. a bipartisan group of 17 lawmakers from both houses of congress will meet today to ask about a longer-term deal. there may not be much give. >> no more shut down. president trump touched a hot stove. hopefully he will not do it again. >> reporter: one possibility is a bigger deal that would both fund the government and raise the nation's debt ceiling. that is an issue that is set to come to a head in march. some democrats do not like the
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idea, but the president is said to be open. >> running the deal make sense to me. we have to raise the debt ceiling. >> reporter: this as one more element of drama to the state of the union address which is scheduled for next week. thank you for the update. also today, two days of trade talks between the u.s. and china. that began in washington, d.c. the negotiators are hoping to region of reach an agreement. president trump has ordered the tariffs to increase from 10% to 25% on march 2 if no deal is reach. the time is 4:35. a san francisco rape suspect who has run away to canada has been brought back. they have pushing the city to relax the sanctuary city law in
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case he was brought back to san francisco and then released without federal authorities being notified. he will be arraigned at 9:00 this morning. we will learn more tonight about a plan that could require people to make a reservation and paid to drive down san francisco's crooked just street. the county transportation authority wants to limit the number of cars on the section of lumbar street that is a huge tourist attraction. the meeting is to explain how the reservation system would work. it would be held at the elementary school at 6:00 tonight. if they plan is approved, it would be up and running by summer 2020. california drivers have always paid some of the highest prices for gas, as we know, now lawmakers say that we are paying a surcharge that they cannot explain. this a committee started 5 years ago to invest get why california's gas prices are so high. there was a report that laid out the amounts of drivers pay
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per gallon for various programs. but $.20 per gallon was unaccounted for. now lawmakers are requesting a formal investigation into where the money goes. >> it is a mystery. but it is a mystery that is costing californians three to $5 million per year. we really need to dig into a. >> the workers and they cannot comment on any potential or ongoing investigation was say that the attorney general will fight to ensure affordable and transparent fuel prices. a new recall to tell you about. tyson foods is recalling frozen chicken nube contaminated with rubber. the recall is specific to the tysen white meat panko chicken november 26, 2019. people have the chicken. if you have them, do not unit. either throw it away or take it
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back and get a refund. students and staff at uc san francisco are stunned after finding out that a recent graduate from the medical school is dead. 27-year-old sarah hawley died in utah in a apparent murder/suicide. >> she was an incredibly good friend. she made so many friends. >> reporter: 27-year-old sarah hawley made a big impression in 4 years at ucsf . >> she really understood how to get into the mind and the heart of the patient. >> reporter: by phone, the dean said that what happened in the utah home has stunned of the medical school. she moved here last summer with her longtime boyfriend, travis geddes. sunday, travis geddes shot her to death and then himself . the room in another the house to call the police. >> they had invited us over for drinks. they seemed friendly.
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>> reporter: the next door neighbor said people seemed happy. >> it is heartbreaking. it is really tough to think with their families might be going through and why she was not able to get help. >> i don't think if we will ever know what happened. >> reporter: the gathered with about 100 staff and students to grieve and remember sarah hawley. the university of utah is grieving as well. they described her as fantastic, hard-working. she gave everything her all. those who knew her question think that she might have struggled alone in a deteriorating relationship. they had been together for about 5 years. >> being a physician and being educated does not protect you with partner from your violence. the focus now is supporting each other and her family, who lives in belmont. while limit school, she tutored other students and also volunteered at public schools
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and free clinics. her specialty was family medicine and that was a natural fit for someone so connected to people. >> she was the real deal. the whole package. that type of student who is destined to become someone's favorite doctor. >> reporter: her friends do not know what to make of the violence, whether was ongoing abuse are one time a's. they had not been called to the home that the couple had shared previously. at the university of utah statement, her advisers that she costly talked of her love of family and her family back in california. now her extended family is in f the time is 4:40. tom brady has made it to nine super bowls in the past 18 seasons. >> there is nothing more than he likes then play football.
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>> we will sit down with tom brady's father in san mateo to talk about football. if you are a warriors fan, you might recognize these new employees. good morning coming to see traffic doing well so far around the bay area. on the bridge, it looks good into san francisco. cloudy here. the rain will show up later. the winchell, am just looking here. the twin cities is -53. -53.
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super bowl liii is just four days away. at the la rams and the new england patriots are led by quarterbacks from here in the bay area. jared goff on the right is from the area. and tom brady is from san mateo. this week, we spend time with her dad's. >> this morning, jason appelbaum sits down with tom brady senior. >> is going to the super bowl again. >> who is tom brady zero. >> i think my dad is my hero because he is am i look up to every day and my dad.
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>> reporter: we met up with his dad, tom brady sr., in san mateo to park not far from the home where he grew up. we talked about what the remarkable journey has been like . nine super bowls in 18 seasons. >> this is awesome because our some the guys in the nfl who never had that privileged and then to get into the second and the third or the fourth of the fifth. and then the six them in the seventh. and then the eighth. in the ninth. it is beyond bizarre. >> reporter: especially when you consider how he got there. as the ultimate underdog, overlooked by his coaches at every stop. >> when he was at michigan, he was not playing. >> reporter: he wasted no time. but a pro career seemed unlikely. the 2000 nfl draft, rady was
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not selected until late in the sixth round. 199th overall. the seventh quarterback taken. >> he does not have the measurements. when he ran the 40 yard dash, he was the first quarterback that they have are used to sundial to time him. >> reporter: they can laugh about that now, but brady is used to being overlooked as fuel to prove all of the doubters wrong. now that he the is the winningest quarterback of all time, can he be using that as motivation at all? >> i think so. absolutely. that is in his soul. he was not worried the worthy enough. >> reporter:'s competitive fire started at an early age in the house filled with three older sisters who all excelled in sports. >> i wife is very competitive.
