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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  January 30, 2019 10:00pm-11:00pm PST

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this is the 10:00 news on ktvu fox 2 news. a missing woman last seen last saturday on the streets of san francisco. police are searching as concern grows about her well-being. >> she left her property on the street, basically, and left her dog on the street, and we cannot seem to find her, so that is concerning. >> were in tonight for a daily city woman missing now for 4 days. good evening, i am julie haener. >> and i am fred sommerville.
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we are also told krista mahoney has health problems. friends say they first got worried when her daughter was running in union square in san francisco. what we know about mahoney's disappearance. debra? >> reporter: he was last seen eating at john's grill, a well- known restaurant off union square. after that, it is a mystery. >> it is heartbreaking to me to think that she is in a vulnerable position. >> reporter: this is 38 told krista mahoney in better times, but these days her weight has plunged to 90 pounds, as mahoney suffers the pain of chronic pancreatitis and unstable mental health. >> she is a beautiful home that she adores, a community that has been very supportive of her , and a dog that she just would not walk away from. >> reporter: mahoney's friends have been caring for krista's dog buddy because animal
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control found him saturday running loose in san francisco's union square. earlier that day, mahoney had buddy on a leech when she stopped to eat on john's grill. >> a look like she was trying to meet someone, as she waited, she ate lunch, had a drink or two, and took off after that. >> reporter: nothing a nwaba unusual. another diner picked up and mahoney left without her backpack. >> a couple of the credit card got declined, and she ended up leaving a backpack behind, and she talk off. >> reporter: is an afternoon mahoney cell phone and wallet were found in a union line. at lunch, mahoney was wearing a orange shirt and cap and bundled up on ellis street. police are now coming new video for clues. >> she left her property on the cannot seem to find her, so r that is concerning. >> reporter: daily city police have been walking downtown.
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>> putting out flares, trying to locate her, trying to find someone who has seen her recently. we are out there every day. we have officers out there in san francisco. >> reporter: it is not like her. she is incredibly productive , joyful, person with a lot of energy. >> reporter: lately that energy was manic. frenzy mahoney's health problems, plus a breakup with her girlfriend had her behaving erratically, especially with strangers. mahoney has worked as a rater since moving to the city from georgia only a few years ago. it was at her neighborhood dog park she found new friends who are so worried about her now? >> i feel like i need to continue to push to find her and make sure she is okay. >> reporter: krista mahoney is 5'2" and thin with brown hair and eyes. sheep to speak with an english accent and may be suffering from delusions. john's grill is coming offering of $5000 reward for information leading to her safe return. frank, tips should go to the
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daly city police department. >> debra, tijuana. also in san francisco, a plea from help for friends of a man who was robbed last week in a severely bitten by as many as six men. the 30th gould was walking to a second job when he was attacked on beach street at columbus on saturday night. amber lee live at fisherman's wharf, and amber, the man's injuries are life-threatening. >> that is right. friends cannot tell me they cannot believe what has happened to him. the attack took place here. it is well hit area where there is usually foot traffic. >>32-year- old was walking to his job at the argonaut hotel at fisherman's wharf where he was an overnight clerk, when he waa
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>> he has 20 staples in his head. he actually told us yesterday that he thought he was not going to make it. >> reporter: friends say vin is suffering from interest injuries to his head and spinal cord, but he's unable to move his arms and legs. >> we are very scared that he does not get a full recovery. >> reporter: this couple are saying they are taking turns with air france tuesday by vin's been side. around 1030 p.m., vin was attacked from behind by five or six men was on columbus avenue and beech street. >> you can take his iphone, backpack, but do not beat someone and make them like i realized. it does not make any sense to us. >> reporter: police say they are reviewing surveillance video from the area and are hoping to get more. >> we are working on some leads, and we are hoping to develop that into an arrest. >> reporter: fan two jobs to help support his parents and brothers. >> it's like you're down there
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that is what we are trying to do right now. >> if you did this, couple my police have not released any description of the man who attacked vin. friends that he is a big sports fan, so on sunday they plan to visit him in the hospital and watch the super bowl with him. julie? >> amberley in san francisco tonight. to napa were and man die tonight after being hit by a car on highway 29. it happened about 6:30 in the northbound lanes of intersection highway 29 and trower avenue. authorities say the man was walking across the four-lane highway when the driver is cooperating with investigate the incident. a federal judge had harsh words for pg&e today. he said pg&e inspiratory is
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prioritizing following the deadly 2010 san bruno gas pipeline explosion. according to the judge, pg&e failed to report to the court that butte county was investigating it for improper tree trimming that caused the one in 2017. at one point, the judge ,said, quote does a judge turner bought i and let william alsup do what they're doing, but you keep killing people? >> the judge made a very strong statement and created a sense of urgency, sense of urgency that has been lacking updated safety plan that are due from pg&e and other state utilities next week. a walgreens pharmacist accused of never having a pharmacist license. investigators accused her of fraud and say three walgreens stores the to provide any proof of her credentials.
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jana katsuyama joins us live. she's in fremont tonight at one of those walgreens stores. jana? >> reporter: according to the state investigation and the 14 page complaint, they say that this woman filled hundreds of thousands of prescriptions, administered vaccines, and even counseled customers on how to use their medicines. meanwhile, the state -- this complaint has walgreens hired her for more than a decade and never checked to make sure she had the proper license. walgreens customers were stunned to hear that a former pharmacy worker, kim is being accused of fraud. >> i am very shocked. i think those kind of thing should not be done. >> reporter: and investigations is for nearly 11 years, she worked as a pharmacist and pharmacy manager and authorized more than 745,000 prescriptions. she worked at 3b area walgreens
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in fremont, san jose. but the problem is she has never been licensed as a pharmacist and had a pharmacy technician license which expired in 2008. according to a spokesman for the california state board of pharmacy. >> there's a major difference in to a pharmacist and pharmacy technician. pharmacist have to go through a lot of education requirements and meet stringent state requirements to get a license you >> reporter: most of the prescriptions she authorized were in the walgreens in fremont. more than 100,000 respirations were installed substances, which had proper documentation and no refill limit. >> chemicals and drugs are very complicated, and you want to be sure the person was filling his prescriptions for you it's up- to-date. >> reporter: state investigators say twice she gave them pharmacist license number that belong to other people with similar names, and
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she claimed she had a pharmacy degree from creighton university in nebraska, but there are no records she graduated to walgreens sent out this response from their corporate sportsmen. this individual is no longer employed by walgreens and has not been since october 2017. upon learning of this issue, we undertook every verification of the licenses of all our pharmacists nationwide to ensure that this wasn't an isolated incident. customers say they want more answers about walgreens' hiring procedures. >> for walgreens to have done something like that, it's really surprising and shocking. i would not expect that from a big organization like this. >> reporter: we went to her address listed in this complaint, but a young woman who answered the door said that she was not her and she declined to give any comment. meantime, the state board of pharmacy has asked that these three will walgreens stores have their licenses revoked. julie? a somber march tonight for
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ilene misheloff, the mystery behind her disappearance are the years from today. the polar vortex that has plunged temperatures to record lows. we've got somewhat weather in the bay area right now. the latest radar, where it is raining. at 1030 we sit down with the data super bowl quarterback jared goff at his home in marion county ahead of the big game on sunday. >> he so far past anything i would know about football. >> reporter:
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at least eight deaths are now being blamed on the freezing weather , including at least three people who appear to have died because of exposure to the cold. in detroit more than 20 frozen water mains have snapped, the repair crews had to deal with subzero temperatures as they worked to fix them. >> it is so cold in chicago that a pan of boiling water taught off of a balcony turned into vapor as soon as it hit the air. in some places, the windchill made it feel like 60 degrees below zero.