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my doctors are very competitive. i am very competitive. he would always strive to be better. >> not only to be better, but to be the best. if the patriots win on sunday against the rams, he will have six rings, more than any player in history. so, does it get any less nerve- racking for his dad, having watched his son perform on the biggest stage so many times? >> every game is nervous. even during the regular season. just like you are nervous when your 10-year-old kid is up to the plate hoping that he gets a hit. you are all in. that is your role as a parent. >> he is not quite ready to pass the mantle to the new crop of quarterbacks. >> i ha he has been an absolute stud in patrick mahomes against these old decrepit fighter who's fighting through the 14th round. he shows the young guy that it is okay to be old, because you
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have as much or more fight in him as he has ever had before. >> reporter: he will have every bit of fight as he gets ready to face marin's jared goff. on this day, brady's dad proudly showed off the first super bowl ring, saying that his son told him to keep it because there would be more to come. as for whether he has advice for the goff family as they prepare for the first super bowl ? >> enjoy the many of the. you don't know when it will be the last one. >> reporter: jason appelbaum, ktvu fox 2. tomorrow morning, ktvu will head north from san mateo to visit where jared goff girl. his one-on-one with jerrod's
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father. that will be tomorrow morning. my houses are rooting for jared goff. did you know that they quarterback in the super bowl is from marin catholic? and i said i didn't know that. and there is a friendly bets going off. that is kind of fun. >> you know that obviously it is crazy. i remember when he was playing in high school. i don't remember about tom. >> he was in the area all the time. >> good morning. let's go out and take a look at the commute. we will see that traffic is going to be busy if you are driving at the bay bridge toll plaza.
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people are getting there, but we will see that traffic is not going to be too bad. we might visit it again. we have a look at the westbound 580 commute. driving out to tracie . we will see 580 is already slow. so was 205. as you approach the area, no major problems. right now, traffic on the interstate looks good. some of the work has picked up. what about today's weather? it is cloudy, but let's focus on the midwest. it is impressive, even for anyone who has been there. anyone who knows their friends and acquaintances there. -22 is at o'hare, which is outside of town. this is conjecture here saying that the observation is closer to in town. the windchill in chicago right now is when is 49. the windchill at midway, if you have been there, is -53.
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the coldest in minnesota is -65. that is in northwest minnesota where the current temperature is -40. i believe that is a record on the windchill. these are the current temperatures. minneapolis twin cities are 27 below. miami is 58. 57 down in phoenix. that is why these people from there and there are the snowbirds. we have some light rain in advance of the system that will get here, but it will be later and not sooner . it is tapping into moisture. will it go along the coast or off the coast? if it goes over us, everyone will get in on the rain.
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it will arrive later. for the morning, you are fine. 40s and 50s on the temperatures. mostly cloudy. the system can get us anywhere from 0.1 inches up to 1.5 inches long the coastal hills. there is a stronger system arriving as a cold system goes into sunday and monday. there were significant differences as much as 10 degrees for some of these, there's a lot of cloud cover. the time is 4:52. two bay area cities are placing bets. will google win the super bowl? what's better than having fast, reliable wifi with coverage throughout your home? how about having internet that can help you save on wireless phone service? xfinity gives you the most reliable internet for all your devices. and the fastest speeds
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welcome back . it is 4:55. the super bowl is the battle of the bay area quarterbacks, but it is also about bragging rights for the hometown. tom brady grew up in san mateo and jared goff grew up in novato. they have a bet. if the patriots win, the mayor of novato will go to san mateo. the losing mayor also has to go
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to the others city council and ring at basket of goodies from their own city. the time is 4:56. two warriors players being put to the test today at sfo. they will be stepping into the shoes of united employees today. united airlines employee. they say that aviation and basketball are not really that different. both require a lot of communication, and teamwork. they will be helping to push back planes from the gates, helping passengers board planes on time, and making announcements over the pa system. that will be interesting. happening today, state agencies holdingto help marijuana growers understand the regulatory boundaries. their hosting workshops that begin at 10 am in santa rosa. this is part of the department of fish and wildlife. there
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talk about setting up operations or lakes and streambeds. the water resources board will also be there talking about water rights and water quality permits. organizers say that tickets for today's workshops are already sold out. more workshops will take place next month in santa rosa. in grass valley, and a trinity county. the time is 4:57. pg&e is back in court today and tomorrow. coming up at 5:00, what to expect and what this means for ratepayers and victims of wildfires. they have been without a contract for more than one year and a half. our oaklands public school teachers. they ready to go on strike? we will tell you more on the vote being considered.
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i would like for someone to be accountable for the fire damage. i'm not sure where we will get there. fire victims are angry and speaking out account pjd filing for vacancy. to avoid another and light. from ktvu fox 2 news.
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this is mornings on 2. good morning and thank you for joining us. it is wednesday morning, january 30. >> morning, i am dave clark. let us talk about the weather. we will talk about the weather and how cold it is in the midwest. >> it is where kurt setting. >> the postal service is not delivering. that is a big deal. >> why then go? >> we will get to our weather and their weather. we will dovetail both of these. one man says my mom lives in brookfield where it is -22. i would like to report that there is a very dense fog in morgan hill. that is the best you can do is dense fog? they see 49, but i completely trust the 47. 40s and 50s. now let's look at the midwest. there


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