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i was just looking at line on some of the temperatures. -21 right now in minneapolis, -25 in fargo, north dakota. >> we will see some record lows. and the overnight hours, it can even get colder. that he will radiate a way. is a windchill warning throughout the whole entire upper midwest. is a big deal because it covers a large percentage of the population in the united states. is millions of people in these areas. chicago is having significant flight delays. he is a very cold air frank was referring to. here's the windchill numbers come into about 98 when she'll -8 when she'll. it is bad, bad cold. there will be more problem issues in tomorrow. when you look at what we've got, we've got rain showing up just finallonshore. have your rain up around san rafael area, out towards oakland, and los altos as well. there you go. there is rain that is falling all the way.
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i will let you know when it will last and how long can expect for the bay area we can because there is more on the way. >> with more wet weather on the way, stay with ktvu and our weather team for continuing coverage. to dublin , anna solomont marking 30 years since the disappearance of ilene misheloff. she vanished walking home from school in 1989, in the case has never been solved. tonight family offense offered prayers as they all followed ilene's path on the day she disappeared. misheloff's parents hold out hope that after three decades, ilene is still alive and could come home. >> the clues to ilene's mysterious disappearance , and our fox 2 unsolved. >> reporter: at 13, ilene misheloff was already an accomplished skater. the eighth grade often seen lacing up at dublin, iceland. >> she was getting 20, 30 hours
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a week. >> reporter: ilene first took to the ice at age 4. she proved herself, competing against the like s future gold medalist christine yamaguchi, and she all, providing perfecting double gems. is getting is physically demanding, and highly never best practices. she was allowed to leave school early. >> she did not need to be. >> reporter: on jenera 30th, 1989, she headed home to grab your gear for practice. she started her walk around 2 in the afternoon. >> her coaches were supposed to pick her up around 3:30. >> reporter: ilene never made it home. hours became days , and weeks became years. it has now been three decades since she disappeared and was possibly kidnapped. no one knows where she is. >> when i think of her and visualizer, i think of her as 13 years old. >> reporter: memories of ilene
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stopped as a teenager, but maddi and mike misheloff believe their daughter could still be alive. >> the thing that gives me going is that she could come home. every day i put my feet on the floor, and i say this is the day she's coming home. >> reporter: this is a new age progress picture of she could look like. she would be 43 now. her parents say it is like cases like jaycee dugard who emerged after 18 years that give them hope. >> it just gives us -- helps us. >> reporter: we retraced ilene's mile and a half path back home from wells middle school. she walked along amador valley road. it comes to a residential neighborhood before opening up to a busy commercial district. witnesses say this is us the spot a lasso ilene and amador valley boulevard. what happened after that, it is anybody's guess. mother says a encounter with a family friend
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a few blocks closer to home. >> she is walking home, and stopped her, asked if she wanted a ride, and the weather was good, she would walk. >> reporter: and intrigue you found during the search. ilene's keychain was located in this dry creek bed in a park not far from her home. kids use the park as a shortcut. ilene's parents still live in the same house on the quiet cul-de-sac. they kept her room just as she left it, with her skate and medal still inside. >> she knows when she comes on that nobody ever changed anything, it is her world, and it is up to her -- granted, none of the closing their fit her anymore, but that is her space. >> reporter: throughout dublin, reminders that ilene, the girl with the braces and wavy dark hair who wanted to be a pediatrician , is still missing. a back window of her parents' card still has ilene's picture and reward sign.
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>> i just don't know how her family does it. how they could possibly not know where their daughter is. >> reporter: liz allen was one of ilene's closest friends. >> it's really not fair because they are such a great family. i just really hope that they can find ilene and find the answers. >> i grew up in the town. i remember the day ilene disappeared. >> reporter: for dublin police detective, this case has special significance. >> nothing would satisfy me anymore then bringing a positive resolution to this case to the family. >> reporter: the case has been passed on from one detector to another over the years. these binders are just some of the investigative reports that phil entire file cabinets at the police department. >> we are just as dedicated today as we worked 30 years ago solving this case. it is an active investigation for us here in dublin police.
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>> reporter: ilene's parents it is never too late to speak up. >> even if they do not think it was important, you don't have to give a name. you can do it anonymously. for us, giving up a child is not an option, and we are still looking for her, and she is somewhere out there, and we need to find her. >> reporter: in dublin, henry lee, ktvu, fox 2 news. >> at, you will find more information on the disappearance of ilene misheloff. you can look at our coverage on the front page. this year super bowl features two quarterbacks from the bay area. at 10:30, mike ibanez stands with jeff goff's dad. the moment he realized his son was going to be playing. more people addicted to drugs than high school students. the startling comparison they made by san francisco health officials. car after car was stolen wheels. the rash of thefts we learned about after reporting on one such incident on monday.
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a story we brought you on monday about a thief who stole the wheels off of a car in fremont hit close to home for a lot of viewers in pleasanton. at least nine people in pleasanton had wheel stolen right off their cars last thursday and friday. city officials say six epitaphs were at the park has yet apartments on always drive. the other three were at the homes, two homes on adams way. it is not the way you want to
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start your day. no arrests so far. new information about the suspected hate crime against actor jussie smollett. the start the hit fox show "empire." chicago police released these pictures of two persons of potential interest. they want to question the pair about the attack that happened in the same time and place as the surveillance picture. smollett says he was attacked by two people shouting racist and homophobic slurs. he says they put a noose around his neck and then poured an unknown substance on him that may have been bleach. smollett is originally from santa rosa. he said the two people also said, quote, this is maga country during the attack. a bipartisan group of congressional lawmakers sat down today to try to hammer out a deal on border security. the lawmakers have to resolve the same differences that led to the 35 day government shutdown. the main sticking point remains funding for a wall or other barrier on the southern border. the area congresswoman barbara lee is one of the 70 lawmakers on the panel.
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she and other democrats said they favored 21st century solutions to border security. >> the issue is not only that the president is proposing to spend 5.7 billion on border barriers. is that there are serious homeland security vulnerabilities for which we will have no funding. >> our border patrol tells us that they need physical barriers to help them do their job. >> observers say this is likely the only public meeting of the group. the rest are expected to be held behind closed doors. lawmakers have until february 15th to reach an agreement. california senator, harris the leading democratic candidate for president, but she is still trailing two who have not said they plan to run. the new poll shows for vice president joe biden leading the pack at 33%.
10:26 pm
in vermont bernie sanders has 15, but neither of them has said whether they are going to in fact run. senator harris is in third place with 10% support, former texas congressman beto o'rourke has not declared his candidacy, but he is tied at 6% with massachusetts senator elizabeth warren, who has formed an exploratory committee. san francisco mayor linda prete delivered her first state of the city speech today. >> it is time that our steady hold and set up hi again. it is time we believe again. >> reporter: >> she said she would like to use a $185 million property tax windfall to tackle homelessness, behavioral health, and a portable housing. the mayor also said she will push for $300 million bond to pay for more affordable housing. san francisco health department declares that the city is home to more drug addicts than high school students. officials say there are more than 21,000 injection drug users and only 16,000 students enrolled in high school.
10:27 pm
the health department says the city handed out a record 5.8 million free syringes last year. that is about 500,000 more than in 2017. a beach in the north bay close. how a colony of elephant seal took over the beach while park rangers are on furlough. jared goff sprout dad, jerry. we sit down with him at the head of his sons big moment in the big game.
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super bowl liii four days away, and you probably know both quarterbacks to tap in to be from the bay area. the veteran tom brady on the left from san mateo, the young gun jared goff on the right from novato, and as the two quarterbacks prepare in atlanta, their dads were here in the bay area. >> we heard from tom brady sr. last night. tonight mike ibanez joins us not to talk about jeff goff dad, jerry. >> one of the reasons i wanted to do the story, it started when he was in high school. jared at marin catholic. i was at one of his games and i observed the dad just up in the stands, for this thing away from being a stage dad. i mean we have all seen that. he let his son have his moment, let him breathe, did not holler at him or yell at the coach, and the to see him advanced to
10:31 pm
cal, and now to star in the nfl? basically i was just curious to find out what it feels like to have a kid in the super bowl because we, as parents, although how nervous you get just watching them in a school play or anything they do need a little get leaking, you name it, how does it feel to have your kid on the biggest stage of all? >> the kick is good! they win it, and onto super bowl liii to go. >> the quarterback from the rent was about to be thrust into the most hyped up media whirlwind of all, the super bowl. pitted against the legend no less, tom brady. humidity clear from the outset he is not in the super bowl to mentor the young say it, but i'm sure gareth worried about he has his own support system far from the mayhem of media day. in north marin, his dad, jerry
10:32 pm
goff, former leader majorly katcher has always been there to offer support. he talked to us in the man cave, adorned with mementos from both his and his son's pro careers. >> i did coach him quite a bit in baseball, little league. i was there to always you know, coach all his teams because that is what i do best. when it came to football, he know more than i do. >> everyone has seen that parent in action, the mom or dad who knows more than the coach. jerry is no stage dad. >> never in 1 million years did i tell his high school coach what to do with him. i always stayed away. >> touchdown. >> he is so far past anything i would ever know about football in terms of his position. we
10:33 pm
just talk about you know the game, flow of the because he ch to butt in, the entire goff family, make no mistake, they are highly info. >> we are in the edge of her seat always excited and nervous just like any other family would be, but you've got a dog in the fight so to speak. it is a little bit more -- is in the position he plays, so we get nervous as heck. >> in a game so violent and the quarterback position so vulnerable, as a parent, how do you deal with the risk of life and limb? >> my wife is the one, i need to settle her down at times. she's got this little accounting method she does when he drops back, and when she gets to the numbers, her voice gets loud. get rid of the ball! and then she has a she does and it istoo calm and collected. his debt, however, sees it as a great strength. >> if you were to walk into a stadium in the last period or into the fourth quarter, did
10:34 pm
not know anything to go on and looked at him, you would not know if he threw touchdowns or pics. >> the rams have made a colossal mistake. >> i asked how a parent deals with sometimes the vicious criticism. >> that is a tricky one, mark. not great sometimes. to be honest with you, it is your kid, and when when people start saying certain things about them, you know, it hurts a little bit for sure. in terms of you know, if you want to criticize his play, you're more than welcome to, but the thing that gets to you as a parent is when they start attacking character. you don't even know him. >> it all in all, the highs far outweigh the lows, leaving lifelong memories, like the moment you realize hey, my kid is going to the super bowl. >> it did not set in, then i looked over to my daughter, and she was bawling, bawling like tears. i'm like wow, is she crying?
10:35 pm
that was my moment, a couple second after the field goal which i thought was really priceless. i will always remember that. and the fact there's two guys within 50 miles of each other, one has done it seemed like his whole career, nine of them, right? that's pretty darn good, and a kid from little maren county. >> we ain't done yet! >> did you get the picture of tom brady in his room? >> looked up to tom brady, and you could not put it out there in a more like dreamlike sequence. >> i wonder what jared goff would say against playing against tom brady. >> i would not call him his hero, but he certainly admires him, as does the entire goff family, but you can see why jared goff is the young gentleman he is. total class act family. they are involved, but they do not overstep their bounds. >> having sean mcveigh as someone who believes in him made such a difference in turning him around and just having a great career. >> first-year coach did not believe him and at all.
10:36 pm
>> mark, thank you. grace torpedo the nfl says there have been no credible or specific threats against the super bowl. still, the department of homeland security has applied at secondary security designations for that event. roughly 600 employees from the department are working through sunday. the fda also established a no- fly and no drone zone around the stadium. >> we conducted more than hundred assessments and conducted average activities related to critical instruction and security, so any vulnerabilities can be addressed before! it. >> the coast guard will be on hand with his local and state police. a sidewalk in san francisco that is slowly sinking. the problem in one neighborhood that's only
10:37 pm
getting worse. we are watching the rainfall in the bay area right now. how long is it going to last, when is the next round of rain which will be stronger? spectacular fire back east burns for hours and gets the paper mill that stood for decades. at at&t, we believe in access. the opportunity for everyone to explore a digital world. connecting with the things that matter most. and because nothing keeps us more connected than the internet, we've created access from at&t. california households with at least one resident who receives snap or ssi benefits
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glad you're back how you feeling? ♪ ♪ (both) exhausted. but finally being able to make that volunteer trip happen was... awesome. awesome. you have to scrub. what do they... they use for washing. ♪ ♪ let's do it every year. we'll do it every year. i thought you'd say that - let's do it. ♪ ♪ see how investing with a j.p. morgan advisor can help you. more than 100 firefighters are on the scene of the paper mill fire in northern new
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jersey. strong winds helped fuel the fire while the cold weather made fighting it all the more difficult. flying embers prompted several evacuations. authorities said the roof has collapsed but no injuries were reported. people in one san francisco neighborhood are dealing with a sinking sidewalk, and it has nothing to do with the millennium tower situation. this problem is in mission bay, neighborhood landfill. people who live and work in the area say the fourth street sidewalk has separated from an adjacent building and dropped about six inches. the city owns the sidewalk, but city code says the developer a property owner is responsible for repairs. >> it's pretty concerning that this is sinking, rapidly sinking sidewalk, similar to one in the towers. >> all this thinking is better for business. one nearby business owner says no sidewalk means no shoppers, and that could been moving to another location. >> the federal judge in los
10:41 pm
angeles dismissed an attempt by the interna general from buying two hospitals that declared bankruptcy. there was a deal to buy o'connor hospital in san jose and st. louis hospital in gilroy for $235 million to both hospital declared bankruptcy last year. attorney general javier becerra's stop to the purchase because the county and under certain conditions to maintain the hospital. becerra's office is reportedly planning an appeal. the federal reserve kept interest rates unchanged, sending stocks higher. the central bank will pay -- be patient before raising interest rates again. he said there would have to be signs of inflation to take that step. on wall street, the dow sort 435 points, nasdaq and 154, and s and p rose 41 investigators were also encouraged by earnings reports from apple and boeing. speaking of apple, the
10:42 pm
company plans to launch iphones with advanced 3-d cameras as early as next year. the companies pushed into augmented reality involves a rear facing, longer-range 3-d camera designed to work up to 15 feet from the phone. cameras in the current generation of iphones worked up to 20 inches and only as part of apple's face id system. apple had planned to release the upgraded camera in this year's upcoming iphone line, but that got delayed. how a plane crashed today at a california airport with no one on board. we'll visit point race, were beach has been taken over by elephant seals, giving birth to their pups. learn why the government shutdown made it all possible. chief meteorologist tracking a what we can.
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a plane crashed at the modesto airport today without ever having left the ground. the small propeller plane was being prepped for flight, when he rolled away on its own and then crashed into a fence. unclear how the aircraft got away. no one was inside the plane at the time, and no one was injured, but the plane suffered major damage. a small fuel leak was quickly contained. the prolonged government shutdown provided a window of opportunity for a colony of
10:46 pm
elephant seals in the point reyes national seashore. >> rob roth reports would know rangers to stop them, the elephant seal took up residency on the beach in drakes bay and gave birth to their pups. >> reporter: here in amid the natural beauty of the point reyes national c4 seashore, this colony of elephant seals appear tough on heaven on earth right smack in the middle of popular drakes beach. they came here after this month's rain storms, and during the government shutdown. window pesky park rangers to shoo them away by wavingaway, thessedisplaced looking for better habitat, and they came up to drakes beach, we had closed that beach during the shutdown due to flooding. it was dangerous for the public to go down there, so it was
10:47 pm
just a perfect timing for everything. >> reporter: the seals knocked down a fence near the parking lot in the process. females have been giving birth to pups and nursing them here. >> we have about 40 pups on the beach, and probably 50 adults. >> reporter: including a handful of big bowls. the seals have gotten so comfortable here, the national park service has closed the beach to the public and the road leading to it for now. but the park service has its planning on opening the road in beach parking lot to the big parking lot this weekend so that people can see the seals. the petting how that goes, it could be open be on sunday. >> we are going to have a lot of park rangers and volunteer docents, so we we'll be able to bring people close to the edge of the parking lot and the edge of the beach to witness this incredible sight that is there, but we are still not going to let people onto the beach. >> reporter: as he walked up to where you can see the elephant seals, there is something hard to ignore. the smell. it's kind of a combination of
10:48 pm
ripe seaweed and steel gym socks, but you get used to it. the seals we'll likely stay here until spring. marine while at experts say feels often like to return to familiar areas, so these beachcombers just may make a return appearance next winter. at point reyes national caesar, rob roth, ktvu fox 2 news. we have a few showers showing up around the area right now. light showers, and very slow getting here. it was supposed to be here a few hours ago, but it is now showing up from many bay area residences. scattered showers showing up in the coast in san francisco and oakland. you can take a peek at where you are and what you might be seeing out of the avenue. we got steady light rain. san francisco downtown, south of market, steady rains, san mateo. you can see the yellows that represents heavy rainfall. it's going to move through fairly quickly and it's going to really not leave a lot in accumulation.
10:49 pm
maybe 125, 0.25, .5 inches. peddling a pretty wet as well. the system is kind of a one and done. tomorrow's going to be a pretty darn nice day, that we get back into it friday night. the current temperatures and now you look at that and you can see we've got plenty of cloud cover and wintry looking weather in the bay area for something we need. it has been a while. storm number one is happening right now. this week we talked about that. you are still number two. that gets here friday night. now it is friday night. storm number two has got more going on, and it's going to morph into the saturday, sunday thing so friday's storm is going to kick off the weekend rain. so in the mountains, they are going to see significant snow perhaps, maybe three, 3.5 feet by the time the weekend is over into monday. the model does this tomorrow morning comment tomorrow afternoon so tand friday late in the day there
10:50 pm
is. your friday afternoon commute does look wet. overnight friday is wet. into saturday morning scattered showers. if you know, the mountains keep telling. that's why this kind of weather system continue to roll in the mountains. there a saturday afternoon and it goes on into sunday and monday too. is going to be productive for the lake tahoe area for snow which we need. the forecast highs tomorrow still on the mild side. in the five day forecast, it's showing rain on and off. really right to the weekend at this point. friday kicks it off. saturday kind of showery, so they kind of celery, monday kind of shower repeat a not a big deal for us. we we'll get some rain, but for the mountains , that kind of pattern is super productive.what matters more than the rain that we get in san francisco and oakland is what you get in the mountains , snows and everything. city marks 30 years since 13-year-old ilene misheloff disappeared . coming up on the
10:51 pm
11:00 news, see how hundreds of people came together at a vigil tonight, and why they say they are not giving up hope. the patriots are back at practice preparing for the rams in the super bowl. it could be the last gave her one of the patriots' may offense of weapons. mark we'll tell us who is thinking of retiring.
10:52 pm
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10:54 pm
marcus back with sports. you could not ask for a better matchup with the super bowl, and especially the two quarterbacks from the bay area. >> yeah, just don't tell a saints fan. that would not go over well. >> we are getting to the point where we have seen all the media hullabaloo and all that stuff, and you don't see a whole lot from the players. it is buckle down and get serious time for real for the super bowl come sunday, but in today's practice session for the patriots, it is a guy by the name of rob gone caskey, better known as grog. he's the life of the party kind of guy. eccentric, fun-loving, 6'6", 275 pounds, but man, make no bones about the fact that once he hits the field, he is all business. one of the most if not the most
10:55 pm
talented tight ends in the leag yes, there's been talk. he's only 29 about him potentially record retiring. today tom brady talk about what he means to the team and other retirement talk. >> we ask him to do a lot of things. i think it is impressive to be 270 pounds to play basically every play. we ask them to pass block, that we ask him to run routes and win against linebackers. i think everyone hopes he keeps doing it, but all these things are up to him, and the great part is he gets to decide, his choice. >> and talking about the matchup, you know the contrasting fouls, he's got the old pro tom grady, the young gun derek groff, and the crotchety coach bill belichick, and sean mcveigh you get so emotional as the youngest coach on the sidelines. he actually needs a handler. have a look and listen. >> weather it is a position coach or even sean mcveigh now, i have to spend most of my time on the offense of the field standing right behind him and revving him out of the when the official is about to run into them so we do not get a penalty. there's an art to it.
10:56 pm
it is kind of like a dance, maybe tango. got to sidestep in the path of the official and move back. >> ♪ >> that should get a kick out of that, right? he is into his job. boogie cousins, that is how we got the nickname in the first part. he's going to be making his oracle debut tomorrow, and definitely he is a guy to watch
10:57 pm
in front of the home fans. for the first time he's been blending in beautifully with the team so far, and meshing but you know, playing with all these all-stars. there's one guy who's definitely caught his attention. yeah, steph curry. he talks about getting to play with probably the greatest shooter of all time. >> i mean basically him just throwing up, it's a great chance to visit him fooling him around. i see him make shots in the gym. >> all right. tomorrow night, sixers in town. time to check this out. the rams do something special for a very popular employee at their facility. check this out. >> we would love to invite you and your son to around trip to the super bowl. come hang out with us. you mean so month's to us, and
10:58 pm
you know that you are special for what you're doing around here. >> it is a dream come true! >> that is alfonso garcia, who was the custodian for the rams at their facility. brandon cook's presenting him with a travel expenses, hotel, two tickets to the super bowl. incredible. 15-year-old freshman girl from lake butler florida, she's bench printing pressing 355 pounds. she is a freshman in high school . >> oh my gosh! >> wow! >> she makes it look easy. >> incredible. chelsea defender is what the announcer called poll asked by the ball right here. look at the replay, and even a rubber ball, th okay. happy to report.
10:59 pm
check this out. this university of florida basketball game last night, the rowdy reptiles. this guy for the gators, eddie hits the shot from the stand. what does he win? your respect, apparently. there was no real price for that. >> he deserves a price for that. >> i think his fans like him. that is the sporting life. it is 11:00. time for more news, we want these people to know that we are looking for her, that nobody has forgotten she is out there somewhere, and we need her back. >> friends and familyrefusing to give up hope. years after 13-y it was 30 years ago today that ilene misheloff disappeared while walking home from school in dublin.
11:00 pm
i am frank somerville. >> i am julie hanger. 30 believe she was kidnapped by police don't know what happened to her. more than 200 people came together in dublin tonight, as they do each year to remember ilene. her parents are still hopeful that she is alive and could come back home monday. azenith smith joins us live on more on tonight's vigil, as in it? >> reporter: is a ritual her family and friends do every year, and they say it never gets easier. they retrace the steps ilene last took, and the end that night with the church service all to kecase ilene, the misheloff family. >> reporter: she has been missing for 3 decades, but forever remains in their hearts. >>


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